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"The Event Horizon Project"- Please Add-on!

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction Stories--Classic JC Board (Reply-Only)' started by KenKenobi, Nov 30, 2002.

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  1. KenKenobi

    KenKenobi Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Jul 11, 2002
    PLEASE add on as long as it is not too vulgar or TOTALLY screws up another person's add-on post. I want to see how this ends up. ;) And P.S- Kilch Kanomin is an Ewok. :D

    It has been 22 years since the defeat of the Empire and the death of the Emperor at the Battle of Endor. With the diplomats of the old Rebel Alliance striving to create a better galactic government and Luke Skywalker trying to better institute elements for the newly established Jedi Order, a new threat arises in the shadows of the New Republic, one that could bring the New Republic and the New Jedi Order down to its knees. Meanwhile, a mysterious foe appears in the mist of peril, waiting to be recognized.....or the failure to do so.........

    Chapter One
    Aboard the command deck of the Imperial Star Destroyer the Event Horizon, Captain Palin Jax looked out at the vast array of TIE fighters forming up and docking aboard his massive ship. Captain Jax, the Event Horizon being the first Star Destroyer he fully commanded, was a graduate of the famed Imperial Academy a one of the best engineers of the time. Staring out at what remained of a New Republic resistance force, Jax smiled wryly at the thought of being promoted. With Grand Admiral Lennox controlling his moves, he was sure to make the position of Commodore in no time.

    With his TIE fighters docked once again and the NR resistance force half-decimated and gone, he turned around to face his Comm scanner. Without missing a beat, the scanner looked up at Jax and listened for orders.

    ?Get me Lieutenant Safar.? Jax ordered, straightening his jacket and fixing the few but prestigious awards on his coat.

    ?Yes sir.? The scanner replied, punching in the keys and calling Lieutenant Safar to the command deck.

    ?And keep the full frequency sensors on. I don't want another resistance force coming near this sector without us knowing first.? Jax added before turning back around and gazing out of the viewport once again.

    Lieutenant Safar hesitantly walked onto the command deck, eyeing the Comm scanner and Captain Jax alike. Once he was close enough to Jax for them to have a conversation, he saluted his captain and stood at attention.

    ?Give me the full report, Lieutenant.? Jax said while turning around to look at Safar and salute him back.

    ?Two wings destroyed sir. All other wings report. Your personal brigade stands ready and awaiting orders, Captain. All sensors are on full alert for other New Rep- I mean Rebellion forces sir. No damage on the ship sir.? Safar reported.

    ?Good...good...Any Rebellion forces in the outer lying sectors??

    ?No, sir. The perimeter is clear.?

    ?Good. Prepare my private quarters and give order to jump into hyperspace.? Jax instructed, turning back around to glance out at the viewport. It wouldn?t be long he wouldn?t be long...


    Kilch Kanomin paced in his office on Coruscant, awaiting the return signal from the resistance force in the Meridian Sector. Looking out at the infinite assortment of speeders, freighters, escorts , and transports, he couldn?t help but notice landing of an N-1 class starfighter nearby. The length of time since he?d seen one and the apparent modifications and enhancements made it stand out in a sea of other fighters and cruisers. At first it wasn?t clear who it was inside, even after the pilot was out of the cockpit, until General Kanomin noticed a weird shaped droid get out of the rear of the ship, where an R2 unit should have been. It looked like a large probe droid with more mechanisms than usual before it came to him. That droid was L4-B4, and L4-B4 meant Ken Kenobi.

    Kenobi proceeded from the landing pad up to Kanomin?s office. The room was fairly large, with beautiful and exotic paintings that lined the office walls. Gazing at the pictures, Kenobi found his way into a seat in front of General Kanomin?s desk.

    ?Hello Master Kenobi...? Kanomin said, gi
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