The Death Star Bash - Our Annual SWS Anniversary Party

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    Huntsville-area Star Wars fans,

    Three years ago on Febuary 15th, our Fan Club - the Alabama Star Wars Syndicate - was founded under the tutelage of myself and Dana Melton. Each year, a date is chosen around the 15th to celebrate the next year in state-wide Star Wars fandom in the form of our Death Star Bash. At this event, we watch highlight reels from the past year, enjoy the Star Wars movies and FanFilms, do challenging team trivia, and appoint our 2005-2006 Club Officers - all in one event!

    Here's your best chance to meet a meaty-portion of the Alabama Star Wars Syndicate member base and chat Star Wars with folks who truly love the saga! The tenative date is Sunday, Febuary 13th at McAnally's Pub in Hoover, AL.

    This event is open to any and all Star Wars fans in Alabama, and we'd love to have you! More info on the planning of this event? [link=]Click here[/link]
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.