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Thriller The Crossing

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by LordTroepfchen, Apr 19, 2017.

  1. galactic-vagabond422

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    Jul 11, 2009
    IC: Jane
    Car, Outside Great Expectations

    Time was not on her side, tearing the casing off took time, and pushing the cable out took even more time. Thankfully none of the FBI agents shot her as she looked over the internals. She took a breath steadying her hand. One false move and this bomb might go off early. With the clock still ticking down she gently removed the cable. Sweat was beading on her forehead, her palms became slightly clammy. While she might be calm on the outside she couldn't stop her body from reacting with fear. She wanted to keep living, just like anyone else, and was doing everything she could to keep breathing for another second.

    The cable finally came free, the trigger had been disabled...maybe...there was only one way to find out...that was to wait, for 5 seconds.

    "Hail Mary full of grace," One of the agents muttered from behind her.

    Now was as good a time as any, if you believe.


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    Apr 13, 2001
    IC: President Kurt Roland
    Antville Installation, near Antville, Alaska

    A weary sigh escaped his lips as the President simply stared across at Ayshe with disbelief, his hands folded and pressed firmly against his chin. “A nuclear device,” he repeated tentatively, his tone bereft of any emotion. “In New York…”

    Without preamble, he pushed to his feet and ran a hand through his hair with exasperation. Suddenly, the growing dissension between Matt and himself felt inconsequential and petty compared to the impact a nuke would have on the city and the rest of the country. While he was aware of Ayshe’s assurances that this had to happen in order to bring peace, all he felt was anger and betrayal.

    “How the hell was Simmons allowed to get ahold of something like this?!” he demanded, shoving his hands into the pockets of his suit coat. “Whatever happened to accountability?! I know you insist that this is part of the plan, but I can’t…”

    He abruptly cut himself off and clenched his jaw, clearly frustrated. He realized that lashing out and allowing his emotions to take over would prove detrimental to his effectiveness to lead in this situation. Besides he wasn’t fooling anyone; Ayshe already knew how he was going to react. That was probably most damning of all.

    Angling his face towards the ceiling, Kurt closed his eyes and took a moment to gather his thoughts. He needed to look at this with a rational mind, not on impulse. When he returned his gaze to Ayshe, his features were more composed, mindful. “It’s...too late to stop it, isn’t it?” he said mildly, his voice dangerously low.

    Without waiting for a reply, he instinctively reached for his phone and unlocked the screen with the pattern of his thumb, anticipating the call that would relay the terrible news. As he stared at the time display in the corner, which was showing a few minutes past midnight EST, he recalled Matt’s warning before being escorted from the room: “The Bible knows two different kind of prophets, Kurt."

    Two different kinds, indeed. If Ayshe was the benevolent type, could she really allow something like this to happen? Was it even appropriate for him to question her convictions? Or the plan?

    Wasn’t that the equivalent of putting God to the test? A sin?

    Lowering the phone, he sighed once more. “Where in the city is this club located?" he asked with some trepidation. "With the fallout, how many people are we talking about?”

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    Mar 30, 2007
    Antville Installation near Antville, Alaska

    "A Million." She looked at him. "Maybe more." Again she folded her hands and smiled her sad smile. "The club is somewhere in Manhattan, I am afraid I am not truly familiar with the city."

    Ayshe stood up and looked at Beta before turning to the President. "If I do not allow this to happen, LEGO will make his promise true. Simmons men killed the boy and he will take revenge. It will begin with Mitsubishi power plant in Washington. And you. Then he will spread chaos until his rage ebbs and his anger is satisfied by the millions of death he has caused. Death that will shatter what little is remaining of his fragile sanity. I cannot stop him. Not for a long time. So I know he will cause millions of death. Multiple the numbers New York will demand. Also it will destroy our Lord's plan. You will be dead, Matt, your family ..." Ayshe smiled almost begging for someone to understand.

    "Do you see what I am burdened with? I can kill a million today and it will be me. I can do nothing and let many more people die, but that would not be me ... it would be him. Right? Wrong! I would have made the decision. Doing nothing is a decision when you know the outcome! I must make every decision." Ayshe knelt down before the President and grabbed Kurt's hands. "Matt is wrong. The world is not the slave of my will. I am the slave to the world and all it's possibilities. Because I cannot escape. I am always making a choice." Tears filled her eyes. "Lego is about to die. The future is about to begin. Will you help me, Mr. President?"

    She gave him a sad smile. "Or shall I stop it?" Having told him the consequences she knew all to well hownit felt. "Take this burden from me, Mr. President. Make the decision for me. Kill a million or watch tenth of millions die? What is it?"

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    Apr 13, 2001
    IC: President Kurt Roland
    Antville Installation, near Antville, Alaska

    One million dead.

    Versus ten million…

    How could that even be a choice?

    For a long moment, Kurt stood over Ayshe and gazed silently down into her ravished face, his hands resting lightly within her grip. At first, he felt the urge to pull away, almost as if he was fearful of what might happen if they remained together, but he found that he could not move. The touch of her hands upon his flesh cemented him firmly in place. In an odd sort of way, it provided him with strength and reaffirmed the truth that they shared a mutual bond through their burdens. It was only then that he truly began to understand what he had to do.

    He could see the anguish reflecting in her dark eyes, hollow and empty from the horrors she had witnessed. From where he stood, her suffering was palpable. So many scenarios, so many outcomes. The loss of life, including friends, family...the innocent.

    The President closed his eyes and slowly shook his head, his thoughts instantly going out to Kyle. The boy never deserved to die...not like this. That one stung.

    Where did the chaos end?

    He realized that the answer rested in faith. Only the Lord could bring peace in this situation; only He had the power to calm her turbulent soul and offer happiness. As a servant of God, she was reaching out to Kurt, latching onto his faith and asking for his help. Together they would find answers.

    With confidence, he met her gaze and tightened his grip on her hands, giving a firm squeeze of support. “You needn’t worry,” he said mechanically, his voice soft and emitting a sense of calm. “We’ll get through this. You don’t have to do this alone.

    “I wish we didn’t have to make this kind of compromise, but we don’t live in a perfect world. One million lives is unacceptable. That would certainly cripple us, but we can endure. Ten million?” He exhaled heavily and momentarily diverted his gaze. “That would destroy us. I can’t abide by that."

    Slowly, Kurt lowered himself to his knees, his expression devoid of all emotion. Now that he was on Ayshe’s level, he sought out her gaze and squeezed her hands once more to offer reassurance. “Let’s pray for the victims,” he replied solemnly before bowing his head.

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    Apr 26, 2007
    Great Expectations, New York

    PRESIDENT ORDER: KILL THEM ALL. From the Swat Operator.

    She looked up and LEGO hissed to her to not even try. Had she tried already and failed? Had the two men turned back time?

    She felt the gun trembling. How could she kill those two Godlike creatures. She had not even seen LEGO move in the firefight. He was mortally wounded though she realized as she looked at him.

    "You are dying anyway, are you?" She said to him. What a waste of incredible potential. This man could have changed the world. What possibilities he would have had. Of course the president wanted him dead. What meaning would a President have in a world were LEGO existed.

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    Sep 29, 2005
    IC: Kawin Muthurangu
    Great Expectations Club, New York

    Looking at the man he nodded sadly. He didn't like this. The man was dieing who wanted to kill them all true, but at least he wanted to merely kill past them? Alright this train of thought wasn't helping, yet it was the only way he could try to distract himself from his shaking hands as he walked over. Accepting that yet another person, that all these people were dying and all he could was save himself was a hard thing to accept.

    The woman's words did not help matters, "We are all dying. Pay attention." he simply said with a shake of his head at the woman as he crawled over the last gap to Sebastian. "What is it?" So much hope on those words, but at the same time he doubted any possible solution.

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    Apr 2, 2007
    LEGO and LEGO
    Motel Room, New York ... 3 hours earlier

    He had to try.

    He stood up and went to the mirror. How far would he try to go back? How far would he transport himself? Time and space were the same. A meter.

    He smiled and looked around and he was almost choked to see he had actually moved a meter to the side. Without moving. "Holy ..." It did not hurt. It did not feel bad. It only ... was a slight sense of desorientarion. But the world was the same. He had just moved a meter. With the power of his mind. Folding time/space? Wasn't it called that?

    Exhaling he went back to the mirror and looked at himself. He knew what he had to do now, but it terrified him.

    Ten seconds

    He concentrated and tried to visualize it, to feel it to ...

    "Oh my God." The voice came from his right and slowly, carefully Sebastian turned his head. He saw ... himself.

    Of course he did. He had stood there ten seconds ago.

    "This ..."

    "... is so wrong." The other Sebastian ended his sentence. They both gave a short, desperate laughter.

    He stared at himself. This was not some freaky future version of himself. This was him. A ten second younger version of him. A version which would not time jump now, because it was distracted by a duplicate from the future.

    "Now I understand. He did not ..."
    "Know. Because he jumped back months. Afraid ..."
    "Because of what Cale told him." The Souce had created duplicates month apart coming from different timelines. He had never tried to go back just a few minutes. Of course not. He had been told it was dangerous. But it wasn't. Nothing had happened. The world had not ended. Time seemed very much intact.

    They stared at each other. Then they smiled ... simultaneously.

    "Not different to ..."
    "What he did."

    They nodded. Simultaneously.

    He shook his head. They both did. And they did not say it ... they knew what they had to do. The question was really who would take heads and tails. One of them would probably die tonight.

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    Great Expectations - VIP Lounge, New York

    LEGO waited until the man was really close and stopped time to make absolutely sure nobody heard them, read lips or anyhow overheard them.

    "I do not plan to repeat my mistake over and over again, but I need them to think I do. I also needed them to think I died here. Came here to save all of you and die, so they are fine. But there is another me ... out there is another version of me who tries to figure all of this out while I walked into this trap here. He is in a motel nearby ... the Rey. He also should have your Professor if it worked out the way I hope. You need to find them and help him end this. You are the only one they cannot stop. We need to end this madness ... one way or another." He looked at Kawin. "Are you in?"

    Looking the the frozen Elena, he exhaled.

    "There is a back entrance right behind the bar down there. The main one is blocked I guess. If you are in ... is defreeze time in half a minute. Hurry. I have the feeling they are not done yet."

    Sebastian sighed and leaned back. They were running out of time. Rather quickly now. He was running out of time. Stopping time would not stop him from dying.

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    Sep 29, 2005
    IC: Kawin Muthurangu
    Great Expectations Club, New York

    Focusing on what he thought would be a dying man's last breaths he didn't notice the silence at first. Not until after he watched the man look over at the woman and he followed that look to see her as if paused within that moment. He had no words for that as he stared at the background, what had truly caught his eyes was the stillness of it all. What was mayhem and bedlam was still and quiet. It was beautiful.

    Sebastian began speaking, intruding of the illusion that he was alone in what Star Trek had called a perfect moment. Looking at the man he listened, listened as one only can with the rest of the world has truly fallen away and the only noise you hear is the other persons voice.

    "Other you, in the Rey." He nodded quietly repeating the key information back, "With Professor." It was a simple trick to help you remember the information and verify it at the same time with the speaker. "In until the bitter end sir."

    It probably had probably sounded contrite, but he had meant it sincerely. More so than any time he had ever said it on one of those banal customer service calls. Nodding he stood with one last look wasting precious seconds to look at this dying man, to remember yet another of him dying that possibly no others would remember.

    And then he ran. Huddle partly down like a hockey player that knows he will soon either hit or be hit by another he ran for that back door. He ran for Rey.

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    Apr 2, 2007
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    LEGO and Maria Liang
    Great Expectations - VIP Club

    Forcing himself from the ground up to the couch Sebastian realized how incredible painful this was. The blood began pumping faster now and that meant he lost more and died faster. He waited for the thirty seconds and then released time.

    He waited for a few seconds and froze it again, this time lifting the freeze for "Elena" and turning to her.

    Maria finally dared and used the moment to raise her gun. Only to realize in horror the sudden silence. The realisation was followed by the next when she noted Kawin's absence.

    "Where is the Canadian?" The question escaped her mouth. She would never get used to this.

    "Gone. Go ahead shoot. Time is frozen and if you pull the trigger ..." He coughed and was not surprised to taste the metallic taste of blood in his mouth. "... it will stay that way forever. Same when I die from blood loss. And I am no medic but I'd say I loose my consciousness soon and won't wake up again."

    Maria swallowed. "You said you wanted ..."

    "Yeah, I know. Save the world from this. Now I might create the end of time myself. Well, this must have happened an infinite number of times before. Guess you discussed with me, tried to outsmart me ... so I suggest you don't this time." He pressed the record button on his mobile and coughed blood, letting it stream over his face.

    Maria felt panic rising. She kept her gun ready and aimed at him, but it did not help her feeling of being helpless. This felt like a checkmate. This man had turned the table on the universe.

    "What do you want?" She finally asked. Realizing she had not the initiative anymore, her thoughts raced to find a way out of this. Any. But he was right. He was as good as dead.

    "You are not Elena. Whoever you are, you are one of them. The gun. Same as theirs. Please don't tell me this did not go to your plan. That is obvious. Tell me what I do not know." Sebastian smiled. "And fast."

    She needed to win time. Desperately needed more time. And time was what she had not. "We were hired to hunt ..."

    "I know. Skip the Hunters. I set you up. Sort of me. What else is there?" He looked at her. "I am your best chance so use it. Don't waste it."

    What could a dying man do? Anything. She realized. Truth ... nothing she was used to. Maybe this was the moment to give it a chance.

    "Mayers is the person behind this. He ... tries to cover up something." Maria swallowed again.

    "What?" Sebastian could hardly whisper now. Maria realized he was fighting to stay awake. Maybe if she bought time ... no, the risk was too great. Had he stopped all of time? Panic raised and she forced it down.

    "I don't know ... no, I do. Antville." She mumbled the words but in the perfect silence of frozen time he would hear her anyway.

    "The name of the operation I know, I told you ..."

    This time she fell into his word. "No there is a facility in Alaska. There are more of you. Older ones. Three. From Iraq. They were even hiding it from the Potus."

    "The Potus." He smiled and lay his head back. "Is Elena alive?" Sebastian asked. Maria shook her head.

    "You?" He asked.

    "I had to." Maria lowered her gun. Half true.

    Sebastian looked at her. Then he laughed a gurgling laughter that turned to painful coughing. "Orders?"

    Maria nodded. "I had to follow my orders."

    Sebastian shook his head. "Honey I am German. If we learned anything from history then that all evil starts with power hungry bastards and ends with everybody just having followed orders. You know?"

    Maria stared at him. She had not questioned her orders. She had killed Lambs. She had killed the shop owner. Elena. Rutherford. Simmons had not ordered all these death. She had killed at least one innocent. Well, they all turned out to be pretty innocent. It did not bother her, civilians died in these games all the time. But he was bothered by it.

    "Sebastian, please ..." She begged and stepped towards him.

    "A name. Who gave the order?" Sebastian asked.

    "Simmons. His name is Simmons." Maria sighed.

    "Who ordered Simmons to do it? A name? The President?" Sebastian felt fading away. It became hard to concentrate.

    "Not directly. He now ordered your death directly but originally ... the man behindert is called General Mayer."

    Sebastian ended the record and allowed time to restart. Staring at her he pushed the send button for the record and smiled with his blood covered mouth.

    "Go ahead. I assume you got your orders." He said. Maria and him looked at each other and she understood he had showed a world that had killed him ... mercy.

    "I am sorry." She said and put the gun to his forehead.

    "Really?" His eyes closed and he felt his conscience fade away, the pain vanished and tears ran to his eyes.

    "This isn't over." He whispered. Maria stood there and stared at him.

    "What do you mean?" She asked, but he was gone. She saw the tension leave his body as he died. To end any suffering he might endure she pulled the trigger. With a single hissing sound the bullet entered his skull and ended LEGO. The great LEGO was gone and only the Canadian remained.

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    Apr 9, 2007
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    Antville-Installation, Antville, Alaska

    Beta remained right behind the President and smiled, looking at his clock and then to Ayshe. A simple nod signaled her, that it was done.

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    Car, Outside Great Expectations

    5, 4, 3 ...

    "God have mercy on us ..."

    With these last words of the FBI agent the works vanished in a ball of brilliant white light ...

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    Great Expectations, New York

    LEGO was dead. But the Canadian was gone. And there was no trace of him ...

    Kawin jumped down the stairs more than running. He made it to the back exit, nobody there ... and Time resumed just as he approached the door. It slammed open and the short back alley gave way to the street. Two dead men were lying there ... headshots. And screams. People in panic running from the shooting. The street was there and there was a woman surrounded by FBI agents at what looked like a very fresh crime scene ... she was kneeling in front of a suitcase. Kawin's probably ignored them and started looking for the Rey. It took him about ten seconds to find it a few door down the street.

    The screams were silenced and the world vanished in a flash of white light ...

    Only to return a moment later to the street. The woman kneeling there and watching the FBI agents surrounding her. Ten seconds were still counting ...

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    Sep 29, 2005
    IC: Kawin Muthurangu
    Leaving Great Expectations Club, New York

    Running down the stairs, or perhaps more accurately jumping down the stairs, Kawin left him. Alone. He left Sebastian to die alone. He didn't consider the woman he had left the man with as anything or anybody worth note. How do you count an imposter that pulled a gun on them as anybody?

    Weaving left and right through the club and few fallen people to get to the back door he had to remember that it wasn't just the blood rushing in his ears, nor the adrenaline that was keeping him from hearing anything. It was that there was nothing to hear, nothing but him. He tried to wrap his mind around it. He was a man out of time and then. . .then the world came crashing back in. The panicked screams, the pulsing lights that no longer had a song to fight or keep the tempo with, it was all there. All alive, again. He had tried. Truly he had, but he had saved no one. No one but himself, and merely left the other to his fate.

    As he had ran through the door he had noted where the groups of people were, some looking like this countries version of mounties in subdued colours before he finally got his directions and began running toward the Rey.

    . . .White light. . .

    Once more he was staring out at the street toward the cluster of people. "For the love of Earl Grey!" he cried out as he stared at the scene. Taking the moment of 'time' that Sebastian had given after the brief break when he had reached the doors before and had run down the street, this time he ran instead toward the cluster of people. After all he had no idea what the white light could possibly be. Using the moment provided he approached and looked down until he felt the air move and sound return again. Something that had happened before when he was running, only now he was looking down at what the odd group had gathered for. "What is it?" He dumly asked as fire once more played upon his minds eye, remembering the bus ride not too long ago into town.

    It was a dumb question, but he seemed to be continually in the wrong place at the wrong time today. He could only hope he would figure this one out faster then getting shot when exiting the bus.

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    Apr 2, 2007
    The Rey, Room 1706, New York City

    He knew what the text message meant. He listened to it twice and heard the voice of his dying self. No sign of any of the others. Had they all been killed? Had he been too confident?

    LEGO turned to the Professor and sighed. "Did you ever hear of something called Antville?" He asked. Mayers would know. And with his expanding powers it would not be too hard to find him.

    "Professor Jared actually mentioned it. He was quite confused. But he said something like ... Antville seems to have got a bit crowded, because these guys they wanna kill right away ... then he mumbled something about saving the world." Arthur stood up. "Listen I believe I can stop it. All I need is the one who can freeze things in time. I can stop it."

    Sebastian looked at him. "Not sure." He replied. "Those first generation gifted ... they seem to be alive."

    Arthur nodded. "What does it change?"

    "I do not know. Not yet." He thought about it for a long moment and shrugged. "Everything." He then said. Maybe they had never been the problem. Maybe hinaufrufe Self had looked in the wrong direction. Certainly it was no coincidence they had appeared and the world ended ... but these others ... they had to be much more powerful. He had grown every hour. They might have reacted to their appearance. They might ...

    "Find a way to stop it Professor. Because I believe the one I had won't work anymore."

    Arthur nodded. "And you?"

    Sebastian smiled. "I do the same. I look for answers."

    There were others. The future Sebastian had not known. He would have told. So things had changed. Things had changed fundamentally. He could not help but feeling the game was rigged and the only way to beat it would be ... cheating.

    He had to start getting answers. He knew where to begin.

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    Mar 30, 2007
    Antville Installation near Antville, Alaska

    Ayshe smiled and took the President's hands. "Yes, let us pray and praise their sacrifice for our Lords plan."

    She looked at Beta and saw him nod. It was done. Smiling for a moment she closed her eyes and saw ... nothing. Nothing she had not seen before. Strands of cause and effect tangling unanswered. Darkness. Spots of darkness spreading through her vision like cancer.

    She opened her eyes and stood up. There was only one left, right? Had she overlooked him? Had she ...

    "It isn't over yet." She said to Beta this time. "Find the Canadian. End him." She hissed. "End him and return."

    Turning back to the President she looked down on him. "Our adversary ... the adversary ... they grow in power still. We must act or the great sacrifice of New York's people will be twisted into a charade. Mr. President, I need your help."

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    Jul 11, 2009
    IC: Jane
    Car, Outside Great Expectations

    "...pray for us sinners, now and at the hour of our death." The agent continued Jane's hands shook, her breath was quick, until she saw the magic numbers


    A breath left her chest, one of relief or, resignation, she wasn't sure. A bright white light blinded her, her body was racked with pain, and for a moment she saw her parents faces, Uncle Owen's, the faces of friends she knew when she was younger. Was this what dying felt like? She knew what an explosion did to a body, and this close there would be nothing left of her. Just a pink mist hanging in the air, a handful of atoms cast to the winds. No one would know she was among the dead.

    A fitting end for Jane Doe.

    A moment later her mind snapped back, ten seconds back on the clock. The pain was replaced with an uneasy itching feeling, the visions of bright white still in her eyes like a ghostly projection.

    She had to ask, what just happened, why was she still alive, why was she still here?

    There was no time for questions, she would not waste her second chance.

    Quicker this time, ignoring the pain in her shoulder, she ripped the covering off seeing the same internals before her.

    "What is it?" a voice called out from behind her.

    "What does it look like!?" she snapped not looking up from the device. "It's a goddamn bomb." She didn't have time to deal with the heckler, or even turn to see his face. She had a much bigger problem in front of her.

    Her hands move to the timer. It must of had some sort of wireless signal that triggered the explosion, but, what if that was just a fall back what if both the metal contraption and the timer were a trigger just in different ways?

    "Hey," she called out to the agents pointing at one of them. "You, pull this wire out of the cylinder." she gestured quickly to the metal cable and the suspected trigger. "NOW!" the word come out of her mouth with anger and desperation, "And someone give me a gun!"

    If being gentle didn't solve the problem maybe brute force would.

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  15. HanSolo29

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    Apr 13, 2001
    IC: President Kurt Roland
    Antville Installation, near Antville, Alaska

    With his head bowed and his eyes closed tightly, the President allowed his sorrow to lead the course of his prayer. He lamented over his decision to permit a nuclear device to detonate in New York. The millions who lived and worked there would never be the same, and his heart went out to them. How could he conceivably accept such a tragedy and move on as if he had not had a hand in its inception? It was a terrible burden to bear...

    But even as he called upon the Lord for endurance and strength to help him through this trial, one thought continued to take precedence over the others – Ayshe and the role she would play in the society that is born out of this disaster.

    This woman was their salvation, the answer to all of their problems. For an instant, he saw himself leading a secure America into the future, backed by the very hand of God. No one to threaten them, no one to stop them...

    Just like King David leading Israel…

    And then it was gone.

    The abruptness in which Ayshe disengaged from their communion forced the President to lose his concentration. Opening his eyes, Kurt fell back on his haunches and studied the woman with furrowed brow. At first, his disappointment over the interruption was palpable on his face, but he soon sobered after observing her for several seconds. Something was wrong. He could tell by the tension around the corners of her eyes and lips.

    As if to confirm his suspicions, she gave brisk and immediate orders to Karim – locate the Canadian and end him. Her tone held a certain intensity that he had not witnessed from her before. That might have been a cause for concern if not for the desperation that also accompanied her command. He could relate to that desperation…

    For a fleeting moment, he saw all of his aspirations for a better future, for peace, prosperity – everything she had offered him – fading away. He could not…would not let that happen. Evil could not prevail.

    Rising to his feet with the same swiftness Ayshe had employed only moments before, the President’s features turned grim as he smoothed out his suit coat and straightened his tie. “You know I have the resources,” he acknowledged in response to her plead for help, his voice unwavering.

    “What is it you need from me? How can I help?”

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    IC: Kawin Muthurangu
    Leaving Great Expectations Club, New York

    Coming up to the woman and asking his dumb question he found her quick remark to be rather brass as she exposed the innards of the device. Kawin's mouth went a bit dry as he looked inside and an agent moved to where she had asked him to pull a wire. Then she asked for a gun, he didn't think, he pulled his out and offered it to her over her shoulder butt end first.

    "Hopefully we get this done in two." he simply whispered as he looked at it. Seeing where she had told a man to pull a wire and waiting to see where she would shoot. If he had to do this again he would need to know what to do to speed up the process.

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    Antville Installation near Antville, Alaska

    Ayshe looked at the President and the tears in her eyes were real, as a hundred strands of events lead into darkness and the void of blindness slowly consumed her vision.

    "The burden of sacrifice, that was not my test. Not our test, Mr. President. Because I passed this test already. Every second I sacrifice someone. Never I am presented a choice without one ... no, we need to find the root of evil. This world will fall to darkness and bath in the fires of damnation, if we don't stop ..." Who? Him? He was dead. The Canadian? Someone else? " ... them!"

    Ayshe closed her eyes. She stepped back, fighting for breathe. How? Maria had killed LEGO. How? Even if not, he would go back and kill himself. She had foreseen no future in which he did not die. There was no escape. What had she overseen?

    With a sigh she calmed herself. Her eyes snapped open. "Only one of God's servants can save us all. Only one. And only you have the power and will to release him." She nodded.

    "You must unleash Alpha."

    The last resort. Had Alpha known all along this day would come? Had he been waiting? Lurking just outside her perception in the dark clouds of the unknown? She remembered his last words ... or was it something she had seen but he had never said?

    "There will be a reckoning." He had said or would have said. After all she learned today she was not the only prophet.

    "Order them to wake him up." She said and looked at the President. "His sacrifice will seal the dawn of our Lord's new era of peace."

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    IC: President Kurt Roland
    Antville Installation, near Antville, Alaska

    For a long moment, the President remained pensive as he silently considered her request, his expression carefully guarded against the terrible truth that was playing havoc with his emotions – Ayshe had made a fatal mistake. For the first time since she had revealed her divinity, he had caught her in a lie. That realization felt like the ultimate betrayal, which promptly began to unravel the prospect of a perfect future.

    Once again, Kurt saw his aspirations slowly slipping away…

    The only hint of his internal conflict came in the form of a disquiet stirring in his blue eyes. He angled this gaze at Ayshe now, trying to parse her motives while simultaneously seeking a resolution for these turn of events. Was this lapse in judgement a classic example of cracking under pressure – studying her outward appearance, Kurt could tell she was distraught – or was Matt correct with his earlier assessment? He had to know...

    With that lingering thought, the President straightened to his full height to evoke a sense of authority. When he spoke, his voice was quiet, but firm. “I’m afraid I can’t do that...not under these circumstances,” he sighed with resignation. “You’re beginning to deviate from your message. From one believer to another, it is my duty to bring that to your attention.

    “I seem to recall you stating that Alpha was not a servant of our Lord; that he was an agent of chaos and had to be stopped. In fact, you’ve even placed him in the same category as LEGO. I believe false prophet was the appropriate term.” He paused to raise an accusing eyebrow. “Now you’re saying he’s allied with us and you want to turn to him for help?”

    As he exposed her error, the President scoffed and shook his head in disbelief. “I have to say, that’s a major discrepancy. I can’t in good faith carry out your request without a reasonable explanation. Not with someone that dangerous. Provide me with answers, and maybe I’ll reconsider…

    “Or perhaps you’ll just as easily accuse me of being a hypocrite for putting the Lord to the test.” He paused again to thrust his hands into his pockets and offered a small shrug. “That’s your right, of course, but I know you understand what is at stake and why I must question your motives. Hell, I’m sure you even anticipated this conversation before I uttered a single, go ahead – convince me. Please.”

    That last part was posed as a challenge, almost as if he was putting Ayshe herself to the test. And yet, on some other level, he desperately wanted her to redeem herself.

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