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Story [The Dark Crystal] Songs of Kira Kindala - Poetry/fantasy ~ Updated 13/4/10

Discussion in 'Non Star Wars Fan Fiction' started by Twilek_Aide, Mar 29, 2010.

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  1. Twilek_Aide

    Twilek_Aide Jedi Youngling star 1

    Apr 21, 2002
    Author: Twilek_Aide
    Title: Songs of Kira Kindala
    Fandom: The Dark Crystal
    Disclaimer: The Dark Crystal is owned by Jim Henson
    Notes: This poem was originally going to be a full one but I decided to split it up into four chapters. It's written in first person because it is about Kira's thoughts through her life from when she lost her mother, the day she gives birth until the day she dies.
    Song of the spirit

    I cannot remember much of my early life
    Only that my mother loved me so
    There was much happiness in our life.

    I am Kira Kindala
    A gelfling non the less
    As radiant as the sun and truly blessed.
    When I was still young and tender in age
    My mother hid me in a tree from the Skeksis wrath
    Her life was taken
    Saving mine
    But I couldn?t bring myself to cry
    It was all so sudden.

    A few days later
    I was found by a podling picking flowers
    She picked me up and carried me back to the podling village.

    I was questioned about what happened
    I could not bare the pain
    I broke down in tears
    The curious little people comforted me
    They spoke in a strange language
    I felt warmth once more
    Somehow the language was familiar to me.

    The podling that found me
    Carried me into her cottage
    She feed me some food and tucked me in bed
    She told me she would take care of me
    Teach me their ways and the gelfling ways
    Help me grow up properly.

    Years went by quickly
    I was the gelfling child of the swamps
    An innocent girl with braids of bliss
    And had a voice made in heaven.

    I?d wake up each morning and go down in the village
    Talk to the villagers while eating my breakfast
    A podling gardener would passby and put of flower in my hair
    I?d giggle, dance and play with them until midday came near.

    At midday I?d be called inside to study the podling way of life
    In the afternoon I?d be free to explore the swamps and the woods within
    One day a strange creature crossed my path
    It was fuzzy and small but had teeth so sharp
    I tried to communicate but it didn?t seem to listen
    It was when I reached out and stroked it that the growling began.

    I shook my head and ignored it making my own way ahead
    But the most curious thing happened
    It began to cry
    Softly at first but then cried and cried.

    In a way I felt sorry for it
    It seemed to be all alone
    Alone in the swamps with no family and no home
    I spoke to it in the language of the living things
    Hoping I had done all right
    The podlings had taught me it but I had never tried it out until now.

    With luck it understood me
    We had a conversation I would never forget
    The language flowed out of me
    Like I was born to speak it I guess.

    I stood up to leave
    The creature followed me home
    My mother let me keep it
    She fell in love it as well.

    My mother?s friend found out it?s gender
    And told me secretly
    So I named him Fizzgig
    We became great friends
    I looked out for him and he did same for me.

    Several years past
    I grew up wonderfully
    Blonde hair had grown longer
    My wings were fully grown within a few days.

    I had learnt the podling ways
    I was now at age
    To be taught the gelfling ways
    Everything from healing to the mating dances.

    After morning lessons
    I runaway into the swamps
    I hideaway in my own secret place
    And cry over my loss.

    I sing a sad song about the loss of my true mother and my wings
    I remember trying to fly many times but I kept falling and crashing into trees
    I still cry for hours wishing that I was dead
    Then I could be with her and leave the burden of being the only gelfling left.

    I stayed out through nightfall watching the stars shine bright
    My mind rested in thinking of ways to take my death
    To be reunited with my parents in the light.

    The stars twinkled down as if saying there?s still hope on my side
    I shook my head for I would make my life end tonight
    I crept through the swamps until I saw the garthim in sight
    I stood in their way blocking their path
    It was then I saw a shooting star and I came back to m
  2. Twilek_Aide

    Twilek_Aide Jedi Youngling star 1

    Apr 21, 2002
    Song of the mind

    My mother Yrda gave me a gift
    It was hand stitched
    It was a beautiful hooded dress
    A lovely shade of brown
    Perfect for travelling in
    Perfect to hide my face from spies
    Perfect to sit within nature and able to blend in.

    I within seconds slipped it on
    It was a perfect fit
    I kissed her on the cheek
    Then paraded around in it.

    After showing it off
    She braided my hair
    I pulled up my hood
    Carefully trying not to damage my hair.

    Fizzgig saw me leave on the border of the village
    He tried to catch me up
    I could hear him whinging behind me.

    I ran deeper into the swamps
    Fizzgig no longer behind me
    He must have taken a different route
    I tried to search but I couldn?t find him.

    I sensed someone
    Neither Podling nor animal
    I stood very still and listened with care
    I?ve become so paranoid
    I?m not sure I can trust anything anymore.

    I shook my head
    Knowing I was being silly
    But something inside of me was telling me differently.

    I traced and found Fizzgig
    Only to find him growling madly
    Beside of him was a creature from my past
    Another Gelfling or was he?
    Was I really seeing a Gelfling?
    It was too good to be true
    I don?t like being tricked
    I felt afraid
    I felt vulnerable
    I felt like running away
    But I couldn?t bring myself to move.

    I was quite surprised by myself
    I haven?t thought anything like this since the early days
    After my mother had passed away
    Maybe after I tried to take my own life
    I wished to forget my own race.

    I had dreamed for this day to come
    But knew it wouldn?t happen
    I should have trusted my dreams
    For before me was a Gelfling.

    I told off Fizzgig gently
    I wasn?t in mood to shout
    The Gelfling questioned my species
    My heart fluttered in happiness
    When the truth had come out.

    I noticed he had fallen
    I reached over to pull him out
    As soon as my hand clasped his
    The dreamfasting began from the inside out.

    I adore dreamfasting
    It is the one thing that keeps me alive
    Jen?s story is so mystifying to my mind?s eye.

    I called on Nebrie
    When Jen began to sink
    I found it hard not to giggle to much
    He might of thought I was rude.

    I took him to the river?s edge
    Where a boat lay
    We travelled down the river
    Singing and playing a harmony all of the way.

    I took him to my village
    The Podlings took him in
    We feasted with them for they had quickly prepared a celebration.

    Jen told me his quest
    He showed me the shard
    I asked questions with curiosity
    But didn?t want to get involved.

    I watched Jen from a distance
    As he danced and played his pipes
    The celebration got louder
    Being the quiet one
    I just wanted to cover in fright.

    Not even smiling
    I watched with jealousy
    While the others celebrated
    I was worried that everyone would forget all about me
    Adopt Jen and spoil him
    While I suffocated myself
    In the silence as if I had never been here.

    As if on cue the Garthim attacked
    I was shocked out of my thoughts
    It brought reality screaming back
    I ran to help Jen who was too shocked to move
    I grasped hold of him and made him move.

    I didn?t see it coming
    A Garthim grabbed Jen by the arm
    I froze for a while but remained calm.

    My eyesight went while I was frozen
    I couldn?t see at all
    All I could do was listen
    Listen to Jen in pain
    Listen to the screaming Podlings
    Listen to houses crashing down.

    I came out of my trance
    Jen was free of the claw
    I led him outside
    So what ignoring everyone else.

    We found a place to hide
    But we were found
    I was terrified
    I?.I mean we were going to die
    We were young
    We weren?t even given a chance to grow old.

    A Skeksis came out of nowhere and stopped the attack
    My eyes went wide
    I couldn?t speak
    I froze in that spot.

    Jen grabbed my hand
    He pulled me away
    I came back to my senses
    I let him drag me away.

    We ran deeper in the swamp
    Well away from the village
    Jen made us both trip and fall on the grass.

    I stopped him running off after I had found my bearings
    I put a morsel on his arm to stop the bleeding
    We caught our breathe
    He fel
  3. Twilek_Aide

    Twilek_Aide Jedi Youngling star 1

    Apr 21, 2002
    Song of the Body

    With the castle in the distance
    We stopped on a hill
    I heard familiar rumbling down below on the road
    The Garthim had raided my village
    Returning to the castle.

    I wasted no time
    Ordered my landstrider to race into battle
    I charged down the hill
    I didn't look back.

    Focused on the battle
    I forgot about Jen
    I forgot he couldn't speak to animals
    I forgot all about him.

    Before I could head back
    My landstrider rose
    I slid off falling on my face.

    To my surprise
    Jen came and sat beside me
    I gasped in relief
    Perhaps slightly breathless
    Together we set the podlings free
    But the then the garthim cornered us
    I couldn't breath.

    The garthim surrounded us
    As we tried to back away
    I spun my head around
    We were about fall off a ledge
    I had to think of something now.

    In just a few seconds
    I took a risk
    I grabbed Jen and Fizzgig
    I hauled us off the edge.

    I quickly unfolded my wings
    And caught us gently in mid air
    As I fluttered us down
    I became thoughtful
    About my elfin life as a fairy.

    Yrda had told me that long ago
    Female gelflings could fly
    We were able to sore without worry or care
    Through the diamond skies
    Then one day all that changed
    We lost our right of flight
    With the crystal bats hunting the skies
    We had no other choice
    We forced ourselves to stay grounded
    Only glide when emergencies met.

    I safely fluttered us to the ground
    Again carefully folding my wings
    Jen seemed a little shocked, a little surprised
    When I explained he seemed distracted
    He saw a way into the castle.

    I tried to grab him
    But he was too fast
    Desperate to go into the castle
    I suddenly felt uneasy
    I had learnt about the horrors in castle
    My mother Yrda had warned me
    Never go into the castle.

    I followed Jen
    For the moment I found the castle calm and `clear`
    But shortly after I smelled danger
    I wanted to go home
    Get far away from here.

    The same skeksis we had faced in the swamp
    He was now in front off us
    I was frozen and terrified
    But became a little braver when he grabbed us.

    Jen raised the crystal in self defence
    And broke away from the tight hold
    Even though not freed
    I watched in disbelieve
    I admired him
    I was proud.

    But the skeksis was furious
    He brought the ceiling down on Jen
    As I pulled against the skeksis
    I cried for my beloved Jen.

    I taken to his emperor
    Who decided on my fate
    I had escaped death
    But what awaited me
    Almost scared me to death.

    I couldn't see anything
    Nothing but the skeksis robes
    His scent is all over my hair and clothes.

    Finally I'm able to see
    After being pushed and restrained in a chair
    Suddenly the dark crystal is there.

    When the beam shines on me
    I try to look away
    I try to close my eyes
    But it burns through either way
    In pain I give in
    Staring fully into the crystal again.

    The myth is that it doesn't hurt
    That's a superstition I see
    Maybe the podlings are immune
    And the purity of the gelfling
    Makes our eyes in jeopardy.

    A prisoner behind me calls out
    Tells me to call the animals
    Feeling weaker I concentrate
    With all my might I free the animals.

    I climb out off the chair
    I feel shaky and weak in my bones
    I don't understand what happened to me
    But I must find Jen
    Heal the crystal and go home.

    The fellow prisoner talks to me
    I barely listen to her words
    I must find Jen
    But to know that the conjunction is soon
    Makes my blood run cold.

    I returned where I had left Jen
    To see if he's still alive
    I search in the rubble
    The crystal has gone
    No Fizzgig
    No Jen
    Now I must find the crystal hall.

    I wander through the tunnels
    Up in a higher level now
    I find a chamber and go inside
    I see not the crystal
    But a mirror
    My reflection is hard to bare
    My skin is dry and weary
    My eyes are in darkness
    My wings hurt my back.

    I wander further up the castle
    Then I smell danger and hide
    I watch the skeksis from the shadows
    And safely use a different route to the chamber.

    I see the conjunction has started
    I see Jen is alive and well
    I'm about to thin
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