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    It has been a year since ESB. Luke is slowly growing insane.He is growing mad with wonder if Vader truly is his father. He has nightmares on a daily basis.


    "I need help!" Luke said to himself.

    "Ben,please help me!"

    He walked down a unknown city. He saw a stromtropper. He quickly grabbed his lightsaber,and stabbed him. Only the lightsaber was a blood red,and it was Han Solo,his best friend he had stabbed.

    He started crying. He ran faster,and looked into the water,and saw Vader's reflection.

    He quickly got up. "NOOOOOOOOOO!" he yelled to himself. Leia came running to him.

    "Another nightmare?"

    "Yes,worse than the others"

    Luke sensed something. He was confused. He was trying to sense through Leia's head. It was clouded.

    "Leave me be Leia"

    "Ben,please I need you now."

    The Old Jedi masters spirit did not reply.

    "I must go to Yoda,he will help me."
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    Luke landed on Dagobah,he knew something was wrong. He walked up to Yoda's hut.

    "I`ve come to finish my trainning."

    "Read your mind I can"

    "Questions you have,about your father."

    Yoda smiled

    "Anakin a good jedi was he,before he became evil"

    "Then Vader is my father"


    "Wish I could talk about the past more I do,but dying I am"

    "Master Yoda,you can't die."

    "Protect yourself,and your sister"

    "My sister?"

    "Yes,knew you did something special about Leia there was"

    "Vader will try anything to turn one of you."

    "I`m having nightmares,I don't know what to do"

    "Believe in yourself you must"

    "Use the force,and you will find your answers to the nightmares"

    Yoda got,on his bed.

    "Going I am,good-bye,Jedi Master Luke"

    "Wait I haven't completeted the trainning."

    Yoda nodded

    "Learned everything I can teach you have,go,and use it"

    "Protect your sister,and bring balance to the force"

    Then Yoda died.
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    Later... Lord Vader was in his private quarters. He began to use the force.

    "He is my son old man"

    "He knows better,than to turn to the darkside"

    "Well he will be scared once he realizes you deserted him."

    Vader had captured the sprit of Ben Kenobi,and held it.

    "He will turn to me,for guidence"

    "My son,my Luke"

    Vader thought back to the past. When he,and Padme got married. When Luke,and Leia were born. He thought about how much he loved them. He thought about how he was corrupted by evil,and how Obi-Wan took his child away.

    "He will go to his father Obi-Wan,and no one shall bring balance!"

    Author's note,Vader knows about Leia. If you have any other questions please ask
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    Luke had finished his lightsaber. When he heard Han had been rescued. He was very glad to hear this.

    They returned.

    "Han! Great to see you"

    "I can hardly see you kid."

    Luke laughed.

    "Carbonite is hell to get out of your eyes,or so I`ve heard"

    Leia came,and said "It is time,our final move on the empire shall begin"
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