Saga The darkness you see makes the stars shine brighter.

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    Quinlan Vos stod silent and watched as the "Inferno" dissapered into the night above the small forest moon of Endor.

    He was sent here by the jedicouncil to investigate the strange disstresssignals sent by a small cargoship just moments before it had crashed in the dark forest.

    But the story begins on Corruscant.

    The council had gathered in the main hall if the Jedi temple to disscuss the matter of Quinlan Vos being drawn dangerously near the Dark side.

    "I propose that Quinlan Vos is to be expelled from the jedi order",said Master Even Piel.

    "That would be wery unwise,spoke Mace Windu,it would only further increse the hate in him and that is practicly throwing him in the clutches of evil."

    "True you speak,said Master Yoda to agree with master Windu,we allredy have seen the rise and fall of one sith.If apprentice
    this sith was,in need for a new student the master will be.And perhaps could Quinlan be that student if we let him go."

    Suddenly the doors opened and inte the room stepped the very jedi whos future was disscussed.

    "If you are talking about my future in the jediorder is at risc,i would wan´t to participate in the disscussion,said Quinlan Vos."

    "Sit down then,spoke Yoda,and tell us of your feelings and why we should let you continue in the service of the Republic."

    Quinlan Vos sat down.
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