The discussion of alcohol is NOT permitted!!!

Discussion in 'Communications' started by TIE1138, Aug 25, 2003.

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    Yesterday, 8/24/03, I made a post at 10:19am PST involving a topic that I (apparently) should not have brought up. Upon reviewing my post later that night, I came across the following edit and a similar warning PM:

    EDIT: Discussion of Alcohol is not permitted. I know that LAFF has been told about this before. Please remember this when posting.

    Now, I must ask...... where was the LAFF told of this? It's not in the TOS (at least not clearly). I'm assuming that it was in a similar edit like the one I recieved - but is this form of communication sufficient for informing thousands of users of rules that aren't in the TOS (clearly)? Though I may frequent both my FF board and the JC, I can't read every single post and it's edits.

    If you were to take a look at the boards outside of FF, you could clearly see that this new "rule" is not consistantly enforced, thus conveying mixed messages. Though I think this "rule" is complete rubbish, I will comply in the name of keeping my username, but in order for anyone (FF or JC) to comply, these "rules" need to be a little more clear.

    Note A *I would like to thank SRB_Jedi_Knight for his contributions to my FF. I apologize if it sounds like I am "calling you out", but this is something that needs clarification.

    Note B *I will be posting this in 3 appropriate places: LAFF, Fan Force Communications, and JC communications.

    1. Spam's not allowed. 2. Your FanForce administration is the one whom you should be contacting about this, not the Jedi Council forums. Do so in your thread, [link=]here[/link]. 3. The dude's been a FF RSA for less than a week. Do you perhaps think there's a better way to address your concerns with his FanForce moderating than calling him out in three forums spanning the entire site?

    Those weren't my intentions. I was informed that this was against the rules and I sincerally just wanted to clarify this and open up discussion/inform. The TOS effects both FF and JC. ;)

    last edit:

    took out all the irrelevant crap
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