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The Deck Thread

Discussion in 'Games: TCG' started by Jedi_Benji, May 16, 2003.

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  1. Jedi_Benji

    Jedi_Benji Jedi Padawan star 4

    Oct 2, 2002
    Well im Bored so i thought i might post my deck, when i realised that then other people will want to post theirs and make other threads etc...

    So im gunna make this ONE (1) (single) (only) Thread for everyone to post their decks. Few Rules first:

    1. No posting your deck straight under someone elses, wait until a few people have evaluated it first, otherwise it will turn to a 'look at me' thread.
    2. Please no Flaming, just caus someone doesnt take into account something does not mean they are dumb
    3. Please post, with your decks what sets you have lots of cards from
    4. Dont be greedy, offer advice before asking for some

    Note, Not many (if any) people have EVERY card in the game...

    Except Me n Zach ;)


    Benji's Deck

    Jango Fett E
    Zam Wesell A
    Darth Sidious A
    Darth Tyranus B
    Darth Vader B
    Darth Vader C
    Aurra Sing A
    Greedo A
    Dannik Jerriko A
    Poggle the Lesser A X2
    Wat Tambor A X2

    Stormtrooper Assault Team X2
    Stormtrooper Squad X3
    Stormtrooper Patrol X2
    Commerce Guild Spider Droid X2
    Jawa Sandcrawler
    Walking Droid Fighter X2
    Luxury Airspeeder

    Vader's TIR Fighter A
    Vader's TIR Fighter B
    Slave 1 A
    Tyranus's Solar Sailer A
    Devastator A X2
    Imperial Star Destroyer X2
    Trade Federation Battleship X2
    TIE Fighter DS-3-12 X2
    TIE Fighter DS-73-3 X2
    TIE Fighter DS-61-9 X2
    YV-664 Light Freighter X2

    Lull in the Fighting X4
    Weapon Response X3
    Tyranus's Gift X2
    Dark Speed X2

    Capture Obi-Wan X4
    Destroy Alderaan

    There are a few big hitters in here, Jango Fett and Zam are useful however i see stacking a waste, why spend another BP for an extra 1,1,10 which your opponant can target at the same time. Also Vader is to take the pressure of Wat and Poggle. Wat is in there just to limit the LS's BP gain, while poggle is the big thorn. With a Dark Speed played on Poggle he can use his ability before most Jedi attack. And if your opponant uses 3 force to stop the tap then he has only 1 force left for that turn! If he doesnt then he gets a tapped Unit. I try target the Jedi when doing this ;)

    Nothin special here, just a efw cheap units, and the Walking Droid fighters are in there to deal the damage, they also have shields to slow down their destruction.

    Just a few cards here, a good miz of big hitters and rush units, however this is VERY effective, just try not have a single Star destroyer out there.

    I went with a few power drains for this deck, and when used on the Jedi in the charactor, or even some rush units in space they find themselved backed against a wall. I dont use them in ground though, i find my units dont really benefit from 1 less damage a turn or so. Dark Speeds should also be used only on Poggle, unless you see a better way. Lull in the Fighting is there just so you can hold out until you get some rienforcements, which usually happens when facing Jedi.

    I played Capture Obi wan just to slow their force, especially when they get 2 less in a turn it means they dont have enough to stop poggles ability. A good round will use poggle, capture obi wan and Dark speed, and when your opponant has one Jedi less it works well. And once i managed to drop the Destroy Alderaan, you dont know how demorilising that is, my opponant threw his cards down, great stuff!

    Evaluate at will! :D

    [hl=black][link=]Jedi Benji, Benji Has Spoken!! :D [/link][/hl]
  2. Ketricel

    Ketricel Jedi Youngling

    Mar 24, 2003
    Let's see, here are a few changes I might make, but since I am not you I can't be 100% accurate on how they would work with your play style.

    You need at least one HUGE character stack in here. I know it is meant to be more of a support arena, but you should still have the ability to win it if need be. I would take out these cards:
    Greedo A
    Dannik Jerriko A
    Zam Wesell A
    And add in:
    Darth Tyranus D
    Darth Tyranus A
    Darth Tyranus E
    With 4 Tyranus's in your deck it will allow you to get him out almost every game, and it will also be a card stack that can win you the arena. You also might wanna try testing the deck with some IT-O Interrigator Droids in it, cause they can totally ruin a LS players strat.

    I know some other's who like the Walking Droid Fighter, but when stacked up against a Rebel Armored Freerunner they will perish every single time. Shields in ground really isn't all that important because most LS ground units will be rolling 4-6 dice and with the WDF only haveing 2 life is rather weak. I would substitute the WDF for 2 more Jawa Sandcrawlers, this will keep your card flow at a very good rate and will allow you a better chance of drawing your Lull's. Also if you are only going to play 1 Luxury Airspeeder, why even play it. With the LS having Rebel Control Officers to help Rebel units break the sound barrier 1 Lux just isn't going to cut it. You might try taking it out and adding in 1-2 more Stormtrooper Assault Team's for their unblockable damage. Other then that it's a fairly good looking ground arena.

    You need to drop the Tyranus's Solar Sailer A right away. It may look good, but since it only rolls 2 dice, your odd's of getting a 6 drop greatly, and since you have no power boosts in this deck that could be a bad thing. I would definatly suggest putting in Slave 1 B, that card is a killer with its Stun 3. Other then that all I might suggest is putting in 4 versions of 2 TIE fighters instead of 2 versions of each.

    I would remove the Weapon Response's and add in 2 more Dark Speeds. This will increase your chances of getting them, and allow you more flexability in playing them since you have 4. Other then that no problem here.

    OK since I am the kind of person that hate's to see my opponent have ANY force I always throw in one copy of Your Power's Are Weak. If played at the right time this card can win you the game, hands down. And coupled with your Destroy Alderaan, can win you a game instantly. Drop 1 Capture Obi-Wan for YPAW.

    Overall it's a good looking deck. And even if you dont see the value in stacking, it can come in really handy. Keep up the good deck building work and I hope you win many a game with your decks.
  3. Jedi_Benji

    Jedi_Benji Jedi Padawan star 4

    Oct 2, 2002
    Thanks for the help, and i can explain some units being in there.

    I mainly only have ANH and AOTC cards, i have a few SR ones and No BOY cards (cant get em :( ) So that limits my choices.

    I prefer keeping greedo in there, if my opponant has a lot of force he might want to pay the 3 and retreat him, then i drop a Capture Obi Wan and then Poggle can come in. Thats happened 3 times already, so i prefer keeping him there. Also i do not have any rare versions of Tyranus, or the SR versions.

    I might also alter the ground arena like you said, except i might throw in a few more lux airspeeders, they have helped me in the past.

    In space ill alter like you said except i lack Slave 1 B, (you know how hard it is to find SR cards without a card shop within 1 hour travelling distance?)

    And i would be playing YPAW... except its in BOY, which i Lack. :(

    I really should get some more cards...

    [hl=black][link=]Jedi Benji, Benji Has Spoken!! :D [/link][/hl]
  4. VaderFett

    VaderFett Jedi Youngling star 1

    May 20, 2003
    TYPO!!! Darth Vader's TIR fighter
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