Calgary The Expo - Fan Force behavioral expectations, or "The Silly Talk"

Discussion in 'Canada Discussion Boards' started by veritate, Apr 24, 2008.

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  1. veritate Jedi Youngling

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    We call this "the silly talk" in my family - the stuff we know you probably already know, but we have to say it to ensure that Fan Force members are representing the group in a respectable manner. Please take the time to read this post if you plan to attend the Expo this weekend.


    1. All fandoms are equally awesome.

    Browncoats are awesome. Comics are awesome. Furries are awesome. Ringers are awesome. Trekkies are awesome. You may not understand their fandom, but their passion is real and just as valid as yours. Never ever make disparaging comments about another fan or fandom. Diversity is what makes this event spectacular.

    2. Your behavior reflects on every Star Wars fan in every land throughout time.

    When someone watching the news sees you, they don?t see YOU. They see ?Star Wars Geeks?. And they paint every other Star Wars fan based on your behavior. It only takes one spazz to make us all look bad. Remember that, and don?t be that spazz.

    It is never acceptable to brandish your weapon. (Read that again and again until you understand it.) It takes just one person to catch someone in the face with a lightsaber or whack someone?s booth or car, and then it?s all over for the rest of us. Just don?t do it. Seriously.

    The Expo is exciting and it?s all about having fun, but be aware of how your behavior may affect someone else?s enjoyment. Be courteous, polite, respectful and friendly at all times. If you feel yourself becoming overly hyper, irritable or snippy, take a break. (Someone remind me of this one when it?s 3:00 p.m. on Sunday.)

    3. If you made a promise, keep it.

    If you have signed up to volunteer, either with the Expo or with the booth, show up for your shift on time and stay there till it?s done. Stay focused. Socialize on your own time. Again, you?re not just a volunteer, you?re a STAR WARS volunteer. If you flake out, it reflects badly on everyone.

    4. The volunteers in shirts are the law.

    They are the face of the Expo and it?s Kandrix?s reputation on the line. If a red shirt asks you to go somewhere or do something, please be respectful of their position and co-operate. Offer to help in any way you can. Make their lives as easy as possible. Thank them for their time and commitment.


    5. The booth is not our private clubhouse.

    The booth is there to present the FF to the public. It is not our place to hang out, eat, or party. There are tables and resting areas at the Expo. We ask that if you want to ?hang out?, please don?t do it at the booth. It can be intimidating for a person to approach us when there is a gaggle of geeks huddled around the table.

    If you are there volunteering for your shift, please focus on the public. If it is not your time to volunteer, don?t crowd around the booth and remember that the people behind the booth are working.

    6. Store your stuff somewhere else.

    It just keeps the booth looking neat and organized.

    7. Work the crowds.

    If you?re working at the booth, you?re there to meet people. Make sure you?re standing as much as possible. Greet people as they float by. If they stop to check out the booth, engage them in a conversation. Make an effort to find out about THEM and THEIR interests, and resist the urge to prove to them how big your collection is or how accurate your costume might be.

    Avoid double-teaming them with your co-volunteer, though. Don?t pounce on them. Give them space and answer any questions they might have. They?ll sign up if they?re interested and if they feel comfortable with you.

    8. If it?s not yours, don?t touch.

    This just comes down to respect, and can be applied to any situation throughout the Expo, but it especially applies for the booth. The costumes and props that are on display at the booth are precious to their owners, so just respect that and keep your hands to yourself.

    Thanks, everyone! It's sure to be an excellent weekend!

  2. PreludeRM FanForce CR, & Fanforce Council Calgary, Alberta

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    Thanks for posting this. A great set of words to live by for the Expo and any other Expo or Con for that matter.
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    We're all mature enough to know this stuff already, and those of you who've been to Expos and/or Cons past, will already be familiar with what Veritate has stated. We're not here to babysit you, but we do expect you to reflect the VERY BEST of the group (we ARE really AWESOME and people should see that). Don't be afraid to be yourself, but try to be conscious of how adverse behaviour could reflect badly on us.

    We want EVERYONE to have a great time, and to have FUN.
    It really is going to be a fantastic weekend!
  4. LEXIAL Jedi Youngling

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    That is great Veritate. I think this should be applied to every get together our fanforce has.
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