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  1. spycoder9

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    Jul 23, 2008
    GM Approved

    Name: Myrah

    Age: Mid fifties

    Occupation: Smuggler


    Special skills: She is an accomplished pilot, having some practice in her life prior to now. She also possesses some sort of almost "calming ability" on people. It comes in handy when dealing with anxious mothers or frightened children.

    Bio: Myrah, nicknamed "Spirit" after her many years of travel, originates from. . .nowhere exactly. Even those who knew her twenty years before are unsure about both her originating planet and her family. She rarely mentions anything about them, and if she does it only comes in snippets and hints. To many she is a friendly, warm middle aged lady who just happens to have her own form of trasnportation during these hard, war weary times. But to those that actually know her profession, she is more than that sweet older woman. Alongside her co-pilot Yaka (a deaf Togrunta boy whose family was murdered at the beginning of the war), Myrah heads into the areas that are soon to be plagued by war and rescues Force-sensitive children, or even those that are assumed to be drafted. She's been in several tight positions before, and might just continue to have them for the duration of the war. Though it is assumed she doesn't approve of either the Sith or the Jedi, she has never been known to say a bad word about the Jedi. Simply because of the goodness associated with them. . .or is it something else?

    Name: Terryn Kae

    Age: mid twenties

    Occupation: Jedi Warrior


    Special skills: Lightsaber wielder, Force user, strong muscled type, can fly a ship fairly well if need be

    Bio: Terryn has lived his whole life in debt to the Jedi. His mother was a talented Jedi Knight, very intune with the Force. She didn't always agree with growingly aggressive tactics of the Order, but once her son was born and almost taken from her hands by the Jedi, she was forever in debt. Terryn remembers only snippets of his mother, for when he was about two years old, his mother was assigned on an undercover mission of which she never returned from. When Terryn grew older, the masters told him she had become one with the Force, though at the hands of the Sith. A passion burned inside of him from then on that grew and grew with age. He became a promising pupil, bred from childhood to be a battlefield threat.

    A major influence in his cold and brutal development was his master. Strong, stubborn, and ruthless, his master was almost a perfect Jedi for the times. He had already trained two before Terryn, and both were moving up through the ranks rather quickly. Much was expected from Terryn, and though none of the other Order members knew, the excessive training was borderline torture. And yet, somehow Terryn justified it in his head. If he trained now, and grew strong, he might just be able to slaughter the Sith that killed his mother.

    During his "trials" his dreams were fulfilled - or at least sated. A Sith Knight, doing her own type of investigating on some backwater planet, was felled under his blade. Not before she managed to cut a long, narrow gouge on his cheek with a piece of shattered glass. The scratch would continue to stay on his face, a reminder of what he had accomplished and what he was capable of.

    The war of the Jedi and Sith was his calling, and he knew it. He became a vicious warrior, something his former master had encouraged. He became what was now the average Jedi, the new Jedi.
  2. Mikaboshi

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    Jul 12, 2005
    Valdiirn, The Sun Knight
    Nesron, the ruins of the former capital

    Amidst the carnage and ruin of the former capital what was left of the 115th army of the Republic stood poised to make their last stand against the oncoming hordes of the Sith, it was no coincidence that Valdiirn stood at the front of those assembled. Slowly, over the past few weeks they had been able to hold the Sith back, but the cost had been great. By most estimates the dead of the Jedi alone stood at over nine hundred thousand, only the Force knew how many Sith dead could be added to that total.

    Historians would surely record what had happened here, one day, for now however the struggle was not yet over. Behind him stood nearly ten thousand men, though most likely to the point of exhaustion and morally devastated, to a man he knew they would not break unless death delivered them to the Force. After all, what choice did they have? The Sith had assembled the bulk of their might and even as he stood there he watched their approach, there was nowhere to run, no more retreats to be made. Echoing his thoughts the Devaronian Jedi, Janus Belron, hissed “May the force be with us.” Valdiirn looked his way briefly, though through the visor of his battle helm his face could not be seen, he knew the Devaronian would sense his agreement.

    The Devaronian looked toward another nearby, Valdiirn believed his name was Janus, and asked “How do those fighter pilots, used to say?" with a smile, without waiting for either to answer he looked back at the approaching Sith, “Here they come.” At this point Valdiirn knew he should be calm, one with the Force, but he wasn't. He was excited, in fact eager. Regardless of the countless deaths he had witnessed, of the deaths he had delivered, he felt more alive than at any point before. All his life he had read of his ancestors, and only dreamed that one day he would share the same warriors heritage. The Echani and Thyrsians both shared a heritage of violence, though he was Thyrsian the two species were alike in almost all ways except physical appearance, it was believed they were in fact offshoots of the same core race and he counted both as ancestors.

    It was this heritage, more than any training he received by the Jedi, that led him to believe that he was born for exactly this. Glorious battle. Though he may die here, he intended to do as his race has always done, bring terror and death to those who opposed him. Was that the Jedi way? He didn't think so. If he had the time to contemplate and calm his blood he would in fact argue that it wasn't, but in the midst of battle? He honestly didn't care. In this moment, the differences between a Jedi and a Sith was insignificant. None of the demagoguery or nuances of the opposing sides mattered, what did matter was survival, at all costs.

    The strong would survive. One way or another, Valdiirn would survive.

    Time seemed to suddenly slow down, as the shadow of the opposing forces came ever closer the Knight's senses sharpened and his focus became narrower. He looked one last time to those allies nearby, though not their faces, he did not want to see their fear and despair. Lending the Force to his voice the words he spoke rose above the ever growing din of the approaching Sith army, "We stand here together, let no Sith break our lines!" He raised his left arm, his lightsaber hilt held firmly in his grasp, and lit his blade of pure white light. In the dust and dusk of the devastated planet it shown like a beacon to enemy and ally alike, he held it for a brief moment before sweeping it downward towards the oncoming Sith, then began to slowly, and calmly walk forward.

    "Adventure, excitement. A Jedi craves not these things." A voice from the past seemed to echo through the Force, if that was so then maybe he was not a true Jedi.

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  3. SirakRomar

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    Mar 30, 2007
    Lora Skywalker
    Group "Atlas" Dropships, Above Nesron

    A meaningless planet with people living meaningless lifes, touched by the force they would never be aware of . . . the war was almost a blessing, Lora thought. It would make this planet ring out through cenutries and right into the heart of the republic everybody would know what happened here today.

    They were all dead, the people who had lived here. Below were the Jedi and their troops. Below were her brothers. And then there were the Sith. Lora knew who they had brought here and she knew they would not be allowed to win this battle, or the Goridan Reach would be theirs. And from this point on, with the damage such a defeat would be for the morale and the navy of the Jedi, they invasion of the republic would probably begin . . . Lora would not allow it. The Order would not allow it. The Force would not allow it.

    “This landing zone’s going to be overrun, everyone knows the rally point, the key is getting as many as we can there in one piece.” Arek was speaking and she answered his words with her eyes snapping oipen, looking at him ,as she slowly pushed herself from her sitting position to her feets. Soldiers redied themselves. The Sith below were indeed approaching their target zone fast, the force screamed out in the awareness of the coming danger. Arek added and Lora looked at him, as her thoughts started running. “Give them a few words. I’ll link the comms in to the rest of our dropships.” She nodded.

    "I´ll do." She smiled and took her lightsaber from her belt. 45 seconds? Maybe. She went over to the aftramp, making sure nobody was too close to it, while the ships were still dropping into the atmosphere. "This is it, soldiers, brother of the Jedi, Imbued. This is it. We win or loose. We stand or fall. We rise or we . . . crumble. Nesron will be the place where this war will one day be said to have . . . changed. And I intend to change it in our favour. The force is with us. I know that. The force is withus and now, my brothers . . . go out there! Go OUT AND KILL ´EM ALL!" She hit the button of the ramp and looked at Arek with one of those wild smiles she was famous for. "See you in thirtys seconds, Commander. And I wouldn´t worry. The landing zone will not be overrun." She said with a nod and as the backthrusters of the ship began to slow it´s fall, she allowed herself to be doaked out into the nigthtsky and used the force to strengthen her body and slow her fall, just enough for her impact to hit the sith harder than her . . .

    She wanted to feel their rage dissolve and turn into the terror of the dying . . .

    "WAAAAAAAR!" She screamed out into the air, as the ground came closer with every splitsecond.

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  4. Sarge221

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    Sep 9, 2006
    Vencin Dermun
    Nesron, Ruins of a Former Capital

    Its easier when its like this.

    Here, Vencin could see where the battle lines were drawn. On their side, in the ruined domed citadel, was the 115th Army of the Republic. Jedi, Imbued, and other personnel lined the battlements and awaited for the opposition that came charging at the other side; the Sith and their own machines of war. Here you can see the light and dark, easily separated and coming together only to see who would be left standing in the battle that would transpire. Like the hundreds, perhaps thousands, of skirmishes and battlefields that had been formed during this long war where the light and dark fought with equal savagery, this was just another meeting between long-hated enemies to see who was truly superior.

    With the light on the one side and the dark on the other, it was hard to shift your focus to anywhere else. Not what was caught in between, not what was being crushed into dust beneath the very feet of both forces.

    Nesron. Had anyone heard of this world before? If he was to be honest, the young Jedi never did until he received his next assignment. But today it was to be the latest center of conflict, supposedly where - depending on the winner - the war can shift in the favor of either faction. As motivating and important as that was to the ones who would be doing the fighting, Ven had wondered about one question that had come unbidden to him while looking at a holographic display that monitored the constantly shifting battle lines.

    Then what does that make those other battlefields? Meaningless? Wasteful if its only Nesron that's going decide who will be the victor and the other the defeated?

    The more reasonable part of his mind was quick to reprimand him. Of course they weren't. Those battlefields all held varying degrees of tactical significance whether for supplies or recuperation that would factor into places like Nesron where the supposed turning point was to take place. Nonetheless, Ven wondered if there had been any commanders that had said the same thing about any of those previous battlegrounds; that one of them was supposed to have been the "turning point" and yet the war continued on and you found yourself being sent to another planet that's supposed to change the war depending on the victor.

    He was only eighteen though. Still a Padawan; young and, thus, not old enough or smart enough to figure out where the sense was in all of this. Many of the other Jedi here had fought longer, had survived much more, and most likely knew so much more then he did. He should be worried about the fight that was only seconds away from initiating between the Jedi and the Sith and not focusing so much on this piece of masonry that he held in his hand. There was nothing special about it. It was just one piece out of the many others - all in varying shapes and sizes - that were scattered around this shattered citadel. This citadel had once been a place of government for the lives that were born and raised upon this world. But now this capital was a ruin, its people dead.

    Its easier when you have to worry about your survival and not the ones who didn't survive.

    So start focusing!

    Dropping the rock back to its resting place, Ven looked out to the battle where he should be paying attention. His thoughts of the dead were put to the side as the more immediate situation sprang back up to the forefront of his mind. Here the Republic was making its last stand within the destroyed capital of Nesron. If the Sith were to overrun them they would come under the possession of an installation that could send the Republic fleeing not only from Nesron but the entire Gordian Reach. The Sith would hold a key stretch of space that would allow them to invade further into Republic territory where more Republic worlds and people would be attacked and decimated.

    And Ven and the Jedi fighting with him would be dead as well of course. He had to make sure that, that won't happen.

    He glanced at the shattered debris of the citadel and no unnecessary thoughts came to his mind. Just an idea. The reason for the Jedi defenders being here was to hold back the Sith long enough so that the rest of their reinforcements and equipment can be set up and used to turn them back. But that didn't mean that they couldn't improvise their own form of weaponry. Why only wait until the Sith were on them to strike at them?

    A dirty and scratched hand rose towards one of the larger pieces and Ven concentrated. This was hardly the first battle that he had been a part of. His robes were in less better shape; torn, charred, and caked in whatever filth one could find on the battlefield. The vest of composite armor that Vencin wore over his robes was similarly scarred with one or two dents that signaled where the metal had managed to deflect a couple blaster bolts. He hoped that it would still work just as well in this battle.

    "Lets not just wait until they get here," Vencin spoke to Janus, the Devaronian Jedi that had seen the same kind of action Ven had since coming to this planet. "Help me with this."

    His teachers tended to tell him that his potential with the Force was impressive but Ven nonetheless needed the help to turn this now hovering piece of large masonry into a deadly missile as a primitive form of artillery. Hopefully other Jedi would've thought the same thing and maybe repeat this maneuver. Ven doubted it would do much - if any at all - damage to the Sith in the long run but they had to make use of everything available to them. The Sith had become adept at this, not only using droids but abominable beasts of their own creation that even Ven thought he could catch sight of within the charging Sith force. If this Battle of Nesron was going to be the one to change the war in the Republic's favor, they had to do whatever they could to win.

    And if that his side Ven's thumb pressed against the activation stud and a yellow blade of pure light came to life while a chorus of snap-hisses echoed all around him as other colors of lightsaber blades sprang to life; ready to smash against the deadly red blades of the Sith.

    "We stand here together, let no Sith break our lines!"

    They won't, Vencin mentally declared as the battle and not only his life but the lives of his fellow Jedi help him focus. There was no room for any unnecessary thoughts now.

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  5. HanSolo29

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    Apr 13, 2001
    IC: Thom Stett
    Coronet City, Corellia

    There was no rest for the weary. The repercussions of war were being felt across the galaxy and Corellia was no exception. While things appeared calm and orderly on the surface, Thom Stett couldn't ignore the rumblings that were quickly traveling throughout the Five Worlds. In fact, it could even be said that the entire system was slowly beginning to splinter apart.

    The Jedi and their government were forever a nuisance and when they proposed the option of drafting Selonian warriors to their cause, Selonia took it upon herself to agree to the request without consulting Stett's office. This action caused a state of unrest between the Selonians and the Drall and if the reports were true, the Drall were now seeking retribution. And that little tidbit was only the first item on his list for the day...

    Thom rubbed the bridge of his nose and sighed as his aide continued to rattle off the long list of items that were in need of his attention. The Selonians were reaching out to him in response to the Drall's actions, certain members of Selonian society wanted to voice their concerns about the transfer of their people to the Jedi, some junior representative wanted to discuss the plans for a new destroyer class, the Agricultural Ministry had a concern regarding water levels and blah, blah, blah...

    The words were beginning to run together and Thom raised his hand to stop the aide in mid-sentence, when two names in the entire list caught his attention. Narrowing his eyes, he sat up a little straighter in his chair and listened more intently as the aide described a man who wanted to speak with him under the sponsorship of Qualian Sale. Curious. Sale, the former intelligence director of Corellia, had gone missing years ago at the start of the war.

    But it got better. The aide went on to mention a man that their analysis reports identified as a Jedi Knight. Odd that the Jedi would only send a single representative to speak with him in such tiring times. Besides that oddity, Thom did not recognize the name. Perhaps it was a member of one of his...other contacts.

    Thom did not have to mill over the possibilities for very long before his mind was made up. Leaning forward, he tapped the button on his comm to pass along his decision to the aide. "Inform...Leele Tane that I will meet with him immediately if his clearances are in order and have the young man under the sponsorship of Mr. Sale to be standing by. That is all."

    Straightening his jacket, Thom stood from his desk and moved to the floor-to-ceiling window to glance out at the sprawling city beyond.

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    Aug 19, 2007
    Nesron, The Battle of Ruins

    The two armies met and the humming of a thousand lightsabers, the yells and screams of terror and anger and the agony oft he dying mixed in the nightwinds and carried the desperate screams of war over the remains oft he city.

    Valdiirn hit the enemy lines first, as he had moved forward moments before the impact came. And he was met by the hissing lightsabers of the two leaders of the first wave. Red-faced creatures, tattooed and wielding their blades with deadly precision, the two Sith obviously belonged to the warrior caste among their enemies. Circling him, jumping back and force to snap their blades down on The sun Knight, they quickly made themselves the room to fight this leader of their enemies.

    While the rest of the Republic soldiers were pushed back. In their black armor the soldiers were the first line among the Sith to lead the attack. But just before they were to enter the first line of defense the first giant piece of debris smashed into them. Then a second, as another Jedi followed Ven´s example. Janus had helped Ven immediately, as he understood what he tried to do. And indeed the attack slowed down the Sith . . .but as a third, larger piece of debris was send their way, it just stopped mid air and shattered into a thousand pieces. And then even those seconds were over and the Sith Imbued were there. Black forcepikes, lightsabers taken from fallen Jedi and Sith over the month and long alchemically enhanced blades rained down on them, as the Jedi were attacked by a dozen or so enemies. Janus stepped forward and took lead in their attack, slicing down two of the attackers, as they were pressed into his defense. Ven was attacked by an Imbued with a red lightsaber, who leaped over the wall protecting the first line and slashing down on him. He was fast and agile, while certainly not having Ven´s potential, he would certainly possess a lot more experience, as the man scars on the obsidian metal of his armor proofed. A fourth, a fifth jumped over the wall, meeting Chiss, grey armored Imbued by the Republic and more Jedi. Chaos spread and it was impossible to say how many died. Behind the line a two-legged walker crumbled, as if an giant invisible hand had closed around him. Explosions among the Sith attacking lines ripped holes into the offense, as the AXT Walker fired several laser salvos into their approaching forces. Yet, the first line suffered heavy losses . . .

    On the eastern side of the defense line the Mount and it´s rider Mufassa Odi arrived among the first there and as he and his pack leaped over the stones and walls he felt the fear of the enemy rise. And then came the impact and the first the lines of Chiss was grabbed and brought down. The blue-skinned humans began to withdraw immediately. Their shots fired into the strange beasts had only temporary effect and even that vanished, when red bladed Sith arrived among them, reflecting blaster fire back into their ranks. And then suddenly the first of the red sabers fell to the ground and before they knew what happened a second. It was not even a Jedi, but a man in an armor, wielding a force pike and his pale eyes betraying his nature as a simple Imbued. But artificial or not, the force was with him. “Come dog, let´s see if you can work for your food!” The man, bald-headed and with a scar over his eye, grinned at Mufassa Odi and he raised his pike so it pointed at the Mount . . .

    And right behind Mufassa Odi, probably unseen by him, but not by the Jedi farther behind, something hit the ground and the impact send Sith, Imbued and a whole pack of hounds into the air and away, as the force unloaded and send a powerful waves into all directions. And in the small crater that the impact had produced Lora Skywalker raised to her feet. The Sith had awaited her, every one of them eager to claim her death for his own glory. Yet, now that they saw her in person, younger than expected, more fragile than thought, yet so much more powerful, they slowly withdrew from her.

    And from above the howling of engines consumed all noise on the field, as the dropships of the Republic landed right before the first line of defense . . . the sith awaited them already and as the ramp opened again Arek saw the red lightsaber of a Sith already activating and the man charging at him. Five shots of Imbued brought him down and then they artificial force-users did as Lora Skywalker had told them, they leaped out of the dropship, ready to kill ´em all.

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    Vjun, Venodran City, The Tower

    Lila looked at the senior knight and she did not try to hide her embarrassment or anger and frustration about her inabilities. “I am afraid I am not . . . attuned enough to do something like that.” She sighed. “But she won´t leave, that is right. So sooner or later, we will find her.”
    For Erian Serenni this was sooner, rather than later. Because as he only slightly shifted his focus a powerful presence basically leaped into his perception. Not powerful because of the raw ability to manipulate the force, no. But powerful, because she was filled, overcome by hatred. A presence bristling with the deadly cold of the Dark Side and yet burning with anger. A Jedi Inquisitor would see and recognize such a presence. Not one of a servant of darkness, no this one had recently fallen. This kind of powerful emotion . . . something very personal had happened to the Fallen Jedi. Something powerful. Something . . . that had to do with Saya. Erian could feel that much.
    Lila looked at her fellow Jedi and then back to the city. “You feel something, do you?” She asked.

    Tag: Commadr

    The eyeless Jedi Master, Callista had obviously recognized who she was, nodded in agreement. “That is why I quit being a shadow, most mission end down there.” She answered and then turned her head and looked into the distance. “We should hurry though, we have not been undetected. It´s just not Jedi who found us, not anymore.”

    And then there was a smile around her lips that could hardly be called anything but . . . knowing.

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    Aug 19, 2007
    Corellia, Coronet City, The Bureau of the Prime Minister

    “Yes, Sir.” The computer voice said and let Thom alone for a few minutes for himself. Below the city was sprawling with activity. Corellia had been left mostly alone by the Jedi and that had made it a sprawling center of commerce. One the Jedi had so far left untouched for reasons they were all just left to guess.

    To Thom´s left the security information showed that, curious enough, the Jedi Kngiht had given up his lightsaber, although by galactic law no agency could ask a Jedi to do so. He was unweaponed, unequipped with anything, but his robes as he entered. Of course this made a Jedi not harmless and that way why Calem Hale entered the room with him, standing next to the door, his hand near his balster. The bodyguard of Thom did never trust Jedi, but this one was certainly strange. In grey and white robes an aged man entered and gave a smile to the Prime Minister that could only be called . . . sardonic. “Prime Minister, I owe you my gratefulness for meeting me at such short notice.”

    Leela Tane offered his hand, another unusual gesture for a Jedi.


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    Mar 5, 2006
    IC: Callista
    Vjun, Back Alley

    Callista rolled her eyes and started down the alley. “Jedi, Sith, Mercenary it doesn’t really matter. I’ve dealt with all kinds in the past. All that matters now is getting you off this damnable planet so I can move on.” She looked back to make sure the Jedi was following her, “And frankly it’ll be a lot easier if you’d stow the sorcerous ways and mysticism and just come out and say things you detect, the sage wisdom show doesn’t really do it for me.”

    Using the copy of the cities layout stored in her memory she took them along a convoluted path through back alleyways until they came to an access point for the cities underground utilities system. Slipping her fingers into the recesses where a lever was normally used to pry the cover off she gave a hard pull and pried the cover from its hole. “Get in, and be quick about it. If we are being followed I would like to put as much foul smelling distance between us and them as possible.”

    When the seer had done as requested Callista climbed in after her pulling the cover back down onto the access point. The smell was much less offensive than she had anticipated, but considering she’d waded her way through Nal Hutta on a number of occasions that didn’t exactly speak much. There weren’t any lights however, forcing her to activate the night vision function of her eyes. “I want you to stay close. It’s a maze of tunnels down here and I don’t want to go hunting you down for taking a wrong turn. Understood?”

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  9. TatooineSunburn

    TatooineSunburn Jedi Youngling

    Sep 3, 2012
    Serith Hayon
    Coruscant, The Shady Wook
    Serith kept a portion of his glance on the interesting character behind Lira, without making it too obvious. Whether she could pick up on his shifting gaze or not, Serith didn't know, but it was out of concern for her safety as well as his own that he was making himself aware of the grey clothed man and his actions. He didn't mind getting himself into trouble as consequence of his dubious line of work, but he wouldn't allow others to risk themselves because of him.​
    The man in grey passed another look over to them, as though he knew they weren't here to simply partake in a bit of social drinking.​
    Serith spoke up over the ambience. “I am interested,” he said, his Coruscanti accent enunciating every syllable. “Who are we talking about here? That is, if you don't mind me asking.”​
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  10. Ramza

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    Jul 13, 2008
    Vjun, Vendoran City

    It was their own fault for chaining themselves to a dead corpse.

    That was how 655321 justified his work to himself. Theoretically they were all just as brainwashed as he had been, but they were too stupid to wake up. And if they didn't wake up, they were a danger to everything around them, all in the name of unquestioning devotion to a bunch of ideals that had long since given up the ghost. Sickening, really, he thought to himself, taking a drag on his roll of tabac. Jedi, Sith... it didn't matter anymore. They were all the problem. They all had to go.

    It wasn't personal. It was punishment.

    Of course, sometimes he wondered if Masaya thought of it that way. Yes, she had been the usual loyal follower on other assignments, she was usually very calm, but this time... not so much. She wanted this one too badly. That meant overeagerness. That meant mistakes.

    "Patience," he said aloud, as he examined the target through the binoculars. The target had apparently once been Masaya's mentor. Inconvenient. Too personal. "Obviously we don't want to lose her, but on the other hand, we can't take on that many of those Inquisition goons by ourselves. We're playing this a lot closer to the chest than I like."

    Another drag on the tabac roll. "I'd say our optimum strategy would be to bag and tag at the earliest opportunity. Isolate this problem from the issue with the star port. Maybe play really nice and deliver the corpse to the bad guys as an anonymous donor. Nothing says failure quite like someone doing more than your job for you."

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  11. BLemelisk

    BLemelisk Jedi Master star 4

    Aug 19, 2003
    IC: Arek Longstar
    Atlas Group, East Landing Zone, Nesron Ruins

    [blockquote]There was tension in the Force. So thick that Arek imagined he could reach out and grab hold of it. It whipped around in furious chords, being tugged at here and there by the wholesale deaths of many dauntless warriors. And his reinforcements were flying directly into it. This gave him pause enough to close his eyes and deeply inhale, preparing for what would probably be one of the more important fights of not only his own life, but the Jedi Order’s as well.

    The Republic pocket on Nesron was, for all intents and purposes, entirely surrounded by their Sith adversaries. He reach out mentally and followed Skywalker as she dove into the fray below, an excited ball of controlled fury. Arek was never excited for battle, per see. He viewed the winning of engagements as one might treat the winning of a match of dejarik. The man was never out of touch with the sentient and emotional element of war, but he possessed the calculating mind of a strategist. Brutal combination. It was something the Jedi Order of this day and age valued, but he had begun to question that very issue on a personal and philosophical level. Perhaps he needed to become a little more “human.”

    Sensing Lora as she impacted the landing zone, he turned to General Hertstrom “We have boots on the ground,” then added with a slight smirk, “Glad she volunteered for this.”

    He then pulled himself up to his full height as he could sense the imminent impact with the lifeless earth of Nesron. Pulling his midnight-black hood upon his head, as one might put blinders on a beast of burden, he transitioned into a self that knew only the raw crucible of combat and sacrifice: Longstar.

    A massive tremor shook the craft as it came to a halt in the planned landing zone, along with hundreds of others like it. For a moment, it seemed as if the noise of the battle outside had subsided at the unexpected arrival of the reinforcements of Atlas Group. The ready light blinked green just a second before the troop bay door lowered right in front of Longstar.

    The scene he was greeted with was that of utter destruction, with churning masses of sentience and sub-sentience vying for a chance to kill each other. Those nearest seemed paused in shock of the arrival of the reinforcements. They were all Sith, as their red sabers and hideous war beasts attested. After the passing of a few Force-dilated seconds of time, they resumed the carnage. He tried to sense the condition of the surely-nearby Skywalker, but was interrupted by the sight of a flashing red lightsaber, held by a determined Sith warrior as he charged the gangway.

    Longstar ignited his own bright blue blade, the only thing that might distinguish his black-robed form from a Sith in the coming struggle, intending to meet the attacker. However before he could, the Sith’s chest exploded, pierced by half a dozen bolts fired from the Imbued commandos behind him. A momentary victory, but even now more Sith rushed to storm the dropship. With precise command of the Force, he raised his free hand and swept the lifeless corpse from the gangway ramp. A quick follow-through sent a crushing Force wave into the attacking mob.

    Now was the precise time to attack, to use their momentum to link up all the dropship platoons and take the fight to the Sith.

    “Follow me!” he bellowed as he plunged down the ramp and into the chaos.[/blockquote]

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  12. CmdrMitthrawnuruodo

    CmdrMitthrawnuruodo Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Jul 1, 2000
    Erian Serenni

    Vjun, Vendoran City

    "Yes," came the affirmative and then he snapped open his eyes. "There is a presence here, full of hatred and darkness." He pursed his lips. There were no aspects to the Force, the Potentium explained that it was only within themselves. This person, he sensed, reeked of such hatred and anger, they stood out like a beacon already on a dark world. "A Fallen. Their anger is directed toward Master Saya, though I do not know in what way."​

    Stretching out once more to the Force, he had a feeling that this Fallen Jedi would be the key to finding their target. "The Force wills that we seek this person out. They will lead us to Master Saya. Come, Lila." With a flourish of his cloak, he spun on his heel to head down to the streets, keeping a sense on the Fallen Jedi and leading the way toward the person. Once they had come closer he intended to be discreet in observing the Jedi and see where this lead led him.​

    And once he found their target, he would eliminate the Fallen Jedi as well. This last thought he ignored, for now, the tingling sensation in the back of his mind, knowing perfectly well it was the Force protesting at the idea.​

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  13. spycoder9

    spycoder9 Jedi Master star 4

    Jul 23, 2008
    Terryn Kae
    Dropship “Atlas“, Nesron

    Sitting amongst the Imbued tasked with protecting him, Terryn unlatched his lightsaber and ran his hand across the hilt. He had killed many under this blade, and each face was permanently etched into his brain. The first though. . .the first flesh he had felt burn. . .the first life he had felt drained from its body because of him. . .her face was a part of him now. Her body had been covered in ugly tattoos, that he remembered clearly. And she had never stopped fighting, even when she knew she was going to die.

    Bakura hadn’t been as hard on Terryn as her death. Bakura was numbing. He had killed many, and even though he remembered faces. . .they were blurred in his memory. He didn’t want to remember them, and was lucky enough not too. Most of the time Bakura rarely crossed his mind.

    “Guess won’t be any worse than Bakura, will it?” And then comments like that had to be made. Coming from an Imbued made it especially hard. They were freaks of nature, to be honest. Not fully a regular person, but not a Force user either. They were the unfortunate men whose only purpose in life was top fight. Terryn could understand why children were being smuggled out of war zones to avoid becoming Imbued. “Then again, this time you’ll get to see the Sith you fight.” Another false statement created by the main guys to make the Jedi look more invincible, more like heroes. Terryn knew though that nothing could make a war look pretty on either sides.

    “Must be pretty bad.” Terryn gestured to the passionate and slightly bull headed Skywalker prancing about in front of them. “They had to call her in.” Which wasn’t saying much in Terryn’s mind. Just because she had a little Skywalker blood, that automatically made her the one meant to save them all. Terryn had doubted it from the start. Especially the rumor that she had never lost a battle. Apparently he had fought “invisible Sith” at Bakura. People lie.

    Before the Imbued Sergeant could say anything, the red light began to blink above them all. Unconsciously Terryn began to squeeze his hilt. One minute. The final, blood pumping moment before the battle. One of the other Jedi who had boarded the ship. . .Longstar, was it. . .began to holler at the Imbued to line up. And they did so. Lora Skywalker, with her eyes almost on fire, approached the airramp. Then she made a long speech, particularly uplifting. Seemed like something a Skywalker would say. It even stirred Terryn a little, but his stomach was already in knots.

    And then she was gone. Leaped out of the damn ship! It wasn’t bravado. It was stupidity in Terryn’s eyes. But he would never dare say something about the Chosen One.

    The dropship was landing. The moment it rocked as it touched the ground, Terryn’s lightsaber was open. He could hear the many clashes coming from everywhere really. It wasn’t even a second before they touched ground and a Sith had already activated their lightsaber at them. Several Imbued got him down, but still it seemed to be happening so fast.

    With a battle roar of his own, Terryn ran forward amongst the Imbued, lightsaber raised. He would kill all of them if he had too.

    For the Republic.

    For his mother.

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  14. Penguinator

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    May 23, 2005
    Zima Malkom
    Chandrila, Temple

    In many ways, Loa Baas was the man Zima could have been. Of similar talent and skill, and nearly identical in their dedication, these two men were still opposite sides of the coin. Where Loa maintained and kept strong the old ways, Zima had spent his life learning, searching, questioning.

    Yet at this moment, these things mattered little.

    Both could feel it, obviously; the changes sweeping across the universe, the fear, the worry.

    And yet there was something else.

    At one point, Zima's voice had been a gentle baritone. Ten years of silence had roughened it significantly, though, but had not dulled the warmth. "It is good to see you again, Loa."

    He closed the distance between them and laid a hand on his friend's shoulder. "It seems much has changed in my absence. But it is good to see you again, my friend. I cannot say that I didn't foresee events such as these. The path we walk now is a razor's edge."

    He sighed.

    "Somehow I seem to have gotten old. What good is an old, hopeful man in these days, eh?"

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  15. SirakRomar

    SirakRomar Jedi Master star 4

    Mar 30, 2007
    Lora Skywalker
    Battle of the Ruins, Nesron

    The impact had been felt by the Sith, but the force had made it as easy on her as falling into her pillow at night. She grinned, as she slowly raised her body from the crate looking at the Sith and their awe of her power. He green blade hissed alive and her grin grew broader. "Have you ever wondered how you would die, what circumstances would lead you to your demise and doom your souls to the dark pit that is your Master? Well, isn´t it nice this day brought you not only death, but also answers? You coming here, that is what sealed your FATE!" And with the last word she unleashed a powerful blow through the force into the ranks of the sith, like an invisble canonball. And she turned around and leaped forward, right into their ranks. Her hands, her arms did not give in to the force. Years of training and her attuned senses did the work no mind and muscles could possibly ever do for any living creature . . . and the blade hissed, cut and snapped . . . her body dodged and . . . danced . . . yes, that was what she did, she danced and it was dance of death, a ballet of destruction.

    Death had come to the Sith now. Death in shape of Lora Skywalker.

    And laughing . . .

    And dancing . . .

    She brought it to every single one of them. Death. All that this planet would hold for the Sith was death . . .

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  16. Sarge221

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    Sep 9, 2006
    Vencin Dermun
    Nesron, Capital Ruins

    With Janus's assistance, Ven was able to hurl the debris into the tide of Sith warriors. No defense of any kind seemed to have been erected against such a primitive weapon as the debris managed to sail undaunted through the air and smash into the masses of the dark side. The Padawan felt a measure of satisfaction. Not because of whatever number of Sith that may've perished but, rather, just the idea that this effort may buy them just a few more precious seconds as the Sith advance over at the impact zone was momentarily blunted. A few more Jedi apparently took his example, sending two more stone projectiles towards the Sith. The second one landed, meeting with the same results as Ven's strike. The third....the Padawan winced as that projectile disintegrated in mid-air. It seemed that the Sith decided to mount a defense.

    Not that they would have a chance to hurl anymore rocks at the Sith as the two armies finally met with one another. The impact of the two sides was like a shockwave through the Force that caused Ven to inwardly grimace. It was just a sudden explosion of fear, pain, death, aggression, and even fanatical joy which disturbed him the most. Blasterfire and explosions threatened to deafen him and, beneath all that, was the sound of lightsabers clashing against one another. A sudden chorus of death screams went through the Force as a walker was destroyed, crushed by what had to be the will of several powerful Force-users working together to turn all that metal against its occupants, the drivers and gunners having nowhere to go as their own machine crushed them to death. Another walker, stomping forward, replied with several salvos of lasers that started up another horrid symphony.

    It was nearly overwhelming and Ven almost didn't see the Sith coming. Fortunately, his danger sense prickled with warning that managed to be felt over all the chaos and the Padawan brought his yellow blade up in time to catch the red one of the Imbued Sith. More Imbued were leaping over the wall but they weren't Ven's problem right now. Instinct took over and Vencin removed a hand from his hilt to thrust it forward, summoning the Force to push his foe right back into the very wall that he had leaped over just a second ago.

    Instinct and training continued to guide him but something else fueled him: aggression, desperation, and the simple but powerful desire of wanting to live. His Jedi teachings kept it under control, to keep those emotions from overwhelming him, but Ven nonetheless used it to give his legs strength to propel himself forward, rushing towards his opponent with a battle cry as he switched back to a heavy two-handed grip to start smashing his weapon against the Sith to keep his back to the wall and allow Ven to overwhelm him with powerful strikes, starting with a savage strike from the left in an attempt to knock the Imbued's lightsaber away from his body so that Ven's follow-up would sever him in two.

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  17. HanSolo29

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    Apr 13, 2001
    IC: Thom Stett
    Coronet City, Corellia

    Security did their thing and even from his office, Thom was able to tap into their feeds whenever he saw fit thanks to the help of some cleverly placed cameras. He did that now, curious as to what business a lone Jedi would have with him and Corellia. The elder gentlemen looked innocent enough as his men patted him down, but what Thom found strange was his readiness to simply hand over his lightsaber. Either the man was overly confident in his abilities or he was not a Jedi at all and had been poorly versed in his role of imitating one. Regardless, Thom had to be cautious.

    With the screening complete, the entourage continued on to his office with his personal bodyguard, Calem Hale, at the lead. The hulking man entered first and took his customary spot beside the door, where he would remain, silently observing the proceedings without uttering a word. Thom gave a passing glance in his direction, a small gesture to acknowledge his presence before turning his full attention to their visitor.

    Leela Tane didn't exactly fit the stereotypical view of the Jedi. While he still wore the familiar robes of a Jedi Knight, that was where the similarities ended. Tane was getting along in years and he looked quite frail, so unlike the legendary warriors of old. But whatever confidence his outward appearance had bolstered was shattered when the old man smiled. There was something about that smile...something Thom did not like.

    “Prime Minister," the man began in an amiable tone. "I owe you my gratefulness for meeting me at such short notice.”

    The man extended his hand, another odd gesture for a Jedi. It gave Thom pause, but if there was anything he learned in this job, it was that appearances were everything. He had to stay true to the people and so, he slowly took the other man's hand in his.

    "A pleasure, Mr. Tane," he said coolly, offering a smile of his own. He released Tane's hand and gestured to a set of empty chairs sitting before his desk. "Please, have a seat and we can get started."

    Straightening his jacket, he moved around to the other side of the desk and lowered himself into his chair.

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  18. Mitth_Fisto

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    Sep 29, 2005
    IC: Mufassa Odi
    Nesron, The Battle Field's Eastern edge

    Having cleared the battlements he felt the pain of blaster fire filtered through three dozen minds and echoed in the three dozen that had been hit. Unlike other beasts or mounts his pained bodies merely paused, letting others advance as he healed before leaping back into the attack again. The armor of the imbued was a problem for him, as his nails skittered across armor plats and raking searching showed the seams not to be cheaply made to come apart form his talons insistant digging. Which left a few options, and so his members moved to another tactic. Three to an enemy they would cascade through the lines with the rest of the sith, one to graple the Jedi dogs arms into non-use, one for relief if the first was wounded in the attempt, and the third to grab hold and twist the heads with all it's strength and a small assist from the Force that was so full of fear and death to be intoxicatingly powerful to insure a clean kill. Then they would check the kill and target another.

    During the charge prior to this change in tactic a few pieces of himself had been flung ahead of the rest of him to target those without helmets, as often those were the leaders in the Jedi ranks. And he had found one. While the arrival of the other sith had scattered the remains of the token Chiss that he had gladly shredded, the falling of several Sith red blades caught this one piece of his single bodies attention. Curiously he looked at the exposed bald head and a single thought went through both mount and riders body soft spot. The Imbued taunted him, and weakly. Only as he prepared to launch at the Imbued and settle the battle between them did he suddenly find himself, and several other of his bodies launched flying into the air by something behind him.

    Normally this would be a bad thing, but as rider, and a beast there was two ways to approach this. Continue on as if it hadn't happened after healing whatever injuries occured from landing, or revenge. And revenge would be a thing served by the lines of sith most likely that were behind him. So he chose to guide his mounts to forget the Imbued with the bald head unless he saw him again, or the Jedi that had sent himselves flying. Instead he would use the distance into the Jedi lines that the launching provided to push ahead of the Sith to possibly pierce the lines to attack from the rear as a pack.

    Forward was the only way to go, unless all enemies were behind himselves.

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  19. TheSithGirly

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    Apr 26, 2007
    Zara Zorn
    Ship . . . then Corellia

    You grow, so does you anger. They promised her that on Korriban once. It had been a lie. Then again the same teacher told her everything was a lie and a truth. Most things both the same time. Yes, she remembered that one too. What was a teachers teaching worth if he told her it was a lie? She asked that once and the Sith Lord had laughed and looked down on her. Then he had nodded and said that for once someone was learning something.

    That teacher was her Master, Darth Lagore. Some called him a philosopher, some said he wasn´t truly Sith. Yet, he knew more about the Sith than the Dark Lord himself, probably. Whoever he was, whatever he was Zara had always been proud to be his student. And she already had known what to expect of him, until Corellia. There had been signs she had ignored. the training, the hpysical training that had suddenly been so important. Lagore was a great lightsaber duelist, yet he had only recently shared his knowledge with her. She had thought it was the war. She thought she was prepared in case she was send against his will . . . but it had been something different. He had known they were about to send here and also she did not understand what amde Corellia so important . . . it was. He had told her.

    Now he demanded preparation. She was prepared. But disobidience was nothing he deserved.

    "Yes, Master." She only replied and retreated with a nod, leaving Lagore and the other Sith alone to exchange their thoughts on the coming mission.


    Everything had went to plan. She had left the ship at the makred position on her way to the spaceport. Had her Master cut her way short or had he just tried to make sure she escaped and kept her eye on the mission when the Jedi got them? Well, the Jedi had not got them. There weren´t that many Jedi or Imbued here anyway. all the easier it had been to enter the Government area undetected and find her target. Penthouses had that little disadvantage. They were easy to find and the force made Zara one hell of a climber.Yet, when she reached the top f the metal giant of a Government building she was breathing heavy and cowered in the wind, pushing her cloak tighter around her. Her hand never left her lightsaber. She was not used to missions. 'She was well trained, overtrained for this, but she was not used to it. Exciting. Nervous. Something between those spread inside of her, as she saw the elder man enter the office of the Primie Minister and then . . . the Prime offering his hand.

    "Target in sight." She smiled. was it always that easy?

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  20. DarkLordoftheFins

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    Apr 2, 2007
    ooc: Leele or Leela? What is it? I´d pick Leele, because it sounds more like a guy. If it is Leela please correct me, Draco

    Leele Tane
    Corellia, Prime Minister´s office

    "Of course, I would not wish to waste anymore of your time as absolutely necessary." Tane looked around and reached out with the force. It was more a habit than a necessity, yet he felt watched. Of course he would be watched. This was the Prime Minister. Mayn people would watch him. Jedi. Sith. All things considered in between and at least a hudnred factions both regional and galactic. Politics. They were fun to watch from afar and probably exhausting if you were involved. Leele had given up on politics a long time ago. This was . . . a short comeback. For old days sake. And because he needed something only this game offered.

    "You might not be aware, but I recently have bought Corellian property. Colonial property to be precise. An asteroid. Former mining colony now . . . emptied by your mining companies. It makes for a nice place to set up things, if you like to be a bit outside the mainstream, you see?" He turned to the Prime Minister and gave him another generous smile. "We got something else in common. Despite us both owning Corellian Real Estate, I mean. We both are viewed by our friends and allies, the esteemed Jedi Order with a certain . . . suspision. Let´s say they honor us with critical review . . . of all we do." He lay his head to the side. "In both cases I am sure a complete misunderstanding."

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  21. Sir_Draco

    Sir_Draco Jedi Knight star 4

    Aug 19, 2007
    Vjun, Vendoran City

    “Certainly.” That was all the Jedi said and it was hard to say which of Callista´s comments it was she meant, but the Jedi stayed close as the two figures found and entrance into the sewers and made their way into the underground. The acid rain of Vjun made the canal system one of the less ordinary ones in the galaxy. It was actually clean, as the acid burned away all dirt. Yet there was biting smell everywhere.

    The two did not get far, then they heard they were not the only ones down there. There were . . . voices of children, echoing through the corridors. “Right in front of us.” The Jedi said, as she realized even for a droid the echoes would make it impossible to locate the source of the voices. “Twenty children and to very fearful adults. With weapons.” She said with a sad smile. Obviously she had made an ecducated guess what these people were. Childpushers, smugglers who brought children to safety before the Jedi could scan them for possible recruits.

    “Not sure if that will work. Isolating the problem. I think . . . she is looking for an escape route. Maybe heading to this starport. Dammit, if the Jedi get her first . . . “ Mesaya hissed out air and looked to 655321 with anger in her eyes. “Let us move. If she runs into the Jedi, I wanna make sure this kill is mine!” And she was already on her way to the edge of the roof. The anger distracted her, as she obviously did not see the Imbued patrol right below them in the street. A patrol they would certainly run into, if they just jumped down there now.

    Lila smiled. “Then let us seek them out and we will eliminate them and the Seer.” She spoke out the obvious conclusion. And Erian already felt the Fallen Jedi move. And now he even felt the hint of Saya nearby. “I´ll inform the Imbued to stand ready and surround the area and then we should move in.”
    Her orders would be carried out, the power of the Inquisiton would make sure of that and only a few minutes later they would be on the track of this Fallen Jedi. Yet Erian felt something in the force, something deeper and more profound. Vjun, Saya, all of this was connected to greater things which began moving in the second he found this Fallen Jedi. Something was beginning here today, something bigger than any single Jedi. And like all great things that began to move, the power of this made it probably impossible to stop it . . .

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    Coruscant, The Tavern

    Lira looked over her shoulder to follow Serith´s eyes, but was too professional to probe the bar. She just recognized something was there and returned to business, her hand sliding under the table. “We are talking about a Jedi. But he won´t be a hard one to get, he has sworn off violence, they say. Guy was at Bakura and bombing the planet made him a pacifist, they say.” She smiled. “Jedi put a bounty on his head, so did some private bidders. Only the Sith seem not to be interested in him. I was asked to collect that bounty for the Government. Well, paid. But as I said, might be a bit out of your comfort zone. He was last seen entered Coronet city.” And again that cooky smile of hers. “They want him dead or alive, but he is a Jedi, you know? One who does not fight anymore. I thought alive might be nice. So I thought of you.”

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    Chandrila, Temple

    Loa Bas sighed and nodded to Zima Malkom, giving his old friend a generous smile. “A sharp razor on which edge we´re dancing, certainly.” He acknowledged with a nod. “But an old hopeful Jedi might be what we need these days, for what I offer is something most Jedi have lost faith in. Hope.” He waved his hand and a holographic display of a planet appeared. Tython. Any Jedi would recognize it. “The seers are dead, all but one as far as my sources say. But their mission was not a failure. Right before the unknown attacker took their life they send a message into the Jedi´s command network. A message of great importance, although High Command does not see it that way.” He lay his head aside. If Loa fought with high Command over this the One had once more been silent on the matter. He allowed that conclusion to be made and sink in before he spoke once more. “There is a Chosen One. One who is meant to end this war and bring peace to the galaxy and balance to the force, once more. They send out the message they have seen a vision of this Chosen One and . . . he is not a Jedi.”

    Loa looked Zima straight into the eyes now. “I am afraid the Jedi consider this Chosen One a threat. But I think he is our last and only hope. I need you to find him and . . . help him, fulfill his destiny. I need you to intervene once more, old friend. I need you because . . . in my quickly shrinking ranks of friends you are the only one I can ask such a favor and . . . because I believe this is the will of the force, revealed to us through the Seers in their final hour.”

    Hearing the High Priest of The One talk about a Chosen One, another Chosen One but THE ONE was almost blasphemy. Yet in the man´s eyes there was . . . hope. And hope was all they had left now.

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    ooc: Battle of Nesron comes later tonight or tomorrow.
  22. Mikaboshi

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    Jul 12, 2005
    Valdiirn, The Sun Knight
    Nesron, The Battle of Ruins

    In battle, everything seemed to happen too fast. There was very little time for thought, instinct ruled the day. Those that had it lived, those who didn't died. It was the most simple rule of mass combat, really it was the only rule.

    Valdiirn had few gifts as a Jedi. He was no prophet or healer, he lacked any skill at all in the field of diplomacy and he was a sub-par pilot. What he did have, was ample ability with his lightsabers. He had trained his entire life with them, so much that they were the reasons that he was not as well rounded a Jedi as he should be. Every free moment he had was spent with those blades, in his culture the fight was as much a way of communication as speaking and very early on he learned to speak through his weapons.

    Instinct he had, physical strength and speed he had. Valdiirn was born for this very moment, the challenge of life or death, the chaos of battle.

    Almost immediately after the lines of Sith and Jedi slammed together with violent force his opponents were upon him, two Sith, leaders of their wave, red faced and tattooed warriors with lightsabers whirling in a blur. They circled him, moving rapidly back and forth as they jumped around. Their red blades darted and hissed at him like striking vipers, testing their range and searching for an opening. To his enemies The Sun Knight was a blank symbol, something he hoped caused, behind his mask he was smiling. He relished the danger, not knowing if this would be his last moment of life, nor caring if it was.

    As the two Sith positioned themselves the Jedi took advantage of their seeming hesitation to attack, giving no second thought to the warnings against aggression that his teachers had tried to instill in him he activated his second lightsaber. With a flash it was with him, an old fact at times those lightsabers seemed to be his only friends. Valdiirn focused on nothing, and everything, as he let his mind go blank. He was a predator, nothing more, and he was set on bringing down the prey before him.

    He collected the Force to himself for a brief moment to fuel his strength, speed and endurance, and a little extra for the attack he was to release upon the Sith. As quickly as it was gathered a portion was released in a powerful radius blast. It was not a focused maneuver, rather one that would clear the area of all those not ready, and hopefully one if not both of the Sith leaders near him. He suspected it would be enough provocation to cause them to attack, the predator always let his prey make the first move....the first mistake.

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  23. CmdrMitthrawnuruodo

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    Jul 1, 2000
    Erian Serenni

    Vjun, Vendoran City

    "We cannot wait on the Imbued," he replied, his pace quickening the moment he sensed the Fallen on the move. "I can feel her near the Fallen, but where exactly..." Erian shook his head before focusing his attention forward again. "I need to get closer." There was something happening, something the Force was telling him that was far too important. He could tell it centered around this Fallen Jedi and the Seer and even this wretched planet.​

    Once he stepped out into the streets of Vendoran City, the Jedi Inquisitor pulled the hood of his cloak over his head to ward off the acidic rain that seemed to constantly fall on this planet. He knew it had to do with the dark experiments the natives had done centuries ago, experiments that had driven them all mad and tainted the entire surface of the planet with darkness. He disliked this place for more reasons than simply because it was tainted though.​

    Erian stretched out in the Force in search of the dark beacon that was the Fallen Jedi and used her as an anchor to try and grasp onto the faint hint of Saya's own presence in the Force. It was frustrating. It felt like trying to remember a word on the tip of the tongue. It was there and yet it was not. Elusive, like a shadow. He scowled at the analogy before turning his glare on to an Imbued nearby, "Get a speeder now."​

    "Something is happening, Lila," he said as he waited impatiently. "The Force has started something important and Saya, this Fallen and this planet are all connected to whatever it is that has begun." He wondered, though, what it could possibly entail. He hoped it would lead to the end of this war.​

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  24. Kahn_Iceay

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    Mar 5, 2006
    IC: Callista
    Vjun, Sewers

    Right in front of them was an overstatement, if they had been she’d have seen them. She could certainly hear them though. She glanced around the corridor in front of them. She had what most organics would call an augmented reality HUD, though for her it was simply how the world has always been for her. It displayed a lot of information that was useful in her profession, targeting reticules, sensor display, even echolocation. The kids the Jedi detected weren’t appearing anywhere.

    Down here her sensors were restricted to about 10 meters, so either the group was beyond that or, if they were Childpushers like she thought, they had a portable sensor jammer. Echolocation was equally useless due to the amount of times sound actually bounced before getting to her. A simple thought shut that system out of her perspective for now. “They’re smugglers,” she told the Jedi in a low voice, “Most likely anyway, I’m sure you know the kind. They’re helping kids avoid your kind.”

    Callista checked her blaster’s charge and made sure the suppressor was secure. She also made sure it was on its stun setting. Normally she wouldn’t expect problems from Childpushers, she made a habit of helping them when she could, but she had a bit of an issue with that right now considering she was pushing a Jedi herself. “If you could be so kind as to not broadcast that you’re a Jedi I’d appreciate it. I doubt they’d like to come face to face with the people they’re trying to avoid and I don’t think they’ll understand that you’re trying to get away yourself. Not until after shooting starts anyway. So you’re just some normal blind woman understood?”

    She holstered he blaster, preferring to appear peaceful than ready for war, and started forward. “Let’s go say hi, and go along our merry way, unless of course there’s the chance we’re all going to the same place.”

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    IC: Darth Korsin

    The Sith Lord known as Darth Korsin knew much about the mottled orb that they were approaching. Corellia was a rebellious world, and had long been. To think, sixty years ago, it was a peaceful one. And now the war without end had commenced again. But it was unlike the Old Sith Wars, or the so-called Star Wars, where there had been periods of peace, be it a few years at a time. One side would have been organised enough to acknowledge a defeat, and retreat for a spell - usually the Sith - and then there would be a collective breather for the galaxy.

    This had not been the case, here. Sith factions, Jedi Lords, Mandalorian kingdoms, arising and falling, fighting and dying, without any sense or logic or scheme. Just an overwhelming surge by both sides to secure and control and consolidate and crush...

    ... it would last forever.

    To think that the end of Echo would see this happen.

    He shook his head, and turned to his colleagues. Darth Lagor was being as mysterious as ever, and the youngster, Zorn, was of little interest with him. Lagor was distracted, and Korsin found that, too, interesting. History was his element, but Lagor seemed to be looking into the future instead.

    Korsin did not immediately respond, instead focusing upon the arrival of their vessel, passing customs and the like. He nonetheless mused. As such, he instead took a position separate from Zorn, further back. As was his custom, he drew himself into the Force, but his skills at such matters were minimal. Lagor would keep him in check if need be. The complex that Zorn had pierced the defenses was not without technology, nor men to defend it. Standing with Lagor, Korsin decided to respond.

    "We do in-fact destroy. That's what we are best at. Tearing things down..." Korsin pursed his lips. "But we also build, once we have won."


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