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SWRPF Archive The Galactic Senate RPG - [August] *In Session*

Discussion in 'Star Wars Role Playing Archive' started by Imperial_Hammer, Jan 13, 2008.

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    PRENNTACULAR VIP star 6 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Dec 21, 2005
    Here's a current roster.

    Conservative Party:

    Territha, Kashyyyk (Chancellor)
    Jayson Bryce, Coruscant
    Rade Kell, Druckenwell
    Reldem Fald, Eriadu
    Azervado Renning, Anaxes
    Dacen Mano, Raithal
    Tarim Kundar, Onderon

    Liberal Party:

    Ar'Jar Vena, Thyferra
    Uudnil Sark, Fondor
    Xenil Khilari, Belnar
    Will Pitt, Chandrila
    Adrian Inlius, Garos IV
    Li Tol Rastor, Muunilinst
    Nava Kree, Xagobah
    Shawn Ventar, Bodyguard for Nava

    Judicial Branch

    Denningas Blackstone

    Great looking group, guys. :)
  2. Yuul_Shamar

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    Nov 3, 2004
    What happens if both parties remain tied in senator numbers?
  3. Saintheart

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    Dec 16, 2000
    OOC: Yuul, remember that a political party is not the entirety of the Senate. The Senators playing represent only a dozen or so (albeit very influential) of the thousands of worlds across the Republic. If you're concerned about a deadlock in the Senate, I think that would be a very rare scenario; not everyone's a member of the Liberals or the Conservatives, and I imagine there'll be a large swag of independents who'll vote depending on whims, persuasion or any number of factors...
  4. Imperial_Hammer

    Imperial_Hammer Manager Emeritus: RPFs star 5 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Sep 25, 2004
    GM's OOC: Thats correct Saintheart. Easy way to think of this game. There are the massive liberal and conservative parties. Then there is a batch of small, inconsequential third-parties. The big parties have hundreds of senators in membership. After all, its a big galaxy. However, the players here will be RPing as influential notables who, in essence, steer the party. How they became notable is up to each player to decide (reputation, how they got elected, simply amazing charisma, etc.). This admittedly contrived set up allows for a realistic scale within the Senate, while preserving the fun game play of allowing the small fraction of player-controlled Senators to have total control. How the group of player-controlled Senators from any one party votes will reflect how the hundreds of Senators from that party vote. Its like a microcosm; the players represent something bigger than what they really are.

    As to the batch of small, inconsequential third parties; they will usually not factor into law-making, as they are so broken up and weak. However, in the rare instance of ties, they will be used to break deadlocks. This group can technically also be courted to gain an extra vote (max. 2) if your side is short on them, though it will be a bunch of work to get this.

    If the above confuses you in any way, PM either myself or Masterprenn and we'll help you to understand. Hopefully though, its a pretty simple macro-explanation on how the Senate looks and will work.

  5. Syahu

    Syahu Jedi Youngling

    Sep 23, 2006
    GM Approved

    Name: Clement Oracio
    Age: 32
    Gender: Male
    Species: Human
    Appearance: Clement has twinkling blue eyes and short blonde hair. He is clean-shaven and has very chiseled features. He carries himself with authority and often wears extremely expensive, custom-made suits to fit his 6?3?? frame perfectly.
    Personality: Clement is very ambitious and manipulative. He likes to control situations covertly and often uses others to get tasks done for him. He also is very pretentious and has a very bad temper.
    Schooling: Coruscant School of Excellence, Calamar School of Law

    Clement was born to a very wealthy and prestigious family on Esseles. They have many assets, such as the Togatto Speedway, and almost all of the property that Trinkatta Starships, Damorian Manufacturing Corporation, and DynaCorp are located on. Clement was very spoiled when growing up and was given the best in every aspect of life. He knew he was better than everyone else and often flaunted his wealth. After graduating from Coruscant School of Excellence at the top of his class, he enrolled at the Calamar School of Law and graduated in two years with top honors. He is a very ambitious person and hopes to bring the Oracio family to an even higher level of magnificence than before.

    Clement is also an avid collector of art and boasts quite a spectacular private collection that is said to rival the collections of the best museums. He is often seen dining at the finest restaurants with a new woman each week and buying property up like a storm. He has started his own charity, the Oracio Family Foundation, but also donates too many more. Although he is labeled as being a conservative, Clement is moderate-liberal on many issues.

    Representative For: Esseles
    Party: Conservative
    Personal Platform: Major tax cuts, stricter gun laws, less government intervention in the economy/trade
  6. DARTH-bojangles

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    May 1, 2005
    OOC: CS sent, apologies for taking so long. Busy weekend.
  7. Jango10

    Jango10 Jedi Master star 5

    Sep 22, 2002

    Name: Shea Ni
    Age: 20 (Kaminoans mature quickly)
    Gender: Male
    Species: Kaminoan
    Appearance: Tall and slender, pale skin, reddish fin on top of head, black eyes
    Personality: Elegant and proper, rarely shows strong emotions (as with most Kaminoans)
    Schooling: Kamino Institute of Technology, Coruscant College of Business
    Bio: Shea Ni is the son of well known Kaminoan politician Taun We. He was educated at the Kamino Institute of Technology where he majored in the science of Cloning Technology. Shortly after graduation, he attended the Coruscant school of business, where he became a great economist. After college, he married his high school sweetheart. They now have one child and are expecting another. Shea then found his place in the local Kaminoan government, overseeing the policies of the cloning facilities and eventually rising to the ruling council of Kamino. He has just recently been elected to represent Kamino in the Galactic Senate. Being a Kaminoan, he does not show great emotion except in dealings with his family.

    Representative For: Kamino
    Party: Conservative
    Personal Platform: Less government involvement with businesses (such as cloning), decrease in government taxes on businesses, decrease in galactic trade tarrifs, abolition of government weapon and army restrictions on individual planets
  8. Beta-Commando

    Beta-Commando Jedi Youngling star 1

    Jul 4, 2007
    GM / [Imperial_Hammer] Approved, Now With Corrected HTML! ;)

    Name: Choran Lyre
    Age: 34
    Gender: Male
    Species: Human
    Appearance: Choran is exceptionally attractive for a thirty-four year old, retaining the handsome appearance of his twenties? thanks to cosmetic surgery. He is an average five foot eight with a lean-muscled build and a conservative dyed-bleach blonde hair-do, close the military-made-famous buzzcut. His good-looks are augmented by his darker-green eyes and an arrogant, if not seditious, curled-lip smile. He has a scar running up his left arm, often hidden by his robe?s sleeves, caused by an assassination attempt years prior when he had run for a government office on Abregado-rae.
    Personality: Choran is a deceiver and manipulator by nature, as well as nature-bred romancer. He has a sort of innate charisma that few sense but most are swept by, if only slightly.
    Schooling: Naboo School of Law and Politics
    Bio: Choran was born on the lush planet of Naboo to a pair of wealthy traders. His parents large income and their pampering, typical of inexperienced parents, never left much of a ?spoiled brat? impression on his mind.

    When he started his primary education, he swiftly adapted to the life and somehow managed to fit in with the spoiled brats at his education center. He soon became notorious for his jokes and stunts he often pulled as well as his impressive grades.

    Once he started his pre-University education and was forced to choose a career path, which he one day stated as having told his teachers, ?anything that gives me a good bit of influence over others, legal or not,? he was known for his excessive flirting with the opposite sex and soon became ?the one man every girl wanted and the man every other man wanted to be.?

    After his graduation from pre-University, his parents sent him off to the Naboo School of Law and Politics where he once again showed the galaxy that he had both looks and intelligence, and could use either to achieve his ends. He graduated with some of the highest honors with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Philosophy and two minor degrees; one in the Arts of Sociology and Psychology and another in the Arts of Galactic Economics and Diplomatic Relations.

    For the next cycle of his life he moved to Abregado-rae, looking for a career filled with things both legal and not. He campaigned for several different offices, only managing to take one, during the campaign of which his life had been put in jeopardy by a fanatic wielding an ancient vibroblade.

    Recently, he has been elected as Senator of Abregado-rae in the New Republic Senate.

    Representative For: Abregado-rae
    Party: Conservative
    Personal Platform: Admission of the Imperial Remnant into the New Republic, lessening of taxes on Big Business, abolition of Blaster Control laws, abolition of certain ?dangerous? freedoms of the average citizen, and expansion of the New Republic Navy.
  9. Sinrebirth

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    Nov 15, 2004
    Hammer approved!

    Name: Traer Lin
    Age: 63
    Gender: Male
    Species: Human
    Appearance: Shoulder length brown hair, dull blue eyes, medium height, thin and slightly pale skin.
    Schooling: Tapani Techno Union Academy, Imperial Tapani Academy
    Personality: Intense, almost obssessive, virulently anti-Imperial, a keen mind that relies purely on economy, the humanity almost entirely removed.
    Bio: Born to a wealthy merchant family, he was content to remain in that position working for the Techno Union. When it was dissolved and he was forced to reapply to become a merchant under the Empire, he was rapidly reduced to a slave, simply because he happened to work for a side which lost the Clone Wars.

    When Tapani sector sided with the Rebels after Endor, he climbed the social ladder rapidly as one who the Empire had persecuted. He bore no Imperial ill-will, however, knowing from his own experiences that was simply a cycle.

    In 6 ABY, however, he met Cesca Kya, and when she, incredibly loyal to the Empire even when the Clone Emperor devastated the galaxy, left him and their 3 year old son in 10 ABY, he rapidly became fixed with revenge upon her, championing anti-Imperial policies. Manipulating shipyard rivalry between Fondor and Tallaan, he used the typical Tapani pride to suggest the sector deserved two Senators, and he quickly gained the Tallaan seat.

    Representative For: Tallaan
    Party: Conservative
    Personal Platform: Expansion of the New Republic Military and it's use in freeing other planets though out the Galaxy from slavery, dismemberment of the Imperial Remnant and economic equality.
  10. DARTH-bojangles

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    May 1, 2005
    PRENN Approved!

    Name:Kri Dza'tey
    Appearance:Brown fur with red highlights
    Personality:As far as Bothans go Kri is immensely reasonable when putting his needs above others. Something he feels his kinsmen should try do more often. Naturally Intelligent, Kri is very good at realizing when helping others helps himself and in turn Bothawui, but more importantly, when all else fails manipulation and backroom dealings will get the job done.
    Schooling: Bothawui University of Philosophy
    Bio: From the earliest beginnings, Kri was destined for his role as a Senator. His career started in the Junior Diplomats Corps. as a teenager, and after his services as an officer in the Bothan Defense Fleet, he was a poster boy for the esteemed company of the Bothan Diplomatic Corps. itself.

    Representative For: Bothawui
    Party: (Moderate) Liberal, when it suits him
    Personal Platform: Still reeling from the public fallout of the Camaas Document Crisis, the Bothan Government, in an effort to calm hostile attitudes from the rest of the Galaxy, has adopted a more socially progressive diplomatic response. Hence, how Kri becomes Bothawui's newly minted Senator. The goal for Kri is to win the hearts and minds of the denziens of the Galaxy with more social programs and tax cuts. Also, more diplomatic endeavors to stave off future wars starting with the New Republic reaching out to the Imperial Remnant.
  11. Livi-Wan

    Livi-Wan Jedi Master star 4

    Sep 29, 2002
    Approved by PRENN

    Name: Freija Severn
    Age: 35
    Gender: Female
    Species: Human
    Appearance: Medium height and weight, straight brown/black hair cut fairly short, brown eyes.
    Personality: Bossy, opinionated, likes to get into arguments.
    Schooling: Baar University, postgraduate studies at University of Coruscant.
    Bio: Born and raised on the agri-world of Baar, Freija severn was active in politics from an early age. Both her parents were farmers and she joined the Young Farmers Association at age twelve, doing speeches and getting involved in campaigns until she left when she went to university. At Baar University she studied History and Education and passed with a decent grade, working as a teacher for a few years before she decided to take up politics as a full-time career when she was elected as her region's representative.

    Representative For: Baar
    Party: Liberal
    Personal Platform: She is what you'd call a socialist- defines herself as extreme left liberal. In favour of stricter blaster control laws, increased power devolved on a planetary level, increased social security for the poor, higher tax on big businesses and the rich, less focus on the military
  12. SephyCloneNo15

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    Apr 9, 2005
    (ooc: I'm very disappointed that I had to learn about this game actually being up and running via the GDG. :p That said, Impy, you can expect a sheet from me some time in the next couple days)
  13. The Loyal Imperial

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    Nov 19, 2007
    OOC: Apologies for the interruption, but I have two quick questions.

    This takes place right before the NJO, but would that be 23, 24, or 25 ABY? Just curious, since I'm trying to get a series of events with my senator's birthdate and age sorted out, which may need some adjustments.

    Also, in the first post you mentioned a Vice Chancellor. Would this be a position appointed by the Chancellor or another elected position?
  14. Alexanderlagrande

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    Dec 16, 2007
    OOC:You will have my CS soon I promise
  15. Imperial_Hammer

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    Sep 25, 2004
    GM's OOC: Updated Planet List. Either Prenn or myself will have a current player sheet down in a few days. If you've been approved and your planet is not on this list, send me a PM.

    TLI: The game is going to be taking place at 24 ABY. Also the Vice Chancellor will be appointed by the Chancellor. Its role will be largely ceremonial, serving only as the Chancellor's backup.

    Finally, this game is slated to get going in a few days. Currently we're working on getting everything in order for the launch. This includes choosing the starting issues that will be discussed, getting each of your objectives in order, and finalizing our player lists. Depending on our progress, we'll be launching within the next few days. Either this weekend or immediately following it (like Monday, Tuesday). We may do a partial start as well, like letting you in on your objectives, depending on our progress. In any case, I feel pretty confident that within a week, we should have everything in order.

    Thanks! And PM me or Prenn if you need anything!

    [u]Planets Taken[/u]
    Garos IV
    Brentaal IV
    Brodo Asogi
    Empress Teta >
  16. Darth_Sabith

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    Oct 17, 2006
    GM Approved

    Name: Alexander Torman
    Age: 26
    Gender: Male
    Species: Human
    Hair: Long Black
    Eyes: Blue
    Skin: White
    Clothing: Royal Robes(crimson), with ancient black sith armour (purcessed). He wears his jeweled crown at all times and also has his family ring.

    Schooling: Home Scolled by the best his family could afford.
    Personality: Easily obssessive, Noble, admires Bravery and Valor, Humble, and very human.

    Bio: Born in the noble house of Torman Alexander was raised to become the planet's next ruler and needed to learn the ways of royalty. Though he is from the royal family he never understood the hardships others had to face. At the age of ten Alexander had begun his training as a political figure.

    During this time frame he learned much of about the galaxy and the ways of politics. He studied the ancient wars, the history of his people, and the beliefs of many of the fabled orders in the galaxy. This included studing the ways and beliefs of the jedi and sith alike. It was during this time that he began studing from the books of Palpatin that his family had gained Copies of.

    In these books Alexander learned the dark ways that would help him manipulate those who blocked his way. At the age of 16 he had convinced his father and the worlds senite to allow there home world being a secondary home to the Galatic Senite. Then on his 18th birthday Alexander left the royal palace and began a new life amoung the poor, hungrey, and over looked people.
    It took nearly four years for his family to locate him and by that time he learned the hardships that the poor had to endure on many planets. Returning to his noble position Alexander had decieded he would become there worlds representative in the New Republic Senate.

    Representative For: Empress Teta
    Party: Liberal
    Personal Platform: Seeks to improve the healthcare of the New Republic, Free education/training, Expansion of the New Republic Military (to include adding a group of Force trained leaders for the military), Establish a senate seat for the jedi order, Integrating the Imperial Remnant into the New Republic,and lastly Poverty Prevention/ restoral (not only prevent poverty but help those who are poor).
  17. The Loyal Imperial

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    Nov 19, 2007
    OOC: Small edit to my Senator's profile. I've increased his age to 46 after checking the timeline and finding that adjustments were needed.
  18. DarthIntegral

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    Jul 13, 2005
    [image=]created, [image=]approved.

    Name: Jace Lorr
    Age: 45
    Gender: Male
    Species: Mon Calamari
    Appearance: A pudgy fish, he has a short stature, standing only 1.6 meters (about 5?3?) but a wide frame. Bordering on grossly overweight, his physical appearance can be disheartening to even those accustomed to Mon Calamari. His large orange-yellow eyes protrude from his large head in a manner that makes it seem as if he can watch an entire planet by himself. His nostrils are also unusually large, even for a Mon Calamari, and routinely flare up when he talks, especially when he gives an impassioned speech.
    Personality: Very ambitious, proud, and dominant, and he gives subtle and not-so-subtle reminders of all three of these dominant traits whenever he speaks. Loves to dominate a conversation. Very patriotic, for both his home planet and the New Republic, and has a deep desire to see all beings commit to their own homes with passion of their own free will.
    Schooling: Mon Calamari Naval Academy
    Bio: Served ten years in Mon Calamari and Alliance to Restore the Republic Military service. While serving with the alliance, he once received a direct order from Admiral Ackbar, a hero of his since childhood. Upon receiving and properly executing these orders, in his mind he elevated Ackbar to a god-like status. He now works at all he does to honor the name ?Ackbar?.

    Upon leaving active military service, he immediately entered public service in the realm of politics. He served 20 years in local roles before finally being elected to serve in the Senate of the New Republic.

    He has been accused of ?being in bed with? weapons and ship manufacturers, and has received large campaign contributions from large corporations in the Mon Calamari Ship Yards in the past. He has also been accused of being unwilling to find compromises and halting the progress of much needed legislation because he hasn?t agreed with minor details.

    Representative For
    : Mon Calamari
    Party: Conservative
    Personal Platform: Taxation of the beings should be as low as possible, providing only enough for the government to maintain its obligations. Additionally, a strong military is needed and required, and should be the focus of a bulk of the money of the central government. Moreover, personal liberties of beings of the Republic must be respected at all times, including free speech, the right to own any type of weapon, and the freedom of beliefs. The central government of the New Republic should have two primary foci: to eliminate the Imperial Remnant, and to secure and provide safety to our member states. Expansion in all forms should be minimal and left to the private sector.
  19. Penguinator

    Penguinator Jedi Grand Master star 6

    May 23, 2005

    Name: Marcus Lane
    Age: 32
    Gender: Male
    Species: Human
    Appearance: 6' 4" in height, dark hair, angular jaw. Can be very friendly or very intimidating physically, depending on attitude and situation. Wears dark clothes - blacks, reds, and the occasional purple. Considering attractive for a human.
    Personality: Generally diplomatic, friendly and silent, but can get very confrontational and upfront about certain issues.
    Schooling: Royal Nubian Academy, Coruscant College of Law, University of Dantooine
    Bio: Born to an upper-middle class family living on Coruscant, Marcus spent most of his early childhood witnessing the problems with the city planet. His family eventually escaped the speed of city life for Dantooine, where he spent most of his life amongst the well-off and well-intentioned people. Compared to Coruscant, Dantooine was simple and rural, which took some getting used to.

    Upon graduation from the Dantooine school system, Marcus applied at and was accepted at the planetary University. Upon completion of his degree in political sciences and unable to find a job to his liking in the farmlands of Dantooine, Marcus applied at the Coruscant College of Law, getting in with a scholarship due to excellent marks on Dantooine and a co-op program with the Imperial Relief Corps. This showed him the poverty of the world, and how the Empire (among others) dealt with it. Graduating in the top three percentile of his class, Marcus witnessed firsthand the chaos during the fall of the Empire.

    Coruscant was exchanged in favour of verdant Naboo, where Marcus again made away with another degree from the Royal Nubian Academy. With all these degrees, Marcus set about creating a prosperous law firm on his homeplanet Dantooine. By age 31, he began considering a career in politics. He has recently been elected as representative of Dantooine.

    In the past year, he was The Coruscanti's runner-up to Jayson Bryce for most eligible bachelor.

    Representative For: Dantooine
    Party: Liberal
    Personal Platform: Agricultural free-trade, blaster control, galactic disarmament, special corporate taxes, and above all a stronger and unified Galactic Senate.
  20. Imperial_Hammer

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    Sep 25, 2004
    Myself Approved!

    Name: Veygor Zaller
    Age: 61
    Gender: Male
    Species: Human (Kuat)
    Appearance: An elder gentlemen with a very weathered, chiseled face. Has a full head of once black, now getting whiter hair. He?s of a normal height, with brown eyes and when he?s not dressed in a suit, he prefers comfortable ?work clothes.? Zaller always has a pipe on his person, and is oftentimes seen enjoying it.
    Personality: A strange man with a mix of personalities. Underneath his ?down-home,? folksie exterior is a sharp man with a real sense for the game. The man doesn?t flaunt his wealth, instead choosing to live amongst the people. His favorite activities include hiking, fishing, and of course, politics.
    Schooling: Graduated with a Masters in Public Policy from the Kuati Institute on Government.

    Bio: Born into a very rich family, Veygor enjoyed the all the privileges of wealth as he grew up. However, as he matured, he flaunted his wealth less and less. This stark contradiction to most of the Kuati nobility paved a bulwark for Zaller as the ?people?s candidate? when he ran for Social Director for those living aboard Kuat Drive Yards. It was a smashing success, as the workers turned out in droves, supporting Zaller over the previous elitist noble. From this, he was able to use his wealth, coupled with his popularity to win over the nobility. His alliance of support from the people and the nobility finally grew to the critical mass that allowed him to win the race for Senator. Additionally, Zaller?s pre-existing contacts within the conservative party framework made his ascension to party leader a very easy step. His friends in the Senate were happy to grant him the position.

    Representative For: Kuat
    Party: Conservative
    Personal Platform: Supports tax cuts for big business, strong social legislation, large government programs, expansion of the New Republic military, and increased free-trade.
  21. Imperial_Hammer

    Imperial_Hammer Manager Emeritus: RPFs star 5 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Sep 25, 2004
    GM?s OOC: Posted Sheets are required to get on this list. So if you?ve been approved but haven?t posted your sheets, get em up!

    First bit of info for you alls to crunch over!

    The Official Membership of Senators ? 19th Senate

    The Conservative Party
    Chancellor Territha, C ? Kashyyyk (Sey)
    Sen. Veygor Zaller, C - Kuat
    Sen. Jayson Bryce, C- Coruscant (DVC)
    Sen. Rade Kell, C- Druckenwell (TLI)
    Sen. Reldem Fald, C ? Eriadu (Apadamek)
    Sen. Azervado Renning, C ? Anaxes (Yuul_Shamar)
    Sen. Dacen Mano, C ? Raithal (Wise_Jedi12)
    Sen. Tarim Kundar, C ? Onderon (Chukles38)
    Sen. Clement Oracio, C ? Esseles (Syahu)
    Sen. Shea Ni, C ? Kamino (Jango10)
    Sen. Choran Lyre, C - Abregado-rae (Beta-Commando)
    Sen. Traer Lin, C ? Tallaan (Sinrebirth)
    Sen. Jace Lorr, C ? Mon Calamari (Darth_Integral)

    The Liberal Party
    Sen. Ar'Jar Vena, L ? Thyferra (Sith_Lords)
    Sen. Uudnil Sark, L ? Fondor (BSSL)
    Sen. Xenil Khilari, L ? Belnar (TypoCelchu)
    Sen. Will Pitt, L ? Chandrila (Darth_Nemisis)
    Sen. Adrian Inlius, L ? Garos IV (Hammurabi)
    Sen. Li Tol Rastor, L ? Muunilinst (LordPullus)
    Sen. Nava Kree, L ? Xagobah (Ktala)
    Sen. Kri Dza'tey, L ? Bothawui (Darth-bojangles)
    Sen. Freija Severn, L ? Baar (Livi-Wan)
    Sen. Alexander Torman, L ? Empress Teta (Darth_Sabith)
    Sen. Marcus Lane, L ? Dantooine (Penguinator)

    The Judiciary
    Chief Justice Denningas Blackstone (Saintheart)

    Supporting Cast
    Shawn Ventar (DarthXan318)


    [b][color=green]Conservative Party Membership: 13 [/color][/b]
    [b][color=purple]Liberal Party Membership: 11 [/color][/b]

    [b]Current Approved Sheets Reporting: 24 / 30 [/b]

    [b][u]Senate Statistics ? Courtesy of the New Republic Department of Statistics[/u][/b]

    Deep Core ? 0/1 Cons. (0 %) --------- 1/1 Lib. (100%)
    Core Worlds ? 6/7 Cons. (86%) --------- 1/7 Lib. (14%)
    Colonies ? 1/4 Cons. (25%) --------- 3/4 Lib. (75%)
    Inner-Rim ? 1/2 Cons (50%) --------- 1/2 Lib. (50%)
    Mid-Rim ? 2/4 Cons. (50%) --------- 2/4 Lib. (50%)
    Outer Rim ? 2/5 Cons. (40%) --------- 3/5 Lib. (60%)
    Wild Space ? 1/1 Cons. (100%) --------- 0/1 Lib. (0%)

    [u]Population [/u]
    1 Million ? 10 Million: 2/2 Cons. (50%) --------- 2/2 Lib. (50%)
    10 Million ? 100 Million: 3/4 Liberal (75%) --------- 1/4 Lib. (25%)
    100 Million ? 1 Billion: 1/2 Cons. (50%) --------- 1/2 Lib. (50%)
    1 Billion ? 10 Billion: 4/11 Cons. (36%) --------- 7/11 Lib. (64%)
    10 Billion ? 100 Billion: 2/2 Cons. (100%) --------- 0/2 Lib. (0%)
    100 Billion +: 1/1 Cons. (100%) --------- 0/1 Lib. (0%)

    [u]Species Composition[/u]
    Humans: 7/13 Planets Cons. (54%) --------- 6/13 Planets Lib. (46%)
    Aliens: 3/8 Planets Cons. (37%) --------- 5/8 Planets Lib. (63%)
    Multi-Species: 3/3 Cons. (100%) --------- 0/3 Lib. (0%)

    Enjoy! ;)

  22. Twinky_Stryder

    Twinky_Stryder Jedi Padawan star 4

    Nov 16, 2003
    CS approved

    Name: Myrna Isano
    Age: 22
    Gender: female
    Species: Human
    Appearance: Short and medium-to-large build, shoulder length brown hair, brown eyes
    Personality: Optimistic, good natured.
    Schooling: University of Baar
    Bio: Born in Firstfall to a fairly typical farming family, Myrna was always interested in what was happening around her on her planet. Growing up Myrna, as many Baarian children did, helped on the family farm, showing a skill for organisation and other such tasks. Myrna did well in her Galactic History and Athropology courses at the university. The local political movement noticed her work skills and proceeded to offer her a position as aide to the representitive for the liberal movement.
    Myrna, glad to see other worlds, enjoys her job as she feels she's getting to make a difference for her people back home on Baar.

    Representative For: Baar (aide of representive)
    Party: liberal
    Personal Platform: Very much in favour of farmer's rights and civilian protection against poachers and other such crimes.
  23. Saintheart

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    Dec 16, 2000
    OOC: Saintheart presents: an idiot's guide to interpreting statistics ;)

    ... Not that it affects my character per se:

    The easiest way to figure out what the New Republic Department of Statistics data says is to remember they are statistics that apply to the 24 most influential star systems currently in the game (i.e the ones you guys are all representing as players).

    The top two totals are, obviously, the number of influential Liberal and Conservative-voting planets in the Senate. I'm guessing the 24/30 number means there's potentially another 6 or so systems which might rise to the status of influential before the Senate goes into session.

    Now if we look at the three tables below--

    Geography appears to be a measure of the public's voting intentions on those 24 star systems, ordered by the location of the planets. As an example, at the "Deep Core" entry we've got 0 out of 1 worlds which vote Conservative, and 1 out of 1 worlds that vote Liberal. This indicates there's one influential system in the Deep Core region whose public vote Liberal. (And of course, that's 100% of the vote, which is also recorded there.)

    Population appears to be the same data ordered by population sizes. For example, the entry "10 - 100 million" has 3/4 Liberal, and 1/4 Conservative. This would indicate there are four influential systems with populations between 1 and 10 million, and 3 out of 4 of those populations - 75% - vote Liberal, with the remaining 1 out of 4 systems going to the Conservatives.

    Species Composition appears to be the same data, this time by species. For example, the entry "Aliens" has "3/8 Planets Cons." attached to it, which would seem to indicate that aliens control 8 of the influential systems in the galaxy, and that 37% of those systems vote Conservative, while the remaining 63% voting Liberal.

    How do you use this data? That's entirely up to you, but the power of the statistics is in their interpretation. You might be able to (for example) conclude from this data that the Conservatives have a stronghold in the Core Worlds with 86% of the vote there, but don't attract much of the alien vote, with only 37% of aliens -- less than 1 in 2 -- saying that they'd vote Conservative at the next election. Or you might just as easily conclude that while the Liberals have a lot of appeal across different regions of the galaxy (almost every region has at least one Liberal star system) they aren't liked on heavily-populated star systems (given there are no Liberal-voting systems with a population over 10 billion.)

    Maybe that has some significance for your policies in the future. It might affect whether you pursue policies that appeal to different regions of the galaxy, the mass of the population, or to particular species. But as I say, that is entirely up to you.

    (P.S. Hammer, I think I detect one small error in the "Population" chart, at the 1 - 10 million entry. I think you meant to put 2/4 and 2/4 respectively, since that still gives you the 50% ratio, and also totes up the number of star systems to the 24 currently represented.)
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    Jun 17, 2007
    GM and Sith_Lords Approved

    Name: Jaster Qorbin

    Age: 27

    Gender: Male

    Species: Falleen

    Appearance: As with all members of the Falleen species, Jaster has many prominent distinctions in his physical appearance. For instance, his nine fingers (four on one hand, five on the other) are all slightly clawed, as well as his toes. He also has small scales all over his body, displays noticeable facial and spinal ridges, and possesses unkempt black hair that extends from the back of his head to the mid-section of his neck. Also, as inherited from his biological parents, his skin changes color according to his mood. When he is angry, it turns red, though he manages to keep it at its natural green-grey hue nearly all of the time.

    Personality: Primarily a ladies man, Jaster uses his natural Falleen ability of exuding pheromones to seduce attractive females. He is generally in high spirits, and has a broad sense of humor that contradicts the surly demeanors of many politicians he has met over time as a pilot for a senator.

    Schooling: Schooled on Coruscant until the age of seventeen.

    Bio: Adopted into a family of Duros at birth, Jaster Qorbin was raised in a predominantly human middle-class area of Coruscant. His adopted father was once a smuggler and had an extensive knowledge of starships, which he consistently passed down to his son. As a result, Jaster took on an early interest in flying, which would later prove useful in his life.

    Growing up with a family of Duros and human peers, Jaster learned both Durese and Basic languages. He was very social throughout his childhood, and respected amongst his male friends for his uncanny ability to attract older girls (he once dated a twenty-three year-old Rodian at the age of sixteen). This led to a notorious reputation as a playboy and a ladies man in his teenage years.

    At the age of seventeen, Jaster quit school against the advice of his family to travel the stars in his newly acquired starship, which his father had presented to him as a gift weeks before. His first destination was Corellia, where he met a human woman by the name of Talia Lore. Two months later, she was expecting his child.

    After the miscarriage, Jaster left Corellia and journeyed to Nubia, where he resided for seven years. However, at the age of twenty-four, his mother had fallen ill, and he traveled back to Coruscant to be with his family during the final moments of her life.

    Deciding to stay on Coruscant, Jaster was hired as a starship mechanic. It was about that time when he met Ar'Jar Vena, a politician from Thyferra. Vena was looking for a personal pilot, and Jaster offered himself for the role. After an extensive background check, Jaster was accepted, and has since become good friends with the senator.

    Miscellaneous: As a Falleen, Jaster has an exceptional lung capacity, allowing him to stay submerged in water for prolonged periods of time. He is also resistant to Force mind tricks, and at only 27 standard years of age, he is very young compared to the average lifespan of a Falleen, which is about 250 years (prominently healthy Falleen have been known to live for nearly 400 years).
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    GM's OOC: Alrighty folks. I've talked it over with Prenn, and this is how its going to go down. We're going to be doing something a little different than most games. I'm calling it a "graduated launch," and it'll be a start-up by degrees. The schedule will go something like this:

    Tonight: Party Welcome PMs to all the players
    Tomorrow Night: The Laws for the next in-session period will be revealed
    Saturday Night: Individual Objective PMs
    Sunday Night: Opening Posts and Full Game Launch

    So look for your welcome PMs and be ready for more to come!

    And yes, that statistics thing is right Mr. Saint. 2/4. :)

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