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Library The Field of Info…and Dreams **MLL Resource Thread**

Discussion in 'Role Playing Resource' started by Darth_Elu, Apr 30, 2017.

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    Jan 2, 2003

    Thank you for your interest in Major League Lightball. In this continually updated thread, you will receive a lot of information pertinent to understanding the sport and looking up stats and standings throughout the seasons. Not to mention historical data to reminisce on the Glory Days!

    Again, Major League Lightball is set in the distant future within the Legends timeline and is centrally focused on the sport of Lightball. This game is in direct connection to Elite League Limmie as well, so do not be surprised to see a lot of similarities, references, and format uses.

    Remember to post your Character Sheets and Team Rosters in here as well so they can be updated as time rolls on! Also, Player Ratings will be discussed and kept in private. Do not post them publicly. That goes for here and the main thread!

    Major League Lightball Teams

    Dathomir Rancors

    Rydonni Prime Knights

    Druckenwell Bulwarks

    Ralltiir Renegades

    Thyferra Tornadoes

    Krayt Hunter Killers

    Coruscant Yankees

    Mandalore Warriors

    NPC Teams

    Onderon Drexls

    MLL Seasons


    Reference Information

    Rules Post

    Map of the Galaxy

    Free Agency Guide

    Draft Rules

    The MLL Commissioner

    History of the Galaxy Series

    Player Types

    Notable Planetary Happenings

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    Jan 2, 2003
    Lightball Rules

    Game Rules

    Lightball is played in a Lightball Stadium, which constitutes the exact same setup and dimensions of a Baseball Field.

    For all General Structure and Specific rules regarding the sport, exactly like that of Baseball, go here: Baseball Rules

    Games are often played in a three game series against an opposing team before moving onto the next team to play, just as in Baseball.

    There are no designated hitters at all in Lightball as of this time, though it has been debated often. It is used in only one game. The All Star Game.

    Teams may substitute players in between plays (a play begins when the ball has been thrown by the pitcher). A player taken out cannot return however, so care must be taken when doing so.

    Pinch Hitters and Pinch Runners are players coming in to substitute for another player either at bat or after they've already managed to get on base. Typically, after the at-bat or play/inning is over (in the case of the Pinch Runner), they are then replaced in turn by another rather than remaining in. Most often used when replacing the Pitcher during the half-inning that the team in question is batting so as to briefly increase their offensive chances.

    Players may be ejected by officials for any reason they deem valid, specifically disruptive and/or violent behavior. Teams will need to replace the ejected player as nine players must be active at all times in a game.

    Additional disciplinary action may be taken by Major League Lightball after the game has finished, if deemed necessary.

    Games do not end in ties. In the event of a tie score after 9 full innings of play, the game enters 'Extra Innings.' An extra inning continues to be played until one team ends after the inning's conclusion with a higher score. That team wins.

    Teams may not use artificial means to change the conditions of play during a game (such as opening or closing a retractable roof) without consent from the manager of the visiting team. That consent may be withheld for any reason.

    League Rules

    Both Genders are allowed to play in Lightball equally.

    The Owners' Board is the grouping of all member teams' owners who meet at important periods to discuss urgent matters to the MLL and vote on matters of true importance. Owners may also send representatives, but they must be given the authority to vote on any matters that come to the Board. Relocation or the approval for expansion are two such examples.

    For the time being, for the first four or five Player Teams that join, there will be three NPC Teams that also appear to each. There is a method to the current madness!

    Above the Board and in charge of the daily operations of the MLL is the Commissioner, who is selected by MLL Executives rather than the Owners' Board. The Commissioner may call a meeting of the Board if necessary.

    MLL Executives advise the Commissioner on matters regarding promotion or demotion of teams to the Minor Leagues, also known as MiLL, though with approval of the Owners' Board upon decision.

    Only one member team per planet is allowed.

    Individuals, corporations, factions, and other legal entities are limited to holding ownership of any degree to only one member team.

    To preserve the sacred integrity of Major League Lightball, there are certain prohibitions of individuals to joining. A person cannot officially join a team if:

    --They pose an imminent danger to others. They are enhanced with cybernetics or other unnatural means. (Those with multiple limbs must still use only one bat and one glove). They are a droid. They are privy to a hive mind.

    Force-Sensitive beings and race are allowed within the MLL due to the 'Force Rule' which strictly states that every game of Lightball has two contracted Jedi or trained Force-Sensitive MLL employees that stand by and monitor for any and all signs of manipulation in the Force from players. If a player is caught violating the Force Rule, they are immediately ejected from the game and the previous play is redone. Heavy fines from the MLL against both the player and their team will follow, with further punishment if deemed necessary.

    The League, as with most other Professional Sports Leagues, enforce a strict random drug testing policy. Those using substances to enhance physical performance face severe fines and punishment up to and including suspensions and forfeiture of salary.

    Gambling is also strictly forbidden for all MLL players, team officials, and employees in any capacity. Those caught are subject to extreme fines and immediate expulsion from the game. A player subject to this may attempt to appeal for a re-integration to the game the following year, which will then go to a vote by the Owners' Board and Commissioner.

    The League operates on a salary cap system and as such player stock must be taken careful stock of. (Upon Offseason Updates to player Statuses, the GM will work with the each Player to determine salary feasibility)

    The MLL enforces a salary minimum of 650,000 credits for an 30 game season. Postseason bonuses are at the discretion of teams and players signing contracts.

    Free agent signings and trades are allowed prior to the All Star Game, usually situated near the halfway mark of the season. This assumes a 30 game season. Transfers of players between affiliated teams (such as an MLL team and its correlating MiLL team) are allowed without violating this rule. After this point, trades between any and all teams as well as free agent signings, must take place after the Galaxy Series has concluded. The GM must be made aware of any trades or signings made before they can be officially announced.

    Draft Rules

    The Official Lightball Draft is an offseason event where teams ready to compete in the upcoming season of MLL are able to draft new players coming out of universities and junior, non-professional leagues. Draft Rules

    Athletes graduating from college are not required to participate in the Official Lightball Draft to be eligible to play in the Major or Minor Leagues.

    Standings and Playoffs

    The Major Leagues are two joint Leagues: The Vader League and the Windu League. There are no divisions within, though there are potential plans to include that system upon possible future expansion. Teams will play all other teams in their League and play some teams of the opposing League.

    Standings are determined based on the following criteria, ranked in descending order of importance. If the first criteria results in a tie between two teams, the next one down is used to break the tie, and so on if needed.

    --Overall Win-Loss Record, League Win-Loss Record, Run Differential, Head To Head Result, Runs Scored, Coin Flip

    The teams that earn the greatest overall record in both Leagues achieve home field advantage throughout the playoffs. The Galaxy Series in turn is hosted by the team that has the greatest overall record of the two remaining. If tied, it is decided in the same order of criteria as stated previously. Though instead of a one's League's Win-Loss Record, it is their Win-Loss Record against the Opposing League.

    Eight Teams qualify for the playoffs, four from each league. There is no wild card game at this time. This will then proceed to the League Championship games (The VLCS & WLCS) and then the winners from there proceeding to the Galaxy Series.

    The team with the greater overall record will always have home field advantage in the post-season.

    The All Star Game and Home Run Derby

    The All Star Game features players voted on by the Players from all teams to represent their League against the all stars from the opposing game in a single exhibition match. Only starting lineups, plus one reserve position player, one relief pitcher, and the closer pitcher are voted on. The game has one importance aside from the entertainment value, which shall remain a guarded secret. For now.

    Two Players will take over control as each team's representative in the ASG. They, like the players, will be voted on and announced the week before. One cannot vote for themselves and may otherwise use whatever criteria they wish in deciding whom to select.

    The All Star Game is a neutral site game, with Leagues going every other year in hosting and being the 'home team.' It also hosts the Home Run Derby simultaneously.

    Bonus Runs are not accepted for the ASG. That doesn't mean posting by those voted to be the ASG Players don't have any subtle sway over it however...

    The Home Run Derby are the Top Seven Hitters of Home Runs of the season by the time of the ASG, regardless of whether they are voted All Stars or not, who compete in a for fun match up of power to see who can hit more. The player who wins the Home Run Derby awards 10 Bonus Runs for their team in their next series of games after the ASG!

    Planets may bid to host the ASG and HRD during the Offseason, regardless of whether a part of the Major or Minor Leagues. The site is chosen by the Commissioner. Planets that have hosted the All Star Game within the previous three years are ineligible to host the current year's ASG and HRD.

    Minor League Lightball

    Also known as MiLL, these teams are considered affiliates to those in MLL and are considered the 'Farm System' as it helps grow younger and more inexperienced players before the time they hit the Big Leagues. Usually players just drafted will go to these teams first. One MiLL affiliate per MLL team.

    The Minor League also features as a way of demoting and promoting players, especially players who get hurt or are in a slump benefit by starting off here again before making a full return to the MLL.

    Controlling a Minor League Lightball team is optional. You may simply reference them as 'the minor league team' if you wish not to go into this. Will also generate MiLL games and season only if enough people do this option. For now, there is no mechanic or schedule for it as I anticipate only MLL participants at this time. This will change depending on what I see.

    Game Mechanics

    Scores are posted on Sunday in the afternoon (Pacific Time) unless otherwise stated.

    Linescores are generated by the GM using the WhatIf Sports Generator.

    Teams used to represent Lightball Teams will be quietly, and semi-randomly, selected by the GM partially based off of a calculated overall team rating from the players' ratings. Those player ratings will be discussed in PM with the GM and will not be overly complicated.

    Alongside the Linescores generated, all the information showcased is allowed to be described however a Player chooses to say. Except for Home Runs and Stolen Bases offensively. For Pitchers: Innings Pitched, Walks, Strikeouts, ERA (Earned Run Average), & Saves. These stats will be explicitly stated by the GM to show performance. Again, all other stats can be organized however the Player wishes.

    "Bonus Runs" are rewards to teams whose Players make a post in the time before the team's next series of games. Those without Bonus Runs accept the outcome of the Generator as is. Those who do have Bonus Runs, accrue an extra 5 runs automatically. The Player, at the end of their post against an NPC Team or in PM if against another Player's Team; must decide in which upcoming game they wish to put those runs into. (Game 1, Game 2, or Game 3) The Player may elect to put them all in one game or divide them up however they choose.

    No matter what, NPC teams always use the WhatIf Sports Generator score outcome unaltered.

    In addition to potential Bonus Runs, at the end of a Player's post, they must also state their finalized lineup for the upcoming week's series of games. Pitchers do not need to be stated since Pitching Rotations are already set at the start of the season. An exception to this occurs only when there are either injuries or promotions/demotions to the starting rotation.

    If a Player does not announce his or her lineup or where to organize their Bonus Runs by Sunday, the GM will decide on their behalf.

    Injury System

    Every game the GM does a random roll behind the scenes to determine if any player becomes injured. The chances of injury are about 10%. So quite low, but still probable. If the roll determines there is indeed an injury, it also determines severity/recovery time required. There will be no Season or Career Ending Injuries, those extreme level injuries are at the discretion of a Player. As is the nature of the injury itself no matter how minor or major.

    Furthermore, I shall determine exactly whom is injured as I'll be doing individual rolls for each player used in the game.

    The Random Integer Generator will be used for this, the roll being a generation of a single number between 1-100. The Injury Range is from 62-71, with 66 being the worst one can get. (Only fitting for a SW team, no?) Any other number outside that range means there is no injury to the player.

    This shakes things up a bit and opens up a bit of unpredictability within the season.

    Disabled List ~ The Disabled List, often just called the DL, is where injured players are placed (unless its minor) to serve their recovery period, thereby making room for temporary replacements on the team without having to demote them. Its like a special holding spot for them until they are in good health again.
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    Jan 2, 2003
    Map of the Galaxy

    This section will be exactly identical to that of its posting in the resource thread for Elite League Limmie. So apologies for that, but there's no reason to change anything here. Credit to Trieste!

    As the events of Major League Lightball and Elite League Limmie take place well after the films and novels, some people may want to know what the map of the galaxy looks like these days. The following map gives a rough idea of the galaxy's current make up.


    Green space represents the Republic, a large and stable institution that promotes peace, prosperity, and security for its member worlds.

    Orange space denotes the Roon Federation, an economic coalition that pools the resources of several Outer Rim planets to foster growth and stability in places that the Core has left behind.

    Red space is for the Independent Systems, none of which have coalesced into substantial governments. These worlds fend for themselves and are content to do so, but conflicts can flare up between them from time to time.
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    Jan 2, 2003
    Free Agency


    Free Agent ~ A player not currently part of a team and thus open to offers.

    Waivers ~ A player placed on waivers is one removed from their team even though their paid contract is not yet over. Another team can come and pick this player up, taking over the remainder of their contract. Must know when the contract expires if you wish to place a player on waivers.

    Trade ~ When two teams exchange players, draft picks, or both between themselves. If trading with another Player Team, contact each other and work it out. Then both Players must PM me with the agreed result so I can approve it officially. If you wish to trade with an NPC Team, PM me.

    Signed ~ The acquisition of a new player to the team.

    Signed contract extension/Resigned ~ A player is given a new deal before their contract ends so they can remain with the team longer as they valued their performance and don't want to risk them heading into Free Agency where someone else could steal them.

    Signed entry-level contract ~ Any rookie player not picked up in the MLL Draft that becomes signed like a free agent, thereby receiving an entry-level job offer.

    Promoted & Demoted ~ The act of a player being passed between an MLL team and their affiliated MiLL team for any reason. Those going from the Major Leagues to Minor Leagues are 'demoted' (whether due to performance, minor injury, etc.) and those doing the reverse order are 'promoted.' This can be temporary or permanent, its up to the Player.

    How it Works

    It's simple. When signing an available player, PM me. After a player becomes a free agent, there is a 48 hour period during they are held. If only one team has an interest in them, they get that player. If two or more vie for a particular free agent, there will be a die roll to decide who succeeds in negotiations to acquire them.

    Any time you change your roster, I must be notified otherwise it is not considered official. Moving players between your Starting Lineup and the Bench is an exception however.

    Do what you like with your players, they are yours. But be realistic at least. A team that doesn't likely have much money is not likely offering a huge sum of many on a long term deal to a player. Perhaps a star player is signed by such a team due to simple charisma? Either way, just keep certain realities in mind please.
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    Official Lightball Draft

    The Official Lightball Draft is an offseason event where teams ready to compete in the upcoming season of MLL are able to draft new players coming out of universities and junior, non-professional leagues.

    Draft Details

    To participate, each team must submit three newly created players for the draft prior to the Galaxy Series by private message to the GM. Failure to do so will result in a team being unable to participate in the Draft.

    Unlike in many other sports, draft picks do not usually head straight for their MLL team but rather their MiLL affiliate team and is usually advised for player growth. However, this can be waived if the Player wishes it.

    There are three rounds to the Draft.

    All rounds will be performed IC with each Player posting their team's picks. The GM may announce a team's draft picks if that team is unable to make an IC post or be available in advance.

    Draft picks may be traded between teams. These trades follow the same rules as other trades.

    Future draft picks up to one year in the future may be traded between teams. This includes trading of draft picks for next year's draft at the current year's draft.

    Incase a team does not participate in the Draft and another team has received a draft pick for that year from them in a trade, that draft pick will be inserted into the Draft in the position that team would have drafted in that round. A player will be created by the GM to ensure there are still enough players for all picks.

    NPC teams do not draft. Thank the Force!

    Teams may select players of their own invention not included in the draft pool if they so choose.

    Draft picks are signed to a minimum of 2 year contracts of at least 325,000 credits per year if sent to the MiLL. If waived and sent straight to the MLL, they are given a contract of at least 650,000 per year. Teams may negotiate terms with their draft picks if they so choose.

    Any players not selected in the Draft become free agents and may be signed by any team through regular free agency.

    Draft Position

    New teams added to Major League Lightball will be given earlier draft position than teams currently in the MLL. This positioning will be based on their performance in their previous league, including playoff performance. If a newly expansion created team, they will be given earlier position over promoted teams. If multiple of new expansion teams are incoming, they will be decided by an single unedited dice roll by Players in the OOC Thread.

    Non-Playoff MLL teams will be positioned based on the regular season standings of the prior season. Inverse order will be used. The last place team from the previous season will receive the first pick among the returning MLL teams, the second to last team will receive the second pick, etc.

    Playoff Major League teams will receive their draft position based on their playoff performance. The earlier the exit, the earlier they draft.

    Teams that were eliminated in the same round of the playoffs will have their position determined by their final standings position from the regular season. If that is tied, it will be decide by Runs scored in the post-season before elimination. If still tied, it will be decided by coin flip.

    The loser of the Galaxy Series receives the second to last draft position.

    The MLL Champion, winner of the Galaxy Series, receives the last draft position.

    Draft position remains the same in all rounds. The team that has the first selection in the first round will have the first selection in the second and third rounds as well, unless a specific trade has been indicated and finalized before hand.
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    Say Hello To The Commissioner


    Name: Darenas Tsa
    Species: Echani
    Gender: Male
    Age: 55
    Hair Color: White
    Eye Color: Silver
    Height & Build: 5'11" and Athletic Build
    Homeworld: Eshan
    Position: MLL Commissioner
    Bio: Born in his combat-centered culture, Darenas came to enjoy anything and everything kinetic. The intricacies of the body and all the things it could do, the physical challenges in life! It didn't take long before he found his way to Lightball and became enamored with the sport, though he played for a time (3 years with the Jakku Scavengers then 12 years with the Byss Emperors, totaling from 255 ABY - 270 ABY), he realized quickly that the MLL needed a strong, steady hand to continue to steer it in the right direction or it may face difficulties.

    It took a bit, but he managed to be hired by the MLL as a direct employee and rose through the ranks, his intelligence and insight cleaving his path to the position of Commissioner the moment the previous Commissioner stepped down. A human woman named Jayna Salas.

    Inspired to be the same way as and aspires to surpass her as well as the First Commissioner, a radian man known as Raadaro, in ability. Raadaro being a legend to the sport due to his own inner strength in bringing together the League after eleven restless years of nothing by forming the MLL Council before becoming the Commissioner years later. Darenas has now taken charge of the sport and is ready to make sure the integrity of the game remains unchallenged and its future bright.

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    History of the Galaxy Series Since MLL's Founding

    Founding/Council Era

    200 - Anaxes Royal Guards defeat Tython Guardians in 7 Games
    201 - Byss Emperors defeat Bespin Thunder in 4 Game Sweep
    202 - Byss Emperors defeat Coruscant Yankees in 5 Games
    203 - Naboo Royals defeat Nar Shaddaa Hunters in 7 Games
    204 - Nar Shaddaa Hunters defeat Bastion Knights in 7 Games
    205 - Utapau Generals defeat Bespin Thunder in 4 Game Sweep
    206 - Coruscant Yankees defeat Csilla Clawcraft in 6 Games
    207 - Bastion Knights defeat Dathomir Rancors in 6 Games
    208 - Coruscant Yankees defeat Mandalore Warriors in 7 Games
    209 - Geonosis Droids defeat Kashyyyk Rage in 6 Games
    210 - Dathomir Rancors defeat Onderon Drexls in 5 Games
    211 - Kashyyyk Rage defeat Csilla Clawcraft in 7 Games
    212 - Bakura Nobles defeat Ryloth Giants in 6 Games
    213 - Takodana Tigers defeat Jakku Scavengers in 7 Games
    214 - Jakku Scavengers defeat Naboo Royals in 7 Games
    215 - Byss Emperors defeat Dathomir Rancors in 4 Game Sweep
    216 - Korriban Dark Lords defeat Eriadu Star Destroyers in 5 Games
    217 - Byss Emperors defeat Tatooine Raiders in 4 Game Sweep
    218 - Utapau Generals defeat Dathomir Rancors in 6 Games
    219 - Byss Emperors defeat Coruscant Yankees in 4 Game Sweep
    220 - Mon Calamari Admirals defeat Bothawui Agents in 4 Game Sweep
    221 - Tython Guardians defeat Naboo Royals in 4 Game Sweep
    222 - Bespin Thunder defeat Eriadu Star Destroyers in 5 Games
    223 - Bothawui Agents defeat Mon Calamari Admirals in 4 Game Sweep
    224 - Coruscant Yankees defeat Geonosis Droids in 7 Games
    225 - Anaxes Royal Guards defeat Kamino Clones in 5 Games
    226 - Utapau Generals defeat Mandalore Warriors in 5 Games
    227 - Byss Emperors defeat Jakku Scavengers in 6 Games
    228 - Korriban Dark Lords defeat Geonosis Droids in 5 Games
    229 - Yavin Rebels defeat Kashyyyk Rage in 7 Games
    230 - Jakku Scavengers defeat Kuat Starfighters in 7 Games

    Visionary/Raadaro Era

    **Force Rule first becomes enacted**
    231 - Kashyyyk Rage defeat Corellia Falcons in 4 Game Sweep
    232 - Nar Shaddaa Hunters defeat Takodana Tigers in 6 Games
    233 - Onderon Drexls defeat Alpheridies Seekers in 6 Games
    234 - Geonosis Droids defeat Nar Shaddaa Hunters in 4 Game Sweep
    235 - Ossus Jedi defeat Tatooine Raiders in 5 Games
    236 - Tython Guardians defeat Bakura Nobles in 5 Games
    237 - Naboo Royals defeat Takodana Tigers in 4 Game Sweep
    238 - Alpheridies Seekers defeat Kamino Clones in 5 Games
    239 - Bakura Nobles defeat Utapau Generals in 7 Games
    240 - Nar Shaddaa Hunters defeat Bothawui Agents in 7 Games
    241 - Eriadu Star Destroyers defeat Bespin Thunder in 6 Games
    242 - Kamino Clones defeat Bastion Knights in 5 Games
    243 - Nar Shaddaa Hunters defeat Eriadu Star Destroyers in 6 Games
    244 - Kuat Starfighters defeat Alpheridies Seekers in 7 Games
    245 - Bespin Thunder defeat Bothawui Agents in 5 Games
    246 - Takodana Tigers defeat Ryloth Giants in 6 Games
    247 - Anaxes Royal Guards defeat Alpheridies Seekers in 7 Games
    248 - Nar Shaddaa Hunters defeat Utapau Generals in 4 Game Sweep
    249 - Korriban Dark Lords defeat Bespin Thunder in 7 Games
    250 - Endor Chiefs defeat Hoth Tauntauns in 4 Game Sweep
    251 - Onderon Drexls defeat Bespin Thunder in 7 Games
    252 - Naboo Royals defeat Mandalore Warriors in 7 Games
    253 - Dathomir Rancors defeat Kuat Starfighters in 4 Game Sweep
    254 - Bastion Knights defeat Mon Calamari Admirals in 7 Games
    255 - Kuat Starfighters defeat Coruscant Yankees in 5 Games
    256 - Csilla Clawcraft defeat Ossus Jedi in 6 Games
    257 - Dagobah Force defeat Kuat Starfighters in 6 Games
    258 - Bespin Thunder defeat Ryloth Giants in 6 Games
    259 - Jakku Scavengers defeat Ossus Jedi in 6 Games
    260 - Hoth Tauntauns defeat Ossus Jedi in 4 Game Sweep
    261 - Nar Shaddaa Hunters defeat Korriban Dark Lords in 7 Games

    Ratings War Era (Limmie & Lightball…with the Former ultimately having higher ratings before a media truce is called)

    262 - Kamino Clones defeat Dathomir Rancors in 6 Games
    263 - Dagobah Force defeat Corellia Falcons in 4 Game Sweep
    264 - Tatooine Raiders defeat Utapau Generals in 5 Games
    265 - Anaxes Royal Guards defeat Hoth Tauntauns in 5 Games
    266 - Coruscant Yankees defeat Nar Shaddaa Hunters in 4 Game Sweep
    267 - Byss Emperors defeat Alpheridies Seekers in 5 Games
    268 - Coruscant Yankees defeat Nar Shaddaa Hunters in 6 Games

    Corruption/Salas Era

    269 - Bakura Nobles defeat Alpheridies Seekers in 5 Games
    270 - Korriban Dark Lords defeat Dagobah Force in 7 Games
    271 - Mandalore Warriors defeat Coruscant Yankees in 6 Games
    272 - Alpheridies Seekers defeat Endor Chiefs in 7 Games
    273 - Mon Calamari Admirals defeat Ossus Jedi in 7 Games
    274 - Bastion Knights defeat Corellia Falcons in 6 Games
    275 - Onderon Drexls defeat Naboo Royals in 6 Games
    **Commissioner Salas reduces the MLL from 34 to 22 Teams for unknown reasons**
    276 - Anaxes Royal Guards defeat Tatooine Raiders in 6 Games
    277 - Endor Chiefs defeat Alpheridies Seekers in 5 Games
    278 - Mon Calamari Admirals defeat Zeltros Defiance in 7 Games
    279 - Coruscant Yankees defeat Bespin Thunder in 5 Games
    280 - Coruscant Yankees defeat Ryloth Giants in 7 Games
    281 - Tatooine Raiders defeat Kashyyyk Rage in 6 Games
    282 - Bakura Nobles defeat Mandalore Warriors in 6 Games
    **Commissioner Salas reduces the MLL again from 22 to 20 Teams for unscrupulous reasons**
    283 - Corellia Falcons defeat Bakura Nobles in 5 Games
    284 - Byss Emperors defeat Takodana Tigers in 6 Games
    285 - Jakku Scavengers defeat Csilla Clawcraft in 5 Games
    286 - Coruscant Yankees defeat Jakku Scavengers in 6 Games

    Current/Tsa Era

    287 - TBD

    Galaxy Series Records for All Teams (sorted by winning percentage, then runs where tied)

    Byss: 8-0
    Anaxes: 5-0
    Yavin: 1-0
    Korriban: 4-1
    Onderon: 3-1
    Coruscant: 8-4
    Bakura: 4-2
    Dagobah: 2-1
    Tython: 2-1
    Endor: 2-1
    Nar Shaddaa: 6-4
    Bastion: 3-2
    Mon Calamari: 3-2
    Jakku: 4-3
    Naboo: 3-3
    Utapau: 3-3
    Geonosis: 2-2
    Kamino: 2-2
    Takodana: 2-3
    Kashyyyk: 2-3
    Kuat: 2-3
    Tatooine: 2-3
    Bespin: 3-6
    Dathomir: 2-4
    Hoth: 1-2
    Alpheridies: 2-6
    Csilla: 1-3
    Bothawui: 1-3
    Eriadu: 1-3
    Corellia: 1-3
    Mandalore: 1-4
    Ossus: 1-4
    Zeltros: 0-1
    Ryloth: 0-4
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    Jan 2, 2003
    Player Types

    When choosing a player type, there are Five Main Types with each having Three Sub Types. What is the importance of this? It helps me fine tune an exact detail of how to orchestrate game generation based on these facts. Just trust the GM. ;) Plus its interesting!

    Here are the Five Types, with Sub Types listed underneath.

    The Pitching Types (For Pitchers only clearly)
    --Precision Pitcher
    --Power Pitcher
    --Balanced Pitcher

    The Hitting Types
    --Contact Hitter
    --Power Hitter
    --Discipline Hitter

    The Fielding Types
    --Defense Fielder
    --Reaction Fielder
    --Throwing Fielder

    The Running Types
    --Speed Runner
    --Aggressive Runner
    --Timing Runner

    The Leading Types
    --Offensive Leader
    --Defensive Leader
    --Clutch Leader

    Each player must have a Player Type listed with them!
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    Jan 2, 2003
    Current Notable Galactic Events

    Onderon ~ Nothing notable currently, though the Kira Family still rules.

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    Jan 2, 2003
    Character Sheet


    Name: Raimae Riverwisp
    Species: Dathomiri
    Gender: Female
    Age: 25
    Hair Color: Silver
    Eye Color: Blue
    Height & Build: 5'10" & Athletic Build
    Homeworld: Dathomir
    Relation To Team: Fan
    Bio: Raimae has always been a Dathomir Rancors fan. Lightball is in her blood. Same with the rest of her family in the Singing Mountain Clan. Still, she was one of those women who desperately wished she could play herself. Yet a lot of Dathomiri, at least around her, believe that men are best suited to play for the basic fact that: "It makes them do something useful for the planet."

    She is more of a equal rights advocate, though doesn't dare speak out in the volatile atmosphere of her home world. It wasn't much better than the Hapes Consortium and many knew this. For now, she'd enjoy just having an MLL team. A surprise given the planet's history, but it generated much needed income that was partially shared with the world as a whole, so it had been tolerated.

    There is a lot of good and a lot of bad in Raimae's life, but the one constant is Lightball. If nothing else helps her get through her day, the MLL will. Though her future will seek to test that...


    The Team Roster


    Team: Dathomir Rancors
    Home Field: Gethzerion Field, Aurilia, Dathomir


    Roster --

    Owner: Doralzin Moonbrooke [Dathomiri Female, 59 yrs old]
    General Manager: Barei Norsef [Bakuran Male, 50 yrs old]
    Manager: Drenn'ar'oshen / Naro [Chiss Male, 48 yrs old]
    Pitching Coach: Eruui Morasa [Chagrian Female, 37 yrs old]
    Hitting Coach: Varr Kozak [Dathomirian Male, 42 yrs old]
    First Base Coach: Paapoosa [Ewok Female, 28 yrs old]
    Third Base Coach: Ath'yar [H'drachi Male, 44 yrs old]

    Pitchers --

    Starting Rotation -

    1) Xizer sha Qareen [Kaleesh Male, 27 yrs old] Power Pitcher
    2) Fimmara Nezal [Arcona Female, 32 yrs old] Balanced Pitcher
    3) Tena Noctur [Umbaran Female, 25 yrs old] Precision Pitcher
    4) Atric Weson [Human Male, 30 yrs old] Balanced Pitcher
    5) Nakolis Treboh [Lorrdian Male, 31 yrs old] Precision Pitcher


    1) Omor Oigres [Vurk Male, 22 yrs old] Power Pitcher
    2) Way Gamo [Aqualish Female, 30 yrs old] Power Pitcher
    3) Narit Shoal [Quarren Male, 28 yrs old] Balanced Pitcher

    Closer Pitcher: Munsul'val Chuzai [Nikto Female, 25 yrs old] Precision Pitcher

    Starting Position Players --

    ** Catcher: Traist Vak'ote [Bothan Male, 23 yrs old] Clutch Leader
    * First Base: Kotra Larack [Zabrak Female, 29 yrs old] Offensive Leader
    Second Base: Manaar Xa [Defel Male, 32 yrs old] Reaction Fielder
    Shortstop: Reht Horsh [Jenet Male, 25 yrs old] Speed Runner
    ** Third Base: Guffmak [Talz Male, 19 yrs old] Power Hitter
    Left Field: Sabryna Torne [Human Female, 34 yrs old] Defense Fielder
    Center Field: Korawharra [Wookiee Male, 147 yrs old] Throwing Fielder
    Right Field: Carana clan Sarnakh [Noghri Female, 31 yrs old] Discipline Hitter

    Reserve/Bench Position Players --

    Catcher: Ziton Mythax [Falleen Male, 200 yrs old] Defense Fielder
    First Base: Samuel Torr [Human Male, 32 yrs old] Contact Hitter
    Second Base: Gava Aroiros [Lasat Female, 27 yrs old] Timing Runner
    Shortstop: Jacen Barken [Human Male, 35 yrs old] Discipline Hitter
    Third Base: Brianna Corr [Zeltron Female, 26 yrs old] Aggressive Runner
    Left Field: Lakrisk [Trandoshan Male, 50 yrs old] Reaction Fielder
    Center Field: Chi Chianyskai [Pantoran Female, 27 yrs old] Contact Hitter
    Right Field: Dortya-kann [Herglic Female, 29 yrs old] Power Hitter

    Players Sent Down to Minor League --


    * means Team Captain & ** Means Rookie or at least making their MLL Debut (may have been drafted in previous years)
  11. CPL_Macja

    CPL_Macja Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Nov 29, 2008
    Character Sheet


    Name: Waiphl M’nrydo, Duke of Rythii
    Species: Human
    Gender: Male
    Birth Year: 242
    Height & Build: 1.90 m; Average Build
    Homeworld: Rydonni Prime
    Relation to Team: Owner
    Brief Biography: As Head of House M’nrydo, Waiphl is the CEO of General Fusion. A common saying on Rydonni Prime is “The K’ntarr’s Rythani Products build the gears of war, but M’nrydo’s General Fusion fuels the gears.” He has been waiting for his lime-light hogging cousins of House K’ntarr to step away from the throne. However, when the Governor-General turned the Constitutional Corporate Monarchy into a Dictatorship, House M’nrydo went into exile on Tinnel. On Tinnel, they lived under the protection of Waiphl’s only living uncle, High Father Godan K’ntarr.

    While there he developed a passion for the galactic pastime of lightball. Tinnel is home to a 16 team independent lightball league. When word reached the commonwealth that the Governor-General’s tyrannical reign was nearing it’s end, Waiphl set the wheels in motion to bring Major League Lightball to his home planet.

    ----- ----- ----- ----- -----


    Rydonni Prime Knights
    Home Field: Knights Field

    Hat Logo:


    Front Office –

    Owner: Waiphl M’nrydo (Human, Male)
    General Manager: Sera Topla (Human, Female)
    Manager: Leland Anderson (Human, Male)
    Pitching Coach: Jemma Kins (Dathomirian, Female)
    Hitting Coach: Donni L’ng (Hapan, Female)
    First Base Coach: Andre Viddas (Human, Male)
    Third Base Coach: Lily Thacher (Zeltron, Female)
    Team Physician: Dr. Perry Junch (Human, Male)

    Pitchers --

    Starting Rotation -
    1) Oster Feldman (Human, Male) Balanced Pitcher
    2) Fernis Dezavan (Mirialans, Male) Precision Pitcher
    3) Nia Sparrow (Hapan, Female) Balanced Pitcher
    4) Eld Nammit (Human, Male) Power Pitcher

    Lorianne Ramirett (Umbaran, Female) Precision Pitcher - 10 game DL

    Relievers -
    1) Lisa Glassigle (Zelosians, Female) Balanced Pitcher
    2) Loren Nezleah (Human, Male) Power Pitcher
    3) Kaleb Odow (Human, Male) Precision Pitcher

    Closer – Ne’wts’werd (Female, Chiss) Power Pitcher

    Position Players --

    Starters -

    Catcher) Skyler Hart (Human, Male) Defensive Leader
    1st Base) Teyo Tojov (Human, Male) Clutch Leader
    2nd Base) Jeanna Loving (Corellian, Female) Contact Hitter
    3rd Base) Cami Alohe (Keshiri, Female) Reaction Fielder
    Shortstop) Taz Watley (Human, Male) Throwing Fielder
    Left Field) Jess Mendavall (Arkanian Offshoot, Female) Offensive Leader
    Center Field) Kretschimiah Kibe (Kiffar, Male) Speed Runner
    Right Field) Blair Scorge (Nagai, Female) Power Hitter

    Bench -

    Catcher) Penny Jingpot (Human, Female) Timing Runner
    1st Base) Tess Crystlos (Bakuran, Female) Power Htter
    2nd Base) Ezra Esoj (Uugteen, Male) Aggressive Runner
    3rd Base) Gene Zeraus (Human, Male) Discipline Hitter
    Shortstop) Tasha Czar (Human, Female) Speed Runner
    Left Field) Addica Duzod (Human, Male) Power Hitter
    Center Field) Lon Timal (Human, Male) Timing Runner
    Right Field) Alacazamme (Samuac, Male) Contact Hitter
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  12. Vehn

    Vehn Jedi Master star 4

    Sep 14, 2009
    Name: Gryffyn Karr
    Species: Human
    Gender: Male
    Age: 36
    Hair/Fur/Scales Color: Brown hair
    Eye Color: Blue
    Height & Build: 6'0'', Muscular Build
    Homeworld: Druckenwell
    Relation To Team: Owner

    Gryffyn Karr is the older brother of Addison Karr, general manager of the Nar Shaddaa Smugglers. Gryffyn is a native of Druckenwell having grown up under the corporate shadow of Karr Pharmaceuticals, a company his family has held for centuries.

    Gryffyn struck out on his own after graduating with a degree in business administration from Druckenwell Technical University by working in the front office of the Premiere League Druckenwell Marksmen. There he gained valuable experience on managing a professional sporting squad. While working with the Marksmen, Gryffyn also invested heavily in the government owned Druckenwell Shipyards. The shipyards were in full production with orders all around the galaxy for the unique class of Bulwark cruisers that Druckenwell prided themselves on producing.

    Dividends continued to come in rewarding Gryffyn and others with a handsome yearly salary. Gryffyn saved and scrimped, while continuing to network with influential lenders, until he had enough to start a Major League Limmie team in the capital city of II Avali. League approval came fast and swift as Druckenwell is considered an emerging sporting market. Before long, the Druckenwell Bulwarks were born.

    Gryffyn worked with revered architect, and owner of the Nar Shaddaa Smugglers, Vera Grames to help design the new stadium in the heart of the capital. Now the hard work begins with assembling a front office and roster that is capable of delivering a championship to Druckenwell.

    Team: Druckenwell Bulwarks

    Hat Logo:


    Home Field: Karr Pharmaceutical Field at II Avali

    Roster --

    General Manager: Winny Skye (Human, Female)
    Manager: Rudy Merkav (Human, Male)
    Pitching Coach: Melanie Waters (Human, Female)
    Hitting Coach: Jaxson Steele (Human, Male)
    First Base Coach: Glen Hyaal (Human, Male)
    Third Base Coach: Armistice Spring (Human, Male)

    (For player types, refer to the Resource Thread)

    Pitchers --

    Starting Rotation -

    1) Danny Keyes (Human, Male) [Generally Considered the 'Ace' of the Team] Precision Pitcher
    2) Trae Volar (Human, Male) Power Pitcher
    3) Sheena LeFranc (Human, Female) Balanced Pitcher
    4) Bella DuForrest (Human, Female) Precision Pitcher
    5) Emil Zalo (Human, Male) Balanced Pitcher


    1) Jessica Wynter (Human, Female) Power Pitcher
    2) Randy Jackson (Human, Male) Precision Pitcher
    3) Mara Laago (Human, Female) Balanced Pitcher

    Closer Pitcher: Vincent Cutter Jr. (Human, Male) Precision Pitcher

    [Generally the pitcher who is used at the end of the game to shut the door on the opponent's chances due to their high skill]

    Starting Position Players --

    Catcher: Mikhail Pizarro (Human,Male) Power Hitter

    First Base: J.V Frost (Human, Male) Offensive Leader

    Second Base: Krag Bygo (Human, Male) Timing Runner

    Shortstop: Allyson Lechard (Human, Female) Reaction Fielder

    Third Base: Jamie Soldaar (Human, Female) Contact Hitter

    Left Field: Jerome Battiste (Human, Male) Reaction Fielder

    Center Field: Gwendolyn K'frey (Bothan, Female) Defensive Leader

    Right Field: Venus Argyle (Female, Twi'lek) Discipline Hitter
    Bench Players:
    Catcher: Cally Thuwait (Human,Female) Power Hitter
    First Base: Krystal Vochard (Human, Female) Speed Runner
    Second Base: Kellen Dayton (Human, Male) Contact Hitter
    Shortstop: Adym Pollock (Human, Male) Timing Runner
    Third Base:Jeremy Tsu'lor (Bothan, Male) Throwing Fielder
    Left Field: Steve 'The Razor' Ravern (Human, Male) Defensive Fielder
    Center Field: Connie Chuum (Human, Female) Discipline Hitter
    Right Field: John Sylvan (Human, Male) Reaction Fielder
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  13. Runjedirun

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    Sep 3, 2012
    Character Sheet

    Name: Leif Cliinton
    Species: Human
    Gender: Male
    Age: 42

    Homeworld: Ralltiir
    Relation To Team: Spouse of a super fan

    Bio: Leif was never an athlete. His interests included solving mathematical problems, theater and fine dining. Leif became an engineer shortly after graduating from Ralltiir University. He owned his own home by age 30 and had a small group of close friends to hang with, but he was lonely. One evening he saw a woman on the mass transit that looked perfect for him. She was beautiful but her figure wasn’t out of his league. She was dressed for an office job, but obviously hadn’t put too much into the outfit.
    Even though he was scared out of his mind Leif decided to make his move. Two years later Erica and Leif were married.

    The couple loved each other. There was just one thing about Erica that Leif never quite understood. Her love for the game of Lightball. Erica participated in her company Lightball League as a third basemen. She watched it on holovision almost every weeknight during the season. Even during the off-season she followed the players every trade and injury rumor.

    Leif had learned to tolerate Erica’s love for Lightball, but now something major seemed to be brewing. He didn’t always listen with two ears when Erica spoke about Lightball, but she mentioned getting a second mortgage on the house for season tickets. Was she serious? So what if they were moving up…he thinks that’s what she said. Some bigger more prestigious league. Leif was too busy getting approvals for a new suspension system he wanted to trademark.

    At dinner one evening she said excitedly, “Our name was picked in the lottery! Can we get the tickets?” Leif wanted 48 hours to think it over and that was all he had before the couple had to give up their tickets to anther chosen pair. Leif knew one thing he wasn’t taking out a second mortgage. He also knew it would make Erica a very happy woman.

    The Team Roster

    Team: Ralltiir Renegades

    Home Field: Renegade Retreat

    Roster --

    General Manager: Sawyer Thomas (Human, Male)
    Manager: Peter Rodriguez (Human, Male)
    Pitching Coach: Yvonne Tiilerson (Human, Feamale)
    Hitting Coach: Echennehayy (Wookiee, Female)
    First Base Coach: Grargo Slitz (Ishi Tib, Male)
    Third Base Coach: Samuel Fritz (Human, Male)

    Pitchers --

    Starting Rotation -

    1) Mollie Jul (Hapan, Female) Power Pitcher
    2) Waavvesh (Wookiee, Female) Precision Pitcher
    3) Jorge Finn (Human, Male) Balanced Pitcher
    4) Ozzie Miire (Human, Male) Precision Pitcher
    5) Bom'cages (Twi’lek, Male) Power Pitcher


    1) Jasmiine Rustle (Human, Female) Balanced Pitcher
    2) Iuyuk'hohe (Twi’lek, Female) Balanced Pitcher
    3) Everette Howe (Human, Male) Precision Pitcher

    Closer Pitcher: Lerhea Brukbemgiac (Mon Calamari, Female) Precision Pitcher

    Starting Position Players --

    Catcher: Sam Puljos (Human, Male) Discipline Hitter
    First Base: Riley Stunn (Hapan, Female) Offensive Leader
    Second Base: Buxton Smalles (Human, Male) Throwing Fielder
    Shortstop: Chirterr Dimas (Ithorian, Male) Timing Runner
    Third Base: Krrucceeepumpiaavv (Wokiee, Male) Power Hitter
    Left Field: Suzzan Forressen (Human, Female) Defense Fielder
    Center Field: Rart Nagric (Ishi Tib, Male) Defensive Leader
    Right Field: Lissa Forressen (Human, Female) Power Hitter

    Reserve/Bench Position Players --

    Catcher: Chisa Noolrook (Ewok, Female) Aggressive Runner
    First Base: Numtari (Twi’lek, Female) Reaction Fielder
    Second Base: Larson Miills (Human, Male) Clutch Leader
    Shortstop: Shu Slizlurlq (Ithorian, Female) Throwing Fielder
    Third Base: Gwendolyn Walker (Human, Female)
    Left Field: Russ Solasar (Hapan, Male) Defense Fielder
    Center Field: Joselyn Orson (Human, Female)
    Right Field: Blehu (Wookiee, Male) Contact Hitter
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  14. Jedi Gunny

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    May 20, 2008
    Name: Mackanack “Mac” Fleeger
    Species: Zeltron
    Gender: Male
    Age: 19
    Hair/Fur/Scales: Pink skin like all Zeltrons, long dark brown hair with some volume to it (think Jacob DeGrom of the Mets)
    Eye Color: Blue
    Height and Build: Skinny, 6’1
    Homeworld: Zeltros
    Relation to Team: Rookie Relief Pitcher
    Bio: Mac Fleeger is a talented, yet brash, young pitcher. Some find him difficult to deal with due to his ego. At a young age, he found that he could throw balls harder and faster than most of his friends. In school, coaches saw his arm strength in physical education class and encouraged him to try out for Lightball. He pitched all four years of high school as a closer and reliever, which landed him a scholarship at the University of Zeltros at Paradise. In one season with the U of Z-P, he collected eight saves in nine opportunities with an ERA under 1.5 as the team’s primary closer. After the season, he declared himself eligible for the MLL Draft, wanting to cash in on his successful freshman season.

    He was eventually taken in the second round of the Draft by the Thyferra Tornadoes. The Tornadoes are one of the worst teams in the League, finishing with the second-worst record in the MLL in 286. Despite playing in the League for several decades, the team has never made it to the MLL Championship Series in franchise history. The closest they came was an appearance in the League Championship Series, when they were completely routed by the Coruscant Yankees in four embarrassing games in the 260s. Their fanbase has stuck with the team through the years, but attendance has always been inconsistent. The team was looking for a good young relief pitcher to help shore up a bullpen that had been one of the worst units in the League.

    Now Fleeger has found himself in the set-up role out of the bullpen for the Tornadoes. He has his eye on the closer job, a job he finds to be prestigious despite the woes of the team. While he does not dislike the Tornadoes, he has no affection for the team, and sees it as a business opportunity. If given the chance to be traded to a more prestigious team with a chance to win a championship, he will do whatever he can to make sure it happens. What he wants is to win a title and to make a name for himself, something he may not be able to do with the Tornadoes. For now, he will fight for the closer’s role in hopes that it will boost his brand and eventually give him what he wants.

    Team: Thyferra Tornadoes
    Home Field: Thyferra Municipal Stadium

    General Manager: Taliya Westrom (Hapan, Female)
    Manager: Jok Cal’ver (Bothan, Male)
    Pitching Coach: Bria Clemmins (Human, Female)
    Hitting Coach: Webb Danson (Human, Male)
    First Base Coach: Regad (Quarren, Male)
    Third Base Coach: Vil Mellitt (Dathomirian, Female)

    Starting Rotation:
    1) Rana Pless (Pantoran, Female) – Balanced Pitcher
    2) Leger Sintale (Chagrian, Male) – Power Pitcher
    3) Lyann Sengian (Human, Female) – Precision Pitcher
    4) Wava Rhelt (Zabrak, Female) – Balanced Pitcher
    5) Bronson Arriya (Human, Male) – Precision Pitcher


    1) Long Reliever - Rokee Wel (Cerean, Female) – Balanced Pitcher
    2) Middle Relief - Chi’gara’ness “Igarn” (Chiss, Male) – Precision Pitcher
    3) Middle Relief – Set-Up - Mackanak “Mac” Fleeger (Zeltron, Male) (Player Character) – Power Pitcher
    4) – Closer - Milhollin (Gran, Male) – Precision Pitcher

    Standard Lineup:

    Catcher: Sachi Rohet (Klatoonian, Male) – Team Captain – Defensive Leader
    First Base: Cameron “Winger” Hapbrook (Human – Corellian, Male) – Power Hitter
    Second Base: Ganner Er’sala (Bothan, Male) – Timing Runner
    Shortstop: Seewa Malsee (Twi’lek, Female) – Defense Fielder
    Third Base: Kollette Finnergan (Hapan, Female) – Clutch Leader
    Left Field: Vannet Calder (Devaronian, Male) – Throwing Fielder
    Center Field: Valla Prin (Shistavanen, Female) – Power Hitter
    Right Field: Itchero Sasuki (Human, Male) – Contact Hitter


    Adrila Reddus (Mon Calamari, Female, 2B/SS) – Defense Fielder
    Chon Gallus (Nautolan, Male, 3B/1B) – Discipline Hitter
    T.V. Lagus (Twi’lek, Male, OF) – Throwing Fielder
    Tarik Coble (Human, Male, C/RP) – Throwing Fielder
    Tabb Genn (Sullustan, Male, INF) – Contact Hitter
    Sara Reding (Human, Female, OF) – Speed Runner
    Kowak (Talz, Male, Infielder)​
    Weblyr (Quarren, Male, Infielder)​
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  15. Master Vo'Un'Var

    Master Vo'Un'Var Jedi Knight star 3

    Mar 19, 2017
    Name: Korvik Vorkohk
    Species: Trandoshan
    Gender: Male
    Age: 22
    Hair/Fur/Scales Color: Scales, Greenish-Brown Yellow[​IMG]
    Eye Color: Yellow
    Height & Build: 6ft 7"
    Homeworld: Trandosha
    Relation To Team: Captain
    Bio: Lived on Trandosha as a hunter, But moved to Tatooine where he found and killed a Krayt Dragon, He then heard of The team Krayt Hunter Killers, He became a huge fan of the game and the team, Playing in his backyard and eventually playing in a home town tournament, He won the tournament and continued the career of a sports player, He eventually managed to join the all-trandoshan team, The Krayt Hunter Killers
    Team: Krayt Hunter Killers
    Home Field: Krayt Dragon Arena, Tatooine
    Roster --
    General Manager: Grikka Korv, Trandoshan Male Hunter, 39 years
    Manager: Gashnok Vorkan, Trandoshan Male Warrior, 43 years
    Pitching Coach: Greskido, Rodian Male Tactician, 51 years
    Hitting Coach: Gromnikiv Grashkorkav, Trandoshan Male, 27 years
    First Base Coach: Korvak Vesido, Dathomir Nightbrother, 21 years
    Third Base Coach: Devinitoff Vasil, Trandoshan Male, 52 years

    Pitchers --
    Starting Rotation -
    1) Salamence Vestive, 21 years,Trandoshan, Power Pitcher
    2) Varkee "RipGut" Horvoss, Trandoshan, 19 years, Power Pitcher
    3) Solvation, Trandoshan, 19 years, Precision Pitcher
    4) Hell Hound, 25 years, Trandoshan, Balanced Pitcher
    5) Blood Hand, 30, Trandoshan, Balanced Pitcher
    Also known as the triplets​
    1) Vorsoni, 20, Trandoshan, Power Pitcher
    2) Gorsoni, 20, Trandoshan, Precision Pitcher
    3) Horsoni, 20, Trandoshan, Balanced Pitcher
    Closer Pitcher: Grakii, Trandoshan, 23, Power Pitcher​
    Starting Position Players --
    Catcher: Doom Face Mav, 17 years, Trandoshan, Defensive Fielder
    First Base: Korvik Vorkohk- Trandoshan, 22 years, Offensive Leader (Captain of the Team)
    Second Base: Malevolence Verikan, 24 years,Trandoshan, power Hitter
    Shortstop: Maverick Vossk, 18, Trandoshan, Aggressive Runner.
    Third Base: KillKam Korviis, 19, Trandoshan, Aggressive Hitter
    Left Field: Mordred "Hate Eyes" Crovak, 26, Trandoshan, Reaction Fielder
    Center Field: Hassen Ezek, Trandoshan, 31, Defense Fielder
    Right Field: Krasenio Vesanik, 29 years, Trandoshan, Throwing Fielder
    Reserve/Bench Position Players --
    Catcher: Havesan, 31, Trandoshan ,Defense Fielder
    First Base:Hak, Trandoshan, 41, Contact Hitter
    Second Base: Kror, Trandoshan, 18, Timing Runner
    Shortstop: Gask, 45, Trandoshan, Discipline Hitter
    Third Base: Fallvok, 21, TrandoshanAggressive Runner
    Left Field: Akkee, 51, Trandoshan, Reaction Fielder
    Center Field: Demon, 24, Trandoshan, Contact Hitter
    Right Field: Kralkothkikoth, 31, Trandoshan, Power Hitter​
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  16. galactic-vagabond422

    galactic-vagabond422 Jedi Master star 4

    Jul 11, 2009
    Name: Jax Matha
    Species: Human
    Gender: Male
    Age: 19
    Hair Color: Dark Blonde
    Eye Color: Brown
    Height & Build: 6’ with a wiry frame
    Homeworld: Taanab
    Relation To Team: Rookie Pitcher
    Bio: Jax Matha was one of the top prospects coming out of secondary school on Taanab. Even at that young age everyone was watching him. He didn’t have a fiery fastball or a batting average that shocked the galaxy. What he did have was a hand that could paint the corners and fake out batters like no one in his generation. A once in a lifetime talent they called him. At Taanab A&M he earned the nickname “The Break Ball Wizard” for his amazing breaking pitches. They broke left they broke right, always unpredictable. Some even claim that he can throw the near mythical riser.

    Jax himself was a simple boy, the son of farmers that picked up an old pitcher's guide his father had from his days playing for his school. They say every boy’s first dream is to play ball for their favorite team. Jax never had a favorite team growing up. His father was a diehard Taanab Staga fan but, Jax just loved the game and the challenge of pitching.

    As soon as he could he was going to declare for the draft but, already had offers on the table, from Byss to Csilla everyone wanted the “Southpaw Sorcerer”. In the end he chose the Courscant Yankees. Mainly because they offered the most money. He didn’t want it for himself, he learned how to live on very little, he planned on sending most of it back home to support the farm. There had been a few bad harvests that had hurt the family in the past.

    Now he sets out on a new life, leaving behind his small town home and heading to triple zero, the capital of the galaxy, the never ending city.

    Team:Coruscant Yankees
    Home Field: Yankee Stadium

    Roster --

    General Manager:Yens Rivkin (Togruta, Male)
    Manager: Raana Rivkin (Togruta, Female)
    Pitching Coach: Shav Lepidon (Sephi, Male)
    Hitting Coach: Pom Voivedo (Mon Calamari, Male)
    First Base Coach: Axele Campille (Nagai, Female)
    Third Base Coach: Yunus Unat (Arkanian, Male)

    Pitchers --

    Starting Rotation -

    1) Neptis Clin (Nelvaanian, Female) Power Pitcher
    2) Yin Hao (Pantoran, Male) Balanced Pitcher
    3) Jax Matha (Human, Male) Precision Pitcher
    4) Sitoch Talis (Caamasi, Female) Precision Pitcher
    5) Fabi Vibulan (Barabel, Male) Balanced Pitcher


    1) Micion Boeotia (Kurtzen, Female) Balanced Pitcher
    2) Sayören Besni (Nikto, Female) Power Pitcher
    3) Sophron Mus (Mimbanite, Female) Precision Pitcher

    Closer Pitcher: Krai Wolff (Shistavanen, Female) Balanced Pitcher

    Starting Position Players --

    Catcher: Mara Piazzi (Human, Female) Aggressive Runner
    First Base: Oren Lungu (Twi’lek, Male) Contact Hitter
    Second Base: Phyllon Haight (Togorian, Female) Power Hitter
    Shortstop: Orache Czinkota (Chagrian, Male) Defensive Leader
    Third Base: Pinchas Krendo (Devaronian, Male) Timing Runner
    Left Field: Runemo Candau (Twi’lek, Female) Throwing Fielder
    Center Field: Onythe “the Hammer” Hammyn (Klatooinian, Male) Power Hitter
    Right Field: Eupar Trida (Selonian, Female) Clutch Leader

    Reserve/Bench Position Players --

    Walfer Boateng (Human, Male,Catcher) Offensive Leader
    Cremato Genferi (Rodian, Male Second Base) Speed Runner
    Laila Trabb (Firrerreo, Female, Shortstop) Aggressive Runner
    Vasanth Valla (Trandoshan, Female, Third Base) Power Hitter
    Sennhof Kybur (Bothan, Male, Left Field) Reaction Fielder
    Sita Devi (Sullustan, Female, Center Field) Power Hitter

    IR: Nikole Medzi (Zeltron, Female) Defense Fielder- Major Injury (Game 4) - Out 11-20 Games
    Zelenogo “Zel” Noyarsk (Lafrarian, Female) Discipline Hitter Critical Injury (Game 7) Out 21-30 Games
  17. Bardan_Jusik

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    Dec 14, 2009
    Character sheet:

    Name: Randy "the rancor"
    Species: Zabrak
    Age: early 40's
    Gender: Male
    Relation to team: Host of the Rancor Pitt HoloNet sports talk show.
    Homeworld: Originally Coruscant, now Mandalore

    Name: Justin Pitt
    Species: Human
    Age: mid 30's
    Gender: Male
    Relation to team: Co-host of the Rancor Pitt HoloNet sports talk show, former Limmie DB at The Ord Sabaok University. Member of 274 LFL Champion Concordia Crusader's team
    Homeworld: Originally Ord Sabaok, now Mandalore

    As the Co-hosts of the Rancor Pitt, the Mandalorian sector's highest rated sports wave show, for the last several years Randy and Justin have come to be known as the voice of the fans during the golden age of Mandalorian sports history, at least with regards to Mandalore's favorite sport, meshgeroya. It is an age that has seen three GCAA championships go to Manadlore's hometown powerhouse, the Keldabe Military Institute's Warriors and four Galactic Cups won over the span of just a decade by the Mando'ade Mercs.

    Recent time hasn't been so kind to the few Mandalorians that pay attention to another sport; lightball. Lightball is not, and has never been, very popular on Mandalore. Too slow, not violent enough and a lack of personality have all been common complaints heard by the few fans that still trek out to the Field of Valor or listen in on the wave for a game. There are those though, just barely enough, who enjoy the strategy and pace of a game that many Mandalorians simply don't seem to understand. So the team endures, despite low attendance and threats of the team's relocation every few seasons.

    On the Rancor Pitt discussion of Lightball is kept to a minimum, generally not even mentioned during the off season, and relegated to the D Block of the show during the regular season. Few on Mandalore seem to care, save the chosen few, those hardcore fans that still delight in a game once regaled as the Republic's past time.

    The Team Sheet

    [hl=green]Team: Mandalore Warriors [/hl]


    Home Field: Field of Valor at Sundari


    Roster --

    General Manager: Jon Hert (Human male)
    Manager: Ti'to (Mandalorian male)
    Pitching Coach: Ta'mar'elas (Chiss male)
    Hitting Coach: Dav Murr (Human male)
    First Base Coach: Nott Chis (Duros male)
    Third Base Coach: Beck'nom'amar (Chiss female)

    Starting Rotation -

    1) Newbacca "newbie" (Wookiee male) -- Power Pitcher
    2) Hersh'iser (Klatooinian male) -- Precision Pitcher
    3) Cal "Thermal Detonator" LaLoosh (Hapan male) -- Power Pitcher
    4) Finn Mancuso (Mon Calimari female)--Balanced Pitcher
    5) Bart Roberts (Human male) Precision Pitcher


    1) Tikk (Wookiee female)--Power Pitcher
    2) Tokk (Wookiee male)--Power Pitcher
    3) Shur'show'she "the show" (Chiss male)--Balanced Pitcher

    Closer Pitcher: Druw Miller (Human Male) Power Pitcher

    Starting Position Players --

    Catcher: 'Crash' Daviss (Human Male) Defensive Leader
    First Base: Ceedaak (Wookiee female) Power Hitter
    Second Base: Jaina Ericksson (Human female) Clutch Leader
    Shortstop: Traco'mar'leez "Omar" (Chiss male) Defense Fielder
    Third Base: Kragen (Trandoshan male)--Power Hitter
    Left Field: Margo (Zelton female)-- Discipline Hitter
    Center Field: Kenneth Luftwaffe (Human male)--Contact Hitter
    Right Field: Bel'war (Trandoshan female)--Power Hitter


    Catcher: Cad Bumm (Duros male)-- Throwing Fielder
    IF: Diane Kuiper (Twi'lek female) Defense Fielder
    OF: Davey Judge (Human male) --Defense Fielder
    UTIL: Becky Skysong (Human female)--Reaction Fielder
    IF: Saanvi Pihu (Togruta female) --Contact Hitter
    OF: Villie Mays'hays (Devaronian male)-- Speed Runner
    IF: Randy Savage (Zabrak male) --Timing Runner
    OF: Fritz Muldoon (Shistavanen male) Aggressive Runner​
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  18. Darth_Elu

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    Jan 2, 2003
    287 Season of Major League Lightball

    Vader League

    --Maul Division

    Kashyyyk Rage (11-7)
    Dathomir Rancors (10-8) ( @Darth_Elu / Raimae Riverwisp [fan])
    Byss Emperors (10-8)
    Krayt Hunter Killers (8-10) ( @Master Vo'Un'Var / Korvik Vorkohk [player])
    Bastion Ren Knights (6-12)

    --Fett Division

    Onderon Drexls (11-7)
    Ralltiir Renegades (10-8) ( @Runjedirun / Leif Cliinton [super fan’s spouse])
    Mandalore Warriors (9-9) ( @Bardan_Jusik / Randy “The Rancor” & Justin Pitt [sportscasters])
    Anaxes Royal Guards (9-9)
    Naboo Royals (7-11)

    Windu League

    --Yoda Division

    Bakura Nobles (12-6)
    Thyferra Tornadoes (11-7) ( @Jedi Gunny / Mackanack “Mac” Fleeger [player])
    Taanab Staga (11-7)
    Druckenwell Bulwarks (10-8) ( @Vehn / Gryffyn Karr [owner])
    Alpheridies Seekers (7-11)

    --Kenobi Division

    Jakku Scavengers (11-7)
    Coruscant Yankees (11-7) ( @galactic-vagabond422 / Jax Matha [player])
    Takodana Tigers (8-10)
    Rydonni Prime Knights (4-14) ( @CPL_Macja / Waiphyl M’nrydo [owner])
    Csilla Clawcraft (4-14)

    In need of update!

    Home Run Race

    Jess Mendavall (Rydonni Prime) - 5
    Itchero Sasuki (Thyferra) - 4
    Gwendolyn K'frey (Druckenwell) - 4
    KillKam Korviis (Krayt) - 3
    J.V. Frost (Druckenwell) - 3
    Cameron Hapbrook (Thyferra) - 3
    Crash Daviss (Mandalore) - 3
    Korvik Vorkohk (Krayt) - 3
    Guffmak (Dathomir) - 3
    Vannet Calder (Thyferra) - 3
    Runemo Candau (Coruscant) - 3
    Hassen Ezek (Krayt) - 2
    Jerome Battiste (Druckenwell) - 2
    Onythe Hammyn (Coruscant) - 2
    Blehu (Ralltiir) - 2
    Kenneth Luftwaffe (Mandalore) - 2
    Villie Mays'hays (Mandalore) - 2
    Kotra Larack (Dathomir) - 2
    Riley Stunn (Ralltiir) - 1
    Traist Vak'ote (Dathomir) - 1
    Sachi Rohet (Thyferra) - 1
    Kollette Finnergan (Thyferra) - 1
    Maverick Vossk (Krayt) - 1
    Zelenogo Noyarsk (Coruscant) - 1
    Ganner Er'sala (Thyferra) - 1
    Krasenio Vesanik (Krayt) - 1
    Lissa Forressen (Ralltiir) - 1
    Ceedak (Mandalore) - 1
    Traco'mar'leez (Mandalore) - 1
    Cami Alohe (Rydonni Prime) - 1
    Krag Bygo (Druckenwell) - 1
    Tasha Czar (Rydonni Prime) - 1
    Dortya-kann (Dathomir) - 1
    Sam Puljos (Ralltiir) - 1
    Lon Timal (Rydonni Prime) - 1
    Blair Scorge (Rydonni Prime) - 1
    Rana Pless (Thyferra) - 1
    Kragen (Mandalore) - 1
    Margo (Mandalore) - 1
    Valla Prin (Thyferra) - 1
    Buxton Smalles (Ralltiir) - 1
    Russ Solasar (Ralltiir) - 1
    Krrucceeepumpiaavv (Ralltiir) - 1

    Strikeout Leaders

    Xizer sha Qareen (Dathomir) - 17
    Bella DuForrest (Druckenwell) - 16
    Emil Zalo (Druckenwell) - 14
    Fimmara Nezal (Dathomir) - 14
    Trae Volar (Druckenwell) - 14
    Salamence Vestive (Krayt) - 13
    Rana Pless (Thyferra) - 13
    Danny Keyes (Druckenwell) - 13
    Varkee Horvoss (Krayt) - 12
    Oster Feldman (Rydonni Prime) - 10
    Fernis Dezavan (Rydonni Prime) - 10
    Jax Matha (Coruscant) - 10
    Mackanack Fleeger (Thyferra) - 10
    Iuyuk'hohe (Ralltiir) - 10
    Eld Nammit (Rydonni Prime) - 9
    Sheena LeFranc (Druckenwell) - 9
    Hell Hound (Krayt) - 9
    Gorsoni (Krayt) - 9
    Waavvesh (Ralltiir) - 9
    Sayören Besni (Coruscant) - 9
    Leger Sintale (Thyferra) - 8
    Jorge Finn (Ralltiir) - 8
    Cal LaLoosh (Mandalore) - 8
    Bom'cages (Ralltiir) - 8
    Tikk (Mandalore) - 8
    Sitoch Talis (Coruscant) - 8
    Blood Hand (Krayt) - 7
    Solvation (Krayt) - 7
    Nia Sparrow (Rydonni Prime) - 7
    Mara Laago (Druckenwell) - 7
    Finn Mancuso (Mandalore) - 7
    Tokk (Mandalore) - 7
    Chi'gara'ness (Thyferra) - 6
    Hersh'iser (Mandalore) - 6
    Yin Hao (Coruscant) - 6
    Lorianne Ramirett (Rydonni Prime) - 6
    Vorsoni (Krayt) - 6
    Fabi Vibulan (Coruscant) - 5
    Jasmiine Rustle (Ralltiir) - 5
    Neptis Clin (Coruscant) - 5
    Horsoni (Krayt) - 5
    Randy Jackson (Druckenwell) - 5
    Tena Noctur (Dathomir) - 5
    Omor Oigres (Dathomir) - 5
    Druw Miller (Mandalore) - 5
    Wava Rhelt (Thyferra) - 5
    Ne'wts'werd (Rydonni Prime) - 4
    Bart Roberts (Mandalore) - 4
    Mollie Jul (Ralltiir) - 4
    Newbacca (Mandalore) - 4
    Jessica Wynter (Druckenwell) - 4
    Munsul'val Chuzai (Dathomir) - 4
    Way Gamo (Dathomir) - 4
    Rokee Wel (Thyferra) - 3
    Ozzie Miire (Ralltiir) - 3
    Everette Howe (Ralltiir) - 3
    Lisa Glassigle (Rydonni Prime) - 3
    Vincent Cutter Jr. (Druckenwell) - 3
    Grakii (Krayt) - 3
    Atric Weson (Dathomir) - 3
    Micion Boeotia (Coruscant) - 3
    Sophron Mus (Coruscant) - 2
    Narit Shoal (Dathomir) - 2
    Lerhea Brukbemgiac (Ralltiir) - 2
    Lyann Sengian (Thyferra) - 2
    Shur'show'she (Mandalore) - 1
    Bronson Arriya (Coruscant) - 1
    Loren Nezleah (Rydonni Prime) - 1
    Kaleb Odow (Rydonni Prime) - 1

    Stolen Base Leaders

    Runemo Candau (Coruscant) - 5
    Ganner Er'sala (Thyferra) - 4
    Jeanna Loving (Rydonni Prime) - 3
    Itchero Sasuki (Thyferra) - 3
    Taz Watkey (Rydonni Prime) - 2
    Mara Piazzi (Coruscant) - 2
    Krrucceeepumpiaavv (Ralltiir) - 2
    Buxton Smalles (Ralltiir) - 2
    Phyllon Haight (Coruscant) - 2
    Riley Stunn (Ralltiir) - 2
    Jamie Soldaar (Druckenwell) - 1
    Venus Argyle (Druckenwell) - 1
    Suzzan Forressen (Ralltiir) - 1
    Orache Czinkota (Coruscant) - 1
    Traist Vak'ote (Dathomir) - 1
    Tess Crystlos (Rydonni Prime) - 1
    Kollete Finnergan (Thyferra) - 1
    Russ Solasar (Ralltiir) - 1
    Lon Timal (Rydonni Prime) - 1
    Cami Alohe (Rydonni Prime) - 1
    J.V. Frost (Druckenwell) - 1
    Valla Prin (Thyferra) - 1
    Rart Nagric (Ralltiir) - 1
    Blehu (Ralltiir) - 1
    Gava Aroiros (Dathomir) - 1
    Nia Sparrow (Rydonni Prime) - 1
    Kenneth Luftwaffe (Mandalore) - 1
    Fallvok (Krayt) - 1

    Runs For

    Thyferra Tornadoes - 111
    Mandalore Warriors - 96
    Byss Emperors - 94
    Jakku Scavengers - 92
    Druckenwell Bulwarks - 80
    Ralltiir Renegades - 77
    Coruscant Yankees - 75
    Kashyyyk Rage - 72
    Krayt Hunter Killers - 72
    Bakura Nobles - 70
    Dathomir Rancors - 70
    Alpheridies Seekers - 66
    Onderon Drexls - 62
    Taanab Staga - 60
    Anaxes Royal Guards - 56
    Naboo Royals - 56
    Takodana Tigers - 55
    Rydonni Prime Knights - 55
    Csilla Clawcraft - 47
    Bastion Ren Knights - 40

    Runs Against

    Anaxes Royal Guards - 52
    Naboo Royals - 54
    Bastion Ren Knights - 54
    Takodana Tigers - 55
    Jakku Scavengers - 63
    Onderon Drexls - 63
    Taanab Staga - 65
    Druckenwell Bulwarks - 66
    Dathomir Rancors - 67
    Coruscant Yankees - 67
    Kashyyyk Rage - 68
    Mandalore Warriors - 69
    Krayt Hunter Killers - 75
    Bakura Nobles - 77
    Alpheridies Seekers - 77
    Csilla Clawcraft - 79
    Byss Emperors - 79
    Thyferra Tornadoes - 87
    Ralltiir Renegades - 93
    Rydonni Prime Knights - 95

    Run Differential

    Jakku Scavengers - +29
    Mandalore Warriors - +27
    Thyferra Tornadoes - +24
    Byss Emperors - +15
    Druckenwell Bulwarks - +14
    Coruscant Yankees - +8
    Anaxes Royal Guards - +4
    Kashyyyk Rage - +4
    Dathomir Rancors - +3
    Naboo Royals - +2
    Takodana Tigers - 0
    Onderon Drexls - -1
    Krayt Hunter Killers - -3
    Taanab Staga - -5
    Bakura Nobles - -7
    Alpheridies Seekers - -11
    Bastion Ren Knights - -14
    Ralltiir Renegades - -16
    Csilla Clawcraft - -32
    Rydonni Prime Knights - -40
  19. Darth_Elu

    Darth_Elu Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Jan 2, 2003
    Team Roster

    Team: Onderon Drexls
    Home Field: Resolute Field, Yolaz, Onderon

    Roster --

    General Manager: Derek Egres [Human Male]
    Manager: Thana Shikrah [Falleen Female]
    Pitching Coach: Lanna Kayja [Human Female]
    Hitting Coach: Shawka Jahs [Karkarodon Female]
    First Base Coach: Sulnek Voraan [Chagrian Male]
    Third Base Coach: Murdee Moon [Quermian Male]

    Pitchers --

    Starting Rotation -

    1) Vaerlor Ta [Iktotchi Male]
    2) Eriro Mitri [Nautolan Female]
    3) Jacenath Izarhun [Human Male]
    4) Rynta Aeru [Firrerreo Female]
    5) Craass Nihrk [Devaronian Male]


    1) Jonn Cauder [Human Male]
    2) Zello Biubb [Sullustan Female]
    3) Ioni'tumar [Twi'lek Female]

    Closer: Celeste Kasaanah [Human Female]

    Starting Position Players --

    Catcher: Samuel Bundelli [Human Male]
    First Base: Sehvoran-Anni [Herglic Male]
    Second Base: Zoem Zoem Jaunks [Gungan Male]
    Shortstop: Oraara Kywen [Togruta Female]
    Third Base: Dayel Ariabrit [Human Female]
    Left Field: Mag Gyrgoran [Givin Female]
    Center Field: Kuwar Nadd [Human Male]
    Right Field: Oiyam'hize [Twi'lek Female]

    Reserve/Bench Position Players --

    Catcher: Yolbel Paath [Mon Calamari Female]
    Infielder: Jugri Nserdaiso [Dug Female]
    Infielder: Isajac Avetren [Human Male]
    Infielder: Nyenvyil Kulas [Iktotchi Male]
    Utility: Xivuo Aramua [Sith Female]
    Outfielder: Noma-Jiin Varasin [Lorrdian Female]
    Outfielder: Thetaii [Ssi-ruu Female]
    Outfielder: Sasanyo Horeiwei Yonoada [Pantoran Male]