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  1. Apadamek

    Apadamek Jedi Youngling star 3

    Jul 26, 2007
    ((Ha! Saintheart i shall go to your restaurant and if the service be lax woe be to you!
    glad to be here))
    Senator Reldem Fald.
    Senate Apartment complex

    Reldem Fald sat at his desk in his small apartment in the Senate Apartment Complex. Many years before he had chosen this place as a good spot to start his life in politics and after the fall of the empire he'd personally asked for this small apartment once more.

    The desk, like the apartment, was spartan in the extreme. The contents on it were a small datapad, a holo picture of the senator and his family, a computer,and a large lamp. The lamp was on and the main lights off, he didn't need bright light as he sat back in the large chair he was in.

    There were few things Reldem Fald spent much money on, he did not have any fancy sports speeders, no high tech apartments or hand tailored clothes. One thing of being sent through a school that made you think of money and only money for the rest of your life is its hard to part with it. He had spared no expense on one thing, his desk, a huge fully crystal desk was full of important documents and high security systems. Coruscant was a rough place and Reldem Fald enjoyed people not knowing his secrets.

    The holonet was on, displaying speeches from three different Senators, Reldem smiled but shook his head slightly, perhaps it was almost time to go back to Eriadu and make a speech or two. However more pressing matters were around Coruscant and he would explain that to his constituents. That and space travel took a lot out of him.

    He felt hungry and he knew it was time for a meal. Finishing up a letter to a Eriadu newspaper telling of how he planned that this session would be very good for the people of Eriadu, he put the datapad into a slot of the computer, loading up the documents he started the transmit the message through subspace.

    He stood up and grabbed his cane, putting on a large coat for him to stand the weather of Coruscant and pressed the button for the door to open. He made his way to his small Senatorial Shuttle, where the automated droid asked him where to go in its usual happy manner "Ximino's restaurant", his voice was deep and gravelly though not strong often wavering. The shuttle took off and moved toward Ximino's and Reldem once more sat back in silence deep in his own thoughts.

    The shuttle stopped and Reldem looked around and saw they had arrived, as the door to the small shuttle opened Reldem took a few cane leaning steps into the restaurant. He awaited a waitress to seat him, who did at one of the smaller booths. He had brought his datapad and had started recording some notes onto it, some senators that might be good for meeting etc etc.

    He took a slight glance at the menu mainly at the price and decided quickly.

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  2. Beta-Commando

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    Jul 4, 2007
    IC: Choran Lyre
    Onboard Personal Vessel - YV-666 - Lineage, In Orbit Above Onderon

    Choran sat back in his plush chair, listening to the words of Tarim Kundar rush past. This man... this senator could help him achieve his goals.

    As the vidcast came to an abrupt halt, Choran motioned for his aide to come forward.

    " Yes, Honourable Senator?" the woman, a young Twi'lek in her mid-twenties, asked, coming to his side.

    " Contact Senator Kundar's aide; tell them Senator Lyre of Abregado-rae wishes to speak with him, and assure them we are on Senate Buisness."

    " Yes, Honourable Senator."

    As the Twi'lek stepped away to do his bidding, Choran stood up and look out through his personal viewport. The world of Onderon. The panet of his potential ally.

    Then, it struck him. Another terrible migraine... Worse than the last, this one bringing him to his knees.

    After several minutes of unattended, intense pain, it stopped and Choran fell to the floor.

    He would make it through the day... He would.

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  3. WISE_JEDI12

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    Feb 7, 2005
    IC: Dacen Mano

    [blockquote]Dacen Mano awoke with a start at the breep, breep, breep of his alarm clock. He slammed it roughly with his fist and it shut off. Dacen then stood up washed his face in his sink and put on his bathrobe. After he made his morning coffee he pulled the curtains off his window and looked out at one of the many beautiful oceans on Raithal while reading the paper. He saw that Vedis Tak had made a speech about an education bill and it intrigued him. He would consider lending his support. After he finished perusing the paper he showered. Then he got dressed in black pants, a white dress shirt and a tie with stars dotting it.

    Once satisfied with his appearance Dacen took out a comlink and called his butler and told him to have a ship to Coruscant fueled and ready in an hour. After that he took the speeder to the spaceport and took the ship to Coruscant. During the ride he watched the news thinking about the three resolutions on the table. S.R. 1 its benefits he believed outweighed the risks, blaster pistols wouldn't do much should the Remnant decide to go to war. Also the million credits are good for the budget and take a small chunk out of the cost deficit that would be created if the the horrible S.R. 3 were to pass. S.R. 2 was the resolution that intrigued him the most. It took away some of the dangerous freedom that people possessed in terms of privacy in order to stop something much greater, spice abuse. Since the bill only targeted ships that had a legitimate chance of carrying spice so it didn't affect to many people who had no need to be searched.

    When he finally arrived at Coruscant Dacen brushed the sleep out of his eyes and stepped out of the ship into the bright Coruscanti sun. Then he took a speeder to his apartment at the Senate Apartment Complex. He dropped of his luggage and decided he needed a walk. So he changed into casual clothes, jeans and a t-shirt. Then began walking around the small, albeit nice grounds of the complex.

    When he completed his daily walk Dacen went back to his apartment complex and began the drafting of a new law which he hoped to put up for vote by the next time the Senate was in session.

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  4. Chukles38

    Chukles38 Jedi Master star 5

    Jun 10, 2005
    IC: Tarim Kundar

    Tarim had stuck around near the palace for an hour or so, introducing himself to people, answering questions, and so on. He felt it had gone well, though it was still undetermined how the crowd truly reacted to his words. He was driving his speeder, his assistant in the passenger seat. They were on the way back to his home and office. Tarim was speaking in a friendly tone. ?I know you don?t approve of some of my stances, but I do appreciate your support anyways. Now, if you could arrange for that poll I mentioned to be run< I would be most grateful.?

    ?Yes sir.? His assistant replied. ?What are your plans for returning to Courescaunt??

    ?I?ll need to get there a week before sessions begin. I went through painful hours of negotiating for the perfect suit, so we?ll need to make sure that is in order before the sessions begin and my mind is occupied with more pressing matters.? His assistant was about to reply, when something got her attention. She looked up a moment later.

    ?Senator Choran Lyre wishes to speak with you.? Tarim nodded.

    ?Let him know I shall call him back in several minutes, when I am home.? She nodded and did so. Several minutes later, they pulled up at Tarim?s estate. It was a large, grand building that he had inherited from his dead parents. However, it was much more modest than the monstrosity that his parents had constructed. He had torn down the old mansion and built on to his liking. After parking the speeder, Tarim went straight to his office and study. Whne he arrived, he looked quickly around at his shelves of books, scrolls, tablets, and datapads. He had made it his goal in life to collect as much knowledge as this large room would fill, and he was nearing that goal. He sat down at his ornate desk and turned on the comm. Unit integrated into the desk. He opened up a transmission to Choran Lyre and was greeted by his assistant.

    ?Choran Lyre?s office, how may I help you?? A beautiful Twi?Lek greeted him.

    ?Yes, this is Senator Tarim Kundar, returning Choran Lyre?s call?? He awaited her response.

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  5. Sinrebirth

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    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Traer Lin, Republic Palace

    Even in a month that was out-session, Republic Palace remained full of the hustle and bustle. The new government, just voted in under Chancellor Territha, the Wookie representative of Kashyyyk, had already declared the Inner Council. Traer Lin, to the pride of his people, and, most probably, to the scorn of the people of Fondor. Tallaan was now more affluent than the massive shipyards there, but as Lin privately saw himself as the representative of Tapani Sector, rather than Tallaan, he was keen to keep an eye on all his constituents.

    Lin nodded to himself, and then opened his eyes. Sitting in one of the numerous cafe's inside the Palace, he sipped idly on his tea. He hated the stuff, but considering his roots in the Techno Union and Mining Guild, it never hurt to build an appearance that the elite of Coruscant could absorb. He tapped a few buttons on his datapad. One included a message from Lord Sdargul of Tallaan, the elected heir that led his homeworld. Lin preferred datafile's rather than personal appearances, though made efforts to keep up on those, as well.

    He read the datafile, and sipped again.

    Vice Chancellor Lin,

    We remain pleased at the possibility of more trade passing through Tallaan. If this can in-fact come about, you will most certainly be granted a peerage. The widespread knowledge that you have little roots in the Great Families may provide you with more problems if you wish to remain our representative.


    Lord Sdargul.

    Lin snorted, softly. He had no desire to become a Lord, or a Viscount, though he had to admit the latter title had a ring to it. His platform of economic equality had attracted support because of the fact he himself had been a slave under the Empire. He, and many others in the Tapani Sector, had worked in the Techno Union, not even fighting on the Separatists side but being victimised for it. The amount times he'd redone that Merchant Guild examination....

    These days Lin embraced his anti-Imperial leanings. Once, many years ago, he had highly forgiving of Imperials, but, now, he had little time for them. Wondering whether the representative of Muunilinst was free for another conversation, Lin sat forward, and sipped again. He glanced down his datapad inbox again, and saw a message from his son, Aden. The Vice Chancellor snapped shut his datapad, and stood, placing his cup and saucer on the side for the staff, who thanked him for taking the time to actually give them his cup rather than walking off.

    Bemused, the Vice Chancellor headed towards the Senate Chambers, to see if anyone else was around. As interesting as staff and advisers were, he wanted to meet more Senators, or more members of the Inner Council. Lin nodded to himself, slipping his pad into the pocket of his simple and relatively inexpensive robes, and strode forward.

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  6. Sith_Lords

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    May 17, 2004
    IC: Ar'Jar Vena

    Ar'Jar Vena sat in the co-pilots seat of his personal ship, Starfury, a Dynamic-class freighter. Ar'Jar had fallen in love with the ship after a archaeological dig on Thyferra uncovered her, buried with hundreds of other vessels in the remains of . He had it immediately restored, and used it as both a transport, and a show piece. The ship may not have looked like much, but had it where it counts. She had undergone a lengthy and costly overhaul to bring her up to date with modern technology, including her prize piece - a .5 hyperdrive, and 2 sets of quad-laser cannons. The ship was beautiful. And Ar'Jar had never been more happy with it.

    Staring out into the hypnotizing display of colours that was hyperspace, Ar'Jar' mind began to drift, settling on the spot it most often did - his son. Ar'Jar smiled sadly. They said it was a great tragedy for a child to die before their parents, and Ar'Jar could testify for that. He could remember the day his son died, over 7 years ago now. He had still been serving with the New Republic Defense Force at the time. The death of his son was not the only death that year, six months after his sons death, his marriage died too. His wife blamed him for his son's death. As Ar'Jar blamed himself - if he had been there then he could have changed it. Ar'Jar could remember the dark depression that followed, his constant companion for the next few years. He had told the shrinks he had got over it, and in a matter of speaking this was true. Ar'Jar had realised that he could not have done anything to help even if he was back home, and he only foucsed on the positive aspects of his sons life; in reality though, he knew nothing could ever heal the wound that had tore him apart. He felt a single tear roll down his cheek, and quickly wiped it off. A whistling noise snapped Ar'Jar from his thoughts - the reversion alarm.

    It seemed they had arrived at Coruscant. Ar'Jar called for his pilot, Jaster Qorbin, as he calmly pulled back on the lever to revert the ship from hyperspace. "You want to take her in?" He asked Jaster, without turning around.

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  7. Darth_Joesha

    Darth_Joesha Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 22, 2004

    Name: Maya Yubari (any surprise?)
    Age: 35
    Gender: Female
    Species: Human
    Appearance: [image=]
    Personality: Determined, she is sure that she is right and that the galaxy would be better under Liberal rule. Has a slight superiority complex that wouldn't be uncommon in the Conservative party but stands out slightly within the Liberals, despite this she still wants the best for the galaxy.
    Schooling: Vorzyd V School of Law and Philosophy at the Core Academy.
    Bio: Maya was not at all poor as a child, however raised on Vorzyd V she was at a young age exposed to the colossal wealth divide present there. She realised she wanted to change this and studied law in order to move into local government but upon moving to Coruscant to study Philosophy she realised the problem did not just affect Vorzyd but instead all planets, galaxy wide and so changed her ambition to becoming senator. She achieved this 5 years ago with strong left wing ideas that won the support of the many poor people on Vorzyd and encouraging them to actually get out and vote which overthrew the long serving Conservative representative.

    Representative For: Vorzyd V
    Party: Liberal
    Personal Platform: More public housing and benefits for the less privileged to help raise them out of poverty. Centralisation. The creation of a Galaxy wide free health service.

    I'll get my opening post up in a minute.
  8. s65horsey

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    Jun 24, 2006
    IC: Chancellor Territha

    Chancellor's Residence, Coruscant

    A few months ago it had seemed like a dream to be nominated by her peers for Chancellorship. Territha had worked, basically grown up, in the Senate and now her initial slavery had paid off. Here she was, Chancellor of the New Republic. Looking back she knew that a price had been paid to get her here, however knowing the good that she could accomplish while in office made that price worth it. Territha sat at a large desk made from a wroshyr tree, a gift from her own people. Her furry hands traced along the edges of the wood as she longed for home.

    Cate, her translator droid and constant companion for the last several years, trundled up beside her interrupting her thoughts, "Excuse me, Master, I've brought your datapad over and have ranked the messages according to your priority scale."

    Territha wuffed a short thanks and took the datapad scanning down it quickly to double check the droid's work. Trust didn't come easily when one was in office, and even less when one was a Wookiee. Cate, however, had never failed her. It wasn't in the droid's programming to do so. The majority of the list consisted of Senators already lobbying for one of the three bills set to be decided early in the Senate term. Quite a few of the messages were congratulatory notes and well wishers. Ignoring all of these she clicked on the one at the top of the list from Traer Lin, her Vice Chancellor.


    If I may suggest, a meeting with the Advisory council
    before term starts would be most pleasing. It would also
    let us brief them on what to expect from serving on it
    throughout the term. I am on Coruscant already, and others
    would most assuredly come if you called a meeting.

    VC Traer

    The datapad was placed carefully on the desk as Territha looked around her quarters. Pictures of Kashyyyk adorned the walls and a large window let her look out over the galactic city world of Coruscant. So many buildings, so little trees or greenery. Cate had requisitioned some plantlife for the residence, but it hadn't arrived yet. Sighing slightly, Territha removed thoughts of home from her head and switched it on to business. Traer was correct in wanting an Advisory Council meeting. Many of the people serving on it she already knew, but it was always nice to see old acquaintances.

    Speaking in Shyriiwook to Cate, Territha asked her to send an invitation to the Advisory Council to meet with her in her Chambers in 4 days, making sure that the request was a voluntary meeting and not required. She doubted anyone would turn it down, but it was before term and people might not be back yet. The silver droid shuffled off to complete her task as Territha groaned a ur oh at the droid's departing back before turning to her datapad to send a message to Traer.

    Dear Traer

    Thank you for the suggestion.
    You should be receiving an invitation
    for a meeting soon. If you'd like to
    speak to me before that, you know where
    to find me.

    Chancellor Territha

    The Wookiee hated speaking in code, but her own safety had been impressed upon her in all of the briefings she'd been through with New Republic intelligence over the past week. Thankfully she'd convinced them to use other Wookiees as bodyguards and her people had eagerly sent some to protect her.

    Beep. Beep.

    She glanced down at the new messages just sent to her datapad, galaxy poll numbers concerning the three bills. This was going to be an interesting session. A copy of her Advisory Council request was also there.

    Esteemed Members of the New Republic Advisory Council:

    I would like to invite you to Coruscant for
    a meeting in four galactic standard days. The
    intent is to familiarize ourselves with the goals
    of the New Republic and discuss the upcoming bills.
    Please note this is not mandatory, as term hasn't
    started yet, but I would be most pleased if you
    would join me on Coruscant early.

    Chancellor Te
  9. Yuul_Shamar

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    Nov 3, 2004
    IC: Azervado Renning, Senator of Anaxes
    500 Republica

    Azervado gazed out the massive windows that line two sides of his suite, one of the many in the building, at the rising sun peeking over the tops of buildings. He had never had this kind of luxury in his life, was this how every senator lived? He didn't have time to dwell on it if he was to try and rally support for the bill he had coauthored with Tak Vedis, although Tak had done most of the writing.

    But before he could even get to that he had to decide what to do about this SR.1. The majority of the people that had elected him wanted him to vote yea in this bill yet Azervado's personal judgement was unsure. His party wanted him to vote nay, the reasons being obvious, to them at least. What research he had done on the topic made him agree with his party, he just hoped it wouldn't affect his standing back at home too much.

    He exited the living room and stepped out onto the balcony and for a moment watching the steady stream of airtraffic flying by. He stepped into the sports model resting in the vehicle portion of the balcony that he could never have afforded without his current job, in fact it wasn't truly bought by him, it was purchased by the Anaxian Embasy that was not far from here. It was a brilliant blue two seater, although the Embasy had an airspeeder limo stored for important events.

    He hopped in the speeder and took off from the platform, spending a few minutes flying the thing for the entertainment it was before switching to autopilot for Ximino's, it was apparently a popular resteraunt frequented by senators, it would probally be a good place to meet people and of course he heard the food was wide in variety and very good, if expensive but with his new salary it wasn't a big purchase at all. While the vehicle made its way to its destination Azervado began typing on his datapad, a letter to fellow senator Tak Vedis

    To: Senator Tak Vedis
    From: Senator Azervado Renning

    My fellow senator and friend, things are starting up slowly and somewhat quiet here on Coruscant and for the moment all is well. May I ask how things fare on Naboo? Was your initial speech recieved well?

    Azervado Renning, Senator of Anaxes

    Azervado looked up as he sent the message and saw the prestigeous Ximino's. The autopilot brought him up at a spare landing or docking area and Azervado exited it casually before entering the establishment. As he looked around he saw Senator Reldem Fald

    He walked over before asking, "Mind if I join you sir?"

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  10. Darth_Joesha

    Darth_Joesha Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 22, 2004
    ic: Sen. Maya Yubari
    Vorzyd Suite, Senate Apartment Complex

    Maya sat silently contemplating the year to come. The wind whistled through her hair as speeders shot by her balcony. A normal person would be in awe from the view she was staring blankly at, the clouds lay below her and piercing the soft blanket were the towers and spires of the numerous skyscrapers of the Senate District. Maya however took views like this for granted, she had been resident in this apartment for 5 years now and before that she lived on Vorzyd V, the casino planet of the galaxy and which she affectionately referred to as Little Coruscant.

    Her silence was interrupted by the stomping of teenage feet, through the window she could see her 15 year old daughter, Ai, who had just arrived back from school. She was about to get up and greet her when she saw her storm straight past the window and into her room. Best not to disturb her when she's in one of these moods. Maya married young, as was Vorzyd tradition, but unlike the norm she married for love. She had Ai at 20 and that same year her husband died in the devastating defeat of the New Republic at the battle of Obroa-Skai. Growing up without a father and with Maya always busy Ai did not receive the amount of attention a girl needs which left her depressed and at some times volatile, but then it could of just been the fact she was a teenage girl.

    Deciding to leave Ai to simmer Maya moved to her holo-pad to see which fellow senators where currently on Coruscant, when you are a senator you don't have time for friends outside of work.

    One name caught her interest, a fellow Liberal that she hadn't seen in quite a while; Ar'Jar Vena. She quickly typed out a message to him.


    Just seen you docked.
    If you're free we should lunch.
    I can book us a table at Ximino's.
    Look forward to seeing you.


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  11. Darth_Sabith

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    Oct 17, 2006
    IC: Sen. Alexander Torman
    Location: Corucent Senitor Penthouse- Floor 12

    The massive Penthouse was amoung one of the new luxuries of being a senitor for his home world. Alexander had tried his best to talk them out furnishing him with such living conditions but no matter what he said they would not hear him out. As a member of the royal family Alexander had spent most of his life in the extreme living of a nobleman. Looking at the two holo messages upon his desk Alexander considered his position on the upcoming vote.

    As a representive to the people of his world he was to voice there opion though out the galaxy but the the bills on the agenda would not just effect his own world, they would effect the galaxy as a whole. In fact they could one day be placed with in the history books for the New Republic was still very young in terms of the governing bodies age. Sitting down for a second he read the two letters over he had an obligation to his party but he also knew that the people could use a brake from the governments nimble fingers.

    Finally after an hour of thinking it over Alexander decieded to leave his new home away from home. Traveling under gaurd Alexander had inseasted that he be provided with at lest one jedi. Unforently his request had been denied but it was not due to the senite but because of master Skywalker could not afford to let any of his knights go at the moment. Instead Alexander had been given an escort of specially trained gaurds taught in the ways of both the light and darkside. In a matter of moments Alexander would find himself dinning in one, if not the best reastront in all of the galaxy.
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  12. Beta-Commando

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    Jul 4, 2007
    IC: Choran Lyre
    Orbit Above Onderon

    " Honourable Senator, Tarim Kundar is asking to speak with you. Shall I path him through?" his Twi'lek aide asked from across his quarters. The reply. This was it.

    " Patch 'em through," Choran replied, rubbing his forehead between his thumb and index finger. As the holoscreen popped up, showing the three dimensional, Choran brushed an annoying strand of hair from his eyes.

    " Senator Kundar; I'm glad you could take time out of your schedule to speak with me. It is most... gratifying."

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  13. LordPullus

    LordPullus Jedi Youngling star 3

    Jul 6, 2006
    (And it begins. LOL)

    IC:Senator Li Tol Rastor
    Harnaidan Residence Munnilinsnt

    Overlooking the city scape of Munnilisnst's captiol was a rather decorative, yet majestic collosal home of Haranaidan's former mayor. Li Tol had been associated with many things in his life starting off as Malok Rastor's wayward son to that of Haranaidan's champion a title bestowed to him by every level of the Munn's cast society. He was able to meet the demands of his constiguents, but was not overcome by the traditions of their people. Li Tol was not liked by all that fact easily explained by his part human heritage courtesy of his mother, but his intelligence and demeanor easily counteracted his physical appearance with his career track record providing ample proof.

    The Munn's were a competitive people by orgin, and the lone fact that Li Tol a part human residing on the topmost hill in Haranaidan was testament to his success in all capacities he had served in thus far. He had been afforded the best of everything since he could remember, and Li Tol utilized those priviledges to obtain his goals.

    "Who would of thought that I would actually miss this place", Li Tol mused to himself as he stood infront of his office window looking out over Haranaidan.

    His appointment as Senator of Munnilinsnt didn't come as much of a surprise to Li Tol especially with the backing of the Banking clan, and also the majority vote of the lower class planet wide. As much as Li Tol hated to admit, but the political critics were correct in assessing that Li was the best choice possible for senator even though he never served in any position higher then mayor. His education at Haranaidan High Point added to the experience he gained serving as a senior aide to the Banking Clan's president gave Li the toughness he assumed would be needed to survive life as a New Republic senator.

    Covering a mental checklist of things he had assigned to his three aides to gather before tomorrow's departure Li glanced towards a blinking red light indicating that his data pad had received a message. Deciding to leave the data pad unchecked Li returned to his viewing of Haranaidan his hands clasped together behind his back. He had dined with his parents earlier that evening, and declined several invitations from politcal ties to that of a more frivilous nature for a last night on planet. Li was still considered young despite his age, and ruthless in his approach on things he desired greatly. He was a example of what the best things in life could produce, and he's upbringing within the rigorous society of the Munns gave him all the confidence Li needed to deal with galatical politics. A small smile curved Li's handsome features upward his hazel eyes sparkling with anticapation of the challenge of being a senator, and matching wits with the best the galaxy had to offer.

    Drawing his comlink from the inside pocket of his cloak Li Tol signaled for his head of security who came in on the other end within ten seconds of being prompted.

    "Veda I want us ready for take off at oh four hundred make sure that my aides are notified so........I want us on Corucant with ample time to get setup for the upcoming session", Li spoke briefly getting straight to the point before shutting off the transmission even before his bodyguard had a chance to answer.

    Li returned his comlink to his pockets as his eyes surveyed the city he had acted as caretaker for over the last decade. Tomorrow he would set off to start a new chapter in his life, and true to the Munn societies nature Li Tol was looking forward to the level of competition.

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  14. Saintheart

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    Dec 16, 2000
    OOC: As I say, I'll be dropping in as an NPC from time to time to chat with folks at the restaurant. Feel free to interrupt my conversations, of course; I am, after all, merely a humble restauranteur, not a big and important person like a Senator ;)

    Ximino's Restaurant

    Sanomar clan Errik'har, the owner of Ximino's, was pleased. Being the kind of alien who knew his customers well, the big Trianii was anticipating the opening of the next Senate session with optimism. As the Senate began to gear up for the next part of the electoral year, so too did most of Ximino's best customers return to Coruscant. It was shaping up to be a beautiful day: the weather controllers had even let a few scudding clouds into the western skies, giving the clear blue just the right natural touch.

    And one of Sanomar's new, but impressive, customers, was just arriving. Sanomar saw his maitre d' meet Senator Rade Kell at the door. The Trianii knew he'd have to act fairly quickly; Max was exceptionally quick at the tables. Sanomar consulted a small datapad, bringing up the Senator's name and details of his orders from his last visit here. Quickly repeating the information to himself as he put the datapad away, the Trianii moved across in the appropriately graceful fashion expected, arriving at Senator Kell's table a few moments after Max returned to his station at the front of house. Appropriately, Max had found one of the good tables for the Senator, facing into the west as the sun cast the Republica district into golden and bronze hues.

    "Senatorr Kell," said Sanomar in his throaty rumble, slowly inclining his head in a respectful bow from his chest. "It is a pleasurre to have you returrn to my establishment. May I interrest you in a bottle of the Sacul '77, as you had last time? I have just managed to sourrce a new prressurrised cylinderr frrom Xyquine, and I am told it is in quite fine shape."

    Across the room, the blue-skinned Twi'lek waitress gracefully and discreetly stepped aside as Senator Renning moved in to speak with Senator Feld. Azervado had been here a couple of times while she'd been on duty, and he was often like this. Fortunately Senator Feld had already given his order, and should Azervado Renning be invited to sit down she would remain momentarily to take the handsome young human's order.

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  15. Hammurabi

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    Jan 14, 2007
    Senator Adrian Inlius (L - Garos IV)
    Coruscant - Senate District

    Adrian rubbed his eyes. He wasn't sure who was more surprised - he or the intern. The intern stood there, mouth agape. "Senator?" the young man asked.

    Adrian sat up. "What're you doing here so early?"

    "Oh - I - your office opens soon."

    "Right." He had slept the night on the couch in here, as his apartment had yet to be unpacked. His office wasn't in much better shape - the outgoing senator had seen fit to make a mess of the place. He had spent his first few hours in Coruscant at work cleaning the place up, and it still looked awful.

    "You look - scruffy," the aide said.

    "Thanks?" Adrian shrugged.

    "Sorry, sir."

    "No, don't be. Someone's gotta tell me when I don't look fit to go out." Adrian sat up and began to pull some pants on. "In this case, though, I already knew, thank you very much."

    "Right, sir."

    "No need for the formalities," Adrian said as he stood and walked over to his desk. He pushed some boxes out of the way and sat down atop the desk. "So, what's news?" Adrian grabbed a small computer unit from atop his desk. "You wanna help clean the place up while I go through my messages?"

    "Sure." The intern started working. Adrian looked over the upcoming legislation, as well as the Party's stance on each. Not that that counted for much; the Liberal Party had lent precious little support in Adrian's political campaign, and he didn't fancy helping them if they wouldn't help him. The Party disapproved of the first two bills, and Adrian didn't see much reason to disagree. He didn't care strongly either way about the first bill, even though he had fought in the War. As far as he concerned, that was over, and a blaster deal wouldn't make or break the current peace. The third bill was more challenging; though Adrian was a supporter of public education, he wasn't keen on starting his term by creating a deficit. However, there did exist other options on that issue. There was already a movement to eliminate public education, though Adrian worried that would be far too drastic. Perhaps both sides could find a viable third option on the issue.

    With his political business finished for now, Adrian figured now might be a good time to get to know his fellow senators. He began formulating an invitation to his fellow liberal first-time senators, but then decided it would perhaps be better to extend the invitation to liberals and conservatives. Can't hurt to bridge the gap. He sent the invitation out - meet in one hour at Ximino's. Adrian hadn't dined there yet, but he'd heard good things about it.

    "Hey," Adrian said to the intern, "Call up Ximino's. Tell them to expect an influx of senators in an hour. See if they can get us a table. Also, ask 'em if they could inform any senators who are already over there. See if they want to join the fun."

    "Gotcha." The intern said.

    And with that, Adrian flagged up his taxi, dropped by his apartment for a quick shower and change into a decent suit, and headed over to Xamino's.

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  16. Syahu

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    Sep 23, 2006
    IC: Sen. Clement Oracio

    500 Republica

    The sun was just setting as Clement arrived at his penthouse in his luxury speeder. His apartment was top-of-the-line and much better than most of the other Senators? apartments. Clement was used to a life of luxury and lived like royalty back on Esseles. He hadn?t even explored three of the massive wings of his mansion back home and didn?t plan to anytime soon.

    He entered his room and ordered for a glass of club soda to be brought to him immediately. Club soda always cleared his mind of everything, and he needed his mind to be clear with the new session arriving very soon. Already his party and other Senators had been trying to persuade him to vote certain ways on proposed legislature. There?s never any peace for a Senator?

    Back home, Clement would do anything he wanted whenever he wanted. It wasn?t much different on Coruscant, but Clement still had to participate in the Senate in order to please his supporters and more importantly, his family. Clement shook his head again to dispel these thoughts that had crept so silently into his mind.

    He buzzed for his very attractive, young, female aide who came rushing in almost a nano-second after he had pressed the button.

    ?Linda, correct?? His aides were changing very often now as beauty and smarts did not quite go hand-in-hand. She nodded silently, clutching a datapad in her hand.

    ?Do you have all of the information I asked my ?friends? to gather about the other Senators?? Clement asked, already knowing what was in the datapad but just making sure this new aide was a resourceful one.

    ?It?s all in this datapad, sir. Biographies on the few Senators you deemed important, as well as detailed descriptions on their habits and activities, sir. It seems one, Kri Dza?tey, also has an interest in art but does not boast a collection as wonderful as yours, sir.?

    Clement was truly impressed with Linda, something very hard to do considering his upbringing and wealth. He took the datapad and dismissed her promptly. He would be late for his appointment at Ximino?s if he had taken time to get ?fully acquainted? with his aide like he usually did. Oh well? that will have to come later.

    He threw on his very fine jacket and headed back to his luxury speeder which would bring him to Ximino?s for his daily dinner appointment. He just hoped that there weren?t too many Senators there. It had become a haven for Senators recently and Clement thought many of these Senators were not as classy as he was.

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  17. Apadamek

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    Jul 26, 2007
    Senator Reldem Fald

    A man's voice interrupted Reldem's thoughts after he ordered, his wrinkled face looked up to see a far younger man standing next to his table. He thought he remembered this one, Azervado Renning, yes that was it. His face broke into a smile and he motioned for the man to sit, noticing as well that the waitress was hanging around to take their order. Good service as always, hard to find in these days.

    "so Senator Renning" he spoke "I hope you are enjoying Coruscant, time to see the sites before the session starts eh?" as always his voice came out deep and gravelly but broke in mid word often, his age clearly getting to him slightly. However his eyes showed he was not just out of the game just yet.

    He saw the restaurant was starting to get crowded slightly, but it didn't really matter, it was a popular restaurant after all.

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    Aug 12, 2005
    OOC: Arrgh! I'll get it right sooner or later.

    IC - Tak Vedis - Conservative - Naboo

    The suitcase snapped shut with a resounding clack. Tak Vedis looked around his lower-middle class surroundings to see if something was missing. There was always something nagging at him whenever he misplaced something.

    Tak had outright refused any kind of lush apartment; it was a point on contention with the aristocracy on Naboo that he always went out of his way to be no better off than the people he served. While he did, by necessity, own a couple of formal suits for diplomatic functions, the rest of his garments were simple brown robes and inexpensive boots.

    It was about that time, the unregistered transport he was booked upon was getting ready to leave for Coruscant and Tak had to get to the Galactic Capitol in time for the coming session. Scratching his head, Tak contemplated what it was he was searching for - he knew something was missing, but what?

    A bleep from beneath the covers of his bed drew his attention. Kriff, my damned datapad. That's what I forgot. He clucked his tongue against the roof of his mouth, pushed a scruff of hair from his face and reached beneath his pillow.

    The datapad flashed on, showing an incoming message.

    [blockquote]To: Senator Tak Vedis
    From: Senator Azervado Renning

    My fellow senator and friend, things are starting up slowly and somewhat quiet here on Coruscant and for the moment all is well. May I ask how things fare on Naboo? Was your initial speech recieved well?

    Azervado Renning, Senator of Anaxes[/blockquote]

    Sighing deeply, Tak palmed the door to his tiny quarters open. He waved to a neighbor as he strolled out toward the docks and his waiting bulk transport.

    Quickly, he typed a message to his friend and colleague.

    [blockquote]To: Senator Azervado Renning
    From: Tak

    My friend,

    Things are well on Naboo - the Queen sends her regards. How are things on your beautiful homeworld?

    My speech was well accepted I believe; I have not had time to view any polls - if any have been conducted - as I am preparing to leave for Coruscant in a few moments. Due to arrive a day or two before the Senate session begins. I have been reaching out regarding our bill and so far I am pleased with the result - although things could honestly be better.

    Hope all is well and I look forward to our next meeting on the Galactic Capitol.

    Sen. Tak

    He sent off the message and climbed aboard the freighter. Beneath his simple garments, his own personal weapon clattered against his hip. Tak needed no bodyguards and would never think of risking someone else's life for his own. Besides, this particular weapon - not a blaster - was a family heirloom passed down even in the darkest of times from his father to him. It was far more protection than he needed, but it was something of his lost family that he clung to for solace.

    The transport lifted off as Tak settled into a comfortable seat. The captain had already asked for personal datapads to be turned off until they had broken through the atmosphere, and Tak settled into, content to wait. Earplugs slipped into his ears and a strange music - not jizz - blasted into his mind. It was new, and it was called rock music.

    Tak especially liked a band called Naboo Fighters.

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  19. Darth_Vaders_cousin

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    Nov 12, 2004
    IC: Jayson Bryce
    Penthouse Suite -- 500 Republica

    The Next Morning

    Jayson Bryce liked to celebrate. He liked to celebrate everything and he liked to celebrate to extremes. So he was not surprised when, after a night on the town, he awoke in a strange or unusual place. Today it was at least he apartment. He was lying, half dressed and face down just inside the door to his balcony. He could see strewn in front of him his shirt and jacket, and, when he glanced backwards, he noted his boots and pants sitting neatly on the balcony. A cold pressing against his side told him that, for some reason or another, he had put his suspenders back on along with the attached holster, and they must have been clipped to his boxer shorts. A blanket had been draped neatly over him by one of his service droids, and a cup of coffee was sitting on the floor next to his head.

    He yawned as he rolled over onto his back and slowly sat up. He winced with pain as the mid-morning sun shown through the balcony door onto his face. He took a sip of coffee, and glanced around, spying two pills lying next to where his head had been in a possition mirroring the cup of coffee. He pooped the two in his mouth and swallowed them with another gulp of coffee.

    He slowly rose to his feet, and moved over to the kitchen counter setting down his cup. He glanced up at one of the droids, J-1, a rare Tac-Spec Footman FIII droid, which had been gifted to him nearly six months earlier when he announced his running for office. He had kept the giver's name a close guarded secret. The droid was painted as if wearing a suit, with his limbs and pelvis painted black, and his torso boasting a detailed three-piece suit illustration, complete with tie. His head was a simple silver, and his hands matched. He had been modified slightly by the 'giver' removing his rail-gun and replacing it with a less imposing right-hand with a hold-out blaster function. J-1 contained knowledge of eddicut from most common galactic species, as well as a supreme knowledge in the convoluted legal codes and laws from major New Republic Member Planets, as well as a few non-members. He also boasted a TranLan III vocabular system almost identical to that of a C-series protocol droid. He could also cook, clean, pilot most speeders, and kill a man in a blink of an eye. But J-1 knew it was impolite to brag...unless you were speaking with a Gand Findsman.

    "Good Morning Sire...A pleasant evening?" The droid spoke in his soft and proper speech pattern, with a hint of sarcasm in his voice.
    "Yes J-1, Very pleasant. Be a pal and call ahead for my table at Ximino's, I don't want to sit anywhere near light, nor loud noise. Make that extremely clear." Bryce said, speaking slowly as to not aggravate his headache.
    "Very well sire. Should I tell them you do you put it...Hung-Over." The Footman asked.
    "No, just tell them I'm not feeling well, they'll understand."
    "Very well sir." The droid said obediently, leaving the kitchen to use the house comm-line. He silence didn't last very long how ever, as the second droid entered from the hallway leading to the master bedroom.

    She was a BD-3000 Luxury droid, Deb, and her metallic red and silver body glistening in the sun. Her heels clicked on the hard wood floor as she walked, and her overtly perky voice rang out like a bell. When he was hungover, she was Jayson's worst nightmare. He would have been rid of her a long time ago if she wasn't so good at her job. His personal secretary, she could arrange meeting during meetings if she needed to and no one would be any the wiser. She was like a secretary goddess, plus she had a direct uplink to every major poll taken with in the Capital City, and adjusted to it. She proof read every speech Jayson wrote, and even picked out his clothes for maximum voter appeal.

    But he absolutely loathed her when he was hungover.

    "Good Morning Senator." He said with a bubbly cheer in her voice.
    "Not so much Deb." Bryce groaned.
    "Yes, you awoke my from recharging when you cam
  20. Saintheart

    Saintheart Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Dec 16, 2000
    OOC: Just a little more for Syahu and DVC - hope some of what I've included isn't godmoding on your character, and doesn't offend anybody. Everyone else: feel free to move waitresses around as you see fit; you don't have to wait on my tag before one of the girls takes your order, or wait for me to tell you the food's arrived. If I see the need to jump in, I will. ;)

    P.S. BrentusofGath - Naboo Fighters? I admit it: I lol'ed. :D

    Ximino's Restaurant

    Max Taribi, the Coruscanti maitre d' of Ximino's, spotted Senator Oracio's Sorosuub 310 speeder from where he was standing at the front of house. It was difficult not to see it; the 310 was one of the most expensive luxury speeders in the galaxy, coming in at a cool 550,000 credits secondhand. The price of a new 310 was a closely-guarded secret of the Sorosuub corporation. The speeder brought up the status of any parking lot in which it happened to be stationary.

    Taribi was a rare breed of human: the kind of man who could be courteous and charming while calculating tables and wait times at a respectable fraction of lightspeed. This made him vital to Ximino's continuing prosperity - and the maitre d' had always liked a challenge.

    Senator Clement Oracio's daily appointment, regularly scheduled as it was, provided a minor challenge only because of the Senator's particular tastes. But Taribi had fortunately found a way around that, too, and after several such engagements had arrived on a method of ensuring that the Senator had a pleasant meal.
    Taribi tapped a small button - the staff internal comm system. "Jamina," he murmured, holding his courteous smile in place, "Senator Oracio has just arrived. Front of house, if you wouldn't mind?"
    "On my way," came the reply from the comm.

    Taribi turned with a greeting gesture as the Senator made his way up the broad flight of steps to the maitre d's post. "Senator Oracio," said Taribi, "A pleasure as always. I have your usual table prepared - the quiet spot over on the northwest floor. It is a little busier now, sir, but I'm sure your area will remain suitably tranquil." He turned without looking first, hearing the footsteps behind him - "Jamina will be seeing to your table once again."

    Jamina, of course, had just stopped next to Taribi. Taribi wasn't inclined towards the female gender, but even he could appreciate her particular talents. The uniform of Ximino's staff was a plain, figure-hugging black Coruscanti suit, showing off without throwing it all out there to be seen.

    Jamina, who they'd taken on board about eight months ago, was pretty much what the designers of the uniform had in mind when they'd been cutting the cloth. The five-foot-nine human female had dark eyes, high cheekbones, dark hair which shimmered in the light, and enough curves to scare a Podracer. The cut of the Ximino uniform only accentuated all of those things. Combining that with the cool reserve and flirt of an accomplished Twi'lek courtesan, Taribi had found the solution to the minor challenge that Senator Oracio sometimes presented. There was no mistaking the Senator's admiring -- even leering -- gaze as it went up and down Jamina's form.

    Just as it had last time Jamina had been his waitress.

    "If you'll follow me, Senator?" said Jamina, letting that husky voice of hers off its chain, turning in that way that just threw her curves into staggering profile, and slowly walking with one footstep directly in front of the next, allowing her hips to do things that shouldn't have really been possible under gravity. Even Taribi couldn't help but shake his head in amazement as she led Oracio off through the restaurant; Jamina might not have been a chef, but she was making a meal of her entrance equal to something that Goroth might have cooked up.

    Jamina led Senator Oracio through Ximino's to his regular table -- a quiet spot a short distance away from the other Senators who'd already arrived. After he was seated
  21. Sentinel-825

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    Jun 17, 2007
    IC: Jaster Qorbin
    Aboard Starfury; Coruscant orbit

    He lost himself in her eyes, forgetting where he was all in one sweeping moment, her beauty washing over him like a tidal wave. Her hair was a cascade of wonder, her torso a marvelous sight to behold. He ran with her, hand in hand, along the shores of the beach, her ahead of him, laughing and smiling. He felt his bare feet sink into the moist sand every step he took. And they both stopped, and fell to the ground. He lied on his back, and she lied on her stomach atop him, her flowing brown hair falling over each side of her wondrous visage. She looked into his eyes, and he into hers, and she said...

    "You want to take her in?"

    Jaster jerked awake. Damn, he thought to himself. It seemed as if such things always happened to him in those circumstances. He'd be in the middle of a perfectly fine, harmless dream, and some outside and often nefarious force would jolt him awake in a snap, leaving him to wonder what would have occurred in his alternate universe had it not been so carelessly interrupted.

    The Falleen pilot yawned, stretched in his seat, and then replied to the villain of his story, his boss, Senator Ar'Jar Vena. "Yeah, I'll take her in," he said in a drowsy voice as the ship entered Coruscant's atmosphere. Shortly thereafter, Starfury was approaching the main port on Coruscant, and Jaster keyed in the comm to link to the operator.

    "Coruscant port, on behalf of Senator Ar'Jar Vena, this is Starfury requesting permission to land."

    "Copy that, Starfury, you are set to land in Docking Bay Seventeen."

    And with that, Jaster grabbed the controls and began Starfury's descent into the most bustling spaceport in all the galaxy. And what a joy that would be.

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  22. Chukles38

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    Jun 10, 2005
    IC: Tarim Kundar
    Private Study-Kundar Estate-Onderon

    Tarim waited only a moment to see Choran's image pop up on his desk. Hm. He was waiting on me. This must be important... at least to him. Tarim thought. He smiled as he saw the other senator.

    "Senator Kundar; I'm glad you could take time out of your schedule to speak with me. It is most... gratifying."

    Tarim laughed lightly at that. "Please, please. My fellow senator, we are equals here. We are not in the session just now. If it is alright with you, casual conversation will be fine. Now, how can I help you?" And now, the question. In his short time as a senator, Tarim had realized that almost every time a fellow senator contacts you, they want something. Tarim's voice was light and friendly, and he smiled as he awaited the reply.

    As he spoke, Tarim discretely typed a short reply to another senator and sent it. He always loved it when he could multitask.

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  23. Darth_Vaders_cousin

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    Nov 12, 2004
    IC: Jayson Bryce
    Penthouse Suite -- 500 Republica

    Jayson never took a long time in the sanisteam, it just wasn't his style. Get in, get clean, get out. Quick and easy. He figured it probably stemmed from his life as a child, living in the undercity water was a precious commodity, not to be wasted in the 'fresher. They took bathes until they were too old to fit the tub, and then if you weren't quick enough your mom would turn the heat off and you would be doused with cold water just before it shut down. To this day Jayson will not spend more than 10 minutes in a Sanisteam.

    It was in these short showers when he had the best ideas. This one was a real doosie. Still dripping wet, Jayson hung out the door, calling for Deb.

    "Yes senator?" She said, standing at the start of the hallway.
    "I want my own limo. A big stretch job, little Coruscanti flags waving on the front and back, one-mirrored windows so no one can see in, blaster and projectile proof everything, and, if it isn't too much trouble, I want the horn to play the Coruscant National Anthem." he said in a single breath, excited with this new plan.
    "Would you like it to go fast sir?"
    "Yes very fast Deb. And while your at it, fetch a driver's hat for J-1."
    "As you wish Senator." He said with a skeptical but cheery air as she sauntered off to fill his request.

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  24. DarthXan318

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    Sep 12, 2002
    If I've taken any liberties with this post that I shouldn't, feel free to smack me down. :D

    IC: Shawn Ventar, Bodyguard (Xagobah)

    Senate Apartment Complex

    Another day, another job.

    Shawn Ventar, newly hired Senatorial bodyguard, surveyed his new quarters with an impassive expression. They were better appointments than he was used to, having worked in decidedly seedier districts previously, but neither were they ludicrously lavish. Fitting, he thought. He glanced backwards at his droid guide and nodded. "This'll do," he said, dismissing it with a wave.

    Once it was gone, Shawn dumped his pack on a nearby chair and nudged the large trunk containing his equipment into a corner with his foot. It looked - and was - far too big for a single man to move around, even one of Shawn's conditioning, but the joys of antigrav kept it hovering barely a centimetre above the ground. He smiled; the droid had not believed him when he'd said he could manage.

    The Senate was not yet in session, but his duties had already begun as of their arrival on Coruscant. His new uniform was already laid out on the sleeping pallet: forest green with black trim, with the Xagobah symbol on the right shoulder. Much better than the neon travesty his last employer had insisted he wear, but then again, it should be - he'd picked it out himself, after all. Kree's wishes on that matter had merely been "make sure it has some green on it."

    First things first. Shawn popped the seals on the trunk. An array of small arms greeted him as well as some odd knicknacks he'd collected over the years, beginning with the specialized scanner he'd used back in the commandos. He took that out first and scanned the room - nothing, not that he'd expected anything. If there was a bomb, it would be in the next suite over. The ex-commando set the scanner aside thoughtfully.

    After changing into the uniform, he surveyed his gear. He owned more small arms than were strictly necessary for a Coruscant job, so he bypassed the more exotic weaponry and strapped on a standard blaster pistol and stun baton. The wrist-mounted laser, though, fit nicely under his right sleeve; the vibroblade in its wrist sheath went under his left. Shawn hadn't survived this long by being unprepared. Last but not least, he put on his ear comlink.

    Now he was ready.

    Picking up the scanner, he smoothed his uniform one last time and knocked on the door that led to Senator Nava Kree's suite.

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  25. Ktala

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    Sep 7, 2002
    Nava Kree
    Senate Apartment Complex

    Nava thought she had been living the life before. Her success at the pod races, had meant an huge increase in her monatary status. It had afforded her the ability to travel, and give things to her family she could not before.

    But THIS place was increadable. As she was escorted into her Senate Apartment suite, it took all she could not to least until the hotel staff had left.

    ["HUMPH!..not as grand as some of the other Senators, but I guess they will do..."] she heard snuffed behind her. She turned around and looked at Zeran Pol, her advisor. He had been advisor to various being on Coruscant for years. When he heard that Xagobah was sending a Senator, he jumped at the chance to work with one of his owns. He had heard this one was rather green, and would need some help. Lots of paperwork, and circles withing circles to learn. And he knew just how 'persistant', some beings could be, when trying to perchace a Senator's vote. So he was rather happy to see that Nava had hired a body guard.

    Nava gave a small chirp at Pol. She spoke in their native language. ["You're KIDDING?! The long legs need bigger?"] she said, as she walked around the suite, familiarizing herself with it's layout. As she walked around, she tugged at a small device strapped to her arm. She called it a panic button. It was one
    of the things her family had insistent on. A bodyguard. The other was a blaster she kept on her. Tiny, but powerful. As she strolled around the place, she did notice that one order she had asked for had been delivered. Her private area was full of plants. It was her one stipulation. It reminded her of home.

    Coruscant was far too sterile for her tastes. Her private chambers were seperated by a tiny hallway, away from the main entry area, and a reception room, that was in the front of the suite.

    Pol walked around with her. "[Humph. They give you small place, cause we small. Our tiny world, not so big. So, they treat same.]" Nava shook her head. ["This is fine. Bodyguard is next door, settling in. Want to see some places, before Senate session starts."] she chirped back to him.

    Pol took a seat. ["Dont forget. You have much studying to do. People here, worse than Pod-racers. They lie. You have to be careful, how you spend votes. Or folks back home not be happy."] Nava nodded, as she looked out the window. Same like pod racing crowds, they could tend to be fickle fast. She just hoped she would represent them well. Nava gave a deep sigh.

    Pol watched her for a few moments, and stood up. ["You go, take time out. We have plenty of time to talk. I let you go now. Go enjoy... Kree."] Nava turned, with a grin. With a nod, she watched him leave. Just as he was reaching the door, there was a knock.

    Nava walked towards the door, as Pol was peeking through the special keyhole they had installed, just for them. He stood back with a smirk.

    ["Its your bodyguard."] Nava simply nodded, as Pol opened the door. The elder Xamster looked Shawn up and down, one ear hanging down slightly, before he finally gave a nod. He turned and looked at Nava.

    "Good nite, Senator Kree" he said in basic, before he turned and left the suite. Nava smirked. She had to get used to that title. She watched Pol leave. His own quarters were also close by. As her assistant, he was also afford a suite near her, to be able to work on last minute measures when necessary.

    Nava Looked up at Shawn. He looked good in his uniform, and her earrings jingled softly in approval. "Come in." She stated, as she stepped back, waiting for him to enter her quarters. "Are you settled in?" she asked.

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