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    From the last book as stated by Wiki... Last of Jedi Spoilers

    Ferus seemed to give up everything after Roan had died. Even life itself. He knew he would be executed; however, the Emperor showed up unsurprisingly and offered to halt the execution. He offered Ferus his teachings, ones that could control life and death. After catching Ferus' attention, Palpatine consented to Ferus' agreement which was secretly made to kill Darth Vader and avenge Roan's death.

    "I'm ready to learn."
    â??Ferus Olin

    So it could be possible.

    I can see it now the all powerful Olin is about to destroy the Emperor and Vader, then a voice comes out of no where. I don't think so...Olin looks and it is Obi-wan. He stops Ferus and explains his plans to him involving Luke so Ferus will not fall to the darkside. They leave the Emperor and Vader alive.

    Later Obi-wan is comminucating with Yoda all proud of stoping a Jedi from fallign to the Darkside. Yoda listens and replies
    "Screwed up again, you have"
    Obi-wan realizing nothing that has happened in the last 10 years makes sense..."Oh Crap"
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    About Ferus and the latest developments: It seems more like he's gonna be Palpatine's secret apprentice rather than Vader's. And Vader wouldn't really want to have him around, would he? Maybe as the lesser evil so that he can rid of Palpatine, but as I said, the story itself goes into the other direction.
    Maybe Vader mentions him in the TFU novel, justifying his own betrayal of Palpatine who wanted to have a secret apprentice himself...?
    Plus, I don't think Palpatine is honest. He's just messing with Vader, driving him more and more into anger.

    I rather doubt that it'll be a known character. Maybe they just found a name that they think will be a massive hit and want to hype it - something like "Yeah!!! Dig this: Vader's Secret Apprentizz izz... KANE STARKLILLAH!"

    Thinking about it, which characters were created by Blackman?
    As for non-Blackman characters, Rostu just isn't likely. What about... Hett? :eek: [face_laugh]
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    Blackman characters, huh?

    The Secret Apprentice is Silas!
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