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  1. Spatz

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    Oct 10, 2008
    ~Gates of Destruction~

    This world is known as Nirn, and this story takes place in the province of Cyrodiil. The emperor?s passing has been avenged by his son and the champion of Cyrodiil. Now that peace is on the horizon, the Champion has opted to follow in the steps of the Nerevarine and go to the Isle of Akavir.

    The problem is, all that?s left to defend the largest of the Imperial Provinces is the Imperial Legion, and the one who?s in charge is High Chancellor Ocato. Now, most people wouldn?t worry about this, after all, Ocato is a respectable and wise Chancellor, and the Legion is a powerful force. This is wrong. Because of the thin spread of imperials, especially near Leyawiin, Elsweyr has decided to retake it?s land, and now hoards of Khajiit are invading the Topal Bay region of Cyrodiil.

    The Mythic Dawn has found a loophole around the protection Akatosh has made. There had been no protection from any realm other than Mehrunes Dagon?s plane of Oblivion, and now the Mythic Dawn is taking advantage of that, by insisting to Mehrunes to invade his way into Boethia and Sheogorath?s realms of Oblivion, therefore releasing hoards of Daedra across the Imperial Province once again. High Chancellor Ocato is aware of this, but is unable to pull the armies from the neighbouring provinces.

    This is, of course, where you come in. You are a hired being to protect the province from the Daedra and the Khajiiti invasion force. This is rarely done, but is found necessary as Cyrodiil requires brave and skilled warriors.

    In this RP you are a member of one of the ten prominent species native to Tamriel (yes even Khajiit, you are not aligned with Elsweyr). You have been hired by the empire to protect the province from invading Khajiit, and the threat of an invasion by Daedra.

    1. Follow all board rules.
    2. [b]PM me your character sheets.[/b]
    3. As I am aware of other species from mods, you [b]cannot[/b] be one of them, as I have no idea as to what they look like, and therefore cannot picture them in my mind.
    4. You?re not an over buff character, so no overkill equipings, and only one faction.
    5. I will control all leader based NPCs, along with necessary NPCs.
    6. Have fun, your aloud a fair amount of free roam, and if you perchance find a chest or such, I will assign what you found.
    7. Use as a reference site.

    Sign Up Sheet:

    [b]Age:[/b] (18-45)
    [b]Race:[/b] (Limited to Altmer (High elf), Argonian, Bosmer (Wood elf), Breton, Dunmer (Dark Elf), Imperial, Khajiit, Nord, Orismer (Orc), or Redgaurd (No vampires or Lycanthropes without my consent) )
    Faction: (Can be fighters guild, mages guild, Dark Brotherhood, Arena Competitor, or just an adventurer)
    [b]Weapon(s):[/b] (Up to three, and only one enchanted at a time)
    [b]Armor:[/b] (Optional, but again, one piece of enchanted)
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    Oct 10, 2008
    M'aiq Apporves this LOL

    Name: Mixia
    Age: 134
    Race: Khajiit Vampire (Always able to walk in the sun due to a special enchantment made by the Night Mother herself)
    Faction: Dark Brotherhood (Executioner (In charge of the Fort Ash sanctuary))
    Gender: Female
    Class: J?kar Assassin
    Personality: Mixia is somewhat odd, as she refuses to do some of the contracts laid out for her, usually because she wishes not to fight a certain group of beings, though she never divulges why, and just passes the mission off to a lower rank. Because she does this she has never been offered to join the Black Hand, even though she has the understandable capabilities to do so. She is, however, a cheerful member, who always tries to make new recruits feel at home.
    ---Primary Melee: Chillrend (Helped a local farmer in exchange for secrecy of the Fort Ash sanctuary and sword)
    ---Secondary Melee: Silver Dagger (More of a hidden weapon than an actual secondary)
    ---Ranged: Fine Steel Bow w/30 Steel Arrows
    Armor: Rainment of the Crimson Scar (Though people believe that it?s simply the dark brotherhood armor, something she doesn?t argue)
    History: Mixia was born in Chorrol, and raised happily by her parents. At age 12 her parents were murdered by the Morag Tong for unknown reasons. Mixia was all alone and felt very scared, wandering out into the wilderness. She came across fort Carmala, and entered only to be taken by surprise by a pack of vampires. The vampires felt her loneliness, and instead of slaying her, made her a part of the family. After two decades of living with, what surprised her, civil vampires, Mixia longed for adventure, and the vampires let her go, bidding her a good life.

    Mixia lived in secret amongst the citizens of Chorrol, feeding on animals instead of preying upon humans, but she found herself weakened as she continued with this life, and one night she fell into a fit of hunger, only to regain her senses above the body of a dead citizen she had drained. She was horrified by her actions and hid under the shade of the Fort down the road. After a couple of weeks, she was approached by a Vampire who only identified himself as a friend. Mixia was skeptic at first, but found she had much in common with the vampire. He took her across the province to the city of Cheydinhal, where she became a dark sister, a member of the dark brotherhood.

    She took her skills as a vampire and became a useful member, and after seventy years, was granted to create a new sanctuary, and she chose the fort she was found at, Fort Ash. Here she raised many new members, including a Breton named Millard, who left after aquiring the rank of Eliminator. She felt sad that the brotherhood disapproved this, and vowed never to pursue him. After a while she was recruited by the empire to fight the impending threats.
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    Dec 18, 2007
    APPROVED, ;)

    Name: Meckai [born Milliard Trite]
    Age: 29
    Race: Breton
    Gender: Male

    Faction: Adventurer (former Dark Brother - Eliminator)
    Class: Ranger / Vagabond

    Personality: Sarcastic, fast-talking, and observant. Superb negotiator. Avid drinker.

    Armor: Amalgamated light-weight outfit of leather, wool, and chainmail. Hood conceals all features.
    -- Fine steel short-bow (30 iron arrows)
    -- Steel short-sword
    -- Sufferthorn ([Elven dagger] enchanted - drain strength)

    History: Native of High Rock; lived there most of his earlier years. Ran from his 'home', falling into petty crime and thievery after his father murdered his mother and uncle (father's brother) due to suspicions of adultery. Father was locked up, Milliard became a member of the secretive Dark Brotherhood in his adolescence. Over the next half decade, and after a few emotionally gripping murders, Milliard enigmatically departed from the Brotherhood without their consent, fleeing and dodging them within the shadows with the very tactics they themselves had taught him. The Breton is forever burdened by his dark past, and even darker actions, and has now taken up a new mantle: Meckai - Journeyman extraordinaire.
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    Oct 10, 2008
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