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The cruellest 'cut' of all...

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction Stories--Classic JC Board (Reply-Only)' started by Jemmiah, Jun 12, 2000.

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  1. Jemmiah

    Jemmiah Jedi Master star 5

    Mar 5, 2000
    OK. This is another add-on in the same manner as Lions, Tigers & Padawans. It takes place about two or three months before the events of a certain infamous Cantina crawl. Obi-Wan and Jemmiah are not yet an item. Qui-Gon is worried about Obi-Wan?s fitness (his fondness for Corelli treacle is beginning to play havoc with his teeth) and An-Paj, Simeon, Leona and company have to play at being film stars when the ?Hospital Watch? holo series requests permission to film its next programmes based in the temple infirmary?

    Please join in the fun!


    ?You said WHAT!?!?? Mace Windu half jumped out of his seat.

    The buzz of discontented voices filled the council chambers as Yoda alone remained calm, contentedly looking at his feet with a sleepy expression. Dozy might have been a better word, Mace reflected as he watched the ancient master prod absently at the floor with his stick. Not that you would dare tell that to Yoda?

    Calm eventually returned some five minutes later when all expletives had been exhausted.

    ?Arriving they are. At ten in the morning.?
    ?But you didn?t even consult us.? Depa Billaba looked outraged. ?What is the point of having a council if we don?t discuss things!?
    ?Discussing things we are.? Yoda looked surprised. ?What is this if not a discussion??
    ?But you?ve already said yes!? Adi Gallia insisted.
    ?Knew what your decision would be, I did.? Yoda nodded.
    ?You knew we?d say no.? Mace grimaced.
    ?Knew you?d say yes, I did.? Yoda replied.
    ?Do that, why should we?? Yaddle searched Yoda?s face for some clue. There was mischief shining in his eyes.
    ?New Bacta tank the temple requires.? Yoda looked directly at Mace. ?Broken, the oldest one is.?
    ?Er?yeah.? Mace would have felt his collar nervously had he possessed one. ?But what?s that got to do with??
    ?Pay us well they will.? Yoda added.

    Depa Billaba leaned forwards in her chair. ?How well??

    Yoda waved a piece of flimsyplast in his clawed hands. Windu reached over and took it from him.

    ?Pheeeeeeeeeeeewww!? Mace?s eyes bugged. ?That is a LOT of money.?

    Yoda shrugged. ?Tell them we shall not accept, I shall.? He tried to snatch the flimsy back.
    ?Now, wait a second.? Mace pulled away. ?Let?s not be hasty. This?could be a good idea.?

    Yoda watched contentedly as the flimsyplast letter was handed round the circle, and one by one the opposition to his scheme melted away.

    ?This could work.? Adi said cautiously. ?I mean, just think of the good exercise in public relations. People think that the Jedi are mysterious, unapproachable super beings.?
    ?We?re not?? Mace smiled.
    ?You know what I mean. People might think we were more?normal, if we agreed to this.?
    ?I think we all remember the last public relations exercise we took part in.? Mace grinned at Adi. ?What was it again? Sports day, wasn?t it??
    ?Vote, we shall.? Yoda said rather hurriedly.
    ?All those in favor raise your hands.? Mace stated firmly.

    There was no need to count. It was the biggest conversion since Jabba the Hutt had moved into the B?omarr monks? temple.

    ?Unanimous.? Mace said to a triumphant Yoda. ?Now that just leaves one thing.?
    ?Which is?? Depa asked.
    ?Who is going to tell An-Paj that his infirmary is going to be overrun with holo recorders and presenters for the next five weeks??

    There was a pregnant pause as everybody looked at Mace.

    ?Oh, Sith!? He said crossly.


    ?Will they get in the way?? An-Paj demanded. ?I can?t have my patients welfare in jeopardy.?
    ?Have you ever seen Hospital Watch?? Mace asked.
    ?Have you ever seen what it?s like in here sometimes?? An-Paj countered. ?What about that outing to celebrate Master Berlingside?s birthday??
    ?It was a nice present.? Mace said defensively.
    ?Incense burners.? An-Paj stated.
    ?How were we to know what that stuff was we were burning?? Mace glowered. ?We were told it was Cherrywood scented??
    ?Cherrywood my sainted auntie.? An-Paj replied hotly. ?It was Rhyl!?
    ?Yeah, well.? Mace shrugged. ?It?s the thought that counts.?
    ?The though
  2. SithAbigail

    SithAbigail Jedi Youngling star 2

    Apr 6, 2000
    Ooh, this looks funny, Jemmiah! I'll try and post on it tonight 'cuz I have an idea for a starstruck Healer apprentice..
  3. mouse2

    mouse2 Jedi Padawan star 4

    Oct 29, 1999
    This is going to be good!
  4. HealerLeona

    HealerLeona Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jan 18, 2000
    Darn you Jemmiah, like I really need another distraction from trying to finish my own story.

    Oops, too late. The wheels are already spinning.

    SithAbigail, if at all possible would you write up you character on Jemmiah's character thread, Lions and Padawan's revisited, I think that's the name.

    It would be of great help.

  5. Wampasmak

    Wampasmak Jedi Master star 3

    Apr 6, 2000
    (In a bizarre turn of events, I'm going to almost ignore Hmiol in this one and concentrate on Far. Of course, I may change my mind if something comes up that would work well with Garos.)

    Far Biwo strode up to the infirmary, his arm stinging. Sith, why did Master Yoda allow those Buzoi Stingers in the garden?

    An-Paj was not hard to spot. He was running down the aisle, shouting orders, making sure everything was perfectly clean. Far grinned as he walked up. "Nervous, are we?"

    "No, not at all. Simply making sure everything is tidy. Don't want the public thinking we Jedi are slobs, after all." He turned to a passing padawan.

    "Simeon, go organize the supply shelves! Where's Leona?"

    "I think she's cleaning out the front desk, but I'm not sure." The young man rushed off.

    "'Just nervous'. Sure..- ow!"

    He was sure that the treatment usually didn't sting that much.
  6. Calamity Jinn

    Calamity Jinn Jedi Padawan star 4

    May 23, 2000

    Jasmyn had been feeling rather sorry for herself.

    The shot An-Paj had given her that morning was beginning to wear off. Visits from friends over the last couple of days had dwindled.

    And she was well enough now that lying still in a bed with nothing to do was worse than watching Simeon do that toe thing.

    So when An-Paj started talking to all the healers one after the other and rushing around organising everyone it caught her attention. She HAD to know what was going on...

    Simeon wasn't around, so the next choice for someone to ask was Dimallie. She waited until the apprentice healer had finished stacking a large pile of equipment and called her over. She didn't need to ask...

    "You'll NEVER believe what the council have agreed to!"

    "How many guesses do I get?" Jaz eyed Dimallie who was almost bouncing up and down with excitement.

    "Hospital Watch is coming here to film for five weeks! I love watching it! It's always interesting to see what's wrong with everyone and what cures are being used."

    "Oh sith, not that Sunny Breeze. She must have a sugar diet, she's so sickly sweet. How every male on Coruscant thinks she's the best thing on holos I've no idea!" Jasmyn screwed up her face and then paled as another thought hit her.

    "Oh Dimallie, please say I'll be out of here before they arrive!"

    Dimallie's smile was not quite that of a caring apprentice. "Sorry Jaz, looks like you're suck here a bit longer. What is it you're in for again?"

    "Oh, something that ends in "itis" and has a very long name. I can't remember what they said it was. But after having it I wouldn't even wish it on Sunny Breeze."

    "Maybe you can tell her that if she interviews you!"

    Dimallie's smirk disappeared off her face as she saw the large pile of boxes she'd just stacked slowly topple over and hit the floor to the sound of many objects smashing into little pieces. She hurried away to try and tidy the worst of it away before An-Paj or Leona saw it.
  7. SithAbigail

    SithAbigail Jedi Youngling star 2

    Apr 6, 2000
    I'll have Adri's stats up later
    Adri grinned wildly as she thought about how a news crew was coming to the Temple's Infirmary.

    I could be discovered!

    Hey it could work. Actress by day, Jedi Healer by night.

    Dimallie threw a look her way as Adri rushed over to help her pick up the boxes. "So, you're happy about being interviewed by Summer and having them film our every move? What if I accidentally knock stuff down while they're here?"

    "D, I'm sure you won't be quite so umm, clumsy when the pressure's on." Adri tried to smile reassuringly as she fixed her blondish hair. It was down to her waist and always getting messed up.

    "No, I'll probably be worse! And you just know this whole thing is a conspirancy." Diamllie's eyes widened as she looked around the room.

    "Yeah, the just want drunk Jedi on tape!" Jasmyn grinned as everyone else thought that over.

    That's a possiblity.

    Diamillie sighed. "You know what? I bet Sunny will try and sabotage us or something for ratings."

    "Don't joke about something that involves us working," Adri paused. "By the way, I think you just jinxed us."

    With that, Simeon walked in with unusally bad timing. "Nah. See, to jinx something you have to say," He cleared his throat and grinned. "It can't get any worse!"

    With that, the mostly restacked boxes fell.

    [This message has been edited by SithAbigail (edited 06-13-2000).]
  8. Jemmiah

    Jemmiah Jedi Master star 5

    Mar 5, 2000
    ?What?? Obi-Wan said dazedly.
    ?I?d like to know which planet you are on, and how long you are likely to be there.?

    Obi-Wan yawned.

    ?What is the matter with you??

    Kenobi looked up suddenly.

    ?Sorry, did you say something, master?? He frowned.

    Qui-Gon stared at his padawan. Something strange was going on in the boy?s head. He was botching simple force related exercises that he had done blindfolded five years ago. He seemed at turns both agitated and somewhat listless over the course of the last week, with his mind never where it should be. His meditation had proven to be anything but meditative. And to top it all he had accidentally set fire to one of the training rooms during a lightsabre practise?not to mention setting fire to Jodi Mullicar at the same time.

    He folded his arms in consternation.

    ?Are you in some kind of trouble, Obi-Wan? If you?re having any sort of problems then you know you can always talk to me about??
    ?I?m fine, master. Why shouldn?t I be?? Kenobi cut in.
    ?Because you?ve been wandering about like a lost Nerf calf for the last seven days. And you are most certainly not alright.?
    ?I am!?
    ?Don?t bother trying to shield from me, padawan.? Qui-Gon was rapidly getting more worried. Xanatos had used to cover up his misdemeanours with cries of ?there?s nothing wrong?. Granted, Obi-Wan was NOT Xanatos but he could tell when something was bothering him and when he was hiding the truth. Qui-Gon was not going down that slippery path again.

    ?I?m going to fix us something to eat and then you are going to talk to me about what ever is plaguing your mind.? Qui-Gon strode over to the kitchen area and started to rummage for some clean cutlery.
    Kenobi watched him and shook his head. ?I?m not hungry, master.?

    There was a clattering of metal against work surface as two spoons fell from Qui-Gon?s hands.

    ?Excuse me?? Jinn let his mouth hang open for a moment. ?But did you just tell me that you weren?t hungry??
    Kenobi shrugged. ?I?ll eat something if you?re fixing food for yourself.?
    ?Now I know something?s not right.? Qui-Gon muttered. He looked in the storage unit. ?How about Corellian treacle drizzled over??
    ?I?ll pass if you don?t mind, master.? Obi-Wan went back to staring at the wall.

    Qui-Gon cautiously walked back towards his padawan. When he had reached his side he bent over and placed a hand on Obi-Wan?s forehead.

    ?Are you sure you are feeling OK?? The master asked him.
    ?Well?? Obi-Wan mumbled.
    ?Well what??
    ?I?m not sure.? The padawan confessed. ?I feel kind of strange. Not ill exactly. Just funny.?
    ?Funny?? Jinn frowned at the apprentice.
    ?I can?t describe it.? Kenobi sighed.
    ?You?ve been doing a lot of that, too.?
    ?What, master??
    ?Sighing.? Qui-Gon replied. ?That?s what made me realize that something was up. You?ve got no appetite. Have you been sleeping??
    ?Well?not as well as I would have liked.? Confessed Obi-Wan. ?But I feel fine otherwise.?
    ?I don?t care.? Qui-Gon insisted. ?It?s nearly time for your medical. I?m going to bring it forward and have An-Paj give you a thorough check over.?
    ?MASTER!? Kenobi looked shocked. ?That isn?t necessary??
    ?I think it is. I don?t want you becoming sick.?
    ?Statistically I am more likely to pick up germs at the healers than anywhere else.?
    ?Nice try, padawan. You?re still going.?

    Obi-Wan sighed again.

    ?That place is full of sick people. I don?t want to spend any more time in there than I have to.?
    ?Padawan, even your germs have got germs. With your track record I am not taking any chances.?

    Another sigh.

    ?Right. That?s it. Get your robe, now. We?re going.?

    Obi-Wan pulled a face but reluctantly stood up from his chair. ?I wonder what sort of dress she?ll get.? He said absently.
    ?Who?? Qui-Gon puzzled as he watched Obi-Wan shrug himself into his robes without appearing to notice where he was or what he was doing.
    ?Jemmy.? The Padawan?s brow creased slightly. ?She said she had to buy a dress. Evla?s taking her to get fitted for it.?
    ?Really?? Jinn paused. ?What?s this in aid of??

    Obi-Wan seemed to spring back to life. ?Debutante?s ball. I t
  9. light_sabe_r

    light_sabe_r Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Feb 11, 2000
    Oh wow! Another pass around. I'd love to be involved, (please?), but where to slot in?

  10. Jemmiah

    Jemmiah Jedi Master star 5

    Mar 5, 2000
    light_sabe_r, please join in!
  11. light_sabe_r

    light_sabe_r Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Feb 11, 2000
    Okay, here's a quickie.
    Sitting in her office, Hospital Watch directer Maridin Pelt sat listening to the official response ffrom the Jedi. She intently watched the little green thing infront of her speak in mixed up sentances.

    She could barely pick out what he was saying. She turned to one of the camera men who was in there for a meeting. "Sunny's is going to enjoy this." she said, taking a sip of her caffe and placing a strand of chocolate hair behind her ear.

    "Why the Jedi Temple?" the camerama Stalis Rosh replied. He scratched his neck were his shoulder length hair barely touched his colar.

    "The Holo-network pay me to come up with ideas, and I pay bums like you, Sunny and all the rest to pull it off." She smiled flashing a pair of perfect white teeth. "Besides, With those cool light sword thingys-"

    "light sabres." Stalis corrected.

    "Whatever, I'm sure there is plenty going on in there that the public needs to know about, and its our job to show them." She kicked her caffe of the table with her boot spilling it on an old data pad. "O Jeez!" She smiled and didn't attempt to clean it up.

    "Think about it Stalis! We'll be the people who expose the Jedi to the Galaxy! What's life really life behind those doors."

    "What about the show." Stalis scoffed.

    "It is the show!" Maridin grinned. She finally swivelled in her chair. "How long does it take an on camera journo to gather her things?" she muttered.

    Just then her comm buzzed. "Ms Breeze is here Maridin." her secretary replied. "Shall I send her in?"

    "No, we're coming out now anyway," she closed the channel. Glancing at Stalis she grinned. "Ready for a trip into the unknown world of Jedi Medecine?"

    Stalis nodded. "The screen testing equipment is all in the hover car ready to go."

    Maridin rubbed her hands together. "I'm so excited! This is definitely my best idea ever!"

    Stalis groaned and followed his boss. Little did he know it could be one of her worst ideas.
    How was that?

  12. Jemmiah

    Jemmiah Jedi Master star 5

    Mar 5, 2000
    Bravo! Please keep adding on when you want to.
  13. Jemmiah

    Jemmiah Jedi Master star 5

    Mar 5, 2000

    She?d tried on NINE different dresses so far. All of them white.

    Jemmiah huffed as she changed into dress number ten. Evla, for some strange and unknown reason, seemed inexplicably keen on this shopping trip. Jemmy had a sneaky feeling that she was trying to live out a childhood fantasy through her foster daughter and whilst that was understandable up to a point, she was finding it difficult to cope with her guardian?s enthusiasm.

    She?d thought if she took her time and generally pootered about, Evla might get bored and give up.

    Not a bit of it.

    All she had got was ?Oh, that?s beautiful,? and ?That material is stunning. It shows off your figure really well,? and worst of all ?You look really sweet in that. Like a flower girl.?


    What would Obi-Wan say if he could see her like this? Laugh himself silly, no doubt. He?d been a bit odd around her lately and she wasn?t entirely sure what was wrong with him. At first she?d had the ridiculous idea that he might even be interested in her, but she quickly dismissed it. If he was he would just come right out and say it. Wouldn?t he?

    She really didn?t want to go to this event. Social climbing just for the sake of it wasn?t her thing, not that she had anything against titled people, or important people, or wealthy people. Her own uncle was extremely well off so throwing stones at his generosity would be a very stupid thing to do indeed. But then again it was because of her family connections on Corellia that she?d been invited (no, commanded) to attend this blasted thing in the first place?

    Her own escort for the night happened to be an important, titled AND wealthy person. He was a brother to one of her school friends and everyone thought he was a real catch. She thought he was a s dull as ditch water. He didn?t even watch Gabali on the holo sports channels!

    She looked at her reflection in the mirror and was surprised to find that she actually liked the dress.

    Well, at least Valorum would be there. She?d always had a sly regard for the man. He looked so dignified. And of course he was a friend of Master Jinn?s. Maybe she could sneak a dance with him?

    She groaned inwardly as she remembered who else was going to be there.

    Senator Moesti was a happy, jolly man with a bright red face but he had an unfortunate tendency to sweat rather profusely. She was quite relieved therefor that in such a vast crowd the chances of him asking her to dance was rather remote. Jarraj was a bit of a lad. His personal life was frequently to be found making the headlines in the holo broadcasts. Palpatine just gave her the creeps. She?d only seen him once but the smile on his face was one that sent a shiver down her spine. And he was judging the Queen of the ball contest?

    ?How are you doing?? Evla?s voice came from the other side of the partition.
    ?Fine, fine.? Jemmiah groused as she attempted to lace up the back of her dress. She couldn?t manage it of course. ?I s?pose I could do with some help with this??

    Evla was in before the sentence was out of her mouth.

    ?Oh, that is lovely. That is THE one.? She breathed.
    ?Have you seen the price?? Jemmiah shook her head. ?It?s an expensive fantasy.?
    ?Your uncle is paying.? Evla replied as she pulled the ties together in a tight bow.
    ?Is he?? Jemmiah said through gritted teeth. There was a hidden agenda here.
    ?He said price was no object.?
    ?He would do. He tried to pay enough to buy me.?
    ?Jemmiah.? Warned Evla in a stern voice. ?That?s being ungrateful.?
    ?Yeah, yeah.? She pursed her lips. ?This dress is fine. We?ll take this one.?
    ?Oh, good.? Evla hugged her warmly. ?Then you can go back to the temple and show Qui-Gon.?
    ?WHAT?!?? Exclamation marks soared in Jemmiah?s voice. ?You must be joking? I?m not parading round the temple like this! If you chained me to the rocks I could pass for a sacrificial virgin!?
    ?Don?t be silly. I only meant Qui-Gon.?
    ?And that?s all.? Jemmiah repeated defiantly. ?Nobody else gets to know about this.?
    ?I thought you said you?d told Obi-Wan.?
    ?Yeah, well.? Jemmiah shrugged. ?He won?t tell anyone.?

    Jemmiah changed
  14. RogueJai

    RogueJai Jedi Padawan star 4

    Apr 14, 2000
    Oh, my poor stomach---it aches from laughing so hard .. . rofl
  15. Jemmiah

    Jemmiah Jedi Master star 5

    Mar 5, 2000
    Leona let her hair down from the braid she had been wearing. It was the end of her shift and now at least she could look forward to returning to her apartment. Her padawan, Dimallie Melbra, would no doubt make her way back in her own time. After she?d finished searching for that piece of lost property belonging to old Quirida-Xac.

    How anyone could mislay a glass eye was beyond her.

    She spotted An-Paj about to make his rounds.

    ?Master An-Paj.? She hailed him.
    ?Healer Leona. Off back to the relative comforts of home, yes??

    She nodded. ?It?s been a busy day.?
    ?It has indeed. And tomorrow promises to be an even busier one.? He absently slicked back his hair again, causing Leona to smile.
    ?How are you planning to fix your hair?? He asked suddenly.

    The question surprised Leona. ?How I normally have it. Why? Is there something wrong with how it usually is??
    ?No, no. Of course not.? He soothed. ?It?s just that we want to give a good impression.?

    Leona blinked.

    ?I?m sure we will all do our best.? She frowned as a thought struck her. ?An-Paj? What?what was Master Jinn in for earlier??

    An-Paj tried his best to keep a neutral expression. The healer?s interest in the tall Jedi was only known to a select few who had been able to work it out. He was one of them.

    ?Oh, don?t worry. He?s fine. It was Kenobi I was checking.?
    ?Is he alright??
    ?Huh? Oh, I?m afraid he has a mortal wound. Here.? He gestured theatrically by placing a hand over his heart.
    ?Pardon?? She asked uncertainly.
    ?The poor boy?s in love! Of course, I wasn?t able to tell Master Jinn who the lucky female is. That wouldn?t be right. Especially when Kenobi doesn?t realize it himself. But he?s so suspicious of every female who stops the boy in the corridors to say hello that it wouldn?t surprise me if he starts spying on the poor lad.?
    ?So he was OK when he left here?? She wondered.
    ?Oh, yes. Why do you ask??
    ?He?s back in.?

    An-Paj did a double take.

    ?Master Jinn?s brought him back in. Apparently he instructed him to take a freezing shower to wake him up a bit and now he?s caught a chill.?

    An-Paj groaned.

    ?He?s going to be in and out the infirmary for the next five weeks! I can just see it happening??
  16. RogueJai

    RogueJai Jedi Padawan star 4

    Apr 14, 2000
    Poor An-Paj
  17. light_sabe_r

    light_sabe_r Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Feb 11, 2000
    Maridin stood listening the the beutiful sound of Sunny Breeze's voice.

    So melodic, so soothing, so annoying.

    "...So I'm sorry but I have a hair appointment now so I'll be on set tommorow okay?" the young blonde sang.

    Maridin took the taller woman by the arm and started marching towards the door. "Sunny, we've been friends since what? Kindergarden?"

    "I think so." Sunny smiled.

    "And now you're a successful journolist and I'm a succeessful producer. And I'm also your boss."

    "However, If you didn't have me you wouldn't have a show." she smiled. "Tell the hot Jedi males I'll be there to view them tommorow!" she said waving.

    Maridin was fuming! She turned to Stalis and hit the braod young man accross the shoulder. "Why didn't you do something!?"

    "Sorry Boss, I thought you had everything under control?"

    "I do!" she muttered. "We're still going to do some of the screnn tests today. Get your crew." She said stalking out of the brightly lit welcome room.

    She turned to her secretary on the way out. "You did ring the temple and told them we're coming today didn't you?"

    The young red head suddenly turned a lovely shade of white. "I knew I forgot to do something. I'll call them now-"

    "That won't be nessesary, I think they know we're coming already." Maridin nodded watching her brown fringe bop in front of her eyelids. "Do you still want to be on the show?" Maridin asked.

    The girl eagerly nodded. "Well keep it up and you might find yourself as a paitient." Maridin smiled with satisfaction as the girl eagewrly turned back to her books.

    She grabbed her green waist coat from the hook. "Tell Stalis I'll get a taxi, I'll meet him there."

    "Meet him where Ms Pelt?"

    Maridin felt like letting the girl clock off a few years early. "I will meet him at the Jedi Temple."

    "Oh," she muttered turning back to her data pad.

  18. light_sabe_r

    light_sabe_r Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Feb 11, 2000
  19. mouse2

    mouse2 Jedi Padawan star 4

    Oct 29, 1999
  20. Jane Jinn

    Jane Jinn Jedi Knight star 5

    Jan 12, 2000
    I have to say it, too. Poor An-Paj! But maybe there's a chance for Healer Leona to get closer to Qui-Gon in the next few weeks. Their love could blossom in the heat of the spotlights...

    Keep going, this is great!
  21. light_sabe_r

    light_sabe_r Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Feb 11, 2000
    Just for the hell of it...
    Maridin was in a bad mood already. After being in a cab for over two hours because of a sky-jam, she had paid a hilarious amount to her smelly wookie pilot.

    "This is costing me too much already!" pulling out her data pad she wired the cost to the Holo-network. Feeling that great financial strain lift off her shoulders she set about her next task.

    "How do I get in this place?" She soon realised she was on the roof and the Temple stretched out below her. The five towers around her were part of the temple too!

    "Wait!" she yelled at the taxi driver as he sped off. She was stranded.

    Swearing in her native tongue she threw her small bag to the floor in disgust. "Now how am I going to get in huh!" she screamed at the tallest tower.

    The Jedi council sat discussing the preperations for the crew's arrival when a young initiate passed through the door.

    "I'm sorry to intrude my Masters," the young boy asked remembering to bow.

    "What is it Initiate Braidlee?" Mace asked from his chair, switching off the holo projector.

    "There is a visitor to the Temple." He walked to Mace and handed him a data card. The Jedi Master withdrew the one they were playing and rolled this new one.

    A young woman appeared stepping off an air taxi onto the roof. She paid the driver and didn't look to happy.

    "Much anger I sense in her." Yoda said calmly.

    The taxi sped off and she chased after it and threw a fit of rage. Yarrel Poof chuckled from the other side of the room. "You were right!"

    "I suppose we should go get her and ask her what she's doing here." Depa Billiba stated leaning forward on her hands.

    "Yes, but who can we send?" Mace replied, rubbing his chin. "This woman could be dangerous for all we know."

    Twelve heads turned to him suddenly. "Why do I get myself in these situations!" he said slapping himself on the head. He turned to the young initiate beside him. "Can you take me to her?"

    "Sure sir," the kid replied. "This way, but I'm sure you knew that."

    Mace stood up and give they council an evil glare on the way out.
  22. Calamity Jinn

    Calamity Jinn Jedi Padawan star 4

    May 23, 2000

    I promise I'll get round to adding sis, but due to my hectic life at the moment I can't just now! Keep it going Jemster,Lightsabre, Sith Abigail and whoever else is out there!!
  23. Jemmiah

    Jemmiah Jedi Master star 5

    Mar 5, 2000
    Calam, hectic is trying to think of ideas for four different threads at the same time!!!

    I hope you've fed Solo & co or you'll be in deep Sith when I catch up with you!
  24. mouse2

    mouse2 Jedi Padawan star 4

    Oct 29, 1999
    C'mon Jemmiah you can do it!

    Hmmmm? Methinks that Rela could have dome fun with this Sunny Breeze.
  25. Jemmiah

    Jemmiah Jedi Master star 5

    Mar 5, 2000
    I'm gonna try post more after the big move is complete.

    Mouse, I was thinking of trying to work in Rela in some way. I need a foil for Jemmiah to work with and due to continuity I can't really use Spider. Would you mind if I throw Rela into the mix somewhere along the line? Would you be interested in adding on at all if I did?

    The other thing I keep having to remind myself of is that Qui-Gon and Leona haven't actually met at this point!

    Let's hope the threads don't get eaten after today...

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