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  1. Casper_Knightshade

    Casper_Knightshade Jedi Master star 6

    Oct 18, 2000
    Posting because I just read the Awards Thread and need to get my I.Q. back.... :p

    First off: Jaxx was robbed three times! Period. End of story.

    Secondly: [link=]LOLOLOLOLOLOL![/link]

    Okay, now with my intelligence returning....

    Rokangus: I need to make one correction: when it comes to long form storytelling I can't Fast Food it. You could make the same argument for shorties, but it's a bit of stretch.

    But you're right on all of the above. :p

    Whiskey: Thank you, and you have mentioned that before. You and a bunch of others and that means a lot to me more than just 'Good post' because it means you all do want that. Part of the reason why I got longer and more intricate in the chapters/story was due to reading Lord of the Rings; length wise everything was long in it, but before that my literatural structuring was based on the SW paperbacks and comic books. I honestly can't see myself going back to the shorty stuff if I can help it, but there will be times in the future.

    It was just TFL had so much more to offer. I'll explain sometime after the Credits post.

    In the meantime I know Di-Lee is reading.....;)
  2. Grand_Admiral_Jaxx

    Grand_Admiral_Jaxx Jedi Master star 5

    Dec 23, 2000
    Oh, I wasn't really expecting a victory in the awards ceremony... the runner up was a nice touch, but most of you know how I feel about the awards :p

    And Casper, I've said it before and I'm gonna say it again- it is a privilege to read your works. I'm glad there are writers like you on these boards :)
  3. Padawan_Di-Lee

    Padawan_Di-Lee Jedi Padawan star 4

    Oct 15, 2000
    Holy crap!!! How cool! Wow, I loved that ending! What a way to leave me on edge for the next part!

    Awesome story, Casper!
  4. Casper_Knightshade

    Casper_Knightshade Jedi Master star 6

    Oct 18, 2000
    Jaxx: Thanks Jaxx...I'm glad there's writers like me on the boards too. [face_laugh]

    And fans. :D

    Di-Lee: Thanks, Di. As I pointed out before TDH had a cliffy of sorts but more of an ending than cliffy. Still everyone was asking what happens now? What happens in the future? Where does it all go from here?

    And for a few folks: can I borrow a character or two from you? [face_laugh]

    In truth, in some stories, we don't want the tale to end. If we didn't know there was a sequel to The Fellowship of the Ring we would be totally bummed out; it wouldn't have been worth the read/wouldn't have been worth the time to see the movie. We want real closure; not a dangling carrot. Sadly all stories do end, but there still that little bit that isn't really settled (again at the end of ROTJ we do ask 'what's next?').

    So in some itty-bitty way there is detectable cliffhanging levels at the end of stories; some, not all; a good example would be the end of Return of the King in my humble opinion.

    At the ends of TDH there's a balance between the two, between closure and cliffhanging. Like any good sequel TFL is a somewhat predictable (in structure, not necessarily long term plot) transition point; unfortunately in a trilogy one cannot escape it, but LOTR does a great job of minimalizing it. But here at the transition the balance is off centered, and of course the levels of cliffhanging increase; clearly shown between the wondering questions of TDH and the I'm sure as hell want to know questions soon to come after the credits roll here on TFL. The demands to know what next must be and are now double, triple, or far more now than they were at the ends of TDH.

    As by design, of course. ;)

    I warn folks: I have it all ready in my head, the beginning the end some of the key points long term, its just the connecting and the stuff inbetween that takes up the most time.

    Time will tell. ;)

    FORWARNED! Djuva coming through.......... ;)
  5. Rokangus

    Rokangus Jedi Knight star 5

    Oct 18, 2000
  6. Casper_Knightshade

    Casper_Knightshade Jedi Master star 6

    Oct 18, 2000
    [hl=black]THE FADING LIGHT



    Enothchild Sarch, Juna Rapier, Dizzy Arnes, Muriel Thahada, Naressa Rapier, Ros Ofcheck, Casper Knightshade


    Nebula Nimh Ryder, Fawni Nimh, Raven Nimh, Luna Mystery Nimh (The Great Mother), and Faradi Nimh (Darth Rune)


    Darth Sidious, Darth Maul, Sele Nevere


    Magus Prophet, Magus Servant, Admiral Cade Hooley, Helle'anglotov'vesil Evagan'wiwsk'shavage'anute.


    Destiny, Thor, Apostle, Unita, Osolete, Magus Nautilus, Magus Ulysses, Magus Orrick, Magus Titus.


    Yoda , Plo Koon, Qualeggeous, Qui-Gon Jinn, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Eeth Koth, Mace Windu, Even Piell, Yaddle, Sifo-Dyas, Depa Boda, Ki-Adi-Mundi, Nue Cadabel.


    Prince Tomas Krendel/King Veruna, Cessa Evannava Ferngully, Horatio Ferngully, Deannta Desser, Doctor Lunette Solms, Captain Les Archer, Weena Welchrest, Sio Bibble, Kettle Baines, Asia Baddle, Selena Colin, Cloudia Gevenario, Lady Terese Maltanaw, Eric Maltanaw, RT-8V.


    Chancellor Finnis Valorum, Lott Dod, Mas Amedda, Hankoro Lockheart, Alouha Bitter, Burton Teswafler, Obo Odondoo, Creggler Ufgustan, Bail Antilles, Asks Moe, Ewinis Farao.


    Nadja Moranna, the Little One.


    Author Casper Knightshade listens to and use music for his story from:


    Ozzy Osbourne (Gets me Through, No More Tears)

    Led Zeppelin

    Black Sabbath


    Theater of Tragedy



    Kid Rock(Bawitdaba adang adangdiggie diggie)

    A Perfect Circle

    Evanescence (My Immortal)


    Rush (Working man!)

    Megadeth (World Needs a Hero.)

    Fozzy(I'm no Prisoner, I'm a Free Man)

    Iron Maiden (No one should go where eagles dare)



    Jimi Hendrix (I'm a VooDoo Child!)

    The Only Classical CD You'll Ever Need

    Red Hot Chili Peppers (Twisting and turning your feelings our hurting you're breaking the girlllllllllllll!!!!!!!!!!!!)

    Pink Floyd (Wish you were here)

    My Dying Bride (The Light at the End of the World)

    Creednce Clearwater Rivival (Bad Moon Rising)

    And the late great Roy Orbensen (Mystery Girl)


    Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

    Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers

    The Last of the Mohicans

    End Of Days

    Star Wars: Episode One:The Phantom Meance

    Star Wars: Episode Two: Attack of the Clones

    Star Wars:Shadows of the Empire

    The Matrix Reloaded

    Casper Knightshade would like to thank the following people:

    THE TRIPLE THREAT~the original followers and my first fans

    Rokangus, Djuva, Mistress 'Sade' Sudafed


    Padawan Di-Lee, Delight, Sara Kenobi, Ty-gon Jinn, Grand Admiral Jaxx, and the many others who will soon follow. If I forgot ya I can always edit the post! ;)

    Special thanks goes to George Lucas (thanks George!)

    Extra special thanks goes to:

    - President George W. Bush and the men and women serving under his command in the United States Armed Forces. With you evil has no chance.

    - To the men and women who put on a uniform and fight the everyday wars of crime, fires, and to save people's lives: before, during, after September 11th: never a doubt in my mind you don't give up, you don't give in, and you get up and go back out there the very next day to do it again. Nationwide, worldwide: thank you!

    And thanks to,,,, X2, the Matrix Reloaded, Red Dragon, Lord of the,, The Drudge Report, Ain't It Cool, Joe and the Poor Boy of the Rock Station Z93 (Put down the toilet scrubber and pull up your pants!), Calvin
  7. Delight

    Delight Jedi Master star 4

    Mar 25, 2001
  8. Rokangus

    Rokangus Jedi Knight star 5

    Oct 18, 2000
    Well I've said it more times that I can even begin to remember but what better way to officially end the fic, but in my own preferred idiom. ;)

    <Pumps both fists in the air entusiastically>


    You're very welcome, Casper! :D Can't wait for those questions and answer stuff. :D
  9. Casper_Knightshade

    Casper_Knightshade Jedi Master star 6

    Oct 18, 2000
    Thanks Rok, and we'll either have it here or at a different venue all together for more flexible, more adult conversation. ;)

    And Whiskey's about to get some neato stuff. :D

  10. Whiskey in the Jar-Jar

    Whiskey in the Jar-Jar Jedi Padawan star 4

    Apr 17, 2000
    Just got the message...Ultra sweetness. :D

    Loved that glow thing too; I'm gonna have some fun with that, methinks.

    Be sure to head to the bar soon to check out the updates. :D
  11. Casper_Knightshade

    Casper_Knightshade Jedi Master star 6

    Oct 18, 2000
    No prob, Whiskey. Remember, though, if you need more or resizing or anything let me know.
  12. Grand_Admiral_Jaxx

    Grand_Admiral_Jaxx Jedi Master star 5

    Dec 23, 2000
    *lone tear*

    So long to wait! Too long, methinks ;)

    Ah, Casper, take all the creative time you need. Good work is hard to find, and I'm fortunate I've found such good work (here and elsewhere on the boards).

    You done good, Casper :)
  13. Casper_Knightshade

    Casper_Knightshade Jedi Master star 6

    Oct 18, 2000
    Thanks Jaxx. And really the time needed is to prevent both stagnation and boredom and circumvent the possibility of just saying 'smeck it, I'm not posting anymore' in the middle of a story. It didn't happen here, but two and a half years of nonstop writing -- and it has been that even though the posts say otherwise; I think we all, as storytellers, have gone through it -- of deep, thoughtful writing - especially in front of a computer all of TDH was hand written in a notebook then typed here on a post and I totally miss that!!!! - can wear on anyone more than the story itself. That's what I really can't stand and I wouldn't make for a good office worker; sitting, using my non-improving typing skills for hours at a time on a story I think I can tell in four pages and in the end pump out 12 pages.

    BTW note - I have not took the time to count all the pages of TFL or the actuall memory size, but I will and tell you the whole scary details. I think I did it for Jaxx back in September of last year one night: scary numbers at that time, and that was practically 8 months ago.

    So yeah I want some time off, then maybe do some mindless stuff and short stuff. The first thing I will PROBABLY do is (GASP) a Round Robin. :eek: Delight and I have a screwy idea for one and I think we can get people to laugh milk or beer through their nose.

    Right now: I'm trying to set up another forum to answer questions as I stated before in a previous post. I think there's stuff you would all like to ask but are afraid to because it involves the use of the 'f' word. [face_laugh]

    Yes: Faragut! How did you guess? :p

  14. Casper_Knightshade

    Casper_Knightshade Jedi Master star 6

    Oct 18, 2000
  15. Rokangus

    Rokangus Jedi Knight star 5

    Oct 18, 2000
  16. Delight

    Delight Jedi Master star 4

    Mar 25, 2001
  17. Casper_Knightshade

    Casper_Knightshade Jedi Master star 6

    Oct 18, 2000
    LOL! D! You miss me all ready? ;)

  18. Casper_Knightshade

    Casper_Knightshade Jedi Master star 6

    Oct 18, 2000
    Those discussions are coming soon! Bare with me! ;)
  19. Casper_Knightshade

    Casper_Knightshade Jedi Master star 6

    Oct 18, 2000

    WON: Well yours truly is still toying whether or not to hold after story discussions here or elsewhere. Do I move it so we can have more fun and entertainment, or leave it here so beings can learn more the author if there is anything to learn from reading TFL? If these Old Boards are lost in a year would it matter if I leave it here or provide a link off site? And where can I hold it so as many folks at one time can get involved without the need of using any of the IM's out there? (that's because of time constraints; most of ya in Europe - Djuva in Germany and Delight somewhere in the Northern Atlantic if memory serves? - live six hours ahead of me, while Rok and perhaps Ty-Gon live three hours behind me.)

    Screwy, but it can be done to a point. We'll see. I really want to take this off site so we can all have a more mature conversation; one that won't get us spanked in a bad way. If you're like me you want a spanking on your own terms.

    Huh? OH no! That's not how it looks you dirty minded people! :p

    TOO: My 'away from working' vactation whole week. NOW I didn't write a damn thing that is story material. Nope I kept that promise save for FORWARDS! and other responses on the Boards.

    On the other hand 'work' did come up but good work. This what happened in twos - One, I took note of the brand new AutoCAD LT 2004 Demo and like a squealing 8 year old Juna being tickled tortured by her mother I pointed, clicked, and spent the next few days dancing in a circle. :D

    (NOTE: You see that CAD software is the low end version and XPENSIVE (yes, X and no E), as in 800 dollars before the tax XPENSIVE, version of the more next one up 3000 dollar version which has no free demo. Being a poor man of moth wealth and no taste you can figure the rest out.) ;)

    I had to get the Demo too because I wanted to do some Sith Maiden logo stuff and, unfortunately, my new computer doesn't do the old CAD software (uncompatible with XP!). So when I have to do logo work, the great BACK buttons and stuff, I have to:

    1.) Unhook my new computer from old monitor, zip drive, so on...

    2.) hook it up to the old computer, called Dusty for obvious reasons....

    and 3.) go to work. When finished reverse course.

    Tidious! YES! I love it though its work but still....Anyhoot, I get the software and that's when the second thing happens: WHISKEY!

    [link=]The Drunken Gungan[/link] wants some title blocks and he wants it in the TSM letter style. Well what a coinkidinks: I was thinking about doing a TSM alphabet so why not. So the past two or three weeks has been spent on my other passion.

    The initial results can be seen at the above mentioned website that reflects Whiskey's affection name, and future results will be seen at the [link=]Museum[/link] along with the return of the Select Images. I'm working hard - yes, I know but at least I'm not writing - before the Demo time - 30 days - expires.

    After that I am sure I won't need to go back to the drafting software; I should be busy with writing again. :)

    A month off does wonders. I have a beginning. I have a end. Soon the rest of the stuff will become meaningful..... :D

    FORWARD and out!

    OH btw for the guys only out there: I am at a problem point of debate here! As far back as TDH if I could cast anyone for the movie version I first said Diane Lane (The Outsiders) for pure acting ability, and then Catherine Zeta Jones (Chicago, American Sweathearts) due to looks. Now there is a newcomer: Monica Bellucci! I say this not because of TMXRL, but because the boys at Z93 KQZ-The Rock Station found and provided the address to Ms. Bellucci's half naked German website. :eek:

    Anyhoot there's some clothed pictures of her there - they're there, really! I looked!! - and there's this one that caught my eye. It's a combination of her skin tone and the way she looked into the camera.

    I'm just need feedback on that. Because, really, I do look around for visual help to aide me in disc
  20. Rokangus

    Rokangus Jedi Knight star 5

    Oct 18, 2000
    Woohoo! Ah yes, new drafting software is always nifty.

    The only recent software I've gotten recently is something called Matlab. It's useful in most of my classes (like the ones where I'm supposed to be mucking around with complex controls systems.) But the real toy for me is the sub-program called simulink. Imagine if you will a prgram that allows you to complex systems analysis, by essentially playing connect the dots. It's beautiful. :p

    Yeah, I'm also leaning towards an off-site discussion area. I think that would definitely generate the most interesting discussions. ;)

  21. Whiskey in the Jar-Jar

    Whiskey in the Jar-Jar Jedi Padawan star 4

    Apr 17, 2000
    Matlab's an interesting program. I roomed with an Electrical Engineering Technologist student for a year while at DeVry and he used it.

    Kinda reminds me of a program called ErWin, which us database junkies can use to design graphical database models. The cool thing about it was from one program, you could actually apply the same model to any number of database programs like Interbase, Oracle, and SQL server with just a button press.

    Graphical developer programs are such fun...too bad they can sometimes create so much overhead that even high-end systems have problems. Oh well.
  22. Delight

    Delight Jedi Master star 4

    Mar 25, 2001
    Yeah, Matlab is cool. Was forced to use it for a project in my Physics course. Although I didn't really find it that useful.

    Yes, let's take the discussion off-board. However, I would vote against IM, because (a) I spend too much time at work where the corporate firewall is not, well, friendly, and (b) I try to keep IM off my home machine.

    I am no longer somewhere in the North Atlantic, Casper; I am now working on the sunny isle of Singapore, South East Asia, Earth, which means I am 8+6=14 hours ahead of you.
  23. Djuva

    Djuva Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jul 25, 2000
    Caught red-handed ;)

    I'll spend some time this weekend summing up my impressions of this incredible tale. A loooooooong one. The tale, and the summary! ;)
  24. Casper_Knightshade

    Casper_Knightshade Jedi Master star 6

    Oct 18, 2000
    I have heard of those other CAD softwares and they sound very intriging; some have greater reputations than AutoDesk (creators of AutoCAD200X software). I use the AutoCAD series because that's the software of choice at my college and thus I'm more of a master with that than anything else.

    However, I would die to have 3D SolidWorks. I took a A-plus plus (my grade) semister of that, the first one of its kind at the college, and every time I went into that two hour class I left with cake filled underwear. :eek:

    It was sooooooooooooooo fricking easy! If you can spell, you can run it and create anything. It's similar in the dots connecting area of MatLab and does it in a three, and sometimes a forth (no kidding!), dimension.

    My instructor discovered my SW passion when I kept replaying in the software, over and over, the animated Artoo Detoo; it can create 3 dimensional objects and, within programming logistics, animate it and create full motion video based on the full internal mechanics: the guy actually drew up gears, pistons, caps, the whole smash! (NOTE: A software developer created the Artoo mockup; it isn't the one from ILM.)

    I asked him how much it cost and when he said "6-." I knew the rest: a number followed by three zeroes, the period, and then two zeroes. Of course the college got the software for half off: Goody, only $3,000 for them! :p

    Anypar, all is not loss in the software area. Today I received in the mail a small brocher for AutoCAD2004LT software for very cheap. Maybe because I took the time to try out the software. Or maybe because when I sent for it I did it as Knightshade Drafting and Design, which by the way is only a dream of mine and not a real drafting company.

    I won't tell if you won't. ;)

    So where are we:

    ROK: I do have a EZBoard site but I just hate the Ad Popups! Sara Kenobi pointed towards a completely Ad free, Free message board site not too long ago, but stupid me I don't have the weblink. I'll find it very soon. I'm willing to bet it's in a PM somewhere. I hope. If so then I'm creating a site very soon.

    Whiskey: Very true. SolidWorks, for example, was too OS friendly: the same disk could be run in Windows, Linux, Unix, etc., but that meant some of the saved projects if they went to another computer running a completely different OS could not read the files due to that, what some geek I knew at school called, dedicated math (I think that's what he called it.); just one of those things that prevent everything from being used by everyone. Sometimes for good reasons, but sometimes it is a happerence.

    Delight: 14! :eek:

    Okay, I could stay up....... [face_laugh]

    Was I wrong initially about where you were or were you in Singapore all this time? And how is Singapore this time of year? :)


    You had a lot to read, I know, so take your time. But thanks. :D

    AUDIT IDOL! [face_laugh]
  25. Casper_Knightshade

    Casper_Knightshade Jedi Master star 6

    Oct 18, 2000
    FORWARD! and Delight has a one post song fic called [link=]Mutter[/link] you all just have to read! It's based off the song Mutter by Rammstein.

    EDIT: [link=]The Dark Hope Museum[/link] has been updated with Muriel Thahada in the TDH Wing.
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