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Before - Legends The Dark Holocron

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by Frigid_Sith, Aug 2, 2011.

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  1. Frigid_Sith

    Frigid_Sith Jedi Youngling

    Aug 2, 2011
    This is a Fan Fic I've been working on in my spare time. It is just the first chapter, and chapter two is "in progress". Hope you enjoy, and ANY comments/critiques would be much appreciated.

    Dramatis Personae

    Ezruka Slaash; Sith Apprentice (Zabrak Male)

    Darth Corrix; Sith Lord (Human Male)

    Ruuvan Aiing; Jedi Knight (Twi'lek Male)

    Drax Seeon; Jedi Padawan (Human Male)

    Legee Tookk; Imperial Commander (Human Female)

    Yaaweel Yaakeel; Jedi Master (Barabel Female)


    The Dark Holocron

    Chapter 1- Ambush

    5082 BBY, The Old Republic
    The scars he bore were from Sith lightning, a relic from the Sith Academy. He was Sith, and the academy had taught him much. Korriban had been home, but home these days were spent with his Master,traveling. More often than not, it was also aboard a shuttle riding hyperspace lanes from planet to planet. Hyperspace was oddly quiet, and he had become accustom to meditating or resting to replenish during the jumps. He had come to miss the stability of sleeping on the same cot each night, but traversing the galaxy, killing the Jedi, and learning the way of the Dark side was always enjoyable. The killing part especially. The blood lust was so strong within him, he would often be forced to shove the urge deep into his gut. Physically pained not to act on the impulse. Anger. Anger was the fuel for his actions, and he had always relished action. Actions always spoke louder than words, as too did a lightsaber.

    At this very moment, however, his thoughts were purely on his surroundings. As he walked toward his Master?s body, his mind was intent only on detecting the thermal detonators scattered beneath his feet. Each detonator had been buried before their arrival, hidden under nearly a meter of snow to aid in the Jedi's foolish ambush against he and his Master. The battle had claimed the lives of both Masters, and had left the two young Apprentices in their midst. The fact that Ezruka Slaash's Master had taken a Jedi Knight with him to death was of little-to-no comfort to him, and his anger began to boil to the surface, utterly encasing him. How did things go so wrong? What had his Master been trying to tell him in the throes of death? Perhaps he would never know. But he did know one thing. He and his Master had come to Hoth to retrieve an ancient Sith Holocron and return it to Korriban, and he was going to complete the mission.


    After exiting his Aphotic-class landing craft- Jurik 9, Slaash and his Master stepped onto Hoth?s surface. Slaash, immediately sensing a slight ripple in the Force, gave his Master a concerned look. Darth Corrix?s body language betrayed no trace of surprise or concern. Sheets of snow were now swirling, causing the fringes of their robes to whip and tear, but that was nearly an irritation.

    Corrix had trained his Apprentice to resist the cold, harness the cold- be the cold. And becasue of his own immense desire to retrieve the Holocron, the cold seemed to only bolster his own resolve. He allowed the ice to pelt his skin, immersing himself in his surroundings. Taking a deep breath, he allowed the Dark Side of the Force to completely fill him, and while fully immersed, he could sense something...wrong. Something was off, and Corrix?s fists clenched in an aggressive manner. Slaash could almost envision the sardonic smile his Master was portraying beneath the Sith faceplate. There was someone else?not something else.

    It had begun as a slight vibration, slowly increasing to a ripple, and finally, a full-blown tear. Slaash could sense the enemy was nearby, and lying in wait. The tear he felt was?a Jedi. Slaash nearly spat. A Jedi? The realization there was a Jedi nearby hit Slaash the same way a kick to the gut forces wind from the lungs-quick and hard. What would a Jedi be doing on Hoth in the middle of a blizzard? Had the Jedi somehow known that he and his Master had come to Hoth in search of an ancient Sith relic? And was he here to try and prevent that?

  2. gaarastar58

    gaarastar58 Jedi Master star 3

    Dec 19, 2010
    I really like this, Its nice to see some sith with some character at last. Often they are portrayed as faily stock killing machines, but I think you have conveyed your characters feelings well. It is clear to me that there was a lot of loyalty in your characters; not somthing we get to see often in the villains, but no less important than the loyalty we see between the heroes. Keep writing!

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