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Discussion in 'Non-Star Wars Role Playing Archive' started by ActRaiser, Jan 26, 2009.

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  1. ActRaiser

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    May 11, 2008
    A Fantasy Void stretches out across an alternate universe. Eternal crystals, of some sort of magical properties, float out in space. These crystals, called the Eternal Stars, glow dimly whenever a god with its specific magical powers lives.

    So far, there are only six creations in the universe.

    The Archives... Source of all knowledge and things existent before the Elder gods were born. (and all magic not Eternal Star related.)
    Order... Source of all laws in the universe needed to create.
    Chaos... Source of all chaos in the universe needed to create.
    The Void... Source of an unknown force in the universe.(and where the planets are held.)
    Stratos.... The Skyes above all worlds.
    And Life... The Source of all forms of life.

    There are an unknown number of Eternal Stars in the universe. Are you one of them?

    Character Creation:
    Crystal: (What is your god's Crystal? Zeus'es would be the Sky crystal, for example. Ra's would be the Sun, etcetera.)
    Alignment: Evil, Good, Amoral
    World name:
    Chosen Race: (Start with one only. Your race begins only powerful enough as a stereotypical race, such as a dwarf, or a cave giant, elf, halfling, etcetera.)
    Chosen One: (Chosen herald. A Chosen One is your main champion, and a leader of your people.)
    Chosen Relic: (A Powerful magical object that you possess.)
    World Description:

    In the beginning of the game you can only make minor terraforming actions inside your planet. You can make a paradise for you people to grow, but gradually problems will develop. (part of the fun of the game.) All worlds are connected by magical portals to eachother. If you choose you can create another race.

    Later in the game you can easily change everything on your planet, or even make other worlds by your own energy. All player characters only begin with a population of six thousand. They can create another race

    Playing the Game:
    You play the game by feeding your Eternal Star energy through different methods. You might decide to accept sacrifices of pigs, cows, fish, etcetera. Evil characters may demand sacrifices of people. You can create more powerful magicians by demanding temples, shrines, libraries, academies, etcetera of magic, and thus create a people with more powerful magic.... Or you can help science improve itself, etcetera.

    The Cosmic Archives are the property of all the Eternal Stars. The gods go there to improve themselves. Early in the game you will see your shepherding of the people yielding dramatic results. Later you may witness stagnation, horrid disasters or decay. For this reason, and other reasons you will need to visit the Archives.

    Later in the game, through consistent roleplaying, you will discover very valuable things to you.

    Notes: I would appreciate an Eternal Star of Evil and an Eternal Star of Good (with skillful roleplaying), but it is not required.

    1) Nothing beyond PG-13 content.
    2) Respect other players, and me.
    3) Gods have supernatural powers not related to their own Crystal, but the gods cannot possess much power unrelated to their Crystals.
    4) Gods possess the ability to manifest themselves as avatars later in the game.. In order to interact with the people. This is how they can act as normal people with bodies.
    5) Gods cannot start in the beginning as rivals with eachother. They don't even know eachother yet.
    6) There are several ways a God can gain power and absorb it through their Crystal. Belief of mortals, artifacts, and sacrifices are just a small list of options for you.
    8) Respect the Board's Terms of Service.
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