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    It's a shame that people judge a book by it's cover. The Phantom Menace wasn't a happy-ending movie just to market it to kids, it was all part of a grand scheme. While being a tribute to A New Hope, it's not a carbon copy.
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    It seems that all the ends to whole saga--regardless of the atrocities and tragedies throughout--gives the viewer a glimpse of their happiness after a victory in working towards their end goal: peace.

    TPM: Parade and alliance between Naboo and Gungans after Qui-Gon's death.
    AOTC: Marriage between Anakin and Padme after eruption of the Clone Wars.
    ROTS: Luke and Leia being adopted by Owen and Beru and the Organa family.
    ANH: Award ceremony after the destruction of the Death Star and the annihilation of Alderaan.
    ESB: Luke and Leia comforting each other after the Hoth Rebel base getting destroyed and Han Solo being captured.
    ROTJ: Party on the forest moon of Endor after the destruction of the Death Star II and the initial collapse of the Empire and the death of Luke and Leia's father.

    Its all based on point of view and which side you root for. If you pro-Empire then the ending might seem meaningless and wasted and visa versa if you are pro-Rebel.
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    How interesting... I never put two and two together on that one, but after listening, yes definitely. Palpatine was a senator from Naboo, so who knew.. maybe the Emperor's Theme is just a creepy version of some traditional Nabooian anthem of some sort. Ha.
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