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Discussion in 'Literature' started by Outsourced, Sep 12, 2017.

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    Remember how George said that the whole story of Star Wars was R2-D2 telling it to a Keeper of the Whills 100 years after ROTJ?

    I always suspected that George Lucas himself was this Keeper of the Whills, the Whills being the Earth human species. ROTJ took place in the 1870s, then R2 visited George in the 1970s and George made Star Wars. :p
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    Hence why I said that, ideally, Marvel would do the mainstream comics while IDW did more experimental or off the beaten path things.
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    Yeah, and I'd love to see Disney Press pump out some adult novels but licensees stay in their lane.

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    I'm guessing in honor of next year being 10th anniversary of TCW, they're placing the final unproduced arcs into an ongoing series and maybe some original stories taking place after the last scripted episode or once they're done, they will bridge the gaps between the time between Geonosis, the Mace Windu comic, and Christophsis. But honestly, Marvel could take this on, the comics they present at times can be dark as TCW. It seems like Marvel is the Del Rey of comics where IDW would be like the Disney-Lucasfilm Press of comics. Soon, we'll see another video game publisher along EA to match having double main publishers in books and comics.
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    The only additional thing currently in Star Wars that IDW might publish is an extension of the Forces of Destiny property with younger girls as the target audience. When there are future animated series for younger audiences, I'd anticipate they'd be in line for adaptations of those.

    The line between the licensees is pretty clear. Disney's ownership of IP is so extensive no licensee is going to risk being blackballed from all future business by pushing the limits.