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  1. TatooineSunburn

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    Sep 3, 2012
    Serith Hayon
    Coruscant, The Shady Wook

    A Jedi, she said. How interesting. He'd heard of the Jedi, of their many triumphs and defeats. They were contradicting in their ways, but what they stood and fought for was valiant, even if he never really understood them. Cryptic, but wise and very gifted, they were no easy targets for an up and coming hunter like him, even moreso thanks to his refusal to kill any of his marks, but they were quite trusting with others, it was in their nature to be open to those who they swore to protect. If he could get close enough to this Jedi to gain his trust in some manner, he could get him while his back was turned. Of course this wouldn't be easy; any Jedi that had cut their connections off from their "administration" would be extremely vigilant of people trying to pick them off.

    “I can see why the Sith would appear uninterested, there are others out there easier to turn than a dovish Jedi.”

    He nodded at her last statement. Indeed she was right to come to him.

    “I think you chose well. I've been looking for an excuse to get off this blasted rock anyway.”

    He looked away from her, slightly grimacing at the prospect of announcing to her his lack of a personal starship. He wasn't broke, but ships weren't exactly cheap, especially here.

    “I will have to use public transport, however, as I do not own a ship. That part is still a work in progress. I know a shuttle that can get me there, I'd be taking the Corellian Run so I could not be on a more direct route if I wanted. I estimate no more than...” he paused, placing a hand on his chin, “four hours.”

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  2. Sir_Draco

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    Aug 19, 2007
    The Battle of the Ruins, Nesron

    Death spread over the fields like a cloud of dust. And like a cold embrace it welcomed those who had come to celebrate it on the field of Nesron.

    Arek LongStar and Terryn Kae were greeted by death in it´s purest incarnation, as their spreading troops were attacked by the charging hordes of raging Sith. Black cloaked, with their obsidian armor the screams of the fallen on both sides filled the air within seconds and the battle swept across group “Atlas”. And among the Sith was one figure who made it´s way towards the two Jedi, a machine, wielding it´s lightsaber with frightening precision, reflecting shots and slaying Imbued, as it came closer and closer, flanked by nameless Sith who kept him free of attacks from the flanks. It as HX Jedi Hunter, one of the Sith latest inventions to spread terror on the field. A droid with a Sith´s brain, bringing death to the ranks of the arriving troops.

    The HX:

    The Sun Knight was a bit farther west, now seeing how his flank grew thin with attackers, as the arriving relief troops drew the attention of the Sith towards them. Yet his two opponents fell for his trap and leaped at him at the same time, screaming out battle cries in their own dark tongue.
    Yet Valdiirn saw his troops fall to his left and right and it was obvious, that if the Sith applied pressure like this the first of the three defense lines would fall within minutes. And far away he saw The Slayer, the white masked, dark giant who lead the Sith and how he slowly approached the front line. Yet, too far away to be attacked the Sith was a mighty opponent the Jedi had learned to fear nad his arrival alone could well change the course of any battles, they knew . . .

    Janus striked down another Imbued and fell back, just as Ven attacked the approaching Imbued Veteran.
    The Imbued blocked his first strike with frightening skill, but the stronger and more powerful caught him off guard. He managed to dodge the direct impact, but the blade of Vencin Dermun cut through his shoulder and severed his arm. With a cry of pain he collapsed and his place was immediately taken by two others, who leaped over the ruins and attack, true Sith this time, with hissing red blades. “On two!” Janus cried out and meant by that, that he would attack, once two strikes had been exchanged . . . but there were more coming and more and more. Some fell to the ground as Chiss snipers took them out, but within seconds this first line would be a thick and chaotic cauldron of Jedi and Sith fighting to the death. “Steady!” The cry came from a Jedi with a dual blade of white energy who was now making his way towards Janus and Ven, he never arrived though as a thrown force-pike cut into his torso and he fell to the ground. Another Jedi, dying on the fields of Nesron.

    And a few meters farther behind the line the Sith themselves learned what terror is, as a dozen fell dead to the ground. Lora Skywalker´s green blade cut and leashed out, finding any attack to block it, finding any weakness in her opponent’s defenses with ease. And yet, the Sith kept on fighting, fueld by rage and anger. And within their ranks a single figure began to make it´s way towards the Heir of the Skywalkers. A tall creature, wearing the mask styled after a Sith Lord of Old. The Jedi knew this man, as he had killed many of them on many worlds. They did not know his name, but they knew how the young Jedi called him. The Slayer.

    [​IMG] The Slayer

    The eastern part of the Jedi´s defense was breaking, meanwhile, as the creatures known as The Vox to them slaughtered the Imbued. In the first line was Mufassa Odi and he saw the Imbued slowly withdrawing from him and his pack. And in their midst a woman with blonde hair and a blue lightsaber appeared. One of Mufassa´s pack leaped at her and fell to the ground, screaming as his forelegs were severd. Regeneration began, but dozens of swords and pikes were forced into the beasts body. Yet the woman with the blue lightsaber raised her weapon and came after Mufassa, just as he had killed another soldier. “Die, you dreaded beast!” She yelled and from high about she would bring her lightsaber down onto his torso . . .

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    New Rule
    To make the battle a bit more fluent, all players on Nesron are allowed limited godmodding against all enemies who do not have a name, classification or anything like it. Slay them if you want, but keep in mind all on these fields are experienced and trained warriors, so stay reasonable. For all “named NPCs” we do the usual back and forth.
  3. HanSolo29

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    Apr 13, 2001
    IC: Thom Stett
    Coronet City, Corellia

    After Tane had said his part, it was becoming clear that Thom had been correct of his assessment - he was not your typical Jedi. He also didn't like the fact that he had purchased a slab of real estate practically on his doorstep. Was that the Order's decision or a personal one? Tane was keeping his expression fairly adamant, making it quite difficult to read and get a grasp on his motives. The man was good, he had to give him that.

    "We got something else in common," the man continued casually. "Despite us both owning Corellian Real Estate, I mean. We both are viewed by our friends and allies, the esteemed Jedi Order with a certain . . . suspicion. Let´s say they honor us with critical review . . . of all we do." He tilted his head to the side, almost as if he had glimpsed someone watching them. "In both cases I am sure a complete misunderstanding."

    Thom shifted where he sat and scoffed a bit at his last comment. And there was the kicker - either Tane was quite aware of his under-the-table dealings or he was trying to get lucky and seize the upper hand. He needed to play this one carefully.

    "In some cases, yes," he said evenly, gesturing with his hand as if he was simply brushing it off. "Then again, you always have the crowd that are never happy no matter what you do. It's the nature of the beast." He paused, eyeing the other man carefully as he leaned forward. "What I'm curious about is how this all relates to this little piece of property you purchased. I have a feeling this is more than a simple proposal if you went through all that trouble to meet with me personally."

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  4. Sarge221

    Sarge221 Jedi Master star 5

    Sep 9, 2006
    Vencin Dermun

    Nesron, Battle of the Ruins

    Despite how he was currently in the heat of battle, Ven grimaced upon seeing the damage that his strike had done. It was exactly what he had been planning - well, that or killing him - but for some reason the Padawan found himself recoiling at the injury that he himself had inflicted. Just like that, the aggression and overloading instinct of survival died almost immediately as the young Jedi stared at the defeated Imbued and his missing limb.

    Why is it bothering-, he only had time to half-think before danger came back, this time in double the number.

    Instinct was back at the forefront and Vencin made a small hop back as the two more Sith - both Imbued - landed in front of him. Ven only had a moment to digest Janus's sudden declaration of "On two" and then the Sith were suddenly slashing at him. The Padawan brought his yellow blade to the left, blocking the saber of the first Sith before raising it and blocking an overhead strike from the second. Despite fighting for his life against such odds, the number two ran in Ven's mind and the Padawan leaped back not only to hop over the blade of the first Sith that had hoped to slice off his legs but to give Janus room to jump in and assist.


    Ven allowed himself a moment to glance in the direction to see where the speaker was coming and saw the form of a Jedi with a double-bladed saber seeming to be coming directly towards him and Janus. Just as Vencin felt a brief flutter of hope at the thought of assistance, a force pike suddenly came from which direction Ven didn't track at all and slew the Jedi.

    Came out of nowhere. Just like that and he's dead.

    He pushed it out of his mind. Janus was joining his duel and he had to back up his fellow Jedi to make sure that he didn't die as well. Turning back to the two Sith that Janus was now engaging, Ven held up a hand and his finger flicked a few times in the direction of the Sith on the left. By his telekinetic command, one...two...three stone-sized pieces of debris shot forward from the ground and towards his adversary. The Sith wasn't taken unawares like Ven had hoped though as the Sith brought up his weapon just in time to have the red blade disintegrate two of the stones. The third, fortunately, was able to bypass his defense and slammed solidly against the left side of his chest. Nowhere near enough to kill him, but enough to keep him off balance as Ven closed in with lightsaber swinging.

    The Imbued had to give ground as he was still recovering when Ven drew close enough to slash with his lightsaber, stepping back three paces to give him room and time to recover. That was just what Ven wanted. Brandishing his blade, Ven turned.......and slashed right at the back of the other Sith that Janus was fighting. Probably long-used to the chaotic melees that this war tended to thrust its warriors in, the Sith hadn't engrossed himself too much against Janus to not see Ven coming, twisting to try and avoid the Padawan's blade. The yellow blade scraped along the Sith's ribs, injuring him perhaps but avoiding the instant death that Ven had wanted to deliver. Either way, it should hopefully make Janus's fight easier.

    The Padawan could've tried again if he wanted to but his original opponent had used that moment to recover and was looking for revenge. Rushing at Ven, the Padawan was forced to turn and block a series of strikes that had him backing away. After a particularly savage slash that threatened to have his lightsaber flying from his hands, Ven jumped backwards to give himself some space before digging his heels into the dirt, flipping his lightsaber hilt in a reverse grip, and charging at the Sith who ran forward to meet him. Ven held his blade in front of him horizontally, as if intending to just run through the Sith and keep on going. The Sith brought up his blade to block......

    ....and with a press of his thumb, Ven's lightsaber deactivated.

    Having not expected that, the Sith's swung at the air that Ven's blade should've been, overstepped because of it, and left himself open as Ven ran past him, reactivated his lightsaber, and stabbed his blade into the Sith's back. It was a quick, clean kill as the Sith jerked at the blow, went limp, and fell to never rise again. Ven made sure to deactivate his blade when the Sith fell so as not to have him shred himself to pieces during his fall. Flipping his lightsaber back in a regular grip and turning it back on, Ven only took a moment to survey the battlefield, hoping that the situation was improving. Finding only the same chaotic nonsense, the Padawan gave up and went back to Janus's aid.

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  5. BLemelisk

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    Aug 19, 2003
    IC: Arek Longstar
    East Landing Zone, Nesron Ruins

    [blockquote]At his basest levels, Arek Longstar was a person born of violence. Unwilling violence yes, but violence nonetheless. It was an interesting contradiction, considering the attitude he displayed when not engaged in combat. But since the war had been going on for longer than anyone cared to remember, the differences were hard to discern; even for him.
    Standing amid the swirling mob of combatants hacking each other to pieces on Nesron was not a difficult thing, as he had taught himself to see past the schizophrenia of these particular moments in the Force. Everywhere he looked he could see beings losing their lives, and the crescendo of mounting death flowed past him in a unique way – he knew their deaths should mean something, anything, but he felt nothing at all. Sadly, he was perhaps so in tune with his Jedi training that no mortality phased his psyche.

    There was a distinct feeling in the dust-choked air, even before he commed an underling to confirm, that the surprise landing of Atlas Group was failing. The sheer weight of the Sith attack on the eastern perimeter of the 115th was far too much, and the legion he had sneaked past the enemy fleet in orbit was quickly being overwhelmed.

    Gaining footing at the base of the command dropship’s gangway, he took a brief moment to thrust his shining blue saber through the body of a hapless charging Sith, one that had thought to leave his chest vulnerable at the expense of his personal security. Shrugging this off as though it were the flyby of a harmless wingstinger, he scanned the mob trying to ascertain the situation.

    Behind him, he could hear the heavy footfalls of a certain group of Imbued guardsmen who were tasked with defending one of the landing ship’s combatants, Terryn Kae. Kae was one of the Order’s more important players in recent galactic events, and Longstar had sat on the committee that greenlit his role in the destruction of Bakura – not that he himself had approved of the action.

    Aware of Kae’s proficiency in combat, Longstar turned to offer him a welcoming nod as the man’s escort came abreast of him. “If we don’t reverse this mess soon, Nesron’s lost,” he shouted, deflecting blaster pot shots all the while.

    Admittedly, he was frustrated that his force couldn’t deploy properly – the surge of Sith combatants in the landing zone was incredible, and his men were certainly paying for it. He could see dropships being damaged before they landed, and entire complements being slaughtered before they had a chance to exit their vehicles.

    Pulling up his comlink after letting a valiant Imbued commando tackle a charging Sith warrior, he dialed Hertstrom, who was still behind in the dropship using it as a command post. “This is worse than we thought. Inform the 115th’s headquarters I’m trying to effect a breakthrough as soon as-.”

    His words were cut short by the sudden realization of an approaching threat. It moved through the crowds of enemy soldiers with a deadly and mechanical cadence. Sith backed away from its path as if they were a sea that had been parted by the Force.

    Longstar noted the hideous machination as it came into view, a black cape hanging from its metallic shoulders. It looked to be entirely synthetic, an unusual sight on battlefields of the era. Dispatching a small squad of Imbued infantry that had dauntlessly tried to stop it, the creation flourished its crimson saber inviting both Arek and Kae to personal combat.

    Reaching out with a sense beyond senses, Longstar ascertained the machine was not just a simple dueling droid, but a casing for the tormented mind of a once-dead Sith.

    Actually angry at the desperation of his enemy embodied by this machine, he pointed his saber directly at it, an ancient sign of intending to destroy.

    He spoke loud enough for Kae to hear, certain the other Jedi had also sensed the being’s true nature, “Make sure he stays dead.”[/blockquote]

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    Sir_Draco Jedi Knight star 4

    Aug 19, 2007
    From your GM - Updates for all outstanding tomorrow. Couldn´t make it tonight, as I am simply too tired to do the game any justice. But tomorrow you´ll all be updated.
  7. Mitth_Fisto

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    Sep 29, 2005
    Mufassa Odi
    Nesron, Eastern Battlefield

    As he in one of the three packs grappled a half dozen arms, and proceeded to snap a half dozen necks he noted the parting of the imbued around himselves. A veritible buble was forming and this made him, in the entirity of the pack, pause. He had plunged deeper and was one of a few leading Sith probes that were not satisfied to plod through an entire wave of defenders, but instead were severing the Jedi line into pieces and in part succeeding. The death and fear paid testament to those facts as well as Mufassa's presence here this deep in the Jedi lines that they were able to suround him.

    A woman showed herself as he in a part of himself latched onto an imbued that was too slow to retreat and had been tripped dragged back to him. She was blond haired, a golden hue to bright to be appreciated by a creature of bright or the dark, a tint was merely a weakness, as her blue lightsaber bore testament. Whether she did so from tradition or adherence she was limited by it, weakness, weapon focus oriented. Only problem was his mounts were weapons, and so one of him, a part of him, leapt at her.

    It was but a moment and it was layed low on the ground howling in pain, the rider disconnected from the pain centers of the mount but the rest of the mounts in the pack were still linked and growled from the sympathetic pain they felt. Anger. It was a tool best used when drained from another, strongest then, and she had just given it to him in a whole pack no longer acting and desiring from hunger, but from primal anger and blood lust. He fed off it, drank it in even as the woman and her imbued ran the lost mount through so many times he barely noted his instinctual replacement call for a fresh mount. The swords and the pikes made him growl in satisfaction even as she rushed him screaming of himselves being a foul beast.

    "Simpleton!" he snarled back at the woman. The first word he had spoken on the field of battle, though she charged he kept the body she was focused on still. Already she had wounded one his mounts from trying to leap at her by severing the fore-legs, that he had been using to snap necks. Then she had made a fatal error, she had had her Imbued Jedi filth stab the body with force pikes and swords. The blood was oozing from the wounds, bubbling slightly, the removed solid weapons were developing a small froth that only a careful eye would catch. And the Jedi and their war dogs were not trained to notice the small, perhaps one would, the point was the viruses within his mounts blood stream that affected other mammals and bipeds of the galaxy were released, spreading out in a small viable area from every drop of blood that was in contact with the air, the cells literally exploding from contact with the open air. The Jedi, and her Imbued without helmets were already dead. And those carrying bloodied weapons when they fled would merely being spreading the virus' with them. Simpletons worthy of death.

    Even as he felt a piece of him die he knew the rest would live on, and a new addition would be made to replace everyone that was lost today. Still the woman was charging, taking deep breaths to below as she came over the corpse of a mount to split him in twain' with her lightsaber. As she came down he rolled at the last moment as she committed to the swing and jumped her from behind with a literal 'rear' focused attack by two bodies simultaniously using their barbed tails to smack her in the rear. Two of his other bodies were assisting using the force to yank his endangered mount out of the way faster then he could of leapt on his own, and another two to speed up the attacking mounts before reversing the action to draw them back. This left three to actively protect the corridinated action that would last two seconds, at which point those assisting bodies would return to the surrounding Imbued and spitting acid at faces and armor joints until this challanger was dealt with. Making sure that it stayed an unfair fight.

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  8. Sir_Draco

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    Aug 19, 2007
    The Shady Wook, Coruscant

    Lira smiled at him and slowly shoved a datapad over to him. “Oh hon, did you think I would do nothing for my 15 percent? I already got you a passage. Grab your things, you´ll be on your way in an hour.” She smiled and leaned back. The man behind her stood up and left. And with a broad grin she seemed to mentally already count the money.

    “Ben Voren is his name. You´ll find him in Coronet. Dunno where, but he´s a healer they say. At least he is today. So where the ill are, you may find him too.”

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    Approaching Corellia

    Darth Lagore looked at the younger Sith Master and smiled.

    “Once we won.” He whispered. “Yes, we might do so if we ever won this war.” He nodded. “But don´t they say this war will never end? What if it is true? What if it indeed . . . never ends?” Lagore looked at the other Sith again. “Better to reign in the nine hells or serve in a heaven of your own creation?” He asked. “What do you say?” And then he laughed into himself. “First, we need to meet the Admiral. He will be easy swayed to our side. As the Dark lord commands us to do. A spark that ignites a fire we are. Here on Corellia, within the galactic core. And again here we are, the destroyers of worlds.”

    He turned and made his way to the shuttle bay. “Do you honor the ways of the old Sith my friend?” He asked and folded his arms.

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    Vjun, The Streets

    Lila looked at her Jedi brother as they passed the street and nodded. She had no such impression, and yet for another time this day she was reminded how incomplete she was and would always be as a Jedi. “I feel children.” She then pointed out what Erian probably missed, because he received so many impressions from the force. But as he focused there indeed were children.
    “Just before you arrived there were childpushers reported to have made preparations to bring children off planet.” She said with a sigh and looked around. The Fallen Jedi was nearby, the anger radiating so profoundly into the force, even Lila could sense it. Then she smiled suddenly, as she realized something. “I wonder what ship they wanted to use, hm? Maybe on off the radar? Maybe one we have not locked away in the starport?” She said and nodded to Erian.
    Saya meeting a group who had a ship . . . even Lila understood this was no coincidence. Satisfied she had added something to the investigation she grinned at Erian.

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    Vjun,The Sewers

    „They are not going where we want to go, they are going where we need to go.“ The Jedi said with a smile and with a movement of her arm she was hiding her lightsaber. “You do the talking.” And she nodded into the direction they were coming from. And just around the corner and then another to the left and there they were. Children, between the age of five and ten. A lot of them and two men turned, aiming their rifles at the two approaching figures. “Who are you?” The asked, obviously afraid.
    “They think the Imbued up there are after them.” Saya cooly remarked with a lowered voice.

    “What are you doing down here?” The second man replied, waving his blaster rifle around.

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    ooc: A day for the outstanding Nesron-guys to post the I´ll update the battle
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    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Darth Korsin

    Korsin grinned at Darth Lagore. "How old?"

    Their ship made its way towards the rendezvous, and Korsin grew more serious, momentarily. "We cannot impose the Rule of Two any time soon, nor do I believe it will assist us in these times... but at the same time the Rule of the Strong, and the many, will not assist us either... the system of the One Sith, or the Lost Tribe, where our order is organised, and focused, would be a delight..."

    "... but we are no closer to imposing peace in this galaxy. Six decades of war has achieved very little..." Korsin called up tactical maps to his mind. "The Tion and Hutts are our allies, against the Bothans, Republic and Mandalorians..."

    Korsin looked slyly to Lagore, his hand held above his lightsaber hilt. Korsin expanded his awareness, so as to appear he was peering into the abyss for threats. "Why do you ask?"

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  10. Kahn_Iceay

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    Mar 5, 2006
    IC: Callista
    Vjun, Sewers

    “Oh the usual thing a couple of ladies do in the sewers. Go sight seeing ‘The Majestic Sewer Tunnels of Vjun,’ at least that’s what the brochure said.” Callista’s words were dripping with sarcasm, though her face remained quite dead serious and locked on the two men. Either these two guys spooked really easily or they were amateurs of the lowest caliber trying to get into the business. Being a betting woman Callista was putting her credits on amateurs.

    “What do you think a fully armored woman and companion are doing in the sewers? Avoiding what’s wandering the streets, I suspect just like you.” She shifted her focus to the man nervously waving his rifle around. “Might want to stow that rifle, keep waving it around like that and you’re more likely to hit your friend or one of the kids than you are to hit anything meaningful.” She signed, which was all she could do to keep herself from planting her head firmly in her palms.

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  11. CmdrMitthrawnuruodo

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    Jul 1, 2000
    Erian Serenni

    Vjun, The Streets

    Childpushers, of course! He despised the practice, not simply because parents were denying the Jedi Protectorate potential warriors, but simply because not all who pushed children took them to safety. There were plenty of times he had come across smuggling ships with children inbound for a future of slavery or darkness with the Sith. Erian pursed his lips in disgust at the thought and although he would have liked to find these children and put an end to the smuggling operation, he had more important things to worry about.​

    Still. Lila was right. If Saya was looking for a way off planet, then childpushers were a likely candidate as any other to get off undetected. The Jedi Inquisitor leapt off the speeder and landed gracefully in the street as he sensed the children nearby. But where were they? Erian closed his eyes and stretched his senses outward, focusing on the tiny presences of the children.​

    He sensed a sudden spike of fear from them, followed by alarmed concern from adults, the smugglers no doubt guarding the children. Something had spooked them and as he focused more on them, he felt them... below?​

    "The sewers... They are in the sewers," he declared a second later, his eyes still closed as he held on to what he was feeling in the Force. "I sense fear from them... Something or someone found them. Have the Imbued cordon off all exits in and out of the sewers in a two block radius with the childrens' presence as the epicenter. I'll head down to flush them and Saya out if she's down there with them. You stay above to catch her."​

    The Jedi walked over to a manhole and pried it off with a simple flick of his wrist and the Force. "That Fallen is nearby as well. Be cautious Lila should you encounter her." He then jumped through the opening and into darkness.​

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  12. DarkLordoftheFins

    DarkLordoftheFins Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 2, 2007
    Leele Tane
    Office of the Prime Minister, Corellia

    "Of course it is." He said and smiled, without showing anything but sadness with the movement of his mouth. "Of course it is." And with a nod he stood up and slowly went to the window. "I came here because I need you help. I need funding, I need protection and I need my little piece of real estate to vanish from any record ever made on this planet." He turned his back to the Prime Minister and looked out at the city. "And you know why I come to you? Because you need my help more than I need yours." He said, without threat or hostility in his voice. It was resignation and a simple statement of facts.

    "I have seen their plans, you know? Effectivness in it´s purest form. A system that exorcised any respect for life, any compassion in the name of a righteous war. You would not believe me, what I have seen. But maybe you will believe me your political influence won´t keep the Jedi out of Corellia forever."

    He lowered his head. "Do you want to know what the future holds for your people, Prime Minister?"

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  13. SirakRomar

    SirakRomar Jedi Master star 4

    Mar 30, 2007
    Lora Skywalker
    Battle of Nesron

    Her blade cut down another two Imbued and with an extended hand she send a dozen Imbued flying away. That bought her a few seconds, just enough to see him approach.

    The slayer. she had known he was here. Another legendary Sith. She had killed a few, but she still enjoyed killing more. The sith in their arrogance of being the superior warriors and how they understood in their final second how she could never be defeated. Lora was the Chosen One. None of them, not even The One. She was a Skywalker and had the Skywalker´s not brought peace to the galaxy again and again?

    But a second look showed her the battle was turning against them. The battle group would soon be overrun and the Sith would concentrate fully on the defense lines again. they would break too. Not long after her army had been wiped out. And she understood. A distraction, nothing else the Slayer was. Duel him and you loose the battle. No matter if you kill him or not. No, his day would come. But it wasn´t today. It wasn´t now.

    Instead she turned, her blade high above her head and leaped into the air, somersaulting, while slashing at the troops below. She felt the burning flesh give way ot her saber and she felt the Sith rushing after her, all wishing to deliver the deadly blow. as she landed in between them she released another series of blocks and slashes, went to her knee, dodged, ducked, blocked and then slashed out again. Limbs, heads ere severed and she made her way through the enemies, her body guided by the force to avoid any threat. But now she was not moving towards The Slayer, she moved towards the most besieged of the dropships, thinning the lines of the charging Sith from behind. If she gave them a moment of relief, they would probably find the strength to break through.

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  14. Sir_Draco

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    Aug 19, 2007
    The Battle of Nesron, Nesron

    Another one of the Atlas-groups dropships exploded, as it was hit by one oft he Sith´s combat walkers with a direct hit. The debris of melting metal rained down on the field. But Arek and Terryn had probably little time to take notice, as the AX stepped forward now, all Sith withdrawing behind it, curious how their famed Jedi-killer would perform, probably, or just aware of the consequences to stand in the way of the machine with a Sith within. The droid body allowed it´s lightsaber to rotate once and stared back at Arek who was pointing his lightsaber towards it. And then it jumped up. The force was no longer it´s ally, but to compensate that the Sith had given AX a body that could do things way past the capabilities of anybody made of flesh. It was fast and brought it´s lightsaber high up and then stroked down, as it came down on Arek.

    Janus was just slicing down another Imbued, withdrawing a few more steps to expect the next one, but before the black armored soldier reached him Ven cut through his torso and sliced him in two. “Too many.” Janus said, heavy breathing. He was about Ven´s age, but he had been in more battles, had been more often wounded. He already showed signs of exhaustion. In combat like this, that could mean the end. And then Ven felt something else in his comrade. Terror!
    The Imbued who had attacked their flank parted and between them a tall figure appeared. A Sith Lord. There was no doubt in the force, this man was more than an ordinary Sith, he was a leader of men. “Lorka.” Janus only said, obviously knowing the man.
    “Look at those tiny, brave Jedi.” The rusty voice of the Sith Lord named Lorka spit at the two and his Imbued began to charge away to the sides, leaving the two young Jedi to their Master. Lorka had decided to play and you never got between a Sith and his toy. And as the two red blades hissed into existence, Lorka breathed through his mask and slowly stepped towards his prey.


    But as brave as the west flank had fought, the Sith were breaking through the east. And in their first line were the “Vox” as the Jedi called them and with them Mufassa Odi. The host escaped the deadly thrust, as the lightsaber only cut into the ground where a second ago it´s target had been and another two of the pack were already on that woman. But the Jedi was strong in the force and it allowed her to react to things usually impossible to react to. She turned and stabbed one of her attacker right into the chest, ripping it open, as it leaped past her. A cry of agony came from the mount, as the Jedi woman turned to the second. That one was smarter, or it simply had more luck, as it avoided her strike and managed to attack himself. It missed, ut it left a dangerous opening. Mufassa Odi was right in her back now and the woman was occupied defending herself against the gathering pack.

    But the charge of the Sith was growing thinner at the east. The dropships distracted too many of their warriors and if they did not break through soon, the initiative would be lost. A line of Imbued got read, reinforced by almost a hundred regular soldiers. And what remained of the spearhead of the Sith readied themselves to attack those opposing forces. “Odi, kill her and then to the right!” It was the command of Vibre Malfain, who slowly approached the front line through the raging hordes ranks. The command was projected into the force and it rang into the hordes shared consciousness. Kill the Jedi.
    Malfain grinned as he came closer. All Sith stepped aside when he came. The Master and creator of Odi was a powerful Sith. And a cunning mind. He obviously had a plan.

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    Aug 19, 2007
    Vjun, The Sewers and the Sewer´s Entrance

    “Only Imbued, no ordinary troops.” Lila commanded her men and she knew that an Imbued had the force, but a soldier would have no chance against a Jedi. In the city the Imbued spread already, blocking the exits near the two Inquisitors. Lila turned to Erian Serenni a last time. “Serenni, I still think you should not go alone. She is a powerful one. And she might have help.” Her hand touched her lightsaber. She was eager to face Saya, but she also honestly concerned. “And what use am I out here? Down there my abilities will be more useful.” She nodded into the Sewers. Where somewhere the last of the Seers of Tython was hiding. Or to be more precise . . .

    She was turning her head as Callista talked. The man she had talked to nodded and him and his friends lowered their guns. “We´re trying to get off planet. Starport is logged and rigged with Jedi fighters all over it. So we looked for an alternative.” The man said with a smirk. He was obviously convinced her could trust them. If they had not given them away immediately, why should they?
    “They found us.” Saya cooly said besides Callista. “So early.” She then added, ignoring the children and the childpushers for now.

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    Aproaching Corellia

    Lagore seemed to consider the words of the other Sith for a moment, while droids prepared their shuttle. “I ask.” He finally began his answer. “Because for many centuries the Sith crated themselves a reign of treachery and deception. They build a system in which you fought for constant survival and therefore brought forth the best. Do you realize how uncommon this had become nowadays? At least to the Sith? Rule of One or many, two, strong. From the greatest Lord to the most pathetic wannabe, they all were born out of treachery and ended through betrayal. They claimed to fight for peace and yet war was the only idea they had to achieve that. They were divided, weakening and strengthening themselves through it at the same time. So is betrayal not what a Sith is? Does self-perfection allow us to be truly loyal to anyone but ourselves?” Lagore saw the shuttle was obviously prepared and nodded to the droids who slided aside. Obviously he did not intend to accompany the younger Sith.
    “Think about it. Because your loyalty might soon be challenged.”

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    Mar 5, 2006
    IC: Callista
    Vjun, Sewers

    Callista close her eyes and shook her head, “Well then, I expect you, and by you I mean we, get moving.” She nodded back the way they came. “My friend here is of another sort of commodity the Jedi want, and as a unique result she functions very well as a Jedi Early Warning System. In common terms, she can sense when they’re nearby, and give a lovely if cryptic warning. And she just gave one.”

    “So,” She crossed her arms and gave the childpushers a good look over. “Why don’t you fill us in on your little escape plan as we move along? I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to be caught down here by the Jedi right now.” Inward Callista found herself cursing having stumbled across this group. Had it just been her and the Seer, she’d not be worried. It’d take more than a couple of Jedi to stop her, though they probably wouldn’t realize it. Now there were kids involved, and she didn’t want to endanger them. “So, lets go.”

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    Jul 1, 2000
    Erian Serenni

    Vjun, The Sewers

    He had looked up through the manhole. "I know, but I need you up there, especially if I fail down here. Someone I can trust has to close the net and adapt." Then he was gone. Erian dared not use a lightsource in the sewer for fear of alerting those that did not have the Force of where he was coming from. Then again it probably was a moot point if Saya was with them. She could warn them of his approach.​

    So he ignited his lightsaber, the emerald color reflecting off the water in the aqueduct beside him and off the metallic and stone walls of the sewer, and giving him an eerie look. The Jedi Inquisitor followed the direction the Force was beckoning him in, using the children's fears as a beacon to guide him. As he drew closer, he could feel the faint hint of Saya from earlier grow stronger.​

    <I found you,> he sent the impression.​

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    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Darth Korsin

    Darth Korsin did not care for the oblique threats, and references. He simply held his hand on his hilt, glared at Lagore, and realigned himself to face the Sith Lord.

    "If you want to have a fight here, it's going to draw attention, and regardless of my loyalty to you, to myself, to the Celestials themselves, both of us will die." Korsin took a step forward. "Any Sith who follows the logic to the end see's the truth - that it is only through interdependence that we will survive. We can squabble - and we should, to stay as sharp as our enemies - but there has to be a point when we put aside our differences and work towards a common goal."

    "You don't need to patronise me."

    Korsin stormed off, ignoring the droids and marching aboard the shuttle. He gestured whichever one or ones wanted to follow him aboard, and directed the shuttle to leave. He had things to be doing, and arguing was not one of them. Blunt and to the point as ever, Korsin wanted this done, and now. He could abide eloquence in his work, but he needed to be allowed to work his magic. As an independent Sith, he had wrecked havoc from Alsakan to Dac, and he would continue to do so, regardless of whether his independence was part of the plan.

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  19. Sir_Draco

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    Aug 19, 2007
    Vjun, Sewers

    <I found you>

    Saya seemed for a moment to be abscent, as Callista spoke to her. She smiled to herself and her hand lay down on her lightsaber.

    <Of course you did>

    She send back to her hunter and turned to Callista then. The childpusher leader was speaking already. He seemed to have decided they had not time to not trust those new arrivals.

    "Smugglers tunnels. They lead all the way to the mountains, were we got a few secret ships." He said and pointed into the direction they wanted to go. "Then there we should go, now. The Hunter will be slowed down, we should sue this." Saya said and nodded to Callista. "Tell me my protector, have you ever served in the military?" She asked, without explaining why she wanted to know that now.

    And Erian made good progress. He still did not feel the Seer, but he felt he came closer . . . when something else was suddenly there. A raging, deadly presence. The Fallen. She was somewhere in front of him, between him and his prey . . . and she had felt him, too. "SHE IS MINE!" The words of the Fallen, a woman obviously rang through the sewer tunnels . . . echoing from the walls.

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    Approaching Corellia

    Lagore smiled after the younger Sith. "Me?" He said and laughed out, as the man entered the prepared shuttle. "Oh no, I wasn´t talking about me." He said to himself and turned. The mission was underway. He had done as his Dark Lord had commanded. Now it was time to make sure this . . . other thing would unfold as he had foreseen.

    Darth Korsin left the feighter in his shuttle seconds later. He did not feel Lagore anymore. The old Sith was remarkble when it came to masking his presence, or intentions. But once he was in space he already was send the hailing by Admiral Cantor, his contact within the Sith fleet. The Pride of Drallus was above the planet and that was where a group of military officers would meet him to talk about . . . the future. Drall mostly. All unsatisfied and scared by the Jedi´s ways to treat their home system. Or as the Dark Lord had put it in the message Lagore had read to them . . . they were ready . . .

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    Mar 5, 2006
    IC: Callista
    Vjun, Sewers

    Of course! Callista thought to herself. Smuggler tunnels, they were common in nearly every major settlement in this age but never, ever, showed up on major layouts. She would have to make sure to update her records when she got topside. On top of making sure her ship got off planet, which wouldn’t be too hard.

    She glanced back behind them as Jaya asked her question. “Yes,” she replied taking note that again nothing was on her sensors other than those she’d met now. The cry from, someone had been unmistakable, they were close. “Several, now get moving. I’ll take rear guard.” She drew her pistol, “Trust me, I make a great brick wall when I need to.”

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    Jul 1, 2000
    Erian Serenni

    Vjun, The Sewers

    <Of course you did,> he heard back and grinned triumphantly, but that grin soon disappeared with the mad shout of a woman echoing in the sewers. "SHE IS MINE!" Erian rolled his eyes at the proclamation by the Fallen Jedi and reached out into the Force to touch her mind. The darkness he felt made his stomach twist and his bones chill. The only other time he had ever faced a darksider before had been back in the days of his apprenticeship, when he and his master had to deal with one of the lesser Sith.​

    <Not if I get to her first,> he taunted. He was confident he could kill this angry Jedi, whoever she was, and still catch up to Saya and the childpushers. <Come, Fallen, put me out of my misery.>

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  22. Mitth_Fisto

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    IC: Mufassa Odi
    Nesron, Eastern Battle Line

    As his pack fought valiently about him, a satisfying fear arose and silenced as a couple of the keepers of the pack struck home with their acid spit. To feel the Imbueds fear and pain as it worked past their skin, and then as it broke into the bloodstream to be carried throughout the body, breaking it down as it went until they died from internal bleeding. His form targeted by the Jedi woman was pulled out before her sweeping blade could connect. The other forms though, were not as lucky. One was not so lucky, though the woman in her single mindedness drew smoke from the barren and blood soaked dirt to stab one of him in the chest. He felt it and fed on it as well as the Imbued.

    The Woman had connected but a small twist had made sure the lung was only punctured, the side was only ripped open. As the viral spores gushed with a spirt of blood from the healing open wound another of the pack withdrew the body from the womans reach even as she swung and missed for the opposite attacking form. The attack missed and he sank himself out of the force as he lunged at her exposed backside. The one at her front danced and spat in an arcing spray at her face, dancing just beyond her blades reach. Staying close and loud in the force. Through it and the pack the ones that were sinking out of the force heard the message relayed.

    Their father was speaking, and he wanted her dead now!

    Nothing would be left to chance. His attack would be of claws, teeth, and grips. He would grapple her, poison her, and he would rend her body until the scraps were unrecognizeable in record time. His father wanted her dead. She had to die, and no emotion fell into that, none but love.

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  23. spycoder9

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    Jul 23, 2008
    Vjun, Vendoran City, Smuggler Tunnels

    The smugglers’ tunnels, while an efficient use of space, were still not the safest place to be. Myrah had long ago learned to calm herself when a normal person might be shaky, but even her hands were quivering a little. So many hopeful little faces looking at her for help. She had seen some children not rescued before. She had faced defeat many a time, and had been in some tight situations. But every time she came to a new planet, and saw the children’s faces, she forgot about those past defeats.

    One sweet little child, with blonde hair that flowed down her shoulders and bright blue eyes that were just absorbing everything around her, had repeatedly asked Myrah what was going on in that cute little voice of hers. One of the older children who had most likely been watching out for her, told Myrah privately that the girl’s parents were most likely dead now.

    {A lot of kids} Yaka whispered to her as he crossed his arms. Though he was deaf, he had learned basic language skills, and was able to read lips. Another thing that might’ve helped was his ability to tap into the Force.

    “We’ve handled more, before.” Myrah replied. Then she glanced in the direction to the young man who stood on her other side. Morne was her local contact, and the only person she could trust other than Yaka. Myrah glanced out at the city, and could see the Jedi Starfighter circling the city again and again. Seemed like her timing here was perfect.

    “Whatever they are looking for, they mean business.” Morne spoke to her. “Don’t think they are after us with such a hardware, are they?” Myrah could tell he was scared, but she almost certain they weren’t after them. Something bigger was going on here. A powerful presence. And if something bigger was here, then that meant this place might just become another war zone.

    “No, they’re not coming for us.” Myrah watched the starfighter for several seconds. “But something is going on.” She whirled around to the children. “Which means we need to speed things up here. Are these children ready for a ride?”

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  24. Sarge221

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    Sep 9, 2006
    Vencin Dermun
    Battle of Nesron

    Ending another Imbued's life with the stroke of his lightsaber, Ven had hoped that he and Janus had gotten some breathing room. Next to him, his fellow Jedi breathed the words, "Too many" and Ven had to agree as the chaos continued to go on around them. Unfortunately, what were they to do? There was nothing they could do but to fight and do their best to survive. They have both done it before, Janus more then Ven really, but they were full-fledged Jedi. Still young apprentices sure but Jedi nonetheless.

    That had to count for something right?

    Unfortunately, the sudden spike of fear that Ven felt from Janus made the Padawan uneasy and the cold sense of danger that enveloped him didn't help. Even before he turned to see what was the matter, Ven already had a couple of ideas of what could possibly be coming for them. When war was involved, there were very few things that could cause an experienced Padawan to become fearful. And as Ven turned, he found one of those things coming right towards them. Immediately he felt his insides go cold. He had managed to avoid engaging them one-on-one, knowing that his chances would be slim if he was ever to face one, but it seemed that there was no avoiding this one.

    A Sith. Not an Imbued but a true Sith. The darkness that radiated from the man tainted the air and Ven's own senses could detect the power that surrounded him. No, this was not just a Sith; it was a Sith Lord. And the fact that Janus managed to identify the Sith by name did not bode well.

    And the Sith - Lorka - was heading right towards them.

    “Look at those tiny, brave Jedi.”

    Despite the fact that the Imbued and other soldiers of the Sith were separating, moving away from Ven and Janus in order to give their Lord a clear arena, the young Padawan felt quite claustrophobic upon being caught in the gaze of the Sith Lord. His breathing suddenly became difficult and Ven actually felt the fear from Janus starting to infect him.

    What chances do a couple of Padawans have against a Sith Lord? he asked himself.

    The lightsabers of the Sith Lord activating snapped Ven out of it. It didn't matter; this battle was happening whether he wished for it or not. And fear would not help him here if it was only going to paralyze him. Suppressing his fear, regaining control of himself, Ven spread his legs, bringing his lightsaber up so that the hilt was held at his shoulder while the yellow blade pointed directly at the Sith. The Padawan took stock of their opponent and their own situation. Though Ven was starting to feel it, exhaustion was starting to set in on Janus. Instinctively, Ven stepped in front of Janus. He was going to have to be the one to lead.

    "Our only chance is to attack together," Ven spoke to Janus though he kept his eyes on the Sith. "I'll lead. You come in right behind me and I'll try to create an opening."

    Trying to create an opening from a Sith Lord. Ven tried not to scoff at himself at that thought. He was still a lowly apprentice, trying to engage a Sith Lord in combat and, not only that, but emerge victorious. But, again what choice did he have? You either won or you lost. Do or do not. And Ven was going to win if only to let both him and Janus walk out of here alive.

    He'll attack first. His boots kicking up dirt behind him, Ven charged forward, his yellow blade slashing at the air in front of him in graceful arcs as the distance between him and the Sith Lord drew closer. No way was that going to intimidate the Sith but Ven hoped that his opponent would be looking more towards clashing with blades instead of the Force which Ven planned right!

    With barely two meters of space left between the two, Ven thrust out his right hand and launched the strongest Force Push that he could. Sand and dirt launched in the air as the telekinetic shove shot towards the Sith Lord to strike him full-on. Even if the attack approved ineffective, Ven hoped that both the Push and the sand and dirt that was now in the air would hamper the Sith's vision, cause him to lose track of the Padawan as Ven closed the rest of the distance between the two of them and stabbed forward with his lightsaber.

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  25. Ramza

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    Jul 13, 2008
    Vjun, Vendoran City

    "No, now, wait just a damn -"

    Of course, Masaya was already making her way to the edge. "Will you hold up for two bleeding seconds and get a grip?" 655321 snapped, his tabac cigarillo falling to the ground. Of course it did - it was carababba, and that was getting hard enough to find these days that of course, of all the cigarillos to drop, it would be that one. "It doesn't matter if you get the kill if you die for it. You think that patrol right there is going to let you walk away from something like that. Oh, wait, no, I'm sorry, we have to be overzealous and not even notice them, now, since it's personal? It's not personal! It's never personal!"

    This apparently had next to no impact, because she didn't even bother to stick around for the last sentence. Completely botched. Terrific. Muttering something particularly profane, he leapt over the edge after her. This landed him in an alley, and Masaya? Nowhere in sight.


    Target gone, partner gone, team held up in a spaceport.


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