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Saga The Fear You Won't Fall - OC's, Obi-Wan - AN: 9/29

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by serendipityaey, Sep 16, 2011.

  1. serendipityaey

    serendipityaey Jedi Master star 4

    Jan 24, 2004
    laloga: Thanks! [face_love]


    As the transport lifted on the clear, bright Nubian morning, Aala was afforded a spectacular view of her home city of Theed.

    In fact, she had not been born here ? they had lived far away from the city for years, leading a simple life in the mountains until after Padmé had been born ? but Theed had come to be her home almost at once.

    Of course she had seen Naboo this way, from the sky, many times before, but she took comfort in it now, thinking of it as a keystone she could always come back to.

    After the time she?d spent on Alderaan and the way she had flourished there, it had come to be much of a home to her as well ? while Theed was her foundation, her grounding, Aldera was where she had learned to soar. Her feet on the ground, and her head in the clouds. And now, even as she chided herself for silly musings, she thought perhaps her heart had found a home as well, with Obi-Wan, wherever he was.

    Sighing softly, Aala turned her attention back to the picturesque landscape below her. The rising sun glinted off the very tops of the rounded buildings, but the reflection was muted by the earth tones, the warm browns and greens and the blues that were the makeup of the city. Instead of being glittery, Theed seemed to glow from within, like an ember, with warmth and love and light.

    Venturing into the unknown now, Aala hoped it could be a sign that somehow those very things could be preserved in the galaxy. She would not pretend to hope Naboo would survive untouched by darkness again, but she would hope if it was, it?s light would not be destroyed.


    The spaceport in Coronet City was second to no other in the galaxy. The planetside facilities provided docking and landing for any number or variety of starships and offered a wide array of goods and services for every type of traveler. It was mid-morning local time when Aala arrived on Corellia and the spaceport was crowded and bustling.

    Security and customs was well established and detailed, though there seemed to be little Imperial presence. Getting through hadn?t been as difficult as Aala had feared it might, but still it seemed far more thorough and time consuming than it had been before.

    Personal documents were perused with a scrutiny they hadn?t been before, at two separate inspection points, and her items were scanned carefully, checked against a long list of prohibitions. The lengthy lines and the waiting were annoying, but she never felt suspected.

    And for the moment at least, Aala had the continued safety of being virtually unknown; she had never garnered any public attention. It helped that Padmé had always used her regal last name instead of their given one so they were not readily linked, and Aala still had her status as an Ambassador to expedite her through interminable security checks.

    There was one particular irksome concern, however, that would not leave her alone. If anyone were to discover her connection to Obi-Wan... it was so unlikely, but the danger was there. Not only that, she told herself, but if she was worrying about her own safety... she was soon to become fully embroiled in a resistance movement against a merciless Empire. The concept of such unspeakable violence, the kind she had heard rumors of, was entirely foreign to her. It was different than the war - it was oppression, and brutality, and desperation she didn?t think she fully comprehended.

    But for the moment, she was only a tourist, and no one seemed to care. She made a mental note, though, to figure out if she had any contact that could forge her new ID chips. Someday she might need them.

    After stowing her bag in a locker, she double checked her appearance. Her blonde hair was loose and she had on a short, dark jacket and brown trousers ? comfortable and practical, but she thought she?d blend into the general population fairly well.

    As she stepped out onto the city streets, it began to rain, a light, cold drizzle and she pulled on the hood of her jacket so it would cover her face.

    According to her research, her destination was onl
  2. Luna_Nightshade

    Luna_Nightshade Manager Emeritus star 5 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Jan 25, 2006
    Jace reminds me a little bit of Lando! Boisterous, a bit cocky, but charming. :D I'm curious to see what happens of their conversation... Very intriguing update!
  3. Toni

    Toni Jedi Master star 1

    Jul 11, 1998
    Just found this - I like the look at the Naberrie family,(they're not mentioned enough I don't think) and can't wait to see what happens to Aala on this ride. I can see them dancing around the issue for a while though!
  4. WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

    WarmNyota_SweetAyesha Force Ghost star 7

    Aug 31, 2004
    Quite the lovely description of Theed. @};-

    Jase - nice bit of POV from his perspective. =D=

    Love the gently flirty feel.

  5. laloga

    laloga Jedi Knight star 2

    Jul 28, 2011
    I love the feel of this story; it's a sequel, but it has a totally different feel than "Fallen," and I'm so excited to see where you take it! :)

    Your writing always feels like watching a movie to me, I can picture everything so clearly. Love the touches of realism in scenes like Aala's landing at Coronet City, the rudeness of the security guard, the holo-razzi. (Okay, made that one up! [face_whistling]) You add a richness and depth to the GFFA, and your writing is a pleasure to read.

    Jace is fascinating. Loved seeing his perceptions of Aala, both old and new. There was also a bit of romantic tension between them that I found very Obi going to have some competition for her heart? [face_love]

    Wonderful update! Looking forward to more!
  6. serendipityaey

    serendipityaey Jedi Master star 4

    Jan 24, 2004
    Luna_Nightshade: I never thought of Lando! Lol, but it certainly fits with those descriptions. And despite the boister, cockiness, and him laying on the charm, there's something underlying it all that's sweet about Lando, and I think that fits too, I love it [face_love] Lots more coming, I'm glad you're enjoying it. Thank you so much for leaving a comment!

    Thanks for giving this a shot and thank you so much for the comments! I love writing about the Naberries, I think it adds layers to Padme's character, and Aala's as well in this story. It's been one of my favorite parts of writing this, I love exploring the strong family unit and what it means to both them and how it affects Aala's decisions. It will be quite a ride, interesting I hope, and there *will* be dancing ;)

    Thank you [:D] I like being able to show Aala from a whole new perspective and getting to explore different aspects of her character, and I love writing the bit of flirting and chemistry between them. Aala is not prepared for that [face_mischief]

    Thank you so much! I aim for depth and realism overall so it is so nice to hear that from you. I looove writing good romantic tension. Aala's definitely a bit lonely and I really want to tempt her and see what she'll do. She does not give her heart easily though, and she only just got up the courage to give it to Obi! [face_love] So no worries. Yet. Thanks for commenting!

    Working hard on the next part :D
  7. Gkilkenny

    Gkilkenny Jedi Master star 4

    Mar 27, 2004
    Jace is interesting and there is some tension there.o_O I don't think she is looking for an attachment and yes dancing would be good.=D=
  8. obimom

    obimom Jedi Master star 4

    Oct 31, 2010
    Just read up to teh invitation. will post more later, but love it!! [face_dancing]
  9. serendipityaey

    serendipityaey Jedi Master star 4

    Jan 24, 2004
    Gkilkenny: Thanks! I'm glad you think Jace is interesting so far :) I think Aala would be very happy to be very attached to Obi-Wan :D Thank you so much for the review!!

    obimom: I'm so glad you got the chance to read some more! Thanks for replying [face_love]

    Checking her chrono, Aala figured they'd been in Jace's flashy, chauffeured speeder for at least 20 minutes, Jace apparently having decided to take her to a restaurant on the other side of Coronet City. Aala took full advantage of the opportunity, though, to learn any detail about the layout of the city she could pick up. Once before, she had been here but only briefly, and she had not yet become a spy.

    The word made the hairs on the back of her arm stand up. It was a much different thing now than it had been during the war, with the weight of the GAR and the Jedi Order behind her. Her work before might've been of the same nature, but it seemed far more dangerous now she was on her own.

    The city was teeming with activity, and she noted how easy it would be for her to disappear in the crowd. Aala was good with directions and the layout of the streets was easy to remember - developing in layers from the most important landmarks - blocks forming around the busy spaceport at the south of the city, the capital building closer to the center, and the main park, near where the restaurant was, opposite the city from the spaceport.

    Public transportation was available in a number of forms, and as she'd noticed before, no one seemed overly concerned with anyone else. The best escape plan she had, the thing she relied on, was always just to blend in. It had worked for her more than once before and at least it seemed it would be easy here.

    As the speeder pulled to a stop, Aala resisted another stolen glance in Jace's direction, and she asked herself for the tenth time in ten minutes if she was sure she could trust him. She barely knew him, and what she did know wasn't all glowing, but she had never forgotten that look on his face in that storage room, and later when she'd let him go.

    Walking into the restaurant, straight away he led her to a booth in the back and she guessed that he came here often. The decor was lavish without seeming overdone, the furniture made of dark woods and finished in rich reds that spoke of high quality. It was not quite lunch yet, and the place was near empty, so they made their way with little attention.
    It seemed, however, from that little scene at his office building, that Jace was something of a celebrity in Coronet City. Aala was a bit surprised and wary of what this might mean for his involvement in her plans.

    She'd never heard his name on the holonet on Coruscant, though, not that she paid much attention, but perhaps he was only well known on Corellia. As he settled next to her in the booth and picked up a menu, she took a moment to study him openly.

    He seemed so different than what she remembered. His dark brown hair was perfectly styled, where before it had been longer and unkempt. His face had only the hint of stubble she noted earlier instead of the scruffy appearance he'd had on Vorzyd V, and what she was sure was a very expensive tailored suit fit perfectly across his broad shoulders.

    It wasn't just his appearance, though... There was something else. He was cool and self-assured - before he'd looked so defeated and now -

    At the same moment, they both realized they were no longer alone, and Aala turned as Jace looked up from his menu.

    "Camille," he grinned, a lilt to his voice. "How are you?"

    The woman standing in front of them gave Jace a sweet smile, her gaze flicking to Aala for the briefest of moments, before returning to Jace. "You didn't call, Jace. I was beginning to wonder if something happened to you."

    As she said this, she lifted one hand to rest at her hip, tilting her slender body just so to emphasize her curves and Aala couldn't help the feeling she was posing, and perfectly so. She was tall, her dark glossy hair swept over one shoulder, and her skin flawless - perhaps she was a model, though Aala had always assumed the images in the ads were altered to give the illusion of perfection. This woman looked perfect as she was, even standing awkwardly at someone else's table in a dimly lit restaurant.

    "Of course not," he said, his voice smooth and his eyes running appreciatively over her form. "I just got busy with work. Are you free next week?"

    Camille looked to Aala again, but seemed to decide she wasn't important, focusing her attention on Jace and flashing him a brilliant smile. "I think so, yes."

    "Great, I'll call you then," he grinned. "It was good to see you."

    Her brow knitted in confusion for one instant before it smoothed again in wrinkle-free perfection. Obviously she'd been expecting more than a promise of a call, but Jace had already picked up his menu again, having dismissed her.

    A smile began to play on Aala's mouth, so she picked up her menu as well in an effort to hide it from Camille. What in the stars have I gotten myself into, she thought to herself, but she couldn't help her amusement. To be honest, this was more the man she'd been expecting the first time around - a playboy with money to burn, as described in the file she'd read - but instead she'd seen an entirely different side, one concerned with much more important things than fancy restaurants and beautiful women.

    Was it simply two sides to the same man? Or perhaps she'd caught him on a bad day on Vorzyd V... or maybe this man wasn't truly who he was... She felt a headache coming on and she couldn't help but turn to him, one eyebrow raised in a silent question.
    "She's no one," Jace answered without looking up.

    Aala peeked around her menu and found Camille not far away, sitting with her long legs crossed elegantly in front of her, not-so-subtly looking in Jace's direction.

    "She doesn't seem to think she's no one..." Aala said, but Jace's only response was to shrug. Absently, he unbuttoned his suit jacket and leaned back, frowning at the menu and as she studied him more she started to wonder if this personality change was only on the surface.
    When she'd met him the first time, he'd worn his dispiritedness on his sleeve, but now...

    Though the confidence didn't seem fake, looking closer she could still see a shadow in his eyes as he hid safely behind his menu. The falseness in his shallow, happy attitude suddenly seemed apparent, though from what she'd seen, no one else in Coronet City seemed to notice, or care.

    He held his shoulders high, but there was a tension there as if he was under a great deal of pressure. Maybe since she'd last seen him he'd figured some things out, but he still bore the heavy weight of whatever troubled him.

    Before she could think on it anymore, he put the glossy menu down and the mask of happiness slipped back into place in an instant. She wondered if he even realized he did it, it seemed so effortless.

    As she was contemplating his perplexing character, he turned toward her.

    "I can get you a holopic if you like. You know, so you have something to stare at when I'm not around," he said, amusement clear in his voice.

    "I'm fine, thanks. I have a great memory," She turned back to her own menu. "You do seem quite popular here... What was all – " she waved her hand in the air, "that about, at your office?"
    He shrugged. "They're always clamoring for new dirt. It's the money. And the fact that I'm – unattached, I suppose."

    Aala quirked an eyebrow in his direction. "The planet's most eligible bachelor, hm? That must be fun." She bit back a smile thinking of 'Camille' and whatever woman had distracted him from calling her back. Then she remembered a show she'd caught once on the holonet where multitudes of young women spent an embarrassing amount of time and effort fawning over an attractive bachelor in the hopes to be picked as his true love.

    Jace would be perfect for that. She couldn't deny he was attractive, but he'd probably enjoy it way too much.

    "It has its moments," he answered with a grin. "Though I have a feeling the next breaking story will be all about the latest woman in my life." He looked at her pointedly.

    "Oh. Great." Aala nearly rolled her eyes, but she restrained herself. "So, won't it seem... out of character? If people assume I'm your... 'girlfriend'?"

    And odd... she thought to herself. She wasn't sure exactly how she felt about that. He put her off guard in a way she hadn't been expecting, and it was not part of her plan to be towed around as eye candy on Jace Ryen's arm for any length of time.

    "You can be the flavor of the week," he teased with a glint in his eye.

    "Oh yeah?" Eyebrows raised, she shot him a doubtful look, ignoring the tension he seemed determined to create between them. "What flavor am I?" She recognized her mistake almost immediately, even as the words were still leaving her mouth, but it was too late to stop them.
    Jace leaned close to her, a rakish grin on his handsome face and she swore she saw a spark of something hot in his eyes, something very real. "I'd have to taste you to find out."

    Caught in his stare, she froze for one long moment before she could pull herself back together. She gave herself a hard mental shake, and swallowed thickly. "Vanilla," she managed to squeak out. "Plain vanilla. You can take my word for it."

    He chuckled, stretching his arm along the back rest behind her as the waiter approached and Aala sighed quietly to herself. He was doing this on purpose, trying to make her uncomfortable, but she saw it for the defense mechanism it was and swore she wouldn't let it get to her. The stakes were too high, and she'd never expected this job to be easy.

    She had known Jace was unpredictable, but she'd thought she had an idea of what to expect with him.

    What she hadn't been prepared for was this perfect image of attractive and successful and the brooding man it seemed to hide beneath - and the way she felt like she needed to know more.
    As Aala was regaining her composure, Jace ordered for them both, and she cleared her throat as soon as they were alone again. "So, after lunch, perhaps we can find somewhere private to talk?"

    "Sure," he replied, watching her carefully. "Does this have anything to do with the new Empire?" The tone of his voice was quiet and serious, and she noted how quickly he could shift from teasing flirt to staid and guarded.

    "Doesn't everything these days?" she answered. The way he was able to sense why she had sought him out gave her hope that he was involved and he cared.

    "I don't know what side you're on..." He gave her a sidelong glance.

    "But you know me, right?"

    "Maybe," he shrugged and then fell silent again for awhile until the food arrived at their table. The lunch was simple and light, and Aala was grateful - she hadn't paid any attention when he'd ordered and she had no desire to be distracted by a heavy meal. It was very good though, and she was sure, still very pricey.

    As they ate and a more normal time for lunch drew nearer, the restaurant began to fill, slowly becoming more crowded. The mere presence of Jace seemed to attract attention of every kind, though most tried to be discreet, stealing glances and whispering behind their hands.

    As they garnered an audience, though, Jace seemed disinclined to have any real conversation, instead back to acting like he'd never had a care in his life.

    Aala decided to play along, relishing the opportunity to take note of his quirks - the tick in his jaw when someone was staring at him, the twitch of his eyebrow when he was saying something particularly asinine, and the glint in his eyes when he was teasing her, and she was intrigued.

    Not once did he give her what she would consider a genuine smile. It did seem as if he was putting on a show for the sake of everyone else and she couldn't quite imagine what that would be like, to live that way, having to pretend to be entirely happy when you so clearly were not.

    They finished and Jace made a show of leaving a big tip as they got up to leave. Draping his arm around her waist, he led her outside to the curb. The rain had stopped, but the sky was still grey, though Aala noticed it seemed lighter, as if the clouds had thinned.

    As they stopped on the sidewalk, Jace tugged her toward his chest, causing her to stumble a bit and wrapped his arm around her back in a quick embrace to steady her. She felt a thrill of alarm at the unexpected movement and her hand rose to press against his chest. To brace herself she reasoned, but she didn't miss the way his muscles felt under her touch. Her cheek was pressed against his shoulder; her head came up to just under his chin.

    They stood that way for a moment until his driver pulled the speeder up and Jace ushered her smoothly into the waiting vehicle.

    "What was that about?" she huffed, her voice sounding far more breathless than she'd expected.

    The expression on his face was unperturbed. "Someone was taking holopics across the street. I think it would be better if there aren't too many images out there of you – your face."

    She wanted to ask what was wrong with her face, but she refrained, of course it was better if there weren't any pictures of her. And then she couldn't help herself. "Embarrassed of me already?"

    "Of course not." He grinned at her, but it was the kind that didn't quite reach his eyes. He was silent as he seemed to be checking something on a datapad then he looked up at her as he put it away. "Are you here alone?"

    "Very much," she answered, ignoring the urge to look down, as if it didn't bother her in the least.
    He was quiet for a moment, glancing outside, then he raised an eyebrow as turned to her again. "Should I be offering my condolences?"

    Aala shook her head. "Not that I know of." It was clear what he was really asking, but she saw no reason to elaborate. Later, she would question why she had decided to come off so detached. Initially, she reasoned it was because of her job – because of the very fact she was here to do a job – but she wondered if that was the complete truth.


    They arrived at his building and she followed him in the doors, his hand gently resting at her lower back, still guiding her along. She didn't miss the wink he gave the guard as they passed and couldn't help feeling a bit annoyed at it.

    Taking the lift to the top, he let her into his office, coding the door to lock behind them. The office was simple and modern. A very expensive looking desk sat to one side, but there was no clutter and Aala wondered how much work Jace really did or if he was just that neat. On the opposite side of the room there was a bar and a stiff looking, black leather couch next to a big picture window. Aala glanced around, taking quick stock of the room then leaned on the edge of his desk, waiting for his cue.

    "It's safe to talk in here," he said in a serious voice.

    She watched him for a minute – he activated the shades, flicked a light on and poured a glass of water from a pitcher on the counter of the bar.

    She was sure now, seeing the tension in his shoulders as he moved and the expression on his face, very little of what he presented to the public was real. "What's with the act?" she asked.

    "What do you mean?"

    "You're completely different – out there – and I can tell you're..." she shrugged, "forcing it, the happy facade."

    His attention was on her, but he didn't say anything, and she wondered again if he even realized how complete his own performance was.

    "You're smiling but I can see it in your eyes, you don't mean it."

    Jace shrugged, walking around to sit down in the over-sized executive chair behind his desk. "You do the same thing, don't you? Put on an act, as a 'spy'?"

    "As a job," she argued. "It has nothing to do with my life. Why do you do it?"

    "It's easier that way. Give them what they're expecting and they don't ask questions, they don't pry..."

    Following, she sat down in the chair opposite him. "That begs a question or two."
    "I'll let you ask one."

    She pursed her lips as she considered him for a moment. "Why would they be expecting Jace Ryen to act like a carefree playboy?"

    "I was a bit wild in my younger years, perhaps," he answered.

    "And you're not anymore?" she asked, thinking again of Camille. It was true he hadn't seemed interested in the least, but she'd initially assumed it was only because his interests were occupied with other women.

    He shrugged with a hint of a smile but he didn't elaborate.

    "But what are you hiding? What don't you want them to know... your work with the resistance?"

    Aala wasn't really sure what she was getting at, but she knew there was much more to Jace Ryen then he was letting on. Although she had her suspicions his struggles were more personal, than political.

    "Ahh -" he shook his finger at her. "I said you could ask 'one' question. That was four."
    "Sorry," she smiled.

    "So is that why you're really here?" he asked, leaning back in his chair. "To arrest me? Because I won't go without a fight."

    She gave a quiet laugh. "I forgot my cuffs."

    "Shame." He gave her a look of mock-disappointment.

    Aala rolled her eyes at his innuendo, but otherwise ignored it. The flirting apparently was a constant, no matter which personality he was using. "I'm not much for arresting people anyway, remember?"

    "Ah, yes," his lips quirked as he answered.

    "Besides, you know the company I keep. That should clue you in to what 'side' I'm on."

    He made a disapproving noise but she sensed nothing more than she had before. He didn't trust the Jedi, but it was not the result of anything the Emperor had purported.

    But what had caused this extreme dislike? It was clear he'd harbored ill feelings toward them for a long time. Aala cocked her head to the side as she regarded him. "What's your problem – with the Jedi? You know, before they were declared dangerous enemies of the New Order."
    There was no reaction on his face to her question at first, and she wondered if he'd heard her.

    Finally, he met her eyes, but he was watching her quietly, no doubt trying to get a read on her as much as she was on him.

    "When I was fifteen," he started, his voice soft, "they accused me of murdering my mother and father."

    She'd read his bio, she knew the story, but words on a datapad could not begin to hint at the dark shadow of pain that crossed his face.

    "The trial, the questioning... the gossip - it was dragged on for months. I didn't understand why they couldn't just see that I was innocent, but they never gave me any answers. I spent a year defending myself, when I should have been... grieving, for my parents." He took a deep breath, clearly shaken. "And I don't think I've ever said that out loud before."

    Aala felt a sharp pang in her chest at the mere idea of something so horrible. And she thought she could guess now at what he was hiding. The shallow pretense - it neatly kept everyone an arm's length away, never too close.

    "I'm so sorry, Jace." She hoped he knew how much she meant it.

    He sighed quietly and after a long moment, changed the subject. "Your Jedi. He survived?"
    Aala nodded.

    "And you oppose the Emperor."

    She nodded again, letting him lead the conversation for now even if it made her more vulnerable.

    His expression softened after a minute and he shook his head, chuckling a little. "And you're just going to walk in here, no plan, and ask me to join the resistance?"

    "Who says I don't have a plan? And I already know you're involved with the resistance."
    He raised an eyebrow.

    "Well – technically, you were on the 'possible' list." She gave him a teasing look. "You know, 'approach with caution.'"

    "Sage advice," he said with a bit of a smirk.

    He stood up then, refilling his glass and looking out the tinted window. When he turned to her again, a hint of good humor shown on his face, though she could tell it was different than the front he gave to the public. "If your plan was to seduce me, you're not doing it very well. You'll have to try harder."

    "I'm not trying to seduce you," she assured him.

    "Oh, good," he smiled. "So, no plan?"

    She moved across the room to stand in front of him and tilted her head - he was almost a foot taller than her - to meet his eyes. "I trust you," she said, matter of fact.

    "You can just decide that? Isn't it supposed to take time?"

    Aala shrugged, taking a deep breath. "When you're good at what you do... you take a moment, and you look them in the eye... and you just know."


    Something shifted deep inside him, when she'd said those words, looking up at him with those wide, blue eyes. Beyond trusting. He'd never experienced anything like her. He shook his head - he felt a little bewildered if he was being honest - which he tried not to be most of the time.

    There was no point. Most were interested only in his money, or like Camille, his fame, jumping at any opportunity to be photographed. But Aala...

    Consider me seduced.

    Whatever it was she came to Corellia for, he was pretty sure he'd agree. But he wasn't going to let her on to that, not yet.

    "So, what exactly do you want?" he asked her.

    Crossing her arms over her chest, she seemed to consider her words before she spoke. "If the resistance is ever going to have any real chance we have to have some type of organization. A way of moving information, funds –"

    "So you want my money?" he interrupted her. At least it's for a cause I believe in.

    "No," she smiled, and he had to admit he was surprised. "We don't need your money. Though it doesn't hurt that you have your own means."

    "We?" Jace wondered again about the Jedi and what part he was playing in all this. Apparently Kenobi wasn't here – if he believed Aala – but... he had not missed the flash in her eyes she thought she had kept hidden when Jace had mentioned him before. And he wasn't entirely sure how he felt about it.

    She was quiet for a moment, studying him. "I'm working for Bail Organa."

    "Organa?" he scoffed. "He supports the Empire. Whole heartedly. You've been had, sweetheart."

    Of course, Bail Organa's liberal voting record before the Empire had formed was well known, and Jace did not doubt Aala was telling the truth, but he couldn't help wanting to test her. She seemed so unassuming, so innocent and entirely not right for this type of work, but then… he'd let her walk right into his office, steps away from his most sensitive projects, and he realized he hadn't even thought to check if she was armed.

    "You see no value in staying below suspicion?" Aala countered.

    She kept her face expressionless, and he felt his irritation rise. She had to give him something more to go on. If she expected him to follow her thoughtlessly into rebellion, she'd be better off just finding someone else entirely. Maybe he'd trusted her in a desperate moment, but that didn't mean she'd earned blind faith, he told himself.

    "I see value in standing up for what I believe in," he argued.

    "We have to be patient. We need time to build a true rebellion."

    "So we cower?"

    She grew more serious. "The Emperor has a lot of power. That is fact. We – we have very little... He spent years and years – planning this, waiting, building. We have to do the same."
    Jace shook his head, a plan was good, yes, but sitting around waiting for opportunity to arise was ridiculous. "Is that what your Jedi is doing? Hiding?"

    A flicker of anger heated her gaze and Jace felt triumph in finally getting an intrinsic reaction out of her, but she stamped it down quickly, and her face went stony.

    "If you decide you want to help, let me know."

    She turned on her heel then, but he grabbed her arm before she could walk away. Her expression was still cold as she faced him, but she didn't turn away, she didn't say anything – she stared up at him, with those trusting eyes, and waited.

    "I want to help," he said quietly, and he did.

    The corner of her mouth lifted in a barely there smile, her eyes softening, and he felt an unexplainable swell of – something – at the thought that it was because of him.
  10. Toni

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    Think I like the interesting chemistry between Aala and Jace and that Jace at least seems willing to help. You're keeping me intrigued!
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    Of course she opposes the Emperor and who wouldn't once they found out the truth behind his facade.

    At least Jace and Aala are getting on.

    good update.=D=
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    Hi there! Liked Jace's sincere offer. Aala's reaction to him overall -- [face_thinking]

    Hmmmmm. Ashley, I just looked at the subject bar again. It said OCS, Obi-Wan, not Obi-Wan/OC. Lands, that means eventually perhaps Obi-Wan is gonna be left high and dry without Aala. :( Loving him as you do, I know writing the tale that way (if you do) is gonna be hard, just like me writing (or reading) of Luke with anyone else except Mara. :p But Aala does deserve happiness, too. @};-

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    Jace is a very unique character and foil to Aala. I like it, and also the little chess game they have going on in their conversation. I love how you have me totally immersed in your 2 oc's worlds. Great stuff--looking forward to more!
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    Thanks for the comments everyone, I appreciate it! I've definitely been struggling with this a lot more than I ever did with Fallen. Writing two OC's is more difficult than I imagined, so it means a lot to hear what you think of Jace.

    Jade, Aala is definitely having a 'reaction' to Jace :p but honestly, I'd join the dark side before I ever left Obi-Wan high and dry [face_love] My header in the first post tells all :D Everyone deserves happiness, but especially Obi-Wan [face_love]
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    I cant decide if Jace is a good guy or trouble. Not sure which would be more interesting. I use to solve alot of my plot problems in my sleep or at church lol. I am enjoying this so I hope you get it worked out. And of course I am hoping we will get a little of Obi-Wan.[face_love]
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    Love Jace! He's just so perfectly Corellian, you know? Kinda brash and cocky, dark-eyed and sexy...walking that line between trustworthy and a guy who could totally break your heart. @};- But what a ride it would be...

    OCs are so challenging, and you've done a marvelous job with these! I'm excited to read about more of their adventures! I'm also curious about Obi's reaction once he learns about Aala's new friend. Not that I think she'll ever fall for someone else like some other evil OCs I know, but Jace will probably stir things up a little bit. I look forward to it.
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    This story and the one that came before have become my new obsession. You make me wish Aala was real, that's hard to do. Great job.
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    A hefty dose of Obi-Wan with sugar on top....

    What? Hmm?


    Thank you so much for the comments! It really makes me feel much better about this whole thing, and encourages me to get back to work! Hopefully I'll have another post in a week or two :D Every single word of feedback makes me want to try harder [face_love] In the meantime, I've posted this just for fun: [link=]Hopeful Places[/link] And I will someday get to individual replies as well :)
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    "Hopeful Places" -- definitely fun for the participants [face_laugh] and the readers [face_mischief]

    Eagerly awaiting an update here and let me say that Aala is an OC who feels like she "belongs" in canon and that is a superb accomplishment & I feel like she's the best "match" for Obi-Wan even over Siri [face_shhh]


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    Toni: Good to hear! I'm glad you like their chemistry, I've been working hard to get it just right. Thanks for reviewing! @};-

    Gkilkenny: Thank you so much! I'm happy you're enjoying it [face_love]

    Jade_eyes: I'm so happy to hear how much you like Aala, it means so much to me! I like trying to make it seem plausible that Obi-Wan did have the opportunity for love in his life, and you know... a bit of fun [face_love] Just a bit! Thanks so much for such a nice, great compliment! [:D]

    Thank you! Getting the balance between Jace and Aala right, and continuing to develop two OC's has been a challenge, but it means a lot to hear your enjoying it :D

    I think Jace is both a good guy AND a bit of trouble, and that's the most fun :p I look forward to writing more of both, hope you enjoy it as well. I'm going to work on a mini-Obi update next and I promise *a lot* of Obi-Wan at the end!! I can't go too long without him, and neither can Aala [face_love] Thank you for reading and reviewing!

    laloga: Thank you! I so want to explore Obi-Wan with just a streak of jealousy/possessiveness... O:) We'll see what happens when he learns of Jace...

    ZaraValinor: Thank you so much! I'm so excited to know you like Aala and to have a new reader! Yay! [face_love] More coming now!

    Thank you! :D I'm glad you enjoy the writing, it's hard to *not* write Obi-Wan :p definitely more of him coming up. Thank you so much for the review!
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    AN: I decided to go ahead and slip this in before the move. Hope you enjoy! In the meantime, I'll be working on an Obi-Wan update, hopefully for soon after things settle :D


    Sitting in Jace?s office alone, Aala shifted in her chair and pressed her fingers to her ear one more time. The earbud Jace had given her was truly impressive; she could hardly tell it was there, though if she pressed with the pads of her fingertips in just the right spot she could feel the hardness of the tiny bump just inside her ear canal where usually there was nothing.

    After Aala had explained what she presumed of Alderaan?s resistance, based mostly on what she knew of Bail, Jace admitted that he was involved in the resistance on Corellia and that he could get in touch with Garm Bel Iblis, Corellia?s outspoken Senator.

    ?He might be vocal in public with his opposition to the Emperor,? Jace had told her, ?but he?s started an underground movement as well - it?s small right now, but it?s tight. There?s a cell that meets here - in the basement of this building - and I know there are more, though the members of the other cells are kept secret.?

    Bail and Bel Iblis had been strong allies in the Senate, and she knew even if there was little they could do at this moment, eventually Corellia and Alderaan working together could provide a strong base for the resistance to grow from. Opening lines of communication and building trust could prove vital for the future if they could meet with him now.

    Jace believed that Bel Iblis would listen to him, but they had both decided Aala should stay behind. An off-worlder that no one else knew showing up at a secret meeting uninvited was unlikely to be met with much hospitality. Not on Corellia. Trust of any kind was hard to come by here.

    But Jace had assured her he could contact Bel Iblis tonight. Then he?d given her a mischievous grin as he asked her if she wanted to listen in and proceeded to open a panel in the far wall that had appeared to be seamless before he had touched it.

    This listening device, he had explained, was different than the one he had told her about the first time they?d met when he had been an informant and she was a Republic agent. Jace would have a small transmitter this time so Aala would be able to hear everything that was said from the safety of his office on the top floor. She?d rolled her eyes at the notion that he needed to protect her, but he brushed it off as a figure of speech.

    In any case, it was a good plan, as long as Jace could deliver with a convincing reference.

    Aala shifted again in the stiff, straight-backed chair she occupied. This furniture was obviously meant to put guests ill at ease - she supposed it was some sort of business tactic, and she eyed the executive chair behind Jace?s desk, but the sound of voices through the earbud caught her attention and she focused all her concentration on listening.

    On instinct, she imagined the scene in her head, picturing a darkened, sparse cellar, Jace looking out of place in his expensive suit and Garm Bel Iblis, rugged and fierce with his intense gaze and long greying hair. She could make out three or four other male voices in the background, as well.

    Aala had never met Bel Iblis in person. When the war started, he had invoked an obscure Corellian proviso that allowed the planet to withdraw from the Republic without seceding in protest of the creation of a Republic military. He?d rarely attended Senate sessions after that, though he?d remained close and met with Bail and other like-minded Senators. Much of what she knew of his character, she?d heard from Bail but he?d also spoken often and at great lengths in opposition of Palpatine and his power for years.

    It was quiet for a moment, and then Bel Iblis spoke, his rough voice one she knew well enough.

    ?As some of you may know,? he started. ?I?ve just returned from Coruscant. The situation is as bad as I feared, though I may not have expected it this quickly.?

    Aala could hear the strain in his voice, his stress and disappointment was obvious
  24. WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

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    Liked the meeting and am impressed that Jace is in the inner circle of trust. :cool:

    I like Jace more and more, now with each post - oh dear, I really don't want to, [face_laugh] [face_laugh] not the least reason of which is Aala's sitch but they're both dedicated and the mission is crucial and his plan is sound and points are on the mark about her not going alone and needing a cover story that's tight; Aala's real trail needs to run cold as ice quickly for things to proceed. [face_thinking]

    Eagerly awaiting more! @};-

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    The trip might be considered a success - if only she could figure out that unsettled feeling that developed whenever he was near.

    I don't think Aala really trusts Jace or she's trying hard to keep their relationship platonic and keep Obi-Wan's memory on top.

    Very good.=D=