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Discussion in 'Star Wars Role Playing Archive' started by Imperial_Hammer, Jan 13, 2008.

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  1. LordDarthUmbrus

    LordDarthUmbrus Jedi Padawan star 4

    Sep 24, 2004
    OOC: I was a bad monkey and forgot to post this. I hope its not too late. Masterprenn has approved it.

    Name: Grebleips
    Age: Perhaps several hundred years as Children Of The Green Planet are very long lived, like Yoda's people.
    Gender: Male
    Species: Children of the Green Planet (Brodo Asogi)
    Appearance: E.T. The Extraterrestrial was a member of this species.
    Personality: Peace-loving, Kind, vastly intelligent, greatly wise, hard to understand
    Schooling: Grebleips is a High Doctor of the University of Brodo Asogi.

    Grebleips was the representative for the planet Brodo Asogi in the Galactic Senate from some point prior to 33 BBY until shortly after the formation of the Galactic Empire. Shortly before the start of the Clone Wars, Grebleips funded an expedition to another galaxy. Grebleips was assisted by two aides of his species.

    Near the end of the war, he was a signatory of the Petition of 2000. As such, following the founding of the Empire, he and several other senators (Fang Zar, Ivor Drake, Streamdrinker, Shea Sadashassa, and Tanner Cadaman) were group-arrested by ISB.

    Grebleips managed to survive the Spice Mines of Kessel by escaping while desguised as a Power Droid being transported to nearby Kashyyyk.

    A Wookie family hid Grebleips from the Imperials for the remainder of the Galactic Civil War. Their son, Liott, was instrumental in saving Grebleips from Imperial Investigators bent on tracking down the escaped political dissident.

    In return, Grebleips taught local Wookie herbologists how to fortify Wroshyr wood so that 'Tree Caves' could be grown to hide the Wookies during Imperial 'Slave Harvesting' maneuvers.

    After the Empire's Fall, Grebleips returned 'Home' where he resumed representation of his world with the New Republic Senate.

    Representative For: Brodo Asogi
    Party: Liberal (Green Party Anyone?)
    Personal Platform: Grebleips represents his planet's interests in fostering better environments for better living. He also lobbies for more funding of extra-galactic exploration (which benefits his people uniquely since they are the only one's who know the secret of Trans-Galactic travel).

    Grebleips advocates peacemaking through non-violent means and the abolishment of war. He is also and advocate of Vegetable Sentience and of the nonleathal harvest on regeneratable food crops.

    He established the "Plants are People Too!" campaign.
  2. NickLitYouAFlame

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    Feb 27, 2007
    Name: Boron Korush
    Age: 38
    Gender: Male
    Species: Shistavanen
    Appearance: Pronounced muzzle, sharp claws, long pointed teeth, large glowing eyes and pointed ears set on top of his heads. His body is covered in Brown hair and he has black emotionless eyes. He wears red robes and carries a blaster.
    Personality: Boron is aggressive and manipulative. He is extremely intelligent, but vicious. He will stand by his claims and defend them, even to the point of violence. He is fiercely loyal to his allies and brutal when targeting his enemies.
    Schooling: Unknown
    Bio: Boron was born on Uvena Prime, but taken from the planet to be raised on Brentaal IV. He was always interested in politics and he used his volatile nature to get a head. His schooling, however much and wherever, was completed here. Boron was, early in his career, mistrusted, but he garnered the support of many with his no nonsense attitude. He furthered his career with blackmail and once, even the elimination of an opponent through murder. When he was elected to the Senate he had a large amount of control on Brentaal IV, as his enemies had been humiliated or taken forcibly out of action.

    Representative For: Brentaal IV
    Party: Liberal
    Personal Platform: Boron is for higher taxes on Big Business and the wealthy. Funding for the New Republic Defense Force. Stricter laws on blaster control and weapons.
  3. Imperial_Hammer

    Imperial_Hammer Manager Emeritus: RPFs star 5 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Sep 25, 2004
    GM?s OOC: As per the graduated launch sequence, please find below the laws that you'll be talking about once the game starts.

    A few points on these laws:

    1.) If the amounts of money and things seem big to you, bear in mind the amounts of these resolutions have been adjusted in an attempt to reflect the pan-galactic nature of New Republic Politics. Generally, amounts are amplified by a power of 1000. Millions on Earth are billions in the SW Galaxy, billions on earth are trillions in this game, and trillions are quadrillions.

    2.) A good way to think about the role of canon in this game is like this: When canon doesn't hinder gameplay or my grand design, I will adhere to it. But I, as a GM, am not going to be bound by canon. If some facts hinder my ideas, these facts will be tossed out the window. So, some of the facts you see below might not mesh, but thats probably b/c I've overridden canon to make it so. A good rule of thumb to determine whats going on is that what I write is whats going on. Just go with the flow here and we'll all be happy.

    3.) This is not a game starting post. Basically, this is a preview. Start thinking about the issues in private, either by yourself or with others. What are the points you might argue for or against? Who might you want to form voting blocks with? Etc, etc.

    4.) These are just starter laws. Players are always welcome to submit their own laws to either Masterprenn or myself to be incorporated into the body of the game. Remember, laws that are authored by you really attach themselves to your personal political career! A law written by yourself that succeeds will be a great boon to your reputation.

    5.) As always, PM the GMs if you have any questions. :)

    Coming up tomorrow: Individual Objectives!

    *ALSO*: As of right now, this Republic has a divided government! 13 Conservative Sheets and 13 Liberal Sheets have been posted!

    And now, without further adieu.....

    Legislation On Schedule for the 1st Session ? 19th Senate

    Senate Resolution (S.R.) 1 ? Imperial Remnant Arms Agreement AA29

    Summary: If enacted, this Bill will allow for a New Republic arms surplus of 100,000 military grade blaster pistols to be sold to the Imperial Remnant. A vote in favor of the resolution will allow this sale, whereas a vote against the resolution will not allow it.

    Intelligence: This arms sale is expected to bring in a one-time revenue of 1 million credits to the federal budget. It was requested by Loqer Hass, Senior Representative from the Imperial Remnant. Their given reason for asking for this sale is to fight off ?hostile? aliens from the Unknown Regions. New Republic Intelligence (NRI) has not confirmed the identity of these species, but has confirmed a clustering of Imperial warships around OSAC (Obroa-Skaii Astronomical Classification) planet DT280. The New Republic is authorized to trade with the Imperial Remnant under the Pellaeon-Gavrisom and has traded military class munitions with them before. A vote of yes will strengthen the Imperial Remnant militarily, whereas a vote of no will most likely strain relations between the New Republic and the Remnant.

    S.R. 2 ? The Spice Control Act

    Summary: If enacted, this Bill will authorize the New Republic Navy to search all incoming ships for spice shipments, provided probable cause exists. Probable cause under this legislation shall be defined as including unregistered ships, ships registered as arriving from Kessel, Nar Shadda, and Ryloth, and/or ships that have been convicted of prior spice smuggling. Detainment shall be for no longer than 2 hours after initial boarding by New Republic Forces. This legislation will also increase funding to New Republic Narcotics Control (NRNC) Officers by an amount of 15 billion credits a year. Funding will be provided through punitive fines from the convicted smugglers, with any residual amounts being covered by additions to the Republic Debt. A vo
  4. BrentusofGath

    BrentusofGath Jedi Padawan star 4

    Aug 12, 2005
    I_H Approved!

    Name: Tak Vedis (that's surname first, given name last)

    Age: At the same speed as everyone else.

    Gender: male

    Species: Human

    Appearance: A little taller than average, Tak has medium length light brown or dark blond hair, a medium to large build and dark green eyes. His appearance underlies a darker nature few ever see, unless they've seen him angry. Otherwise, strangely, nothing unusual sticks out about the man...

    Personality: Usually calm and placid, when angered Tak can spit fire with the best of them. He cares deeply about his home planet and would do anything for its people - whether they ask for it or not. Not one for small talk, Tak is always up for a debate and loves to get right down to business.

    Schooling: University of Theed, graduated third in his class in Politics

    Bio: Tak has a mysterious past; all his important documents show he was born and raised on Naboo. He claims to be in his thirties, but many suspect his past is more... obtuse. Rumors of a Jedi from the distant past named Tak Vedis surface from time to time, but this man laughs them off, claiming to be a distant, non Force sensitive descendent. Personally opposed to the normal use of the 'Name of State' in Naboo politics, (like Padme Naberrie calling herself Amidala), Tak has chosen to forgo this formal rite.

    Representative For: Naboo

    Party: Conservative

    Personal Platform: Tak looks to further unite the humans and Gungan populations of Naboo, although has encountered engrained, bureaucratic resistance in the past. He seeks to open up more lucrative trade routes for Naboo farming produce. Often in galactic politics, one planet, or a group of planets is shunned by the majority. Despite being one of the original signers of the Common Charter, Naboo has recently begun to feel the strain of its commercial and agricultural products being relegated to lower teirs of trade within the New Republic. Tak wishes to see Naboo gain prominence once again in the galaxy...

    EDIT: changed a spelling error. [face_blush]
  5. Sith-I-5

    Sith-I-5 Force Ghost star 6

    Aug 14, 2002
    Name: Chaygte (Senator - half-vote)
    Age: No idea
    Gender: Female

    Species: Originally human, naturalised Lepi

    Appearance: 1.68 metres, dark-haired female. After her time in uniform, Chaygte embraced her femininity, favouring ruffles, frills, lace, party-frock type fashion as everyday wear, and with a growing, undying and actually pretty unhealthy obsession with the Lepi species, to the point of regarding herself as one, eventually had a pair of large pink and white lepi-ears grafted to the back of her skull.

    Personality: Disbelieving of her place in the galaxy, after a life spent on the edge.
    Outgoing, share private jokes with her close friend and colleague, Donnoc.
    She was ruthless in Black Sun, and commenting on her attire would earn you a trip out the airlock, but she has mellowed a bit in her new role. Pretty fearless, even now.
    Due to the suspended animation of carbonite freezing, her time in Black Sun still feels quite recent, so she is still a woman not to be messed with.

    Schooling: Normal secondary education on her homeworld, then hands-on vocational training in both the Centrality Navy, and Black Sun.

    Bio: Chaygte served in the Centrality Navy for three years, spending it at a remote out-of-the-way secret base on Hosrel XI. Dull job, dull environment, dull uniform. She did not see the universe.
    Upon leaving, she joined the Black Sun criminal organisation, and took many of her squad-mates with her, including her superior officer, Donnoc.
    Business smarts and ruthlessness ascended her through the ranks, till she gained the position of Vigo, or underlord, with her own territory to look after.

    Her last client was an eccentric rodian magnate with an implausible plan for reversing or at least avenging the bloody coup on his homeworld that put Navrik the Red in power.
    Chaygte?s own view on the operation can be revealed by the name she gave it: ?Project Final Fantasy?, but given the amount of credits being thrown at Black Sun, she determined that any failure in its realisation, would not be from her end.

    A particular Imperial scientist was needed, but the only way to get him out from under a Code Silver planetary quarantine, was to send orders at the same level.
    Chaygte found she was unable to replicate the codes needed, so hatched a plan to knock over an Imperial cruiser to use their holocomm!

    There was some minor jedi interference too, which Prince Xisor, the overall head of Black Sun, was alerted to, and his rush to inform the Emperor (the two should just get a room, y?know?) compromised the Project, flooded the area with Imperial capital ships, and resulted in Chaygte?s ship, the Forbehalina having a shootout with a Star Destroyer. She lost, but evaded capture to report back to the Falleen overlord.

    And then suddenly, through a stroke of misfortune, she resurfaced!
    When Daala?s Super Star Destroyer launched itself through Coruscant city blocks to escape discovery, the resulting reconstruction uncovered an old Xisor Transport warehouse, containing carbonite blocks where he had imprisoned people who had attracted his displeasure. Two of the victims were Chaygte and Donnoc.

    Somehow, the two realised the benefit of highlighting their action against two Imperial capital ships, coining the tactic, the ?Coachelle Kiss? ? an unarmed concussion missile through the other ship?s bridge windows ? and were féted as Rebel heroes.

    The homeworld of the Lepi suddenly had two more celebrities to help promote their system, and the two were propelled into politics and the roles of Senators for the Coachelle system.

    Representative For: Coachelle
    Star System
    Party: (for now, conservative or liberal) LIBERAL
    Personal Platform: None really. Coachelle has precious few members of its species going offworld, and those that do, try to promote their home system.
    Their presence in the Senate is more to benefit the interests of their home system ? real or a
  6. Imperial_Hammer

    Imperial_Hammer Manager Emeritus: RPFs star 5 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Sep 25, 2004
    GM's OOC: Below please find updated Senate membership and statistics.

    Tonight, everyone should be getting their objectives. However, there *may* be a snag on the liberal side. MASTERPRENN is super-busy this weekend and *may* not have time to get personal objectives out for the left. I, on the other hand, will be sending out the conservative objectives, as I have them ready. This problem will be remedied within three to four days tops. I don't foresee this delay having a huge impact on the positioning of the parties. However, if I hear or think that there is a disadvantage to the left b/c of this delay, I will make adjustments later in the game to make up for it. This could be either a liberal-specific side-quest or some tweaking in popularity or something. In short, don't worry about this. It will be taken care of. :)

    Also: ***A reminder that this game is scheduled to open for posts tomorrow evening***

    Below please find the new memberships...

    GM?s OOC: Posted Sheets are required to get on this list. So if you?ve been approved but haven?t posted your sheets, get em up!

    First bit of info for you alls to crunch over!

    The Official Membership of Senators ? 19th Senate

    The Conservative Party
    Chancellor Territha, C ? Kashyyyk (Sey)
    Sen. Veygor Zaller, C - Kuat
    Sen. Jayson Bryce, C- Coruscant (DVC)
    Sen. Rade Kell, C- Druckenwell (TLI)
    Sen. Reldem Fald, C ? Eriadu (Apadamek)
    Sen. Azervado Renning, C ? Anaxes (Yuul_Shamar)
    Sen. Dacen Mano, C ? Raithal (Wise_Jedi12)
    Sen. Tarim Kundar, C ? Onderon (Chukles38)
    Sen. Clement Oracio, C ? Esseles (Syahu)
    Sen. Shea Ni, C ? Kamino (Jango10)
    Sen. Choran Lyre, C - Abregado-rae (Beta-Commando)
    Sen. Traer Lin, C ? Tallaan (Sinrebirth)
    Sen. Jace Lorr, C ? Mon Calamari (Darth_Integral)
    Sen. Tak Vedis, C ? Naboo (BrentusofGath)

    The Liberal Party
    Sen. Ar'Jar Vena, L ? Thyferra (Sith_Lords)
    Sen. Uudnil Sark, L ? Fondor (BSSL)
    Sen. Xenil Khilari, L ? Belnar (TypoCelchu)
    Sen. Will Pitt, L ? Chandrila (Darth_Nemisis)
    Sen. Adrian Inlius, L ? Garos IV (Hammurabi)
    Sen. Li Tol Rastor, L ? Muunilinst (LordPullus)
    Sen. Nava Kree, L ? Xagobah (Ktala)
    Sen. Kri Dza'tey, L ? Bothawui (Darth-bojangles)
    Sen. Freija Severn, L ? Baar (Livi-Wan)
    Sen. Alexander Torman, L ? Empress Teta (Darth_Sabith)
    Sen. Marcus Lane, L ? Dantooine (Penguinator)
    Sen. Grebleips, L - Brodo Asogi (LordDarthUmbrus)
    Sen. Boron Korush, L - Brentaal IV (Nicklityouaflame)
    Sens. Chaygte and Donnoc, L ? Coachelle (Sith-I-5)

    The Judiciary
    Chief Justice Denningas Blackstone (Saintheart)

    Supporting Cast
    Shawn Ventar (DarthXan318)
    Myrna Isano (Twinky_Stryder)
    Jaster Qorbin (Sentinel-825)


    Conservative Party Membership: 14
    Liberal Party Membership: 14

    Senate Statistics ? Courtesy of the New Republic Department of Statistics

    Deep Core ? 0/1 Cons. (0 %) --------- 1/1 Lib. (100%)
    Core Worlds ? 6/8 Cons. (75%) --------- 2/8 Lib. (25%)
    Colonies ? 1/4 Cons. (25%) --------- 3/4 Lib. (75%)
    Inner-Rim ? 1/2 Cons (50%) --------- 1/2 Lib. (50%)
    Mid-Rim ? 3/6 Cons. (50%) --------- 3/6 Lib. (50%)
    Outer Rim ? 2/6 Cons. (33%) --------- 4/6 Lib. (66%)
    Wild Space ? 1/1 Cons. (100%) --------- 0/1 Lib. (0%)

    1 Million ? 10 Million: 2/5 Cons. (40%) --------- 3/5 Lib. (60%)
    10 Million ? 100 Million: 3/4 Liberal (75%) --------- 1/4 Lib. (25%)
    100 Million ? 1 Billion: 2/4 Cons. (50%) --------- 2/4 Lib. (50%)
    1 Billion ? 10 Billion: 4/12 Cons. (33%) --------- 8/12 Lib. (66%)
    10 Billion ? 100 Billion: 2/2 Cons. (100%) --------- 0/2 Lib. (0%)
    100 Billion +: 1/1 Cons. (100%) --------- 0/1 Lib. (0%)

    Species Composition
    Humans: 7/14 Planets Cons. (50%) --------- 7/14 Planets Lib. (50%)
  7. Hammurabi

    Hammurabi Jedi Master star 4

    Jan 14, 2007
    And should we assume the budget is currently balanced? Or are we running a slight deficit?

    EDIT: And also, can we assume the Republic has a centralized education system?
  8. Imperial_Hammer

    Imperial_Hammer Manager Emeritus: RPFs star 5 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Sep 25, 2004
    GM's OOC: Yes the budget is balanced and yes the system is centralized. :)

    ALSO: In response to some questions...

    1.) Its safe to assume that 70% of your population votes
    2.) Players may conduct their own polls if they are looking for intel. This can be done in thread or through PM.
    3.) Only a repeated and blatant ignoring of your constituent base will result in punitive action. Constituents are like most beings, getting their politics through the galactic evening newswires and not looking deeply into it until election day comes around. So don't be afraid to be creative and pursue your own agendas in addition to those of your constituents. I'll take a bit before your constituents start getting feisty.
    4.) Senators will get new objectives every month pertaining to the new laws being discussed. The rule-of-thumb is that all objectives are in force and exist until they're legislated upon.

    Keep on sending me those PMs if you have any questions! Additionally, I've already received one law authored by the players. Feel free to submit as many as you'd like!

  9. s65horsey

    s65horsey Otter-loving Former EUC Mod star 7 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Jun 24, 2006
    OOC: I'm announcing my inner council and VC as an OOC because I see some are already campaigning for things. This information might help.

    New Republic Advisory Council:
    VC Traer Lin, C ? Tallaan (Sinrebirth)
    Sen. Rade Kell, C- Druckenwell (TLI)
    Sen. Xenil Khilari, L ? Belnar (TypoCelchu)
    Sen. Veygor Zaller, C - Kuat (ImperialHammer)
    Sen. Jace Lorr, C ? Mon Calamari (Darth_Integral)
    Sen. Kri Dza'tey, L ? Bothawui (Darth-bojangles)

  10. The Loyal Imperial

    The Loyal Imperial Manager Emeritus star 6 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Nov 19, 2007
    OOC: Quick question. The Chancellor has the power to veto bills, but do the Chancellor and Vice Chancellor vote on the bills themselves?
  11. Saintheart

    Saintheart Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Dec 16, 2000
    OOC: My guess is that the answer to that question is "Yes" - since the Chancellor and Vice Chancellor represent voting planets in the Senate themselves. But again, because the "playing" Senate represents the influential part of the overall Senate, it's unlikely a single vote from one planet would decide the issue.
  12. Imperial_Hammer

    Imperial_Hammer Manager Emeritus: RPFs star 5 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Sep 25, 2004
    GM's OOC: Haha, good call again Mr. Saintheart. Thats right. Because the Chance and the Vice represent planets, they will have one vote, same as any other Senate. The Chancellor is better looked at as the Leader of the Senate vs. its own branch like we have in the US. Its borrows more from the UK in that respect. And yah, as previously stated, GMs will break ties. :)

  13. Saintheart

    Saintheart Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Dec 16, 2000
    OOC: Well, the Chief Justice of the Republic's highest courts should bloody well know how the Senate works... :D
  14. NickLitYouAFlame

    NickLitYouAFlame Jedi Master star 5

    Feb 27, 2007
    OOC: I'm not sure if it has been previously stated and I can almost surely guess the answer, but is it possible to abstain from a voting?
  15. Mister_Master

    Mister_Master Jedi Master star 6

    Oct 17, 2007
    approved by Hammer and Prenn.


    Name: Torco Bastra

    Age: 25

    Gender: male

    Species: human

    Appearance: thick wavy brown hair, his attire consists of black leather jackets with black pants and red shirts, sapphire blue eyes, muscular, Caucasian.

    Personality: He's a self righteous, charming young man, with a bit of a temper, he is arrogant, and a practical joker, he is outgoing and flirtatious.

    Schooling: Bellaasan Academy of Business.

    Bio: His Father being one of the rulers of Bellaasa, got his son into the Bellaasan Academy of Business, one of the most expensive academy's on Bellaasa. when he was 21 he got a degree in politics. After he took senatorial training he went to Coruscant where he became the Bellaasan senators senatorial aide. when the senator stepped down from his job he passed in onto Torco. he is high on party's, alcohol and woman.


    Representative For: Bellassa

    Party: liberal

    Personal Platform: increased military wages, abolishment of trade laws, increased policing of large businesses, stronger anti-slavery laws, stricter blaster control, and increased rights for adolescence.

    sorry I'm so late, but I had to do some editing to my CS
  16. Imperial_Hammer

    Imperial_Hammer Manager Emeritus: RPFs star 5 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Sep 25, 2004
    GM?s OOC: Alrighty. Here?s how it?s going to go down:

    January, for what?s left of it, is an out-of-senate month. Your offices on Coruscant are closed, getting ready for the start-of-term coming in February. Your office furniture and supplies have already been moved in. However, Senators are not being allowed admittance into their buildings, as they are closed due to construction efforts on the Senate and Republic Executive Building. Near the start of term, an office directory will be circulated to let people know where their offices are.

    As of now, Senators are welcome to conduct business from the planetary offices on their home world. Each of them also will have residences in the Senate District, Coruscant, either at 500 Republica or in the Senate Apartment Complex, depending on the choice of the player.

    When out-of-session, players may RP anywhere in the Galaxy, doing any thing they so wish. The GMs will try to keep up with your tags. As to in-session, players may RP in any of the areas listed in the Wookiepedia section on the Senate District found:

    [link=]Here [/link]

    Since everyone is in all different areas of the galaxy, it?s a bit tricky for me to kick it off with a single opening post. For off-of-session times, its sort of a self-driven sorta thing. I would recommend meetings and visits with other Senators, mingling with your own constituents, giving some speeches, and enjoying the perks of office.

    I guess I will do this though, small as it my be?

    IC: The Galaxy

    The spinning disc of the Galaxy did what it did best. Spun. But around many of the bright twinkling lights that constituted the stars of the thing, there were worlds with billions of people living on them. As citizens of the New Republic, they had followed the recent midterm elections, and had read the stories of the new Senators that would soon be making the laws out on Coruscant. Amongst these beings was hope as well as fear. Hope for a brighter future, with visionary lawmakers at the helm. And fear, fear of a darker future should these lawmakers be cruel and merciless.

    Their eyes, the millions of trillions of eyes, looked towards the Galactic Capitol. The curtain was rising on the biggest act there was. And with this curtain, the players stepped on scene.

    TAG: Senators!

    One last FYI: I'll be out for the rest of the night and a majority of tomorrow. So any PMs or business will have to wait until the evening sometime. When I return, I will answer all PMs, deal with any in-thread business, and probably get an opener post for myself up.

    Until then, hang tight, and I look forward to seeing what this game's first day of open posting looks like.

    Also: In answer to the raised question, Senators may absain by not-showing to vote. But this will be recorded and noted for your constituency.

    Happy posting and see you all in a day!

  17. Saintheart

    Saintheart Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Dec 16, 2000
    OOC: My first post is from the Galactic Justice Center, which is not far from Fellowship Plaza or the Senate building, and it?s the Chief Justice?s principal place of work. I?ll develop Blackstone?s home residence in due course, and I?ve an idea or two for a ?meeting place? for folks, but this is my first post ? and I?m glad I?m here!

    IC ? Denningas Blackstone

    Galactic Justice Centre
    Senate District,

    Irtaax i nya Evenkaa o Dumaire

    These were the Old Alderaanian words on the plaque, and Denningas Blackstone had read them many, many times. He could hardly avoid them; the plaque that bore the engraved words was approximately four feet high and eight feet long, a plate of scorched plasteel recovered from the debris of Alderaan?s grave. He had located the sheet on one of his pilgrimages there about seven years ago, and it had been in his spacious, austere office here at the immense Galactic Justice Center building, ever since.

    The words on the plaque were not some reassuring little affirmation like ?You are strong enough? or ?Knowledge is power?. These engraved words vexed him; annoyed him. Troubled his sleep. They always had, ever since he had heard them from one of his instructors back at the Imperial University of Coruscant, when he had shakily queried the legality of Alderaan?s destruction under the law of the time. The instructor?s shoulders sagged in a moment of weakness, and carelessly threw out the cynicism that all lawyers knew in their hearts, or at least assumed to be true.

    Law is no more than the shadow of justice.

    Blackstone read those words every day of his working life. Every morning, before he answered his first messages, before he sat down to read one of the cases decided in the courts that were his charge and his realm. He read those words, and swore one more time that he would prove the untruth of them ? that the law under the New Republic would give justice, would see that things were made right. And that oath always turned the anger into a whetstone for his mind and his attention, keeping him from the comforts of complacency.

    Blackstone sighed, turning to face the morning Coruscant skyline as he took another sip of his coffienne. It had been a long struggle. It had taken a good three years just to root out judges whose judicial experience really amounted to Imperial court-martials and show trials under the Empire. Harder still was the nightmare of negotiating funds, resources, and manpower from a military-focused Republic to create those vital avenues of redress that created the shield of law and ended the need for military garrisons across the Republic?s worlds.

    On the other hand, the takeup by local governments of the rule of law under the Republic?s aegis was enthusiastic: denied the freedoms which had been protected by the law for so long, they seemed determined not to let it be lost again. That, perhaps, was the biggest reward for his work - and the price personally had been high. Repairing the judicial arm of the Republic?s government had cost Denningas his youth, his wife, and his health. Blackstone had settled on the reassurance that the goal itself was worth the price.

    Blackstone moved back across to his desk, coughing as a little of the coffienne went down the wrong way. He found the small yellow pills in the top drawer and took two of them as prescribed by Doctor Kalsedy. They went down with the coffienne in a scratchy lump.

    Blackstone respected many of the Senators who would make the laws that the Judicial Branch would then enforce. But he promised himself again that he would never let the Republic trample the rule of law again. The Court of the Republic ? the Curia Republica ? had received briefings as to the laws due for consideration in the next session of Senate, and Blackstone had been carefully reading the bills.

    Just the thought of SR 1 passing the Senate made his guts churn in a way unrelated to
  18. DARTH-bojangles

    DARTH-bojangles Jedi Youngling star 3

    May 1, 2005
    OOC: My first post shall be set in the Galactic Museum. Thought I'd start with some schmoozing!o_O

    Coruscant, The Galactic Museum Grand Presidium
    IC as Bothan Senator Kri Dza'tey

    The master of ceremonies had decided to take his dear sweet time introducing Bothan Senator Kri Dza'tey at the evening's Gala for the Arts. Of course his Press Manager was using the time to spruce up Kri's flowing mane of red-gold hair that cascaded down to his rust colored robes he had chosen for the night's festivities. He reminded himself how the most successful officials often had the best outer appearance.

    His Press Manager, a fellow Bothan and a female, glanced at her chiming datapad in surprise, "Hm, very interesting. Senator, it seems the wheels of policy are already in motion and the Senate hasn't even been in session yet." she chuckled to herself. "Someone has already appealed to you for support."

    He waved her off, "It will have to wait to later tonite I'm afraid."

    Kri Dza'tey closed his eyes and welcomed the rush of his pulse that usually preceded any kind of public speaking like he was about to embark upon. "...and so without any further delay..." the M.C. silkily spoke, "Welcome with me the newly elected Senator of Bothawui Kri Dza'tey!"

    And out the Senator strode from behind the curtain of the platform smiling a gently humorous grin that he'd practiced ever since his beginnings in the Jr. Diplomats Corps. After shaking hands warmly with the Twi'lek speaker, Kri ended his stride at the podium and spoke, "Fellow art appreciators and enthusiasts, I am humbled that you would have me here to night and on behalf of Bothawui I send you greetings and the hope of peace." He gestured to the holocams that would surely feature his speech on the nightly news, "As well as the Galactic Citizenry at large. Thank you. Tonight's Gala has raised the credits as well as awareness for the preservation of the arts of our fair Galaxy. I'm hesitant to name a more precious treasure than some of the works I have seen so far here at the Galactic Museum's Alderaanian Splendor Exhibit."

    "As you all know the relative peace we share at the moment has been far to longly awaited since the Empire's fall from power some years ago. Sadly, bloodshed and strife have plagued our Galaxy as whole since then with the Remnant skirmishes and various feuds among the stars."

    "However, in peace must surely come prosperity and that is why all of you have joined me for tonight at the Presidium. Your donations at the Charity auction will echo in the upper echelons of the history we are hoping to achieve in the coming years." Kri shook his head in a carefully crafted reluctance, "For far too long the hounds of war have cut a bloody swath across the Stars, and I for one have had enough. Families separated for years, sons and daughters killed in the line of duty, worlds utterly devastated beyond repair, and horrors inflicted upon entire species."

    "Even one occurrence of any of these plagues is too many. That is why from hence forth, I want to lead the charge of Galaxy-wide Diplomacy for Peace to heal the scars of decades long war and strife."

    "And in that Peace, we must forge a far more progressive accord with the Imperial Remnant." he let that statement sink in to the crowd at hand. He was barely a week elected as the Bothan representative for the Senate and already he was chin fur deep in high stakes politicking. "Even in peace there remains the dredges of war. The very threat of it can cause entire systems to fall to the grip of panic."

    "Even in this splendor of peace, I can not stand idly by while others would flame the spark of conflict with our Galactic Brethren, so please, I implore you to bury the past. By no means forget, my fellow citizens, but we must forgive and let the healing endure so that instead of warships," he spoke and began to gesture at the room-spanning sculpture to his left, "let us reap the fruits of Peace and Prosperity."

    The thunderous applause of the Presidium echoed all
  19. Spaceman_Spiff

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    Nov 30, 2001
    Name: Bejoon Paton
    Age: 95
    Gender: Male
    Species: Ithorian
    Personality: He is always calm, never one to get angry or allow others to get angry. When debate arises, he jumps in to be the voice of moderation and compromise. He cares deeply for environmental issues, both on his home planet and across the galaxy.
    Schooling: Majored in politics at Mother Jungle University on Ithor.
    Bio: Bejoon has had a long and storied career in politics. He left Ithor at a young age to become a politician and help other planets to achieve the environmental harmony that his own planet had achieved, hoping that this harmony would translate into peace between nations and, furthermore, between planets. However, during the reign of the Emperor, he left politics for a time and went back home to till the land. He came back into politics a decade after the destruction of the second Death Star, to help lead the New Republic back to what it can be, a force for harmony between all peoples.

    Representative For: Ithor
    Party: Liberal
    Personal Platform: He is for keeping tight controls on corporations? effects on planetary environments. He is for less money being used for military spending, instead wanting it to be used to educate children or to protect the environment. He is for blaster or heavy weaponry controls for the citizenry of the galaxy.

    PRENNTACULAR VIP star 6 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Dec 21, 2005
    GM- I'm back in business guys, so you can feel free to send me any PMs or tags you'd like. As Imp said, now would be a great time for interacting with your constituents, etc. in game (by tagging us), or mingling/planning with your fellow senators. I'll be around for most of tomorrow and some of tonight if you tag or PM me, and I should have the objective PMs out by this time tomorrow. :)
  21. Darth_Vaders_cousin

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    Nov 12, 2004
    IC: Jayson Bryce
    Penthouse Suite -- 500 Republica

    To say that Jayson Bryce was a wealthy man with decadent tastes does not give him the credit he much deserves. In fact Jayson was an incredibly wealthy man with moronically decadent tastes. His 500 Republica Penthouse didn't nothing to hide this fact what so ever.

    Hidden away in the uppermost levels of the residential towers, Jayson's suite was equip with not only a private turbolift and his own multi-speeder sky dock resting just off his extra large balcony, but it also contained a top of the line holo-tainment system, a full kitchen, a wet bar, a Master bedroom, personal office, and a guest bedroom, but it also boasted two serving droids.

    And here, in this bachelor's paradise, sat newly elected Senator Jayson Bryce, sipping on a glass of Correllian Whiskey and smoking a Twi'Lekki cigar. He was laying across his over sized couch, flipping through Holo-feeds looking for someone talking about him. He was dressed as casually as he ever was, Rancor leather boots with pinstriped black slacks. He wore a white dress shirt that was half tucked in while the rest hung loosely around his waist. He also wore a pair of black suspenders, attached to which was a pristine shoulder holster cradling a custom made Westar chromium pistol.

    Another long winded commentary on his policies winds up on one of the news stations, and he glanced over a senatorial agenda sent out for the next weeks session explaining the laws on the docket and how his party wishes him to vote. He glances back up at the news station as Capitol Planet Poll results are shown regarding some of the hot issues of the month.

    A low beep resounds from the caff table in front of him, and he places a small ear piece comm-link into his ear.
    "Hello." He answers, expecting another congratulations. "He wants me to what...ok...I'll see what I can do." He finishes, jerking the link out of his ear and tossing it back onto the table. He hadn't been in office very long and people were already asking for favors.

    He drained his glass, and picked up the comm-link, stuffing it into his pocket with his datapad. He walked to the balcony door way, catching his wallet off the table as he passed, and pulling his matching pinstriped suit coat off of a coat rack near the balcony door. He looked at his airspeeder for a few moments, docked in the sky dock, and then opened the door and leaped into the driver's seat, firing it up with a finger print and zooming off, leaving 500 Republica just a small blip in his rear view.

    Tag: None

  22. Saintheart

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    OOC: Abuse of GM's colours for Worthy Cause! :D
    This post is to provide all PCs a place to meet/eat/wine and dine if they wish, and proceeds with the blessing of the Hammer.

    In other words, the location that follows is open for all players to use as they wish. I'll also take the opportunity to drop in as an NPC, as well. :)

    Ximino's Restaurant, Senate/Republica District

    Ximino's Restaurant, known simply by the title "Ximino's", is fast becoming one of the places to be seen or unseen amongst Senators of the New Republic. It is a flying restaurant built from eight Senatorial Shuttles from the time of the old Republic welded together and supporting one of the best eateries in the Senate or Republica District. Open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, the restaurant does slow circuits of the Senate and Republica Districts, offering patrons unparalleled views of not only the Senate building, but the Galactic Justice Center, 500 Republica, and many other of the most elegant constructions on Coruscant. As such many Senators find it quite convenient to reach by shuttle given the proximity of important buildings, and it's quite feasible to head off to Ximino's for a lunch and be back at the Senate building before any afternoon session commences.

    The restaurant offers a selection of large and small dining rooms and private rooms for meetings and other functions. It can easily support banquets for up to 20 people at a time, making it an ideal place for gatherings of political factions. The interior is done in Old Republic golds, bronzes and cream marbling, with wide, sweeping angles in place of hard corners, and sitting in Ximino's is a nostalgic trip back to the era immediately before the Empire of wide, open decks and gently-swaying filmy curtains. However, there are also secure rooms which implement one-way glass to give well-placed patrons privacy for those sensitive meetings as well as supreme views.

    The capability of patrons to come in, get a good meal, and leave in so short a time comes from the talents of three individuals who can be found aboard Ximino's: the Great Goroth, a four-armed Zhivvian chef whose speed in preparing a dazzling array of meals is matched only by the refined taste he gives each; Max Taribi, the famed Coruscanti maitré d' who has been poached from Adurelli's; and finally, the once-gambler who owns Ximino's and makes all of this happen, Sanomar clan Errik'har -- a yellow-and-black striped Trianii who can often be seen moving round the restaurant greeting regulars in an elegant Coruscant business suit. The rumour is that the Trianii was of great assistance to New Republic Intelligence in eliminating a terrorist organisation involved in the bombing of the Galactic Podracer League a couple of years ago, but the big cat is a gracious and entertaining host.

    The menu includes a selection from across the galaxy. The Great Goroth is one of the finest chefs in the Republic or the Remnant, and speculation abounds as to how Sanomar managed to secure the temperamental chef's services. Prices are high, and reflect Gorth's skills, but within the realms of just about any Senator who chooses to sample the selection.

    Ximino's is proud to invite all Senatorial patrons to sample its wares. Bookings are preferred but not essential; Max Taribi's skill with table juggling is such that, no matter the hour, the numbers, or the notice, he will be able to find you a place.
  23. BrentusofGath

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    OOC: This is my first time in any kind of rpg (except for video games like KotOR), so please, be kind. :p OOC EDIT: oops, already I messed up. Added the IC at the beginning of the post.

    IC - Tak Vedis

    Naboo, Theed - outside Theed Royal Palace

    Colourful birds fly through the air, singing melodious tunes as they swoop this way and that, occasionally dipping to the surface to pick up a stray piece of flimsy to build their nests with. Bright sunlight cascades off rooftops, pouring down across the throngs of people, humans and gungans, who have come to the palace to hear the dignitaries speak.

    Dressed in a fine, customary suit of the aristocratic class, Tak Vedis steps forth to the podium, last to speak. The crowd waits in agitated anticipation. He clears his throat before beginning.

    "Good people of Naboo..."

    A hush falls over the crowd.

    "I have heard your voices and will answer the call to duty. You have given Naboo a referendum, ending the career of my predecessor, giving me this chance and I shall not let you down.

    "I hear your calls for better education, and I have seen and thoroughly read the proposed Senate Resolution Three: New Republic Educational Funding Act 220. I have planned my speech today, to impress upon you, my friends and family - all the people of our glorious planet - that S.R. Three is not the way to move forward."

    The crowd grows restless once more for brief, tense moments.

    "Good people, I wish to move the New Republic forward, not attempt to fix a broken system of public schools that will only push us backwards. The government does not have the right - nor should it have the hubrice - to dictate how children should be educated. Indeed, what can a government do, but indoctrinate children into the very system that supports the schools - numbing the minds of children to make them more compliant to the ways of government.

    "It should be the right of parents to have a choice of where their children attend school - not an arbitrary decision handed to them from some faceless government - a government that doesn't have the time or resources to truly see how the schools effect the masses in real life! The rich have private schools to choose from - but for the poor, there is no choice, only a behemoth of a bureaucratic machine that crushes those who bear the brunt of society and taxes!

    "This is why, good people, that my colleagues and I propose to bypass the public school system - eliminating it entirely in twenty Galactic Standard years time - and give you, the people back much of your hard earned tax credits."

    The reaction is mixed, some applaud, but others are still restless, not knowing what to expect. A sea of people all across Naboo ebbs at Senator Tak's stalwart figure, wondering what he will say next.

    "This must come as a shock to many of you, but the truth must be spoken if progress is to be made. We cannot slap a bacta patch on a gushing head wound, nor can we fix the public school system with twenty trillion credits - credits you have worked hard for. You don't deserve to see your money frittered away on a system in decay.

    "What we need is change and we need it now before our children continue any further in a broken system."

    A gentle breeze brushes across Senator Tak's cheek. Everyone looks to the sky; purples and reds morph together in an impressive tapestry of color. Yellow sunshine casts deep shadows against the tiled ground.

    "We propose opening education up to privatization. Companies, not the government, have a better - closer - understanding of the populace of every world. Small companies - local companies - can better run a business that works - not continually throw money at a problem - your money - in hopes it will go away while never truly understanding the problem.

    "Companies that start private schools for the masses will receive a base cut of twenty-five percent from their taxes for the school. The more children of low income families they enroll - offering low tuition costs - the larger tax c
  24. Chukles38

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    Jun 10, 2005
    IC: Tarim Kundar
    Ouside of the Royal Palace-Onderon

    Tarim Kundar stood at the front of a great host of people?the voters of the planet Onderon. It is them who were responsible for him being in office. It was them who he would have to deal with the most carefully. He had just been introduced, and as the announcer moved away, Tarim approached the podium. The crowd looked at him, honestly not sure what to expect from this young senator. Tarim was a handsome man. His features were fine and his black hair was trimmed short and nicely combed. His goatee was likewise neatly kept. People liked him, though they had little idea how good or bad a politician he was. When Tarim spoke, his voice was clear and almost conversational.

    ?People of Onderon. I can understand your wariness. It has been many years since we last had a Senator represent us. The previous one was, to say the least, a fool. I should know. I worked under him for several years. Oh, he had good intentions and was a great man? but he simply wasn?t senator material. I am here primarily to tell you that I am not him. I will do all I can to make Onderon a power in this galaxy, but more importantly to represent you. Each and every one of you. As such, my mailbox, time, and home are yours. Should you have any concerns, I implore you to bring them to me. I cannot represent you without your input.

    ?Now, I know how tiresome it can get standing there, listening to a politician speak. I worked under the last senator, as I have said. He was a speaker. It hated it. So, I shall keep this short. However, I do wish to address one issue that concerns me. I understand your stance on closing down on the spice trade. Spice is a foul substance. It has no place in this galaxy. However?? Tarim paused for effect. ?However, I do not think this bill is the way to accomplish this. Yes, it promises to decrease spice trade. However, at what cost? The most obvious is an almost unavoidable deficit to the New Republic?s budget. As well, we will strain our relations with not only our foreign neighbors, but some planets as well. The bill singles out three planets in particular. How would you like to have all of your ships coming and going be scanned and boarded? I believe it is an infringement on the privacy of citizens the way it is written.

    ?My last point on the issue before I leave you. When a child has no interest in a toy, it will fuss and want nothing more than that toy when you take it away. I propose that with the passing of this legislation, spice usage will not decrease, but increase. There will be many that will now desire that forbidden fruit. Many more will see the joy of smuggling in the intensified attempts to stop it. I shall pen a bill to help reduce spice smuggling, but I feel this particular one will not take the New Republic to a place we wish to go. However, I am here to accomplish your will, not mine. I shall have a poll organized before my departure to Courescaunt on this issue. If your thoughts and feeling are still the same, I shall, as always, vote to your bidding. I thank you for your time. I wish you the best.? With that, Tarim stepped back and awaited the response of the crowd. Tarim glanced over at his personal assistant, who smiled briefly at him. He didn't think she approved of his stance.

    TAG: ImperialHammer
  25. The Loyal Imperial

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    Nov 19, 2007
    IC: Senator Rade Kell of Druckenwell, Senate Apartment Complex, Ambassadorial Sector, Senate District, Coruscant, Coruscant System, Coruscant Sector, Core Worlds

    Coruscant. Galactic City. The City of Spires. The capital of the New Republic. Looking out the window of his apartment near the top of the Senate Apartment Complex, Senator Rade Kell smiled, for a grand game was soon to begin.

    It had been over three decades since he had left his homeworld in the distant Outer Rim to become a mercenary, and after years of putting down uprisings, crushing revolts, and participating in the wars of crimelords and planetary governments he had finally reached one of the highest positions in the galaxy.

    Any other sentient would most likely consider this to be the apex of their career, but for Rade Kell, it was only the beginning. Returning to the main room, he surveyed his new apartment. When he had first arrived it had been what one would normally expect of a senator's apartment, decadent, luxurious, and ornate. That being said, the first thing he had done upon arriving was to have everything removed and to start over from scratch.

    The walls now constantly displayed holonet feeds from across the galaxy, with several panels set to alert him of every new conflict that arose. Another kept track of the stock market, informing him of even the slightest changes in economic conditions. The panel next to those was for senate-related news, and was currently displaying a speech from Kri Dza'tey, the recently elected Senator for Bothawui.

    The furniture had also been changed. What was previously soft and comfortable had been replaced with hard, military-styled chairs and tables, most of which possessed several concealed compartments, including at least one table that doubled as a weapons locker. The rooms had also been repainted to white, in the Tipoca City style from Kamino. What was once a luxurious apartment now resembled a military command center.

    Seating himself in front of another holonet panel, he keyed in the channel that would allow him to go over the first three Senate Resolutions that had been announced. S.R. 2 was the Spice Control Act, making his decision on how to vote on this bill had been extremely simple. S.R. 3 had been slightly more challenging, but a resolution to that problem had already presented itself to him.

    The most difficult of the three was S.R. 1, the bill that would send a shipment of military-grade blasters to the Imperial Remnant if passed. His constituents were overwhelmingly in favor of this bill, and his own party was strongly against it. His own private agenda was no clearer on the subject. Were the bill to pass, then the Remnant would be strengthened militarily, which would be useful to him. On the other hand, should it fail to pass, then relations would become strained between the two governments, which could be even more useful.

    After spending a few moments considering the situation, he came to a decision. For now, the wishes of his constituents on this particular subject would have to wait. There was more to be gained by voting against it than for it. Having made his decisions on the first senate issues he would be dealing with, he now made arrangements to have lunch at the restaurant Ximino's. All pressing matters dealt with, he set the security systems in his apartment and left for the speeder docks.

    TAG: Anyone in the general vicinity
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