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  1. Noelie Jedi Padawan

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    Author: Noelie
    Timeframe: Jedi Apprentice
    Characters: An OC healer, my creation for this fic, Qui-Gon and Noela Ovorp, who belongs to Ish. Yes she knows I am killing her off. In fact it was her suggestion.
    Genre: Very Angsty oh yeah... very AU too!
    Summary: What happens if we really kill her off.. ..or How to really turn her into a Mary Sue. Take your pick!


    The young healer in training was very serious about his charge.

    After all she was the sister of one of his immediate superiors and a woman of some importance in her own right.

    Noela Asenath Ovorp was holding her own. She had a tremendous strength and no mere set of injuries from her ordeal would hold her down long. However in her sleep she would often ask for a name, and one that the young healer-apprentice felt he should know or mention to his superiors in case whoever it was should be brought.

    He was musing on that as completed cleaning and attaching more bacta patches to her wounds. Most were doing very well, there was just that huge bruising on her back that had to be watched.

    He had just gotten her settled again when the door opened carefully. It occurred to the caregiver that he should ask the man's identity, but two things held him back. The first was the sheer size and imposing, personal presence of the man, and the fact that he glimpsed a lightsaber at his belt. He slipped into the small observation room just off the patient room to give them all the privacy he could.

    "J'm?" The Jedi whispered.

    Her eyelids flutter opened and a ghost of a smile played at her lips. "Hello Qui. You made back all right. That is a huge load off my mind." That was the name or part of it anyway!

    'Qui' took up her hand and kissed the fingers. "I should have been there with you. I thought you would be safe. You always land on your feet."

    "I did this time too," the patient breathed. Her face grimaced as she started to move her head up but was yanked back by the heavy braid of hair that was pinned by her shoulder.

    The healer moved to assist her, but the Jedi had already gently picked her up and pulled the braid out. and repositioned her carefully with the pillows. The healer slipped back to his place. He noticed the small blossoms the man placed beside her on the pillow, and heard the small sigh of contentment as she turned her nose slightly to breathe their scent.

    "So was Tahl safe and is she well?" The words were halting and if he had to describe them as anything he would have said 'pained'.

    After a pause the Jedi nodded. "She is well and safely back at the Temple. I have been sent tell you something."

    His patient frowned. "That sound ominous."

    For several minutes there was only the faint beeping of the various monitors, although the one picking up her heart rate increased in the ensuing silence.

    "The council has decreed that I come, but as I am here I must tell you what I want you to know first, and not what you need to know."

    He felt only concern about what this conversation was meaning to his patient, as monitors began to move in alarming directions. She was still safe, but it just felt wrong.

    "I think I should hear the decreed information first. It sounds more ominous." She was trying to joke, but he could see she was tense. If anyone were to ask him, they were saying things not apparent to him.

    "If I tell you that, I fear you will not want to hear the second." The Jedi was still quiet and seemed to be trying to find a way to connect with her.

    "Tell me anyway. You can't protect me, and I would rather just hear what it is that you have to say. It concerns Tahl, doesn't it?"

    The Jedi now stood. He glanced in the direction of the room where the medical worker was sitting behind the observation glass, and grimaced. He wished he could give them more privacy, but while she was technically stable, she was too medically fragile to leave alone.

    The Jedi exhaled deeply and muttered, "yes."

    There was concern in Senator Ovorp's voice, "you said she was safe. Is she well?"

    "Yes, she is quite well and happy. Sh
  2. DarthIshtar Jedi Grand Master

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    So, the question is did the news of Qui-Tahl kill her or the infection? You make it vague. This is very sad and poignant and i love your healer.
  3. BrentusofGath Jedi Padawan

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    Poor Noela.

    Now it's time to write the reverse, Tahl buys the big one and Qui-Gon and Noela get hitched. ;)
  4. Lea-El Jedi Master

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    This is worse than writing your own obituary. Killing off Noela so sad.

    Good work though.
  5. NiobeAsha Jedi Youngling

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    Oh, that was so sad!! I feel so betrayed for poor Noela. :(

    Excellent work, as usual!
  6. Araxie Jedi Master

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    Oh that was so sad. Now for part 2!
  7. amidalachick Jedi Master

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    No! Poor Noela!

    He didn't hear her response, and could only see the soft kiss in farewell given by the Jedi. As he turned to leave, the sleeve of his robe brushed the small flowers off the pillow.


    Very sad, but beautiful work, Noelie. @};-
  8. Noelie Jedi Padawan

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    DarthIshtar: Yes it was vague, but no different than impressions might feel after.

    More of that devil on my shoulder thing, eh? Keep it up, it might just work sometime!

    Lea-El: Yes it sort of was like that. Actually that wasn't as hard as writing that he actually married Tahl. Ask Ish, I hated that part, real buyers remorse! [face_laugh]

    NiobeAsha: Thank you for reading! Poor Noela indeed.

    Araxie: Hey sis.. well the next part will be interesting :) I mean... I am a little nervous about it.

    No kidding poor Noela! It goes back to the self-realization thing.. lol. What ARE we doing with the characters today! Thank for your kind words.

    A/N: This little AU to the Noelaverse began the other night after Ish had gone through a particular thread in resource about bad things happening to good characters, and how do you revive them in true dramatic soap opera fashion. This is an AU, and only AU to the Noelaverse, but here is how the Ovorps might have asked that Noela somehow continue on. If this isn't your cup of tea, I apologize profusely. The bunny just bit.


    Tani Claren and Mere Ovorp had heard about the Jedi Temple and the offices that the most influential of Masters occupied. They were halls and places that their sister had almost been at home in, and coming to see inside the structure had long been a dream of theirs.

    This wouldn?t have been their first choice as the reason to finally see inside. This visit had to be made. They no longer had much time for the decision that they had come to by family consensus and this was something they had felt sure that Noela would have wanted. The person they were coming to see would be the very person she would have wanted it from.

    Mere nervously gripped her older sister's fingers and agitated tears seemed to threaten appearance at any minute

    Tani reached an arm around her and squeezed her shoulders. "There is nothing that says that we have to do this or that you can't change your mind. If we do it, we all do it together. None of us will be alone. This is about family."

    Mere nodded, her ebullient still very subdued as they reached the waiting room where a young padawan waited for them.

    "Ladies, Councilor Jinn begs your indulgence only a moment more. He is clearing away all work for the afternoon, so that you have all the time you need. Please sit and be comfortable."

    The invitation was gracious and yet Mere seemed unable to sit calmly. Tani reflected that she couldn't really blame her.

    When the door to the inner sanctum of the Jedi Council member Qui-Gon Jinn, Tani couldn't help but remember the first time she had ever met the man, and how his attractiveness had made her behave in such a silly manner. He had grown older from the space of decades, but each silver thread and wrinkle that indicated his love of laughter at the corners of his mouth and eyes only improved the picture.

    His arms opened wide, "I have missed you."

    Those were all the words it took for Mere to run forward for the embrace as the man she had known from childhood. Tani, older and more poised than she gave herself credit for, quietly waited for her share of the greeting.

    He made them comfortable and when it became clear that Mere for once was going to be uncharacteristically silent, Tani took a breath to begin.

    "You have been well? It seems they finally recognized your contribution and made you a council member."

    He chuckled at that, "That, my dearest Tani, was a punishment and not a reward. With Tahl in the archive and me on the council, we are not able to directly influence young Jedi with such disregard of the code."

    Tani nodded, knowing his true love all those years had been raising padawans and the excitement of field work.

    "It has been a long time." She breathed.

    His expression was far more serious. "Yes, I believe, it was at the public memorial. I felt that it would be better if I were not at the private burial."

    Mere seemed to rouse a bit, "You
  9. Araxie Jedi Master

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    â??I need a day or two to meditate, but..â?? his voice cracked, and he paused a moment to regain his composure. After a moment he continued, â??You can be sure that this one time, the decision I make will be what I feel sure she would have wanted and for once she will come first.â??

    That was such a great line. What an interesting idea, to give Noela that legacy.
  10. BrentusofGath Jedi Padawan

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    Ooo, Qui-Gon a father and Noela a mother. [face_mischief] How did he find the time? :p Great second part. I wonder what Tahl will say, not that I care, lol.
  11. Noelie Jedi Padawan

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    Araxie: Yes it was a little outside of the box, but since you and I talk about this in our real world, and both are just glad it isn't a choice we have had to make, I thought it could come up here. File it under: the subject they don't seem to touch with a 10 foot pool! [face_laugh]

    BrentusofGath: He hasn't technically found the time yet, but although I hate to phrase it that way, the initial part isn't that difficult time wise :eek:. The rest will have to be seen. You can check it out in How Can I Keep From Singing? (yes that was shameless self-promotion.
  12. leiamoody Jedi Grand Master

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    Hmm, intriguing. Qui contributes something of himself in a direct form to the galaxy (so to speak). Does that leave open the possibility of a Force sensitive offspring who might wind up taking on the old family profession in the future? Would this kid even know who their father is? And if you're sticking to canon and having Qui-Gon killed off, then that opens up another whole kettle of flying fish.

    Anyway, you open up some interesting possibilities with this fic. Way to go. :D
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