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Discussion in 'Community' started by DarthTunick, Jul 16, 2014.

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    Yeah, there's the appearance of great similarity with the ESPN thread, but I think there's enough difference of stupidity -as FOX has their own brand/breed of crap- to ensure that both threads could co-exist.

    [link=[url]]All[/url] 100 times that Derek Jeter's name was mentioned during the MLB all-star game telecast, with NO mentions of Tony Gwynn, Don Zimmer or Bob Welch[/link]

    The Jeter overload is incredibly annoying, but not surprising... the oversight of Gwynn & the others? Inexcusable, unconscionable. How could that happen?

    @DarthIntegral I'm sure there's enough FOX Soccer stupidity to warrant fears about their upcoming coverage of the 2018 World Cup...
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    Hey look, there's a thread for this.

    Gus Johnson is stepping away from soccer for FOX.


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    C'mon, it's Fox. This just means Joe Buck will call the Final.

    [MONOTONE]Messi, from 35 yards out has equalized for Argentina in the fourth minute of stoppage time. That means 30 more minutes of Argentina and Belgium[/MONOTONE]
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