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The Fall (EP3 Vignette Obi-Wan POV)

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction Stories--Classic JC Board (Reply-Only)' started by Crazy_Vasey, Sep 6, 2002.

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  1. Crazy_Vasey

    Crazy_Vasey Jedi Padawan star 4

    Dec 8, 2001
    I crouched behind the rocks watching Anakin stand at the edge of the cliff overlooking one of the planets many geysers. I watches him stand there teetering backwards and forwards at the edge, he looked so weak right now, almost childlike. Deceptively so, he might look weak and tired now but he was dangerous. He was not the man I knew, he was not the boy I had trained from childhood to become a Jedi Knight.

    No he was Darth Vader now, I had to remember that. There was no good left in him now, the darkness gad swept away the sweet little boy I once knew, it had taken away the boy who had saw me as almost a father figure and replaced him with the living embodiment of the dark side.

    This is the chosen on, this is the one that Qui-Gon battled the council for, the one whose cause Qui-Gon had championed right up until his own death and probably beyond knowing him.

    This is the one who will destroy us all unless we somehow stop him, unless we can somehow find a way to defeat him.

    Is he crying?

    I felt my resolve almost break right there, right at the point were I saw tears course down his face unchecked. I came so close to just revealing myself to him, just running over and grabbing him in a hug and telling him it would be alright, that we could fix it.

    If only it was that easy. If only. If only I could get the boy back so easily, this is purgatory it is almost like losing a son, he is the closest I will ever be to having a son and I miss him more than I could have ever imagined while training him. There were some trying times during that time but there were as many, no there were many more good time. His smile, his laugh, that smirk when he finally cracks that little technique he's been working on for months to try and perfect. I will never see any of it again.

    It is almost more than I can bear, almost.

    My failure will live with me for the rest of my life, the failure to properly train him, to properly guide him, to keep away from the darkness, to spot the signs when they started appearing.

    I should have seen that something was wrong after Geonosis, the way he charged at Dooku was out of character, he's aggressive and reckless but he never brushed along the dark side like that before, never. The way Padmé embraced him, the closeness between him, I should have stopped it before it took root like it did. Love is such a pure emotion but so easily warped into something else. So easily turned into a path to the dark side. Anakin was never able to accept that. Never able to accept that something so beautiful could become something so ugly.

    Why did I not spot it? Why? It was so obvious! Now Anakin is as good as dead.

    My failure has became the death of the order, Anakin NO Vader has left a trail of dead Jedi in his wake, he has killed more Jedi in his rage than any other Sith in the history of the galaxy, even the council cannot stand before him in all his dark power.

    Why have I came here? What can i hope to accomplish against Anakin when the likes of Mace Windu have failed? I have led myself to my own death. Well so be it, I have no reason to live now. I have failed, my life is worthless who cares if I live or die? The order is as good as gone, the galaxy is in flames as that thrice damned Palpatine installs his dictatorship. I have nothing left to live for, nothing left to fight for.

    I've damned everyone else, why should I be spared?

    I hear him speak now, "Obi-Wan I know you are there you cannot hide from me."

    "So be it Anakin," I say. Desire my best efforts I an still seeing the sweet little boy from Tatooine not the sith he has become.

    "That name no longer has any meaning for me," he thunders, or tries to thunder. He sounds more like he is trying to persuade himself than anything else. My heart leaps a little, perhaps there is still hope. Perhaps he still has some semblance of good left in him.

    He speaks again before I can say anything, "join me Obi-Wan. The Jedi are gone, their flame is extinguished. They failed to protect the galaxy and they have pai
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