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The Foolish and the Weak: A Corran Horn Story

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction Stories--Classic JC Board (Reply-Only)' started by Ejedir, Apr 21, 2000.

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  1. Ejedir

    Ejedir Jedi Youngling star 1

    Apr 16, 2000
    This is a co-authored story by RogueJai and
    Ejedir, so please don't add on. Comments are
    greatly appreciated, good or bad. Read and


    Corran Horn smiled tightly to himself as he heard the crackle of static over the speeder bike's com. "Corran, we're approaching the canyon. Shut your eyes, and fly on instinct." Corran's mouth dropped open in surprise. What was his father thinking? He must have heard wrong.

    "Uh, Dad, repeat that again."

    "You heard me. Close you eyes on my mark. Three, two . . . ."

    ". . . .one, mark!" Hal Horn heard his boy's mumbling over the comlink about how weird he was and just grinned. He had been the same way with his father all those years ago. Rostek Horn had made him keep up his studies even after the War. But at least Hal had been told that he was using the Force, and not running on blind instinct. He couldn't even give Corran that much.

    They tore through the canyon, blowing up billows of dust as they went. Corran fought the urge to open his eyes. He wanted to make his father proud of him. "Only a quarter kilometer more Corran, you can do it. Just relax." Hal's voice was fuzzy from the canyon interference, but reassuring all the same. Corran took his father's advice and immediately a wave of calmness washed
    over him. Suddenly he knew when to turn, when the next drop or rise would be, and exactly how far it was to the mouth of the canyon.

    Hal watched as Corran's movements became fluid and smooth. There were no jerky motions or cautious turns like before. Only gentle, precise steering. "Okay Corran,
    last turn, then I'll race you home. I'll bet that your mother has a fine meal all laid out and waiting."

    "Yessir," As if to accent his statement, Corran rounded the bend and pushed his throttle all the way forward. Soon the bike was almost out of sight.

    Hal barked over the com, "Corran, don't get cocky!" He saw the bike slow a considerable amount, and the ten year old apologized in a half-hearted fashion.

    The two parked their speeder bikes on the side of the house, tethering them with energy binders. Corran's mother stood near the door and waved them in before disappearing inside. "C'mon Dad, you know Mom doesn't like to be kept waiting."

    "You're absolutely right," Hal grabbed his son around the waist and ran inside, Corran screaming the whole way.

    "Okay Shortie, time for bed," Hal pointed in the direction of Corran's bedroom. "If you hurry, I have something to tell you."

    "A surprise! For me!" Corran flashed a mouth full of teeth at his parents and raced off. Ten minutes later, he was in his bed calling for his father, "Dad, I'm ready!"

    "Okay Corran, I'm coming," Hal walked into the room and sat on the bed. "Son, today you showed me that you have great piloting skills, so I talked to your grandfather, and he's agreed to let you start training on CorSec fighter simulators. Only the X-wings for now."

    "For real! You're not joking or anything! Can I go right now?"

    "No Corran, a pilot, even the best pilot, needs his sleep, and so do you. I don't want to hear from you ?til morning. Got it?" Hal glared at his son, but broke into a smile,
    unable to keep a straight face.

    "Yes sir! Do you really think that I'm good?"

    "I know you are Corran, now sleep!" Hal retreated out of the room.

    "Congratulations," Corran's mother gave him a kiss on the forehead, "Now do as you father says and go to sleep."

    "Pull up! Pull up!" Corran brought the stick back to his chest. Too far back. His X-wing did a 360 and hit the Star Cruiser's shields anyway.

    "Oops. Sorry." Corran's cockpit went black.

    "Don't worry about it kid, it's only your first time." Tem Solek's face appeared
    through the hatch of the simulator. "I'd say you did pretty well. You brought down two fighters before plowing your way through those shields. Oh, by the way, you blew up their bridge. Extra credit."

    "That's comforting," Corran grunted as Tem helped him out. "Hey kid, you wanna see something cool?"

    "Sure, anything's gotta be better than si
  2. Ejedir

    Ejedir Jedi Youngling star 1

    Apr 16, 2000
    A few month's later. . .
    N'ret Ponce came up behind Hal and slapped him on the back, "Hey man, great run! How'd you do it?"

    "I don't know," Hal grinned a little tiredly, wondering what was going on. This was fifth pilot in the last twenty minutes to congratulate him. For what, he hadn't a clue.

    "You beat the hardest simulation around, and you don't even know how you did it?!"

    "The Pacaba run?"

    "Of course the Pacaba run. You beat it with the highest score, and only three groups have done it besides you. But, you already beat it once, huh, so I guess it's only two."

    "Just what name was on the board?" Hal was pretty sure he knew who it was.

    "Horn, of course," N'ret gave him a dumb look. And then realization dawned in his eyes. "Your kid beat you!"

    "Yup, seems that way. I haven't flown the Pacaba run for ten years. . ."

    Early that morning Corran sat on the benches around the pilot ready room. He was a nervous wreck, and trying to find four pilots to join him on the Pacaba run. Tem was a given, although he probably wasn't the best in CorSec, he'd been a great friend, and Corran had promised him a spot in his run. He sat in a corner bench where he could see everyone. And he just watched and listened.

    Corran paused for a moment a shut his eyes, just listening. He heard a deep voice across the room. He opened his eyes and saw a brown haired Corellian sitting next to a blonde Alderaanian woman. He homed in on their conversation.

    "So what ship do you think is better? The Z-95 Mark II or the X-wings?" The Alderaanian asked. She wasn't wearing any CorSec insignia, so Corran suspected that she was probably here to sell something.

    "X-wings, without a doubt," the burly Corellian replied.

    "Why's that? It seems to me, that the Mark II would be faster and more maneuverable."

    "Yeah, so, speed and maneuverability doesn't count for everything. Shields and weapons help too. And the X-wings got the edge in both categories, and is fast enough and can maneuver well enought to suit me."

    "Well, you certainly do have an opinion, don't you."

    "I've flown ?em both in combat miss, and personally, when my life's on the line, I prefer the X-wing." The Corellian stood offered his hand and hurriedly walked away. Corran saw this as his chance to talk to him.

    "Excuse me sir," Corran tapped the man on the shoulder.

    "Yeah," he said without turning around.

    "Could I talk to you?"

    The man turned around and sighed, "Sure kid, whadda ya want?"

    "Well I'm kinda looking for people to be in my squadron, just a simulator run."

    The man raised his eyebrows, "Aren't you a little young to be playing around in simulators?"

    Corran blushed, but his green eyes narrowed, "Horns are never too young to fly."

    "Oh, I see, you're Hal's son aren't you."

    "Yeah, so."

    "Well kid, what run are you taking? The Cosos Factories?"

    Corran shook his head in irritation, "I passed that the second day in the sims, I'm doing the Pacaba are you interested?"

    "You're joking, I haven't passed Pacaba yet."

    "Good, if you had passed it, you wouldn't be able to fly with me."

    "And how long have you been flying kid?"

    "My names Corran. Five months," Corran glared at him, "And don't call me kid."

    "Yessir. Sign me up. The name's Andruw Jace. When're you flying?"

    "Today, in about an hour. I still have two guys to find. Be in the sim room in thirty minutes."

    "You got it," Andruw watched Corran shove his way through the crowd. He smiled and laughed to himself, That's one cocky Corellian if I ever saw one.

    Corran had exactly thirty minutes to find himself two pilots. He went to the one source he knew he could count on. "Grandpa, are you in there?" Corran shouted through the security door.

    "Quiet kid. The guards are so jumpy they'll shoot ya." Corran turned and saw a man about twenty standing next to a woman of the same age. "I'm Shawn Gray, and this is my sister Sara. Who're you?"

    "Corran. You wouldn't happen to be pilots would you?"

    "Yeah, what's that got to do with anything."

    "I was looking for two pilots to join my squad in a sim run. Interested?"

    "Sure, it will be a
  3. Ejedir

    Ejedir Jedi Youngling star 1

    Apr 16, 2000
    Hey people. If you read this, we would be glad if you posted a reply. Even if it's just on word. We just want to know how many people are actually reading. So, PLEASE, reply!
    Thanx Ejedir and RogueJai.

  4. Ejedir

    Ejedir Jedi Youngling star 1

    Apr 16, 2000
    Okay people, when you read this, please critique our work, tell us what to do to make some improvements. If you don't feel like writing a lot, one word will do fine. We just want to know about how many people are reading this before we post again.
    Thank you.

    p.s. sorry to Thrawn for not putting his post on the new thread. Post again!:0)
  5. Jedi_Borme

    Jedi_Borme Jedi Youngling star 3

    Jan 17, 2000
    Hay, this is a really good story. Can't wait to read what happens next. Keep up the posting.
  6. Jedi15

    Jedi15 Jedi Youngling star 4

    Nov 7, 1999
    Those are some great posts (and I don't even like Corran Horn). Please write some more!
  7. Ejedir

    Ejedir Jedi Youngling star 1

    Apr 16, 2000
    Thanks for the posts guys, keep coming back. More soon.
    p.s.(if you have an idea, tell us, and we'll try to incorporate it into our story, and sorry if we can't.)
  8. Waning Drill

    Waning Drill Jedi Knight star 5

    Dec 30, 1999
    This is very good.
  9. Ejedir

    Ejedir Jedi Youngling star 1

    Apr 16, 2000
    Corran sat in the cockpit of the simulator. The cockpit went black, and then became filled with stars. "This is Corran Horn speaking. I?ve got four lit and in the green. All units report in."

    "Andruw here, good to go."

    "The Gray?s are up and running."

    "Let?s get ?em Corran," Tem whooped.

    "Is the Pacaba here?"

    "Pacaba here, ready to be space dust again."

    "Not today Pacaba, Horn out."

    A crackle of static came over the com, resolving itself into Sara?s voice, "So Corey, we going regular, Corellian Corvette first."

    "I?ve got something different in mind, and don?t call me Corey."

    "Sure Corey, I mean Corran."

    Corran growled over the com, "Transmitting the attack formations to you now. Prepare to jump to hyperspace on my mark. Three, two, one, mark." The stars blurred into lines and then disappeared all together. Corran ran the sim through his head. Thirty Uglies and a Corellian Corvette on one side and an asteroid field on the other, with his squadron right in the middle. It should work. It will work.

    The six ships came out of hyperspace together right on schedule. There were, as planned, thirty Uglies, and a Corellian Corvette. "Accelerate to attack speed. Lock S-foils in firing position, and bolt to the asteroid field." The six ships turned and flew into the asteroid field. "Find the biggest asteroid and get it in between you and those Uglies."

    The Pacaba flew around scanning, as if uncertain what to do. The pilot?s voice came over the com, "Uh Horn, are you sure this is gonna work?"

    "No, but it?s better than going head on with that Corvette."

    "Agreed, Pacaba out." It flew down to the asteroid surface and settled in a crevice.

    "Okay guys, break up and fan out. Take as many Uglies as you can."

    "Guys?" Sara?s voice was indignant.

    "Sorry, and girls."

    "Thank you Corey."

    "All right guys, lets go." The five X-wings flipped and came about head on with the Uglies.

    Corran looked around for more Uglies to shoot. He?d taken his six out, and then some. He finally spotted a breed of Ugly he?d never heard of, let alone seen before. A Z-95 Mark I cockpit, coupled with an X-wing?s S-foils. It was painted in colors that were hauntingly familiar, and Corran recalled his first look at his grandfather?s new fighter. The last coherent thought to run through his mind was oh no. . . .

    Twisting, turning, diving, lasers blasting at what he?d dubbed the X-95, Corran didn?t have time to think. Half the time the fast, agile snubfighter was in his sights, and the other half of the time it was tucked behind him, lasers eating away at his shields.

    Despite his focus on the X-95, Corran knew that the other members of his team had cleaned up their targets and were beginning to form up for the fake-out manuever. The other fighter was about a klick to his starboard-rear, when Corran put the X-wing through a move it was never designed to take. A turn so tight, in fact, that in all logical sense he shouldn?t have been able to pull it off. But luck (except for there?s no such thing as luck) was apparently with the young Horn; he came out of the turn on the X-95's tail, lasers lined up for a single, surgically perfect shot. The Ugly exploded in a way that would have been beautiful, save for the fact that in real combat, it would have represented a loss of sentient life.

    Corran took a single deep breath, then shifted the throttle forward, catching up with his pilots. Unbeknownst to the crew of the Corellian Corvette, the Pacaba was even now jumping to hyperspace. Only one mission goal remained.

    The Corvette gave chase to the two X-wings it could pick up on sensors, following them into the asteroid field. It was so intent on it?s prey that it didn?t notice the two volleys?six torpedoes each?that turned it into scrap metal. Salvageable scrap metal, of course.

    Corran grinned as the Grays and Tem lifted off the three large asteroids they?d hidden on. Not only had the field, which was often the death of the Pacaba run?s pilots, offered a hideout and escape vector for the Pacaba, but it had also given his pilots a nic
  10. Lelila Jade

    Lelila Jade Jedi Youngling star 1

    Jan 30, 2000
  11. RogueJai

    RogueJai Jedi Padawan star 4

    Apr 14, 2000
    Lol ignore Ejedir's comments about one word posts. Thanx for reading!!
  12. Lelila Jade

    Lelila Jade Jedi Youngling star 1

    Jan 30, 2000
    You're very much welcome!

    I eagerly await more.
  13. Khab

    Khab Jedi Youngling star 1

    May 23, 1999
    I'm enjoying this story, but it runs off the sides enough to make it difficult to read.
  14. Stranger in Paradise

    Stranger in Paradise Jedi Youngling star 1

    Jan 8, 2000
    This is cool! I'm really enjoying the story. Keep up the good work! And post some more soon, Please!
  15. Ejedir

    Ejedir Jedi Youngling star 1

    Apr 16, 2000
    Sorry about the running off the page, don't think there's much I can do. Sorry no posts today-been gone, you know, visiting the relatives-Easter. We'll post more soon. Thanks for reading!
  16. Jedi15

    Jedi15 Jedi Youngling star 4

    Nov 7, 1999
    Happy Easter, ejedir! cool.gif
  17. Ejedir

    Ejedir Jedi Youngling star 1

    Apr 16, 2000
    I fixed it, as you probably noticed, it no longer runs off the page. Yea for me. Keep reading! More soon.
  18. Ejedir

    Ejedir Jedi Youngling star 1

    Apr 16, 2000
    Thanks Jedi15, Happy Easter to you too!
  19. Ejedir

    Ejedir Jedi Youngling star 1

    Apr 16, 2000
    Sorry it's taking us so long to get our acts together. We'll have another part later today or early tomorrow(hopefully). It's hard to write a co-authored story over long distances. Thanks for being patient.
  20. Ejedir

    Ejedir Jedi Youngling star 1

    Apr 16, 2000
    I sent the next section to RogueJai for editing. Hopefully she'll send it back soon with the "Good to GO". Keep coming back and posting.

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  21. Jedi15

    Jedi15 Jedi Youngling star 4

    Nov 7, 1999
    I patiently await the next post.
  22. Ejedir

    Ejedir Jedi Youngling star 1

    Apr 16, 2000
    I have now read and posted on any fan-fics that people who've posted here have started. Jedi15, that Spam Wars one was great! I am really sorry it's taking so long-really, really, really, really sorry. Thanks for being patient.
  23. Ejedir

    Ejedir Jedi Youngling star 1

    Apr 16, 2000
    I've been looking back at the thread, and I noticed that I've posted way too much. I'll try to refrain from doing so in the future redface.gif
    Here it is, finally :

    Corran flew through the hatch of the simulator and immediately ran head on into his grandfather?s stomach. ?Oh, grandpa, uh, hi.?

    ?Corran,? Rostek Horn nodded down to him, ?That was a good shot.?

    ?Thank you sir,? Corran blushed a bright red. ?I?m sorry that I blew you up,? Rostek raised an eyebrow at this comment. ?Well, sort of.? Corran?s cheeks burned brighter.

    Rostek gathered his grandson up in a bear hug. ?Congratulations Corran.? He held him a moment longer then released him onto the floor. Rostek winked at him and walked out of the room passing the Sim Director Jono Dix on his way out. Dix saluted, and received a nod in return.

    After all six members of Corran?s group had exited their simulators, they proceeded to collapse on the benches surrounding the sims. Dix stepped in front of them and stared. ?Congratulations on your successful run. From this point forward you are not to talk of this run or how you accomplished it. Only twenty-four people, including you, know how to beat the Pacaba, and I want to keep it that way until the next group of egotistical pilots uses their brain enough to figure out how to do it themselves. Got it?? In answer, there were six bobbing heads. ?You also know that you are able to go on this run again if you?re doing it only with veteran pilots-meaning ones that have passed this run like yourselves. No one is allowed to do the Pacaba again with greenies. Only fly with people who have passed it. Understand?? The six were still nodding. ?Good, one more thing. One of the Uglies that Young Mister Horn here vaped was his grandfather, Rostek Horn, Director of CorSec. That shot was amazingly lucky-one in a million. So were some of the other shots out there. Good job all. Dismissed.? The six pilots got up and walked into the pilot ready room.

    ?Yes!? Tem jumped up and punched at something invisible, once the door had shut. ?Thank you Corran!?

    ?Yeah, good job man, that shot you pulled was a beauty,? Shawn slapped him on the back. Sara just smiled.

    ?Not bad, Corran, not bad at all. You?ll be a great asset to CorSec. Good luck. See ya around,? Andruw grinned and walked toward the door.

    ?Wait, Andruw.? The Corellian stopped mid-stride and turned to face Corran. ?Don?t you want to stay??

    ?Yeah! I say we celebrate! How ?bout some ryshcate?? Tem?s stomach growled at the thought.

    Corran thought about the times he?d had the dark brown sweetcake. It was usually reserved for anniversaries, birthdays, or other celebrations marking momentous occasions. ?This is definitely a momentous occasion,? he mumbled, then looked up at Tem, ?Yes, this is a celebration worthy of ryshcate.?

    ?Sounds good to me,? Sara grinned.

    Andruw gave them a sly look, ?And all pilots over the age of Corran get Whyren?s Reserve?
    ?Pilots under the age of Corran get water,? Shawn began to walk toward the door.

    ?And pilots named Corran, the age of Corran get nothing,? Tem followed Shawn.

    Corran growled playfully, ?Fine, but I get all the cake!? He shoved past the other four and ran in the direction of the mess hall.

    Corran stuffed some more ryshcate in his mouth, ?Been bo ba bored bet bosted??

    Sara grimaced, ?You may be an ace pilot Corran, but your etiquette and manners are still at ground zero.?

    He swallowed, ?Sorry. When do the scores get posted??

    Tem glanced over his shoulder, ?I?d say, about right now.? At the bottom of the screen the name HORN appeared, next to it Pacaba, and beside that 893/950. Tem whistled. ?Whoa man, that?s good.?

    Corran stared at the screen blankly, ?That?s better than my dad?s and grandpa?s scores!?

    ?What?? Sara looked up from her cake in surprise.

    ?The score, it?s better. My dad?s was 885, and my grandpa?s was 891.?

    Tem whistled again.

    Hal Horn walked up to the computer terminal in the hallway. He brought up the sim sco
  24. padawan lunetta

    padawan lunetta Jedi Grand Master star 6

    May 15, 1999
    This is awesome Ejedir!!!!! I LOVE Corran Horn!! He's my favorite character next to Lukie of course! I can just see his glaring face, "Don't call me kid." LOL!! Hehe post more soon K?
    (And BORME!!! Nice to see a familiar face! )
  25. Ejedir

    Ejedir Jedi Youngling star 1

    Apr 16, 2000
    Sorry, none today, two tomorrow.
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