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Star Wars The Forces of Light

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by Rainbow Knight Star, Apr 30, 2008.

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  1. The_Bubonic_Force

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    Nov 13, 2008

    Name: Cas-Jo Brral

    Alias: N/A

    Rank: Jedi Knight

    Age: 30 years old

    Species: Cas-Jo Brral is a Human

    Gender: Male

    Homeworld: Coruscant

    Force Sensitive: Yes

    Appearance- Brral looks like the type of man who would smuggle death sticks, but appearances can be deceiving. He has an extremely slender build, and has bags under his eyes, note that this feature is only hereditary, he does not sleep late nor does he use any drugs of the sort. His face is matured, and he seems older than he really is.

    Height: 5'8

    Weight: 135 lbs

    Build: Brral is lean and muscular, though his muscle mass would be hard to notice if he had a few extra pounds on him.

    Hair: Brral's hair sticks up in spikes, and is naturally shiny black, with a reddish tint.

    Eyes: Hazzle-brown

    Skin: His skin is would be light if it weren't so tanned.

    Markings: N/A

    Clothing: Brral dresses himself in a standard Jedi Robe.

    Weapon(s): Single bladed lightsaber.

    Personal Ship: N/A

    Lightsaber Description: It is a standard one sided blade.

    Hilt: Curved Cylindrical Hilt much like Count Dooku's lightsaber hilt.

    Blade color: Brrall wields a "compressed" blue Kaiburr crystal, much like Obi-Wan's from A New Hope, it has a white glow, but if you look carefully you can see shades of blue.

    Fighting form: Brral is practiced in [link=]Fast Style[/link] lightsaber combat, and is hard to keep up with.

    Character Bio: Cas-Jo Brral was accepted into the Jedi order at the age of 5. He had comedic traits in his youth, not a good since of humor, but a silly one. Though through the years of social interaction within the order, he adapted to be clever as opposed to silly. Brral grew to be stern and strong in his later years. Brral became an exceptional athlete, and a serious devotion to the ways of the force was drilled into him. Brral has proven his potential to the Jedi.
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    Apr 18, 2005
    IC: MasterJoy----Jedi Academy Interior----MasterJoy's Chambers

    MasterJoy had just sat down at her desk to write down a few notes for her speech that she was going to make at the assembly, when she heard a knock at her door. The Jedi leader sighed deeply. She did not like being interupted during important work like assembly speech preparations. Laying her pin down, she called, "You may enter." She hoped it wasn't someone just wanting to chat. The meeting was soon, and the Grand Master wanted to get to the temple before the others.
    MasterJoy wondered what this person could want, and why couldn't the matter wait until after the assembly, or even tomorrow. What was so important?

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    May 15, 2008
    OOC: I am still working on the Sith but I should have it pm'ed soon I am in the middle of midterms so Darth RL is messing me up.


    Master Joed stepped through he was still slighlty sweaty. "Master I have received a vision. It seems that an iminent danger is hanging around us."

    Joed took a deep breath and pushed his black hair back. "In old Jedi Lore during the Old Republic a Jedi Master fell to the Dark Side and became the Dark Lord of the Sith. Master his name was Faust. He called himself Lord Faust. He was soon put into stasis but I have reasonable evidence that he just escaped!"

    Joed sighed slowly. "There is an imminent danger and I sensed pain and suffering I need to know what we should do. Please do not doubt me on this I know it for a fact!"

    Tag Joy
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    Apr 18, 2005
    IC: MasterJoy

    The Grand Master felt a cold chill run down her back as the young Jedi told of his vision. She could sense that he was indeed telling the truth. That was all the order needed; a Sith, and a Sith Lord no less. The academy had seen so much change, and there were few of them there at the moment. If they ever needed to trust and believe in the power of the Light Side of the Force, it could very well be right now. Focusing her eyes on the Jedi Master, she asked, "What else can you tell me?....I want to know everything....We must prepare ourselves for his arrival to this Jedi academy."

    The Jedi leader leaned back in her chair, and waited for him to speak.

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    May 15, 2008

    "I dunno boss. He said it was real important y'know?" The bounty hunter spoke in his comm as he picked through the debris of the abandoned space stations. He and his crew were all heavily armed and scanned the anciet thing with there D-C blasters constantly.

    "Yes sir!" Dez closed the transmission. He had been given orders to salvage anything neccessary from this junk space. This space station dubbed. "Old Faithful" had been discovered in an asteroid and debris field 12 parsecs away from Hoth. They had been ordered to salvage anythign fo value.

    Dez trotted through the hallway. There had been old rumors that a Force User had been trapped in some sort of containment field Hundreds of Years ago. They had dismissed it as hodge podge but Dez had a bad feeling in his bones that he couldn't shake.

    Soon they approached a room. Dez motioned towards the door. His fellow hunter Rax opened it. The 15 soldiers weren't prepared for what they saw. The room was large however there were 4 cylindrical objects all around the room. Blue electrical lights crisscrossed the room. It looked fasicanting. Then there was the center. The lights met each other in the center and seem to connect together. In the middle of it was a man.

    He wore a strange armor and had a tatoo on his forehead along with others along his jawline. His arms were spread beside him a small cylindrical object spun quickly just out of reach of his hand,

    "Uh Dez? What do we do?" Rojo a fellow Hunter said nervously.

    Dez let out a rather harsh laugh. "It seems to be some kind of ancient storage device we just shut it down of course and see what comes of it!"

    Dez walked to a nearby wall. It was covered in what appeared to be grime and blood. It had created a somewhat sticky wal over a console. Dez shoved his gloved hand through it with easy and broke it apart. The computer console was old and outdated with a keyboard. Dez hit the keyboard a few times. The ancient computer whirled and clicked.

    Dez smiled grimly and hit a button. Then it happened. The large power cylinders whirled and began to rotate faster and faster making a loud humming, jarring noise. Dez jumped backwards holding his blaster training it at the figure. Rina the a human female bounty hunter looked up in amazement as the lights expanded then exploded outwards. Everyone ducked for cover.

    The electric stasis field blew apart. The light flew outwards as everyone ducked. The energy dissipated harmlessly against the walls. For a few moments everyone was stunned then they awoke.

    The man lay there unconciouss. His hair billowed out beneath him. His eyes were closed the cylindrical object a few yards from his outstretched hand. Rina ran to him and felt his pulse. "He has a weak one but he's alive."

    "Get away from him!" Dez suddenly yelled pulling out his blaster. "I don't have a good feeling about this!"

    Then the man stirred his eyes opened. Rina gasped slightly as he slowly sat up then his eyes turned yellow. He turned to her and his face contorted into a look of rage and anger. The man's hand suddenly whipped up he punched Rina through the stomach. His hand ripped through her entire body. His fist popped out from her back.

    Rina made a gurgling noise as blood dripped from her mouth she coughed and slipped off his arm and stumbled backwards. The man then stood up and grabbed her and squeezed her neck as he pushed her head to the side slowly with a sudden snap her neck broke. Rina's eyes went blank as the man dropped her to the ground. Dead.

    "Where am I." The man looked up at Dez. Dez whipped up his blaster to his shoulder. The man merely guestered and his blaster flew across the room and clattered to the floor meters away.

    "I-" The man stumbled backwards in amazement then it all came back to him. Memories flooded his mind. He remembered. The Jedi! He had been fighting 4 High Council Members, he had managed to kill them but the last one before he died had put him in this space station in the Containment Field!

    The man drew himself to his full height. He still
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    May 15, 2008


    Joed sighed and pushed his hair back. "I sensed alot of pain and suffering. There was a ripple no shockwave in the Force. IT felt as if alot of pent up energy was released. Someone a master of the Dark Side has been reawakened. I used the Force and managed to track the source of the explosion to the Hoth System. The best thing we can do is either the explore the situation or just sit tight. Before I came here I searched through the archives of instances surrounding the Dark Side and the Hoth System."

    Joed reached through his pocket and pulled out a holo disc. "What I found stopped me cold the only reason I was able to find this information was because I am a Jedi Master and I am the Chief Archive Master."

    Joed handed the disc to Joy and sat down in a nearby chair. "600 years ago a Jedi Master who craved knowledge of the Dark Side fell. He emerged as a Dark Lord of the Sith. He was quite successful. He rallied worlds and organizations against the Jedi. He nearly defeated them but after the Battle of Raxus Prime he was cornered into a space station. He barely managed to force it into hyperspace. While he did he engaged four High Council Members one of them the Grand Master of that time. They fought long and hard and he managed to slay them but before one died he managed to force Faust into a Containment Field room. That is when Faust dealt the killing blow. However before the Grand Master died he managed to wound Faust badly and trap him in the Containment Field. The combination of being trapped, and the deadly wound forced Faust into shock. Within a few hours he used the Force to put himself into a coma where he stopped his bodily functions. Somehow Faust has been reawakened and doing so released the Dark Side power he used to keep himself alive. There is more information about Faust in this disc. Apparently he was a master of all forms of lightsaber combat and studied all many Sith arts. Leading him to be one of the Greatest Dark Lords alive."

    Tag Joy
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    Apr 18, 2005
    IC: MasterJoy

    MasterJoy was shocked at this information. With a trembling hand, she took the disk from the Jedi Master. Placing it on her desk, She began to think about the present position of the Forces of Light Jedi Order. Were they ready for such a challenge? The answer was yes. With the Light Side of the Force as their ally, they could do anything. The Sith had lost many battles in the past, and they would lose again, even if some on the side of the light died during the fight.

    Noticing the time, she looked seriously at her fellow Jedi.
    "I thank you for this information, and for the holo disk....Do not tell anyone else what you have revealed to me here....I know the rest of the order must be aware of these things, but the Assembly must meet and discuss them in private first....After that, the others will be told in another gathering....I will announce an emergency Assembly meeting to be held immediately after the Jedi gathering....Jedi Knights and above will be ordered to attend....We will solve this problem, my friend, and the Jedi will win this battle....The Force is with us."

    The Grand Master motioned for him to leave. The time for the assembly of the order was very close, and MasterJoy needed to ad a few more notes to the ones that she had written down, as well as wash and change. This gloomy matter could wait a little while longer. MasterJoy wanted this first assembly to be a pleasant one.

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    Jun 1, 2006
    IC: Kael

    He had moved behind her and silently as he put his hands on her shoulders and spoke softly. "You know, you really should get someone's permission before you contact them through a mind link. " he said as he had spent the last few months meditating on a lot of things, his 'master' was busy and he understood that. He didn't figure that she would be around all the time like his prior master.

    He removed his hands from her shoulders and walked infront of her. He had a long dark robe that hide away his face as he began to look from beneath it. He knelt down before her and almost in a flash of past events. "What is it you wish of me my master?" he said as he bowed his head to her in submission, it was not like him at all.

    He raised his head slightly with a smirk on his face as he threw the cloak hood back and looked towards her and stood. "I trust you didn't interupt my very important meditation session that I've been having, as next it would have been the study in the library about the Twi'Lek's they are starting to become a facination of mine. Specifically one Jedi who was of that race. "

    Kael's hand rose and ruffled his hair as he sat down in a meditation like way, He didn't really see the use of chairs, if you have a floor then it's perfectly fine to sit on that, it's not like anything bad will happen.

    "I would trust that after all this time I hope that you are atleast ready to do something with me, Joy." He had dropped her title from her name, perhaps to see what her reaction was, perhaps he had lost some respect for her. He was a mystery that one is for sure.

    Tag: MasterJoy
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    Sep 25, 2008
    IC: Darth Sasha
    Yavin 4

    She moved all night with great caution and with a steady pace. Darth Sasha had traveled many miles and now was settling down for a small but quick rest. She was at least one day from the Jedi Temple and needed too get some rest. "You never know who may come upon you."

    As she slept she could sense a disturbance somewhere, that brought a sleepy smile to her face. Death and destruction was the theme, and pain and tears was the background.

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    May 15, 2008

    Joed sighed as he left the room. He would research. The best thing for him to do right now. Joed quickly changed into some loose fitting Jedi Robes. He walked to the library and accessed it with ease. He was the head Archive Master meaning that he had access to information that even fellow Assembly Masters could not reach. He needed information soon.

    Joed sat down in a nearby hover chair and sighed meditating with the Force. He picked up a holo book about Sith Lore and abilities. He slowly scanned the pages from what he understood Faust had mastered most of the abilities in this book he had even written several holo books regarding Sith Mastery techniques!

    Soon time was up. Joed stood up and placed the holo book down and cleansed himself of dark feelings. He had to appear reserved as he normally did at the Assembly. He turned and started to walk towards it's location.



    Faust sat in a meditative pose. He had found more bounty hunters in the ship they had come from he had taken care of them easily. He had merely overrided there bodies with fear with a mere twitch of thought. They now lay scattered across the ship screaming and twitching horribly.

    Faust had merely tapped into a nearby datapad and had realized all that had happened in the 600 years that he had disappeared. Faust was mildly irritated he had so much WORK to do. His first priority was seduction and the taking on of an apprentice.

    He knew that the Empire had a history with the Sith and that if he played the card right that they would follow him. Faust stood up and stretched. He quickly disposed of the bodies and activated the ship slowly he piloted it out of the hangar. After he did he turned to the space station. He called on the Force and used an ancient force skill known as Force Orbit.

    He gripped the space station and hurled it downwards. The space station was soon caught in the Orbit of Hoth and was pulled down towards the icy planet. Faust watched with mild amusement. He felt the beings that he had tortured become released from there mental bonds. He felt them scream in horror and pain as they finally slammed into Hoth.

    Faust turned and walked back to the controls. He activated the hyperspace route. There was a sith sanctuary in orbit with Korriban. Ancient technology had allowed it to stay hidden. Faust sighed as the ship landed. He would have to get a more suitable ship.

    Faust walked straight towards the holo chambers. He would contact the Imperials and motivate them towards his cause. After he did this he would search long and HARD for an Apprentice. A suitable one.

    Faust stepped in the Chambers and insured that his face was hidden. He searched through the databanks with the most secure and direct comm. Link straight to the Leader?s chambers. From what Faust had gathered a new Grand Admiral by the name of Jax Pavin had come to power. He was young and considered charismatic.

    Faust decided to speak with him he hoped to shape this young man and influence him to his side. Faust activated the comm. Link and within an hour had Jax Pavin at the line.

    ?What? Who are you!? Jax was muscular and tall with brown hair and a beard he had an intimidating figure.
    ?A friend someone who can help you.? Faust bowed slightly. ?I have a proposition that can replace the Empire at it?s glory.?

    ?Why should I trust you?? Jax said confused. He sent a message to his Communications Officer to trace the message. ?How did you get this comm.??

    ? That is not of importance. You can help me and I can help you. My price is rather large but the satisfaction is priceless.? Faust straightened himself up and ?By the way tracing this message would be useless I suggest that you hear me out before you try anything silly.?

    ?Fine then what do you want?? Jax managed to keep his surprise and fear under a stoic mask. Where had the fear come from?

    ?Simply do what I ask. You will achieve true power doing so. Many people have. If you do not trust me than how about a deal. There is a Pirate summit between Rax Juungava an
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    May 15, 2008
    (bump, where's the gm?)
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    Sep 25, 2008
    ATTENTION:prj1 or Master Joy is having JC troubles. For some reason her computer will not allow her to get back here. With her help and the help of others, I am hoping she will be back soon. So please bare with her, and hopefully she will be back on soon.

    As Co-Gm, I will try to post something for the Jedi group. Although, it would be helpfull to continue to post as you were, and I will try to keep you all busy with some tasks and such per you rank.

    (If you do have questions for her only, here is the link to her site. [link=][/link]) Or if you have her E-Mail address send them there. I will keep you all on track.

    (Sorry for that post, but she loves off we go.)

    IC: Darth Sasha
    Yavin 4

    As she woke in the morning, she took her surrounding in, at a glance. The bright and dull greens, filled with the sounds of living things brought tears of disgust to her face. She actually hated this place to the core of her being, and now she was here of all places. After eating something some and nurishing, she repacked everything and and headed out again. However something nagged at her during her treck through the woods. What cuased that disturbance last night in the force, and who? She was surely tempted to turn around to her ship and go search for this...person? Though, her mission was more important than that, at the moment. Her plans, were going to get rid of the trouble some Jedi, once and for all.

    TAG: windu4

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    May 15, 2008

    Faust sucked in air. Yavin 4. Normally Faust would beckon but he knew that there was work to be done. There was a dark side nexus of energy there and Faust was willing to bet that there was a dark side there. After aquiring a new ship he took off.

    A few hours later Faust arrived in Yavin 4 after landing and hiding his ship he stepped into the jungle and sent out a telepathic wave of energy.

    "I know you are here." He hissed.

    Tag sasha
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    Sep 25, 2008
    [hl=black]CO-GM and[/hl] [hl=yellow]GM APPROVED[/hl]

    Name: Master Sinig (Sing)
    Alias: Dark Lightening
    Rank: Master
    Age: 68
    Species: Human
    Gender: Male
    Homeworld: Onderon.
    Force Sensitive: Yes

    Height: 7'
    Weight: 200
    Build: Master Sinig is a person you would not look at twice, except his heigth. He is muscled, but a person could not tell for his frame hides it well.
    Hair: His hair is a dark brown with a streak of grey in it.
    Eyes: Light blue
    Skin: Slightly pale
    Markings: old saber scars across back
    Clothing: He wears the traditional robes of a Jedi.

    Weapon(s): None
    Personal Ship:
    Name: Stars Day
    Class and Title: Quasar Fire-class bulk cruiser
    Stars Day has been retro fitted to house and train new apprentices to a point that they are able to begain their training once they are back at the Jedi Temple. There are no weapons on the ship of any kind. It is called by few The Holder.

    Lightsaber Description:
    Blade color:
    Fighting form: Force combat and Battle Meditation

    Character bio:
    Master Sinig was born on Onderon with loving parents who was given the chance to test their only child. He barely made the grade, but was giving the chance to be trained with the other younglings. It turned out he was a late bloomer. Though he never took up the lightsaber, he excelled in force mepilations, which helped him pass all of his tests.

    He has fought many Sith, not in one on one, but his force abilities, gave the others a chance to win in battle. Now he travels the galaxy under different names, seeking out new and other promising people with the force. His tall statue has caused many problems with that mission, but he is able to "persuade" others to forget him in a few minutes.

    Now he was called to the temple to take over, while the Grand Master is out.
    IC: Master Sinig
    Over Corusant

    He had recieved a message from Grand Master Joy, some time ago that he was needed back at the Temple. However, she must have forgotten that he hated, well not really hated, but he did not like being there. Though he went anyway for he was needed. He now was piloting his personal shuttle to the Temple, and he sighed as he came into view of it. The grand struture was breath taken. "Why do I do this to myself, every time I think about it." As he brought the shuttle in, he sent a message to every Jedi Master and apprentice that was on the list, except Apprentice Lydia, for some reason the Grand Master took her too.

    He was an imposing figure to say the least, being seven feet tall, he stood head and shoulders above everyone else mostly. Few challenged him, but asked forgivness when he told then who he was. For it was he who brought some here to be trained and he congratulated them, seeing that they were doing fine in their studies. However he was here on business and left very soon after. Master Sinig did not stop at his quarters nor did he stop to eat anything, straight to the Council Hall he went. Many were there, but he would wait till all were in attendence for this meeting. He had updates, and tasks for everyone, including himself.

    He felt in the force few days earlier that darkness was coming, and he felt Grand Master Joy was too nice too her other Masters. He was here to improve them some more.

    IC: Darth Sasha
    Yavin 4

    "I know you are here."

    She stopped in her tracks, and turned. Anger spread through her vains like wild fire. She was here on a mission to do one thing, and one thing only, too get a count. Now, someone was impedding on that. Not caring where she was, and who was around, she spoke angerly to the empty air. "What do you want infidal, if you are here to bother me, speak so I can move on. If you..." she searched the force and found power there. "If you want to say something to me, show yourself and be done with it."

    Now she wait
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    Sep 25, 2008
    We are moving the Forces of Light, Jedi Order, to her offsite. If you wish to play or continue, please check out prj1's sig. There you find a link to it.

    Thanks for playing and hope to see you there. jedi_killeroak/Darth Cadaverous

    "Forces of Light Jedi Order" thread that we are starting an RPG over here.
    Look in my posts for a link, or the "Fan Activities" category, "Websites" forum.
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    Apr 18, 2005
    [GM POST]


    Greetings, Co GM and players.
    I have finally returned. Let me clear up some things for all of you.

    1. The game is still on over here. We are not moving anywhere. we will continue to play in this thread.

    2. The assembly is about to take place, so I hope to have a post up tomorrow or Wednesday at the latest. Please continue with the other situations.

    3. I will be bringing some changes to this game very soon. I must discuss them with my Co GM first.

    4. A huge thank you to Darth Cadaverous aka Jedi_killeroak for looking after things for me.

    Let the fun continue!

    Thank you.

  17. Darth_Cadaverous

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    Sep 25, 2008

    Name: Jinn Cleuw (Clue)
    Alias: None
    Rank: Initiate.
    Age: 15
    Species: Human
    Gender: Female
    Home world: Ruusan
    Force Sensitive: Yes

    Height: 4? 3?
    Weight: 89
    Build: Medium build with some muscle tone.
    Hair: Dark Brown
    Eyes: Blind
    Skin: Lightly tan
    Markings: Scratches, and old sores
    Clothing: Rags
    Weapon(s): Staff (Wood, Very hard, mainly used for walking)

    Personal Ship: None
    Light saber Description: (If applicable)
    No pics, please. Written descriptions only.
    Hilt: None
    Blade color: None

    Fighting form: Street Fighting (Dirty)

    Character bio: Jinn was born on Ruusan, and he was born blind, but not to the force. His parents were simple people, and lived very simple. As he turned five, his father help him learn some basic things to do, as in help around the house. It was the bare basics, and he tried his best to do what he could do, to help. As he grew older, his father bought him a ?walking stick?, so he could go out alone if he wanted to.

    He had problems like all children, but he knew that his blindness was not what made him special. He did not know what, but he could ?sense? things before they happened, or control other animals, since he lived on a farm. His father was sad for his boy, he tried to spend time with him, but life on Ruusan was very hard and difficult. Therefore, he started to look for people who might and could help his boy find a life, best suited for him.

    His wife was mad about his decision but she understood, about a month later, his father came across a spacer that knew of such a place. After hiring several men to watch his farm, he and his son, took off for Master Joy?s Jedi Order.

    JEDI_KNIGHT_FRAZ Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jun 18, 2005
    GM Approved

    Character Bio

    Name: Dermathos
    Rank: Padawan Learner
    Age: 24
    Gender: Male
    Species: Spartan
    Home world: Sparta Prime
    Appearance: In line with his Spartan genetics he is tall and powerfully built with long black hair.
    Height: 6ft 2?
    Weight: 15 stone
    Build: Powerfully built, ripped body
    Hair: Shoulder length black hair
    Eyes: Piercing blue steel
    Skin: Fair with a slight tan
    Markings: Scar running along and up his jaw line, lash marks on his back
    Clothing: A simple tunic, boots and a flowing red cape

    Lightsabre Description:
    Hilt: The sword shaped hilt is to honour his background
    Blade Color: Blue steel to match his eyes

    Other Weapons: (if Any) None

    Brief character bio: Born to a warrior world, Dermathos was trained to fight from the moment he could walk, trained to feel no fear and show no mercy, it was his worlds customs, to create the finest soldiers in the galaxy. Discovered by the Jedi he was offered to be trained within the walls of the Temple, believing this would make him a grater warrior Dermathos accepted. He discovered Jedi training to be just as tough as that of his home world although in a much different way. The Jedi training calmed him although he kept the ethos of his home planet his Jedi training kept his temper in check. He was considered a formidable bladesman and all round warrior.

  19. Rainbow Knight Star

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    Apr 18, 2005
    [GM POST]


    I just want the players to understand what is going to be happening here.

    MasterJoy and Lydia Loras are away from the Jedi academy on an exploration mission of the planet Yavin IV, and the Sub Grand Master will be in charge while MasterJoy is gone.
    At some point on Yavin IV, Darth_Sasha and the two Jedi will encounter each other.
    If Chanbill5390 chooses to meet MasterJoy and Lydia on Yavin IV, that is perfectly acceptable.

    Please, continue with all other situations in this game.
    I am working on an IC post, but RL is in the way right now.

    Thank you. Let the fun continue!

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    Sep 25, 2008
    IC: Master Sinig
    Jedi Temple

    The old master looked at the noisey auditorium and only sighed. "No wonder the Grand Master had to leave." Masters were talking to each other, while apprentices ran to and fro. Paired Masters and Knights were not sitting with their padawans or anything. "Well, it is pass due on getting this meeting moving." With only one word, the room became silent like a tomb and they stared at him with some disdain.

    "Hello fellow Jedi, I am Master Sinig, I will be taking over Master Joy's spot till she gets back from her trip. Now, I know, well I can see from what it took to get this meeting started, things are ran pretty loose around here." He took a step from behind the box, and stepped forward to show off his very tall frame. "Now, from now on, things will be different. I would like all unpaired apprentices come to the front and sit. Those that are taking those seats are not one of them, will need to stand and get out of the way." He watched many of the Masters stand up and walked to the side. Master Sinig only smiled. As the last student sat, he begain again. "Now, paired Knights behing them, and paired Masters behing them. However, this time it will be done quitely." His voice was stern and quite.

    As the last pair sat, he nodded his head before he spoke. "Good, now the Knights, behind them, and the Masters in the last rows." He waited till everyone was seated and quite. "All I ask is you sit in the same rows you are in now, please. Now, let us begain. Like I said before, I am Master Sinig, you do not know for I very rarely come to the temple. I travel the galaxy looking for more students. However Grand Master Joy has left me in charge, so yesterday I sent all Knights and Masters a coded message. I can tell by your faces that you could not open it, yes I know that. I did that so you could not get ahead of this meeting and have an accuse for not being here."

    Taking a long step to the right he started to walk the apron holding a data pad in his left hand. "After the meeting I will send the code that will unlock the message, which describes your mission. Each of you will have some time to travel and seek out that information on your own, with your padawan. Those without a apprentice will meet me in two hours by the fountain for a special meeting. There will be some rule changes so I do not cut you down for making so much noise here." He smiled at the very small joke, and saw some relief come back in the apprentices. "Well there is nothing else to do, but get going. We have missions and meetings to attend to, so let us get going and May the Force be with you all." With that, he pressed the release button to the code and beeping sounds could be heard through out the room.

    "Apprentices, without a Master, please wait till everyone has left." It took a little while, but after everyone had vacated the room leaving the nervous apprentices, he stared at each one in turn. "I need you all put your name on the list, so I can have an correct count and names. By the end of this week, each one of you will have a Master." Looking to his right, he called his droid. "Nuum, please take their names and count them to make sure you have everyone this time. I would hate to leave you here for Grand Master Joy to dismatle if you lost one of her children. When you are named and counted, you may return to your room studies." With that finil word, he turned and left, leaving the droid to do the work.

    He had a bad feeling that things were going to get rough soon.

  21. Rainbow Knight Star

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    Apr 18, 2005
    IC: MasterJoy----The Guardian200----Night

    MasterJoy watched the screen display of her ship, but no red dots, which represented enemies were visible. Reaching out with the Force, she felt nothing, so the Grand Master decided to just remain alert anyway. She knew that those of the Dark Side could mask their presence from other beings, so she must be ready for anything.

    MasterJoy told Padawan Lydia that they were going on an exploration mission, but that was not entirely true. The Jedi leader had a terrible gut feeling that something was happening, or about to happen on Yavin IV, and she felt that she should be there.
    MasterJoy had no idea who or what she would find, but her trust was in the Force for the protection of Lydia and herself. Though she carried her blaster and lightsaber, MasterJoy knew that her true weapon of defense was the Force. The cheerful expression never left her face as she continued toward their destination.

    TAG: Anyone

    IC:Lydia Loras----Inside the Guardian200----Night

    Lydia was honored that MasterJoy had asked her to come with her to explore Yavin IV, but she was sad too. The young child wished that Master Kirido were with them. She remembered their first training session, and how much fun she had. "I wonder of Master Yoda ever watches me," she thought, smiling. Looking over at MasterJoy, she asked, "MasterJoy, will Master Kirido join us on Yavin IV?"

    TAG: MasterJoy, anyone

    IC: MasterJoy

    The Jedi Master looked at the child with kindness in her eyes, still smiling. "I don't know, Lydia," she replied....I invited him to join us there, but whether or not he does is his decision....The same for Padawan Kael."

    MasterJoy hoped that they would both come. Time would only tell, she guessed.

    TAG:Kael, Kirido, Jedi, others
  22. Darth_Cadaverous

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    Sep 25, 2008
    Yavin 4

    She waited for a long time for an answer from who ever was trying to talk to her, but there was no reply. She turned and felt a new presence somewhere on the planet. Shaking her head, and now she knew there were Jedi here, for there was a presence. Gathering her things, she started off in the direction of those feelings.

    The presence she felt, she could not go straight to them for it was not very clear to her. She spent the rest of the day jogging north, by night fall, she set about unpacking a few things, and damping her force presence to everything so if someone comes upon her would not feel the dark side in her.

    TAG: prj1
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    IC: MasterJoy----Yavin IV Jungle----Night

    MasterJoy set the ship down in the jungle of Yavin IV. Lydia was asleep, so she did not want to go very far from the ship, but the Jedi leader wanted to explore a bit.
    MasterJoy could feel a faint dark presence. She could not tell just where it was, but she knew that a Dark Sider was on the planet.

    Walking a few feet from the Guardian200, MasterJoy kept her hand on her lightsaber, and remained alert.
    Then, the Grand Master heard a noise behind her. Slowly turning to face its direction, she listened and watched.

    TAG: Anyone

    IC: Lydia Loras

    Lydia awoke to find MasterJoy gon, so she used her connection with the Force to locate the Grand Master.
    Seeing that MasterJoy had a hand on the hilt of her lightsaber, Lydia did not want to frighten her. Slowly, the child walked toward the Jedi leader, smiling.
    "Hello, Master....I did not want to stay in the ship alone, so I found you through the Force, and well, here I am."

    TAG: Anyone

    IC: MasterJoy:

    Good work, young one....Your master would be proud of you."
    The Jedi Master reached into her robe, and pulled out a green-bladed lightsaber with a black hilt. It had two white buttons for activating and deactivating the weapon.
    She held it out to Lydia, speaking calmly, but seriously, but still smiling as she looked at the girl.
    "This is not a training lightsaber, Lydia....I am allowing you to use this weapon to protect yourself, so be mindful of its power....Whether or not you get to keep the lightsaber to train with will be determined by your actions on this mission....If you prove that you can use the lightsaber wisely, and in a responsible manner, then, you may keep it....If not, I will ask you to return it to me when this mission is completed."


    IC: Lydia Loras

    Lydia took the lightsaber and clipped it on her belt. "Thank you, MasterJoy....I will do my very best not to disappoint you."
    The child felt humbled by the Grand Master's trust in her. She wondered what Master Kirido would say if he were here. He probably would never trust her with a real lightsaber; not ever.
    The young Padawan wished her master were there with her. She missed him very much.

    TAG: Cadaverous, anyone
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    [hl=burlywood]St. Edit: This post deleted at author's request.[/hl]
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    Name: Jekula

    Rank: Apprentice

    Age: 18

    Species: Dug

    Gender: Male

    Homeworld : Malastare

    Force Sensitive: Yes
    Force Powers: Force Speed, Force Pull/Push, Force Jump/Leap, Force Sense, Force Concealment.


    Height: 1 metre (when standing on arms)

    Weight: 40kg

    Build: Slender, agile yet strong.

    Hair: Wispy jet black hair that are tied into two braids that hang down from the bask of his head.

    Eyes: Bright Red like the planet Mustafar.

    Skin: Coarse and wrinkled by the sun, quite tanned yet always looks dirty.

    Markings: Scars all over his arms from fights, a severe burn to his neck in the shape of a crescent moon.

    Clothing: Standard Dug clothing, dirty oily black cloak and dungrees, tanned boots, often wears gold bands on his hands and feet.

    Weapon(s): Imperial Heavy Repeater - personal slugthrower

    Lightsaber Description: None

    Character bio: Born and raised on Malastare Jekula was an outsider from the beginning of his life. His father had abandoned him and his mother at a very early age and so they were left to fend for themselves, as he grew up he became used to being alone and felt more comfortable on his own. He also developed an unusual characteristic for a Dug. He began to walk on his feet. Other Dugs saw this as unusal and he was often persecuted for it, yet it offered him the ability to hold things in his hands which he often practised. He often got into fights with other Dugs in his village and after the death of his mother and a fight in which a lightsaber left him with a crescent shaped burn on his neck he became very bitter. This bitterness manifested itself often in forms of violence and sadism. He would capture small animals and torture them for pleasure. Then he found the Dark Side. One day he saw a Sith Master enter his village and slay a few of his old enemys, he watched this outstanding man in amazment and vowed that he should turn his anger and bitterness to power and glory, and overcome those that mocked him.

    "What is your name?" Jekula asked.

    "Darth Cadaverous," the overwhelming figure hissed.

    Jekula knew from that moment on that he wanted to follow in this mans footsteps and succumb to the deadly power of the Dark Side...

    IC: Jekula was a bit appprehensive of this character 'Dark Sun' yet he would give anthing to get off this planet and he saw Darth Cadaverous as his only hope to do so. He would become as powerful as that Great Sith Lord yet as he felt the power of the force growing inside him, a tremor of fear rippled through his bones.

    And as he followed this obviously hate-filled woman Dark Sun he thought to himself..
    Something feels wrong,...

    TAG: Darth_Cadaverous, anyone....
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