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The Chosen One

Discussion in 'Star Wars Saga In-Depth' started by Xenobi, Feb 9, 2003.

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  1. Elly_Nuruodo

    Elly_Nuruodo Jedi Youngling

    Apr 6, 2003
    I forget who posted it and I'm too lazy to read back, but I agree that the force was already unblanced when we meet anakin...infacy, I think it's been unblanced since the Exar Kun days. Kun was the last great sith warrior and when he was "killed" the light Jedi kinda took over. Good is good and all, but without the evil to counter it it all went helter skelter. Anakin was born with the intent to make things equal. Not only does he wipe out the Jedi, he also takes out the last of the sith. Luke is not the chosen the same sence. What Luke does is he creates a new Order that has a bit more of a duality to it. I think that The force is still kinda working through him, being that he is anakin's son and all. Luke's Jedi are not as strictly Light as the OR ones. And when his do become strongly lioght, you have men like Kyp Durron who come along and counter. Luke's jedi have a strong turning rate, but that's necassary to keep things balanced.
  2. LucasCop

    LucasCop Jedi Master star 2

    Nov 20, 2002
    The prophecy needs no further mention. The audience has been given all that it needs to know. The fact that even the characters don't fully understand and believe the prophecy speaks volumes. Though the galaxy needs saving, it doesn't necessarily realize it, nor does it know how to accomplish it.

    The prophecy alluded to in TPM suggested that the Force will come back into balance. As we all know, prophecies are always open to interpretation. Taking a literal translation of the prophecy to mean that The Chosen One, and only The Chosen One, would be responsible for bringing balance to the Force would be a very narrow interpretation.

    One must remember that Lucas' portrayal of "the Force" is one as being "an energy field that is created by all living things". "Life creates it" and "makes it grow". "Its energy surrounds us and binds us". And as Qui Gon explained to Anakin, it, too, has a will all its own expressed through midichlorians.

    That being said, the Force cannot be truly brought into balance unless all life in the Lucas galaxy begins a reformation. In the darkest days, virtue and wisdom take a backseat to power and greed. These righteous qualities do not have a chance to flourish again until life begins making mistakes and has to pay for its errors. When all hope seems lost, the galaxy finds the determination to revolt against the confusion and the angst. A new hope is born, and a civil war erupts - not just between Rebels and Imperials - but between goodness and chaos. There needs to be a reversion of the will of the Force to its balanced purity.

    Yes....Anakin is The Chosen One, for he was conceived by the will of the Force, but his role is only the end game. The ruination of the orchestrator of the Dark Side is just the final checkmate to a prophesied changing of the tide - one only possible with the help of destined heroes.
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