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** The FF-UK Fantasy Football League - 09/10 season** ACCEPTING NEW TEAMS

Discussion in 'United Kingdom' started by orn-free-tada, Aug 12, 2009.

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  1. Winged_Jedi

    Winged_Jedi Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Feb 28, 2003
    My congratulations to Psycho's XI and Welshguy Rovers for their part in this three-way title race. It went right to the very end.

    Around the turn of the year I was sure I had lost it, but fortunately I was able to make a few lucky transfers in the final few weeks. Until next season, gentlemen!
  2. Cobranaconda

    Cobranaconda Jedi Grand Master star 7

    Mar 3, 2004
    After years languishing in midtable... I get relegated by virtue of alphabet. That sucks :p
  3. Mustafar_66

    Mustafar_66 Jedi Master star 5

    May 20, 2005
    Not bad, can't complain with sixth. Thought I actually had a really poor season, kept dipping in and out of it.
  4. Spike2002

    Spike2002 Former FF-UK RSA and Arena Manager star 6 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Feb 4, 2002
    My season totally sucked. Better luck for me next season.
  5. SithLordDarthRichie

    SithLordDarthRichie CR Emeritus: London star 8

    Oct 3, 2003
    Didn't do very well this season, although the unpridictability of the league meant choosing players was not easy.

    I look forward to a World Cup fantasy tournament if their is one. I tend to do much better in international competitions.
  6. Welshguy

    Welshguy Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jun 2, 2002
    Congrats to Jungle Cubs for a well work and hard earned victory. They kept pluggin away and didn't make any mistakes
    all season. I gave it my all, but it would seem that now is that time of rebuilding at Welshguy Park and quite a few
    of the senior squad will be sold off at the end of the season and some fresh faces brought in.

    Well done also to Psycho's XI for almost nicking at at the last minute. Going to be one of the faves for next season.

    In other news I have accepted an offer from the Welshguy Rovers World XI to manage them at the world cup this summer,
    so I hope to pick up some silverware in South Africa, after a disappointing domestic campaign.
  7. Spike2002

    Spike2002 Former FF-UK RSA and Arena Manager star 6 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Feb 4, 2002
    [link=]Fantasy World Cup[/link] is up and running guys. Get yourselves signed up.
  8. Louis_Skywalker

    Louis_Skywalker Jedi Youngling star 3

    Jan 12, 2008
    Hello guys, sorry for my lack posts at the end of the season, been dealing with some health issues (seems to have gone very quite on the uk boards though). Well I still managed to keep an eye on my team to give you guys a good game but wasn't good enough! Well done to Jungle Cubs for taking the title and I'm sure Welshguy Rovers will be wanting their title back next season. I'm disappointed to have missed the fantasy world cup but I'll check back in for the new football season. Psycho's XI will be doing thier best to bring some silverware home in the 10/11 season!
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