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  1. Sir_Draco

    Sir_Draco Jedi Knight star 4

    Aug 19, 2007

    "Yes, my dear Padawan. Enter. Enter. How long has this been? A century, maybe?"

    "A decade or two at best, Master. How are you?"

    "I am fine, my son. I am fine. But you are not here for pleasantries and hospitality and our time is short, is it?"

    "I am afraid it is, yes Master. I am surprised to see you here at all."

    "Yes, you are. A failure of the student always is the failure of his Master, is it?"

    "I know you do not mean it as an insult."

    "A sad realisation, probably. So ask."

    "The Chosen One."

    "What about him?"

    "You believe he exists? Still? If so, would it not be The One? Our great leader?"

    "Our great leader."


    "Yes, yes, I knew you would ask about the Chosen One. And yes, I believe he exists and he exists very far away from The One and your Potentium radicals. Or maybe not. I guess you find him where you do least expect him to, right? A Chosen One."

    "Master, the age blinds you. Obviously. Hope . . . is a powerful emotion, but just a treacherous as fear, somtimes. Your need for this war to end . . ."

    "You should not speak of something you do not understand, my son. You have abandoned hope a long time ago to celebrate an eternal war. But hope is a flame and a flame produces light and you know something about light, my son? No matter how much darkness surrounds it, it still shines and leads the way."

    "Master. I . . ."

    "It is okay. You should open the doors now. You will come to understand my words. But not too soon. Now we kept your friends from the Jedi Inquisition long enough waiting. I think it is time to allow them to enter."

    "They won´t harm you, I made sure . . ."

    "They will try to harm me, my son. They will. But there is not death, only the force. And you and your friends . . . you have forgotten that."


    The prophecy foretold The Eternal War for centuries. Yet, those prophecies had been forgotten, had been ignored for many centuries. Until the war came.

    It all began as it always began. With a Sith Uprising, this time deep inside the Tion Hegemony. Soon it spread, alliances were forged with the Hutts and the Sith space of old returned to the control of it´s old Masters. The Republic, this one was the Third Republic, but who counted anymore, reacted. Fleets were constructed, Jedi were appointed Generals, Admirals and leaders. The state of emergency soon put the Third Republic under the wise and vigilant control of the Protectorate, the military arm of the Jedi, strengthened through the upcoming war.

    And then the two ancient enemies clashed. Fueled by technology of this new age and the perfection of both philosophies it was a clash unlike any before. Systems burned, worlds died and yet . . . they both prevailed. They grew stronger, they grew in numbers and strength. And once recovered, they clashed again and again until the galaxy was bathed in the fire of their unending war.

    It is the year 600 ABY.

    And the people of the galaxy begin to understand, this is a war meant to last forever . . .


    Star Wars - The Forever War


    These are dangerous and confusing times. These are dark days.

    The Jedi and Sith have made the galaxy their battleground. And all the living creatures in it are at their mercy now. But this war is different than the countless before. This one seems to be longer, seems to be crueler and it seems to be more destructive. Slowly the galaxy has begun to understand, that it isn´t only weapons technology. Yes, simple fleet destroyers have the power to destroy planets, but who is using them? The Sith, certainly have shown little mercy to anybody who opposed them. Yet the Jedi have not been better. Not few say, they might actually have been worse. A Jedi Inquisition, a Jedi Command, words impossible to be brought together only a few centuries ago now are natural.

    In a galaxy at total war, the only thing you can do is survive.

    Or can you do more? Is there a way to win or stop this war?


    You can play whoever you want to play. It is a vast galaxy and even though a lot of time has passed, many things are not so different from the previous eras. We got Sith and Jedi. Smugglers. Soldiers on both sides and even among the neutrals. Don´t forget the Imbued, articifical force-users recruited from the soldiers of both sides. Assassins. Politicians. Civilians. Whatever you wanna be, TFW has room for it.You can pick a side, or stay neutral or oppose both sides actually. It is up to you. If you wanna develop new ideas, maybe how things moved forward in 500 years for a specific group of beings, feel free to do so . . . write me a PM if you wanna have any input, I am always open for talks.

    There will be a storyline to participate, but there is also room for new stories. All I do promise is, I´ll do my utmost to make this an enjoyable ride for everybody involved.

    If you wanna submit, use the following character-sheet please and PM it to me.


    Special Skills:
    Bio: (as long or short as you like it to be)


    1. GM word is law
    2. No Godmodding and all things ruining the game for others
    3. CS sheets to the GM before posting.
    4. Have fun


    A word from the GM: Whoever you are, if you wanna join do feel free to join. New and old, native speakers or foreigners alike may join this game to play . . . I´ll make sure I give my best to give everybody a memorable and good story to experience.​
    Need a character idea? I´d say send a PM or read the next post. It might help.​
  2. Sir_Draco

    Sir_Draco Jedi Knight star 4

    Aug 19, 2007
    “Neutrals? There are no neutrals, when we fight a war for the fate of the galaxy!

    Who shall these neutrals be, anyway? The Chiss, the Bothans and even the Mandalorians have all joined our cause. I fought side by side with any of those species. And Tion? And the Hutts? Slaves of the Sith. Killing in their name and for their glory.
    Oh and there are fringe elements, certainly. I heard those rumors, too. Smugglers evacuating planets, smuggling boys out so we cannot draft them. I see it. It is regrettable, but they are harldy any threat. Most work for the Sith, I assume.

    The rebelling neutral planets? May the force be with us, but there are no neutral planets. If you disobey the Jedi you serve the Sith, knowing or unknowing. What we did at Bakura was necessary. Regrettable, but necessary. We will do it again. Be assured.

    So yes, we have become aware Rabaan is organizing to oppose our initiative. We are aware that some planets have begun to build an internal opposition. Such things are certainly the Sith doing. Spreading doubt to weaken us. These attempts will fail. Trust me. The force spoke clearly about this to me.
    In this war, there will be no neutrals.”

    - Jedi Admiral Lorsel to an unknown politician

    “Oh yes, the Jedi. I could tell you a lot about the Jedi, Ma´am, but really. Do you think they are the good protectors of all of us anymore? War changes things, you know? Not few say that the people in Sith territory are better off than those in the Third Republic nowadays.

    Jedi Admirals, Jedi Generals, The Jedi Supreme Commander? They are an army now. Train only children? Man, they train whoever wants to join their cause nowadays. They even force people into training I hear. You heard the rumor they killed their own seers on Tython? Oh, you don´t believe it? Think it was the Sith? Propaganda! How would a Sith Army penetrate the Deep Core. Sure, many among them are fine people. The Tradionalists? Yeah, I met some of those. Peacekeepers, urging their brothers to reason. A minority, although a considerable one. But those leading the Jedi, that are the believers of the Potentium. They wanna win a war, no matter what the cost, I tellya.

    The One? Oh yeah, almost forgot about him. Legendary Leader of the Jedi, godlike in his abilities . . . but a bit silent on matters lately, was he? Hasn´t left his temple for a decade, they say.
    Make no mistake, the Jedi will come for your kids and they will make them soldiers, maybe even Imbued. What an Imbued is? Lady, you do not wanna know.

    So it´s 2500 credits each, half upfront, half when I got them out of the Jedi´s jurisdiction. Yes, sure. I am good with kids. Trust me!”

    - Ro Maven, Smuggler and Outlaw to a worried mother on a planet soon to become a battleground

    “I hear the people. I hear the lies they have heard and how they hope they are true. The Sith aren´t as bad as they were, right? The Dark Lord Nefarious the Great is a surprisingly reasonable and moderate mind, right? Don´t believe them. Maybe the got a few guys who aren´t all dark, but the majority of them? Damned one man slaughterhouses. I´ve met them on the field, throwing lightning, screaming and hurling their red sabers. They are evil, every bit as bad as they say.

    Yes, they control the Tion Hegemony and Hutt space, true. And from what I hear they are incredibly effective. But what makes them dangerous, truly dangerous is . . . they are insane. They are desperate. And insane and desperate people try desperate things. They have breed beasts, created weapons you would not believe. Destructive in their power as the galaxy has never seen it before.

    So join the Protectorate and fight this evil side by side with the Jedi. Trust me, we need you.”

    - Commander Cavir Daqbar, an Imbued Commander of the Jedi Protectorate

    “Artificial force-sensitivity certainly changed the war. They are no Jedi or Sith, at least few ever become powerful to join one of the orders, but they have the force. And through them both sides have endless fuel to keep the conflict burning.

    Who created them? Oh both sides claim they did that, but maybe it´s true. Maybe the force balanced the war and lead both sides to this invention. You should see them when they awake, forced into their new role . . . it is something powerful.

    What are they? Some say, they truly unbalance the force. Others say, among them there might be the next Chosen One. Oh yes, we Sith believe in that one, too. The second Chosen One, a man will bring the balance back to the force and give the Galaxy peace.

    Why I want that? I am a Sith, true. But haven´t you seen this war? It is an eternal back and forth. It is a fire in which a whole generation is burned. We´ll fight until all are dead. What power lies in a void? What potential is in nothingness? I believe in the Chosen One. I believe he will come. And you know what? I hope it happens soon. A Sith finding the strength of hope comforting, haha. Who did ever hear of that, right? Then again, you are here for a reason, my apprentice are you? Has the Council decided my ideas are too dangerous now?

    Then go ahead, ignite your blade. I´ll give you a good fight. You deserve that. I am very proud of you.”

    - Darth Phidis to his former apprentice Darth Wute
  3. Mitth_Fisto

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    Sep 29, 2005
    *GM Approved*[face_devil]

    Name: Mufassa Odi
    Age: Undeterminate
    Occupation: Imbued Warrior / Mount
    Appearance: Average Jostran male build with soulful sensory hairs.(Dominate Mind) White hybrid blend of Voxyn / Krizlaw (Mount)
    Special Skills: Jostran Rider: Imbued with the force, body slicing, part of a hive mind, and can summon replacements for fallen flesh vessels. Voxyn/Krizlaw hybrid: able to sink out of the Force, hive mind with eleven members of same kind, venemous claws, spikes, spines, acid saliva spit, aromatic viral blood, poisonous tail, regenerative abilities, and detects/desires force users.
    Bio: Me? You want to know about me. . . me is we. A simple life form too curious about a ship that landed on our world as others fled we/I approached to investigate. When the ship opened there was no one inside and I/we investigated. Perhaps it was mistake, perhaps it was destiny, perhaps. . .perhaps is a foolish word. It was what it was just as it is what it is, and we shall never go back.
    Taken in I was last to be separated and one of few to survive, then it began. The pain unimaginable as our carapaces were exposed and prodded without our knowing why. Then it came, like a tall mount it looked through me, into me, and the pain cascaded through me. It was not until an unknown time that I knew myself again, only I wasn’t alone, and a new mount was being presented with mouth wide for me.
    Then there was no more me, there was we, and we are many. Like this war, we will never end, for we do not end. Our replacements do not end, and what we are no longer ends with the ending of flesh or separation. We are JoKri-Voxyn, the Sith have made us, embued his, hid us, and like this war, we shall continue. . . FOREVER.
  4. Sinrebirth

    Sinrebirth Immortal Mod-King of the EUC, RPF and SWC star 8 Staff Member Manager

    Nov 15, 2004
    GM Approved!

    Name: Darth Korsin (Forta Kya)
    Age: Irrelevant
    Occupation: Sith Caretaker
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Special Skills: A charismatic speaker, Korsin has rallied worlds to the Sith cause in the past, and continues to do so today. As part of his traveling troupe of performers, he leads the propaganda cult known as the Sith Mission, raising morale and ferreting out sedition. Korsin has even led coups on wavering worlds. He is not unskilled with a lightsaber, or with the Force, but his primary skills lie in his ability to weave people and factors together.
    Bio: Darth Korsin is nothing special, in his opinion. He has a handful of supporters, outside the chain of command, but by and large he does his own thing. Born to a noble family in the Core at Alsakan, Korsin became obssessed with history at a young age, tracking his families own terrible story through the Jedi and the Sith, a constant pendulum of changing fortunes and tragic tales. He eventually found a connection between Alsakan and the Tion, a connection that led to his discovery of Sith relics in the chambers of the original Alsakan Royal Family. Announcing his findings at a seminar at the Alsakan University, Korsin absconded for Sith space and left a civil war behind.

    That was three decades ago now, and he is no longer the young waif that dabbled in his family tree for the sake of novelty, and is instead a Sith Lord, the self-declared Caretaker of the Sith. Collecting history, old, new, lost and forbidden, he is only interested in preserving the Sith legacy. Spreading a creed of patience and control throughout Sith space and leading propaganda missions to outlying worlds, Korsin has thus far avoided the front, for his ostensible usefulness as an orator.
  5. Ramza

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    Jul 13, 2008
    GM Approved

    Name: 655321

    Age: 32

    Occupation: Hunter of Force Users


    Special Skills: Trained in the ways of the Force as a member of the Jedi, 655321 is skilled primarily in offensive techniques, camouflaging abilities, and the enhancement of his own movements. While he has been extensively instructed in the use of lightsabers, he has forsaken the weapon of the Force users in favor of self-trained proficiency in the blaster, which he considers emblematic of a "More civilized age."

    He relies primarily on guerrilla style ambushes to accomplish his assaults.

    Bio: 655321 is not a name. It is a purpose.

    There was once a young boy who was kidnapped by the wicked knights who came from the sky. They ruined his life before it began. They told him lies. They fostered him in the hopes that he would be a new knight. And for a time, the boy was.

    Until one day he realized that the knights he served were just as cruel and twisted as what they fought. So the boy, now a man, ran. He fled across the galaxy. He wanted to run until he could escape it forever.

    But the boy could not escape. They were always there. And so he devised the only sane solution for an insane universe: the boy would kill the knights. And the Sith. And anyone else who got in his way. He had had just about enough of all of this.

    And so the boy became 655321, rejecting the name the knights had given him in favor of something more base and utilitarian. Formless. Mutable. A number.

    And 655321 swore that by the time he was done, that number would be their worst nightmare.
  6. SirakRomar

    SirakRomar Jedi Master star 4

    Mar 30, 2007
    Name: Lora Skywalker
    Age: 36
    Occupation: Jedi Master / Jedi Admiral
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Special Skills: She is a Skywalker, so she is strong in the force . . . as all Skywalkers have been. a skilled duelist, a tactical mind, a leader of men . . . she is everything a Skywalker is expected to be . . . isn´t she?

    Bio: The Chosen One. Who else should it be but Lora? The thought has accompanied her since her youth. Well aware of her heritage and all to conscious of her power Lora has raised through the ranks of the Jedi like no Jedi before her. a Master so young, she could barely called a woman, the thought this might have been a propaganda move never occured to her. Even if it did . . . she is the Chosen One, meant to end the War between Jedi and Sith, right? And isn´t she undefeated? Isn´t she the one who pushed back the Sith one burning planet at a time? Yes, the galaxy is burning, but Lora will make a cleaning fire.

    After all . . .

    She is the Chosen One.
  7. HanSolo29

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    Apr 13, 2001
    Reposting from Temp Boards:

    GM Approved!

    Name: Thom Stett
    Age: 42
    Occupation: Prime Minister of the Five Worlds of Corellia
    Special Skills: Thom is a very bright and cunning politician and in his position, can prove to be very dangerous. While his public demeanor is a mixture of heroics and a true understanding of the people's needs, he could just as well stab you in the back behind the scenes. He has an affinity for blackmail and manipulation that he likes to keep locked behind closed doors.
    Bio: Like most other children born in the Corellian system, Thom had a natural love for flying and tinkering with starships. It wasn't long before he was piloting ships of his own and helping his father deliver cargo for the local spaceport. When he was old enough, Thom joined the Corellian military to pursue a career as a pilot.

    Thom's military career was littered with excellence and honor. He became a local hero to the Five Systems and even earned himself the prestigious Corellian Bloodstripe for his service and courage under fire. With so many accomplishments under his belt and a real sway with the people, Thom decides to resign from the military to follow a career in politics and to truly serve those people that back him.

    He was quick to be elected Senator and only rose in the ranks from there until he ultimately became elected Prime Minister of the Five Worlds several years later. He proved to be the people's Prime Minister, but Thom had a dark side. Behind closed doors, Thom worked closely with the Sith, conducting shady deals that he believed would allow the Corellian System to maintain their independence...and to help him gain even more power.
  8. BLemelisk

    BLemelisk Jedi Master star 4

    Aug 19, 2003
    GM Approved! Really looking forward to this, everyone.

    Name: Arek “Longstar” [Last name redacted]

    Age: 37 Standard Years

    Occupation: Jedi Operative / Jedi Commander

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Special Skills: Possessing a knowledge of infrastructure, tactics and information, Arek is well suited to conducting operational warfare. While able to use his Force abilities for infiltration, he now prefers command of frontline units.

    Bio: Initially trained as a member of an elite Jedi assassination team known as “Longstar,” Arek was a bright young candidate obsessed with devoting himself completely to the Jedi Order and its modern Potentium views. Team Longstar’s aim was to destabilize Sith infrastructure, government, and territorial borders between the major flareups of intense conflict that have characterized the war. On a far flung deep-cover mission far into Sith holdings when the most recent fighting began in earnest, his fellow team members began to refuse mission objectives. They started to exhibit signs of sympathy toward their Sith enemies, and declared doubts about Jedi leadership and their ability to win the war.

    After careful consultation with his handlers, the decision was made to dismantle the Longstar team, and it was up to Arek to decide how to do that. He never speaks about it with anyone, but the other team members were never seen in Republic or Sith space again.

    From his belt hangs a small pouch which is never taken off. Inside this pouch are the primary crystals of each of the team’s lightsabers. Having assumed the name “Longstar” in reverence of their sacrifice, he then became a fixture in Jedi planning and intelligence meetings, and on the bridges of roving Republic warships.

    Psychologically, he returned to Republic territory a somewhat altered man, and began passively seeking alternative Force philosophies while not engaged; his stoicism dictated that something or anything could have been a better solution that what was carried out. The Jedi annihilation of the planet Bakura served only to solidify this newer mindset.
  9. TatooineSunburn

    TatooineSunburn Jedi Youngling

    Sep 3, 2012
    GM Approved.
    Name: Serith Hayon
    Age: 26
    Occupation: Bounty Hunter
    Appearance: Serith is a Coruscanti Human male and has a slender frame with quite pale skin. He has cerulean eyes and short, scruffy dark brown hair that is hidden beneath a hood. His usual attire is a black padded jacket that is reinforced, which he wears a brown hood underneath and a plain white collared shirt, which is his bottom layer of clothing. He wears navy blue slacks, which are made of a tight but rugged fibre, and a pair of black worn away boots.
    Special Skills: Serith is a practitioner of the Teräs Käsi art form, and is also very skilled with blaster pistols, often dual wielding them for maximum efficiency.
    Bio: Serith was born on Coruscant to two wealthy politicians. His father was once a soldier for the Republic, but lost the function of both his legs after suffering major injuries from a bombing run on the base that he was stationed at. His father then became a "wise man" as he put it, and joined his wife in her political campaigns. Serith's parents gave him the money to study at one of Coruscant's most prestigious institutes of higher learning, but things went terribly wrong when his finances were stolen from his apartment. He simply could not face telling his parents, and instead decided to engage in underworld activities, such as dueling tournaments and eventually bounty hunting, to get the money back. It was during this temporary hitch that he suddenly decided that he would prefer to work as a contract killer, minus the killer part. To this day, he has returned all of his fourteen targets without killing them, and is thinking about making his way off world, leaving his parents on Coruscant.
  10. Kahn_Iceay

    Kahn_Iceay Jedi Master star 5

    Mar 5, 2006
    GM Approved
    Name: Callista
    Age: N/A (Callista was first activated circa 140ABY and you should never ask a lady her age)
    Occupation: Freelance Mercenary

    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Special Skills: Due to Callista’s nature she’s very adept with computer programs as well as combat both ranged and melee. She is capable of wirelessly interfacing with electronic systems as well as adept at breaking through counter-insurgency software. Strength wise she’s able to easily (not effortlessly mind you) lift, move, and or throw around 2.6k KG. (this number spurs from another RP in which she threw what weighed equivalently to a Hummvee)

    Personality: Callista was once a very playful person, she would joke, tease, and flirt relentlessly, and while that personality still remains, a few hundred years of being alone and doing the job she does has put a rather large dent in that personality. She’s now a lot more quiet, less bubbly, and more serious.

    io: Callista is an HRD, a Human Replica Droid. She was originally created circa 140 ABY in the Remsian Republic deep in the unknown regions to act as secretary and bodyguard for then Templar Master Vincent Mikaru, before he became a diplomatic liaison and eventually retired back to his homeworld of Eshan in the mid rim. After he passed away a number of his possessions became hers, primarily his yacht and starfighter, both of which she has kept updated over the many decades since.

    On top of this she also inherited a number of his stock options on the ISE, which in her occupation as his secretary she managed and thus continued to do so as a method of maintaining revenue in her own expenses. Since then, as she does not age, nor deteriorate from being wholly inorganic beyond appearance Callista has made her life in the galaxy utilizing her other set of skills. Due to her strength, agility, and endurance being superhuman by most standards she’s made her living as a Mercenary for hire.

    Equipment: Personal Armor (an image of this armor is in the works): in a nutshell: In addition to protecting her from damage and the vacuum of space it has palm repulsors (star wars kind, not iron man). Zero-G thrusters, and an Echani energy shield (which is actually implanted in her, not the armor, it just integrates with it) plus the standard bounty-hunter wrist goodies (dart launcher and the like)

    Blaster pistol (seen in appearance image)
    Combo Blaster-Slugthrower Rifle (seen in image)
    And for big jobs she owns (thought obviously does not carry around regularly) a large three barreled rotary blaster. (image also in the works)
    She owns, and is very skilled with, an Echani Vibrosword likened after more traditional curved single edged blades. It bears an silver ivy pattern on the hilt and scabbard inlayed on ivory, in honor of the same design that her former employer bore on his lightsaber.
  11. Mikaboshi

    Mikaboshi Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Jul 12, 2005
    GM Approved

    Name: Valdiirn
    Alias: The Sun Knight (self proclaimed)
    Age: 27
    Occupation: Jedi Knight of the Protectorate
    Species: Thyrsian
    Home: Thyrsus

    Special Skills: Valdiirn's greatest skill is with his two blades, with which he utilizes the lightsaber forms of Niman, Jar'kai and Ataru. Due to his Thyrsian heritage, he has taken a great interest in all things combat, though the lightsabers of his order are his main focus he is also well versed in the ways of the Force, most notably telekinesis.

    His focus on the martial aspects of training have left him wanting in the fields of diplomacy, prophecy, compassion and science. He is a warrior, like his Thyrsian ancestors, it is only in the midst of battle that he feels truly connected to his heritage.

    Bio: Valdiirn was one of the children the galaxy whispers of so often, abducted by the Jedi at the age of 6 from his homeworld of Thyrsus. There was no need at that time to imbue him with the Force, he had a natural affinity for it. He also had a natural talent for physical combat, even at such a young age he excelled at the Echani fighting art of his home world and was superior to most young boys up to twice his age.

    It was this, more than anything, that convinced the Jedi to take him for training. Over the next 15 years he proved their choice to be a wise one, he took to the martial aspects of his study with great enthusiasm, though only begrudgingly completed the studies required of him in the more diverse aspects of the Force. Only when he was convinced that those other studies would assist him in battle would he put in a full effort to learn. Such is the reason when he is rather limited in his fields of expertise, being only a master of his blades and telekinesis, though powerful in these disciplines his skill in other aspects of the Force is equivalent to that of an apprentice.

    The Jedi did not seem bothered by this at all, it was warriors they needed, and it was a warrior that Valdiirn became. Though at times though his training the Weapon Master who spent the most time with Valdiirn showed concern of his closeness to the Dark Side, it was ultimately decided that he was in no danger of falling from the Light, this was a decision made out of necessity rather than wisdom.

    In his 21st year he was Knighted, already having fought in multiple engagements, both against rebels and Sith alike. It was at this time that Valdiirn embraced the symbolic heritage of his home world and began to wear the armor he is now known for, paying homage to the Sun Guard of Thyrsus his armor shines brilliantly and his blades glow pure white. He has recently come to refer to himself as the Sun Knight, though others might scoff at this moniker he sees it as a necessity, the common people of the galaxy need a beacon of hope....and in his view he is the only one capable of providing that.

    In recent years few have seen his face, he sees himself as a symbol of hope in a dark time, though his own actions and mentality have grown darker over those same years. The closer he comes to the Dark Side the more he strives to compensate by acting the honorable hero, many see him as a virtuous Knight defending the innocent at all costs, others don't believe his act and view him simply as a monster clad in white armor.

    What ever he is, monster or hero, he is a force to be reckoned with in battle.
  12. TheSithGirly

    TheSithGirly Jedi Master star 3

    Apr 26, 2007
    Name: Zara Zorn
    Age: 16
    Occupation: Sith Apprentice

    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Special Skills: Zara is talented and eager to learn. Her main focus of her training so far has been the connection to the force itself.

    Bio: Zara remembers little of her childhood, but it was one of a poor childe in a poor family. It was no surprise her parents jumped at the education program of the Sith to offer a brighter future. But not a week had passed, before the Sith recognized her natural strength in the force and recruited her to a little more “intense” school. When she was shipped to Korriban to learn the ways of the Sith, she was frightened and confused. But soon a greater world opened up to her and all the fear and doubt she had was artfully turned into something else. Power. She passed all tests the Sith put her through with flying colors over the following years. And soon the Temples and dark caverns of Korriban were the only home she knew. She was only twelve when she was chosen for individual training, the highest honor of any Sith.

    But to her surprise it wasn´t a warrior who choose her, but a philosopher. Darth Lagor was a surprisingly understanding and sensitive Master, teaching her in the arts of the Sith as much as in the history of the force itself. The old human became a father-figure for her, sparing her the deadly tests so many other students failed with fatal consequences. Instead he carefully developed her skills with the lightsaber, the force and her understanding of politics. Only slowly the young girl understood he trained her for higher, more profound tasks within the order. When she finally encountered the war, drafted into smaller missions as so many Sith of her age were, she found herself very well prepared for it, also she did not share the trademark of her brothers and sisters. Killing brought her little joy. It seemed rather pointless. She understood the war would not be won in a battle and maybe never won at all . . . and she returned to her Master more ready to listen than ever.
  13. Sarge221

    Sarge221 Jedi Master star 5

    Sep 9, 2006

    Vencin Dermun
    Age: 18
    Occupation: Jedi Padawan
    Special Skills: As a Padawan, Vencin is proficient in the basic uses of the Force such as telekinesis, mind tricks, sense, and boosting his own physical attributes. However, while his sensitivity had been charted as being above average, his studies of the Force had been recently halted at the behest of his Master in order to prioritize his training with his lightsaber.
    Bio: Vencin is of the latest generation that had been born and bred in this warring galaxy. Having been discovered as one of the lucky potentials that did not require artificial adaptations to the Force, Ven had been brought to the Jedi Temple to learn the ways of the Order. Though he was given a few history lessons of the Jedi Order and the basic principles that it supposedly stood on, war had changed the Order quite a bit when compared to its past. There was a war going on and the Jedi had long-since embraced the change that would morph them into warriors. And Ven was predicted to be a fine example of one, displaying above average sensitivity and manipulation of the Force while quickly memorizing and executing whatever drills and sequences that were thrown at him in lightsaber training. And the views that the Jedi held for their long-hated enemies the Sith and its allies easily shaped and manipulated his young mind as to what should be done if he was ever to encounter them.

    One of the top choices of Masters ready to initiate another youngling into war, it did not take long for Vencin to find a Master when he came of age and got his first taste of battle. For a while, everything seemed clear and was what it should've been. There was only the Republic and the Jedi that were the chosen guardians and servants of the light, and the fanatical and violent Sith were to be purged with that light whenever and wherever they were to arise 'less they bring about eternal darkness and suffering throughout the galaxy.

    Then there was Bakura.

    An infamous and yet, at the same time, a fine example of "business as usual" when it came to war, Ven lost more then just his Master that day. Upon returning to the Order for debriefing and reassignment, the Masters found the blade of one of their most promising students to have slowed, his control no longer as absolute as it once had been. Whereas once there would've been a time for concern and perhaps rest, there was a war going on and the Republic needed their Jedi warriors on the endless battlefields in order to win it. So upon receiving the latest intel and selecting the next one for their growing warrior, Ven was sent back out to fight again.
  14. CmdrMitthrawnuruodo

    CmdrMitthrawnuruodo Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Jul 1, 2000

    Name: Erian Serenni
    Age: 36
    Occupation: Jedi Inquisitor

    Wields one green lightsaber despite image above, but can use two if necessary.

    Special Skills: Strong in telekinesis and mind tricks, Form II and III, and the Living Force.

    Bio: Erian Serenni comes from a long line of aristocrats and an even shorter line of Force-Sensitives given up to the Jedi Order in the last six hundred years. Hailing from the distant, Outer Rim world of Serenno, Erian comes from the ancient house of Serenni and if one were to trace his lineage, it would be discovered that his noble family had absorbed the dying house of Dooku after it's last Count had been assassinated on Alderaan and left, supposedly, no male heir. Whether he is directly related to the infamous Count Dooku (the famous ex-Jedi Master who led a rebellion against the Old Republic six hundred years ago), no one within House Serenni will say or admit to such rumors and claims, both to protect their house and for political reasons. However one could say that the Jedi Serenni legacy had not started until after House Dooku had been absorbed.

    Erian was accepted into the Jedi Order as a young man just barely of age after having been kept by his family to be groomed as the heir apparent to House Serenni, as well as to keep him away from the never ending war that ravaged the galaxy, from the Jedi and most importantly, from the Sith. However when the war finally came to Serenno and his family had been wiped out in an air raid on the capital city, Carannia, and its outlying suburbs and the royal estate of House Serenni, young Erian had two choices facing him, join the Sith conquerors of his homeworld or flee and seek sanctuary with the Jedi and the Third Republic.

    To say the least, he chose the latter.

    Eight years later he would pass his Trials and complete his training to continue the legacy of the Serenni Jedi. It is through his experiences as a young nobleman and later as an apprentice and the subtle whispers of the Force that eventually led him to become disillusioned with his master's traditionalism and believing more and more in the Potentium belief. There came a point in his life where he could not stand by and watch as atrocities were committed simply because it was too dangerous to his moral alignment to take action and prevent it.

    He had known that if the defenders of Serenno had done what was necessary to do to protect his planet from the Sith, his House would still be alive and he would not be the sole survivor nor sworn his life to the Jedi cause. But they hadn't and it was this event in his life that molded his conviction to do whatever was necessary to protect the galaxy from the Sith

    The next eleven years would see him serving the Jedi Protectorate, defending it's cause and faith, and rooting out any and all threats whether they were fellow Jedi, politicians or simply citizens with a grievance toward the Jedi. He's seen much of the war from a distance, secretly and quietly fighting the evil within their own territory as well as some struggles beyond the ever changing borders.

    He was an inquisitor and his faith in the Potentium and the Jedi Protectorate was unshakeable.

    Or so he had believed until he had taken on a young apprentice of his own three years prior to him questioning his life and his faith and watching as the young girl grew into a woman and reflected his teachings. A person does not realize what they have become until they see it in someone else, especially if it is someone they deeply care about.

    For the last year since, Erian has begun to doubt.
  15. Penguinator

    Penguinator Jedi Grand Master star 6

    May 23, 2005

    Name: Zima Malkom
    Age: 85
    Occupation: Monk, of sorts
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Special Skills: Zima is about as close to unity with the Force as one can achieve whilst remaining a corporeal being. He is a great healer and seer, and dislikes using his connection to the Force for offensive or aggressive purposes.
    Bio: Like so many in the Jedi Order, Zima's life has been full of adventure and experience - but that's not what defines him. Ten years ago, after experiencing a crisis of conscience, Zima undertook a self-imposed hermitage with the intent of attaining a better understanding of the Force. Most of this time was spent in intense meditation, but not all.
    As much as it was an inward journey, Zima explored the remote planet he lived on for that time. The Force is, after all, without as much as it is in within.
    At the end of this sojourn, Zima chose to return to his brothers and sisters at the Jedi Temple. What he has seen since discomforts him, but he remains a staunch pacifist and a humble voice against conflict and violence. To Zima, the path to peace is through diplomacy and negotiation.​
  16. Sir_Draco

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    Aug 19, 2007
    Millions of voices screamed out in help. Some silenced, some kept on screaming in their desperate pleas of help. He heard them. He heard their chorus and each and every one of them. He heard them.

    Destiny. And how it unfolded before his eyes.

    The cycle. It had ended.

    With closed eyes he listened to the desperate pleas for help.

    And he did nothing.

    He remained silent.

    And in this silence of his soul he found the strength to smile at the irony of it all.


    The Forever War
    Episode I – A Glimmer of Hope

    Nesron, The Ruins of the former capital

    They called it the Ring of Fire. Over two hundred worlds and systems where the war was raging between the Jedi and the Sith. If you looked at the right angle at a starmap, they said, it seemed to build a ring. That was why the people had given it that name.
    The planet of Nesron was the worst of these battlegrounds at that point. The entry point into the Gordian Reach for the Third Republic and the Jedi Protectorate, it meant that if the Jedi lost this planet, they would have lost the reach. After 70 years of war, this would be the first decisive victory any of both sides could claim. A defeat that could swing the war into the favor of one of the Sith, permanently.

    Only 200 years ago terraforming here had begun. A mining colony by all means, it had quickly begun to develop a culture of it´s own. Proud people had lived here and they had build a proud city to serve as a capital. Their pride had been broken. Their city lay in ruins, what civilian had not made it off world had died month ago.
    This was the fifth Battle of Nesron, but the Jedi and Sith both knew, it would be their final one for quite some time. If anybody cared counting them anymore, it was also the Battle that had lasted over three month. The orbit was filled with shattered ships and flying debris. And yet the explosions of more than a thousand ships from both sides lit the night skies, like firework, celebrating the bitter fate of the planet. None of both fleets had ever managed to secure superiority. None of both would, as they were feed by an endless stream of ships reinforcing them. No whoever won Nesron, he would have to win it on the ground.


    It was dusk, when the Sith attacked the 115th army of the Republic. They came charging through the ruins in an attempt to take the last remaining point on the planet that held any tactical value, the domed citadel of the government, from where the orbital defense could be reactivated, once it was repaired. And the Jedi had chosen this as their last stand. A hundred Knights, a dozen Warmasters and over five thousand imbued lead the besieged army of the Republic which now counted no more than 10 thousand men. A few weeks ago it had been over a million, they said.
    And in the first line of the Jedi stood The Sun Knight, as they only knew him. A shining example of bravery in the face of the evil Sith he had been one of their better warriors, but through the trials of this battle had raised to the de-facto leader of what remained of the 115th. He lead the advance line of defenses, where most of his Jedi would try to slow the impact of the attacking Sith and buy their troopers some time to use their equipment. And in this first line of defenders also stood Vencin Dermun, only half covered by the remains of the city and facing the red lightsabers, giant battle machines, screaming imbued in obsidian armor and unspeakable horrors approach from the cloud of dust . . .
    “May the force be with us.” Janus Belron hissed. A Devaronian Jedi had fought side by side with him, since the two had become stuck in these fields of death. Wounded and holding his green lightsaber with both hands, the Devaronian smiled. “How do those fighter pilots, used to say?” He looked at Vencin and then his head slowly turned back to the approaching Sith and he gave them a large Devaronian smile. “Here they come.”

    And indeed the Sith approached fast, impacting with the Jedi holding the outer line of defenses any second.

    High above this scenery in one of the burned out skyscrapers that had once build a ring of living quarters around the city stood Vibre Malfain. The Sith Lord of an unknown breed of an alien species was smiling down on the battlefield, as he felt the first blood spilled. Death was spreading and with death came fear and fear attracted the fearful and defeated the unwise. Fear was their ally. He turned his head slightly and in the shadow of the skyscrapers lurked his horrors. An alchemist, they called him. Vibre, the Monstermaker, as the Dark Lord mocked him sometimes. The thin lips of Vibre smiled. Tonight he would show them all what was his worth. Turning his attention to his most prized creation, he smiled down on the field, perceiving the rage of three dozen hosts and their mounts.
    Mufasa Odi.” He whispered and his own lightsaber leaped into his hand. Also he was far away from the Jostran riders, he felt them and knew they would hear him. “Feast on their fear, feast on their flesh.” He grinned and then he saw them, the 36 Jostran were leading the charge.
    Vibre smiled satisfied as he saw his creation unleashed. The first of many horrors he would, tonight.
    He leaped down the building, just as far away the Jedi and Sith finally clashed.

    But while the Jedi and Sith started their final battle below, the power on which victory or defeat was depending was still above the whole scenario. Dropships - a hundred of them, all heavy armored and wearing republic markings - had broken through the Sith lines and were now bringing what the Jedi on Nesron needed most . . . fresh troops. 5000 Imbued lead by a hundred more Jedi were falling down into the atmosphere, while two Republic cruisers paid the price for making their approach possible and burned under the constant fire of the Sith fleet.

    And aboard the leading dropship of the relief-force an Imbued General pointed at the holographic display of the battle, while rumbles went through the ship. He showed his information to the tactical mind of the mission, Arek Longstar´s smart palling had made relief possible in the first place, also at a terrible price, as above they lost a third cruiser and a second destroyer. The Imbued General, a human called Hertstrom, ignored the losses and concentrated on the battle ahead. “We will go down right here, in our sector. But the Sith have attacked early, Sir. If The Sun Knight does not do his job, the Sith might already have taken the landing zone and we have to move out under fire!” He yelled over the engines and looked at Arek, expecting orders from the superior Jedi. Then his look went to their true leader, who had kept out of any tactical planning so far. Lora Skywalker, one of the Skywalker, undefeated, powerful, legendary, was the hope of their people. The reason why victory seemed possible. After all she had never lost a battle, had she?
    Terryn Kae could see her very well from where he was sitting, among a dozen of Imbued soldiers, ordered to protect him. He was, after all, a hero. The man who tamed Bakura. The man who had ended the first of all Sith-spawned rebellions against the Jedi. If anybody still believed the Sith spawning them. He was a hero and the Republic would make sure they could present him as one, once this battle was over. “Guess won´t be any worse than Bakura, will it?” The sergant next to Terryn grinned and loaded his gun. Artificial force users were a strange breed. Aggression and the force . . . more as echo than as a tone in the symphony that was life. “Then again, this time you´kll get to see the Sith you fight.” The Sergant added, hinting at the PR idea, Terryn had valiantly fought against invisible enemies in form of scheming Sith Lords.
    And then they got the red light that turned on. A warning, one minute until they landed.
    The Imbued were ready, obedient, loyal and without fear. As if someone or something made them so much more than men . . .

    They called it the Ring of Fire. And at that night a small dot near Nesron seemed to glow just a bit brighter than the nights before.

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    A link, that´s what “The Imbued” by the Republic look like.

    GM Note:
    Despised1, Sarge, Mitth, you got all freedom in the world to write how your character experiences the clash of the charging Sith with the defending Jedi. I´ll leave you the freedom to do your thing and will give more details in my first update.
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    Aug 19, 2007

    Chandrila, Temple

    The Protectorate and it´s radical Potentium followers had the war council, form where they guided their armies and troops, the traditionalists had their seers on Tython who had always been agents against the war and many academies had joined them, trying to protect their younger students from being pushed to war. But none of both factions had the true power inside the Jedi Order. For the Grandmaster was, who he had been for over three hundred years. The One supported the Protectorate though his silence alone, which was interpreted as consent. Yet, his retainers held still considerable influence and power within the order and the Order of White who protected the giant light-flooded temple on Chandrila which the One called his home still influenced the Jedi Order, pulling strings and supporting political views. They were the closest to the One and as only the One knew the will of the force completely, they were those knowing it better than other. That was the logic.
    If you had been around as long as Zima Malkom you probably knew this was untrue. They were more political figures than anything and the retainer, the Jedi Master keeping the One household was a powerful Jedi, indeed. But his eyes were always focused on upkeeping the status quo and not at the will of the force. This retainer went by the name of Loa Baas, an Lao had been around almost as long as Zima.

    “Greetings old friend.” He said, when Zima, after a long tour through the extensive halls of the temple arrived in his private quarters. The presence f The One was everywhere here, but Lao seemed to be too used to it to experience the sensation anymore. Instead he gave Zima a smile, not a mocking of friendly one, but a sad smile, acknowledging the irony of the oldest human members meeting to speak of an adventure, while the younger ones died in a war that seemed to never end.

    “I am glad you came.” The man added and stood up slowly, approaching his old Jedi brother, as he was left into the chamber.And something was foreboding in the force. This was not an oridnary meeting. Soemthing would grow from it . . . something the old Jedi had not felt for a long time in the force . . . HOPE.

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    Coruscant, The Shady Wook

    Serith Hayon was expected when he entered the large underground club on Coruscant. The young,blonde woman sitting right opposite of him looked up and yawned. Lira was the best agent for jobs in the core worlds, but she never tried to hide she came from a coreworld family. “Honey, you look like you need a rink and some sleep, you know that?” She smiled and waved to a six armed alien girl to deliver her drink. Lira then turned her undivided attention to Serith. “Nice job, that Quarren. Not only I seem to have taken notice of your talents. I got an a-lister for you. If you think you are up to it. But you might have to do a little travelling. So whatcha say, hon? Ready for the Elite League?”

    Somewhere behind Lira Serith saw a young man in a grey overall sitting at the bar. He seemed unsuspicious enough ,laughing, drinking. But he had looked at them, just for a second. But it had been a probing look. Was Lira being watched? Or was he?

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    Aug 19, 2007
    Vjun, Vendoran City


    Erian Serenni and Lila were overwiewing all o Vendoran city from the tower they had made their center of operations. Both Inquisitors had been summoned on short notice from their current missions through an emergency call. Their target had only been revealed on their arrival and it had explained it all. Saya, the Jedi Seer had been marked as a traitor to the order. The highest rank any target could have for the Inquisition. And Saya was not anyone. The Miraluka was a well trained Jedi Master, skilled and gifted with the power of foresight like no other living Jedi . . . not since the Seers of Tython had been killed. All of them, apparently by Saya. Why else was the Order summoning every Jedi to the Deep Core they could get, to hunt her down.
    “I studied her dossier, she was a shadow once,” Lila remarked with a sigh “Our Imbued won´t find her, I assume.” And they had about two thousand Imbued soldiers in the city, searching. The Starport was shut down, any ship taking of would be shot down without warning. Yet, a Seer knew that. “She can cloak her presence.” Lila sighed again, the black armored, black haired woman sighed a lot. She was a rarity among the Jedi herself, one of the very few Imbued who showed enough talent to become a Jedi herself. And the rumors said the young woman made up for her shortcoming in the force through ruthlessness. “So where is she going? Where is she . . . trying to escape to?” Lila probed the dark city, as if she could pierce the night with her eyes to reveal her victim.

    Even a droid like Callista probably understood the irony, how it were always the simple missions that went wrong, worst. She had been hired to get a woman off planet. Basically an escort job to the
    Starport and buy a ticket. Now the Starport was shot down by the Jedi Inquisition and the city was full of armored soldiers looking for them. Yet, the woman she accompanied, an eyeless young woman with a disturbing ability to guess where they better did not go, was standing next ot her in a small alley, as another patrol passed them. “They can´t sense us.”


    “We need to get out of the city, anyway. The Jedi will soon find a way to locate us. Or someone will.” She stated without fear or anxiety in her voice.

    But someone had already found them. 655321 was handed the binoculars by Masaya, the only other force user he had in his crew. A former Jedi much like him and one who had a very special relationship to their latest prey. Masaya had once been Saya´s apprentice and once they had go wind where her former Master was, she had talked 655321 into coming here nad hunt her. Shortly afterwards the Inquisition had showed up and now hteir drew was locked in their ship. With the two roaming the city. “There she is and looks like she got support.” Masaya smiled. “Looks like we found her vfirst.” She grinned at her companion. They were a mile away on one of the higher buildings of the plent and had spotted her, when the Jedi Master had tried to make it across city. “My old Master is too smart to go back to the Starport. But I heard there are smugglers out here. Getting children out.” Masaya grinned. “I´d say that´s where she will try to head, sooner or later. That or the Jedi get her first.” Masaya was hungry for that kill, unlike any before. The passionless woman with the red head had a deep burning hatred for her former Master.

    [​IMG] Masaya

    Myrah was outside the city in the Smuggler tunnels, a secret base the spice traders had used for many years. Now they were filled with children, awaiting a chance to escape the Jedi´s recruitment program. Her local contact was a young human called Morne and he stood next to her at the tunnels entrance, watching the Jedi Starfighter circling the city. “Whatever they are looking for, they mean business. Don´t think they are after us with such a hardware, are they?” He was obviously afraid of the answer Myrah would give her. But Myrah kenw they were after someone else. She felt it. A disturbance, as they called it once . . . a powerful one. Things were about to . . . happen.

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    Inquisitor Lila looks like this:
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    Corellia, Coronet City

    Thom Stett was never alone nowadays. Besides his two bodyguards who had been assigned to guard him day and night a whole staff of advisors follower him everywhere. The only place he could possibly be undisturbed was when he was in his office in the Senate of Corellia. And evne here in the large, luxurious office overlooking Coronet City, report came in all the time. The Jedi had demanded another 10.000 Selonians from Corellia to be drafted. Selonia had agreed, although it was not their position to do such things. Drall, not such a fan of Jedi was protesting and all of that overshadowed by reports of the Last of the Skywalkers arriving on Nesron, victories in the Perlemain route and a concentration of forces by the Jedi to attack the Roche fields. Brave Mandalorians were now joining their brothers in the alliance with the Jedi and so on and so on . . . the reports of Stett´s spies actually painted a different portrait. The Jedi had pushed too hard in the Gordian Reach and were about too loose it. With it´s resources the Sith would move into the rest of the rim and the Jedi . . . would look for worlds to use and refill their ranks. That would be when Corellia would get their attention.
    “The Hearing begins in about an hour, Prime Minister, there are eleven requests for a private audience, Sir. The Governor of Selonia wants you to move against he Drall for messing with Selonian internal affair, the Selonian Minister of Internal affairs wants to speak with you to stop a possible transfer of Selonians to the Jedi, the agricultural Ministry send an expert on water issues, the Corellia Systems representative wants to report on research and funding of the new destroy-class, a young man ask for an audience with the best regards from a sponsor called Qualian Sale, . . .” Qualian sale was the former head of intelligence of Corellia, who had vanished almost at the same time the war had begun, “The Jedi send a representative to talk about more effective protection of the system through pooling fleets under their flag, The Selonian artists Crauv wants to make a portrait of you, Defense department sends their daily report and are ready to present it, same goes for infrastructure and intelligence, the head of library security get a medal which can optionally be done by your vice, a certain man called Leele Tane asked for a private meeting with you. Our analysis says it is likely, he is a Jedi Knight.” The computer voice ended with that list and Stett saw the holographic pictures of burning planets. Which ones? What did it matter anymore.

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    Corellia, Orbit


    The Lame Rancor was approaching the security station. It was the second they had to pass. Scans, searching procedures. But all technology in the world could not reveal the dangerous cargo this ship was holding. Two Sith Lords were aboard and one of them had also brought his apprentice with him.

    Darth Lagor, a Sith from an almost human species with a flat nose and intense blue eyes was the leader of this mission to Corellia and that was only the first of many things his brother Darth Corsin and his apprentice Zara Zorn probably found . . . mysterious. Lagor was a teacher, a scolar, even an alchemist, probably. Yes, he might also be quite handy with the blade for a bookworm, but an infiltration? It was way beyond his usual range of interests.

    “Again the Corellians look for something that isn´t there. I wonder if we will ever arrive.” Lagore smiled and turned to his apprentice. “Prepare Zara, once we are down there it will be you delivering our message.” He said and nodded to her. Then he looked at Darth Corsin and his yellowish eyes seemed to probe the other man. The mission was simple enough. Establish contact and a working relationship with the not so obedient government of Corellia and see if they could be aided in their rumored attempt to gain independence. Yet, a look into Lagore´s eyes and you knew there was more. The old Master of Sith teachings had been one of the louder voices doubting the war. That now the dark Lord had given him this mission was curious and the same time . . . certainly no accident. “We should probably not rely on the Prime Minister alone, maybe we should approach a broader base to gain a footing, right? Isn´t it what you always suggest to your apprentices?” Lagore turned back to the planet below. “After all we´re Sith. A Prime Minister is not anything we´re afraid to destroy, right? We are not afraid to destroy anything, are we?” He seemed thoughtful and in thoughts, as he should have awaited Corsin´s answer. The old man was distracted. Dangerously so.

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    Aug 19, 2007
    GM Note:

    Thanks to Fin who helped me compose the first post and to the procedure . . .

    To get things going I will try ot push out many short updates at least every two days for the first week or so and after that I will (have to) fall back to two or three a week.

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    Jul 1, 2000
    OOC: Hey wasn't Byss destroyed in Dark Empire by the Galaxy Gun?

    Erian Serenni

    Vjun, Vendoran City

    Erian Serenni pursed his lips as he lowered the macrobinoculars from his eyes, listening with half an ear to his companion's musings on the target's intentions and plans. Locating an elusive and traitorous Seer would not be easy. The Unifying Force was strong with them and often were given fair enough warning if the Force was willing. "There is no escape for her," he simply said and narrowed his dark eyes at the cityscape. "As long as we continue to control the spaceport and skylines, she is trapped here."​

    The young Jedi ran a hand through his dark brown, almost black, short-cropped hair and reached back for the hood of his cloak. "A shadow may hide from the light, but her very presence can still be felt within the Living Force. Every action she takes shall have repercussions, great or small, like throwing a stone into a calm pond and the ripples cascading outward to impact other objects within the pond, creating more ripples. Stretch out your feelings and search for those ripples. We will find her."​

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    Aug 19, 2007
    ooc: Yes, it was. I actually meant Vjun, Vaders Ex-planet, where the acid rain make the whole life so beautiful. I always mixed those up. Sorry, about that. Should have checked on Wook beforehand. I edited my post accordingly.
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    IC: Arek Longstar
    Dropship Force "Atlas," Nesrun

    [blockquote]Standing in the bay of the heavy dropship, Arek struggled for balance as each flak burst rocked the vessel. He held a nearby grab-bar with an iron grip and studied a holoprojector in his other hand. It displayed a 2D map of the continent on which the battle was taking place, with a small real-time overlay of the furious clash taking place for Nesron’s Citadel of Government. Two glowing lines, one red, one blue, seemed to fuse together as hundreds of meters below the 115th Army was about to be overrun.

    I only hope we got enough through. He stared into a nearby bulkhead as he briefly lamented the vessels he had to sacrifice once the final run of the dropship wing had been ordered. He could still feel the battleships through the Force as they broke apart in the upper atmosphere miles above.

    The Imbued General Hertstrom looked to him, The Sith have attacked early, Sir. If The Sun Knightdoes not do his job, the Sith might already have taken the landing zone and we have to move out under fire!

    Before Arek could answer, he caught the general’s gaze as it fell on the nearby Lora Skywalker. The fact that she was in this attack could prove to be a good omen for the infantry, if the organic automatons that were the Imbued respected such things.

    Without warning, the crimson ready-lights bathed the troop bay in a sickening hue. One minute.

    “This is it!” He yelled to the soldiers over the engines and airbusts outside, and stuffed his holoprojector into his belt pocket. His hand instinctively touched upon a small pouch secured there as well, and he felt at once a surge in the Force, an old memory and a reminder of a different self. This attack had to succeed. If he died here, he would leave far too much unfinished. He felt as much through the Force every time he meditated.

    “Stand...up! Check the man in front of you!” Longstar screamed to the seated Imbued, as there was very little time left before hitting the drop zone, which would most likely be filled with hostiles. To a single being, they rose and began ensuring their equipment was secured and ready for combat.

    He pulled down his black hood and leaned over to Skywalker, keeping his voice just above the roar, “This landing zone’s going to be overrun, everyone knows the rally point, the key is getting as many as we can there in one piece.” Breaking out of tactical mode for just a split second, he added in a warm tone, “Give them a few words. I’ll link the comms in to the rest of our dropships.”[/blockquote]

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    IC: Callista
    Vjun, Vendoran City

    Callista answered the Miraluka’s claim with a sigh. “There is more than one way to detect someone, believe me, I know from experience.” She held up a projector to go over the topography of the area they were in when she realized, again, her charge was blind. Sliding the projector back in its pouch she pulled up the map in her own memory instead.

    The most obvious routes were cut off and a direct assault on the spaceport was out of the question. She could get off planet if she could get to her ship, nifty things cloaks. The problem with a cloak though was, they’re not useful if you’re not in the ship to use it. Even though she could fly the ship from where it is, cloak and all through her command link to it, she’d still have to decloak it to lower the ramp and then they would be the biggest target for anti-air defenses and every Jedi on this quadrant of the planet while they tried to board, if they could even find a place to land the ship at all.

    She needed some other way of getting into the spaceport, or at least avoid being caught long enough for them to think she'd moved on. She also needed to do it without getting too much attention.There was really only one true viable option beyond abandoning her ship, which by this point she was not going to do after having it so long. “I hope you don’t mind the smell of city infrastructure.” She said to her ‘package’ as she turned to head down the alley knowing the Miraluka would follow. “We’re going spelunking.”

    Tag: Sir_Draco Ramza & Others Involved

    OOC: It's not specifically mentioned, does Callista know the nature of Saya, beyond being a Miraluka and able to use the Force (she'd recognize that much)?
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    IC: Mufasa Odi
    Nesron, the ruins of a former Capital

    They ran through the ruins, many bodies but single minds. There were three pairs to their minds, and one mind to all. Each group was made of a dozen, and it was uncomforible for the mounts, their numbers were too many, but it mattered little to the Jostrun rider that rode them all, it mattered little to Mufasa what his mounts felt at the moment. Their uncertainty and their unease gave way easily to fear and desire. All around them was the force and it's users, even within the mounts, and so they always hungered, they snarled at the restraining nerves that kept them in check.

    Leaping over ruins, using them as luanching points to stay near the head of the attack he kept his mounts focused on the battle ahead. On the Jedi and their monsters, standing as a shiny mirror of his and his sith masters darker glean. Then he felt it, heard it, knew it. His Master bid him to feed, of the fear and death to draw it like a sweet ambrosia into him and he did as he was told. Not because it was right, but becuase it felt so good.

    His mounts bayed as they surged to the of the lines, the Jedi so close that their taste in the force was tantilizing the mounts. Then like the beasts he was, and the beasts he rode they spat of one accord high into the air their acid saliva, letting it rain upon the Jedi mere moments before the clash. To the sky or the line, they could not all contend both, as each of the three groups of a dozen closed and launched a sole member one seen without a helmet. These would not be killed unless necesarry, these would be the mounts of confussion if the three mounts could lock their mouths to theirs and alow him to slither three bodies behind the line.

    The rest remained the pace after throwing that single member ahead and dashed upon them. Jaws snarling, hands grappling to control the weapon arms as the legs shredded at the sides and armpits of the suits, and questing tails searched out seams inwhich to shove themselves to poison the enemy. Then all his strength would go to the next targets, there would be wounds, but the pain merely caused a surge with fear and hate so primal that he was filling with it all to the point of bursting. And burst some would on purpose if the Sith started to loose, but such as not his task yet. Only the battle, only the thrill, only the un-ending hunger being filled by these moments.

    With great pleasure this all flashed before him as his mounts sank out of the force in that final moments of flight and leaping unto the line. Whether shock or terror flashed upon the target soldier faces were hidden by their helmets, only his own mounts faces shown with bared fanges yet reflected back. It was exquisit! Even if one died, it was a joy, the pain and horror even their deaths could unleash was sound and hard bought.

    Today, when all was said and done, his mounts would feast on the bodies of the Jedi and the Sith slain. If he succeeded in taking a Jedi as a mount then they would be tormented to watch helpless after the battle as new fresh mounts ate them and he once more reentered his rightful place, within this beast, within this mount made for him, to be fully JoKri-Voxyn, rider and mount as one.

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