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    Excerpt from the Philadelphia Inquirer
    August 9th edition

    Star Wars. It is the best!

    - Moses Cunningham, grade 2, Fort Washington Elementary School, Fort Washington

    Pumpkin pie! I love its sweet richness in my mouth. It has been around since the Pilgrims and Indians and the first Thanksgiving.

    - Anna Kesaris, grade 5, Lynnewood Elementary School, Havertown

    The willow tree in my backyard is still good because my dad didn't chop it down.

    - Melissa Schreffler, grade 3, Linwood Elementary School, Linwood It's obvious that young Moses will reach great heights, and acquire fame & fortune due to his brilliant mind.

    The other two will probably be licking the back window when they're riding on the short bus. 8-}
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.