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The discussion of alcohol is NOT permitted!!!

Discussion in 'Communications' started by TIE1138, Aug 25, 2003.

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  1. TIE1138

    TIE1138 Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 3, 2002
    Yesterday, 8/24/03, I made a post at 10:19am PST involving a topic that I (apparently) should not have brought up. Upon reviewing my post later that night, I came across the following edit and a similar warning PM:

    EDIT: Discussion of Alcohol is not permitted. I know that LAFF has been told about this before. Please remember this when posting.

    Now, I must ask...... where was the LAFF told of this? It's not in the TOS (at least not clearly). I'm assuming that it was in a similar edit like the one I recieved - but is this form of communication sufficient for informing thousands of users of rules that aren't in the TOS (clearly)? Though I may frequent both my FF board and the JC, I can't read every single post and it's edits.

    If you were to take a look at the boards outside of FF, you could clearly see that this new "rule" is not consistantly enforced, thus conveying mixed messages. Though I think this "rule" is complete rubbish, I will comply in the name of keeping my username, but in order for anyone (FF or JC) to comply, these "rules" need to be a little more clear.

    Note A *I would like to thank SRB_Jedi_Knight for his contributions to my FF. I apologize if it sounds like I am "calling you out", but this is something that needs clarification.

    Note B *I will be posting this in 3 appropriate places: LAFF, Fan Force Communications, and JC communications.

    [hl=dodgerblue]1. Spam's not allowed. 2. Your FanForce administration is the one whom you should be contacting about this, not the Jedi Council forums. Do so in your thread, [link=]here[/link]. 3. The dude's been a FF RSA for less than a week. Do you perhaps think there's a better way to address your concerns with his FanForce moderating than calling him out in three forums spanning the entire site?[/hl]

    Those weren't my intentions. I was informed that this was against the rules and I sincerally just wanted to clarify this and open up discussion/inform. The TOS effects both FF and JC. ;)

    last edit:

    took out all the irrelevant crap
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