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SWRPF Archive The Different Dance of Two. (DragonSith, that means you!)

Discussion in 'Star Wars Role Playing Archive' started by Shiro-Oni, May 22, 2005.

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  1. Shiro-Oni

    Shiro-Oni Jedi Youngling star 2

    May 3, 2005
    OOC:Hallo all. This is a Duel between myself and DragonSith. After our duel is thouroughly completed, I will be happy for this thread to host other duels.
    This takes place sometime inbetween the KOTOR games and the prequels,(large span, I know[probably closer to Prequels than KOTOR]) offering some freedom in weaponry and etc choice.

    Post a Charactor Sheet if you would, Dragon, following this format:

    Name:eek:tijori Oni
    Alias(if any): Shiro Oni
    Hair:White Mohawk
    Eyes:eek:ne Yellow (blind in it, sees through force, as Miraluka are apt to do)
    Dominent hand(or ambidextrious): Left
    General Appearance: Of Standard build for a 15 year old, he exudes insanity. He has one eye, which is an almost Heretic birthmark for a Miraluka, who are born without them. Wears Padded cortosis weave battle armor and a blue eyepatch with the Kitarr word for sight on it. He also wears a white cloak with ancient sith runes printed in black on it.
    Weapons: Single Silver lightsaber/Lightwhip hybrid(button to change modes)on belt, blastech blaster pistol on belt.
    Recent History(of what brings him/her here): Drawn to the ruins of a fortress by a sith holocrons tales of a power unbenownst to all but the most powerful Sith Lords, he arrives in the decimated throne room only to find it empty, the talisman he searched for missing.

    As with most RPG's, Realism is expected. We aren't gods. Also, Turn based fighting, but I won't point-regulate Force and Stamina/ETC. Most weapons and powers Will be allowed, but within reason.


    Shiro angrily slashed at the throne, enraged at his wild bantha chase.

    "It should be HERE! right on the throne, just as the holocron said! There is no reason it shouldn't! Unless..."

    Shiro sat on the semi ruined throne, holding his head in his hands and deactivating his saber.

    "Somone took it. I felt a presense when I entered, I'm sure of it! It must be still here....I will find it! I will not leave until I do!"

    OOC: Alright, Dragon sith. Feel free to post as soon as you want. GTG.

    NP edit: I don't mind allowing personal duel threads from time to time, but I appreciate it when they are checked with me first, because some times things like this happen. If this is indeed Sith business, it belongs in an existing thread rather than a new one.
  2. Zedd-Vega

    Zedd-Vega Jedi Master star 5

    Dec 13, 2003
    OOC: Not to invade your thread or anything... but Miraluka have no eyes. They are born without them.
  3. darth_nemisis

    darth_nemisis Jedi Master star 6

    May 15, 2004
    I thought you guys were going to use the Dueling thread for the Sith Trials...

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