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Rogue One The Easter Eggs and Cameos of Rogue One

Discussion in 'Star Wars: Anthology (Released Films)' started by TtheForceHurts, Dec 15, 2016.

  1. Swashbucklingjedi

    Swashbucklingjedi Game Winner star 5 VIP - Game Winner

    Oct 3, 2010
    Maybe just a bit smaller but those in Rebels are pretty similar to ESB-droid . Those in TCW were smaller model- also seen in ROTS actually- looking for Kenobi on Utapau. Models may be bit different though.
  2. DarthBeagle

    DarthBeagle Jedi Master star 1

    Nov 24, 2004
    For me knowing that there's TWO Northern Irish actors in Rogue One was very nice.

    True our Liam was also in TPM, but he's sort of exceptional!

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  3. Chewies_bandolier

    Chewies_bandolier Force Ghost star 4

    May 5, 2002
    Pretty sure that they included a younger version of the ANH comms person on the far left.. [​IMG]

    Anyone verfiy?
  4. vncredleader

    vncredleader Jedi Master star 4

    Mar 28, 2016
    I am certain it was an intentional reference. Or at least I chose to think of it as one.
  5. gezvader28

    gezvader28 Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Mar 22, 2003
    I know it was old footage but their lines are sometimes extended .
  6. Jedi Knight Fett

    Jedi Knight Fett Host, PT Interview Thread star 10 VIP - Game Host

    Feb 18, 2014
    That hammerhead scene was amazing! I guess we can thank Phenix squadron for saving the name on that one.
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  7. Lt. Hija

    Lt. Hija Jedi Master star 4

    Dec 8, 2015
    When that elderly, bald Imperial officer talked to Tarkin I was immediately thinking "Wow, it looks like him and he finally got a line of dialogue".


    And the cast credits confirmed it, Imperial officer Romodi from the Death Star conference in ANH.
  8. intravenusdemilo

    intravenusdemilo Jedi Padawan star 1

    Dec 21, 2015

    Porkins would have been fun to include as part of Red Team. But I REALLY would have like to catch a glimpse or hear some quick dialogue from BIGGS!!!

    They had other mustached pilots, and after seeing Red and Gold leader (my favorite cameos; I clapped when I saw them) I thought to myself, "Biggs is next!"
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  9. gbm

    gbm Jedi Youngling

    Dec 16, 2016
    Soooooo....I COULD be wrong, I'll definitely have to watch it again, but:

    When they are walking on Jeddah, and they run into all the species doing different stuff, (right after the Dr. E and Ponda scene), it looks like Maz Kanata is sitting at the table playing some game with two other aliens. Again, I could be totally wrong, but it caught my eye; both times they flashed to them at the table.

    Caveat: Doesn't Jeddah get leveled? So how could she be in TFA? ....and for that matter, Dr. E and Ponda in ANH? hmmmm....
  10. Homergreg

    Homergreg Jedi Knight star 3

    Dec 31, 2015
    Next time you go to see the movie, look for this little spinning holographic dancer. I'm pretty sure I saw it.

    (Edit go to 7:47 in the Holiday special, for some reason I can't get it to start there, don't put yourself through the other parts unless you're really bored LOL)

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  11. Swashbucklingjedi

    Swashbucklingjedi Game Winner star 5 VIP - Game Winner

    Oct 3, 2010
    Yes this was clever. Like Wulff Yularen in TCW it is nice to see that more and more people seen in movies are identified and receive some sort of bigger role.

    Hmm i'm not sure- only watched Holiday Special once in my life. At least there was holographic twi'lek dancer there in Saw's hideout.
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  12. propeller

    propeller Jedi Knight star 2

    Dec 4, 2014
    I think Biggs was briefly shown, wasn't he? Looked like him as far a I could see.
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  13. Swashbucklingjedi

    Swashbucklingjedi Game Winner star 5 VIP - Game Winner

    Oct 3, 2010
    I think Porkins was seen briefly climbing in his X-wing before the battle.
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  14. Ricardo Funes

    Ricardo Funes Jedi Master star 4

    Dec 18, 2015

    OMG, YES ! I noticed that as well. It was IMPOSSIBLE to not remember the Holiday Special.
  15. weezer

    weezer Jedi Grand Master star 6

    May 16, 2001
    It could well be an homage that I missed ( special), but the holographic dancer was a Twi'lek woman. I just took it as a trapping of the seedy bar type vibe they were going for.
  16. Homergreg

    Homergreg Jedi Knight star 3

    Dec 31, 2015

    Maybe some ROTJ with the Twi'lek and a little of Holiday special with the device it was played on.
  17. Darthmaul208

    Darthmaul208 Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Dec 29, 2013
    If you are like me- ie, British- there are quite a few recognisable British actors.
    -The Rebel at the start who is killed is Daniel Mays and he appeared in an episode of Dr Who. Apparently the guy is called Tivik.
    -One of the rebels in the DS speech is Anderson from Sherlock, the actor is Jonathan Aris and apparently the guy is called Senator Jebel.
    I'm sure I recognised more but can't remember.
  18. Dr_Cthulhu

    Dr_Cthulhu Jedi Knight star 2

    Dec 29, 2015
    Was that Biggs Darklighter in Blue Squadron? There was a sequence where they showed Blue Leader (Ben Daniels), then a black pilot, and then somebody who's a spitting image of Garrick Hagon. It happens in a matter of seconds, so difficult to say for sure.
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  19. my kind of scum

    my kind of scum Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Mar 4, 2002
    I loved Daniel Mays in Outcasts (a show that I really wish had made it past one season). I had no idea that he was in Rogue One and it pulled me out of the film for just a second - I was so excited to see him.
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  20. Darthmaul208

    Darthmaul208 Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Dec 29, 2013
    my kind of scum Man me too, Outcasts was great and the ending begs for a second series that sadly never came, it's a shame. The cast have all been and done successful things so there's that.
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  21. Silas Tri

    Silas Tri Jedi Knight star 1

    Sep 6, 2012
    I thought the same thing. I believe that was Biggs with Blue Squadron.

    Another creature cameo that I have not seen mentioned on here is during the scene where they are taking out the Imperial tank on Jedha, there is more than one shot of a Wampa in the background when Jyn is running away near the end of the scene.
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  22. Dreamer_Sith

    Dreamer_Sith Jedi Knight

    Dec 9, 2010
    I think that might've been Moroff.
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  23. Darth_Kiryan

    Darth_Kiryan Jedi Master star 4

    Mar 13, 2009
    Of all the people, I really wish we got to see Yularen. I actually tried looking around at the people in the backlground of that scene, did not see anyone looking like him.
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  24. TCF-1138

    TCF-1138 Porg of New Films & Fan Films star 5 Staff Member Manager

    Sep 20, 2002
    Not really an easter egg or cameo as such, but since you listed British actors, I thought I'd point out a Swedish one. The guy to the right dressed in blue is Swedish actor Fares Fares. He has one or two lines in the film, with a clear Swedish accent.
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  25. GunganSlayer

    GunganSlayer Jedi Master star 3

    Jan 24, 2013
    Great find with Romod! I too, wished they would have included Yularen, or Tagge, but I'm satisfied with what we got.

    Red and Gold leaders were AWESOME to see!
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