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Beyond - Legends The Fool & the Useful Idiot (Dark Nest era) Updated 12/19/2006

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by Trepidation, Nov 16, 2005.

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  1. Trepidation

    Trepidation Jedi Youngling star 3

    Aug 3, 2005
    [hl=indigo]Princess Cambria[/hl]: I really liked the exchange between Jaina and Cem too. They're good together.

    Another great update!

    Jaina and Cem have some great scenes coming up. So far, Cem has been competent, likable and displaying the Fel traits....But, you'll see just how crafty he can be when the pressure is on...Jaina too :D Glad you're enjoying... More to come later today.

    [hl=indigo]CCP[/hl]: Great update! I like how this is all comming together.

    Thanks...all the Jedi are approaching from different directions and perceptions...More to come, and thanks for reading.

    [hl=indigo]Solo and Fel[/hl]: Ooooh. Neat Jacen trick.

    Professor Force strikes again...:p

    Also liked the exchange between Cem & Jaina.

    As mentioned above...these two are going to complement each other well in combat...and we'll see a little more of the capabilities of Cem. He's been holding back...

    Sorry the review's not longer... short on time. Just wanted to let you know I read and liked though.

    How dare you!!!! :D Thanks for checking in...more to come.

    [hl=indigo]Jedi Vai[/hl]: Another great chapter! Fun reading the Jaina/Cem piece.
    And Jacen was actually okay too! My biggest surprise!
    Han, Han, Han. Always the same ol' renegade! Love his whole attitude!
    Then, Kyle and Mara could be a formidable alliance.

    Can't wait to read more! But, I guess I'll have to!

    Thanks, and keep it coming!

    Thanks for reading and commenting...always appreciated. I'm enjoying the Jaina/ Cem thing as well....but I assure you it is platonic, and by necessity. And Jacen is about to receive a rebuke in the next installment from a party you would not expect...but if you think about it afterwards, you'll understand the motivation.

    Keep you eye on Han...He's going to pull something so wild that I know you'll laugh when you read it...(not right away...but soon)

    Kyle and Mara? They're just getting warmed up

    Thanks everyone...more very very shortly (read: formatting)

  2. Trepidation

    Trepidation Jedi Youngling star 3

    Aug 3, 2005

    (Amidships Hanger Bay of the Admiral Ackbar)

    Leia straightened from a lean after assuring herself that Jacen was fine. In the process of a deep breath to calm herself, a sharp pain on the back of her head, nearly, sent her reeling forward. In a whip of a turn she found a Barabel holding a lightsaber hilt staring intensely with no ill will in the gaze.

    ?You hit me.? Leia accused with confusion while moving her hand to rub the new lump.

    ?Thizz one is always amazed by your powerzz of deduction, Jedi Solo.? A sharp hissing of amusement followed.

    ?There was no call??

    Saba Sebatyne interrupted forcefully. ?That wazz a reminder, Apprentice.?

    ?It was a cheap hit.? Leia responded more vigorously.

    ?Cheap?? Now Saba stepped forward and placed a clawed grasp on her shoulder. It was a light touch, and certainly counter to the preferred non-contact of a Barabel. ?Not cheap. Inssstructional. It will remind you what izzz most important when you face her.?

    Leia didn?t need clarification as to whom she was referring. Still, confusion reigned in the Barabel?s approach despite the fact that she had done it too many times before. Saba nodded.

    ?The bump on your head will remind you where you store you more important weapon.? Her forked tongue flicked with the words. ?It izzz not your lightsaber?I hope.?

    Leia understood, but a look of discomfort and annoyance remained.

    ?Do you need another hint?? Saba rasped with inquiry as a scaled brow rose.

    ?I understand.? She replied quickly while moving her other hand out to block a possible follow-up. ?But, you could have told me instead of adding to the other dents you have put in my skull.?

    ?Perhapzzz.? There might have been a brief smile on the Barabel?s face for the flick of a moment, but it was gone just as quickly. ?But, thizz one wanted to make sure that the message stayed with you.?

    ?It will.? Leia nodded with amusement of her own while continuing to massage to bump. ?For at least a couple days.?

    ?That will be enough.? Saba turned and moved purposefully towards the far bulkhead. ?We will consider further reminders after that time frame.? A sharp hissing filled the immediate surroundings as she hopped with the aid of the Force up off the edge of some cargo crate debris and latched onto a vent hood with her front claws. She started climbing quickly up the bulkhead as if gravity was a mere afterthought. Her long, scaled body snapped back and forth providing momentum in the climb. After making amazing headway, she stopped abruptly and swung sideways such that her large head faced down, and her body clung deftly to a junction box.

    ?Jedi Veila?? Her voice chafed in an echo against the near empty hanger bay. ??you are slower than a Tengazzz Eelvod.?

    Tahiri heard her name and moved her gaze to the Barabel seemingly defying the artificial gravity above her. ?A what??

    ?It izzz not important.? Saba sounded annoyed. ?Are you coming??

    The diminutive blonde Jedi stared back for a moment before realizing that the Barabel was leaving, and appeared to have chosen an unorthodox outlet.

    ?You?re going to travel through one of the life support vents?? Tahiri asked, but scowled knowing it was a stupid question.

    ?Thizz one is amazed that you have the capacity to come to that conclusion without assistance.? The words were laden with impatience despite the calm appearance. ?Perhapzz you would consider moving while you ponder more challenging enigmas. That izzz if you are capable of doing more than one thing at a time.?

    Tahiri moved forward without thought and glanced to Leia who was returning an expression of empathy. Her head tilted back to study the bulkhead and identify the easiest climb. ?We?re coming.?

    ?Thizzz one is elated.? Her globular head turned out to face Leia. ?Do not embarrass your Master, Apprenticcce.? She said with amusement before turning serious. ?You will do fine, for I have made sure that
  3. Princess Cambria

    Princess Cambria Jedi Master star 4

    Jan 20, 2006
    ?Maybe not.? Jaina shrugged. ?But, he?s going to get it regardless.? She took another deep breath and leaned into Han?s ear. ?Watch mom?s back.?
    ?Oh?don?t you worry about that. I?ve been watching her back since before you were even a gleam in my eye.? He glanced over to Leia, who was, now standing over his son. ?Not a bad back at that.?
    ?See, now you know how I felt with all that incessant arm rubbing and clicking.? Han snorted.


    Another great update. =D=
  4. ruinevil

    ruinevil Jedi Youngling star 1

    Nov 12, 2005
    Decided to take Allana I see.
  5. Jedi_Vai

    Jedi_Vai Jedi Master star 1

    Mar 20, 2002
    Sorry I am so slow to respond, but what better Christmas gift could I give myself than the latest addition to this wonderful story?

    A great piece. Especially enjoyed R2's rant to Jacen. Think he got the point?

    I can't wait for more!

    Thanks, Trep!
  6. Trepidation

    Trepidation Jedi Youngling star 3

    Aug 3, 2005
    [hl=indigo]Princess Cambria[/hl]: Another great update.

    Thank you...glad you enjoyed...

    [hl=indigo]Ruinevil[/hl]: Decided to take Allana I see.

    Eh? She's always been in the story...and will make an appearance later on...Actually, she has a couple of appearances...o_O

    [hl=indigo]Jedi Vai[/hl]: Sorry I am so slow to respond, but what better Christmas gift could I give myself than the latest addition to this wonderful story?

    A new Aston Martin Vanquish S comes to mind...:D Then again, those are hard to fit in a stocking by the fireplace...and Hallmark doesn't sell bows big enough...

    A great piece. Especially enjoyed R2's rant to Jacen. Think he got the point?

    R2 rocks...very protective of Luke...and he plays prominently coming up in the future.

    I can't wait for more!

    Thanks, Trep!

    de nada...and there is another installment coming up shortly...probably tomorrow...

    Thanks for reading everyone...more to come...lots of story left...and some well as a fitting end to the Killik mess that I'm disappointed DelRay didn't think of...Ohhhhh....and Han does something that I'm surprised we haven't seen before...I wrote the scene...and find myself coming back to read it over and over...It's a killer move...:eek: And, did I mention that Cem Fel lets it fly with abandon...?


  7. Solo_and_Fel

    Solo_and_Fel Jedi Master star 3

    Apr 19, 2004
    I really liked the Han & Jaina interaction in that last post.

    Sweet without being saccharine.

    Nice job. :)
  8. jaynasolofel

    jaynasolofel Jedi Youngling star 3

    Jul 26, 2003
    I really enjoyed the recent updates, I like the twist with Jag's "watch" and Thrawn, Jag and Shawnkyr are a great team with their near-Jedi communication. The action is compelling, Han is on his game here as usual, always thinking outside the box, and using his experience & intellect. For me, he was a little off in the latest pro-fic, so it is good to have him "back". Kyle, Corran and Mara's approach was filled with quips, gadgets and some classic 'Red'. And Jacen amazed me in a good way; that he gave the Killiks an out was quite UN-Sith of him-- yeah!!!!!!

    I look forward to the next update and maybe even a future J/J team-up-- in combat!

  9. Jedi_Vai

    Jedi_Vai Jedi Master star 1

    Mar 20, 2002
    Upping this!
    Needs update! Badly! Please!
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