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The Forsaken Dream (Episode 3 fanscript) Part 1

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction Stories--Classic JC Board (Reply-Only)' started by swskywalkers, Feb 19, 2003.

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  1. swskywalkers

    swskywalkers Jedi Youngling star 1

    Oct 4, 2002
    (Opening scrawl)
    It has been three years since the horrible battle, which began the devastating CLONE WARS. The Republic's leadership has been savagely overrun by the vile Count Dooku who leads the attack on the Republic with the aid of the Separatist Movement.
    Hundreds of Jedi Knights have perished while fighting nobly in the ghastly Wars and with their loss Anakin Skywalker, once the Apprentice of General Obi-Wan Kenobi became a Jedi Knight and Commander. Due to his leadership and battling capabilities, Kenobi gained a superior rank in the Clone Wars, and a new Padawan Rathus Redav.
    Senator Padme Amidala has been encouraging a peace agreement to be made between the two parties, Loyalist and Separatist, but all has come to by much worse than expected. The War is almost over, and both sides have suffered severely, one last battle is to be fought? and to join Obi-Wan and other allies, Jedi Anakin Skywalker has departed for the planet Harobogta.

    (Opening Scene: [Camera pans up in space] Huge Republican Star Ships (Later to be known as Star-Destroyers) flying towards a small grayish planet. Another ship, a Jedi Starfighter from the looks of it shoots past them in a hurry down to the planet. The ship flies down once in the atmosphere and lands on a landing platform that is seen gutted out from the near-top of what looks to be like a huge white watch tower. The Jedi Starfighter is similar to Obi-Wan's in AOTC, but has blue strips and looks like a newer, fancier model.)
    The hatch of the Starfighter lifted and a hooded figure jumped down from the ship, his face remains unseen. He walks to the side of the landing platform and hundreds of feet below him overlooks thousands of Clone Troopers, awaiting their instructions. A beeping noise is heard from behind him, and the figure turns, lifting down his hood. It is Anakin Skywalker. (Music- Small bit of the force theme is played when Anakin is shown, similar to Luke in ESB) He walks to R2-D2 who is also approaching him. Kneeling down Anakin looked around.
    Anakin gave a small chuckle," You're right R2 this place does look awfully deserted for a War ground. The Battle hasn't even taken place yet," He went on and then stood up. (Anakin- Anakin looks more robust, his figure is very different from Episode II. He seems taller almost, a striking figure? more huskier, more of a powerful presence. His hair is a bit longer, and the end of it curls up on the top of his neck. It is wavier and an even darker blonde than in Episode II. Anakin's paler than in Episode II, but it wouldn't be hard. His robes are an extremely dark- dark brown, and they almost look black. He is still very handsome, if not more so due to his vast muscular improvements.)
    Anakin said nothing, but looked down at his right hand, which was covered by a glove. Anakin removed the glove and examined his hand more closely. (Hand- the hand Anakin obtains now is different than the one from episode 2, with the glove on it looks like a human hand? but instead of a skin covering, it is a mere see through stuff, revealing all the wiring and little gadgets within the hand.) Anakin pulled his sleeve up revealing even more of the see through coverings on his lower forearm. (Note- Anakin squeezes his hand will examining it, and identical to a real hand it has all the same functions, it just has a bad covering? well see-through is worse than skin anyhow.) Anakin put the black glove back on and approached the exit of the platform, which opened when he walked nearer to it. " Come along R2, we have to meet with Obi-Wan," Anakin called and the Droid quickly followed.
    (Cut Scene: Anakin exiting an elevator door and pacing down a hallway to where he can he Obi-Wan talking to Bail Organa of Alderaan. Obi-Wan turns his head, and seeing Anakin smiles.)
    (Obi-Wan- Obi-Wan's looks have changed little, his face is a bit rounder, and his hair has been cut short and tidy. His under-robes are an off-white color, instead of a light tan as in Episode II.)
    " Anakin, I was wondering when you woul
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