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    I don't think Kerry should move from where he is now. He's been a valuable ally for the Obama administration and he's finally the senior senator from Massachusetts. Being the chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee is an important position, and I think he should stay there.

    Administrations have a way of ruining future ambitions for various politicians, or at least sidetracking them. In Kerry's case, he's already made a run for the presidency, so he's not going to be making another run. Still, if I were him, I think I'd stay where I was.
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    Right now, the news is that Kerry will be nominated for Secretary of DEFENSE

    And Susan Rice is the WH favorite for State

    I don't like that. If you're going to take away Kerry, it should be for State, nothing else.
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    If I was Obama, I would nominate Chuck Hagel for SOD or S of CIA.

    He was previously looked at candidate for SOD after Gates resigned, a veteran, who served two terms on Foreign Affairs and Intelligence, and he was a Republican who sided with the Democrats on Iraq towards the end of his term thus has a record of bipartisanship.
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    Yeah, Hagel's name has already been thrown out there in some places.
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    Plus, it would mind-job the partisans who claim he’s too partisan [face_mischief]
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    Not really, they'll just be labelled Gates, LaHood, Huntsman, Powell, etc.
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    Hagel would be my top choice for one of the 2 positions. I've always had more respect for him than the large majority of politicians.