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Lou, KY The Empire has been sold: How do you feel?

Discussion in 'Mid West Regional Discussion' started by New Vanck, Oct 30, 2012.

  1. New Vanck

    New Vanck Jedi Padawan

    Oct 18, 2012
    Okay, we have all heard the news....Disney now owns Lucasfilm.

    How do feel about this?

    Honestly, I think this might be a good thing. I have kinda been drifting away from Star Wars lately. To many retcons, the Karen Traviss conflicts, the end of several long term stories. Something was missing and this merger kinda explains thing a bit.

    But, I see the potential for something new here. When Disney bought Marvel, many thought it would be bad. But, the Marvel movies rocked! What if we get Joss Whedon or James Cameron as a director? Could this be the opening to an action packed story I wantef when the prequels came out? We shall see.

    My biggest fear is the possibility of all canon going away. Again...we shall see.
  2. BulbousFreak

    BulbousFreak Jedi Knight star 1

    May 17, 2007
    A similar mix of dread and hope. We'll see what happens.

    I strongly disliked how they did John Carter, but like you mentioned, Avengers was a lot better than expected. As long as they aren't too heavy-handed in trying to change our galaxy around, I'll be fine with it.
  3. jedimika

    jedimika FanForce Chapter Rep star 4

    Apr 2, 2008
    Thanks for posting this up Vanck, news hit while I was at work. On the plus side I had several hours to think about it but my brain is still in turmoil.

    Disney and Lucas have always been tight so it shouldn’t be as big a shock to me as it is. I guess I thought when Lucas retired he would still own the company and let someone else run it…not sell it outright to a faceless corporation. I feel a little like I’ve been kicked in the gut. I always felt like the Star Wars fandom was family with Lucas as the head of the household, so who’s my Daddy now? A Disney committee? Plus as much as some people complain I never minded giving Lucas my money…now it’s going to go to the House of Mouse.

    As a costumer and member of the 501st and Rebel Legion I’m likewise a bit put out. When I put on that costume I felt like I was representing Lucas…maybe even thanking him a little for what he did by busting my butt for charity in his name. Now I’m just a Disney mascot. When I was “working” for Lucas it was an honor and in a strange way I felt connected to him by dressing as his characters, now I don’t know.

    The more optimistic fans on the web keep pointing to how well the Disney takeover of Marvel has went. But I look at “John Carter” and the Pirates films (which they ran into the ground) and I see the way things can go wrong. Sure the Pirates films made money hand over fist but besides the first one were the rest any good? A new Star Wars film every 2-3 years? I’m really worried.

    I can’t imagine seeing a Star Wars film without the 20th Century Fox logo and fanfare…I guess now we’ll get the Disney castle.

    On the plus side us older fans who went through the "Dark Times" post ROTJ when there was no new Star Wars on the horizon don't have to worry. Disney will make sure the Star Wars brand doesn't languish. They will milk the franchise for all they can.

    I guess we’ll see what the future holds and how my feeling change as I regain my equilibrium. It’s just hard for me to wrap my head around.

    Celebration Europe just became a lot more interesting as the first post buy-out (or sell-out) Celebration. I kinda wish I spoke German.

    Darn it I’m old and I don’t like change.

    May the Force Be With Us
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  4. Yoda_Jammies

    Yoda_Jammies Jedi Master star 4

    Jan 28, 2003
    Very well said Boss.
  5. BulbousFreak

    BulbousFreak Jedi Knight star 1

    May 17, 2007
    When you wish upon a Death Star
  6. Commander APPO

    Commander APPO Jedi Padawan star 2

    Oct 19, 2012
    I try to live by the maxim;
    "The only thing constant is change"


    Even though I try to keep that in mind (my military one) I am incline to agree with you Mika. When I first when throught my basic training (for Warrant Officer @ 35 years old) I found out how much set in my ways I was becoming and how I wasn't really that big on change. Zip to the future and I'm realize I'm getting more set as I get older.

    One one hand the pessimist in me say's " They'll fracking runie the whole thing because of credits"
    The optimist thinks "Hey this could be a really good thing if they follow in Walt's original idea to provide fun and family atmosphere.
    I can say that cuz I grew up in California and spent lots of time at the original Disneyland.

    So, what I'm saying is "Hope for the best and be prepared for the worst"

    Yea I'll just have to adjust or find something else to do,

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    WIERD_GREEN_MAN Jedi Knight star 4

    Dec 16, 2010
    Totally agree with everything.
    Fans like you and me have been drifiting away. The corporations recognize this. This is why they are trying out this revival.
    However, I will drift further away if they are incredibly mean to canon.
    I'm not going to freak out about director choices, however.
  8. Yoda_Jammies

    Yoda_Jammies Jedi Master star 4

    Jan 28, 2003
    I am still trying to iternalize my thoughts over this, and thus not realy able to write anything yet. I feel numb, bitter, and excited as well.
  9. mindtwister_138

    mindtwister_138 Jedi Master star 3

    Jul 19, 2002
    I mostly agree with Mika. I have mixed feelings about this. At first, when I heard, I was extremely upset. I wondered how Father George could do something like this to us. Then, as I actually read about it, the premise for more movies did something to subside that hurt. I mean, now we're on the brink of some change, yes, but, we may now get the movies that we all want to see!

    This makes me very excited about the future of the Saga. For Disney to be able to do something George refused to do, and that is to possibly give us what we all want. More Star Wars!

    Now, as everyone already knows, I am a very avid SW fan. I don't have the talent to do anything more than to love the Saga with all my heart, and to collect everything I can with the branding on it, but it has been with me my whole life, for as long as I can remember. With that said, I know there are a lot of people who hate the second trilogy of movies, that think Jar Jar was a travesty and so on. However, I loved those movies. Nowhere near as much as the OT, but I do love them, and I even like Jar Jar, and see his character for what he really is, and that is an opening for Palpy to gain more power.

    I am hoping and wishing we get something like the Thrawn Trilogy made into movies, or perhaps we get to see the New Jedi order unfold on the big screen. I guess what I'm really saying is that as long as they don't completely trash the Saga, I think I will love the new movies too. And if they do, well, we always have the other 6 to fall back on and still love too.
  10. jedimika

    jedimika FanForce Chapter Rep star 4

    Apr 2, 2008
    I guess no more SW marathons on Spike, I suppose they'll be going to the Disney Channel ;)

    I would think the Clone Wars cartoon (and eventually Detours) will go there as well.

    The news has certainly pumped some life into the tfn boards. The news thread currently has 331 comments and is bringing back lots of lapsed members.

    The fan in me is excited about new content coming up and new posibilities for the brand (a Star Wars theme park?)...but the costumer side of me is still uncomfortable being part of "Mickey's Army" instead of "George's Army".
  11. mindtwister_138

    mindtwister_138 Jedi Master star 3

    Jul 19, 2002
    No will always be a part of George's Army, no matter who actually owns it. You should always keep that in mind.
  12. Lord_Zannah

    Lord_Zannah Jedi Knight star 2

    Sep 4, 2012
    I would have never gone here without being asked about it, so ... "Thank You" so much for asking. I'm exploding. Due to my position as a Costuming Group Officer, I can't be forthright on Facebook nor on the TDE boards. I'm supposed to be purely upbeat and keep the morale up.

    I'm sure happy and relieved to be able to share my heart here. I need to so terribly bad... I don't know if it's because of my long history with Star Wars, the context it took in my life, or maybe I"m just nuts. ... (shut up Deamonicus) ... At any rate...

    Mika said," Disney and Lucas have always been tight so it shouldn’t be as big a shock to me as it is. I guess I thought when Lucas retired he would still own the company and let someone else run it…not sell it outright to a faceless corporation. I feel a little like I’ve been kicked in the gut. I always felt like the Star Wars fandom was family with Lucas as the head of the household, so who’s my Daddy now? A Disney committee? Plus as much as some people complain I never minded giving Lucas my money…now it’s going to go to the House of Mouse.

    As a costumer and member of the 501st and Rebel Legion I’m likewise a bit put out. When I put on that costume I felt like I was representing Lucas…maybe even thanking him a little for what he did by busting my butt for charity in his name. Now I’m just a Disney mascot. When I was “working” for Lucas it was an honor and in a strange way I felt connected to him by dressing as his characters, now I don’t know". End Of Statement.

    Comments From Zannah:
    Mika and gang, that is "exactly" how I'm feeling. Exactly.. and there is so much more going threw my brain and my heart. I'm in over whelm. Complete overwhelm.

    Although a "Star Trek" fan, I never developed the affinity to the characters as I did with Star Wars. And I sure never developed the respect for Mr. Rodenberry as I did George Lucas.
    And speaking of respect... Disney does not have mine nor have they ever. Now... now it seems we may have to answer to them. I am not well with that prospect.

    Due to the fact that I had never developed those affinities, when the changes came to Star Trek, they didn't really affect me on a deep level. Star Trek was "entertainment".

    Star Wars means so much more... "to me". Maybe it shouldn't, and there are those who would see it as "Un-natural". But a hero is a hero in any ones book. and without going into intimate detail, In a very real sense, Lucas and "his" Star Wars are a hero to me.

    For me, the whole star wars saga from it's beginnings in the mind of the maker to it's current incarnation has done nothing but uplift and elate me. ... So of coarse this news is upsetting and frightening.

    There are too many questions unanswered and too much left unsaid .. "About A Great Many Things".

    . Is Lucas still our Dad?
    . Have we been passed into the hands of an organization/ cold corporation who has absolutely "NO" history with us? They have history with their "own" creations like Micky, etc..and those entities are nothing but credit fodder for them.
    . Are we also now "Disney Characters"?
    . What will our costume groups 2013 disclaimers have on them?
    . Will we receive renewals at all?

    Disney has no real history with us..... and I am feeling VERY out of sorts. Very insecure... this is sucking.

    I've now gone from a awesome Star Wars Character of Lucas Films to a .... "Disney Character". I feel ... "lumped in" and also kicked in the gut. I feel unsure, uncertain, and it's not a warm fuzzy for me.

    Stang... So much happened and literally over night.... so how the heck are we "supposed" to feel? Our whole UNIVERSE just tumped upside down and we're supposed to trust in blind faith that all is still well.

    Mary Franklyn has made an over the counter across the board statement to the Costuming groups that it is still "Business As Usual".

    . What kinda business as usual?

    The words and statement of "Business as usual" can have all kinds of implications and is in fact meant to relay just that.... "All kinds of implications".

    There was nothing definitive but the "Business as usual". Some of our group leaders may feel alright about that. But for me, "I've got a bad feeling about this". And for the first time, that phrase has taken on a whole new meaning. A real one and for once, I don't see the joke.

    There has been too much water under the bridge for me to sustain trust in statements like "Business as usual" under any circumstances. So for me, ... for me, this is a waiting game that will be excruciatingly long and filled with anxiety.

    . How much pull does Lucas still have with "his" universe?
    . How much were "we" his fans, and his "costuming groups" taken into consideration in all of this merger?
    . And how far will Disney honor whatever those considerations were?

    For me, the excitement of knowing we have movies 7,8, and 9 now in the works has lost it's luster. I'm too apprehensive at this point and I'm also in shock... which has left me teetering between numb, dumbfounded, and down right.. afraid for the future of Star Wars.

    Disney Star Wars Universe falls flat for me. It doesn't roll off of my tongue.

    . Will we still have the "20th Century Fox"fanfare score?

    I know that some of these things might seem trivial to some, but for me... it is what I have always known. And as I've learned the hard way... in some instances, change is a hard pill to swallow. For me, the first time I see ep. 7 and it doesn't begin with our beloved fanfare... I will cry.

    As I respect the man, I also respect any decision which Mr. Lucas makes on behalf of "his" Empire. It does not mean that I will like it, nor will I have to continue to respect what the aftermath of that decision does to the previous fan base before this merger.

    One of the reasons Star Wars means so much to me, is a direct result of the respect I have for it's maker. Without that, it would have remained to me as Star Trek did... just another one of my favorite SCI-FY sagas. Without the Maker being who he is... and now not even his descendants at the helm... it may turn into just another story run by Disney. I"m sorry to be so blunt. But this is the way someone who was there when it all started is feeling. Very unsure about the future.

    I'm sure that the "young" who know no different, and those who only see Star Wars as their "favorite" entertainment will not miss a beat. They don't have emotional investment, and will only be disappointed if it doesn't continue to be as entertaining as it once was... kinda how I feel about the Trek.

    Whether Disney at the helm of Star Wars becomes the same thing to this next generation as it is to many of us, remains to be seen. At my age I may not live to know the answer to that one.

    However right now? ..... I'm feeling somewhat deflated.

    Well... I hate being all negativity, doom and gloom... it's usually not like me, and I feel strange at feeling so... strange. Sooo, on a positive note:

    I read this morning about Lucas donating most of the proceeds of this merger to furthering education. I love him for that. For that and so much more which he's done threw these "many" years of my watching him and getting to know him. One of the reasons for the deep respect.

    And I do hope that indeed "All Is Well" for us, that it is business as usual, and those of us who have loved our George for his works, deeply touched by those works and the heart within the creator.... don't have our hearts broken.

    I have always loved Mr. Lucas and his works beyond the needs of simply being entertained.

    At least that is how it is from my camp.
    May The Force Be With Us.
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  13. MandaloreTheNerdy

    MandaloreTheNerdy Jedi Youngling

    Mar 15, 2009
    I don't think it will be that bad. We get more films and T.V. shows which is awesome as long as the stories aren't lame.
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  14. Lord_Zannah

    Lord_Zannah Jedi Knight star 2

    Sep 4, 2012
    Yes, it won't be all that bad for most fans, and I realize that. ...

    However Star Wars from my perspective, is more than just entertainment. "Much More". Right or wrong it is what it is for me. I have based much of what I do around it. I have helped many people.... with Star Wars as a catalyst. All under the reigns of George Lucas...

    And that was what I was trying to relay above, how all of this has affected me now, at this moment in time.

    Aside from what I stated above, the big questions for me as a Star Wars costumer who has a designation in two LFL acknowledged costuming groups "The 501st Legion and The Dark Empire" are:

    . Do I now costume for Disney? If the answer to that turns out to be "yes"... how will I feel about that in a couple of months? Right now... not good. It seems shallow to "me". Please... don't anyone take offense if it is alright with you. ... Please. I'm a rare bird and I know it.
    . How would I feel about purchasing over priced Star Wars anything which all of the money is now going to Disney? Right now.... it won't happen. I have no respect for Disney.

    That is how I am feeling. However I am but one person, and I am much older than most other "active" fans whom I've met. Most are 20 years younger than I am, with a few being around 10 years younger.

    I know our Uncle won't be with us forever.... and that one day he will pass on into the Force and he must leave his Empire in good hands. But I always thought it would have been another Lucas. I also know that he really wanted to retire, to enjoy the fruits of his labor, and to hopefully experience his creation as we do... to see it threw "our" eyes. I do not begrudge him that at all... if anyone deserves to enjoy his creation, our Uncle George does. But again, I always thought it would be another Lucas we would look up to and admire.

    As I've aged, I've found that it has become harder to give up the things that I'm familiar with. This is truly going to take some getting used to. For me, Disney at the helm is not going to feel like family ... at least it doesn't at the present.

    But... I'm really trying to let it all sink in. However until many of my questions are answered, I can not just throw caution to the wind. And getting used to Disney as our family head...... can I even do that?

    Please do not get me wrong.... I know that Mr. Lucas owes us nothing... he never told us nor asked us to love him. And I am "not" saying that he shouldn't have done what he wanted to do. What I am saying is that now it is up to "me", to each "individual" to assess how they feel about the current situation. That is it in a nut shell isn't it? When you feel a loss, it is always how you are going to react to it. How you are going to process it and get on with your life.

    The loss I am feeling is our Uncle is no longer at the helm. That is the bottom line. Now to deal with it. At least that is my perspective at present... I could be wrong about "ALL" of this. I hope to anything that I am... Please let me be wrong....

    Well, from what I am aware of at present.. what is done is done. And if my current perceived status quo turns out to be the end reality... I either get used to it or I do not and I above all realize this.
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  15. jedimika

    jedimika FanForce Chapter Rep star 4

    Apr 2, 2008
    Very well said've really gotten at my feelings as well.

    I honestly think the costume groups have nothing to worry about from Disney and their usually aggresive legal team. Think how it would look..."Disney shuts down charity costume groups" would be a PR nightmare.

    Disney would LOVE for us to continue our work and be working for them...the question I have is do *I* want to work for *them*? It's more of a self imposed mental hangup I know. At the end of the day I suppose it doesn't matter who you're doing the charity work for as long as people benefit in the end. I don't see eye to eye with the Salvation Army on all their points of view but I get an Angel from the Angel Tree every year and I'm signed up to be a bell ringer for them for the second year in a row. Being old and inflexible it just may take me a little longer to come around.
  16. Yoda_Jammies

    Yoda_Jammies Jedi Master star 4

    Jan 28, 2003
    No, Zannah you are right on target my luv. Your writtings-- with each sentence steepted with anxiety, going back and forth between emotions--- exactly what i am feeling now too. It is the unkown that is at issue.

    We knew GGL was retiring. Before c6 he named is sucsessor, and she is a great choice! And, I too thought inthe end, Katie and/or Jet would take over the family franchise.

    But, Disney has been hands off with a lot of its other properties; marvel, mtv, espn, and i am sure more. Hopefully, the mouse will let Ms. Kennedy run Lucasfilm the way she wants to, the way GL would want her too.

    At least I want them too. Oh Zannah you are so spot on. Disney, or any corperation, is not family. And we are so used to star wars beeing a part of our family. I think Ms. Kennedy is family. A step-mom. And big brother Puablo, Leland, Dave, sister Mary are all still a part of our family. It's the new landlord we do't know about.
  17. Lord_Zannah

    Lord_Zannah Jedi Knight star 2

    Sep 4, 2012
    I love you guys. We'll all see this threw together, and it's true... George trusts Kathleen.... and I have always trusted George. So here we go. [:D] The first thing I have to get used to are all of the Star Wars characters and equipment now lumped in with Disney ones. Mickey ears on everything and everyone... the worst I've seen is the Falcon in the shape of Mickey ears... :rolleyes: Vader taking a knee to a very angry Mikey... Admiral Ackbar eating spaghetti with Tramp and a caption joke beneath it.... all of the Disney female cartoon characters wearing slave Leia bikinis... it's going on and on.. will it ever stop?

    All of that will have to get old. The sooner the better. As one of my favorite Southern females exclaimed,"I won't think about that right now. Tomorrow is another day". [face_batting]
  18. mindtwister_138

    mindtwister_138 Jedi Master star 3

    Jul 19, 2002
    It's hard for me to grasp what you guys are talking about without actually being affiliated with those official LF groups. However, much as the rest of you, I do not have much love for Disney, and I can understand the apprehension you are feeling. I wish I had some magic words to say to make all the confusion and everything go away, but I don't. Unfortunately, it will be a waiting game to see which direction they choose to go.

    It does feel a bit like a slap in the face, but one thing they need to remember is that even though GL created everything, WE made it happen. If Disney forgets this, we can always show them that we have the strength in our numbers and we can make our voices heard.

    Welcome to the new Rebellion.
  19. MandaloreTheNerdy

    MandaloreTheNerdy Jedi Youngling

    Mar 15, 2009
    A few years ago Disney buying the rights to star wars would have been at least to me the worst news ever, but then they bought Marvel and changed pretty much nothing and also made some of the best comic book films ever created. I do understand the apprehension to costume for Disney but for me it isnt about who owns the rights or whatnot its about the charity work and the sense of brotherhood that comes along with it. I don't have a full costume to speak of yet but I've been a member of the boards on The Dark empire and the mandalorian mercs and both are filled with awesome helpful people who do this for themselves not who owns the rights. Plus like someone above said stepping in and saying no would be PR suicide for Disney.
  20. Lord_Zannah

    Lord_Zannah Jedi Knight star 2

    Sep 4, 2012
    I watched "A New Hope" today. It occurred to me that in those days of that movie release, (1977) you could have never made me believe that Darth Vader fans would one day put Mickey Mouse ears on his head.

    I think I"m beginning to understand.

    Star Wars Forever and as always...
    The Force Be With Us. >;~)
  21. Yoda_Jammies

    Yoda_Jammies Jedi Master star 4

    Jan 28, 2003
    I don't think one has to be a member of TDE or the 501st to feel this roller coaster ride of emotions. I do not think Zannah or Mika would type, well jammies isn't a costumer so he isn't intitled to feel a sence of loss and hurt and fear-- tinted with hope and excitement. (Z and M chime in you if disagree).

    There are lots of ways to be a part of the fandom family.

    Or maybe it is the crushing realiziation that our family is now owned by a publicly traded mega corp. Ad when I say family, i mean it. You all most certainly are like, instant family ( and Twisty no mouse will take that away). But I have been talking to jason fry about the moons of the planet mimbain since the internet was just this weird bbs system. Nathon Butler worked at my comic book store, aand we would talk warz and tieline placements for hours! And pablo knows who I am (for better or for worse), and it was yours truely who worked with Mary Franklin to get a birthday button and discount for birthday jedi ay c6 (it was ms. jammies birthday, and i am a bit of a romantic) and yes-- i did get to mock Faloni at the airport for stealing my face (and he, and Joel, got a big kick out of that.)

    I dont troop, but i do build and paint. And i mainly build and paint models made for me by my other family. Take my last entry at wonderfest, the clone wars cruiser: the ship was casted by my buddy jimi in ohio, the little ships that helped to form the diorama was casted by my buddy in philly, and the decales were printed by jimbo in ontario. It did not win an award but the kids at wonderfest LOVED it! and that was better than any medal.

    Lucas doesn't care that we made resin casts of star wars ships (unless of course it violates a licenced company's attempt to roll out the same ship-- like the falcon by fine molds led to a guy i know getting a c and d letter: telling him to stop, but not sueig him or anything.

    Will Disney be as cool? Will they end my hobby? Will they kill off my model family? Jimi quit his job to cast star wars stuff at home so he can help take care of his disabled baby. Will he get a c and d, or will disney just sue him for damages as they have done in the past?

    Will I be able to make a child smile, and evoke a since of star wars wonder again?

    Will they over ride the EU? I have spent my life reading and memorizing every book as they came out, every book. Star wars is the only franshize to work hard to insure that sppin off material all fits to for on consistant universe. Nothie else like it, and for most of us that is the real appeal. Each book "matters." While i have never cared about canon ( a religous term by the way, and lets not get into religion) I do care strongly about continuity as that was what makes star wars so very unique-- from the biginng they tried to tie it all in.

    And sometimes george changes continuity. And that is ok. It is, afer all, his world, his imagenation. if an author was off the mark, and gl corrected it-- awesome (and any discrepency can be fized by jason fry later-- with the help of leeland and paublo). Will disney take that level of care going forward? Ms. Kennedy will, but will disney let her?

    And while it is fine for GL to change continuity (young boba fett, the mon cals being an ancheint space faring race, anikan having a padawan) as it is his vision--- can we say the same about a comittee of suits in a disney office? Without george, who has that authorial athority? To me? No one.

    So yes, I have not donned an official 501st set of armour. But that doesn't mean my pain, a real pain, is any less. That doesn't mean that I can't ligitamatly worry about a family that i feel a part of. I can worry about Jimi and his doughter. I can worry about Randi Stradly too! The man has worked hard to make great comics that fit with continutiy; and now his company may go under, or have massive lay offs, if disney takes the star wars comic license away from darkhourse and gives it to their own comic company marvel (grown). Now the cancelation of legacy makes sence. Now the cancelation of Invation makes sence.


    I had promised an essay once my thoughts had been settled, and they are still all over the map.

    And while Twisty's comments propted this message, it certainly isn't an attack on my nerfherder. What we do have, is each other first and formost. It is true that the majority of star wars fans are thirilled by this. But it is so coforting to know i am not alone in my pain. We will get through this together, and for ever.

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  22. Lord_Zannah

    Lord_Zannah Jedi Knight star 2

    Sep 4, 2012
    My beloved Jammies, you are right and I"m "sure" I can speak for Mika too when I say that neither of us would "ever"... "never" say that no one can understand peoples pain in this situation.

    And for myself... "I feel you".

    And neither would I demean a human beings feelings in "any" situation. Feelings are real and they are tangible and they have a real impact on our well being. It matters not the source or the cause.

    Speaking of which... I've seen some of our "family" now telling us "whiners" to shut up and get over it... And in the professional words of one high ranking TDE officer, and on a public social forum no less,"Quityerbichen".

    Really? Nice. But as I've got to know this person, not surprising.

    I'm really having a hard time on many levels. Some of us are now being hurt by sources I would have never imagined. Disney has done nothing yet and it is the fan base who has run amuck.

    I'm at a loss. But.... I know you all and I know we'll treat one another with respect and "dignity" threw it all.

    I'm going to call my 11... we haven't heard from her and I know this is affecting her too. The silence from her corner is deafening.

    I'll stay in touch.... and I can't even begin to express how much I appreciate being able to speak my heart out. And most importantly, to feel "safe" in doing so.

    The bottom line seems to be this: It is boiling down to how much a person has emotionally invested in all of this. How much, and what kind of emotion and from where it stems. For me.... it is insurmountable and no way to explain nor would I. It is too deep and when I am met with the looks and treatment I have received in the past from 'most' people when I have trusted them... lets just say that if you know, you are one of a handful. But enough of this from me.

    Wraps her arms around all of you.... you know how much I'm a hugger... and we need some hugs right now. [:D]

  23. jedimika

    jedimika FanForce Chapter Rep star 4

    Apr 2, 2008
    Aww hugs back...[:D]

    Jammies I didn't know you did the work to get the C6 birthday discount...kudos to you.
  24. Yoda_Jammies

    Yoda_Jammies Jedi Master star 4

    Jan 28, 2003
    Hugs are nice! And you are right, Disney has not done a thing as of right now-- It is the fans (not the ones reading this) that have gone loopy.
    I think I can start to breathe. Disney has not done anything yet. Ok.

    BUT THEY WILL!!!! (weez * weez * wezz*)

    So yeah, Mika. Mary Franklin was really fun to work with on that. I mentioned to her how awesome Ms. Jammies was and that it was her b-day and Jason swanks B-day. We then exchanged some bad Bossk puns-- and she sent me a link to the birthday button on the website, with the note "Done!"
  25. Yoda_Jammies

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    Jan 28, 2003
    I am so appreciative of this forum, and of those dear friends of mine who read it. I feel it is important that we have a safe place to voice our opinions. Apparently, some of us have been dealing with some really negative voices in other places. Well, this is our place—and it is a safe one.

    I was hoping that, after I had some time to think, I could write coherently about my feelings. However, I cannot. I have so many questions about not just some “space movies” but a way of life! And I believe those questions will not be answered anytime soon. Most not until 2015. So, while my emotions are still all over the place—facts are still facts. My logic brain has to take over, and this post will be just that. Factual and logical.

    Last Tuesday’s news was a big shock. I think to most casual fans it was a pleasant surprise: new movies! Others fell into the fanboy camp of OMG! Marvel style movies! Joss Wedon will do Star Wars! The rest of us, those here in the LGA, felt hurt, adrift, and in shock.

    In retrospect, we shouldn’t have. The signs were all there. Lucas and Disney have been partners for years. Lucas was, as has been re-reported, one of the first kids in line when Walt opened up DisneyLand in the 50s. Also, Lucas has said publicly that he wanted to retire. He has also said he was done with the Star Wars universe, and wanted to move on to other projects—like Red Tails (which was awesome). He even hand-picked his successor, Kathleen Kennedy (whom fans met at C6). Kathleen’s imdb page reads like my childhood! All of my favorite films she had her hand in somehow.

    Still, the merger seemed to happen so fast. In truth, this deal had taken months (and keep in mind it is not finished yet! The SEC, and I am sure other governing bodies around the world have to approve it, and other nuances have to be worked out). Indeed, I think most of us would have liked to see one of his kids take over the family business—especially as we see Lucasfilm as a family, and not like a business. But, it still is a business, a billion dollar one: and one unlike no other.

    Well, except one: Disney.

    After Walt died from smoking too much, his family took over the company—and pretty much ran it into the ground. When Star Wars came out, a lot of the media said this is the film Disney should have made: and their answer was the mess that is The Black Hole. Michael Eisner was then brought in in the 80s, and he was very successful at re-branding Disney and producing some classic animated films. He also created the business end of Disney that I feel we Star Wars fans are very apprehensive of. He was let go by shareholders, after bitter disputes with them and with Walt’s nephew Roy (Roy Disney being one of the family members that ran the company into the ground). He was then replaced by Bob Iger (former head of ABC) after Disney bout the tv company. Bob shook up the company, and looked toward Lucasfilm for a business model. Under Iger, Disney bought up several entertainment companies (like Marvel, ESPN, Pixar, and now Lucasfilm). Iger also started a Disney-fan initiative “Disney 23” which includes fundraising activities. Iger said he modeled D23 after seeing the 501st at Disney Star Wars Weekends.

    My hunch? George wanted to name his successor, but wondered who would be Kennedy’s successor? He would not be alive to see that, and he wanted to make sure he had some impute in that decision from beyond the grave. I also think he did not want to put his kids in the same position Walt put his in. Just like George’s dad wanted him to take over the family business when George wanted to go to film school—maybe Jet and Katie don’t want to run a mega corp? And why should they? Katie wants to be a writer, and even at her young age she has written the best Clone Wars scipts.

    I think George wanted to make sure his company would remain solvent, competitive, and innovative for years after his death. I think he wanted to protect his current employees. I also think he wanted to protect his intellectual property—mainly Star Wars. Under U.S. copyright law, intellectual property goes into the public domain after 100 years. The Disney corp. has been able to lobby congress to keep it’s IP long after that 100 years has expired. I feel that George knows this, and knows that under Disney the Star Wars IP will stay intact.

    Again, as this deal is still in process, we fans will be in the dark for some time. Not because Mary Franklin is a corporate stooge, but because no one is allowed to know anything until the deal goes through. Lucas and Disney are trying to merge a private corporation with a public one: and that can be tricky. As Lucas is the largest single holder of stock in Disney: I am sure the powers that be will want to make sure that everything is on the up and up and that no insider trading went on (although, it is hard to do that when the market is closed due to a superstorm).

    But, we do know a few things that bring me hope.

    Steve Sansweet is back. I’m not sure what his role is, but it is good to have him. Probably he will be there to make sure fans are taken care of by the new merger. For me, the best news is that Howard Roffman is back as head of Lucasfilm Licensing. In part, I believe this is to protect the EU (which was Roffman’s baby). While the EU will most likely take a drastically different form as the new movies come out--- why wouldn’t Lucasfilm and by extension Disney want to preserve the cash cow that is Lucasbooks? Star Wars books are perennially on the best seller list. Best of all, Iger said he wants to let Lucasfilm run as independently as possible. He said he wants Lucasfilm to do what they do best, and that means “business as usual.” Kennedy will be able to do what she was hired to do, guide the company and make Star Wars films. George handed her the “notebook” and of course, he is still on the payroll as a consultant. The fact that his house is at the Ranch shows that even in retirement, he will have his finger in the Star Wars pot.

    So that is my logical post. These are the facts. While there are a lot of unkowns (and some very scary unkowns to us all), we do know that we will have more films, and that has to be a good thing. At C6 Lucas spilled the beans to Hamill and Fisher. According to Dan Pollock, the author of Skywalking (a biography of Lucas and the cover art of the book is in Zannah’s tribute) The three most exciting stories were parts 7,8 and 9,'They had propulsive action, really interesting new worlds, new characters. I remember thinking, "I want to see these three movies".' Mark Hamill has been quoted as saying Luke would have taken on an Obi-Wan like role in 7,8,9 if they were ever to be made. And while speculation on the director is all over the place—Kennedy has mainly produced Spielberg films, and Steven did do some directing on Sith. I think all of these things bode well for the new movies. Plus, new movies meen new ships to drool over.

    My emotional side is not nearly as hopeful as my logical side. Where exactly do the fans fit in all this? What about the 501st? To me specifically; how does this fit with the EU? Will they take it into account? Lucas did (sorta), when he kept Zahn’s name for the galactic capital. And again, will Disney’s goons be at Wonderfest? Is this the end of my two favorite hobbies? Again, we will not know until 2015. Untill then, we just have to stick together, walk PAST open windows and not jump out of them, accept that change is coming, and hope for the best. Mje? I have just downloaded the new Forcecast podcast about this issue as well as the audiobook for Reven and will work out my anxieties on the treadmill, as hopefully the Forcecast crew calms me down (they may amp me up, I haven’t heard it yet). Anyway, we are all in this together. Replace any negative voices with ours.

    The Force will be with you, always.
    PS: I really hope they keep the garage kit modelers alone. I don’t want a bunch of snap tite kits.
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