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    Essential Guide to Original Characters

    An original character, or OC, is a character created by a fanfic author or roleplayer for an established canon storyline.
    - Wikipedia

    For a reader, discovering a good OC can be akin to a surprise visit from a chatty Papa George who wants to explain the mysteries of GFFA, including how some of the Empire's best troops could be defeated by tribal teddy bears, why stormtrooper armor didn't work as effectively as clonetrooper armor or why Jedi Padawans wore mullets (business up front/party in the back). Sadly, a bad OC experience is comparable to being trapped in an elevator with Jar-Jar Binks and no available weapons of mass destruction.

    Undoubtedly, we've all had our share of bad OC experiences. Every one of us has stumbled across or has written (time to fess up kiddos) one of those OCs who makes you want to stab your eyes out and renounce your literacy. However, we also have read or have written the ones who put a lump in your throat, make you snarf carbonated beverages, see the humanity in the bad guys or think about the GFFA in a totally new light.

    OC writers are a tough and often under-appreciated lot, yet we keep trudging back for more--we either like the abuse or have something important to say. This thread is an attempt to provide a forum for OC writers (I know there have been others in the distant past, but MODS this will be unique, I promise) to pull together, like our very own leper colony, and talk about what makes us tick as writers and why we tell the stories we do.
    - oqidaun (former Fanfic Moderator, founder of the OC Revolution, and quite the Original Character in her own right)

    Welcome to Essential Guide to Original Characters!
    Here you?ll find such items as:
    ? Story Indices
    ? OC Characters Database
    ? Challenges
    ? Discussions, and more!!!

    Guidelines for Submitting Stories to be included in The Index:

    If you would like to submit a story to the index, it must meet the following criteria:

    - The the main character(s) must be Original Characters . In other words, the main plotline must revolve around the story?s Original Character(s) for it to be included here. Having canon and EU characters is permissible; but they should not be the main focal point of the story.

    If you?re unsure whether your story is eligible, please feel free to PM the [link=[url]]OCDatabaseSock[/url] [/link]; include a brief synopsis and your story's link. It will be reviewed to determine if it is eligible. The host(s) reserves the right to make the final determination if is to be considered an OC story. However, if you feel the host may have discounted your story haphazardly; PM me and we can discuss it. There could be just a simple case of oversight on my part.

    To make it easier when gathering the story data from posts or PMs please submit in the following form only, including the broken link:


    That?s it! For interest of space (even though there seems plenty), it?s not necessary to include the other title bar regulars. Most of that info can be reworded into your summary.

    The New Essential Guide to Original Characters Table of Contents:

    Post 1 - Introduction to the OC Database/Table of Contents
    Post 2 - OC Challenges, Rules & Entries
    Post 3 - OC Story of the Month
    Post 4 - Before the Saga Stories
    Post 5 - Saga Stories
    Post 6 - Beyond the Saga Stories
    Post 7 - Classic Stories
    Post 8 - Original Character Database Submission Guidelines and Listings
    Post 9 - OC Diaries (from the 2009 Dear Diary submissions)
    Post 10 - OC Writing Tips
    Post 11 - Original Character Award Winners
    Post 12 - Reserved
    Post 13[/u/>/>/>/>/>
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    OC Challenges

    ? The Essential OC Writing Challenges

    ? Put a Name to That Face FanFic/FanArt Challenge

    ? The ?OC/Seedy-Sider? Project

    The Essential OC Challenges

    Official Challenge Rules: Updated 8/1/09

    ? Approximately every 6 weeks there will be a "Challenge Theme" posted in the thread, which will also be added to this post. Authors will have 4 weeks, with a specified due date, to write a story based on that theme. You can write in any era; Before, Saga, or Beyond. All "Themes" are open to interpretation.

    ? Once the entry deadline is closed, the entries will be posted and readers will have 2 weeks to read and vote on the entrants. Voting will close at midnight board time at the end of those 2 weeks.

    ? Votes must be PMed to the sock to be counted!

    ? These challenges are open to everyone! Just write a story in response and submit it by PM before the designated due date and you?re entered. The only stories accepted are written using exclusively OCs (unless a specific challenge indicates otherwise).

    ? The winner will be allowed to design the next writing challenge.
    Note: Failing to PM the OCDatabaseSock with a new challenge by the winner will result in the host deciding upon the new challenge.

    ? In the event of a tie, co-winners will be declared, all of whom will be allowed to submit a challenge of their own, and entrants may choose from which topic they would like to write and submit. Of course if the co-winners would like to brainstorm a single topic, they are more than welcome to do so.

    ? Every competitor is to be treated with utmost respect. Flaming WILL NOT BE TOLERATED! (Remember the TOS I talked about earlier in this thread?)

    ? Remember the important thing is to have fun!

    Rules are subject to change if needed as the Challenges rolls on, and will be updated accordingly.

    April 2011 Challenge::

    Characters show their true colors when they come at a challenge and fail, and then have to cope with that failure. Confront your OC with failure and see what happens.

    Happy failing!

    This challenge is due a month from now, on May 5, 2011.

    Septmeber 2010 Challenge:
    (submitted by Raptor517)

    Have your OC faced with a task that requires him/her/it to go against his/her/its morals. Do they go with it or no? The rest is up to you.

    [link=] Jerza [/link] by earlybird-obi-wan
    [link=] Snake Tale [/link] by earlybird-obi-wan
    [link=] Partners[/link] by SoA (co-winner!)
    [link=]Eclipsing the Force[/link] by RX_Sith (co-winner!)
    [link=]Duty[/link] by leiaMoody (co-winner!)
    [link=] No Rhyme nor Reason[/link] by LaForzeViva (co-winner!)
    [link=]To Murder Selflessly[/link] by Corellian_Ale (not eligible for voting)

    The Essential OC Challenge 2.0: September/October Challenge

    A shot at living the dream...

    We all wanted to be something when we grew up, but we didn't all get the opportunity to do it. Your OC is presented with the option of fulfilling a childhood dream- whether that's flying with Rogue Squadron or becoming an intergalactic pop star. How does your OC respond? Do they seize the opportunity, or do they stick with the status quo?

    The Essential OC Challenge 2.0: August/September Challenge

    "OC?s Need to Eat their Viggies to Get Big & Strong"

    Side story, background story, adventures in finding a restroom story?

    Tell a story about one of your current OC?s, give a littl/>
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    The Original Character Story of the Month 2.0

    The original idea behind the OC STOM was to highlight OC-centric fics with low readership with hopes to draw in more readers; much like Era-specific Story of the Month features run by the Fanfic Moderators.

    Unfortunately, even with a full month, readers had tended to run out of steam; and the featured OC-STOM would all but be forgotten. With this thread; at least in its infancy; the STOM will feature vignettes or short stories until readers and participants become comfortable with the STOM feature (with potential for WIPs to become featured stories later).

    For an OC fic to be considered for the STOM, it first must be submitted to be included into the index, which is the story pool from which the featured fic will be selected.

    Before the first of each month a fic will be randomly chosen from the index, and the story?s author will be contacted via PM for permission to feature their piece (any author who wishes not to participate is well within their rights to decline). Although the story will be selected randomly, the indexer will make the effort to choose a story unfamiliar to him as well, giving him an opportunity to participate with "fresh eyes" also. If you read the featured STOM, please make the effort to show the author your appreciation, and leave a review.

    During the course of the month, the author will have the opportunity to be interviewed regarding their story. At the end of the month, its hoped that everyone will have had sufficient time to read and review the STOM, and the Interview will be posted, which if history is any indication, should prompt healthy discussion before the next SOTM is announced.

    If you have any questions/ concerns regarding the OC Story of the Month, or you would like to suggest a potential featured story, don't hesitate to PM the [link=]OCDatabaseSock [/link]. :D

    Story of the Month: July 2011

    {link=]Dead Money[/link] by The_Face

    When eccentric master thief Alias Sibul is captured attempting to rob a casino-owner, he's plunged into a high-stakes sabacc game where he's playing for his life and none of the players are what they seem.

    This award-winning story is well worth your reading!

    Story of the Month: April (2011)

    [link=]Republic and Rebellion[/link] by LaForzaViva.

    Followed from the beginning by thread co-host SoA, this pre-Mandalorian Wars fic follows the lives and adventures of six OCs who find their lives increasingly entwined.

    Story of the Month: August (2009)

    [link=]Force Exile II: Smuggler[/link] by Atarumaster88

    Although a relative newcomer to the boards, Ataru has impressed me with his interesting characters, and imaginative storytelling. As a way to welcome him, I decided to use Force Exile II as the OC Database?s Reboot STOM. Ironically I ran across on Ataru?s fic on it?s equally impressive page on WikiFanon; and knew I had heard of his name elsewhere.

    It?s a story featuring a Jedi in a post-Order66 galaxy, striving to reconnect with the family he was removed from as a child, and adapt to a new life. And don?t worry about it, I have not read Force Exile I myself, and I?m having no difficulty following the sequel.

    Please join me in welcoming Atarumaster88, and check out Force Exile II: Smuggler.

    Story of the Month Selections (2008)

    November Story of the Month
    [link=]In the Shadow of Night[/link] by VaderLVR64
    Let's honor the matriarch of the Jedi Council Forums this month with a story that takes place in the far future in which the Jedi face a challenge that may well end the Order.

    August Story of the Month
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    Before the Saga
    (Stories listed in alphabetical order by title)
    Stories started this year indicated in Green.


    [link=] ?And The Wombfish Said...? [/link]
    Author: leiamoody
    Summary: A Jedi Master revives an old tradition, and takes his padawan on a pilgrimage.

    [link=] All Those Who Take the Sword[/link]
    Author(s): JalendaviLady
    Summary: In this viggie, the AUness is that, well, anything and everything in Star Wars can be given the "from a certain point of view" treatment.

    [link=]Astral Astray[/link]
    Author(s): Art_Of_War
    Summary: Upon the duty of the few, rests the peace of many.


    [link=]Between The Lines[/link] (WIP)
    Author: Alley_Skywalker
    Summary: Jedi Knights Ser-Gay Lottos and Marr-Shaa Nova are sent on a diplomatic mission to negotiate a tense situation between Rushania and Ameria. these are their accounts of what goes on on said mission (and its more then just negotiations).

    [link=] Biggles Gets a New Hat [/link]
    Author(s): BrentusofGath

    [link=] Blade of Flame [/link]
    Author: Rogue Pilot 2347
    Summary: 700 years before TPM a young padawan of Yoda's is sent to unknown space to search out two lost couriers. He stumbles upon a previously unknown system, and a fight between good and evil ensues, involving take-over conspiracies, and slavery.
    January 2007 OC Story of the Month

    [link=]Blood Ties[/link]
    Author(s): DarthXan318
    Summary: Jedi Master Calys Rivers and her Padawan, Alexia, get sent on a seemingly ordinary investigation, but nothing is ever as it seems - especially since Calys has her own reasons for taking the assignment in the first place.

    [link=] The Blue Side of the Force [/link]
    Author(s): Commander-DWH
    Summary: My take on the story of KotOR 2, a third person account that mostly relies on the view of a barefoot hippie Jedi.


    [link=]Child of Mandalore[/link]
    Author(s): VaderLVR64
    Summary: A child finds hope after war claims his family

    [link=]Corellia Twirl[/link]
    Author(s): Commander-DWH
    Summary: In the battle of learning how to fight, sometimes drastic measures are required.

    [link=]Cost of Honor [/link]
    Author(s): Ty-gon Jinn

    [link=]Crash Course[/link]
    Author(s): Lilith Demodae

    [link=] Crash Course 2: Perfect [/link]
    Author(s): Lilith Demodae


    [link=]Defenders of Denon[/link]
    Author(s): DigitalGekko


    [link=] Eclipse of Light [/link]
    Author(s): Zane-Marit and tangled_sphere
    Summary: A powerful object falls into the wrong hands. What will be the consequences to the galaxy?

    [link=]The End User Strikes Back[/link]
    Author(s): Comm
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    The Saga
    (Stories listed in alphabetical order by title)
    Stories started this year indicated in Blue.


    [link=]A Long Time Ago In a Galaxy Far, Far Away[/link]
    Author(s): lazykbys
    Summary: lazykbys finds himself on Tatooine

    [link=]A Question of Honor[/link]
    Author(s): -Z-
    Summary: Momentarily outperformed by Red Squadron, Nothing Squadron wagers that they can procure a very expensive load of cargo within 24 hours to regain their bragging rights.

    [link=]Absolute Zero[/link]
    Author(s): The Face
    Summary: Hi, this is my attempt at a one-post look at a few of the Rebels that were in the trenches during the battle of Hoth.

    [link=]Aether Way[/link]
    Author: Sean Allen
    Summary: What does the Force look like?
    OCs, EU, AU

    Author: MsLanna
    Summary: Alane caught up in Anakin's temple raid

    [link=]Almost Free[/link]
    Author: VaderLVR64
    Characters: OCs
    Genre: vignette, AU
    Summary: A single event can change a life forever.

    [link=]An Unlikely Correspondence [/link]
    Author(s): Exeter
    Summary: The galaxy's most feared Sith enforcer, Darth Vader, begins an
    exchange of letters with a young Jedi he spared during the Temple siege and begins to
    discover truths about himself that conflict with his place in the Empire.

    [link=]And All Points North[/link]
    Author(s): DarthBreezy
    Summary: This is a brand new short story that takes place between the final confrontation between Count Dooku and the Wedding on Naboo. There are quite a few 'old freinds' here, Obi-Wan, Padme and of course Anakin, as well as Schurke and Kampher from Knights and Eros Bound.

    [link=]And Then He Smiled[/link]
    Author(s): JalendaviLady

    [link=]And They Shall Know No Fear[/link]
    Author(s): -Z-
    Summary: A happy-go-lucky squadron of conmen have their eyes opened about the realities of combat on the ground, and find that of all things in war, death is the only constant, and that glory is a concept unknown on the front lines. We also get to find out what happened to Lyssa Dethin after The Admiral's Daughter Incident

    [link=] Aerena, with her sun eyes [/link]
    Author(s): Pandora26
    Summary: Aerena is going to the podraces with her family. Will this be the race where everything changes for them--or her?

    Author(s): Alley_Skywalker
    Summary: A 12 year old initiate's thoughts on Padawan Choosing Day

    [link=] Ashme [/link]
    Author(s): Pandora26
    Summary: Queen Apailana's only surviving handmaiden tells her story.


    [link=]The Big Chill[/link]
    Author(s): Syntax
    Summary: 9-LOM and Wes Jansom must scramble to salvage a highly-volatile explosive on the icy plains of Hoth.

    [link=] The Blood of Patriots [/link]
    Author: CodyMonKenobi
    Summary: 4 years after ROTS The Empire drafts citizens to replace clones as storm
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    Beyond the Saga
    (Stories listed in alphabetical order by title)
    Stories started this year indicated in Red.


    Author(s): by Idrelle_Miocovani
    Summary: Someone very special reflects on a smaller, but greater, tragedy and loss caused by the Imperials.

    [link=]The Ancients[/link]
    Author(s): by Jedi_Monk


    [link=]Betrayal From the Past[/link]
    Author(s): by katha
    Summary: Five years after Katha Sagara left her home to start a new life, someone from her past has come back into her life. Katha wonders what he wants, and how it will affect her. Will she be forced to return to her home planet, or is there a worse danger lurking on the horizon?

    [link=]Beyond the Darkness[/link]
    Author(s): by Azeria_Jade

    [link=] Blood and Ashes[/link]
    Author(s): GrandAdmiralV
    Summary: Miele has her own reasons for being in Jabba's palace. But when she's forced to play reluctant nursemaid to a wounded Boba Fett, she finds her life taking a very different path.... (Slightly AU, since there is a different version of Fett's return in Tales of the Bounty Hunters, but this is my idea of what could have happened instead.)

    [link=]Bridging Point[/link]
    Author(s): by SilSolo
    Summary: Nuren Lah was once a great warrior, but she was stripped of her powers. Later, she found herself on Zonama Sekot with opportunity in directly in front of her.


    [link=]Celebrate the Power[/link]
    Author(s): by Daughter_of_Yubyub
    Summary: Three young Ewoks seek out their destiny, one as a merchant, one as a pilot and one as a Jedi.
    [link=]Child of the Hand[/link]
    Author(s): by lurker2209
    Summary: Luke Skywalker never rescued Mara Jade on Nirauan. Instead she strook a deal with Soontir Fel, a deal that will dramatically impact the life of her 13-year-old daughter Zia.

    [link=] Children of the Force[/link]
    Author(s): arkham618
    Summary: Timion Vale, a young Jedi neophyte, travels to Yavin IV, where he hopes to attract the attention of a prominent master. He succeeds, despite his best efforts (and the spirited assistance of several new friends), and finds himself apprenticed to the eccentric Thonal Broon, keeper of a dusty shrine on the remote planet of Tatooine

    [link=]Children of the Force I[/link]
    Author(s): Brant_Flir, Briman, DCWiz00, jedi_master326, lindemacil, Neo-Paladin, Stormtrooper_TK-421, WynssaStarflare, ZaraValinor, Zonoma
    Summary: A Round-Robin: Three decades have come and gone since the ending of the war. The Jedi Order has grown strong again, and many new Jedi have risen. Yet, evil is stirring, the first test of these new Jedi is approaching and Ben Skywalker knows now that this trial may very well hold the future of all the galaxy. The old Jedi must now pave the way for the new, before this evil engulfs everyhing in it's conquering shadow.

    [link=]The Chocolate Smuggler[/link]
    Author(s): by NenYim

    [link=]A Change in Plans[/link]
    Author(s): by JaersteinCysse
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    Classic Stories
    Stories listed in alphabetical order by title

    [link=]Acceptable Losses[/link]
    Author: Syntax


    [link=]Bound to Happen[/link]
    Author: Mistress_Renata
    Summary: This takes place 3 years prior to TPM, and is a short story of how Jedi Master Rendell Trett ends up with Padawan #2. It?s a sometimes silly story of angst, angry protestors, eager Initiates, and barnyard animals? and I just had to get it out of my head?


    [link=] Commencement [/link]
    Author: Thumper09
    Summary: A rookie X-wing pilot joins his first fighter squadron and goes on his first mission.

    [link=] The Curse of the Jedi?s Tomb [/link]
    Author: Mistress_Renata
    Summary: When there's something strange in your neighborhood, who ya gonna call? Jedi Knights! Even when they are not happy about it. Strange doings on the cemetery moon of Necropolis lead to an investigation by Rendell Trett and his Padawan, Arwen-dai Istarri.






    [link=]A Force to Be Reckoned With[/link]
    Author: Mistress Renata
    Summary: Obi-Wan?s friend Bant and her Master travel to Naboo to prevent an assassination on the eve of an important election. My version of how the Royal Handmaidens became a crack security force?






    Author: Miana_Kenobi


    [link=]Jerjerrod's Gift[/link]
    Author: Mistress_Renata
    Summary: For anyone who's read my other two stories and asked, this is how Arwen met Trett. She hasn't been kidnapped nearly as many times as she thinks she has!


    [link=] Life Goes On (Sequel to 'Incurable') [/link]
    Author: Miana_Kenobi
    Summary: In Incurable I told the story of what it was like when a friend died. Now I have decided to tell the story of what it's like a year after that friend is gone.

    [link=] Lost Knight [/link]
    Author: The_Face


    [link=] The Martyrs [/link]
    Author: _Derisa_Ollamhin_
    Summary: Just before the battle for Endor, as she revealed the data that had been gathered on the Empire's new superweapon, the second Death Star, Mon Mothma said, "Many Bothans died to bring us this information."
    This is their story.


    [link=] New Skin [/link]
    Author: Forcefire

    [link=] Not an Option [/link]
    Author: Mistress_Renata
    Summary: Jedi Master Rendell Trett and his Padawan, Arwen-dai Istarri are sent to rescue a deposed monarch from a system torn apart by civil war and insurrection. But when the mission goes terribly wrong, who will rescue them?


    [link=] Of Bonds and Beauty [/link]
    Author: Mistress_Renata
    Summary: A missing Apprentice. A distraught Master. Our Gallant Boys in Beige to the Rescue! Qui-Gonn and Obi-Wan infiltrate a bizarre, incomprehensible world of slavery and back-stabbing competition and find that the Master-Padawan bond is stronger than they thought...


    [link=] Protest [/link]
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    Original Character Database
    The "Where's Waldo" of the OC world!

    Now, welcome to the namesake of this thread ? the Original Characters Database!
    Just like there are canon characters that are more popular than others, the same goes for OCs, so now there?s a place for you to find all your favorite Original Characters.

    You are allowed to submit a character that is involved in both OC-centric fics, and fics featuring canon characters; provided the OC is a major character in that canon character?s story.
    (In other words, they can?t have a ?walk-on? role)

    Unlike the story section of the thread, where I?ve searched out some of the stories; this section is strictly by submission only. Authors with characters involved in a series, or are reoccurring characters in other various OC stories will be allowed for submission. I will limit authors to submit up to five of their favorite OCs using the following information below:

    Story appearances:

    If you have a link to a pic, or bio off boards, you may submit them with your character. The character's name will be the link. Needless to say, please make sure that all links lead to "appropriate" matter, or they will not be included.

    Just as it is with stories, you may post or PM me your submissions.

    As the list is relatively short, for now the Original Characters will just be listed in alphabetical order, without being divided up into eras. If the list becomes longer and unmanagable, I may re-organize this section of the thread.

    Name: Alias Sibul
    Gender: Male
    Species: Twi?lek
    Homeworld: Coruscant
    Story appearances: [link=]Broken[/link]
    [link=]For Hire[/link]
    [link=]Galaxy Noir III[/link]
    [link=]Galaxy Grey[/link]
    [link=]Dead Money[/link]

    Name: [link=]Altair Jiriad [/link] [pronounced Ahl-tie-ear]
    Gender: male
    Species: Kiffar
    Homeworld: Mandalore
    Story appearances: [link=]Rage of the Shadow Warriors: Runner[/link]
    [link=]Rage of the Shadow Warriors: When Few Stood Against Many[/link]

    Name: Aster Nightflare
    Gender: Female
    Species: Human
    Homeworld: Adumar
    Story appearances: [link=]Legacy?s Scions[/link]

    Name: Catana
    Gender: Female
    Species: Human
    Homeworld: Unspecified
    Story appearances:
    [link=] Holiday [/link]
    [link=]Justice Lost[/link]
    [link=] No Regrets[/link]
    [link=] Treesong[/link]

    Name: Cepton Clant
    Gender: Male
    Species: Human
    Homeworld: Corellia
    Story appearances: [link=]Betrayal[/link]

    Name: [link=] Civriel Giropos [/link]
    Gender: Male
    Species: Humam
    Homeworld: Vouroso
    Story appearances: [link=]Sleeping and Dreaming[/link]
    [link=]Scenes From a Boarding House?and Other Locations[/link]
    [link=]The F/>
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    The OC Diaries

    - From the [link=]2009 Dear Diary Challenge[/link] run by Alexis_Wingstar -

    Since the popularity of the Dear Diary Challenge has reached new highs every year, it is inevitable that it starts filling up with the diaries of Original Characters. In recognition of that fact this section will be dedicated to anyone who wishes to their OC's Diary to be added to the Database.

    Diaries listed in alphabetical order by title:

    [link=]Diary of Kaagi Adin[/link] by earlybird-obi-wan

    [link=]Diary of Timo Herefa[/link] by earlybird-obi-wan

    [link=]Second Diary of Marhin Adin[/link] by earlybird-obi-wan

    [link=]Study Duty[/link] by MsLanna

    [link=]Miscellaneous[/link] by Jinngerbread
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    OC Writing Tips

    OC Writing Tip #1:
    Characters need to be flawed! Everybody has flaws, and characters that don't can come across as unreal, and possibly uninteresting. Don't always go for the confident, pretty, and good at sports persona. Feel free to give them bad habits, or insecurities, maybe a physical characteristic you may normally find unappealing. Could their "perfection" be their flaw? Look around you for inspiration; are all the people in your life pictures of perfection, or are they perfect just the way they are; idiosyncrasies and all?
    OC Writing Tip #2:
    Make a Good First Impression! How did you introduce your character? Was it slow steady, or all at once? The general rule is: show, don't tell. (That was actually an oqidaun tip when I started my first OC story) When you meet someone new, do you spend ten minutes staring at them? No. (Unless of course its Aunt Mole ;)) If there's something striking about the character at first glance, uncommon eye or hair color, a disfigurement, or outlandish clothes; then write that down. Don't go into detail about everything they're wearing or what their face and build looks like. You can elaborate during the course of the story, otherwise it only serves to slow things down, and if you find your story dragging in places it may be because you've detailed too much in the descriptions.
    OC Writing Tip #3:
    Your OC will be lucky to get out of life alive! Half the solution to making readers care about your OC lies within the beginning. You have perhaps a paragraph to capture the reader's attention. Since not much character development can be done in one paragraph, you must fall back on situation. This means you must arrange a situation where your OC faces a dire problem such as facing a terminal illness, or their mother has abandoned them - something compelling like that. Readers will immediately feel interested in the character because they can imagine how they would feel in his/her situation (even if it's Darth Vader chasing them down). As this process continues, with one life-challenge after another being presented, the character is developed through these experiences by their actions and reactions. The situations you place your character in is also a great way to reveal a bit about your OC's past.
    OC Writing Tip #4:
    OC Darwin-ism: It's Evolution baby! Characters need to develop; they can't say the same person throughout the whole story. It can be drastic, or it can be subtle, but in the end, OCs need to change; whether it be positively or negatively. After all RL people change based on their life experiences, and so should your fictional characters. You wouldn't have a rebel soldier return home after the war and pick-up right where he left off; his core personality should have been altered from the experiences he received fighting the Empire; shouldn't they? What if your special OC just got his/her pilot's license, don't you think they're going to change in some way, especially with all the new possibilities available to them now?
    Character change has to be inevitable, but how your Original Character adapts is up to you.
    OC Writing Tip #5:
    Honest judge, I'm a product of my environment!
    OCs gotta' come from somewhere, but do they all come from Coruscant, Corellia, or Csilla? How about an environment that the EU has yet to discover? Is where they come from as much as what they are as what they become?
    Create a world of OCs! You'll never run out of fun characters to work with!

    For those of you who have created a micro-verse all unto their own for their OC, or just want some inspiration to do so; check out this thread: [link=]JMT?s World Builder Society[/link]

    It's a whole new World of possibilities for your Original Characters.
    OC Writing Tip #6:
    Character Association! Now while this thread tries to/>/>/>/>/>
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