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Star Wars The Day the Lights Went Out - 24 Hours on Coruscant

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by Mr.Krypton, Jul 24, 2013.

  1. Mr.Krypton

    Mr.Krypton Jedi Youngling

    Sep 20, 2012
    Coruscant - 17 BBY

    It had been a couple of months since the Whiplash confrontation with in the Imperial Security Bureau. A jedi had gone toe to toe with Darth Vader himself and had survived from what Lom had heard from the whispers on the street. That was great. There was a growing resistance on Coruscant that was helping Jedi and Jedi sympathizers escape. That was great for them.

    Lom, a former Jedi Knight, looked down on his generator. He didn't want to leave. This was where he wanted to be. Between the Empire and the rest of the Galaxy.

    Resistance groups should behave like Whiplash, he thought to himself. Fear of extermination made groups like those work in secrecy and only seek to avoid confrontation. That's not, however, how his organization worked. A flare went off in the distance which signified that it was time for his generator, one of the planet's largest generators that power the planet, to be detonated. A few moments later his generator was destroyed and along with 10000 generators across the planet.

    Lom nodded and put on his mask. As Lom and his group proceeded to cut down a squadron of perplexed stormtroopers who had been taken off guard by the complete darkness, he thought to himself. Yes, it was great that Whiplash did the good work like protecting the Jedi that ran in fear. Someone had to do the dirty work.

    Welcome to The Day the Lights Went Out - 24 Hours on Coruscant. This is an Action-Thriller RPG inspired, in part, by the series 24. A dark organization has began their insidious plot to make the Empire pay for Order 66 and there is little they will not do to make sure that the plan meets a successful end.

    In this RPG, I am seeking to capture as many aspects and perspectives of the Star Wars galaxy as possible. Shop owners, clone troopers, Jedi, Senators, Traders, Smugglers, etc. are all allowed. The only restrictions I am putting on characters are that the Emperor and Darth Vader are off limits and members of the dark organization that Lom is part of are restricted to entry level positions.

    Character Sheets will not the ordered by me. I want the creativity from the community to create characters and tell me only as much about their characters as they would like. Just remember to shoot me a PM first for my approval.

    All RULES of the RPF will apply, as per the usual.

    Bonne Chance! It will be a tough 24 hours for the citizens of Coruscant.
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  2. bad_feeling_haver

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    Oct 5, 2008
    Approved by Mr.Krypton

    Character Name: Lt. Turlin Deem
    Age: 51
    Gender: Male
    Species: Human
    Alignment: Imperial Sector Police (formerly Coruscant Security Forces)
    Occupation: Negotiation Specialist, Tactical & Operational Force, Imperial Sector Police (formerly Coruscant Security Forces)
    Wears the standard ISP dark blue uniform.
    Equipment: Standard-issue ISP equipment (including blaster-proof chestpiece, blaster pistol sidearm, stun cuffs, stun baton, comlink)
    Force Sensitive: No
    Goals: Maintain law, order, and the safety of the citizenry on Coruscant
    Biography: Turlin Deem was born and raised in a middle-class Coruscanti family. Captivated by police holos from an early age, he didn’t want to be anything other than a police officer for most of his life. After entering Greater Coruscant University he learned police work involved more than chasing bad guys and focused on a conflict resolution track and emerged with a degree in criminal science, minoring in xenopsychology. He went on to the Wicko District CSF Training Academy, where he specialized in negotiation and mediation.

    He spent several years as a traffic officer and a beat cop, but eventually worked his way up to the rank of lieutenant and became recognized as one of the preeminent police negotiators on the force. Over his 25-year career he has dealt with everything from hostage takers to potential suicide victims, often serving as Incident Commander. During the First Battle of Coruscant he served in combat against the CIS forces attempting to invade the planet, and he has substantial combat training as required by his position. Despite all that, he prides himself on having never fired on a civilian organic target.

    He tends to believe in authority, and although he began his career under the Republic, he is largely indifferent about now working for the Imperial government. In some ways he find the current situation more favorable. Republic officials used to interfere with his cases all the time, and now there is less red tape. On the other hand, other agencies closer to the central government, like the Imperial Security Bureau, have begun superseding police authority just as the Republic used to. Turlin is also increasingly apprehensive about the draconian law enforcement standards the Empire has enacted. However, he believes officers like himself are important for maintaining civilian representation in law enforcement, which is why he continues to work as a police officer, even if he doesn’t agree with every order that comes down. His primary concern is, and always has been, the safety of average Coruscant citizens.
  3. Nightvision91

    Nightvision91 Jedi Youngling star 1

    May 21, 2013
    GM Approved

    • Name - Lucas Dawn
    • Age - 23
    • Gender - Male
    • Species - Human
    • Alignment - None
    • Occupation - Smuggler
    • Appearance - [​IMG]
    • Outfit - Wears casual smuggler attire.
    • Equipment - Hidden vibroblade, holdout blaster.
    • Force Sensitive - No
    • Goals: Find pay to get to his next meal. Remove himself as far as possible from his family ties. Find his sister.
    • Biography - Born as heir apparent to one of the top Trade Companies in the Mid-Rim Lucas was born in a rather luxurious life. His family had ties to the Republic, and often was able to "persuade" some Senators to help laws pass that would allow for their business to continue to grow. As a child Lucas was taught all the essentials to survive, and how to talk his way through problems. This only pushed Lucas further to finding his own way, and in the middle of the night he fled his home taking credits and his father's prized ship "Vortex" Looking for a place to restart his life Lucas soon discovered the dark side to his families business including slave trade. It was there Lucas found out that he had a sister who had been sold before he was born to help his father stay in business. He has no care for the Empire or any other organization. His only goal is to make credits, and find his sister.
  4. bad_feeling_haver

    bad_feeling_haver Jedi Knight star 1

    Oct 5, 2008
    Also GM Approved
    Character Sheet:
    Name: Lho (probably an alias)
    Age: 24
    Gender: Male
    Species: Ryn
    Alignment: Himself
    Occupation: Outlaw Slicer
    Appearance: Lho is pretty scrawny and of average height. Other than characteristics typical of his species, Lho’s notable physical features are that his head is shaved on the sides with a wide strip of white hair in the middle which is pulled tight into a short ponytail at the back. His mustache is thin and doesn’t extend past the corners of his mouth. He wears a translucent orange visor that is hooked in to his wrist-mounted computer and gives readouts which help him slice better. He wears fingerless leather gloves, a distressed hunter green spacer’s jacket and cloth shirt, and carries a messenger bag that holds programming spikes and other equipment. The bag has several pouches and compartments, so that all Lho’s equipment is organized and easy to find.
    Equipment: A modified vibroknuckler that delivers an electrical shock, a Luxan Penetrator MB-450 sporting blaster, a miniature wrist-mounted computer of his own design, datapad, a Mistress of Flasks sabacc card (as a good luck charm), several cigarras and vials of Muon Gold, various odds-and-ends for slicing (spikes, security tunnelers, data cards, small soldering tools, interface wires, data breakers, and micropoints).
    Force Sensitive: No
    Goals: Stay alive, get by, keep himself supplied with spice and slicing equipment
    Biography: Like most Ryn, Lho was born into a community of spacefaring drifters. For the majority of his life, Lho hasn’t lived on a planet, but rather on ships and stations. One picks up certain practical talents living that kind of life. This is typical of Ryn, who often become skilled pilots or mechanics. Lho’s skill was computers. Growing up in a poor and nomadic lifestyle, Lho also quickly learned to always be on the lookout for any possible way to make a cred, an outlook that to this day drives many of his actions. He had always had some involvement in illegal dealings—also not uncommon for Ryn—but as he entered his teens he became involved with spice. He developed a taste for Muon Gold in particular, which he began taking to improve his slicing abilities. He continues to take it but sometimes suffers from the negative effects of the spice, including tremors, anxiety, and disorientation.

    Lho’s skills did eventually get him an offer of a partial scholarship to study computer science at the University of Commenor. Lho attended for a year, but couldn’t shake his criminal habits and began selling illegal computer mods and test answers sliced from the computer system. Eventually he came under suspicion for slicing the school computer system, and during the subsequent investigation he was found with spice on his person and kicked out of the university. However, Lho was a good enough slicer, and had covered his tracks well enough, that he was never actually convicted of slicing the school systems, only of the associated spice charge.

    Still, he had squandered the opportunity to attend a university, an opportunity that not many Ryn got. His relationship with his family had never been very good, but when he was kicked out of school they became completely estranged. The only option he had left himself was to fully enter the galactic underworld. He was a skilled enough slicer to keep himself supplied with spice, cigarras, and illegal technology. He drifted around the spacelanes for a few years and ended up on Corusacant. There was lots of slicing work to be found on the galactic capital, and he needed no better reason than that to stay there for the past six months.