Beyond - Legends THE EIGHTH CORTEX (NJO: Anakin Solo, Jacen, Jaina, Tahiri, H/L, L/M, Kyp,others) Completed 5/12/04!

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    Chapter 13

    brave ones those shamed ones

    ohho ... Shapers and vornskrs ... not good, not good

    Chapter 14

    Jaina Solo stepped into the massive military hanger hand in hand with Jagged Fel.

    w00t :D

    Jaina felt guilty all week for her jealousy towards Kyp's friend; she had thought any feeling she had for the older Jedi Master were long past, and was perplexed by the sudden resurgence. Jaina Solo! You have no interest in Kyp Durron; you love Jag!

    [face_laugh] :_| [face_laugh]

    "How are you Jaina? You acted sort of strange the other day; I was worried about you," Kyp said.
    Jaina opened her mouth but no words escaped. Her eyes darted around for answers and focused on Jag, who looked confused by Kyp's question.
    "I...uhh...was just looking for Jacen," she lied.
    Kyp nodded skeptically. ?Alright, good seeing you again," he said with a quick pat on the back. "See you in the vacuum Colonel," he said to Jag, then walked off towards his squadron.

    sure thing, Jace confused her :p [face_laugh]

    "That's what Artoo's for," he said with a wink and a grin.

    aww... the tiny one :D

    His concentration broke. Jacen half spun to see who had spoken, then turned his saber back, but overcorrected. The stinger caught him in the hip and he let out a yelp.


    "You're too focused on the Force inside yourself, you have to be cognizant of what goes on around you," Wrev pushed on.

    cool thing, someone has to tell him that :D

    I've got him beat, Jacen thought

    MISTAKE!! *shakes head* now he has lost

    =D= =D= superb fight, I enjoyed it :D

    Chapter 15

    cool develpment she made ... I am not sure if I shall like it but it?s interesting though

    Chapter 16

    oh oh oh Spacebattle
    *takes notebook and pen*

    Kyp gritted his teeth while he made a final adjustment to the shadow bomb's trajectory and then ejected from his X-Wing into the cold vacuum of the galaxy.

    :eek: KYP! Stubborn man!

    Wedge snorted. "It will do him good to sit out there and think. Let's finish this battle, then we'll bring him in." Wedge's face set in a grim line. "No hurry on that."

    :eek: WEDGE! Impossible man!

    =D= wonderful written :)
    and I come back to this offer from yesterday [face_mischief] :D

    Chapter 17

    oh-ho not a good vision

    Perhaps a Yuuzhan Vong warrior had come across the lightsaber and was using it... it was strange. It reminded Tahiri of seeing Riina Kwaad holding her own blue blade.

    how close this thought to the truth comes ...

    Chapter 18

    Sharp eyes stuck out from long hair on the villips features. "Do you have any information for me on Ombi'taer?" Wrev Caster asked.


    *hits head* why does he trust him [face_worried]

    I?m curious what consequences there will be [face_thinking]

    more laters again

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    Chapter 19

    "You're late, Welk."

    Welk nodded. "Yes, they have her held up in Mos Eisley."

    they want Leia?

    interesting [face_thinking]

    Chapter 20

    Uhla was not confused by Anakin's sudden affection, never mistaking it for anything more than it was. The pair lay there for sometime, and Anakin felt warm tears touch his shoulder and it reminded him of a moment he had shared with Tahiri in the chasm on Yavin. With that memory in mind, Anakin's thoughts cycled into incoherence, and he fell asleep.

    poor Anakin :(

    Nom Anor didn't need the light. He had the layout of the room memorized; it had been under surveillance since the Jedi arrived. He knew which cot Anakin slept in, and where the shamed one, Uhla, slept.

    [face_mischief] does he? [face_mischief]

    they must be insane to think that they would be albe to kill a Jedi

    The projected venom shot into the air and landed on Nom Anor's body.

    it would be too easy o_O
    and Nom Anor isn?t so stupid to have not an antidote

    Uhla's expression was grim. "That?s the commune's saronte'. It's a call for evacuation; the compound has been discovered."

    o_O Wrev?

    Chapter 21

    Kyp laughed. "Yeah, but I'm used to it by now. Besides, it?s not as if they can fire me."

    [face_laugh] [face_laugh] he is really lucky :p

    Jacen hoped his beard hid some of his embarrassment and was relieved when Corran Horn came to his defense. "Leave the man alone. He's got enough on his mind without being teased about his love life."

    [face_laugh] saved from CorSec [face_laugh]
    but Corran had to live through the same ;)

    "Like how his beard isn't filling in so well here," Corran said, pointing to the corner of his lips where his own beard met, mustache to chin.

    [face_laugh] :_| [face_laugh]

    o_O Jacen and bringing the turn [face_suspected]

    Chapter 22

    "Nen Yim, impatience is the mark of the unfaithful," Onimi said, and then giggled madly.

    Onimi is fun

    Chapter 23

    He could not sit around on Mon Calamari-- he needed to do something, soon.

    that?s Han :D

    "I'm sorry, Solo. If there is any way I can help, I will, but I can't spare any personnel right now. We?re still searching for the Yuuzhan Vong spy cells that attacked here and killed the shamed one."

    :eek: then again Leia is now a normal citizen ...
    but this Scaur ... grrrr...

    As he approached the aging freighter he spotted a familiar black cloacked figure.


    Kyp Durron flashed a small smile that Han didn't understand. "So, I know two people not on the GFI payroll in Scaur's possession, who could be a great help to us."

    teehee leave it to Kyp to come with something up ;) :)

    Chapter 24

    "Given your response to some of our creatures, its probably better if you don't know," Uhla said with a small smile. Is Uhla making jokes now?


    Anakin shook his head. "How dishonorable; a true warrior would fight me in a duel, not call out to his comrades for assistance."


    The warrior smiled. "It would be a great honor to slay you in such a duel, but we are under strict orders to kill, not duel."
    "A cowards excuse," Anakin shot back, as the distance between them closed and the warrior swung his amphistaff chest height. Anakin quickly blocked the blow, then struck back with his own offensive.

    wonderful, wonderful ..

    That was how the hunting teams were tracking them; they were using the Force to hunt Anakin.

    oops... [face_worried]

    wonderful fighting scene :)

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    Courtney: any posts yet?

    This fic was actually completed more than a year ago :p

    Maggy: Hi, Yobi


    What would Han say to this

    He'd say, "who stole Dash Rander's ship?"

    *blinks* Leia is the bounty? *blinks*


    *grins* brute?

    He's called people it before.

    the planet a weapon?

    Was talked about in FH: Reunion.

    Am I allowed to say that Jace is getting on my nerves with his opinions


    he is so cute

    *pours ice water on Maggy*

    *roles eyes*
    I would love to see what he would have done in this situation, arguing afterward is far easier then to make decisions in seconds *humpf*

    Yeah, Jacen's heavy on the "Monday morning quarterbacking."

    Kyp is cute
    Like how you write him ... I dunno if I shall like her currently though ... but then again she saved his butt

    That counts for something.

    Luke too busy to notice that his sis is in trouble? That is ... her kids were too

    It happened a ways away [face_whistling] Force connections are that reliable.

    teehee i was more thinking `I have a very protectiv husband he will hunt you down´


    I?m curious who wants Leia

    Peace Brigade.

    like this story so far
    a promising start to the sequel of a superb first part

    Thank you :D

    a wonder that he didn?t cought on his own words

    Nom Anor doesn't mind lying. He prefers lying to someone's face and then stabbing them in the back ;)

    Kunra ... dunno ... but something let me believe he will be importent for the outcome


    what happened with the villip communication in the end of the first part?

    It's a secret. No one knows Wrev has a villip.

    he never was good with jokes
    even Tenel had known that years earlier

    Yeah 8-}

    like how you write Tahiri and wonderful entrance of Jaina
    and I dare say I am happy not to see Zekk

    Thanks, glad you like it all :)

    a shame that he knows that

    Shimrra is clever.

    they always end up in trouble when not together ... but then again they are in trouble too when together; it seems to make no difference

    Yes, but at least when they're together we get that great banter :p

    perhaps he should ask his old fellow Lando along

    He gets a different old friend.

    brave ones those shamed ones

    Yes, they are.

    ohho ... Shapers and vornskrs ... not good, not good

    Nope, not at all.


    Don't get too excited!

    Jaina Solo! You have no interest in Kyp Durron; you love Jag!

    Or she has no interest in either.

    cool thing, someone has to tell him that

    Uh huh.

    MISTAKE!! *shakes head* now he has lost
    superb fight, I enjoyed it

    Glad you liked it. Will have more relevence for the new fic in October [face_whistling]

    oh oh oh Spacebattle
    *takes notebook and pen*


    WEDGE! Impossible man!

    He doesn't like Kyp.

    wonderful written
    and I come back to this offer from yesterday

    What offer? :confused:

    how close this thought to the truth comes ...

    Yup ;)

    *hits head* why does he trust him

    Wrev is dumb. He thinks it's Yu'shaa. Of course, Tahiri and Corran Horn fell for the same trick in a canon book...

    I?m curious what consequences there will be

    People will die.

    Jarrak Hallon: cool

    Thanks :)

    Mags: they want Leia?

    You'll see [face_mischief]

    they must be insane to think that they would be albe to kill a Jedi

    Nom Anor will kill a Jedi before the end [face_devil]

    it would be too easy
    and Nom Anor isn?t so stupid to have not an antidote

    Yeah, we saw the antidote in the Force Heretic books.


    No, he didn't have anything to do with it being discovered.

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    Hi again :D

    He'd say, "who stole Dash Rander's ship?"


    *pours ice water on Maggy*

    wahhhhhhh ... shesh ... that?s cold!! Very cold!!

    That counts for something.

    yub yub :D

    Thanks, glad you like it all :)

    :D [:D]

    Yes, but at least when they're together we get that great banter :p

    that is true :D the banter is great

    Or she has no interest in either.


    Glad you liked it. Will have more relevence for the new fic in October [face_whistling]

    it?s October, Wes :D
    where is it? :p

    What offer? :confused:

    [face_laugh] I already pmed you because of it ;)

    Nom Anor will kill a Jedi before the end [face_devil]


    Wait until TLF [face_mischief]

    then I should hurry up ;)

    And thanks again for reading all this, Mags :) :D

    have I told you, it?s my pleasure to read the story? It?s great and it?s fun reading it [:D]

    Chapter 25

    interesting so Jakan search someone to help him ... [face_thinking]

    chapter 26

    She glanced around the bridge. Wrev Caster and Jacen were discussing landing procedure calmly, though there was a small amount of tension between them, something Tahiri didn't know about. The pair could have been brothers, she realized. Both had long brown hair that curled at the ends, and brown eyes, though Jacen's beard gave him a wiser, more mature look. Alema Rar wasn't far from Wrev, as always. The Twi'lek Jedi always seemed to latch on to attractive men, especially in a leadership role.

    wiser? Oh my goodness ... if you think so :p

    and Alema tsktsktsk ;) :D

    "Betrayal. Someone is going to betray us, Jacen. I can feel it."


    the fleet sounds not good and they are going into trouble [face_mischief]

    oops that is indeed not a good start [face_worried]

    Chapter 27

    She was completely powerless to stop it.

    awww... poor Leia

    [face_rofl] using the droid for cheating [face_rofl]

    Then through the haze, Dest saw two shinny red lights sweeping in towards the injured Brigaders.

    Lomi and Welk have arrived

    Chapter 28

    Kyp blushed at the implication and thought he noticed a twinge of rose in Strift?s cheeks as well; Perhaps the serious Han hasn?t completely taken over.

    Teehee :D

    "That luck hasn't exactly been with me over the last few years," Han said, leaving little doubt that he was referring to the loss of Chewie and Anakin.

    :( so true

    "I don't understand," Han said as he stripped off the rest of the vac suit. "How can you not know, its your job to protect her."

    wooop! That is mean

    w00t wonderful Chappie .. Kyp, Han .. wonderful [face_love] [face_love]

    Chapter 29

    Both shook their heads at his offer. "I am with you to whatever end," Uhla proclaimed.

    aww... cool :)

    cool fighting :D

    Anakin shook his head. "I never betrayed anyone, you'll have to talk to Yuusung Saa about that," Anakin responded, referring to the Yuuzhan Vong personality Nen Yim shaped him into.


    This was Nom Anor's chance. The Jedi had finally slipped up, and now was his opportunity to escape.

    bad idea

    oh-o [face_worried]

    There was no way for Anakin to tell Uhla his plan as they approached the landing pad's edge, but he hoped she would trust him. As Anakin's feet hit the edge, sixteen stories above the wreckage, Uhla wrapped her lathy arms around his neck and shoulders; she understood.

    :D woohoo

    Anakin and Uhla heaved themselves off the ground and started to move through the wreckage. He had a lead on the warriors, but Anakin knew it wouldn?t last long-- not with the vornskrs hunting him through the Force.

    *silly grin* =D=
    so cool

    Chapter 30

    All the Jedi and Ruu survived the crash with just a few scrapes and bruises. Purchased with Pain was surprisingly durable, though Wrev wasn?t pleased w
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    Chapter 31

    This was Dest's opportunity. He reached down and lifted HK-22 from the ground, heaving the dead droid over his shoulder. Dest had lost a lot on this venture, and he wasn't about to part with the expensive droid.

    you can call that nearly cute :p
    I actually was worried for a moment for him ...

    The depletion alarm sounded on the Devaronian's blaster and he let it slip from his grip as he feel to his knees, sobbing. As he cried, he pleaded for his life in a strained voice.
    "Please! Please, don't kill me! I beg you!" He cried, stopping as his voice cracked and spit flew from his lips. "I'll do anything! Spare me, Jedi!"


    I would be more worried about the pleading ...

    Lomi shook her own head. "You are not truly free, Leia. We are here to rescue you from more than the Peace Brigade," she said. "Our Master requires your audience."

    :eek: o_O
    interesting [face_thinking]

    Chapter 32

    Caleen Kwaad nodded. "Yes, Master. I have learned much from your innovations."


    Priestess Gelaa threw the masquer in her pack and continued on towards Jakan's quarters.

    oh-o ? Nen Yim is in trouble

    Chapter 33

    "That's just how good he is," Strift assured him from behind Kyp's seat. The smuggler sounded like a child who took stories about Lord Nyax to heart, despite their outlandish nature. "Or, because you've been out of the game for so long."

    the boy is nutters [face_laugh]
    and he lives through the day telling Han such thing?

    He pushed away the foul smell and made his way towards the bar, while Kyp almost disappeared from the room in his black robes. Yet another advantage to being a Jedi Master.


    "You're kidding," Kyp said in disbelief. "The first place we go, first person you talk too? I always thought that Corellian luck stuff was just ego, but now..."

    teehee :D

    As Kyp spoke to the blonde smuggler the pair stepped out of the cantina and Han was startled by what he saw. C-3p0 was on the ground in a pile, meters away from the cantina entrance, clearly the victim of several blaster shots. Han rushed out to the droid and kneeled over him.

    poor 3PO, poor PO :(
    They fix him up again *looks hopefully*

    Dest Ornax pushed his way through the Mos Eisley streets toward the hanger he'd hidden Irike's Lunge in after the Jedi attacked on the Peace Brigade base. He would have left Tatooine earlier, but his ship needed fuel, and Dest knew a local engineer who repaired HK-22 for free. He never thought he would run into Han Solo, what were the odds? Why would Han be here looking for the Peace Brigade?

    the chance is like 1:342.533.434... </3PO>
    Don?t tell me the odds </Han>

    HK-22 was silent for a moment. "That is possible, he managed to survive our first encounter. Perhaps he is some kind of all-powerful super droid."

    no, better, he is an Ewok god [face_laugh]

    Solo's empty threats didn't worry Dest; he had clearly beaten the old pilot and knew that when he recovered Leia, the fires of vengeance would cool in him.

    strongly mistaken ...

    Chapter 34

    With no power in the building, the sliding door leading to the stairs no longer opened. Luckily, Anakin was an expert locksmith when he had his lightsaber as a master key.


    A sudden flash followed and Anakin saw the bedroom floor rushing up at him before he slammed into it, unconscious.

    :eek: totally exhausted ... poor boy
    But so sweet
    I like how he discovers his former home again

    She huddled down behind a large fonn at the city's edge, YVH1 3-1s, crouching next to her. Scanning the horizon, Tahiri saw a handful of Yuuzhan Vong working in the night.

    :eek: w00t w00t :D


    Chapter 35

    "Yes," answered the Shamed One. "I arranged this meeting with Jedi Caster. I am Yu'shaa."

    wow ... Wrev will get an ear ful o_O

    "I can't believe I'm taking heat from you," Wrev responded. "We all saw you use the Force yesterday...
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    Chapter 37

    They'd lost too many loved ones in the war, and losing Tahiri would be like losing another part of Anakin. Jaina hoped they would locate the small blonde girl before they reattached with the rest of the team.

    Awww... so sweet :)

    Mara's lips formed a straight line and she displayed a sober expression. "Well, we've come this far, might as well take a look... You're still curious right?"
    "Yeah," Jaina admitted. "I want to see what happened to our home."

    o_O [face_thinking] [face_mischief] :D or rather [face_devil] o_O

    "Maximum efficiency," she said in honor of 3-1s, then activated the door sphincter with domain Kwaad technique and entered the shaper's damutek.

    :( poor droid

    "It's your call, kid. You want to leave, we'll leave," Mara said, her red hair blowing in the wind.

    oh? *is surprised that they don?t go in*

    Jaina's thoughts were stopped cold as more than a dozen new warriors turned the corner behind the Jedi, surrounding them. In the group was a shaper handling a vornskr. I guess that answers my question.

    oh-o [face_worried]

    The fight had gone from bad odds to impossible in the blink of an eye.

    not good, not good at all

    Chapter 38

    "Do you think... Leia did this?" Han asked.

    woohoo :D like the way how Han is thinking about his wife ...

    Kyp continued to survey the wreckage. "It's possible, I guess. Perhaps someone friendly to the Alliance heard about Leia?s capture and decided to rescue her. Are there any such groups on Tatooine, Han?"
    "Not that I know of," Han answered with a small shake of his head.

    there weren?t any groups Republic friendly during the old one ? nor during the new one why should it have changed? :p

    He felt bad about leaving the animals at the Peace Brigade base, but packing them on the Falcon would cloud his senses, which he would need to find Leia. Instead he fed them, then released them from their small cages, putting them into the cell they assumed Leia was in, and turned the forcefield on. Releasing them into the desert would be a death sentence, but perhaps they could take the animals with them after they found Leia. The popular creatures could easily be sold to good homes on Mon Calamari, giving them away would not be a problem.

    I may be completely wrong now ... but aren?t the ysalamiri grown onto a tree, branch? o_O :confused:

    "Just answer my questions," Kyp said in a hypnotic voice, waiving his hand in front of the swooper.

    those Jedi mind tricks are really at handy...

    "Nope. Never had no problem with them before. They usually just buy supplies and maybe a drink of two... Till they stole our bikes a couple a days ago, and now you."
    "I'm not a problem," Kyp insisted with another waive of his hand.
    "No, you're not a problem," the swooper agreed.
    "I'm not involved with the people who stole your bikes."
    "He's not involved with the people who stole our bikes," the man announced to the other swoopers.
    "You should just leave us alone," Kyp said.
    ?Yes, we should just leave them alone; they haven?t done anything.?


    "Why don't you go home and shower, you smell like a bantha."
    "I think I'll go home and shower, I smell like a bantha."


    that was hilarious :D

    "I think it's obvious we're dealing with Dark Jedi," Kyp said.

    Callista will not be happy to hear that she is now a Dark Jedi :p
    Chapter 39

    Jacen reached out with his Vongsense and could feel dozens of Yuuzhan Vong on the other side of the valve. Shamed Ones, Jacen thought.

    nope not really ... [face_worried] :eek: *blinks*

    "Sithpiss!" Wrev swore.

    o_O [face_laugh]

    "Put down your weapons, Jeedai," the intendant said. "You have no hope for escape; you are vastly outnumbered."
    Corran spit at the intendant, nailing him in the chest. "We'd rather die fighting than be taken prisoner by you and used as leverage against the Alliance!" He shouted confidently.

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    Chapter 43

    How did I fall for that? Jacen couldn't get over how Yu'shaa, if that was even who the Shamed One was, had fooled them. They'd walked directly into a trap. Through the Force he could feel Wrev's anger and humiliation at being manipulated so easily and bringing his Jedi companions to harm. If they made it out of this alive, Jacen imagined that Wrev would be expelled from the Jedi order.

    :eek: so drastic? :eek:

    "You are a fool, Caster," Nom Anor taunted. "Manipulating you was a waste of my years of training in deception."

    he fooled many

    "Young Solo, those warriors wouldn't even have been there if not for your little pet," Nom Anor sneered. "It was Vergere who told the warmaster of your mission to Myrkr. She was the reason hundreds of warriors were waiting for your team to kill the voxyn."

    ?Everything I tell you is a lie? </Vergere> [face_mischief]

    The executor's words echoed inside of Jacen's head when he left. Shimrra plans to capture more Jedi, who will come to save you... Jaina! No!


    The two shapers suddenly sprang into action; the Kwaad adept hurled a steaming liquid she had been carrying at Tahiri's face, while Nen Yim, swung out of her seat and shot a stinger from her shaper's hand.

    o_O they should know better ;)

    Tahiri called on the Force, and narrowly escaped both assaults with a leaping summersault that landed her between the two shapers in the close confines of their workstation. Her flip was less than spectacular, however, as Tahiri quickly realized that she'd lost contact with the Force. The Jedi Knight swept her leg behind Nen Yim's ankles, dropping her to the floor before smashing the pommel of her lightsaber into the back of the younger shaper's head.

    oops the ysalamiri

    Before the urge to strike Nen Yim down over came her, Tahiri hit the activator on her lightsaber and the blue beam disappeared. She needed a plan if she as going to stop the atrocities in her vision-- the plague that Nen Yim was about to release on the Jedi.
    "Tell me about the eighth cortex."

    very interesting ... asking after the eighth cortex [face_thinking]

    Chapter 44

    Han almost laughed. "Kid, I was riding swoops before you were born, even did it professionally for awhile; I'm going."

    *rofl* he is still calling him kid *rofl*

    He punched the throttle and shot off, Kyp firing off only seconds behind him. Han caught sight of the dust trail that was now past their look out point. It had been years since Han had ridden a swoop, but after his rough landing, it began to feel like it had when he was younger. Han Solo was suddenly a twenty-something kid again, racing his swoop bike behind the leader, trying to catch him and win some prize money.

    cute :D
    I really can imagine Han doing something
    [face_thinking] He raced all those years back skies with Kyp :p

    Han followed the Jedi Master's gaze and was momentarily blinded by Tatooine's bright suns. He used his hand to shield his eyes, and when they regained focus, he saw two robbed figures leap from ten meter up the rock face, down towards him.


    The pain in his chest and back nearly sent him down again, but Han was operating on pure adrenaline and Corellian luck.

    =D= that?s great :D
    operating on Corellian luck *lol*

    With his back turned to Han, the Captain of the Millennium Falcon pointed his DL-44 at the Dark Jedi. Before Han could pull the trigger, his enemy whipped back around and brought his blade to bare on Han.


    a breathtaking fighting scene
    wonderful, wow

    "No time for that!" He called to her, and waved towards himself. Strift bounded towards Kyp and jumped on the back of Kyp's swoop, wrapping her arms around his waist and pulling her body against his. Kyp silently cursed the Dark Jedi who prevented him from fully enjoying his current entanglement and hit the throttle on his swoop. Han and Neget turned and shot off away from the approaching swoops, and Kyp followed, with five cloaked figure
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    Chapter 47

    The Jeedai ignited her weapon again, casting a blue glow in the dim lab. "Did you know that Jedi can rip memories and thoughts from the minds of others? I would hate to do that, but if it's the only way for me to extrapolate the contents of this qahsa..." She paused and a strange grin pushed at her pink lips. "There is a certain amount of justice in the thought of me tampering with your mind, isn't there?"

    [face_mischief] interesting that how she is threatening Nen Yim

    "And I'm living proof that your people and mine can live together," Tahiri countered. "If you served the Yuuzhan Vong, the best way to do so would be to help me, help you."

    well said :D

    She took a deep breath and when she exhaled, she let everything out. She told the Jeedai about Shimrra, and about the eighth cortex; about the voxyn, and the salam'ti implants that override the infidels' yammosk jammers. Then she told her of the coral implants that were implanted into slaves, enabling them to fly coralskippers.

    :D she is really talking :D

    Tahiri regretted adding the last sentence as soon as it left her lips. She saw Nen Yim's anguish for a moment, but the shaper's analytical brain took over quickly and she began analyzing Tahiri's question.
    "No; I know nothing of lightsabers," she said, mouth tight.
    "All right," Tahiri resigned. She got the impression that the shaper was keeping something from her, but Tahiri was afraid to press the issue and lose Nen Yim's cooperation.

    perhaps she should pressed the matter anyway

    Before she could think on it further, the sphincter to the lab suddenly dialated open, light spilling into the dim room. Tahiri shot to her feet and spun around to face to opening, while igniting her blade with a snap-hiss.

    discovered ... but then again ... [face_mischief]

    Nen Yim gasped in horror at the faces left behind the ooglith masquer's path. Their mutilations were not as extensive as warriors, but their tattoos were more intricate than shapers.

    Nem Yim and Tahiri will have to work together to escape this

    Jakan laughed. "Do not lie to us," he scolded. "Gelaa has seen your qahsa, we know you are a heretic, and Shimrra as well. Now is this Jeedai an attempt to make up for your failure with Anakin Solo, or are you in league with the Jeedai?"
    Tahiri's lightsaber slipped from her grasp at the mention of the one she had loved. The saber bounced on the damutek's shell floor, scorching black lines where its energy spiraled in, the hum and feedback reverberating through the small lab.

    :eek: that must really be a shock for her

    Tahiri shook her head. She'd stopped listening when he got off track. "Tell me about Anakin!" She yelled in a childish tantrum. "When did you see Anakin?"
    The High Priest looked around the room for support in his confusion. "I ... ah...I met the
    Jeedai Anakin Solo, over one week ago at the ceremony."
    Tahiri blinked back tears, shaking her head violently. "Anakin... Anakin died two
    years ago."
    Jakan nodded. "That was my belief as well, until the Supreme Overlord included me in a conversation with Master Shaper, Nen Yim."

    what a way to discover the truth ...
    I like it :D

    Tahiri's heart sank as fast as it had risen. Anakin was in more danger than she had thought-- he always was.

    that made me smile :)

    Tahiri gestured towards the unconscious adept on the lab floor, her smile growing as she did so. Nen Yim realized Tahiri's intentions and her own features twisted into a smile, the snake like headdress twinning in delight.


    Before Tahiri began to apply the masquer, she looked around the room at the High Priest, the priestess, and the Master Shaper, and couldn't help feeling good about the alliance that had just been formed... but how long would it last?

    that?s a good question ...

    Chapter 48

    "No, I cannot," Leia admitted. "But that doesn't mean a better way does not exist
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    Chapter 50

    What am I suppose to do?

    a good question, don?t get killed?

    Wedge sighed. "I want the entire fleet to pull out, evacuate the shipyards and bring what's left of Bilbringi's defenses with us."


    Before the other commanders could protest, Wedge continued. "We're losing and we're vastly outmatched. I'm not about to fight a losing battle where every death is an Alliance loss."

    then again good reasoning...


    I have the feeling that they want to use Alpha Red [face_worried]


    Nas Choka's victorious smile broadened. "The infidels are on the run; it is time to make a final attack before they gain the courage to counter our surprises. We will waste no time in regrouping, but go directly to our next point of attack, our final attack. The fleet will jump to dark space within the hour, Commander. Set course for the world the infidels call Mon Calamari.

    oh-o [face_worried]

    Chapter 51

    Kunra was a coward no longer.

    :D cool ...

    screw the swelling in selfpity ...

    The Shamed Ones were not far now, the pained cries and fighting echoed off the jagged walls. He saw Jacen and Alema struggling to corkscrew themselves around, hoping to get a glimpse of what was happening through the cave opening. More warriors charged out of their prison to join their comrades against the surging Shamed Ones' army.


    Looking at the faces of the Shamed Ones while the other Jedi stretched their stiff bodies, Wrev spotted a familiar face. To his astonishment, Yu'shaa's crony, Kunra, was in the mix of rescuers. Perhaps he didn't know Yu'shaa's identity or that Nom Anor was leading them into a trap.

    o_O what chance would a shamed one have?
    they would kill him no matter what ...

    Ruu nodded, breath labored. "Yes, there are passages to the undercity created by Yu'shaa's disciples. If Shimrra has not had a chance to close them up, they our your best shot."

    it seems as would all meet in the undercity again [face_thinking]

    awesome =D=

    Chapter 52

    Kyp shook his head. "I'm not sure... but I've felt it before, early on in my training... It reminds me of Exar Kun."

    you don?t miss anything do you :p

    "They're here," Callista said, panting. ?At least one Jedi, very powerful presence in the Force.?


    Lomi nodded, and Welk bowed again to Callista. Lomi's nerves began to turn at the caution in her Master's words. Just how powerful is this Jedi?

    [face_batting] I?m looking forward to this

    "And I was afraid we wouldn't recognize you," said the strong female voice of the closest figure. "Thought the Jedi might have some new super-Jedi... turns out, it's just the same washed out darksiders."

    [face_laugh] what a welcome :p

    Then, they were on him.

    I may be worried but?s Kyp ;) :p

    Han awoke to the constant thrum of lightsaber blades all around him. His entire face hurt, particularly his chine which had taken the brunt of his sudden landing. Han rolled over onto his back and sat up to see a violet light warding off two red beams in the darkness. Kyp was struggling to keep the two darksiders at bay and Strift and Neget were running towards their blasters several meters away?the Jedi had pulled them away, no doubt, Han thought, having done it earlier that day. Kyp fought with the grace of an acrobat, routinely resorting to Force aided back flips, forward summersaults, and even a one-handed cartwheel to avoid being pinned between his persistent enemies.
    Han knew Kyp was talented, but the man was fighting a losing battle. Pulling his blaster, Han prepared to fire the weapon at Welk, who'd fallen two meters behind Kyp. He knew the blonde man would just deflect the bolts and steal his blaster again... Han smirked.
    He changed the setting on his DL-44 and loosed a blue stun bolt at the man chasing Kyp. The blast of energy was too wide for Welk to turn and deflect completely and it struck his right hip, before he fell to the ground.
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    Chapter 54

    This is the darkest day I've ever faced.

    horrible that is :(

    But that will be the hard part-- getting through this.

    you end this story with a boom


    "Hearing that I was able to put an old droid, who talks to much for his own good, back together, hardly makes me forget about Leia being the prisoner of a Sith Lord, or what happened to Kyp!"


    He walked into the forward holds to see Kyp on the couch, toweling off his wet, and now completely uneven, black hair. His skin was still marred by many blisters and his eyes so bloodshot that they looked as though they were actually bleeding. They'd taken an old parts pod and filled it with all the bacta they could find before dunking Kyp in several hours ago. Han had thought they'd lost him.

    *biggest smile ever*
    you?re not so evil after all :p [:D]

    Though seeing the Jedi Master alive was the best news Han had gotten in awhile and he felt some of his own hope and confidence coming back. If Kyp could survive Callista's attack, maybe he would find Leia... Anything was possible.

    yub yub

    Before the talkative droid could respond, Han pulled the lever back and star lines became stars, just like all realspace reversions, but unlike most jumps, the system was filled with fire as the largest Yuuzhan Vong fleet Han had ever seen, attack Alliance forces surrounding Mon Calamari.

    ... into the next battle

    Chapter 55

    Hang on Jeedai, we're coming.

    [face_laugh] [face_laugh]

    "I didn't mean I was staying," Anakin explained, putting a hand on Tahiri's shoulder. "High Priest Jakan will be going with Ruu."

    he will be so pleased

    "All right, we'll go at the same time," Anakin resigned, whipping around and grabbing Tahiri by the arm, pushing her towards the waiting warship.


    "There's something strange on this ship... I felt it when we entered and it's still here, even when we're in hyperspace," Anakin answered.


    Suddenly Jacen's eyes opened wide, and Lowbacca rushed back to the bridge howling. "I feel it, Anakin! There?s a yammosk on board this ship."


    Nom Anor stepped away from his victim, wiping blood from his face and grinning broadly. With Drathul's unfortunate death at the hands of the Jedi, There will be a vacancy at the position of High Perfect and with my bravery at bringing the Jedi to the palace, I may be in line for a promotion.

    oh my ...

    Chapter 56

    "Perhaps having the yammosk here is a blessing," she suggested. "Nen Yim can use it to test ways to over come her new biots and stop the Yuuzhan Vong attack."

    teehee :D


    Then again, if anyone could find a way to override the yammosk's commands... the answer suddenly came to Anakin. An epiphany hit him like the thud bug he caught in his back so many days ago.

    once again Anakin ... go boy :D

    Anakin's skin was pale as he strained to fight off the telepath; spots began to appear in his vision, and his knees weakened. The yammosk continued to attack, and everything went black for Anakin, as he plunged face first, into the yammosk's nutrient pool.



    "Dreadnaught sized, sir. There's a match in our database as well. This ship was at Duro, and believed to have a yammosk. Its name is Savior."
    "Must be part of another fleet coming... Let's destroy it while we still can, we don't need another yammosk in this fight."


    "Send twelve flights of skips on an attack run on Savior, immediately," he ordered. "I want the entire vessel destroyed, the enemy can not be allowed to capture another yammosk."

    :eek: double darn

    teehee ? for once I am happy to see Jacens ability :p

    great idea ...
    superb battle :D

    Chapter 57

    Jaina reached out with her hands to grab his face, but thought better of it and pulled them away, before gently pressing her lips against his, and then breaking contact completely.


    a near
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    I love this story
    people should write more stories that take place during this time period with Anakin
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    Just reread this and it was great again[face_love]
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    I have just finished reading the first two stories I and I loved them both. I really liked how you brought Akin back and made it realistic. I also loved all of the character and I can not wait too read the next story.
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