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The Fate of Kamino

Discussion in 'Star Wars Saga In-Depth' started by toochilled, Feb 3, 2003.

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  1. VuaRapuungRules

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    Dec 17, 2002
    Interesting. I read that the ships the clones are transported in are from the Acclamator line, created at the Rothana shipyards. I don't know of a planet called Rothana, but it seems to be there. "There" is a problem though, because at the official site it's said to be a neighbour of Kamino, as well as in the Kuat system, and these two things don't match up on some maps I'm using. Rothana Heavy Industries was subcontracted to create the hardware for the Kaminoan Clone Army -though I don't remember it from the movie. Could be my mistake. But the clones wear gear produced by RHI, and the Acclamators are from RHI's driveyards, largely funded by Kuati Drive Yards. This funding was out of anger with the Neimoidans. In that light, maybe the Trade Federation will try to attack Kamino/Rothana. IF they're neighbours, not if Rothana is at the core, I don't think it'll be attacked then. But Kamino seems to be nothing but a clone-producing planet. Impressive in its own right, but not able of producing hardware in respectable quantities. This makes it less of an important target imo, especially a few years in to the war, with the economy and 'war-machine' geared up and all that. But if Rothana is located next to Kamino, in the Outer Rim, then it would make an excellent target, and I hope to see them attacked together. If not in the movies, than in EU material.

    Interesting, because it seems Rothana was no secret planet, but a subcontractor to the Kamino-deal, though the whole story was kept secret. That's some hardcore blundering somewhere -be it in continuity, or Republic Intelligence :)
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