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Clone Wars The Clone Wars Chronological Order (TCW Episodes & Viewing Order)

Discussion in 'Star Wars TV' started by han_solo_321, Feb 4, 2009.

  1. cwustudent Jedi Master

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    Does anyone watch the show with an alternative timeline in mind? When it comes to Ahsoka and her progress as a Padawan (between S1-S3) has me questioning the official timeline.
  2. anakinfansince1983 Nightsister of Four Realms

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    I don't know what you have in mind when you say an "alternate timeline," but as far as I'm concerned, the Clone Wars lasted three years. There are three years between AOTC and ROTS. That's the information I've had since 1998 or so.
  3. Obimus Primobi Jedi Knight

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    I assume he is referring to the way the episodes are ordered in Jason Fry's Episode Guide that was released this summer. There has been some debate about the order with episodes like Grievous intrigue and Lightsaber Lost, for example. In Grievous Intrigue the hologram of Eeth Koth being tortured is considered too graphic for the small kids and Ahsoka escorts them out alongside Tera Sinube but in Lightsaber Lost it's like Ahsoka and Tera Sinube have never met before. There have been other questions raised in regard to when she acquires certain Jedi skills like using mind-tricks, etc. Here's the order posted by @DarthMarino.

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  4. cwustudent Jedi Master

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    Apr 25, 2011
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    I mean, there's the official timeline, but sometimes I like watching episodes in a different (alternative) order. For instance, the last couple days I've been watching Ahsoka-centric episodes, and watched in this order:

    0.01 The New Padawan
    0.02 Castle of Deception
    0.03 Castle of Doom
    0.04 Castle of Salvation
    1.06 Downfall of a Droid
    1.07 Duel of the Droids
    1.02 Rising Malevolence
    1.03 Shadow of Malevolence
    1.17 Blue Shadow Virus
    1.18 Mystery of a Thousand Moons
    1.13 Jedi Crash
    1.14 Defenders of Peace
    1.09 Cloak of Darkness
    1.19 Storm Over Ryloth
    2.05 Landing at Point Rain
    2.06 Weapons Factory
    2.08 Brain Invaders
    2.17 Bounty Hunters
    2.01 Holocron Heist
    2.02 Cargo of Doom
    2.03 Children of the Force
    2.11 Lightsaber Lost
    2.22 Lethal Trackdown
    3.06 The Academy
    3.07 Assassin
    3.04 Sphere of Influence

    Ah, yes, that's a good example!
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  5. Obimus Primobi Jedi Knight

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    I'd agree with "Bounty Hunters" ahead of "Holocron Heist" as it seemed weird to me that Ani, Obi, etc. are basically forced off Felucia at the beginning of Holocron Heist but they are surprised that there is a Separatist presence there when they return to Felucia in Bounty Hunters. You're making me want to view these episodes again to check if it flows any better. Who am I kidding, I don't need an excuse to watch episodes of TCW again.:D
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  6. Weechee Jedi Padawan

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    I think the "official timeline" is not that official considering it makes no sense, some of the main clues to the order are TODO-360, Aurra Sing, and Ziro. Not considering any EU or any statements from any "official" sources but merely from watching them over and over again I think this is the best order:

    3.01 – Clone Cadets
    1.05 – Rookies
    3.02 – ARC Troopers
    2.16 – Cat and Mouse
    1.16 – The Hidden Enemy
    1.00 – TCW Movie
    3.03 – Supply Lines
    1.01 – Ambush
    1.02 – Rising Malevolence
    1.03 – Shadow of Malevolence
    1.04 – Destroy Malevolence
    1.06 – Downfall of a Droid
    1.07 – Duel of the Droids
    1.08 – Bombad Jedi
    1.09 – Cloak of Darkness
    1.10 – Lair of Grievous
    1.11 – Dooku Captured
    1.12 – The Gungan General
    1.13 – Jedi Crash
    1.14 – Defenders of Peace
    1.15 – Trespass
    1.17 – Blue Shadow Virus
    1.18 – Mystry Thousand Moons

    1.19 – Storm over Ryloth
    1.20 – Innocents of Ryloth
    1.21 – Liberty on Ryloth
    2.12 – The Mandalore Plot
    2.13 – Voyage of Temptation
    2.14 – Duchess of Mandalore
    2.17 – Bounty Hunters
    2.18 – Zillo Beast
    2.19 – The Zillo Beast Strks Back
    2.20 – Death Trap
    2.21 – R2-D2 Come Home
    2.22 – Lethal Trackdown
    3.04 – Sphere of Influence
    3.05 – Corruption
    3.06 – The Academy
    3.07 – Assassin
    3.08 – Evil Plans
    1.22 – Hostage Crisis
    3.09 – Hunt for Zero
    2.01 – The Holocron Heist
    2.02 – Cargo of Doom
    2.03 – Children of the Force

    2.04 – Senate Spy
    2.05 – Landing at Point Rain
    2.06 – Weapons Factory
    2.07 – Legacy of Terror
    2.08 – Brain Invaders
    2.09 – Grievous Intrigue
    2.10 – The Deserter
    2.11 – Lightsaber Lost
    3.10 – Heroes on Both Sides
    3.11 – Pursuit of Peace
    2.15 – Senate Murders
    3.12 – Nightsisters
    3.13 – Monster
    3.14 – Witches of the Mist
    3.15 – Overlords
    3.16 – Altar of Mortis
    3.17 – Ghosts of Mortis
    3.18 – The Citadel
    3.19 – Counterattack
    3.20 – Citadel Rescue
    3.21 – Padawan Lost
    3.22 – Wookiee
  7. Weechee Jedi Padawan

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    Dec 12, 2013
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    The only inconsistency is the "nice to meet You" thing from Madame Jocasta Nu, but that can be because they were never formely introduced even though she handed her a few files in an earlier episode, Lightsaber lost can be moved a few episodes up also for similar reasons if that bothers you, but again these are two old jedi and maybe they are very proper or have senility so not really a major issue in my opinion...but Todo 360 blowing up and then reappearing makes no sense because Bane is evil and exploits his droid he has no attachment like anakin who would want to bring his droid back to life by saving his memory and putting it into an identical body, I dont think cad bane would do that he would just get a new droid after all he is super rich after the jobs he did for the huts...

    also Palpatine acts like he has not encountered Bane before in Hostage Crisis, and the Jedi take his ship which he is still flying around in hunt for Ziro so I think Holocron Heist Arc after hunt for Ziro Arc is the key to the whole mystery, also notice how they are mostly in order and it is a big chunk that gets moved at right around the time they say the episodes get out of order, (begin of season 2) I think I make a strong case, I am soooooooooooo excited for the Bonus Content Arcs to come out...more than Rebels or even Ep VII I am going crazy with no new episodes, I waited years and years for the prequels and now It seems like just a few months to wait is excruciating!:)

    It is the Episode "Assassin" that flips everything around, if this one episode was eliminated the timline could be completely different, but this episode is clearly after R2-Come Home arc where boba and aurra try to kill mace, but is also clearly before hostage crisis because Ziro is alive and in prison, but Aurra is never shown to escape so maybe that is what bane is referring to in season 4 when he says "this isnt the first time I've broken out of here" in the deception/cube/crisis on naboo arc.

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  8. cwustudent Jedi Master

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    That was the point.
  9. Weechee Jedi Padawan

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    Dec 12, 2013
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    but no one was even around for him to be acting so i think the point was to show us that palpatine was impressed by him and that is how he came to his attention and then he hired him, anyway that is not the only thing the main thing is todo 360 was destroyed, the palpatine thing is just one small clue not the main argument
  10. Weechee Jedi Padawan

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    Dec 12, 2013
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    also in Hunt for Ziro when obi and vos confront Bane they say "have you forgotten you held the senate hostage?" and obi makes no mention of the rodian jedi master or the holocron, dosent it seem like he would say first and foremost, we did not forget you tortured to death a jedi master, broke into our temple and stole a holocron, since killing a jedi would probably be worse than killing a senator in the eyes of obi wan and vos, not worse really but more personal that they would mention it, again all the evidence i present for my decisions could be explained but it seems way easier to me to watch in this order than to try to come up with a bunch of off screen explanations, i feel this order may not be perfect but needs the very minimum of off screen explanations, less than any other alternatives
  11. Weechee Jedi Padawan

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    Dec 12, 2013
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    specificaly refering to when cad bane is on holo w palpatine and palpatine does this eye squint that makes it seem like he is actually mad, seeing as the aidience already knows papl is sidious usually the show will have him give a sinister type of response like he knows all and its all part of the plan, in this episode that did not seem to be the case, again not 100% definitive of the characters motivations but that was the impression i got,

    also i usualy watch episode 1 and 2 then the micro series chaps 1-21 then the CW timeline i just provided then micro series 22-25 then ep 3, droids, ep iv, ewoks season 1, ep v, ewoks season 2, rotj, ewoks caravan of courage, and then battle of endor (I know the official timeline is different regarding ewoks movies but i like them post rotj it makes more sense to me that way) then ill watch something else for a while but also complete and in order, Sopranos, Game of thrones, sitcoms, or whatever one time i watched every episode of star trek and all the movies,but i always then go back to star wars and almost every time i watch the complete series i end up changing or moving something for some reeason or other
  12. cwustudent Jedi Master

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    Apr 25, 2011
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    Except Orn Free Taa. It depends whether the Senator knows Palpatine = Sidious. What do you think?
    Me too. 8-}
  13. Weechee Jedi Padawan

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    Dec 12, 2013
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    there is one scene before the clones crash the window and after Orn Free ta leaves to the jail where he is all alone on the holo comm with bane. I think it is when he tells him he will pay for this act. I was just scanning the episodes, I thought there was a scene in an episode where he is looking out the window and mutters something to himself about what a daring or skilled hunter Bane was but i cant find it, but wasnt everyone aware of who he was in the holocron heist episodes, so if he took over the senate palpatine would be like "oh no you again",(that is if they happened before hostage crisis which I dont think they are)

    I dont think Orn Free Ta knows he is sidious, but I think he is corrupt and on the take so is probably easily for palpatine to manipulate directly or second hand through others.
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  14. anakinfansince1983 Nightsister of Four Realms

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    I'm pretty sure Free Taa knew. And didn't care.
  15. Weechee Jedi Padawan

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    Dec 12, 2013
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    One thing about Orn Free Ta is his loyalties are hard to pin down, he hangs out with Padme and Bail and the Loyalists in episode 2, with Satine and the Neutrals on that mandalorian ship, is at odds with the anti CIS rebels on his own planet, and is best buds with Palpatine in other episodes. He is always shown as decadent with his lust for food and women so Palpatine probably has a lot of dirt on him he can use. Maybe Palpatine has turned him into some kind of unwitting spy because he is always at the right (or wrong)place at the right time. Or maybe they just had to use him in every senate scene because of budget and they only had a few senators CGI models.
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  16. Darth Kickass Jedi Knight

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    Aug 3, 2013
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    This has been the only real problem I have had with Jason Frye's book. I honestly feel it was an oversight on his part but by the time it was pointed out the book had already gone to print so it was too late to change it. There is nothing at all in those episodes that would have "Grievous Intrigue" come before "Lightsaber Lost". You're absolutely right about this. The only evidence that would dictate an order would have "Lightsaber Lost" coming first.
  17. Obimus Primobi Jedi Knight

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    Oct 23, 2013
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    I don't think that the blame can really be laid at Jason Fry's feet, he's the writer of the book but he was working from information provided to him by Leland (Keeper of the Holocron) Chee. Chee's Chronicling the Clone Wars blog had some people complaining long before Fry's book came out. Unfortunately, the official site has switched to a new comments format and all the old comments were deleted. It's a pity because there were plenty of suggestions from people as to where some episodes should be placed and why.
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  18. Darth Kickass Jedi Knight

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    Aug 3, 2013
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    You're right about Leland Chee's part in determining the order. I didn't realize they had changed the format of the comments and deleted the old ones. I had actually posted a disagreement about the order based on the web comics posted on SW.com that were supposed to tie directly into the episodes. The comics tying into the "Downfall of a Droid", "Malevolence", and "Ryloth" episodes contradicted the order that Leland was presenting in his "Chronicling the Clone Wars" blog posts. Pablo Hidalgo wrote the comics in question and he actually posted in response to mine and another poster's comments that he did not consider the comics to be canon, thus eliminating the contradictions, as far as he was concerned anyway.
  19. Dan_Grievous_Tikkes_Fan Jedi Master

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    Sep 3, 2012
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    Great-looking chart! It is so nice when one has a colorful chart to help deal with the order of the episodes. Thanks for the share!
  20. Obimus Primobi Jedi Knight

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    Oct 23, 2013
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    Agreed, thank you again @DarthMarino.
  21. DarthMarino Jedi Master

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    Jul 18, 2002
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    No problem.
  22. Master Kinard Jedi Knight

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    Dec 30, 2013
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    This is my personal viewing order of the entire saga:
    The Old Republic Era (3,681-3,653 Years BBY)
    The Old Republic: Return (3,681 BBY)
    The Old Republic: Hope (3,667 BBY – 14 years after “The Old Republic: Return”)
    The Old Republic: Deceived (3,653 BBY – 14 years after “The Old Republic: Hope”)
    The Rise Of The Empire Era (32 Years BBY)
    Episode I: The Phantom Menace (32 BBY – 3,621 years after “The Old Republic: Deceived”)
    The Clone Wars: Year One (22-21 Years BBY)
    Episode II: Attack Of The Clones (22 BBY)
    Clone Wars: Chapters 1-21 (22 BBY)
    The Battle of Christophsis Duology:2.16 "Cat and Mouse"
    The Battle of Christophsis Duology:1.16 "The Hidden Enemy"
    The Clone Wars: “The New Padawan”, “Castle of Deception”, “Castle of Doom”, “Castle of Salvation” (22 BBY)
    3.01 "Clone Cadets"
    The Battle of Ryloth Duology:3.03 "Supply Lines"
    The Battle of Ryloth Duology:1.01 "Ambush"
    The Malevolence Trilogy:1.02 "Rising Malevolence"
    The Malevolence Trilogy:1.03 "Shadow of Malevolence"
    The Malevolence Trilogy:1.04 "Destroy Malevolence"
    1.05 "Rookies"
    Droids Duology:1.06 "Downfall of a Droid"
    Droids Duology:1.07 "Duel of the Droids"
    Separatist Captured Trilogy:1.08 "Bombad Jedi"
    Separatist Captured Trilogy:1.09 "Cloak of Darkness"
    Separatist Captured Trilogy:1.10 "Lair of Grevious"
    Sith Lord Captured Duology:1.11 "Dooku Captured"
    Sith Lord Captured Duology:1.12 "The Gungan General"
    The Battle of Maridun Duology:1.13 "Jedi Crash"
    The Battle of Maridun Duology:1.14 "Defenders of Peace"
    1.15 "Trespass"
    The Blue Shadow Virus Duology:1.17 "Blue Shadow Virus"
    The Blue Shadow Virus Duology:1.18 "Mystery of a Thousand Moons"
    The Battle of Ryloth Trilogy:1.19 "Storm Over Ryloth"
    The Battle of Ryloth Trilogy:1.20 "Innocents of Ryloth"
    The Battle of Ryloth Trilogy:1.21 "Liberty on Ryloth"
    The Holocron Heist Trilogy:2.01 "Holocron Heist"
    The Holocron Heist Trilogy:2.02 "Cargo of Doom"
    The Holocron Heist Trilogy:2.03 "Children of the Force"
    2.17 "Bounty Hunters"
    The Zillo Beast Duology:2.18 "The Zillo Beast"
    The Zillo Beast Duology:2.19 "The Zillo Beast Strikes Back"
    The Second Battle of Geonosis Pentalogy:2.04 "Senate Spy"
    The Second Battle of Geonosis Pentalogy:2.05 "Landing at Point Rain"
    The Second Battle of Geonosis Pentalogy:2.06 "Weapons Factory"
    The Second Battle of Geonosis Pentalogy:2.07 "Legacy of Terror"
    The Second Battle of Geonosis Pentalogy:2.08 "Brain Invaders"
    Hunting Grevious Duology:2.09 "Grevious Intrigue"
    Hunting Grevious Duology:2.10 "The Deserter"
    2.11 "Lightsaber Lost"
    Mandalore Trilogy:2.12 "The Mandalore Plot"
    Mandalore Trilogy:2.13 "Voyage of Temptation"
    Mandalore Trilogy:2.14 "Duchess of Mandalore"
    Vengeance Trilogy:2.20 "Death Trap"
    Vengeance Trilogy:2.21 "R2 Come Home"
    Vengeance Trilogy:2.22 "Lethal Trackdown"
    Mandalore Duology:3.05 "Corruption"
    Mandalore Duology:3.06 "The Academy"
    3.07 "Assassin"
    3.02 "ARC Troopers"
    3.04 "Sphere of Influence"
    Ziro The Hutt Trilogy:3.08 "Evil Plans"
    Ziro The Hutt Trilogy:1.22 "Hostage Crisis"
    Ziro The Hutt Trilogy:3.09 "Hunt For Ziro"
    The Clone Wars: Year Two (21-20 Years BBY)
    Peace Overtures Trilogy:3.10 "Heroes on Both Sides" (New Character Designs)
    Peace Overtures Trilogy:3.11 "Pursuit of Peace"
    Peace Overtures Trilogy:2.15 "Senate Murders"
    The Nightsisters Trilogy:3.12 "Nightsisters"
    The Nightsisters Trilogy:3.13 "Monster"
    The Nightsisters Trilogy:3.14 "Witches of the Mist"
    The Citadel Trilogy:3.18 "The Citadel"
    The Citadel Trilogy:3.19 "Counterattack"
    The Citadel Trilogy:3.20 "Citadel Rescue"
    Jedi Lost Duology:3.21 "Padawan Lost"
    Jedi Lost Duology:3.22 "Wookiee Hunt"
    The Second Battle of Mon Cala Trilogy:4.01 "Water War"
    The Second Battle of Mon Cala Trilogy:4.02 "Gungan Attack"
    The Second Battle of Mon Cala Trilogy:4.03 "Prisoners"
    4.04 "Shadow Warrior"
    The Droid Misadventures Duology:4.05 "Mercy Mission"
    The Droid Misadventures Duology:4.06 "Nomad Droids"
    The Battle of Umbara Quadrilogy:4.07 "Darkness On Umbara"
    The Battle of Umbara Quadrilogy:4.08 "The General"
    The Battle of Umbara Quadrilogy:4.09 "Plan of Dissent"
    The Battle of Umbara Quadrilogy:4.10 "Carnage of Krell"
    Slavers Trilogy:4.11 "Kidnapped"
    Slavers Trilogy:4.12 "Slaves of The Republic"
    Slavers Trilogy:4.13 "Escape From Kadavo"
    4.14 "A Friend in Need"
    Deception Quadrilogy:4.15 "Deception"
    Deception Quadrilogy:4.16 "Friends and Enemies"
    Deception Quadrilogy:4.17 "The Box"
    Deception Quadrilogy:4.18 "Crisis on Naboo"
    Exile Duology:4.19 "Massacre"
    Exile Duology:4.20 "Bounty"
    Brothers Reunited Duology:4.21 "Brothers"
    Brothers Reunited Duology:4.22 "Revenge"
    The Clone Wars: Year Three (20-19 Years BBY)
    Republic Terrorism Quadrilogy:5.02 "A War on Two Fronts"
    Republic Terrorism Quadrilogy:5.03 "Front Runners"
    Republic Terrorism Quadrilogy:5.04 "The Soft War"
    Republic Terrorism Quadrilogy:5.05 "Tipping Points"
    The Younglings Quadrilogy:5.06 “The Gathering”
    The Younglings Quadrilogy:5.07 “A Test Of Strength”
    The Younglings Quadrilogy:5.08 “Bound For Rescue”
    The Younglings Quadrilogy:5.09 “A Necessary Bond”
    D-Squad Quadrilogy: 5.10 “Secret Weapons
    D-Squad Quadrilogy:5.11 “A Sunny Day in the Void”
    D-Squad Quadrilogy:5.12 “Missing In Action”
    D-Squad Quadrilogy:5.13 “Point Of No Return”
    Mortis Trilogy:3.15 "Overlords"
    Mortis Trilogy:3.16 "Altar of Mortis"
    Mortis Trilogy:3.17 "Ghosts of Mortis"
    Sith Brothers Quadrilogy:5.01 "Revival"
    Sith Brothers Quadrilogy:5.14 “Eminence”
    Sith Brothers Quadrilogy:5.15 “Shades Of Reason”
    Sith Brothers Quadrilogy:5.16 “The Lawless”
    Jedi On The Run Quadrilogy:5.17 “Sabotage”
    Jedi On The Run Quadrilogy:5.18 “The Jedi Who Knew Too Much”
    Jedi On The Run Quadrilogy:5.19 “To Catch A Jedi”
    Jedi On The Run Quadrilogy:5.20 “The Wrong Jedi”
    Clone Wars: Chapters 22-25 (19 BBY)
    Episode III: Revenge Of The Sith (19 BBY)
    The Rise Of The Empire Era (15 Years BBY)
    Droids: The Pirates And The Prince (“The Lost Prince”, “The New King”, “The Pirates Of Tarnogna”, “The Revenge Of Kybo Ren”) (15 BBY)
    Droids: Treasure Of The Hidden Planet (“Tail Of The Roon Comets”, “The Roon Games”, “Across The Roon Sea”, “The Frozen Citadel” (15 BBY)
    The Rebellion Era (0-5 Years ABY)
    Episode IV: A New Hope (0 BBY)
    The Story Of The Faithful Wookie (1 ABY)
    Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back (3 ABY)
    Rebel Assault: The Hidden Empire (3 ABY) (Cutscenes edited into a movie with some game play to fill in gaps)
    Caravan Of Courage: An Ewok Adventure (3 ABY)
    Ewoks: The Battle For Endor (3 ABY – 6 months after “Caravan Of Courage: An Ewok Adventure”)
    Episode VI: Return Of The Jedi (4 ABY)
    Jedi Knight: Dark Forces (5 ABY) (Cutscenes edited into a movie)
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    Curious, why would you put Mortis there?
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  24. Master Kinard Jedi Knight

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    Hey good eye! I personally felt that this arc was waaayy too early in the timeline with the weight it holds on the saga as a whole. I feel like placing it closer to ROTS makes it fresher to the audience for when they finally see the film. This is the ONLY exception to my chronological order rule simply because of the huge reveals this arc contains. Don't worry, I did my research and placed it as far up in the timeline as I possibly could without contradiction. The only minor thing I noticed continuity-wise, is the fact that Rex is wearing his Phase 1 armor. I am willing to state that he was wearing his old suit because he was repairing his Phase 2 one off screen and the other clones haven't received their Phase 2 uniforms yet.
  25. Master Kinard Jedi Knight

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    Sorry, answer is in above post!