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Discussion in 'Star Wars Role Playing Archive' started by Darth_Elu, Apr 15, 2009.

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  1. Darth_Elu

    Darth_Elu Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Jan 2, 2003
    While reading this, I can see the chant is heard over imposed on the entire thing. In a dramatic and cinematic way that is. So imagine/listen to this as you read.

    [link=]The Chant of the Mystery Monks[/link]

    And the video in a way could link to its events. Up to you to actually check it out or not.

    The Cycle of Retribution

    A forgotten world. Lost into the reaches of the Unknown Regions. Binary system, suns shining bright.

    On the rocky surface, monks in brown robes quietly descended from around crevices and plateaus, seemingly appearing from nowhere and everywhere all at once. Four groups from different directions, all in single file, marching quietly to the same spot in the middle of a rocky clearing. Where a fifth group already sat in a circle, humming quietly amongst themselves.

    The groups slowly filed around them, creating a larger circle around the fifth group, a few members of the inner circle switching with those of the outer. But most stayed where they were. They began to hum louder now, all of them.

    It was sunset. So fitting.

    A woman of chiss heritage and an elite blue uniform on, though with a mysterious hood over her face only showing her glowing red eyes, is seen quietly strolling through the corridors of some citadel of royal design and inclined her head to some ceremonial soldiers nearby. Royal and high up citizens walking past also made way for her and bowed. She inclined her head to them as well before moving on. Before entering a large round chamber which contained a simple chair, but ornate, to one wall. A woman sat upon it, regal and commanding. Four guards flanked her on each side, looking serious and almost grim.

    The woman strolling in moved at a faster clip to come before the leader of the Chiss Ascendency and bowed.

    ?Your Majesty. Always a pleasure.?

    ?Yes, now I need your help, Mysterious One. You have been there for us for the past few years, helping us and guiding us through your unparalleled wisdom. And we have need of your guidance now.?

    The ?Mysterious One? bowed low before straightening once more, ?I am here for those children of Csilla till the end, your Majesty.?

    The apparent queen of the Chiss Ascendency smiled briefly before replying curtly, ?But first, Mysterious One...I must know. What is your name, please??

    The Mysterious One hesitated and replied with a faint smile.

    Those monks on the rocky terrain once more, their humming slowly transferring to a chant now. Universal among them, all together though the inner circle who sat upon the ground cross-legged, were loudest. They seemingly led the chant, the outside circle chanting quieter with them. They got a little louder as the suns seemed to actually grow brighter...and a little distorted in the distance?

    It was sunset. So fitting.

    An executive office, glorious baubles and trinkets normally filling such space...non-existent, quite humble and mostly bare; a lovely desk. And a human woman of strong but elegant build sitting behind it with her feet propped up on the desk. She had a unique, but exquisitely exotic, dark blue hair cascading over her shoulder and a little down the back of the chair she was leaning back against. Her green eyes dancing with thought as she stroked her cheek with one delicate, yet strong, finger as she rattled off a few things to the com she was speaking to on her desk.

    ?...and make sure that schedule with the Chairman of the GRTC is reset for two days from now, no need to postpone it too long now that I think of it...?

    ?Yes, ma?am.?

    ?...and make sure that the issue concerning those new sectors of the shipyards is looked into, will you??

    ?Of course.?

    She seemed to think a bit longer, her eyes closing for a moment, ?And make sure the President of the planet and the Head Executive of the Kuati Drive Yards will be at my place at noon tomorrow, please? That is all.?

    ?It?ll be done, as always, ma?am
  2. Teegirloo

    Teegirloo Jedi Grand Master star 6

    May 26, 2005
    [hl=black]Approved by the Almighty Elu[/hl]

    Character Sheet:

    The Planet: Tatooine
    Possessed Being: Human
    Biological Gender: Female

    Physical Appearance: Athletic, yet feminine, Tall about 5' 11 and lean, long Light Brown Hair, Deep Blue Eyes. Medium Tan. She has a hooded black robe, She has a tight fitting purple and black half shirt. She has a tattoo of a sun over her belly button with a corusca gem pierced in her belly button. She wears black pants and boots. She has a black utility belt around her waist.

    Brief Personality: She is like the Twin Suns themselves, the beauty like the sunset that captivates the on looker. Serene yet graceful almost at peace, that is one side, the other is the twin like the sun?s rays baring down on to the planet setting in the true reality of what is. She is harsh and deceiving very mischievous and cruel, if she doesn?t get her way.

    Special Ability: She can manipulate the wind creating wind storms at her whim.

    Lightsaber: Her lightsaber hilt is black and tan with metal ridges. The blade color is red.

    Additional Information: [link=]Tatooine Info[/link]

    Alderaan Stance: Her ambition is the key to what motivates her. She is constantly trying to learn and grow becoming more than she is. Her frustration is that she only knows the life of harshness for Tatooine is a life that is filled with nothing but that. She would like to change the positioning status she is currently at, knowing there are worlds out there that have more. She has pledged a vow to herself that nothing will bring her down, and she will be victorious in whatever she does. She thinks of only herself and what she can gain without care of the consequences.
  3. greyjedi125

    greyjedi125 Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Apr 29, 2002
    [hl=black]ELU APPROVED [/hl] :)

    Character Sheet:

    The Planet: Dagobah
    Possessed Being: Dragonsnake (humanoid form)
    Biological Gender: Male
    Physical Appearance: 6 foot humanoid wrapped in a greenish grey cloak. Reddish face fins, dark green skin. Generally covered in a lazily swirling preternatural mist.
    Brief Personality: Sometimes calm, but generally more like roiling stormclouds poised to burst at any given moment. Subject to 'stormy' changes in mood.
    Special Ability: Has the unique ability to shift into the mirror opposite in the force of any given target.
    Lightsaber: Dagobah's 'natural' lightsaber hilt is formed from age-long petrified wood. A rare stone gives his blade its viridian colour.
    Additional Information: [link=]Dagobah[/link]
    Alderaan Stance: Humanoids have evolved unchecked and have committed too many atrocities that have tipped the natural balance all over the galaxy. Now they can destroy suns and planets at will. Even destroy whole star systems. These planets must be avenged and the humanoids sent back to the stone age.

  4. spacelady

    spacelady Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Mar 16, 2003
    Elu Approved!

    The Planet: Zeltros
    Possessed Being: Zeltron
    Biological Gender: Female
    Physical Appearance: Long straight pink hair with natural strands of purple throughout, her eyes are mostly purple and spotted with yellow and pink. She?s tall, has light pink skin, and slender at the waist, but like a true Zeltron, she has curves that she enjoys showing off with either revealing or tight fitting outfits.
    Brief Personality: Zeltros thoroughly enjoys parties and usually always seems to be in a happy-go-lucky mood. Even though normal Zeltrons are shunned if they feel anger or depression, Zeltros will still occasionally feel these two emotions, though she always tries to look on the brighter side and if there is one - it?s the perfect reason to party the night away!
    Special Ability: She can affect people?s emotions, but is much stronger at it than your average Zeltron
    Lightsaber: The hilt is smooth with intricate carved designs along it while the blade is an unnatural pink
    Additional Information: [link=]Zeltros[/link]
    Alderaan Stance: There is only one thing Zeltros is driven to do. Spread happiness through the galaxy and of course partying!

    Better watch out, everyone! Zeltros is ready for some partying! :D
  5. Darth_Elu

    Darth_Elu Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Jan 2, 2003
    Myself Approved!

    Character Sheet:

    The Planet: Korriban
    Possessed Being: Human
    Biological Gender: Male
    Physical Appearance: Dark-skinned, completely black eyes, no sclera or pupil, six feet tall and chiseled physique. Black robes and hood.
    Brief Personality: Dark, Usually silent, but sarcastic when chatting. Evil to the core and egotistical. The Epitome of Sith.
    Special Ability: Can temporarily control another person, and while they're under his control for that brief period of time...they are mentally fighting a darker incarnation of themselves
    Lightsaber: Black and dark brown hilt that looks like it was 'wrapped' and then juts out to the emitter, which has three sharp prongs surrounding it. The blade is pitch black blade with a thin silver line snaking around it. The prongs also emit very small, 3" long silver light-blades.
    Additional Information: [link=]Korriban[/link]
    Alderaan Stance: Wants nothing more than to erase Ossus from the Galaxy and the Jedi as a whole. Wanting to drown all in the Dark Side. One Way or Another. Also feels Mass-Genocide is in order to punish the mortals for their transgressions. To let the Galaxy start all over again.
  6. Mikaboshi

    Mikaboshi Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Jul 12, 2005
    [hl=black]~GM Approved~[/hl]

    Character Sheet:

    The Planet: Dathomir
    Possessed Being: Rancor
    Biological Gender: Female
    Physical Appearance:
    12 meters tall (about 40 feet), above average in size and far more powerful and much faster, upon becoming empowered by Dathomir this Rancor grew tusks like those seen only on the legendary Bull Rancor. The only physical change other than size is that her skin is a deep green, and is able to change color to blend in with her environment.
    Brief Personality: Does not believe in a Dark or Light side of the Force, simply believes in the Force. Much like nature it can be both vengeful and kind, fierce and gentle. So to does she feel that the Force can be used in various ways, for good or ill as the situation requires.

    Her personality is the same, fickle. At times she is harsh and unforgiving, at other times nurturing and patient. Much like the wild terrain of Dathomir, she is unpredictable and subject to change at a moments notice.
    Special Ability: Able to communicate telepathically with all sentient species, as well as control any plant and animal life found on Dathomir. Can also make genetic modifications to species who dwell on Dathomir.
    Lightsaber: None, uses the Force and Rancor avatar as her weapons. Like the Nightsisters of Dathomir, she can use the Force to enhance the Rancor's natural weapons and make them unbreakable even to a lightsaber.
    Additional Information: [link=]Dathomir[/link]
    Alderaan Stance: Ensure planetary independence. The recent invasions and attempts at controlling the people of Dathomir first by the Galactic Empire then the New Republic, the Second Imperium, Yuuzhan Vong and finally the Jedi have pushed her to her limit. All attempts at influencing her people and claiming her as their own have brought nothing but war and suffering to her people.

    Now Dathomir has awoken, and she is angry.

    The awakened Dathomir vows that it will do what is necessary to prevent this in the future, no longer will her people be fought over and controlled. If in order to accomplish this goal the invading and conquering of other civilizations is needed so that a buffer is created to ensure a safe haven for herself and her people, so be it.


    Mortal Character Sheet:

    [blockquote]Name: Sabrae
    Race: Human
    Sex: Female
    Physical Appearance:
    Brief Personality:
    Faction: Freelance
    Rank: N/A
    Bio: Nobody recalls from what clan she originated, nor have they ever heard of her before her first appearance.

    Regardless she is the chosen companion of Dathomir, and has been selected by Dathomir to unite the Witch clans. Nobody yet knows of the true relationship to the Rancor avatar, nor is anyone but her aware that the Rancor is in fact the awakened planet.

    All that is truly known of Sabrae is that she is an upstart Witch speaking of unifying the clans. She travels the land upon a huge Rancor of considerable might, spreading her message. Whispers and rumor, they have traveled the land far and wide for months, and by now many of the clan elders and high ranking Witches know her by name and reputation.

  7. Winged_Jedi

    Winged_Jedi Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Feb 28, 2003

    The Planet: Empress Teta (also known as Cinnagar, originally called Koros Major)
    Possessed Being: Human
    Biological Gender: Female

    Physical Appearance:


    Brief Personality:
    Artistic and cultured, but also stern and forceful. Has a conqueror's soul, which verges on becoming a tyrant's. She has assumed the physical appearance of her most famous native, the Warrior Empress who changed the planet's name to her own.
    Special Ability: Unification (Teta can unite the mental powers of several planets to co-ordinate them as if they were one mind, one world)
    Lightsaber: Hilt crafted from carbonite, dark blue blade
    Additional Information: [link=]Here[/link] and[link=] here[/link]
    Alderaan Stance: Teta knows that, time and time again, a mere handful of worlds have determined the course of galactic history (Coruscant, Korriban, Tatooine, etc) and she believes that these few worlds should rule the galaxy as a united Council.
  8. NickLitYouAFlame

    NickLitYouAFlame Jedi Master star 5

    Feb 27, 2007
    Sanctioned by BossDogElu.

    The Planet: Myrkr
    Possessed Being: Ysalamiri
    Biological Gender: Female
    Physical Appearance: Unmistakably attractive. Myrkr is under five foot, with a surprisingly regal looking face. Wild, glossy, shoulder-length golden hair, and similarly golden eyes. Wears a large brown cloak that covers tan skin-tight shorts of some synthetic material and brassiere of the same fashion.
    Brief Personality: Excessively tranquil, with an eerie conviction to the meditative arts. Very elusive, and withdrawn. Although Myrkr projects a spacey attitude, the extents of her focus is nearly boundless. Possibly over-analytical. Very deliberate in her movements, even during fighting.
    Special Ability: Naturally heightened defense against the Force. Can project Force-nullifying bubble around herself, with the disadvantageous feeling of being cut off from the Force. The longer and farther she holds the effects, the more severe the feeling, hypothetically ending when her resolution, her mind or her body breaks down.
    Lightsaber: Her hilt is constructed from wood of a tree that was once a member of the shape-shifting species, the Neti, formerly inhabitants of Myrkr. The blade produced is silver.
    Additional Information: [link=]Myrkr[/link]
    Alderaan Stance: Planetary isolation. Myrkr, though irritatingly obscure about her hopes for her planet, truly seeks only complete exile from the sentient species of the galaxy, seeing in them the chaos she meditates to eliminate.
  9. Mitth_Fisto

    Mitth_Fisto Force Ghost star 6

    Sep 29, 2005
    Approved by the Might of Darkness, GM Elu!

    Character Sheet:

    The Planet: Vortex
    Possessed Being: Vor
    Biological Gender: Male
    Physical Appearance: Grey flesh, with white and green splotch patterning on the sides of his legs, arms, and head. His eyes are a pupiless black with retracted sclera and the nails and teeth are similar to formed crystal, as his bones are hardened after a fashion similar of the material of the Cathedral of Winds.
    Brief Personality: Like his people, this race of mortals over five billion strong that have grown and evolved on him and in him, lack all emotion except that of the song. Only that moves his logical step by step progression of logic, that is his deciding factor, and can bring him to change. When change does come to his logical progressions it is abrupt, like the seasons, changing from the idea and reality of a green flourishing summer to the idea and reality of snow laden winter in a flash.
    Special Ability: He can manipulate sound on an elemental and minute molecular vibrations to the grand and encompassing level, to create a beautiful masterpiece that lifts ones spirit or to shred the very existence of that spirit from it's destroyed body.
    Lightsaber: A tube of smoky quantum crystal with organic designs and protrusions covering it, with a leather tassel with feathers, vermilion, tan, and purple grasses dangling from the tassel. It emits a long green blade.
    Additional Information: [link=]Vortex[/link]
    Alderaan Stance: They have been fawned over, they have been neglected, and he was abandoned by the rest of the galaxy, both he and his people to the Vong. Though the Vong are no longer a problem, rebuilding and creating a better means of self sustaining is still a lasting goal. No more can they rely on their trade partners who they fed and supplied with raw materials, they must instead rely on themselves. Using whatever they can they will become self-sufficient, a world that can stand on it's own if need be as well as prosper through the needs of the rest of the galaxy.
  10. blubeast1237

    blubeast1237 Jedi Master star 5

    Apr 10, 2007

    The Planet: Corellia
    Possessed Being: Human
    Biological Gender: Male
    Physical Appearance: 15 year old street kid. Blonde hair, brown tattered pants, gold vest, and sunglasses.
    Brief Personality: Carefree, scheming, and obnoxious.
    Special Ability: Transfer and implant thoughts, or memories, in anyone and can erase himself from memory, even videos. Extremely suppressed in the Force.
    Lightsaber: Double-bladed blue saber.
    Additional Information: [link=]Corellia's History[/link]
    Alderaan Stance: Corellia wants to see his people prosper. He wants to destroy Coruscant and upgrade all worlds to technological giants.
  11. greyjedi125

    greyjedi125 Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Apr 29, 2002
    Mortal Character Sheet:

    Name: Jericho Mazda
    Race: Kiffar
    Gender: Male
    Physical Appearance: Tall, Dark hair (shoulder length ), tan skin, hazel eyes. Red facial (tribal) tattoos. Dark brown jedi robes. Wields an amber colored Lightsaber blade.
    Brief Personality: Variable personality, but usually curious, observant, analytical. A bit of a risk taker.
    Faction: Jedi
    Rank: Jedi Master
    Bio: Jericho always wanted to know things, even from a very young age he was always exploring things and getting into trouble. It was discovered at an early age that he possessed both a gift of psychometry and the force. Jericho was able to become a Jedi without losing his heritage altogether, though his loyalties are primarily with the Jedi. He has become a capable Jedi Investigator and has employed his abilities in service to the Jedi Order.
  12. Phantasmagoria

    Phantasmagoria Jedi Knight

    Dec 4, 2007
    [hl=black][ELU APPROVAL STAMP][/hl]

    The Planet: [link=]Haruun Kal[/link]

    Possessed Being: [link=]Korun[/link] ([link=]Human[/link])

    Biological Gender: Male

    Physical Appearance: Haruun Kal wears a simple cloth robe and has no tattoos or piercings, and keeps a short hairstyle. His face appears weathered and world-weary.


    Brief Personality: Quiet and introspective, Haruun Kal prefers to turn to the mysticism of [link=]Pelekotan[/link] and his personal devotion to the [link=]Four Pillars[/link] over the advice of peers. He believes taunts and threats are meaningless remnants of sentient interaction, and will simply plunge into combat where he sees it to be necessary. He is distrustful of technology he cannot build and operate with his own hands. He has an affinity for natural life and feels a kinship with animals. He also has a strong sense of fairness and justice.

    Special Ability: 80% of the surface of Haruun Kal is awash in a [link=]sea of toxic volcanic gases[/link], leaving only a [link=]small habitable plateau[/link]. The planet's avatar has the rare ability to use the Force to form lethal Korunnal toxins in his blood which can be transferred by clawing, biting, spitting, or any other form of direct contact.

    Lightsaber: Shortly after Haruun Kal possessed his avatar, he learned the aging [link=]Sano Sauro[/link], a law professor at the [link=]Raithal Academy[/link], had through a twist of fate decided to come to his world on holiday. In a fit of adrenaline, he infiltrated the [link=]Balawai[/link] resort where Sauro was vacationing and savagely ripped the professor apart with his bare hands to recover the lightsaber of [link=]Mace Windu[/link]. The saber is [link=]electrum[/link]-plated and impregnated with a rare [link=]Hurrikaine crystal[/link].

    Alderaan Stance: Haruun Kal was ravaged by the deforestation and strip-mining of [link=]Balawai settlers[/link] from the Republic and the Confederacy, but no action could match the devastation of the [link=]sustained Imperial Navy bombardment[/link] that killed most of the native jungle and virtually exterminated the Korunnai. The planet is xenophobic and enraged with the mere concept of imperialism and interstellar government, but harbors particular contempt for the Imperial Remnant. However, Haruun Kal is sympathetic to the plight of mortals under the yoke of slavery and colonialism, and is also driven by the desire to liberate native cultures from the oppressive influence of alien usurpers. His dream is a peaceful galaxy where mortals keep to themselves and have no need or want to move offworld.
  13. Darth_Elu

    Darth_Elu Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Jan 2, 2003
    GM Note: Just letting you all know that I am going to let this wait for more players only until about Monday or Tuesday, as that is what my schedule currently allows.

    After that, I will begin to get things rolling faster. Wednesday is a possible launch day, but that is very tentative for now. Sometime within two weeks (It'll probably be a little less than two) this story shall begin. However if a chance presents itself that I may launch sooner than that, know that I will take it.

    Thank you for your enduring patience, it is eternally appreciated.

  14. jedipassion

    jedipassion Jedi Youngling star 2

    Sep 9, 2007

    The Planet: Dxun

    Possessed Being: The Remains of Freedon Nadd revitalized into a currently shown image [image=] (with Mandalorian Neo-Crusader Armor)

    Biological Gender: Male

    Physical Appearance:

    [image=](middle armor)

    Brief Personality: Challenging and very complicated and he never makes anything easy even if its breathing.

    Special Ability: Leviating Storm (combination of Force powers Leviatate and Storm for greater range in case of large assault of enemy forces.

    Lightsaber: [image=]

    Additional Information:

    Alderaan Stance: Dxun?s goal is to not only bring the dark side to the galaxy but revive the clans that once walked its surface and brought it a good challenge in surviving.
  15. Rayson

    Rayson Jedi Padawan star 4

    Apr 10, 2002
    [hl=darkblue]Elu Approved[/hl]

    The Planet: Csilla
    Possessed Being: Chiss
    Biological Gender: Female
    Physical Appearance: Most commonly seen wearing a dark grey cloak, Csilla always has her thick wool cloak pulled up around her features. All that can be seen are her deep red eyes shining through the dark cover. Small but well proportioned in terms of size, she appears thickly muscled and very trim.
    Brief Personality: Very to the point and noble, while understanding a seemingly unknown degree of understanding that most do not. Open minded, but only in a sense of opinions and knowledge; close-minded in terms of class and ability. Perhaps slightly arrogant.
    Special Ability: The ability to manipulate the force to chill a person to the bone, causing them feel extremely cold and even slow down their motions and reactions.
    Lightsaber: A short, gleaming handle covered in ancient runes that seem reminiscent to snowflakes, accompanied by a long blue blade with a white highlight.
    Additional Information: [link=]Csilla[/link]
    Alderaan Stance: Csilla wants to control the balance of power in the galaxy, without being a key player. Would like to see measures taken to control everything behind the scenes.
  16. Penguinator

    Penguinator Jedi Grand Master star 6

    May 23, 2005

    The Planet: Rhen Var
    Possessed Being: Human
    Biological Gender: Female
    Physical Appearance: Tall, white-haired, beautiful, clad in white robes and furs.
    Brief Personality: Passive, open, controlled, but holds a grudge.
    Special Ability: Control over snow, cold, and storms thereof.
    Lightsaber: A worn hilt with added grip; the blade is blue.
    Additional Information:
    Alderaan Stance: Preservation of the planet.
  17. Darth_Elu

    Darth_Elu Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Jan 2, 2003
    GM Note: Alright, we have our twelve players and some on the Reserve Waiting List! Awesome!

    While one player, Sarge221 has not yet posted his CS yet. He will soon. Who is he playing? Wait and see. I am now letting you know that my official ETA is...

    Monday, May 4th, 2009!

    And until then, to get the ball rolling! Here's the drill. For any of you who want a second planet character, PM me stating as such but not what planet you want yet. After seeing who wants a second planet, I will create a random order of players and go through you one by one to what planets you want. I will PM you when it is your turn after your initial PM stating your interest in another planet. When it is your turn, try to get the CS done, approved, and posted as quickly as possible so we can get this going!

    On Monday, no matter where we're at on that, I will begin the game! Thank you for your interest and your patience!

  18. Sarge221

    Sarge221 Jedi Master star 5

    Sep 9, 2006
    Now the party can get started :cool:


    The Planet: Mandalore
    Possessed Being: Human
    Biological Gender: Male
    Physical Appearance: Muscular, 6'2" in height, shoulder-length hair formed into several small braids, and covered in ash. Though human, he had done everything that he could to make himself look like a Taung, the first race that had proven themselves worthy of living upon his surface when they destroyed the ancient Mythosaurs. From head to foot, he's covered in what seems like permanent ash; his skin, hair, and armor taking on the gray coloring that had been the color of the Taungs. And formed from the very ore that Mandalore is known for, is a suit of Mandalorian armor that is strapped over his body. Instead of a helmet, however, is a plate of beskar that is positioned over his mouth and nose, with his violet-colored eyes staring out above it.
    Brief Personality: To think that a planet has honor would be a silly thought to any mortal, but that is what drives him: the honor in combat. Combat, which he is always looking to find, is what drives him and combat, to him, is what defines the rights of others. Arrogant maybe, but with any veteran of war he knows how to analyze, observe, and understand before he decides to go right into battle.
    Special Ability: The Taungs had taken on the title as the Warriors of the Shadow when Coruscant had been blanketed in ash during the war between the Taungs and the Zhell, bringing in two years of darkness. It is this ash from the fires of war that has followed not only the Taungs but their descendants - the Mandalorians - along their paths of conquest and Mandalore itself had more then once exuded ash from it's surface throughout the various conflicts that had taken place upon it. With the ash that coats his body, he can shift colors that allows him to perfectly blend into his surroundings where opponents will find him difficult to find with not only sight but with the Force as well.
    Lightsaber: The hilt is shaped like the hilt of the Mandalorians' more famous weapons known as the beskad that is wrapped in leather. Just like the gray ash that covers the hilt, the blade possesses the same unnatural color though it is shorter, about a third of a normal lightsaber's length.
    Additional Information: [link=]Mandalore[/link]
    Alderaan Stance: He sees not just the humans, but the denizens of the galaxy as a whole having called out a challenge to anyone - or anything - that wishes to dispute their self-claimed dominance. Just like the people who had founded and lived upon Mandalore's surface, he is attracted to such a challenge and wishes to not only see if these mortals can not only justify their dominance, but their very existence.
  19. Darth_Elu

    Darth_Elu Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Jan 2, 2003
    OOC: Alright everyone it is time to begin! Thank you for your patience and sorry about the delay, but now....officially....The Cycle of Retribution is under way!

    The galaxy trembled, but not for the Tri-Sided war that was currently underway, no. Not that. But the planets themselves, the true residents of the galaxy...had awakened! Their story was about to begin....But, as such, every story has a beginning and this is one such.

    Great Canyon, Tatooine Herself

    ?Yo Krag! Get on over here and quick! You know what?ll happen if you don?t in time!?

    A human male was crouching behind some rocks of this canyon, cupping his hands to his mouth and yelling to another human male who had been busy rigging something up on the floor of the canyon. He turned with an impatient look on his face.

    ?Come on, Joss, you detonate it. Not scaring me. One sec, almost done.?

    This Krag kept working for a few minutes and then stood again, dusted himself off, and began jogging far away to the spot where ?Joss? was. And a jawa was with them behind the rocks as well.

    They smirked as they look to the device that Krag had worked on. The Jawa said something and Joss nodded.

    ?Yeah, I know....if this test actually works...then that means the ratio we intend to multiply into the next bomb will help us create it so powerful it could blow up a planet! No big bad super weapons needed! And then we can name our turns to the faction in this war that has the biggest asking price!?

    ?In the bag,? Krag agreed. The jawa said something again in excited tones, but the humans only looked at their small companion. They exchanged a glance and then got an evil gleam in their eyes.

    ?Say, Jeet. There might be one wire I forgot to attach to its coupling...could you check it out for me before we detonate? Something for you to do to be a part of this great event!?

    After a small moment of hesitation and silence, the Jawa muttered, nodded, and began jogging toward the bomb being tested. Joss? fingers meanwhile began to hover above the detonation button on the remote trigger...The blast may not be large enough to destroy the planet, but anyone extremely attuned to the Force could see that it had more than the creators figured. It could destroy the entire canyon. The humans? positions near one end of it may save them however, but their jawa friend...who they were obviously betraying....

    And yet. Without them knowing, at the other end of the canyon, not far from where the bomb was placed....was another. A woman who had been meditating to center herself in the area and finally noticed what was going on.

    Tatooine walked along the canyon floor toward the bomb and Jeet, who hadn?t noticed her yet. The jawa would reach it first if she kept walking, but only the Force knew how the woman would react to it all.

    After all, with the Force, she had seen and heard everything.


    Federation Outpost, Dagobah Himself

    Slowly, ever so slowly, there was a being who quietly emerged from the unending swamps of the planet. Dagobah in his now transformed Dragonsnake form stood upon the banks looking in a certain direction.

    Moving for a little while, he came upon where he had intended to get to. To the untrained eye it looked like nothing more but one of the planet?s large mossy, dead-looking trees. But to those who knew better and those greatly attuned to the Force. Its true identity was obvious.

    Housing a secret entrance to an underground outpost for the Galactic Federation, it was a clear sign that the current war was close to reaching Dagobah in some form or another. There were a couple of guards with blaster rifles inside the fake tree, next to the elevator door that went down to the base proper.

    More information could be gathered there or it could be a nice place to test out his new body or to ask the mortals some questions...who knew what kind of mood the murky planet was in
  20. MadCheshireCat

    MadCheshireCat Jedi Youngling

    Apr 23, 2009
    Elu Approved!

    The Planet: Kiffu

    Possessed Being: Kiffar

    Biological Gender: Female

    Physical Appearance: Kiffu is a petite girl with shoulder-length white hair (originally black), deeply tanned skin, big electric-blue eyes and an angelic innocent face. Her tribal tattoos are purple, they run across her cheeks and the bridge of her nose, her left shoulder and spiralling up her right hand and forearm. She looks deceivingly harmless.

    Kiffu wears black, low raise pants, plain black boots and a black long-sleeved top. She?s also very fond of her thick black cloak (she?s very vulnerable to cold weather), although she never wears the hood. Kiffu wears leather gloves, so as to keep herself safe from unwanted flashbacks.

    Brief Personality: Kiffu is very intelligent, highly analytical and distrusting of everyone. She presents a warm, cheerful facade to everyone, but she is nowhere as naive as anyone would think her to be. Despite her dreamy and almost childish disposition, Kiffu is always aware of everyone and everything around her. She can be downright cruel and sadistic, and is especially fond of patronizing and taunting her opponents during her fights.

    Most of the time she is seen laughing, joking and playing around; Kiffu is slightly hyperactive, gets bored easily and is rather lacking on the patience department.

    Special Ability: Aside from her unnatural strength with Psychometry, Kiffu has the ability to create any sort of illusion she wishes to.

    Lightsaber: Black hilt, with golden tribal markings; it's blade is bright yellow.

    Additional Information: [link=]Kiffu[/link]

    Alderaan Stance: Due to her child-like sweetness and her golden heart, Kiffu is deeply sickened by the way mortals have been behaving. Wars, death, pollution, destruction and a deep disrespect for everything and anything around them. They slaughter each other and abuse planets, often bringing them to the brink of death to be abandoned, other times destroying them entirely.

    Kiffu is far from pleased.

    She regards mortals as inferiors, and although she is rather fond of some of them. She is unintentionally patronizing towards most of them, unless they can somehow prove their worth... which is yet to happen.

    She dreams of a peaceful galaxy, but knows that will never be achieved gently. On a more egoistical view, causing chaos is fun, and she wants revenge for the way mortals have treated her twin...
  21. Sarge221

    Sarge221 Jedi Master star 5

    Sep 9, 2006
    IC: Mandalore


    As the embodiment of a tradition that every single living being has indulged in, to see that the galaxy is once again consumed within the flames of war was a gratifying sight to awaken to after such a long sleep. Some abhorred it of course, but that was because they either did not understand...or they did not like what peace kept hidden and only war revealed: the truth.

    It was only on the battlefield did one find the truth of not only the galaxy but of themselves. Are you really so courageous? Would that be the center of your strength that allowed you to swing your blade and match it with that of another? Or is it cowardice that gives you the speed to run from a battle? Do you treat life with such contempt that allows you to be so willing to toss away your own soldiers into the guns of the enemy and the depths of the underworld? Or do you value their lives and thus are granted the ability to create tactics and strategies that would end the conflict that much sooner, sparing not only you from defeat but your men from death?

    Are you worthy of the life that you hold dear? Can you justify your existence? Only in war are you able to reveal the truth in such things.

    It is inevitable and constant. To refuse to accept such a thing is the ignorance that allows it to remain as such.


    Though finding that war still held it's place within the cycle granted him enjoyment, there was something else that he wanted to see; another part of the cycle that war eventually led to and then it would lead back to conflict. It had it's own strength, a strength that even soldiers that fought so hard and for so long could gain when it becomes what they desired the most. Where war ignited the flames, it soothed them. They were both intimately connected. Even he could feel the attraction to can even call it-


    He froze, if a planet could really do such a thing. His consciousness searched through the fire, trying to find the light that could shine even brighter then the flames that were consuming the galaxy. He knew where he could find it, he always knew. wasn't there. It was...gone. Had something happened? Some sort of shift that had occurred? He had been asleep for so long, anything could've happened during that time. It wasn't possible. To even think that...


    How? he demanded, as if the answer would present itself to him on command. It didn't of course; it was going to be something that he had to find out for himself.

    Pausing in his search through the galaxy, he instead focused on his own planetary body to find the answer. The Mandalorians - descendants of the Taungs and thus his children - still occupied his surface just as they had done before his sleep. And as for himself...scars. He had received some scarring during his slumber, craters that pocketed his surface. More then that though as he could feel the foreign poisons that he could sense within his very soil. And the beskar, the ore that he had granted as a gift to his children, had diminished in supply.

    Conflict had once again took place upon his surface but, despite the signs that pointed to such ferocious battles, his people still remained as well as himself. There had been triumphs, something that he would usually feel pride for, but not now. He needed to find out. To know.

    He signaled out a life force that seemed more connected to the Force then the rest of his children, a Mandalorian that was alone, away from any nearby settlement. As he infiltrated the mind, he found that this individual was out hunting, to gather food. Pushing past that, he dug deeper. And as he dug he found information. Vongese...Yuuzhan Vong. The race that was responsible for the craters and the poisons that he had noticed from before. And the beskar? No. That was the fault of another, these Imperials that had managed to take what was not theirs.

    Informative, but not what he wanted. Deeper and deeper he dug and, despite how he felt th
  22. Mitth_Fisto

    Mitth_Fisto Force Ghost star 6

    Sep 29, 2005
    On Vortex

    He was awake, there was no time to loose as he searched his form he found a new Cathedral of Winds upon his surface. It warmed his core to know they had followed his last secrete commands and rebuilt as best they could, apparently to always have one upon his surface. Next he needed a body.

    Searching his surface he found one not far from the Cathedral, but it was dyeing. He touched it through the force keeping the spirit and mind intact as the body ceased functioning. Holding onto those prescious gifts he waited till he realized the body wasn't being left alone after half a day, even though appearing dead. His people were logical and practical, but in this instance it was not working in his favor, he needed that body and those memories.

    His mind rushed, his senses gasped as he went from pervasive to embody an enclosed point. Having been a world so long to be able to smell his own air was a welcomed surprise, even if it was foul. The others must be awake by now he idly thought.

    Slowly he moved his borrowed form, flexing the muscles and feeling the flesh, he had flesh again. How strange like an old dream this waking new form, with its flesh that felt so warm, and growing warmer. Why was it getting warmer? An odd question, but the sounds of the wind blowing across his surface was a refreshing sensation, the sound of crackling and gushing of air.

    Crackling? That shouldn't be.

    Slowly he opened his eyes to look at his sky, it was pervasive, it was blue with a hint of purple creeping in among the grey clouds. Sunset must falling on this side of him. Grey clouds floated over head, and so near, there must be a fire.

    Then it hit him, his eyes opening wider as he sat up, hearing the murmorings of his people. Looking down he realized, he was sitting ontop of a funeral pire, in the body of the one about to be burned. A young specimen in good shape, checking he could feel the cause of this ones death, it had died of a crushed windpipe. The doctors had tried to fix it but the lad had died. The work had been finished as an educational tool to the others most likely, and the body was being burned along with medical waste, attended by the family. No wonder they murmered and rushed to fly in water and dousers.

    Standing he flapped into the air and hovered over what surely must have been this bodies parents, this pale green, smoke blotched body, that would have to change, and the bones. He felt something much stronger on him now, from it he would take the lesson of his form.

    "I have need of a form, this was available. Your son, your son is gone, I am Vortex. As the history of the first Cathedral tells, I am he, and the time has come for me to be again." Closing his eyes he scoured his surface feeling his memory as a sleeping world's past return like a long lost dream, the Cathedrals built and lost, the Vong, the GA/Rebellion, the Empire, the Alliance, the Republic, the age of being alone once more. The Rakatta, the silence.

    Galactic wars had come and gone but this one had brought their waking. He only new the vagueness of it all, he knew not of specifics, but he could feel and know like blurry images of a dream. No form or distinction between his wakings, but the haze gave clues and soon he would search himself, the galaxy and his people to know better.

    The Chiss and the Sith, the Chiss were here. He felt them. The others were gone, but his people were here. But not them, they were not here, he was yet loosed from his bonds and they were not here. Not one. Perhaps he would have a better influence, a better effect, perhaps...perhaps.

    "Tell the Chief Council and the Council I have need to see them, at the Cathedral of Winds." turning he flew into the gust of wind away from his people to the newest Cathedral of Winds, causing a song to fill the air and spread by the winds for miles about. A song of new beginnings, a song of joy, with a short sonata inbetween for the losses he and his people, his life forms had had.

    It was time to start changi
  23. Teegirloo

    Teegirloo Jedi Grand Master star 6

    May 26, 2005
    The Great Canyon, Tatooine

    Awakening - PT I

    [ul]What is this feeling? I am me, yet not myself. It's so familiar, yet so foreign. The surface is so hard and dry. The grains of sand fall through the cracks of her hands as her body lays among the barren dessert. Her eyes are closed as she listens to gather her surroundings, trying to make sense of what is happening.

    She hears the voices of her children, the good hearted, the savages, the mischievous, and the criminal element. They were all her children and she would hold them to her bosom to keep them safe.

    All seems normal, except there is a new position. Her hands motion to her body, as she gently feels the texture of the skin that she now possesses. It is soft and organic, everything she was not before. A pounding in her chest area startled her for a moment for the pounding sped up, until she realized what it was, her heart. Sweat started to form on her brow as the heat of the twin suns kicks in.

    Slowly she opens her deep blue eyes. Putting her hand in front of her face, she examines the palm of her hand and flexes the fingers. It's a weird, yet exciting sensation that's flowing through her. She sits up from her previous position and sees all with her new eyes.

    There were no words for she was in awe, as the moment was quite surreal. She was in a human form much like some of her own children who reside on her. Touching the hot sand with her hand she smiles. Her thoughts drift on how the force is amazing as he gets up from the ground.

    This was all new for her, yet for some reason she felt that this was not the first time in this form, though she has no memory of any previous time. She bathes in the heat as the suns hit it?s peak of mid day. The moisture rises on her five foot eleven inch frame of a body and gives off a glistening appearance with her not being clothed at the time.

    Her clothes were laid out on to a large rock. A black hooded robe along with a black and purple half shirt. Her black boots were on the ground and inside was a light saber with black and tan metal ridges on the hilt. It all seemed like a dream, but she knew better to believe that.

    She lifts her hand to stir up the wind and it cools her off. Her long light brown hair blowing in the wind, gives her a free type of feeling.

    Now that she was in her human form, she knew there was much to be done. There was so much potential and her needs and wants waded on her mind as she walked the desert.

    She walked for hours yet she did not feel tired. She was getting used to this body and though it was not perfect, it made her feel good. It satisfied her but of course she always wants more.

    To be continued??


    Three days had passed and Tatooine was now used to her new body. It was a wondrous feeling and she was content at the moment. She entered the Great Canyon where many of her children have raced with their pod racers, speed bikes or other transportation that they created. Many have lost their lives here for the canyon was not the easiest place to maneuver within as Tatooine herself can testify.

    She had often felt the rumblings of head on collisions with the canyon and several of her children?s transport. It was not a pretty sight, but what she admired most about her children was the fact that the dangers never made them fear away from it.

    Her children, the fearless ones, yes she loved every moment good or bad. It always excited her and now she was her within the vastness of the canyons, not as the ground that supports it, but as a mere spectator. She laughed out loud and could hear the echoes from the canyon roar with life. Yes this was thrilling and it only made her want more.

    She sat on a flat surface of a rock within the canyon. Crossing her legs, she meditated, gathering everything around her that was alive in the force. There was a sudden ripple in the force giving her chills yet motivating her to want to know what this dark feeling was.

    Something else c
  24. spacelady

    spacelady Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Mar 16, 2003
    IC as Zeltros

    The buzzing planet of Zeltros, almost every part of it burning to life by parties, dancing, drinking, and the best time anyone could ask for. But over the sound of the music playing or the shouts of delight, something else happened. The planet itself pulsed, but not to the rhythm of the music. And pulsed again. The people on the surface took notice of it, but ignored it and focused back on having fun. The oddly colored planet pulsed once more.

    And a gasp shook the world. The planet goers stopped and wore mirrored looks of bafflement, but quickly shook it off as if another bar was trying to rival them with louder music.

    A figure, an invisible being, sat up from an apparent lying down position and unseeable eyes took in the sights about herself. The "spirit" of Zeltros was in one of the many bars on the surface of her planet. Many people, ranging from Zeltrons to Humans, were dancing and drinking the night away. She was happy to see it as such, but why? Why was she awake?

    Her "eyes" then traveled about the room, many different colored lights giving an glow on the bar's walls. The music being played pulsating deep within her. Her gaze stopped dead on a female Zeltron waitress moving through the crowd with skilled dodging moves, she had obviously been working there for quite some time, but that was not important. What was important was the thing she was carrying on a silver tray. Breath of Heaven, the strong alcoholic drink. Zeltros' heart lurched at the welcoming sight. She would need to find a body. Something was in motion, she knew all too well, that was why she was awake, but first things first, she mused and began to search for container for her spirit.

    There was a woman Zeltron that caught Zeltros' gaze. Her figure was perfect to the on looker's opinion. She was gorgeous and tall for her still young age, though she wasn't too young. While she was thin at the waist, her body gave way to sensual and sensuous curves. Ah, she will do perfectly. I hate doing this to my children, but I will make sure to repay her somehow.

    Standing in her spiritual form, she silently moved toward the dancer, who was currently next to another Zeltron man, both dancing harmoniously. "I thank you, daughter of mine, your body will be used properly and I will make sure no harm comes to it in the time of my possession," she whispered, which was more like a small breeze to the woman. She focused her energy and closed her eyes.

    When Zeltros reopened them, she was no longer some invisible being, she was standing in the dancer's spot, her body now her own for the time being. The male Zeltron stopped as well and looked curiously at her to see why she had halted in dancing. Zeltros looked down at herself, the woman she took control over had been wearing a purple tight fitting skirt and revealing top. The skin of this woman was pink and her hair a single shade of purple. She ran her hands down her new body sensually and smirked. Remembering the man, she looked up with a gleam in her eyes and continued to dance again, meanwhile weaving emotions and a few tugging thoughts into his mind, using the force and her natural control over pheromones being a Zeltron and the planet of Zeltros. It had been a very long time since she had any fun and for now, she was going to "stretch her legs" without worry.

    Leaning up on her toes, she whispered into the man's ear, "Order me a Breath of Heaven, would you? Then the real party will start."

    To Be Continued...

    Three Days Later...

    Zeltros casually moved into her favorite area. The body she had taken was slightly different, her eyes were now the color of purple but with spots of yellow and pink, while her hair was pink with highlights of purple, mirroring the colors of the planet. She was dressed in a lavish purple gown made out of silk and chiffon, and while it was not form fitting, it had a deep neckline, almost entirely revealing but she did not mind, and the soft chiffon fabric made the rest of the dress almost completely she
  25. Sarge221

    Sarge221 Jedi Master star 5

    Sep 9, 2006
    IC: Mandalore
    Mandalore, Keldabe

    Truth, Honor, Vision.

    These people were indeed worthy of being his children. They had not been the ones that had originally proven themselves worthy of setting foot on his surface - that bit of glory had went to the Taungs - but the original species had left behind descendants that were worthy to carry on their legacy. To find this Fett - the one that possessed a title that was named after the planet - in the heart of battle, was proof that the Mandalorians still had their fighting spirit...even though they have refused to take sides during this current war.

    He could understand - what father didn't understand his children? - but he had seen through the Force that such a stance would lead to their downfall in the end. Despite the Mandalorians having proven themselves to be survivors time and time again, it may indeed be different this time. Besides...if he wished to put these mortals to the test, he needed his children to be the obstacles.

    But which side? During the three days since his possession, he had not only proven himself in the eyes of the other Mandalorians, but had learned. While strength proved to be an important quality for a soldier, there was also knowledge, something that he had a lot of. He had thousands upon thousands of years of knowledge locked within already; ancient battle tactics and technological secrets that had apparently been lost among other things. He even knew others that had possessed the name Fett in the past. And now he had sought knowledge about the current time.

    So his decision? The Galactic Federation of Free Alliances he ruled out entirely. Not only did he learn about the atrocious actions of the Alliance - originally named the New Republic - that nearly led to it's downfall during the Yuuzhan Vong War, it was the faction that possessed the majority of the galaxy's denizens; human and alien. That would be the faction that would be tested the most.

    He had thought about the Chiss Ascendancy but he passed on that as well. Not only were they scheming, arrogant little bugs, they had the Sith as well. The Sith and the Jedi were others that Mandalore had wished to test as well, to see if they were worthy of wielding the most significant power within the galaxy: the Force.

    That, and he learned that the Sith were the ones truly responsible for what had happened.

    The Imperial Remnant was his choice then. He knew the history of the Imperials, of their brief domination of the galaxy before they turned into this Remnant. He especially knew about their pillaging of the beskar and their attempts to turn his children into slaves. Despite their actions, he felt no anger. Instead, he may actually respect them. They had been the challenge that the Mandalorians needed to conquer in order to get back up upon their feet, and learning about their actions before and after the Vong war, he admired them. He respected their leader, Pellaeon, especially, a true mortal of war that wasn't even a Mandalorian. Unsurprising considering the tactical genius that Pellaeon had served under before; it was no surprise that he would learn something through that experience.

    "It is decided then," Mandalore spoke, his voice speaking behind the plate of beskar that he wore over his nose and mouth. His appearance had changed during the past few days. Though some may think of it as paint or some kind of alien quality that this mortal body possessed - not all Mandalorians were purely human afterall - upon a closer look one would find that, from head to foot, his body was coated with the ashes of war.

    He and his children were going to war then. Preparations had already been made such as restocking their supply of beskar. Because of who he was, Mandalore pointed out several sources of beskar that still remained that his children may use to manufacture their war machines for the coming conflict. That had been one of the ways that he had proven himself to his children. All they needed now was the war.

    Standing up from his seat, Mandalore stretched, some
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