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  1. Teegirloo

    Teegirloo Jedi Master star 6

    May 26, 2005
    Raven Lightstar
    Theed Reactor Complex - Naboo

    [ul]Walking ever so slowly through the catwalk, where every so often an energy beam would halt her progression. This gave Raven a few moments to look around the massive complex of the Theed Reactor area. There appeared to be several catwalks below separated by huge energy beams that came from the reactor core meters below. It could be quite daunting to anyone who set eyes on it.

    The tale of this place has well been told in the academy. Thinking back as a youngling in the temple watching the holocron of Obi-Wan Kenobi reminisce about his passage to knighthood. She remembered being fascinated by the story as Obi-Wan as a padawan fought along side his master Qui-Gon Jinn against a powerful Sith named Darth Maul. Master Jinn had fallen from the attack right in front of his padawan?s eyes. Master Kenobi recalled that his first reaction was anger, which fueled his determination to defeat the Sith. He then allowed the force to be the guide to lend him the strength to make his determination a reality, while the anger dissolved. It was a masterful demonstration on how a Jedi should control their emotions in times of provocation.

    Raven took this to heart for this moment almost reminded her of her days as a padawan, the sense of urgency and excitement running through her. She focused to calm herself down allowing tranquility to set in.

    Finally the last bright red beam released and Raven walked through, but saw nothing out of the ordinary. Still something bothered her, and her instinct told her that whatever it was it would reveal itself through the force.

    The catwalks on each level seemed to lead like a road, before circling around the huge beams of the reactor that rose up from below several areas. The platforms marked with white lines like a paved street. The medium heeled black boots of Raven walked gracefully on it.

    Her thoughts referred to the data from the back of her mind about the whereabouts of her husband and former Jedi Janus Karn, who now aligns himself with the Sith under the name Darth Verrick. She learned through rumor that he had been here. It was a long shot of course, but there would be resolve for her until she can find the trail of her husbands path of darkness.

    Darkness was what she sensed, though normally it would be concentrated in pocket areas, since this was a scene of a major fight between Jedi and Sith. Something?.no someone was watching her like a sand panther in hiding waiting for it?s prey to get in position for it to pounce. Yes that?s what it feels like. It felt menacing as the chill of darkness ran up her spine like the planet Hoth on a good day.

    "You will not leave here in one's peace, Jedi." Came the chilling voice of the one watching her.

    She turned around, her deep blue eyes noted everything she could about the human male. His black battle attire that gave the impression as if he was part of the shadows itself. A fascinating suit of armor possibly designed for stealth, impressive to say the least. The flowing crimson robe that almost seemed to regal in Raven?s opinion.

    He was not the one she sought, but from the looks of it, he maybe a important part of the puzzle that will lead her to find her husband. The darkside reeked from him like bantha fodder. Raven wanted to wrinkle her nose, but that would be an emotion she would not divulge.

    Her eyes narrowed in on the dark man before her. She knew a Sith when she saw one. The dark side was radiating from him like the reactor beams itself. She knew there would be no way of avoiding a fight, it?s not like she can just ask a few questions about a fellow Sith and get the answers like a holonet interview.

    No this would not be easy. In the force, nothing eve comes to you on a silver platter. One must always take the strides on a path to get to the other side.

    The fullness of her lips opened up and in a firm, yet calm voice Raven replied.

    ?The force is always in motion, and it never seizes to am

    MASTER-OF-EVIL Jedi Master star 4

    Nov 10, 2004
    IC: Black
    Naboo - Theed Hangar

    This formed a thin smile in return from the motionless Sithlord.

    "Indeed.....Jedi." Now having the attention of the female Jedi.

    From quick observation of the Jedi, he knew she was a Kiffu now seeing the greenish tattoo that ran over atop and across her nose forming a bottomless triangle which was complimented by three lines just under her chin.

    The markings from his understanding, were applied as tattoos when young, were passed down through families on the mother's side, except for on those rare occasions where an individual's mother was not a Kiffar, in which case the father's markings were taken on.

    I wonder if she has the ability.....

    Slowly he kept his gaze back to the deep blue eyes of the Jedi as he moved one step to his right, then another step giving no indication to his intent as his hands were deep within the folds of the robes sleeves.

    The Sith place as much importance on the spiritual and mental aspects of their art as on the physical. The ability to think, to reason and remember, is highly prized among a society where the mind is the ultimate weapon. To this end, they developed exercises to sharpen their perception and psychological insight. These techniques also serve to rejuvenate the body, calm the mind, and cultivate the inner strength.

    This was not because they were "psychic" but rather because they had developed their powers of observation and intuition to a high degree through these and other special exercises.

    Black noted the first sign or rather the first step towards the Darkside from the actual arrival of this Jedi, Why would she come here, there was a specific reason as he could tell from her initial insight of him there was a very subtle expectation before she registered Black as an enemy of her Order.

    Black continued to walk in measured steps in a straight line, off-center from the Jedi and stopped. Temptation was indeed the initial step towards the voidless pools of the Darkside.

    A reason tempted this Jedi to come this way, it is believed that because a Jedi was in tune with the Force and could use it to whatever ends they saw fit, situations would arise that tempted the Jedi towards selfish applications of the Force. Rushing to help friends, facing obvious perils, and ending disputes quickly were all acts of haste that according to Black's own observations of past had resulted in steps onto the dark path should the individual act first and contemplate later.

    "The designs you have observed among my robe is of an ancient and terrible language one that pre-dates the Sith, of the first darkside users of this Galaxy, the Rakatans. Only those who have truly understand the language are able to speak of it and your will has to be tested for you to gain such understanding. It tells of their tragic fall of their Infinite Empire." He let his words rest in the quiet air.

    "A tale I will indulge you even though you will not understand one word but the evocative nature of their language." He chest slightly proffered outwardly with his back postured straight flourishing his reverence of the ancients.

    "You can feeeeeeel the story of how the ancient Rakatan's truly shaped how this Galaxy will come to pass. It is truly a language of the darkside." He took a calm breathe inwards and held it in for a few seconds letting it out slowly as a low guttural almost incantation began to release from the Sithlord's mouth.

    "Hit is asecgan betweox se wslic þæt se fyrmest ecghete begn beforan Rakata swelce ful-scieppan, ac ere gen ðær awiht þæt weaxan hwæþer þe gan onuppan þæt middangeard; ac lange Roklem bewitan þæt ufeweard folma. Nefne tomiddes þæt ecghete feorh of micel cræft ac heardheortnes limpan se mægenfultum of se Nted, gehyrnes in se feor heofon weaxan ðær swelce beadu in se Fea Cynerce; ac Rakata swelce full mid se nsund of his hleahtor. Saklu
  3. Teegirloo

    Teegirloo Jedi Master star 6

    May 26, 2005
    Raven Lightstar
    Theed Reactor - Naboo

    [ul]He was an odd breed of Sith, though still very dangerous from Raven?s observation. He seemed to be observing her as well. Of course this was no surprise, but unlike most Sith that she has encountered or read about, this one seemed more in control of his emotions. There also seemed to be no anger flourishing outwardly though he used harsh tones, his actions contradicted themselves.

    Instead of a taunting ritual to demonstrate his hatred for the Jedi, the Sith struck up a conversation as if she was his new best friend. The moment had the makings of a holo-drama, but the Jedi Master knew better. Raven stood calmly taking in all that the Sith said and did.

    Raven had grew up in the Jedi Temple from a small age. She had learned that the Sith were selfish, arrogant and took no heed of what others thought. In their quest to rule, they even sacrifice their own to accomplish their goals. Their anger fueled them and they regarded it as strength. It was the easy path to power that guided them and ultimately became their own nemesis.

    Yes Raven understood the teachings, yet since her husband had fallen, she became a bit wiser and bit more compassionate. It didn?t mean this man before her was able to be saved from the path he had chosen. It meant that she listened without judging. She was an odd breed of Jedi. As odd as she maybe she was no fool. She remained cautious. His actions could be just a trap to make her let her guard down. So Raven listened as the Sith spoke, during, which she wondered if she should ask if he knew of her husband.

    "The designs you have observed among my robe is of an ancient and terrible language one that pre-dates the Sith, of the first darkside users of this Galaxy, the Rakatans. Only those who have truly understand the language are able to speak of it and your will has to be tested for you to gain such understanding. It tells of their tragic fall of their Infinite Empire."

    The Rakatans, yes she has read about them, though not much is known. So, this Sith must have been exposed to ancient artifacts or scrolls of the Rakatans for his robes to be made of it. He continued to speak and Raven said nothing in response allowing him to dictate the conversation, while she kept a passive expression.

    "A tale I will indulge you even though you will not understand one word but the evocative nature of their language."

    A tale? Was he going to tell her a story? He was indeed an odd Sith and a chatter box. This would be to Raven?s advantage for the more the Sith talked the more she watched, learned and studied his every movement.

    "You can feeeeeeel the story of how the ancient Rakatan's truly shaped how this Galaxy will come to pass. It is truly a language of the darkside." He took a calm breathe inwards and held it in for a few seconds letting it out slowly as a low guttural almost incantation began to release from the Sithlord's mouth.

    At first she thought he was talking jibberish, but realized that this must be an ancient Rakatan language. She had no concept of what was being said. Even a protocol droid wouldn?t know this language. This hasn?t been heard in many of millennia.

    He was saying it slowly and to her observation deliberately almost as if he was trying to provoke her. Good thing she remained calm, or this would have unnerved anyone other than a Jedi.

    "Can you feel the history within this place, Jedi. You have felt it, a great battle long ago......a dual of fates as it were."

    He was talking about the duel that became the passage to knighthood for Obi-Wan Kenobi as he defeated the Sith Lord Darth Maul. She was well aware of it, she did not need to reply for she knew very well that he did know she knew.

    "My question to you is, who's fate brought you here, yours or someone's?" He paused as if contemplating among himself. "What is that old Jedi saying, the purpose of any path of enli

    MASTER-OF-EVIL Jedi Master star 4

    Nov 10, 2004
    OOC: Thanks for pointing it out, which i have adjusted in this post.[face_peace]

    IC: Black
    Naboo - Theed Hangar -> Theed Reactor

    ?By the way maybe you know of the face I am referring to. Have you heard of Darth Verrick ??

    Black's grip on his weapon tightened at the mention of a name. Eye's searching for any falsehood from her posture but there was none as he regarded the question once more.

    Black knew of the name but why she should specifically point that one out of many. At this growing understanding of the thread being woven before him, he slowly placed the weapon inside his robe for the moment as he walked away from the entryway of where the Hangar and into the vastness of the reactor room where she resided with his full attention on her.

    He brought his behind him interlocked as if walking on an open field of battle and admiring his handiwork of the blood on his feet. He stopped a short distance away from the Jedi.

    "Will it grieve you that he is dead, Jedi!" Black's voice carried an icy calm above the noise of the room, it didn't matter to him what her reaction would be, it served its purpose.

    Black observed his surroundings of the catwalks and overhangs criss-crossing a pit in which a tandem of generators that served the starship complex was housed. All while keeping his focus directly towards the Jedi and resumed walking slowly towards her with arms behind his back still grasping his weapon within the folds of his scarlet robe.

    The Sithlord's head tilted ever so slightly as a slow smile formed on his otherwise unemotional facade. The room was cavernous and filled with the noise of heavy machinery. The ambient light filtered away in clouds of steam and layers of shadows that were casted about the room.

    The Sithlord was standing in the umbra of the light, for a brief moment the light illuminated the Sithlord's face, giving the illusion of a floating head.


    There is a certain safety center in our body that keeps us alarmed of the various dangers that come into our way of life. We come to know of these safety limits during our growing years as a child.

    While as a child we were often restricted by our parents or feared to by them, if faced with an unusual situation. It is from then that we have become apprehensive about meeting anything new and foreign.

    Thus, this fear in a way restricts, an individual into a particular fenced area of the known, depriving him from the excitement of meeting the strange and the unusual.

    Unbidden memories flashed across Black?s mind. His rage and anger at his close encounter with death and he knew then he had tapped into the dark side to defeat the life he should of had. Master Vanda?s own vision of his future, clouded, with a part to play in dark times to come ? What was it Master Vanda once said? Once you start down the dark path ?

    Startled, he looked up. ?How, how can you know that? I?ve only just discovered that myself?.

    ?I have been watching your modor Red Black. You see, Master Vanda didn?t explain to you the difference between Jedi and Sith holacra did he? The Sith do not trust entirely to machinery and holograms to carry their knowledge down the millennia. Each Sith holocron contains the spirit of a fallen Sith Lord. They are not always contained willingly, of course?. A look of pure bitterness stretched Pathosis?s mouth in a grimace.

    ?You find yourself in something of a dilemma now, don?t you??, sneered Pathosis, less of a question and more of a statement.

    Black could only stare at the specter before him, wondering how anyone could describe his predicament as a ?dilemma?.

    Black took one step forward towards the Jedi. His long silvery-pale hair that rested on his shoulders began to come alive, each strand of hair shivering as if awakening from a long slumber as a light current ran through each thread on its own course, lifting in the air as if pulled by invisible strings.

    The sight of the mot
  5. Teegirloo

    Teegirloo Jedi Master star 6

    May 26, 2005
    Raven Lightstar
    Theed Reactor - Naboo

    [ul]This was the moment she hoped she would get answers. She had come all this way on whim. The trail of her husband maybe connected to the Sith before her. Reaching out to the force Raven allowed it to flow through her body, being her beacon of light brighter than the reactor beams that lit up the complex around her. The green tattoos that were garnered over the bridge of her nose and the three smaller markings that were on her chin, gave off a fluorescent look when she was next to the powerful beams.

    There was a pause before the Sith replied, giving Raven a confirmation that he had atleast heard of her Sith Lord husband. Of course the Sith may not know that she is married to Darth Verrick. It was not widely known outside of the Jedi.

    He started to inch slowly closer finally entering the reactor complex from the hangar. She eyed him cautiously, it appeared that he was fidgeting behind his back from the movement of his robe that seemed to give slight bulges every now and then.

    "Will it grieve you that he is dead, Jedi!" He finally replied.

    Looking deep inside herself, she knew she would grieve for the loss of him if he was dead. He was her husband after all and it would only be natural to grieve. She wasn?t going to allow this Sith to know that. She knew her husband wasn?t dead. She would have felt it deep in the force. No it was better to play it off as her seeking him out for investigative reasons. Which was true, for she is investigating his whereabouts. The Sith need not know more than that.

    ?Let?s just say I have some unfinished business with him and it is imperative that I seek him out. You didn?t say if you knew him or not?? She asked nonchalantly.

    The Sith gave a smile while tilting his head, which sent a chill down her spine. It was eerie as if he was being a mischievous child, trying not to look guilty. The shadows of the beams made it look even more chilling as he was closer to her than he had been before.

    Still there was distance between them, Raven remained cautious, then something changed. The Sith took a step forward as his hair rose up like slithering crystal snakes ready to strike. It almost appeared to be electrified. As his hair gave off the illusion of a wild dance of static electricity, Raven noticed that the bulges in his scarlet robe appeared once again.

    Her hand naturally motioned for her light saber upon her black utility belt. She didn?t activate it just yet, she just kept her hand close to the silver metallic hilt. Then the Sith spoke again with a slight maniacal laugh, that set an alarm in Raven?s body through the force to activate her lightsaber.

    Snap hiss!

    A bright green ray with a sliver hue hummed to life from her saber as it caught a streak of white-blue current. The illusion was to make her think that his hair had created the darkside power. If it wasn?t for the fidgeting inside the robes, Raven may have thought otherwise.

    It was a so strong that Raven had to keep focus as both her hands were on the hilt, remaining steady without losing her footing on the catwalk. This was not an easy task because of the surroundings she was in. The crackling sound of the lighting interacting with the blade was loud like a whip of lightning trying to slash through its barrier. Strands of long brown hair of Raven frizzed up from the static that exuded in the air.

    Her eyebrows started to furrow, while letting out a grunt as one hand let go of the hilt and making a forward swinging motion that was in sync with the force, creating a strong push toward the Sith.

    There was little room to dodge, the push should send the Sith wheeling down below toward one of the lower catwalks, or even better straight in to the core reactor. This would create a needed break from the barrage of lightning that she had to endure.

    Now to see if it worked. [/ul]


    Powers Used:

    Force Push: 5/6 - One us

    MASTER-OF-EVIL Jedi Master star 4

    Nov 10, 2004
    IC: Black
    Naboo - Theed Reactor room -> Lower Catwalks

    The Sithlord without thought released his interlocked fingers as soon he saw the activation of the Jedi's weapon, Black exhaled, relaxed his stance, and nodded. His heart rate had accelerated perhaps five beats above normal at most. There was the faintest sheen of perspiration on his forehead; otherwise his skin was dry.

    He had no intent of blocking the counter-attack that ensued and he took the brunt of her Force-Push and was propelled off the catwalk as he looked over to her as if time slowed about him, was smiling. His hair flailing about his face as he pivoted his body to face the catwalk below.

    And from the corner of his eye, his right hand coiled into a hook like formation as he aimed at the Jedi's ankle and gave his wrist a flick.

    The sound was that of a maniacal, grating cackle as he fell. The focal point of the taunting, evil laughter shifted from place to place around the room as he descended to the lower catwalks.

    Black felt a sense of déjà vu as he plummeted down....

    ?Wrong, am I??, once again, Pathosis?s voice turned cold. ?All that pain and anger at your loss, it flowed through you, it made you powerful, it made you strong!?.

    ?No!? shouted Black, ?I see what you are trying to do. You?re trying to turn me to the dark side, but it won?t work!?. In a split second his lightsaber was in his hand, his purple double-bladed illuminating the now dark chamber.

    Pathosis looked at him for a moment then tilted his head back and laughed, a cold cruel laugh with no humour within it. ?You seek to fight me Black? It would be amusing to accept your challenge now you have presented it."

    Before he could ready himself, the Pathosis flung out his right arm, his fingers splayed wide and Black was flung hard against the storage units, stunned by the impact. A quick gesture of Pathosis?s left hand slammed the doors to the chamber shut. Before he could recover, the Sith Lord drew back his arm and his lightsaber flew from his hand to hover before Pathosis. Black watched as he clenched his fist and he gasped as he sensed all the energy draining from his lightsaber, his blade dying as Pathosis?s specter grew larger, feeding off the power he had sucked from his weapon. He lay against the storage unit, breathing heavily, nothing in his training having prepared him for this.

    Black held both palms open downward, then sent a tremendous Force push below to cushion his descent as Black dived into a shoulder-roll in a half twist into the förräderi stance, ready to spring in any direction. He looked about his surroundings, he rolled his right shoulder feeling the slight pang from his impact.


    He could feel the heat emanating from the plasma beams that were directly behind him as he began to walk along the lower catwalk in his long scarlet-robe.

    The high humming of the plasma beams canceled out all other sound as he looked upwards to the higher catwalks as he came to the edge and then resumed on walking and searching the surrounding catwalks as a prompting in the Force made him spin the other way and was directed back to the plasma beam and gave it a curious look as his eyes looked passed the beam to a connecting path that was almost hidden from plain sight if one did not specifically look at it.

    The Sithlord made his way around the beam and stood looking to the point where he was standing earlier parallel to his current position he made a quick glance to his right side, he would use the strongest point of light which was the center of the siphoning beam and stood himself directly on par with the shining light with eyes closed and used his 'true' sight to prey upon the unsuspecting Jedi.

    He despised the light as much he despised the dead as an unwanted voice reminded him.

    ?Does the light give you powers such as these, Black? I think not. But you are wrong about many things. I do not need to try to turn you to the dark side as your own actions have done that for me very w
  7. Teegirloo

    Teegirloo Jedi Master star 6

    May 26, 2005
    Raven Lightstar
    Theed Reactor, Naboo

    [ul]After sending a force push out toward the Sith, Raven felt the charge of electricity crackling against her lightsaber decrease before fading away completely. In her efforts the Sith had been pushed off the catwalk, where he descended to a lower one below. Not before he was able to get in a force pull that made Raven almost slide off the catwalk entirely if she didn?t grasp on to the ledge that she held on to ever so tightly. She was holding on for dear life her fingers clasped the edge like a claw digging deep in to the crevice of the thermosteel.

    She knew that if he wasn?t on his way down with his body turned, the grip of the pull would have indeed been stronger and it would have pulled her off along with him. Swinging her legs up with the aid of the force, she made it back on to the catwalk.

    Taking a moment to catch her breath, the sound of maniacal laughter could be heard echoing throughout the generator complex. It?s eerie taunting sound gave off it?s own darkside manifestation as it bounced from beam to beam throughout the room, triggering a recollected memory in the back of Raven?s subconscious.

    [ She was in her Coruscant apartment in the mid level, her husband was there talking to her. His eyes swollen and red leaving her to think he had been without sleep for some time. They had an argument about his long absences without Council approval. She asked where he had gone, but he fell silent for awhile, before he erupted in righteous anger.

    She looked with sorrow in to the eyes of the man she loved and saw that this was not the same person she knew before. He started yelling at her, telling her to mind her own business. Then with a cursed tongue he shouted out a sarcastic statement trying to humiliate her. But that statement was not what sent chills down her spine. It was the maniacal laughter that came from him that seemed to ring throughout the room like a crescendo reaching it?s peak. ]

    She would never forget that wicked tone and now she was vividly reminded of it by this Sith before her. Regaining her composure Raven gained a deeper understanding. This Sith may have heard of her husband, but from his actions he truly did not know him. To many the circumstance of their meeting would seem like a coincidence. Raven did not believe in coincidences, she was Jedi. She believed that the force had guided her here, not for the information that she sought.

    No, it was to prepare her for what?s to come. She had to defeat this Sith before she met up with her husband. It was a test to see if she can truly handle facing the darkness that has consumed him. Though this Sith has no true meaning to her, he was a formidable opponent, that in which is not unlike her husband.

    Raven looked down to see if she could catch a glimpse of the fallen Sith down below on the catwalks. She had seen him, but only briefly for he had walked toward one of the reactor beams before disappearing. The brightness covering that specific area like a barrier, not allowing the slightest penetration.

    It looked like he wanted her to follow him. Then Raven would not disappoint. She first deactivated her lightsaber before using the force to jump down to the catwalk. she landed almost effortlessly and with gracefulness of a feline. Holding her weapon in her hand keeping it unlit, with her thumb brushing ever so slightly around the activation switch. She walked cautiously toward the direction she last saw the Sith.

    The path of the catwalk leading like a maze going in several directions without a directory. The force was her guide and she knew the Sith was about even if he pretended to not be. Treading softly so the sound of her medium heeled boots made no sound, she searched for the Sith.

    She hated playing hide and seek, well actually that wasn?t true, she loved the game, but only in its true context within child?s play. It was something she did with her own children to make them aware of the force around them. This situation was quite diff

    MASTER-OF-EVIL Jedi Master star 4

    Nov 10, 2004
    IC: Black
    Naboo - Theed Reactor Room

    A look of satisfaction crept on the Sithlord's face as he tracked the Jedi's movements, slowly but surely making her way towards him.

    "Not very long now..." he said in a low voice.

    The heat from the plasma beams was relentless as he stood on the edge of the catwalk, as small beads of sweat slowly seeped down his forehead as he waited for the right moment to pounce.


    Discipline is all. It conquers pain. It conquers fear.

    Most important of all, it conquers failure.

    Discipline is what allowed Black to endure this.

    He could feel her anticipation, it was clear to see in her Force-signature as it exuded a slight violet hue with traces of red. She has a secret of some sort she is keeping away from him.

    Her hands are dirty, how quaint. Black wasn't surprised by this, but what was her connection to Master Verrick? It pleased him that she could not "see" the very fine thread of connection between him and Master Verrick but he was left curious to what was her connection in all this.

    ?You are lost to the dark side, Red Black, but your destiny does not lie with the Sith...not yet?, gloated Pathosis. ?You must flee, now. Take me with you and I can teach you to conceal yourself within the Force, so even the most skilled Jedi would not be able to find you. And when the time comes thats when we will make our move. And should the Jedi find you, I will teach you what you need to protect your legacy."

    Soft and seductive, the Sith Lord?s words ate into Black?s brain.

    ?Yes, you are right, I must go. There are places, remote ??

    "I have you now." He smirked as he slowly brought out his double-bladed saber from within his robe and with that he held the weapon abreast from his chest as he lowered himself like a spring being pushed back until released.

    He aimed one end of the double-bladed directly to the Jedi as he slowly pivoted his body away from the beam and to the connecting catwalk that interconnected where he was and where the Jedi is.

    He pounced across the gap adjacent to the Jedi while in mid-flight he threw the life-less saber directly at her, the light from the plasma beams gave it cover in its light, as he dived into a roll and flicked his thumb igniting the end that was aimed at her.

    Without pause from coming out of his roll, placing both hands on the cool surface of the catwalk, taking a momentary glimpse at the woman as he launched himself up into the air with a Force assisted leap, his hair obscuring his face as he brought one open palm to her and sent forth a more concentrated dose of lightning as it cascaded towards her.

    As the Sithlord slowly descending while at the same time guiding his weapon. Feeling the heat of life from his awakened beast, he reveled in it.

    "When I said Master Verrick was dead, you think I was kidding!?" He yelled in a loud cackle of laughter in the air as his face gave an almost gnarly manic visage created by the bright light and shadows cascading created by the lightning storm.

    "Do you know what they call me, JEDI!?" He clenched his jaws as kept one hand on her while keeping his right hand free.


    Powers used:

    Telekinesis: 1 (None remaining)
    Storm: 2 (None remaining)
    Jump:1 (Three Remaining)

  9. Teegirloo

    Teegirloo Jedi Master star 6

    May 26, 2005
    Raven Lightstar
    Theed Reactor, Naboo

    [ul]Creeping slowly, silently like a Coruscant rat down in the lower levels looking for food. There was still no sight of the sith. She walked closer to the beam, it?s rays so bright that if he was there the light was bright enough to hide him. She closed her eyes allowed the force to aid her in her search.

    The shadows revealed itself within the complex, with a faint glow that only the force can emanate. Yes he was there within the light of the beam, his darkness radiating as if invading a space in which it does not belong. He must have been using the force to see her as well for the beam worked both ways as a cover. She had to draw him out. Make herself look vulnerable.

    It was a reverse psychology really. He was setting the trap laying the crumbs for her to follow and follow she did. If all goes to her plan, then he would attack, when he thought he was most defended and her defense appeared down. That would be her opening to attack. She had to be prepared because it can all back fire on her easily.

    The force showed her where he was. He was hiding, waiting for his chance. Raven continued to tread slowly toward the beam. She saw a light coming forth, his weapon was coming straight at her as he finally revealed himself. Raven opened her physical eyes, and ignited her lightsaber. Lifting her green blade to bat the on coming weapon away.

    Just as she batted the blade away, Sith leaped out toward her with lightning flailing away at her. The strike hit her in her shoulder and she fell off the catwalk. Bolts of lightning coursing through her body as she landed on a lower platform. Her lightsaber fell near her, bouncing on to the catwalk, making a clink sound. Her body jerked as if she was in convulsions until the charge dissipated. Sending out a healing effect to ease the pain that she just endured, Raven shook her head. Her brown hair flapping like a dog shaking water off its body. She was now able to get her senses back. The pain of the lightning was not something she wanted to feel again.

    Finally get up on to her feet, she heard his voice give out a cackle sound as he yelled out to her. Immediately, she retrieved her lightsaber using the force.

    "When I said Master Verrick was dead, you think I was kidding!?" He said as he was descending down toward her.

    Master Verrick eh?she thought to herself. So he did know him and now was trying to play games with her, making it seem as if he died. He must think she was a fool, but what could Raven expect. He didn?t know the nature of her relationship with her husband. He could never understand what a bond really was. Sith are taught to think only of themselves. Selflessness, compassion, love those are trait?s the Sith abhor. No he couldn?t fathom the idea.

    ?Yes I know for a fact you were kidding. One such as yourself, couldn?t kill Darth Verrick.?

    She replied back though it may have sounded like a taunt, it was not meant to be so. She merely stated a fact. Her husband was strong in the force. Stronger than her in fact. This Sith was good, but not nearly as good as her husband.

    He was coming as if flying downward to greet her. This time she was ready for him.

    "Do you know what they call me, JEDI!?"

    It didn?t matter, she wasn?t going to give him the chance to tell her. In a deeper concentration she focused her mind allowing herself to be fully in tuned with the force. Her arm motioned inward than out, as she drawn the force in to a powerful wave, which pushed out toward the Sith.

    In her path was the guided lightsaber, which should be redirected within the wave toward the Sith with a faster pace, impaling the Sithlord as he is sailing away.

    May the force be with her she thought to herself. The deep blue eyes of Raven was on the Sith to see what has become of him after her counter attack.[/ul]


    Powers Used:

    Sight: 1/2
    Wave: 1/2
    Telekinesis: 1/2

    MASTER-OF-EVIL Jedi Master star 4

    Nov 10, 2004
    IC: Black
    Naboo - Theed Reactor room

    "Hmpf!" The Sithlord grunted in the air as he saw the devious tactic by the Jedi.

    With a slight smirk, he used his open free hand as he furrowed his brows as he concentrated on his weapon that was re-directed back towards him at a dizzying pace.

    He would have to time this right, he kept his right arm straight ahead of him as he twisted his wrist slightly making his back hand face in and his open palm directed to his right with curled up fingers.

    His eyes narrowing as his ignited weapon coming at him like a hunter's spear hunting for food in the wild, the only difference was his food fought back. With this, Black tucked in his legs right up to his abdomen making him look like a red cannon ball as if time slowed before his eyes, as he tilted his head as for a split second the saber was right upon Black as he pulled off a pivot twist away from the incoming blade as his eyes never left the gleaming weapon as his hand caught the long-handled hilt of his blade at the middle!

    With weapon in hand, he used his left hand as the Force induced wave was upon him in mere seconds, facing it almost directly down as he called upon within himself a gathering energy to his free hand all coiled up as Black met the impact of the Force-wave with his hand and used it as a trampette like a gymnast and somersaulted over with a half twist, using the wave as a platform to avoid direct impact.

    All happened so slow for the descending Sithlord which actual fact was no more than thirty-seconds as he finally landed on both feet and his free hand on the floor in an almost crouching position with legs spread apart.

    His face facing directly to the floor as he took control of his heart rate and breath with his long silvery hair covering his face as he took three deep breaths before rising before the Jedi.

    "I think you have overestimated your resolve.......Lightstar." He said with a cold hard edge as he flicked away some strands from his his perspired face.

    Black had his double-bladed weapon aimed directly down still ignited within his right hand and then the second blade was ignited.


    "You are formidable I'll give you that." He said as he stood in the middle of the catwalk as the Jedi was before him. His breathing was calm, his heartbeat even and slow. He was aware of his body's reactions to the danger---aware and in control.

    "Let me prove to you that......indeed your husband is alive as you claim him to be so." Black began to say in low voice as the hum of his weapon began to spin as he took a step forward, keeping the double-bladed at his front spinning in his hand almost creating an hypnotic haze of red.

    "I can see it in your eyes......the longing for someone close to you and in your Jedi will come here specifically in search of a single Sithlord unless there was an emotional baggage." His voice matched the humming of his saber as he moved slowly in measured steps towards her.

    Black's left hand, which was hidden behind the spinning blade as his fingers moved in an intricate pattern so fast one couldn't tell as the air began to feel thick down in the lower part of the reactor room almost humid.

    "Master Verrick, is still with us, his even in this very place," Black spoke softly in an almost innocent child like manner as his voice changed to a more deeper voice unlike his own, the intricate Rakatan pattern on his robe began to shift as if coming to life as the spinning saber gave them movement if one looked long enough.

    The Sithlord smiled as his hand began to move furiously in very intricate movements as his outward appearance slowly melted away like hot wax on a candle stick as it was slowly replaced by a dark haired man standing before her, the spinning stopped as it vanished completely, there was no S
  11. Imperial_Hammer

    Imperial_Hammer Manager Emeritus: RPFs star 5 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Sep 25, 2004
    And thats the game for this one folksies...

    However, its too late for this tired guy to do anything with judging at the moment...

    RL is currently riding me hard...

    Sinre, go ahead with your call. I'll see if I can't open some time up tomorrow to get this taken care of. :)

  12. Sinrebirth

    Sinrebirth Immortal Mod-King of the EUC, RPF and SWC star 8 Staff Member Manager

    Nov 15, 2004
    Darth Insipid

    [blockquote]Levitating down from the ceiling, the Dark Lord waved a hand, and Darth Insipid ended the duel with his customary bluntness, as the great gong rang out. Insipid's ears rang, and he cast a glare up at his fellow judges, and looked to the two, standing between them. He spoke, thoughtfully. "Darth Verrick, Verrick, Verrick..."

    "We have Black and Raven Lightstar, both of which dueled remarkably well. The Force flew more in this match than any other - at least in amount, as opposed to our previous duels. There were tricks, and blows, and strikes galore." Darth Insipid was building up his enthusiasm, and then cut short.

    "And nothing seemed to really hurt anyone. Apart from one point, where Raven took a hit from Force lightning, which she dutifully took into account for her turn, and then dutifully healed. Black did, however, roleplay very well into his opponents skills; concealing himself, so she could use sight, etc, etc. It was very impressive roleplaying, because it was anticipatory. I could feel the gears working in Black's mind - even if he didn't anticipate everything - as he showed very well in-character, which is exceptionally good - many roleplayers end up, with their IU view, acting as if omnipotent - when they clearly shouldn't be."

    Insipid nodded, slowly. "Raven, however, focused on memories, on her reason for being here. It wasn't just an aside - she didn't happen to be on Naboo, she was actively hunting down her husband, which became the heart of her posting, and indeed her dueling. Black played well into this, but it was less reason than rhyme - Black was responding to her roleplaying here - as opposed to setting the duel, which he did earlier. Two very different skills, each just as appropriate in this tournament - it is a dueling and roleplaying tournament, after all. The mechanics are just as important as the reasons behind them."

    "However, I was concerned by one thing." The Sith clawed with his hands on invisible currents, as if clasping at the threads of fate and time itself. "The Rakatan Proverb. Most entrancing, yes, but it was extremely difficult for Raven Lightstar to respond to. She couldn't take advantage of it - Black had already secured the end of the post with another comment where he was thus untouched - and it controlled her character to a degree I am uncomfortable with. She couldn't do anything. Beyond ignore it. It was a lovely stanza, but it jolted me from the narrative of the duel by becoming purely narrative and no duel."

    The man pulled up his cowl and summoned a gust of wind, propelling himself up and making his cloak into the wings of a raven, encompassing and expansive, the pale face appearing once more as he looked down upon the duelists and promptly began to conceal himself in the Force. "As such I choose Raven Lightstar as the victor."[/blockquote]

    TAG: Hammer, Xan
  13. Imperial_Hammer

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    Sep 25, 2004
    Another great, amazing duel. Another torturous decision. You guys definitely do not make it easy on us now do you.

    How funny that sabers had very little play in this piece! I for one found it very refreshing, this psychological force duel between these two opponents. A long, but entertaining, read.

    So what ultra fine, rather silly reason do I make my decision on this time....

    Saber play more or less falls out. Only a few swipes, and no one makes any real missteps here.

    Both players write plenty. Tons of detail, both legible and illegible. I get backstories from both, I got thoughts and insights from both, I get good dialogue from both. A shame you guys didn't put this also out in the Summer Challenge! You probably would have won! :p

    Backstory quality sort of also comes to a wash. Tee's is simple, straight forward and appreciated. Husband goes to the dark side, wife comes to find him. Potent to be sure. MOE takes the opposite approach, telling it in flashbacks and keeping a bunch of it in mystery. I personally like clarity over mystery, so I give this area to Tee, but only slightly.

    Character and characterization, I do, however, give fully to MOE. What a bizarre, frightening character. I am reminded of Fins' Sith, and I do hope somewhere down the line these two folks meet up! MOE's character's intelligence, creativity, and chattiness made for a special kind of Sith one often doesn't see around these parts. Tee's solid but ultimately unremarkable Jedi serves as a great foil, but doesn't steal the spotlight like MOE does.

    When it comes to Force powers, which morph into the bread and butter of the duel, I am torn. On one hand, Tee does use her powers very creatively. Her use of sight, her use of wave to turn around the saber, her heal after taking the lightning. All very intelligent, all very good, all very impressive. On the other hand, MOE does some pretty impressive stuff with his attacks as well. He combines powers to make some pretty wow combo attacks, and also manages to have some stuff in reserve to deflect Tee's saber. Also, his last post with Horror is truly chilling, and I would pay money to see what would happen there after. Would Tee's character be drawn like a moth to the flame? Oh what a tragic end that would be! That power, not used as of yet, is really quite amazing, and gives us a peak into Black's midnight black soul. I would have liked to see Tee do some more offensive, however, as a Jedi, I can understand and appreciate not wanting to take an overly aggressive route. MOEs consistent use of light and shadow, playing with them and working with them in the duel is also extremely smart, and in addition to his fancy moves, makes me give this category to MOE, but not a ton.

    MOE does get some points docked off for not reading carefully at the beginning where the duel was taking place. While he corrected himself, it is a more or less beginners mistake. I don't give it too much credit because the effects were marginal, but it is noted and taken into consideration.

    Both characters take damage, so this comes to a wash. Tee took the lightning, but also recovered in the same post, a symbolic move so to say. And MOE took a force push, which while not really damage, equates also to a bit of symbolism.

    A part of me is a little worried about MOE's character knowing so much. But with related force users, this becomes a devil to police. Obviously MOE did know Verrik, so maybe he also knew about the wife. Likewise, Tee's character was thinking a ton about the husband, so perhaps MOE's character was able to glean it from her thoughts, like the Emperor and Vader did to Luke about Leia. I would have liked to see this fleshed out a little bit, but with a bunch of it happening in the last post, with Tee not being able to respond, I don't really know what would have happened there, or even if there was some foul ball. I also don't know if MOE's character is just psychopathically chatting along, or if he actually means what he says. Again, hard to figure out on mentalist sith. Thats their job, and for me to feel the conf
  14. DarthXan318

    DarthXan318 Manager Emeritus star 6 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Sep 12, 2002
    Imp and Sinre have covered pretty much everything. Force powers: check. Lightsaber play: check. Backstory: check. And like them, I'm torn, but perhaps for different reasons ...

    On one hand, MOE's writing is a mess of tense changes, homonym confusion and vague pronouns - Tee is not completely innocent here either, but isn't as bad. It makes his posts a chore to read in places and plain confusing in others.

    On the other hand, once I understood them MOE's posts were more interesting. Tee played a Jedi Master in search of her husband - she was thinking of her kids, determined to find him, refusing to believe he's dead, and I could really picture the Theed reactor from her descriptions of the setting ... very solid, very believable roleplaying, and interesting too - but not as interesting and innovative, I find. I greatly enjoyed the psychological parts of MOE's posts - light/dark, black/red, the way he had lightning from behind, hiding in the light, and so on. And as this is a roleplaying tournament, not writing, perhaps that should take precedence.

    However ... I do feel that writing is a part of roleplaying, insofar as understandability is concerned. If you (general you, here) are the best roleplayer in the world but nobody can understand you, it amounts to nothing. RPing is a community thing, and difficult-to-understand posts hamper the people you play with. And I feel that in this regard, Tee did better. (I have considered that the confusion might be intentional, as a facet of the character rather than the player, but I don't think that's the case.)

    So it comes down to this: in the semifinals I would rather have the solidly good RPer whose posts I understand completely, than the greatly imaginative and innovative one who whose posts I don't, as much as I would like to. My judgement goes to JEDI_TEEGIRLOO.

    A round of applause to both of you!

    Also, a note to all of you: while we judges are perfectly amenable to answering questions or clarifying our judgements or whatever, the decisions made are final. You understand. :)
  15. Imperial_Hammer

    Imperial_Hammer Manager Emeritus: RPFs star 5 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Sep 25, 2004


    "Luke, you do not yet realize your importance. You have only begun to discover your power. Join me, and I will complete your training. With our combined strength, we can end this destructive conflict and bring order to the galaxy."

    "I'll never join you!"

    "If you only knew the power of the Dark Side. Obi-Wan never told you what happened to your father."

    The funny thing about places of destiny is that they happen in the most peculiar places. A reactor core, a molten plain.... a carbon freezing facility. Cloud City is a truly one of a kind facility, a whole city floating high in the clouds, its massive banks of repulsordrives and tractor beams eternally fighting against the gravity of the mighty planet of Bespin. The facility stands as a testament to the power of the market, both in mining and entertainment.

    Down in the lower levels of this metal nest is an ordinary carbon freezing chamber. It is even used from time to time, mostly by workers unaware of its history. This was the place where Dark Lord of the Sith, Lord Vader, and the famed Jedi Master, Luke Skywalker, dueled. There, down in the metallic corridors and steps, a balance point was reached between good and evil in the galaxy. It is here that the last quarter-final round of the Master's Tournament will take place.

    [image=] [image=] [image=]

    TAG: Despised then Gunship
  16. Mikaboshi

    Mikaboshi Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Jul 12, 2005
    This really couldn't have come at a worse time, lacking any substantial amount of free time and desire to RP will surely put a damper on what I do here but I will give it all I have regardless.

    Lets have fun Gunny. :)

    Darth Sicarius
    Carbon Freezing Chamber, Cloud City (Bespin)

    Dimly lit and filled with an almost unnoticeable level of background noise, the carbon freezing chamber stood now as it did years ago when a certain beloved Jedi walked toward his destiny. Flashing yellow lights and vented gas gave the chamber a foreboding atmosphere, and though the white clad figure who stood now at the top of a short stairway preferred a more luxurious setting he was neither afraid nor off put. This would not be his first choice of locations to visit no matter how historic it was, but the Force had led him here, though for what reason he did not yet know.

    Like that famous Jedi however, Xen Gaal believed himself to be at a critical point in his life, and in this moment and place the Force whispered to him that he would soon be facing a challenge that could very well change his view of the galaxy, the Force, or even of himself. That thought was almost laughable to him even has his mind conceived it, he was a being of great power and wisdom, what could possibly push him physically or mentally to that level of introspection?

    Possibly he had more in common with that Jedi than would appear. Upon consideration he had to admit that both he and that Jedi entered this chamber on the verge of greatness, though not yet having fulfilled their destiny both were naturally skilled, and both sought to make an impact upon the galaxy that would improve the lives of those who lived in it.

    "Yes." He stated aloud, his voice echoing through the chamber. "I am much like him, and soon enough billions will realize it."

    Suddenly he looked around and scanned the room visually, he saw nothing but had the feeling that he was not alone. With cautious steps he slowly descended the stairway until he reached the platform below. In it's center was a circle cut into the floor, this was where the freezing of gasses took place, and where a Sith Lord had long ago tried to trap the great Jedi.

    Feeling an ever so slight stirring in the Force again, Xen looked about the chamber. He was sure of it now, he was not alone. He made no move to leave or protect himself however, he would rather wait in solitude for a while and try to connect with the history of this place. Whatever reason he was led here would be revealed soon enough.

    Tag: Gunny
  17. Jedi Gunny

    Jedi Gunny Yahtzee Host star 9 VIP - Game Host

    May 20, 2008
    IC: Grush Terk
    Cloud City Carbon Freezing Chamber

    The chamber and the atmosphere around it did not seem right from the moment that Grush Terk walked into its confines. From the history archives he had been used to reading, he had learned that a certain Jedi and Sith Lord had duelled here once, and said Jedi had been the beginning of the new Jedi movement that he himself was a part of. That Sith Lord, Grush could not think of the name, had been too much for the promising Jedi, and had defeated the young adult almost with complete ease. It was ironic that as the Jedi had grown, he was able to vanquish the Sith and put him in the same position not too long after. It was almost as if this chamber was a turning point in the career of said Jedi Knight, and Grush knew that whatever other figure was in the chamber with him, that this confrontation would be something historical; a rematch of light versus dark, purity against power, wisdom against strength. This match would push both combatgants to their limits, and would force the best, or the worst, from both of them in the process.

    As he descended the staircase, the lights on the sides of each step lit up in a dim orange glow, providing only a little more light in the dim chamber. He could still not see his opponent, who was shrouded somewhere on the other side of the chamber. Even if he could not see the other individual, Grush could feel his presence through the Force; he could tell that the individual was very skilled, and would provide a ferocious opponent. An outburst of steam erupted from one of the vents on the ceiling, and the chamber was shrouded in even more of the vapor it provided, adding to the already moody and foreboding atmosphere. In the center, the carbon freezing unit sat there, unused for some time after being manipulated to freeze a human being in carbon, something that had contriuted to that historic match between the Jedi and Sith. Although unused, the unit still radiated evil, like there was a trace from the Sith Lord's actions still floating around it to mark what deeds had been done with it. Brief images flashed before Grush's eyes; one of white-clad soldiers leading dark figures around a catwalk towards the dreaded mechanical carbon freezing unit, and an image of the Sith Lord, his body almost invisible in the steam-filled chamber. After this image appeared, another one took its place; this one of a man no older than about 20 years of age fighting that same Sith Lord, the piercing blue of the man's blade colliding against the eerie red of the Sith's blade and causing a shower of sparks to fly around the chamber. Then, almost as quickly as it had appeared, the image vanished, causing Grush to snap back into reality. His opponent, who he still could not see, seemed to have put a damper on all physical actions except for simple thinking processes, which Grush thought was a curious maneuver for a Sith. Nothing he had ever learned about the polar opposites to the Jedi had ever told him that a Sith would ever pass up the opportunity to make the first srike in battle. The circumstances were very curious, and Grush knew that he would have to tread carefully if he was to come out victorious in the upcoming fight he knew would eventually erupt between the two of them.

    Yes. I am much like him, and soon enough billions will realize it. The Sith had spoken, his voice echoing around the chamber. However, who was he talking to? Grush did not sense anyone else in the chamber, so this question lingered in the back of his mind. However, the sounds of the Sith were closer than Grush had originally estimated when he had entered; the Sith had gotten closer as he himself had, and now they could not be too far from about 10 or so meters from each other. However, the steam made it difficult to see, and a chill ran down the spine of the Jedi; something seemed out of place in the chamber, but he wasn't sure what that was. Reaching down to pull out his lightsaber hilt, he grabbed it, ready to ignite the twin blades when neces
  18. DarthXan318

    DarthXan318 Manager Emeritus star 6 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Sep 12, 2002
    Time's up.

    After some deliberation and talking to both parties, we're going to advance JEDIGUNSHIP to the next round on the grounds that he was held up waiting for his opponent to post. That's the most fair outcome.

    Thank you both for participating! The next round will begin shortly. :)
  19. Imperial_Hammer

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    Sep 25, 2004
    Mid-Tournament Update!


    Game 1.) Kev-Mas_Colcha vs. Sith-I-5 on Hoth. Winner: Sith-I-5

    Game 2.) Ktala vs. Kahn_Iceay on Geonosis. Winner: Kahn_Iceay

    Game 3.) The_Loyal_Imperial vs. Mitth_Fisto on Kamino. Winner: Mitth_Fisto

    Game 4.) DarkLordoftheFins vs. Trimaj on Tattooine. Winner: DarkLordoftheFins

    Game 5.) Master-Of-Evil vs. JEDI_TEEGIRLOO on Naboo. Winner: JEDI_TEEGIRLOO

    Game 6.) JEDIGUNSHIP vs. Despised1 on Bespin. Winner: JEDIGUNSHIP


    Game 7.) Sith-I-5 vs. Kahn_Iceay. Winner: Sith-I-5 (Kahn_Iceay has withdrawn from the tournament)

    Game 8.) Mitth_Fisto vs. DarkLordoftheFins



    Sith-I-5 vs. Winner of Game 8 vs. Winner of Game 9
  20. Imperial_Hammer

    Imperial_Hammer Manager Emeritus: RPFs star 5 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Sep 25, 2004


    "You were the chosen one! It was said that you would destroy the Sith, not join them. You were to bring balance to the force, not leave it in darkness."

    Great Destiny. Sometimes the places of destiny are places of great darkness. It is unfortunate for us all that this is the case, but such is the way of the world. Shadow always seems to follow the light. For every place of redemption seems to be a place of damnation. And amongst the damned, Mustafar stands tall as a place of great suffering. For it was on this hellish world that the hero of the Clone Wars turned away from his last chance at redemption.

    On the surface, far away from most of the mining facilities, there is a rocky island of cooler ground, surrounded by two magma rivers. These cool islands always seemed to be coming and going on the disturbed planet, but this one in particular has been cool for quite some time. The reason for this was a large metallic spire jutting out from the ground. This structure, extending high into the Mustafarian sky and scored by a good deal of lightning strikes, shone in the force. It was on this now warped structure that Darth Vader and Obi Wan Kenobi dueled, many, many years ago. It was this structure that fell over a waterfall of molten rock, and slowly floated for many years on the magma stream. And it is this structure, energizing both light and dark, that calls the semifinalists towards its remote location.

    [image=] [image=] [image=]

    TAG: Fins then Fisto
  21. DarkLordoftheFins

    DarkLordoftheFins Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 2, 2007

    A world burning itself. A melting sea of endless change. A hell.

    There had to be many.

    Lorn felt a single drop of sweat wander over his face. He did not allow himself to wipe it away. It tortured him with it´s teasing prickle. The spots it made him itchy, he did not allow to himself to scratch. It wondered from his forehead to his nose. He raised his head and made it pass his lips, his chin, until he was stretching his head so far back, he had to open his mouth. It made it´s way down his neck and arrived on his chest. The drop of sweat was unstoppable. Like he had once been. He wore no shirt. Only the black trousers, torn apart now after his battle on Tatooine. Like a tear not allowed the drop of sweat paused. Then continued it´s way down. And Lorn released a single, thundering roar into the burning seas of Mustafar celebrating the sensation of the feel.

    "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh!" Ripping his lightsaber hilt from his belt he pushed the emitter to his chest. His finger dropped on the ignition-button and applies pressure. His heart began beating fast, as if it knew of the coming energy that would melt it. Like everything melted on Mustafar. "AAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRGH!" He screamed again, trying to get hold of his rage. His mindless anger. Trying to turn it against himself. A micro-millimeter. All it needed for himself to end it was a little more pressure. Move the button a little more. Press it a little harder. Little-by-little did a man die. Nanometers. A distance so tiny, it was hardly perceivable at all and yet it was a distance his will could not bridge. Planets, systems and galaxies were within´ his reach, but this final nanometer between life and death . . . was a nanometer too far.

    Exhausted he let go. His lightsaber dropping to the ground before him.

    He could not take it anymore. Was the galaxy laughing at him?

    Silly boy,
    thought you were smart,
    but you´re a dumb toy.
    Isn´t it hard,
    to see through the lie?
    Of the fake you have been,
    but now you can´t die?

    He was prisoner of his own hypocrisy. The Jedi. The Jedi on Tatooine had defeated him in ways, no man ever could with a blade. Lorn´s superior understanding. The void inside of him. His hunger. All a lie. It´s all a lie. A lie. LIE! LIE!

    The lightsaber jumped into his hand again and he pressed it against his chest so hard, the skin was pierced and blood followed that drop of sweat downwards his torso.

    Was all his precious void just a hollow shape of his damaged self? Was there nothing inside, instead of nothing at all? His disgust of all living was failing him.

    The thought tortured him. Could it be? His master, his former master and his serene smile. The last words of his master had been a simple no. No. Lorn had not thought about in years. Now the memories did not let him go, anymore. The torturers in the prison his hypocrisy had become.

    Opening his eyes he stared into the melted lava, as if he hoped being blinded would make him not see the truth. There was no hiding in lava. It was light, too. What could he expect from the light?

    He had not killed his Master fast. No, no he had taken his time. Cut into his muscles. Subdued him and then made him watch as Lorn killed the other Padawans. Then finally he had stepped to his crippled Master and seen the fear in the weaklings eyes. And as he had laid his hands around his throat and pressed his fingers down so the old Zabrak slowly suffocated Lorn had understood . . . had finally understood . . .

    There was nothing worth living for. The galaxy itself was chain of deaths. An endless line of ending lives. There was nothing to worship in that. There was no sense. No deeper meaning. The only true purpose one could have was to serve the universe and bring death . . . or die yourself.

    He had shaped his life to reflect this wisdom. Had ignored all others. And brought them enlightenment through his burning blade. Rage. Anger. Death. He had spread it among the stars. And oh, had he been gener
  22. Mitth_Fisto

    Mitth_Fisto Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Sep 29, 2005
    Kamino/Junk Hauler/Mustafar

    She stood there on the platform, wind swept and perpetually drenched in the falling rains, staring at the small cargo ship that waited on the landing pad?her passage to a safe world where she, and Q9-X8, could find passage back to Susevfi or Dathomir from. Either way it would be a long trip with a lengthy explanation, but at least X8 agreed to do the paper work after severe threats upon his mainframe.

    Rotating her shoulder, experimenting with the range of motion of strength, she was pleased to find that there was no pain or loss from her previous injury by that long disappeared ?Jedi?. Her armor was also repaired, to its newly fallen status between ?resistant? and ?better than being slathered in cooking oil?. Plus if she ever found this council of force insane asylums escapee?s she would make sure they never returned to anywhere ever again.

    One had to admit that even for a rundown group of cloner?s they did excellent work, although dipping that deep into her discretionary funds wasn?t planned on, but what can do when your bleeding on a landing pad during a negotiation?

    She smirked slight as she gave a slight bow to her caretaker before turning to make her way unto the ship, with any luck she would have the droid back and be able to call in and claim this as some forced vacation time.


    As if life was ever that easy.

    True the ship had left that watery far behind hours ago, and the trip in it?s plainness was a nice continuation of the pace that the medical wards had set. But, like the proverb of a prisoner whose drink is always in view yet just beyond their reach, so to she felt would be their destination. She had ignored the pullings of the force that seemed to draw her in the opposite direction, and it was getting stronger that pull even as she raced in the opposite direction.

    It was almost anticlimactic when the captains voice cried out, with a few choice words that she surprisingly hadn?t heard before, that she merely walked to the front to look out the view port believing her calm trip having finally been interrupted. Nothing greeted her except Bandomeer glistening like a jewel in the distance. Only a short way from Dathomir.

    ?What is it? Sith? Jedi? Kriff what is the matter?? the?well the race of the thing that filled more of a bowl than a seat moved an eyestalk, just one of it?s twenty some pseudopodia, as well as one that it spoke with toward her.

    ?A sto-orm has forrrmed, and willll ovverrr take us! Maneuever no help-p-p. I willlll Llllivvve.? It shuddered slightly before?getting flushed seemed the most apt description as the seat it was on opened a small tube that it went down. Moments later a shudder signaled an escape pods departure.

    ?Sith-spit! THAT?That Ugor!? finally she recalled the race. Running back she found Q9-X8 buffing his chasse, ?We gotta leave now, to the escape pods!?

    ?Yes Ma-Mis-Master.? Came the stuttering reply as it replaced its tool before lifting into the air turning just as the junk hauler they had caught a ride on shuddered, the smell of ozone filled the air gave only rise to her building sense of dread as she felt a stronger tug in the force. ?Master, the way to the escape pods is blocked!?

    No sooner had the machine cried thus than she spied what appeared to be a small blue vortex advancing down the corridor, arcs of electricity seeming to both arc off it to burn the matter around it as well as arcing back propel it on to their doom.

    Stopping the droid with her hand she sighed, ?This time we go peacefully. Maybe it won?t damage my armor further if I go before it builds more steam.?

    ?That is faulty thinking Master, I suggest??

    ?Your plating wasn't degraded last time and you went through sooner than I did. Just get the info back to Dathomir, your almost there.? She knew it wanted her, the force cared only for t
  23. DarkLordoftheFins

    DarkLordoftheFins Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 2, 2007
    Island, Mustafar

    Lorn ignored the woman, as she arrived. Staring into the glowing red of the lava sea, feeling the pain of himself bleeding. The wounds aching from the salty sweat that seemed to burn into him like acid. It was something to hold on to. Something . . . familiar. Something that had survived the revelation of the liar known as Lorn. Pain. Still a loyal servant. Pain did not let you down. It served. Those in pain.

    So here she is, and ever was,
    whatever she says,
    whatever her cause,
    she shall find death
    but no remorse.

    He laughed out and his head snapped to the arrival. He did not probe her. Did not investigate her. Only superficially he realized she was armored. And had two blades. he did not really care. He did not really listen as she answered. Only hearing his blood in his head, rushing. The pulse of anger.

    Dadam. Dadam. Dadam. Dadam.

    Yes, it was powerful. This surge of aggression suddenly rising inside of him. This hatred that choose him. The incarnated in him. Masters, Sith, Jedi, Adepts and whatever he had found he had sacrificed to this anger, as if it was his dark god. And only now, that he found out how hollow this cause was, he could finally give himself fully to it.

    Because . . .

    He finally had found something worse hating for. Himself.

    Igniting both his blades he made his first step and suddenly could not stop. Could not stay silent. Could not allow this . . . whatever it was . . . to be alive. Rage. He felt rage. And it wasn´t even his rage. No, he had become rage´s Lorn.

    "Aaaaaaargh!" Summoning all his anger he raised both blades and made them crush into his enemy.

    You made a joke,
    now I am mess.
    You did provoke
    you did harass.
    Now I am torn.
    I am less Lorn.
    Less. And less.

    The world slowed down. And it was torture to his soul. Having to wait so long, until his blades reached their target.

    When they finally did, his scream died down, as their wepaons began their deadly dance.

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    Rage 1
    Speed 1

  24. Mitth_Fisto

    Mitth_Fisto Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Sep 29, 2005
    Island, Mustafar

    As the form finally turned, to look at her, or rather through her she knew he would make the first move. But it would not be her last act to die without making more of a battle than igniting her dual-bladed lightsaber.

    It was somewhat ironic actually, she would slay this Sith, for that was what he was she had no doubt, with a form of lightsaber best associated them. As the Jedi had long abandoned and discoraged the staff hilt design, while Sith remained more open, more willing to be versitile not only in the types of weapons they used but also in the forms. In this the Jensaarai were little different.

    So with piercing eyes she bore her sight with the aid of the force into those deep shadows, into that shifting hidden truth of what was yet to come. She watched the motions, heard the yell, saw the blows of fury come faster than humanly possible...before he had taken the breath to yell after his forboding laugh.

    Her own motions raced with the fluidity of the force as she stepped back upon their isle of isolation, their lava locked gladitorial arena. With both hands holding the hilt she twisted up her yellow blades, so similar to the searing yellow within the lava that so often is hidden, catching his two blades on her left to bat them to the right side.

    Then performing a crossover step to the left she quickly flipped the hilt to bring the opposite blade down past her right leg on its way up to bite into the mans chest before shifting her shoulders and arms to bring the left about. Her response was sure, a drilled technique that was down so pat it didn't require but a thought to begin to bring the end.

    This no battle would decide, for if the past was any indication it was not a pawn to be easily dispatched that she faced this day. No, upon this field of stone, encircled by a mote of firey rock, inset by a metal this was the field of those that did what they did not because they were good. No, this is where they fought because it was all they could do.

    Though joy and gladness filled her soul from the prospect, singing the rytes of scores passed by, for today she would prove her way...for she fought sith today! There yet was the sadness of a pawn that knew she was one if not simple, but wouldn't give a sith's spit about it till she faced another apponent. Not until she faced one she wouldn't mind expunging from the galaxy.

    TAG: Fin

    Force Powers Used: Battle Precognition x1 & Speed x1

    Previously Used: Force Pullx1
  25. DarkLordoftheFins

    DarkLordoftheFins Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 2, 2007

    His blades were redirected and he hissed out his breath, finding the room to push himself into the air. The force reacted to his demands, his instincts guiding it through the anger, the rage that stormed inside of him. Pushing himself into the air and somersaulting over his enemy, the woman's blade would not find him, once it came up.

    His landing was less than perfect. His concentration clouded by his all consuming desire to find death failed him. He stumbled back. To far to attack with his blade. Death. His. Another's. Hers. Anybody's. To feel it again. He would give all to . . . feel it again. That rush. The power. The vanishing of life into the force, when he commanded it to be ended. He wanted it so bad . . . make it true again. Even if it was a lie. Then a lie was what he had left. He would make it true. kill so many, it would be true. Death would be a master. Again. Yes. Yes.

    Stumbling one step back, two fingers from his left hand were pointed at the . . . whatever she was . . . and blue lightning unloaded from them. His lightsaber held be the other three hurt in his hand, as it spasmed. Only a tiny part of his anger was given physical form. Blueish energy hurled at his faceless opponent. A scream accompanied the crackling of energy. One to make the galaxy itself know he was here. He was alive. He was coming for it. For all of it!

    As the lightning and the scream made their way to his enemy, he raised the second blade and charged forward again, slashing out for the head, as long as the enemy was still distracted. Hoping she did defend herself. He did not want this to be over soon. He wanted to see her suffer. And himself. He needed pain. Now. He just needed it. If death was denied to him, pain . . . pain would do. A little pain. Only a little suffering. Sweet, sweet suffering. And then death. Yes. Yes.

    Yes Yes Yes
    you have come here
    a enslaved by his vision - seer
    to find some little death.
    To breathe your final breath.
    So just see clear,
    leave it all behind,
    confront your fear,
    you´re out of your mind.
    Of your mind.
    Your mind.

    His scream would still echo when it died down with his dropping blade. An eruption of lava exploded in the deadly sea behind them as if it wanted to compliment his uncontrolled yell and the unnerving sound of energy-blades meeting would make this just such a perfect symphony.

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    Storm/Lightning 1

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