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Beyond - Legends "The Figure" Anakin Skywalker visits his kids 10 yrs after ROTJ

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by theSonofsKYwaLkER, Mar 25, 2003.

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  1. theSonofsKYwaLkER

    theSonofsKYwaLkER Jedi Youngling star 1

    Jan 4, 2003
    The Figure
    By: Darth Snort

    A ghostly figure visits the children of Skywalker, and Leia accepts a love she cannot deny.

    ?Hello Anakin?
    ?Grandfather? Anakin Solo stepped back a little, perplexed by his own response.
    Anakin was a respectful 8 years old, and he was very smart. He?d been training to be a Jedi since whenever he could remember, but none of that would prepare him for what he was facing now.
    ?Who are you? Better yet, what are you??
    The figure before him was what appeared to be a man. A tall, husky man. But he was blue. And not blue like a toydarian, in fact he was unlike any other species Anakin had ever seen. It was almost like a holocron, only this was not a projection, it was a real being. The man was old looking, way older than Uncle Luke, Anakin thought to himself, he was completely bald, and displayed tired eyes. The figure was wearing simple robes, brown and tan in color, and appeared completely normal in all respects, accept for the blue glow that surrounded him.
    With tears welling up in his eyes, the figure spoke once more: ?It is wonderful to finally see you in person grandson.?
    ?I?m not your grandson.?
    ?Oh aren?t you? Then why did you call me grandfather??

    Good question.

    ?Listen sir, I don?t know who you are, or how you know my name, but if you don?t leave, I?m going to call in my Uncle Luke. He?s a Jedi Knight you know, you don?t want to mess with him.?
    ?Oh Luke, yes, he is why I am here.?
    ?Moooooooooooom!! Uncle Luke!!?


    ?Would you see what he needs Luke?? A frustrated Leia Organa Solo addressed her brother.
    Luke Skywalker rose from the couch where he and Leia were going over some plans for Han?s birthday, and began towards the boy?s room.
    ?I?m coming Anakin.?
    Luke entered his nephew's bedroom with a smile on his face, suspecting that Anakin had another question about the Battle of Endor, or Luke?s training on Degobah. What he saw was unexpected.
    ?Father!!? Luke ran to the figure, arms open, and stopped short, realizing that he could not embrace his father as he wished. Yes it WAS his father, the great man Skywalker.
    ?Uncle know this guy? Who is he??
    Luke was ecstatic. It was amazing, his own father, his real father, standing right in front of him. Luke was so excited he almost couldn?t get the words out to answer his nephew?s question.
    ?This is my father Anakin, your grandfather, Anakin Skywalker.?
    ?This is the guy I was named after? Oh great, I get to be named after a blue guy. Mom said my grandpa was dead.?
    Anakin Skywalker chuckled at the younger Anakin?s comment.
    ?Well, yes Ani he is, but you see this blue around him? That is there because he is a ghost. Jedi who have passed have the ability to come back and visit us as a ghost.?
    ?You call him Ani?? The figure spoke once more.
    ?Well, yes. Why??
    ?Hmm, oh nothing it?s just that that?s what she used to call me.?
    ?Who father?? Luke was confused, because his father?s grin had turned into a head-lowered, frown. Anakin Skywalker was sad, Luke could feel it, a feeling he has never felt from his father, and it saddened him also.
    ?No one. Never mind.?
    ?Well father, alright then.? Luke didn?t want to further his father?s anxiety anymore than he already had.
    ?I?ve just come to check up on you Luke. See how things are going since, the rebuilding. You ought to know that you have not been doing this alone Luke. The force is with you, and those who have helped you in your efforts. The Jedi Knights of the past are with you also.?
    Little Anakin?s eyes were fixed on his elder counterpart. Staring, the boy Anakin decided he would ask a question, to settle his curiosity.
    ?Sir, my mom says my grandpa is Anakin Skywalker, but I heard someone say that Uncle Luke?s father was Darth Vader. Which one are you??
    ?Well little Ani,? the eldest Skywalker was not at all upset by this question, in fact he found it quite amusing.
    ?Stop that Anakin. Don?t pester him!?
    ?No, no Luke, it?s quite alright.?
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