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    Jack West JR
    Somewhere In outback Australia

    Jack west looked at the plume of dust rising off the ground about a kilometre away from his house and heading closer. 'Hmm something must up again' he thought as he went inside after his morning training for a quick shower. Inside he looked at Lilly and Zoe playing together next to a highly decorated Christmas tree. ?Girls were going to have visitors soon? He called out as he went down the hallway, ?Who do you think it is this time?? Zoe called back.
    ?I'm not sure probably the Australian military with something important for us to do? Jack yelled through the door over the sound of running water.

    10 Minutes later
    Jack and Zoe sat on the veranda together as the military car pulled up, Exiting from the car was a general of the Australian army who looked at the two people in front of him and he could hardly believe that only a year ago these two people had saved the world from tyrannical rule by Jack's own father. Heading up to the two people he smiled slightly and handed Jack a large envelope ?Merry Christmas Jack, we need your help to stop the end of the world as we know it?


    lieutenant-colonel Shane 'Scarecrow' Schofield
    Location classified

    Scarecrow crept through the training course his whole team had been wiped out, except for Gunnery Sergeant Gena 'Mother' Newman both of them had been separated and his radio was damaged he could still hear her calling out her position and he was currently trying to get ahead of her so they could re group. Suddenly the lights in the complex turned on and all the 'dead' marines stood up. ?What's going on here?? Scarecrow called out to the brass standing on the observation deck looking down at him ?I'm sorry Colonel but we have an urgent mission for you,? he paused and looked at the folder he was carrying ?We need you to go to Peru and hold a science station we have there from any and all enemies of ours that will be trying to take the research there.? Schofield looked around at his men, he had almost all raw recruits with him ?Sir that's going to be a challenge but we can do it?

    1 hour later
    Schofield Recon team landed their helicopters in the small clearing cut that was barely big enough for them and the team ran into the base setting up makeshift defences, awaiting the inevitable fighting.

    Welcome to what I think is the first cross over RP of Matthew Reilly's books.

    First a few rules:
    1: Obey the TOS: I shouldn't have to say it but somepeople don't think
    2: Don't be nettlesome: as in be kind to people, and don't try to kill people without my or their consent
    3: No GODMODEING: It may be fun sometimes but it breaks rule 2
    4: PM me your Character sheets: I wont be putting up an official Character sheet but I will accept any Character from his books that isn't dead, and maybe other characters as well.
    5: Have fun: RPing is meant to be fun
    6: Please be Literate: I don't like deciphering 1337 speak, I can but it's really annoying, as well as I have put a lot of work into this so Please use good spelling, put your posts in Word first if your unsure, and please post more than one liners

    Now that I've got that over with I would like to thank every one who reads this for being awesome and having a look at this even if I never hear from you. I hope to hear from people soon.>
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