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    ~OOC~ I want to thank Pashatemur for being part of this post. It has been an absolute joy to write and collaborate on.

    Ahsoka Tano, Imperial Princess Sophia,Maruuke Gartner, Mira Solinova
    Location: Coruscant, Ursean Embassy.

    Ahsoka had a big smile on her face as she watched Celeste leave down the hall. She felt like she had genuinely found a friend, a kindred spirit, in Celeste and she looked forward to a chance to speak with her again.

    As the door to her suite closed behind her, she stopped in the middle of the main room. Beyond the large casement windows was a small garden terrace… her gaze drifted upward, the ceiling was higher than standard, adorned with high reliefs sculpts… she turned around and noting the details she had missed out on last night and this morning, the lush crafted furniture and her hand went to the japor carving on her necklace and clutched it. Everything was a far cry from the hovel she had been living in back on Rendili… and this was given freely to her. ‘This is too much… don’t freak out… just… breathe… focus… tonight...’

    She did not know what to do. ‘Preparations… clean up, get dressed and go… but… what have I got that is presentable?’

    The clothes she had on did not belong to her, though hardly suitable for a formal event… unless she wore her black leather jacket over the current top she had on… ‘maybe…’ she frowned slightly and took off her headdress and looked at it. The headdress she had on was of a white gold material, organic aesthetics with the material curved and overlapping to create a central diamond that rested against and complimented the markings on her brow. The only piece she had that could work… it was simple and lovely and there was a space in the hollows of the shape to decorate it further with a gemstone. Not that she had one handy to place in there.

    She then sat down and placed the headdress on the table. They only had a few hours to get ready… ‘Would that be enough time to go out and get something? But with what?’ The funds she had saved were mostly wiped out to pay for passage back to Coruscant. To be here. She didn’t want to ask for credits, she wanted to earn her keep. ‘No, I’ll have to make do with what I’ve got…’

    She reached down and took her boots off. It was a sigh of relief to feel the freedom of fresh air on her feet and the carpet between her toes as she stood up and made her way over to the bed and had a look in the wardrobe and saw her jacket was hanging in there. Someone must have found it and retrieved it after she had abandoned it the night before when she was trying to make her way to Anakin.

    She looked over to the bed, it had not been slept in, but she could tell that it had been remade anyway. On the bedside table was some mangled contraption that used to be a hydrospanner… that housed her remaining lightsaber inside. She had dismantled part of it and used the pieces to assist with getting here last night. Her eyelids narrowed to slits as and inspected it, the crystal inside the housing was still in position but the components around are out of alignment, parts missing or broken… the power inside would have worked the hydrospanner but not enough now to activate the blade. Not that she would attempt to as the damaged hilt would make the blade unstable… it was useless, a dead weight. She would have to make a new one, make two.

    Hmph… she placed it back down and her hand automatically went to her belt. There was a hilt there, not hers though. Anakin had lent her his former lightsaber, the blue one he had built for himself and used countless times during the war. It made her smile that he had entrusted her to have it with her for the day.

    ‘Focus… I can kinda make myself look presentable though will need to freshen up. It won’t do if I am still grimy and sweaty from Coruscant’s underground to track down Solo for Master Vos.’ She took off the belt and placed it down on the bed. She started to make her way over to the bathroom when there was a gentle knock at the door. She wondered who that could be as she made her way to the door to open.

    Ornate and shiny with knotted shimmersilk sashes, a seeming pile of dusty-colored gold and silver mottled boxes stood moving sporadically to the sound of a child’s suppressed laugh. “Packages for Miss Tano,” said ‘the boxes, gruffly. However, the effect was spoiled by the sound of another voice, a heavily accented one, “Oh thank the stars. There they are!”

    “Hello, Commissar,” said a comely and tall woman in Ursean livery. Another voice spoke, and yet another tall blond human stepped from the shadow alongside the door while the owner of the previous voice ran up from down the corridor. “I am Miss Gartner, her Highness’ governess. We received these boxes at the Royal Apartments. His Majesty, the Re, said they were supposed to have come to you. The Enfanta wanted to have a little fun.”

    Sophia came from in back of the boxes and handed one to Miss Tano just as Lieutenant Solinova stepped up, out of breath. “Oh dear me...” she wheezed, catching her breath and bowing to a stop. “My apologies, Your Ladyship, Your Highness - I’ve been chasing those boxes down for an hour ...Commissar, forgive the, huh...the late arrival...” she puffed..

    Miss Gartner curtsied.

    “Gruss Seele, Fru...Gartner. The Re ... these are for you, My Lady, compliments of His Majesty, the Re. He bade me help you prepare for the reception. I...procured three styles of gown so you might find something to your liking...and footwear, some things...even slacks should you prefer. One gown in a white, one in blue, and a velvet one in deep reddish russet with flecks of gold. Shall I put these on the table?” asked Mira, pointing to a wide round polished stone table that separated the vast bedroom into sleeping area and seating area.

    Addressing the Enfanta, Maruuke clapped, “Mistress Enfanta of the hours will be dragging us around by our toes, vi har gjort vår leverans,” said Maruuke indicating they had completed their task and now it was time to go. .

    “Miss ...Tano...Ahsoka, may I see them...please? I won’t be in the way,”
    Sophia stepped forward taking a box with her.

    “Heya…” Ahsoka was wide eyed and did not quite know what to make of it all… it was an unexpected whirlwind as she saw the boxes and the ladies that came with them. She had to remind herself that they are here for her and she gave focus to each of them in turn. “Come in, come in… thank you so much for doing this…” She said to both Mira and Maruuke and then looked to Sophia, smiling even more so as Sophia remembered afterwards to call her, Ahsoka. “Yes, of course you may…” Her eyes went to Maruuke, “...if that is fine with you.”

    “Yes, but, Enfanta-Your Highness, you should rest and then prepare ...”

    “Oh, but I’m not tired now and there’s still a little time...” She bounded into the room, box held high and then placing it on the table with a thwack.

    Mira smiled and Maruuke gathered the other boxes and helped carry them to the table.

    Sophia stood at the table, hands clasping the top edge expectantly, eyes on the boxes..

    Ahsoka could not help but grin as she moved to the table. She wanted to place a hand on Sophia’s back, to give her a small hug but she was unsure how that would be taken. Give it time, maybe later on. “Okay…” She moistened her lips as her eyes went to the boxes, she felt both excited and petrified. “...let’s us see what we’ve got here… shall we take turns?”

    “Yes! Yes!...If...milady...wishes.” said Sophia, bouncing up and down with glee, happy to have received Maruuke’s silent approval.

    Biting her bottom lip in anticipation, the Lieutenant proffered the first box to Miss Tano. “I hope you like them, or at least one.”

    The tawny gold of the shimmersilk sashes glinted dully in the afternoon sun that poured through the windows over the small group surrounding the table.

    “Well...?” said Sophia, not realizing, how her presence affected the dynamics between the women. For they all had to defer to her as Imperial Princess.“...aren’t you going to open them?” Her dark blue eyes filled with excitement, were as big as saucers.

    Ahsoka took the box carefully, a bit of a grin blossoming on her face as her fingers tested the package carefully. “This is kinda… like a Lifeday… but not quite…” She said under her breath and crinkled her nose. “Isn’t it?” Sophia nodded at her and returned her eyes to the box. Ahsoka finally opened it up and as her eyes caught sight of the contents, she held her breath and placed the lid aside. “Ohh…. gosh… this is for me?” Her fingers carefully touched the material. Her lips moved, mouthing the word ‘beautiful’.

    “Oh, look,” exclaimed the Enfanta as she lightly touched the fine fabric. Lt. Solinova rocked on her heels and clasped her hands. “Would you like help trying any of them on,” asked Mira nodding to the lavatory. “Try it on, Ahsoka, please,” pleaded Sophia.

    Ahsoka took a breath and didn’t realise she had been holding for that long. “Okay…” she breathed. “Wow…” She took another breath and smiled. She looked to Mira and nodded. “I might do… yes, please.”

    Mira took hold of Ahsoka’s arm and hurried her into the fresher and grabbing a pair of gold strappy sandals from a small box on the table as they passed. Sophia ran and jumped onto the bed and sat cross legged waiting, but not for very long.

    The Lieutenant’s hands hurried over the bias-cut white satin, buttoning the small fabric buttons on the hip. The back draped loosely behind Ahsoka to either side of her slender back. The collar rolled around the high neck and down to her waist at the back, the hem making a train of about a meter, but was entirely backless. The smooth and shiny fabric clung over her hips, and the sleeves had slits so that Ahsoka’s sculpted arms peeked through.

    Leading Ahsoka out to the bed chamber, Mira knelt and laced up the gold sandals. “What say you,” said Mira rising and pointing to one of three mirrored panels in the wall to one side of the fresher.

    Ahsoka saw her own reflection and was surprised. “This is me?” She said almost to herself. “It does look beautiful.”

    “Oh, Milady! You look like a holo star,” exclaimed Maruuke. “It’s so...stunning! This has to be the dress. What could look better than this!?”

    Sophia said pensively from her perch,“Turn around.”

    The other ladies watched in admiration, but Sophia was not satisfied. “Try the reddish brown one.”

    “But this one’s lovely,” protested Maruuke.

    “I don’t know,” said Sophia pensively.

    “Alright, let’s try the russet,” said Mira grabbing the velvet dress and a structured petticoat out of a larger box and, once more, heading for the fresher.

    Emerging, this time, the russet gown had a square neck and a standup ruff at the back and around the long padded sleeves. The skirts stood out about Ahsoka in a bell shape.

    In unison, the trio said, “NO!”

    Sophia laughed. “Don’t look. Papa would say, “You’ll never be able to unsee it.”

    “That…. was fast…” Ahsoka tilted her head, her right brow arched as she pursed her lips. A bit puzzled as to why ‘no’ as she had not yet seen her own reflection.

    Sophia called to Ahsoka,“It’s too ... too stiff. You look like a candelabra!”

    Mira nodded to Sophia in agreement and pushed Ahsoka back into the fresher and Maruuke pulled the last gown from its box and hurried it to Mira’s waiting arm, the filmy blue gossamer-like silk wafting at the slightest movement of air.

    In the fresher, Mira wrapped the tiny pleated azure silk around Ahsoka’s slender waist, while the Commissar held the two sides of the halter front to her chest. Once the dress was laced up, and the halter tied at the back of the neck, Mira stepped back and put her hands to her lips, said nothing and stood in utter silence, staring, her mouth agape , then quickly, she waved Ahsoka out to view the dress in the mirrors of the chamber.

    Maruuke and Sophia stood in silence and slowly smiled.

    “So… how do I look?” Ahsoka glanced down and then did a small twirl. It was beautiful the way the tones of blue shifted between light and dark as the fabric moved.

    “Like a goddess,” whispered Maruuke.

    Sophia walked forward in silence, clearly entranced at the vision before her. The transparent azure blue silk glinted with flecks of gold. The divided skirt fell to Ahsoka’s ankles and was open either side of her to the hips which were wrapped with a yoke of the same material. Gold leafed leather embellished the silk and tied the halter, sash, and dress together, crossing her bare back, the azure, a perfect compliment to Ahsoka’s deep red-bronzed complexion. The Commissar’s strong body and muscular, lean form was draped and gleaming under the beautiful silk that brought out the color of both her luminous and large eyes and her lekku. Her montrails seemed like a regal crown. It took Sophia’s breath away. “I have never seen anything beautiful,” she exclaimed.

    “My Lady, Her Highness, the Enfanta speaks true words. You look magnificent,” said Mira, unabashedly. “This is definitely the gown for you! Just ...look.”

    Ahsoka felt her cheeks warm at the compliments. She stopped and then regarded her reflection and froze… “Ohhh….” She cooed softly in disbelief, her eyes drinking in her form, appraising her appearance. “Mmyyy...” She shifted her left leg out to the side and dipped her foot to see the sandal and the way the dress parted and fell, the shift of blues and the pigmentation of her skin against it. Her hand went to her hip, the reflection mimicked her of course, further confirming that she was not dreaming, this was not an illusion.

    “Ohh…” Ahsoka turned side on for a few seconds and then did another twirl before stopping to face everyone. “All of you.. Thank you.” She whispered with heartfelt sincerity. She glanced down again at the dress and then looked back over her shoulder to the reflection. Something was missing… necklace was there, not changing that… her headdress was not there. Her hand automatically reached up to touch…. She had taken it off. “Oh… wait... ” She went over and picked it up and then stood back in place again, then held it for them to see… “Would this work?” She then placed it on her head… “Or… distracts?”

    They all nodded and assented that the headdress completed the look.

    “Look at the time,” cried Maruuke. “Come along, Enfanta Sophia. Lady Ahsoka needs to bathe and primp and probably get off her feet, same as you.” Looking to Mira and Ahsoka, Maruuke curtsied and took Sophia by the hand. “Ladies, it was real honor to assist you. Thank you. We bid you Gruss Seele.”

    “Yes, of course, until later Your Highness, Miss Gartner. Good day,” said Mira with a little bow. “If you have no more need of me, Miss Tano, I should probably run along.” The Lieutenant felt so enthusiastic she didn’t quite know what to do.

    “Spectacular!” whispered Sophia, who ran up to hug Ahsoka before running out after Maruuke who called again from outside in the corridor and taking the Princess’ lead, Mira, too, gave Ahsoka a quick hug before following after the Princess and her Governess. Now the room stood quiet

    Still in a little daze. It was overwhelming… it was exciting… and Ahsoka could not wait for the evening to get started now. The details of the room went out of focus as her vision went blurry. Ahsoka blinked and brought the back of her hand to her face and used a knuckle to brush away the moisture from her eyes. It has been a long time since she allowed herself to have tears of joy. She moved over to the mirror and stood before it, slowly she moved her left foot outward and then did a small pivot, watching the way the gown flowed about herself as she started the first few motions of a dance. After a moment, she stopped and bowed to her reflection.

    “Ahsoka?” a voice called from the doorway...It was Sophia. “I almost forgot. Papa told me to give you this,” she said running lightly across the room. She took a small carved box of wood from her pocket and conveyed it gently into Ahsoka’s hand. “Bye,” said the Princess, who dashed out just as suddenly as she had come in.

    In the box were two white platinum triple-turned mesh bands of the sort that were meant to adorn Lekku. Each band laid closely coiled in the box, each end, tipped with a dragon pearl and in the center coil of both lay a faceted, precious Adegan pontite crystal and two lesser, smaller but pretty glinting mephite crystals either side of the larger center jewel.

    A small folded handwritten note lay beneath them on the soft blue velvet lining.

    May these small ‘tokens’ bring “focus” to your worthy ‘assets.’ - A

    Ahsoka smiled at the message. She traced her thumb over the initial and then sat the box down on the table. She took out a band to admire the craftsmanship before reluctantly laying it back in the box.

    ‘Time to refresh and get ready first.’

    TAG: to be continued - Ahsoka
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    OOC: This is a joint post with TheAdmiral. Thank you, TA for working with me on this post. I enjoyed this very much though it was a bit tricky. I’ve split this up to make it a bit more manageable.

    IC: Jori, Duchess Atreides-ruler of the Union, Dennii Sunwalker, Jedi healer Princess of House Atreides, RMU and Emperor of the Galactic Free Systems, Anakin, Lord Vader,
    Location: Ursean Embassy, private tarmac, Coruscant

    Standing with folded arms, palms tucked under for warmth, Jori, Duchess Atreides stood at one of the Ursean Embassy’s private landing pads waiting for the arrival of the shuttle that was bringing Dennii to Coruscant. Overlooking the Embassy quarter, with the Senate, the ruins of the People’s Palace, and the old Temple beyond, the Ursean Embassy was built high upon an ancient mountain range bordering the vast Government district and the oncoming evening brought sweeping winds down from the frosty peaked ridges above. Snow drifted down in light flurries and quickly melted on the tarmac, for the range, a rare remaining geographic feature on Imperial Center’s planet, caught the prevailing planetary currents and evenings at this altitude brought regular precipitation and frost. Though, the snow did not often chance to collect in a blanket, except on the mountain tops. However, as the minutes advanced, the snow clung and mounded around structs, on wings, in windows, and on ledges.

    The ‘flaxen-haired beauty’s’ filmy blue dress fluttered in the wind, but it little concerned the Duchess; her thoughts were filled with worry over Dennii Sunwalker, her childhood companion and adopted sister, returned after so long thought lost. The light blue of Jori’s eyes seldom showed her true feelings. Usually, she looked upon the world around her remotely, calculatedly, her heart clothed in a jaded outlook born of years of intrigue and manipulation. Her crooked smile hinted at dangerous lessons learned young.

    Yet, now, just now, she ached for her friend. What was her condition? What must she think, summoned to the forbidden capital planet? Perhaps Dennii wondered if Jori had betrayed her, having sent for her to be executed, an outlaw Jedi. Maybe Dennii even wondered if the Bene Gesserit attack on her had been secretly arranged by the Duchess. Jori shook her head. The sudden attack on Dennii had been so unexpected and it was miraculous that she had survived. The Bene Gesserit did not fail their tasks. Jori bit her lower lip, bouts of her previous anger flaring with each moment. What did this attack mean? Heads were going to roll when she returned to the Union, this act could not go unpunished. Were they simply using Dennii to demonstrate that Jori was not invulnerable, to shake her up? Yes, Dennii was a weakness, but at least she had someone to care for…

    Nudged from her thoughts, Jori sensed a movement and turned to see the new Emperor standing next to her, the snow, coming down more thickly had muffled much sound, and thus, he seemed to appear at her side out of the air. She could not be sure if he smiled or not. He had an enigmatic gaze, this man, and looked down at her with either mild amusement or flirtation, it seemed to her, his intense blue eyes, strangely piercing the dusk as the snow spun and gathered in his dark hair. She quickly curtsied “Your Majesty...”

    His black cloak billowing about him as he said, “Your Grace,” and then he quickly glanced in the direction from which Dennii’s transport would be arriving. Behind him, at a short distance, stood a medi-droid, a hover-litter and several troopers. “I’ve arranged for Jedi Sunwalker to see my physician. He is Ursean and will attend her well. You’ll assure her that the litter is a precaution and she will need to wear nurocuffs, until we are all made certain she is not ...under influence.”

    Jori frowned slightly “I understand, but…” she was not sure whether it was her place to tell him about Drakoniss’ presence inside of Dennii. She did not understand it all, but she felt that she must tell Lord Vader-the Emperor, as it could complicate things and she did not wish to risk his ire. “...But there is something you must know about Dennii’s condition. I am not sure I understand it, maybe it will be best for you two to talk before the nurocuffs are put in place? I am not that familiar with things related to the Greater… I mean the Force.

    His demeanor seemed to make the Emperor taller, more aggressive, or perhaps that was her own fear manifesting.

    He did not speak to her comment, but only explained, “The nurocuffs will have no adverse effect. They simply interrupt her Force sensitivity for a brief time. It will be at most, mildly disorienting. Force users and sensitives have been ruled a recognized threat when not indoctrinated in the Empire. It is as much for her safety, as it is for ours. You must have patience and take my word on this matter. I can...will not alter it as a provision, until I know what I will meet in her. If she decided to attack me, it would not go well for her. Much consideration went into this solution.”

    The Duchess, he thought, would probably take umbrage. He certainly would, but as much as he wanted to inspire trust and demonstrate transparency, it would be a fiasco if he had to slay yet another Jedi, and on the very eve of transforming the government. Besides, his family was too close in proximity to risk the possible disturbance and mayhem a berserk Jedi might cause.

    No, Jori did not like it, but those were Imperial rules, his home, his rules. There was no point in arguing about it, the only thing that mattered was that Dennii be safe and alive, even if she had to endure a bit of discomfort. That was a small price to pay if it meant survival. “Of course, well you will see soon enough. I am just worried for her health and safety, that is all.” she mustered a smile.

    The sky above began to rumble, in spite of the noise dampening baffles embedded in the slopes of the mountain and in the ancient walls of what had once been Helera Weg Abbey. The echoing roar of the transport’s engines reverberated through the stone and thence, was translated to one’s legs. Behind them, the guard escort snapped to attention and the sergeant advanced with the cuffs. Anakin looked down to Jori, her light tresses curling in the wind like white snakes, her blue eyes tracing the approach of the transport in earnest. He sighed. Dennii Sunwalker meant a great deal to the Duchess, he could sense it acutely and Jori’s concern was palpable. He studied her face stoically. Darkly, he realized he could use this situation to his advantage, but that way would drag him back down the abyss out of which he’d only just climbed. He bit his lip and swallowed the bitter taste of iniquity, flashing a quick smile before looking up to see the transport descending, its wings folding up like a large black bird of prey.

    Dust and snow mixed in a furious hot wind, that threw off an oily and acrid condensation, all kicked up by the transport’s engines. Their thrum was loud and bone rattling. Aboard, Dennii was alerted, she would disembark in several minutes. She had been relieved of her saber in Derra, but now could see it in the hands of her trooper escort, he held it, clipped to his wrist. Outside, the squealing light reverse of atmospheric thrusters letting the transport down gently, the struts extending, all a perfect symphony of metallic banshees.

    Dennii’s heart was racing and added to the fact that she was physically and emotionally exhausted, she felt anxious. Her thoughts were swirling around and could not form anything coherent. Even Drakoniss could not calm her down. Jori had betrayed her and she was being brought for an execution… Or was she? What was going on? What was going to happen to her? It was infuriating not knowing, this uncertainty maddening her. Which in turn doubled her headache. ‘Breathe...’ she reminded herself, or was it Drakoniss? She squeezed her eyes shut for a moment, as if that would make this all stop. Trying not to cry, she stifled a sob as her eyes welled. ‘Breathe...’ again that infuriating voice! Was Drakoniss playing tricks!? Right now!? Of all the moments!

    The walls and mountain surrounding the private landing pad echoed with the hollow whir of the extending ramp. The hatch opened with a whoosh of conditioned and pressurized air that roiled up in clouds about the unnatural shaft of light emitted from within the now open ship. The trooper stood before Dennii, his mask’s vocoder sounding an electronic “blip” before his voice sounded metallically. “We are ready to disembark. Follow me, Jedi Sunwalker.”

    Dennii nodded, she tried to focus on something. Was the man a Clone? She almost chuckled, but chased the thought away, it was unimportant. She stood up and followed the soldier. She was dressed in a deep green velvet dress cut like an inverted lily with a matching chiffon wrap. It was simple, but elegant. Dennii thought with irony that the maid had packed a few other dresses and different pieces of clothing for varying occasions. They used to be Jori’s, as Dennii and her newly adopted sister were roughly the same height and their bodies were similarly built, so it did not take a lot of fitting to wear Jori’s castoffs. Dennii half stifled a mad laugh-a dead ex-Jedi with a suitcase of very opulent gowns! She could sense the cool air, it was a bit strange as she had gotten used to being in a filtered environment, with a brief intermission on Kaladan, but that did not really count. The last planet she had been on was Ryloth, a stark contrast to the ecumenopolis that was Coruscant. Dennii did not expect to be back here so soon, if at all, but here she was.

    She could see two figures standing on the tarmac, dark against the last rosy light of vanishing day… one was Jori in her elegant deep blue dress and the other one was…tall, substantial, towering above Jori, she did not have to see his face or hear his voice. Her body began to tremble at the sight of him, a fluttering black shadow billowing about him...Vader! Dennii was aware of his new position, and thus, did not expect him to come and greet her personally. She tried to swallow, but her mouth was dry. To greet her! She laughed a little, her thin voice was carried away in the dry wind of the transport engines. So it was to be an execution.

    “Your Majesty.” she said with hesitancy. She could hear her voice shaking. In the manner of a Jedi, she bowed to the young Emperor having, with leaden steps, reached the end of the ramp.

    Jori’s heart sunk when she saw Dennii’s condition. She looked exhausted, the dark circles around her eyes made their unnatural color stand out more. She was even paler and the malnourishment from her years as a fugitive was even more visible. She looked tiny and afraid, there was no hiding it. There was some bruising around her neck and an injury on the nose, a bruise on her cheek and a bit of swelling. The assassin must have struck her face, but it was clear she had taken some measures on board Hyperion. At least she was alive and Jori noted with a little reassurance, that Dennii showed spirit in her choice of gown, for the edge of the neck, flared sleeves, and hem were embellished with the a small repeated figure of the heraldic double headed Eagle of House Atreides, embroidered in gold.

    Dennii’s escort stepped to the fore and saluted, saying a bit awkwardly through his vocoder, “My L...Your Majesty.”

    “Sergeant?” said Vader, his deep voice sounding through the noise of the transport’s engines.

    The trooper presented the Jedi’s weapon and Anakin looked down at the saber in the black woven mit of the storm trooper, where it lay gleaming silver in the oranging light of the late afternoon, the mountains advancing dusk in their shadows. Taking it into his hand, he clipped it to his belt after hefting the weapon. It was light and small to fit Dennii’s hands, almost like a youngling’s training katana.

    He dismissed the trooper, who was rattled at actually addressing the Emperor himself. Anakin had to incline his head rather deeply to address Dennii as she was roughly as diminutive as the Duchess. His thumbs in his belt edge, he inspected the thin and wan woman who had once been a fellow Jedi. The hollows of her cheeks were deep, her porcelain complexion, pallid enough to give a ghostly glow, made all the more pale by the faint glimmer of red in her eyes. Curious! The green transparent wrap that swathed her, hardly provided much warmth in the cold wind in which is fluttered and waved. The guard behind him came forward with the cuffs, but Anakin gave him a signal to stand in waiting.

    Stepping forward, his shadow swallowing Dennii, Anakin looked into her eyes, searching. There was something about her that was ‘off.’ He could feel it immediately. He lifted his head and then looked down at her, again, his eyes slimming. If he could not recognize the dark, no one could. Was this the matter of which the Duchess spoke? It would all come out, he surmised and he attenuated his stance and wet his lips against the bitter wind and bowed to Dennii in similar manner as Dennii had saluted him. His voice sonorous and warm, he said,
    “Jedi Sunwalker.” His dark cape snapped and swept up to curl about her tiny frame.

    “I prefer Miss Sunwalker nowadays...” Dennii murmured “I am no longer a Jedi...”

    Jori frowned slightly and grimaced at Dennii, while the Emperor was not looking. ‘What are you doing?’ she mouthed to her, but her sister ignored her.

    “I appreciate that you might feel a certain condescension, that defience is warranted, but those are the ways of dun moch, Miss Sunwalker.” She did not respond to the term. He regarded her in silence, “stilling” thought to feel. A set of heart beats, circadian rhythms, he could not clearly separate them, sounded beneath the idling whine of the transport engines. Yet something seemed out of sync and as if it was trying to resolve into harmony. “I sense in you ...darkness - a presence... I’m sure you will share with me what this signifies.” Shooting a sideways glance at the Duchess, he saw no exchange between her and Dennii.

    “However, I have brought you here to see to your well-being, and not your ...demise. There is no need to make yourself ‘bigger,’ Miss Sunwalker and perhaps you’ll speak more freely inside.” She seemed to him like a sparrow flexing its little wings and hunching to look like an eagle. Her luxurious velvet gown hung in too many folds around her emaciated body. He almost chuckled, but for the fact that her presence on Coruscant would have been only a week previous, a death sentence. Further, clearly it was going to take a month’s worth of meals to give her body substance enough not to be tossed as she was by the currents and eddies of wind now buffeting around them.

    “You are here at MY command, Miss...Sunwalker, you and your ...darkness. My personal physician is waiting to see you. Her Grace, the Duchess will accompany us,” he said, hoping to allay some of Dennii’s obvious concern.

    He paused to give the Duchess and her companion, a moment to exchange words, but none was said, thus he beckoned the troopers at his side who stepped forward with a pair of nurocuffs, devised to interrupt the neuropattern that was necessary for her to connect to the Force. Dennii’s tiny wrists were so slender, the trooper had to adjust the cuffs to their smallest setting.

    The young woman found herself boxed in by Lord Vader and the tall trooper in his white “shell” and Dennii became flustered as she looked up in horror. She had hardly heard what Vader had said and was opening her mouth to apologise, as she thought her words sounded more antagonistic than she intended, but something clicked around her wrists and she felt a tiny sharp pain in each, as if she’d been bitten by a stinging insect. Looking down, Dennii found herself manacled and Lord Vader motioning for a litter to be brought forward.

    “These are merely a precaution, Dennii. It would be best not to struggle,” urged Vader.

    She could see that the Emperor spoke to her, but Dennii heard nothing, for suddenly, there came a profound silence in her head… Drakoniss was no more… How could that be!? She felt nauseous, and felt her hands moving holding on to her temples in a silent scream. Her eyes were shut. “No… no… no… Drakoniss…” Everything seemed remote, slowed, as if she were under water.

    Jori’s eyes widened in distress
    “Your Majesty! She is hurting!” the duchess exclaimed.

    He put up a hand,“She will adjust,” he assured, but Dennii did seem to be responding acutely.

    Dennii looked up “What did you do to Drakoniss!?” she cried. She could feel herself speak, but her ears buzzed and she felt nauseous. Her eyes welled. Her feet were shaky, she bent slightly, but maintained eye contact. She felt disoriented and her eyes stared wildly.

    Jori frowned, she could see that Dennii’s eyes returned to their usual blue color and had lost the unnatural redness, but she said nothing; she was out of her depth and probably, she thought, she would only aggravate the situation if she interfered. She was not given to tears, but Dennii was the closest she had ever been to another person, other than her father, the Duke, and it took quite a bit of restraint to keep her silence.

    The trooper scooped Dennii up and laid her in the litter where she was secured and whisked inside.

    TAG: To be continued
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    OOC: Again, thanks is due to TheAdmiral for contributing to this joint post.

    IC: Jori, Duchess Atreides-ruler of the Union, Dennii Sunwalker, Jedi healer Princess of House Atreides,Dr. Molita-physician to the Royal Household, RMU and Emperor of the Galactic Free Systems, Anakin, Lord Vader
    Location: Ursean Embassy, private examination room in the infirmary, Coruscant

    Molita located and identified quickly the contusions and various other deep tissue bruises that Dennii’s small frame had sustained, including a closed fracture to her nose and cheek. He conferred with the Duchess and the Re and determined that he should approach the matter of Dennii’s pregnancy with discretion, later, once he gaged the situation.

    “This attack was very violent. It was meant to inflict serious, if not, mortal injury. However, that’s not what is concerning to me. Aside from being seriously malnourished, she is existing in some sort of dual state. If I may ask, Your Grace, who is Drakoniss?” he asked the Duchess.

    Jori was not sure how to answer that, she barely understood it herself. “She told me he is a spirit of an ancient Sith Lord called Darth Drakoniss, who is cohabiting her body… They are in a sort of a symbiotic relationship, but I don’t know much about it and I did not want to pry. To give her space.” she paused “I see that was a mistake, but that is all I know.” Jori did not add that this Drakoniss was the same Sith who killed the former Jedi and Bene Gesserit, Mother Lorraine, a founder of the ancient order.

    Anakin had been listening, arm folded to his chest and chin resting along the length of his thumb-a set of muscle-memories that leant him the habit of his former Master, Obi wan. Yet, at the name of the renowned Sith, Drakoniss, Anakin cocked his head to peer at Dennii, watching for her response, but she showed no outward change of attitude or gesture. Still, Anakin’s knowledge of Sith and Jedi history, lore, and pedagogy was far beyond that of most Sith and Jedi. How would Dennii know how to adopt and exist in such a dual habitation, for a true cohabitation would require the knowledge and the light to accomplish such a condition, or the knowledge of Sidious or better, Plagueis.

    For himself, his knowledge was partially self-taught but he drew heavily upon others, from his brother, Vos, from Dr. Molito who knew much of ancient lore, Revan, Qel-Droma and Qui gon. Sidious, though parsimonious, Master Yoda and the Force Priestesses had all instructed him -the list of his references was extensive. Even with all this available to Anakin, even with the Journal, the name of which he had taught himself to be silent, and the sacred trees combined, that informed him the most, he still did not know how either would accomplish this. For he still did not understand how Palpatine might accomplish - a matter of which he could hardly admit to himself.

    The distractions of war and the Executorship had kept Anakin from much needed meditation on this knowledge that he long required. Even then, he had only his healing to go on, not that that was a small thing! He evinced his thoughts in the form of a sharp intake of breath, as he struggled with the tremendous implications. Further, he now struggled with the issue to which the doctor was speaking and saw that ultimately, what was a preservation of Dennii’s autonomy and sanity would negate the gateway opened by such a possibility provided by this symbiotic state, that is, if it truly existed and was not just a conjuring of Dennii’s mind, alone. And even that had many implications!

    Anakin stepped around Dr. Molita and Jori to stand over Dennii, who remained silent, clothed in a modestly draped robe for the examination. Whatever the deeper implications, this duality called into question Dennii’s intent and the trust he could bestow on her.
    “I want to believe you are here without intent to thwart or attack this Empire, Dennii.”

    Dennii looked down and shifted slightly, as she felt uncomfortable wearing only the robe in Anakin’s presence. “I had no intention of showing up here, but thanks to the Bene Gesserit and their minion, there was no choice left. I just...” she paused“I just wanted to get back home, to the Union. I have no intention of harming anyone, but I guess I have to prove that and I hope to do so.” she gave a shaky smile as she was still jittery from the nurocuffs and the sudden block of Drakoniss.

    “Leave us! Vader commanded, not turning to address the Duchess and doctor directly and without the usual politeness or consideration of rank. Either she was dissembling, or she was in shock, but either way, answers were needed. The reception would take up the night, it was a necessary pageant, something, in his youthful ignorance, he would have angrily dismissed as empty pantomime. The exercise would reveal where allegiances were placed, lacking, or pretended. And all the while, time sifted gently over the mortal coil. If Palpatine could accomplish what Anakin feared, they were running out of the precious commodity. They might all just as well be swimming through molasses for all the progress they were making.

    Usually Jori would have been offended, but her concern for Dennii was greater and it outweighed her other considerations, so she did what she was commanded to to do. For Dennii’s connection to this Drakoniss seemed information of primary importance to the Emperor, information Dennii was not likely to be able to provide easily within the evening’s scheduled constraints.

    Dennii looked beyond Anakin and her gaze lingered on Jori, who nodded to her reassuringly as she left and mouthed to Dennii that she would be fine. Dr. Molita bowed and gestured, Her Grace precede him.

    Anakin stood and stared at Dennii, his arms folded across his chest. Once the door closed, however, he stepped with intent towards the slender and frail Dennii. Grabbing her up by the manacles, he walked her back against the wall, hands above her head. “Ow…” she exclaimed, as her hands slipped abruptly down in the cuffs with Lord Vader pinioning her to the wall. She winced but tried to remain compliant and quiet, afraid to blink. She teetered on tiptoed, hemmed by Vader.

    Dennii’s cheeks warmed indignantly as she glanced down and away, blinking back her tears at her vulnerable state between sliding edges of the flimsy robe.

    “Now, you tell me everything, he said pointing to her face with his index finger, while he held her at eye-level, face to face. He leaned in close enough to feel her breath and to prevent her from kicking her legs.

    Fear gripped her again. Was he going to torture her now? “Where should I start?”

    “Pick a place!,”he said between gritted teeth, his voice low.

    If she was like Drakoniss she would have given him a cheeky response, but that would not be a good idea, she surmised given Vader’s current frame of mind. She was not sure what exactly he wanted to hear. Dennii licked her lips. “Ah... after...” she winced at the uncomfortable position,“...after Alpha left for a meeting with General Grievous-”

    Looking sharply up, Anakin moved to interrupt, but only said, impatiently, “Continue.”

    Information rose to the surface of her stunned mind and seemed to spill out of her like water down a mountain stream. “Drakoniss summoned me...through a ritual, he tried to take me, but I struggled and whatever it was he did, was interrupted and only part of him remained with me. It cost me the trust of the Order-they would not leave me with the younglings. I was an outcast, I had to leave them, even my new Master...C’ remember him…he disappeared…ah…I can’t remember…” she could feel tears spill over her cheek too.“Th…They would not knight me...I didn’t know what to do or to whom to turn, but the Union and Jori...House Atreides-they are the only family, the only ones who’ve accepted and cared about me...Jori found my natural parents on Naboo...I don’t …she took me to meet them…oh, the Order, before I left them, the order split up...Master Yoda made Master Emi-to Shuri-the Sword Master, he made her Grand Master, Master Obi wan took a young pad…aw…oh,...I don’t know where they are and he was only briefly among us. I don’t know any more, just that they left the Interdictor and so did I. I have difficulty remembering…” She whimpered, tears staining her cheeks.

    Interdictor! He looked at her in surprise, and she returned a defiant stare, resolved for the worst. Emi…Obi wan? Split? There was turmoil not of his making. Something fundamentally wrong had happened with the Jedi, a global fissure, a seminal fault and it had crushed Dennii, and who knew how much other mayhem had ensued. The Jedi’s mistrust of Dennii had proven well founded, and yet, their lack of trust had pushed yet another suffering soul toward the dark, teaching Dennii to believe so little of herself.

    Anakin blinked. There was so much information, he hadn’t expected, but it did not help much with regard to this Drakoniss and so much of what she said concerning him sounded like it came from the mind of a lunatic. He felt her tremble, stretched and pinned as she was against the wall. Pressing so close, he was made suddenly aware of why the “presence” was unclear to him, for he felt the heart beats again beneath him. Dennii was so undernourished and thin, she hardly ‘showed.’

    Slowly, Anakin put his free arm around her waist and set her down to put her feet gently on the floor and shook his head in disbelief. “Just like that? This presence came to you?” He reached discretely to draw together the robe’s folds that flattened, had revealed her pregnant condition, as he sat her in her chair.

    Dennii blushed and looked down.

    It was shock and fatigue that held her tongue. Now she had yielded up so much that he felt for the Jedi. Further, Dennii was pregnant! So that’s why Molita had paused before leaving the room. “Dennii, are aware of Drakoniss’ presence?”

    The nuro disruptor released into her system from the cuffs would still be somewhat active, thus, Anakin knew this Drakoniss would not yet be readily seen at this point; the drug,still circulating through her vascular system would dissipate soon, as it was administered in minute injections every few minutes, the most recent occurring with a slight hiss as the pneumatic syringe in the cuffs released another dose and Dennii whinced again.

    Dennii was a bit hazy and still could not feel Drakoniss and that made her jittery.

    Seeing her sway where she sat, Anakin steadied her with one hand and pulled up a chair with the other, positioning himself opposite her and sitting, he watched her face, "You'll pardon, but I don't really remember you much."

    "Given that we barely met I am even surprised that you remember me at all..." she tried to cover her nervousness at nearly speaking of Obi wan’s padawan. She knew she should not even think about it.

    He grimaced looking down at her wrist, which now had angry red marks around them. Taking one, he ran his thumbs gently over the growing bruise.

    She resisted the urge to withdraw her hand as she was wary of his touch.

    Anakin didn't look up. "I can well understand your concern. I was ...harsh. I ... forgive me." He said clearing his throat as he massaged the swelling and toxins from her hand and up towards her shoulder.

    "Well, you did what you thought necessary." Dennii did not want to antagonise him.

    His head bobbed as he smirked inwardly at her ingratiation. "I reacted. Not very efficient or....respectful." He did not lift his head, as he took her other hand, his head bowed in industry, his eyes at her level. “So, where are the Jedi now?" he asked with directness, his thumbs alternated and rotated over her hands and wrists.

    Dennii swallowed "I..." she paused, not sure what to say next, afraid she might implicate herself, "... I don't know, I never bothered to ask... It was Alpha who usually did, but since he left, I just moved wherever we had to. I know to Ryloth, but after that we were in space and I left, not bothering to check our position. Maybe Jori has kept the shuttle that I came with, maybe there is enough telemetry..."

    Slimming an eye, he moved a bit closer as he listened. "Alright. I...understand that you were not particularly connected to the order."

    "I just tagged along. I was problematic for Jori in the Union, that’s why I left. I had nowhere else... but I couldn't stay with the Order anymore." she smiled sadly.

    She looked down and he followed her eyes. "You left under suspicion?"

    "They didn’t know what to do with me. They did not trust me, only pitied me."

    "And they no longer trusted you because of Drakonis-something they could not understand or help you with-though, surely Master Yoda..." he said, his tone quiet and warm, his words heart-felt.

    "Because of Drakoniss..."

    He put his hands on her shoulders and felt where her muscles were tight and torn from the injuries she'd sustained in Derra. Heat emanated from his hands, he sent it into her muscles.

    "Yes...and how long have you been attached to him?"

    Dennii almost closed her eyes, as she yielded to the comforting touch and tried to keep her focus. "Attached quite literally..." she tried some humor. "Several months... two I guess, as Alpha had just left..."

    Anakin paused for a moment, sitting very still-two months, at the most. So he knew the time frame. His hands yet on her, but he looked away for a moment, “ARC Commander, yes...” He looked her in the eye, searching. “After you conceived," he queried looking into her eyes again.

    "After, yes, Alpha is the father..." she blushed.

    He put his hand to her belly, his eyes cast down as he concentrated. He could feel the growing life inside her turn. He smiled and glanced up at her. It was answering to his warmth, to the Force as Force to Force.

    Dennii almost jumped from the touch. Her cheeks felt warm and she remembered her thoughts a few hours earlier, back in the transport… the thoughts of inducing a miscarriage and she felt ashamed of herself.

    “When did you ...see Alpha last?”

    “It is a bit hazy. We were moving from one planet to another and that made tracking time harder. But I think at least two months ago, since the baby is more or less the same “age” she said thoughtfully.

    “And those planets were...?” he asked softly.

    “Dagobah, Ryloth… then that Interdictor cruiser, then me going back to the Union,” she replied.

    “He doesn't know then...” said Anakin, not pressing her further, his hand still over the growing child in her womb, even as he catalogued the information she gave.

    “No, he doesn’t” she stated flatly.

    “Do you wish him to know?” he asked thoughtfully.

    She had never thought about it, nor had she the time. On one hand, Alpha was the father… but on the other, he left her to go and play soldiers, being so blinded by his anger towards Anakin… and then to learn that he was back in the Empire, was he ever truly part of the ARR or was that all a ploy? “I...” she started and closed her eyes.

    She was conflicted, he could see. “Think about it, Dennii, talking to him might help.”

    “I am not sure, right now. There has been a lot to process and so little time to do it properly. Rushing from one situation to the other, I am not used to this, like you are.” Dennii gave a tentative smile.

    Anakin bit his bottom lip in thought as he looked at the blank wall in back of her and he noted her inference. “Me?...I resist change...I’ve denied it, run, fought and lost to it...time is a condition of life. You’d think I’d have figured that out,”he said crossly, more to himself than to her. He removed his hand from her belly, having been moved by the life inside her.

    “So, where were you when this Drakoniss came to you?”

    “On Dagobah, he was in some ruins and...and summoned me there, that’s the best I can describe it...he has a flare for the dramatic-he likes those cliches.” she tried to add some humour.

    Anakin smiled inwardly. He felt no reason to disbelieve her, but he had to feel for those whose trust she was betraying. “Much change for you, but change must come to us all.”

    “Yes, just for me it came far too quickly-I was not able to adapt very well to it.” Dennii sighed and looked down. “I found myself being thrown in situations that were too unfamiliar to me and before I could adapt I was thrown into a new one...” If she read Vader-Anakin correctly, he was hinting…trying to explain what had happened to him. She decided not to pry.

    He smiled at her as he heard the bitterness in what she was saying. His index finger tracing over a fracture to her nose and cheek and lightly, he laid his fingertips over the break. How small and of little consequence she thought herself! He peered into her eyes, searching to follow this perception he was gleaning. He imagined she must feel at times like she was crying in the dark, lost, dejected, unwanted, and not worth thought or feeling. It was a hollowing, bleak, and very crushing feeling he sensed that she bravely struggled to keep at bay. Careful not to let the feeling flood the moment, he sat up straighter. There was silence.

    She tried to smile as well, not sure what to make of all of this.

    He urged Dennii to speak more.“So are you aware of Drakoniss...?”

    “Maybe it had to do with the fact that it was my first Master who stranded Drakoniss on Dagobah so many years ago. Together with Adrias Stark he fought him…”she almost shuddered at the mention of Stark, as they did not have a rosy relationship. Though she doubted that anyone had with him. “Drakoniss converses with me and he has been a sort of companion.” she replied to his second question.

    Yielding through exhaustion and fear not of his inducing, she was like a sieve, information spilling from her as if a dam had broken.

    “A companion?!” he said, astonished. He was trying to conceive of any kind of peaceful cohabitation between Sith and Jedi. It was not the harmonious juxtaposition of light and dark, the two being somehow neutralized, that some might think it might be. To be Sith was not a passive position, but one of constant motion and upheaval. He furrowed his brow and leaned down sighing and lifting her chin with his hand to meet her gaze. His demeanor softened, because he could feel her understanding and her approach was naive and child-like in her acceptance.“You have your own will?”

    “I do, he is only a part of himself and cannot wrestle control without my I said...” Her head nearly lulled as she began to succumb to sleep under his healing hands... “I have his memories and he is somewhat willing to return to the Light. Maybe only his good side remained in me...don't know, trying to figure things…” she shrugged.

    Raising his brows, he regarded her with concern. “No...” shaking his head, “It isn’t quite that simple. Still, you have one body, which must support the life of both you and your child. It is problematic, as the doctor said. Once you have walked in the ways of the dark, it will forever be with you,” he stated quietly and never having spoken those words aloud until now, it was odd to hear his voice say them.

    "Feeling better?" he asked as he put his hand to either side of her neck to reduce the strain there. She was particularly stressed and stiff and exuding more warmth, he moved the toxins toward her lymph glands in a method not dependant on the manipulation of the Force.

    "Much better, thank you." she smiled, it was true, it was very therapeutic what he did to her.

    Noting her distinctive and gracious smile, he ask,"Are you afraid of me....maybe a little less so?" He could still sensing guardedness and her surprise at the nature of his ministrations.

    "You will forgive me if I am a bit wary, the last few weeks were very stressful…" that was an understatement having to fight for her life several times within such a short period could take a toll.

    "Yes....I can feel that," he said with a little smirk. She was being polite, he could tell. "Is that what the kids are calling it?" he said at her word "stressful."

    "For a lack of a better word." she looked at him.

    "I can leave the rest for Dr. Molita, if you like," he said. She needed mending around her ribs and abdomen and he began to think that might be too intimate a touch given their relation to one another. Also, Dr. Molita was more practiced with the appropriate distance his profession required and Dennii would, given her understandable reticence at allowing the intimacy Anakin assumed to mend her thus far, feel more comfortable.

    "Ssure, not to keep you for long," said Dennii,"I am sure you have more important stuff to take care of." she smiled.

    "No, right at the moment, you are the most important thing to which I must tend."

    Dennii blushed and looked down "Thanks, this is the nicest thing I have heard in a while..."

    “So, Alpha knows little ...of this Drakoniss?"

    "I never had the chance to speak with him. He was incommunicado since he left for his meeting with Grievous and then I understand he rejoined the Imperial army..."

    Anakin’s shoulders sank. "I'll pretend you didn't say that.” He sighed and looked to the side, hanging his head a bit. He pulled his hand over his face in exasperation. He’d given here and there, hoping against all that he could somehow rebuild the broken connections and inspire some sort of cooperation, but the bridges were so badly burned, it seemed nearly impossible. He could not allow that thought. “Alpha has put himself in another precarious situation," he said brushing his hands along the top of his thighs. Anakin shook his head. There might be very little he could do for Alpha, not without invoking his privilege as Emperor, and at this moment in history, he could not afford to do so or even to have the appearance of doing do. Only Alpha’s knowledge might prove helpful in mitigating a sentence of treason.

    "As I said I had no contact with him, I only found out that he had rejoined the Imperial army by accident." she did not tell him that it was Revan who had told her that when Drakoniss tried to communicate with him via the Force.

    “I want to speak with this Drakoniss. Will he speak with me?”

    Dennii pondered all that Anakin had said. There was truth in it. She had experienced changes in her behavior. At first she thought it was the hormonal change due to the pregnancy, but the experience had left her scarred and the way she reacted to some things… Could it be true? “He will…” she nodded.

    He mouthed, Alright. Then he invoked the Sith. “Drakoniss!” Cocking his head to one side, Anakin waited, and then, once again, he spoke the name...

    TAG: to be continued
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    OOC: Once again, thank you TheAdmiral for a very enjoyable time writing together on this fairly intricate post.

    IC: Jori, Duchess Atreides-ruler of the Union, Dennii Sunwalker, Jedi healer Princess of House Atreides,Dr. Molita-physician to the Royal Household, RMU and Emperor of the Galactic Free Systems, Anakin, Lord Vader
    Location: Ursean Embassy, private examination room in the infirmary, Coruscant

    Dennii’s eyes were indeed shining with a strange reddish light now.

    “Dennii, calm down…” came Drakoniss’ voice and Dennii’s eyes flashed slightly. Anakin furrowed his brow at the odd combination of Dennii’s small frame intoning the Sith’s deep voice.

    Drakoniss conjured an image of himself as it was disconcerting for others to speak to him and look at Dennii. Well, he thought, no one makes a bigger mess than the ones you make for yourself. “I am here Lord Vader, I was trying to calm her down.. She has been under a lot of stress lately and unfortunately most of it was my fault.”

    “Strange words for a Sith!” stated Vader flatly. “So you know of me?”

    "I know everything she knows and vice versa.” he said “As for my words, it is not only Dennii who has had to reevaluate her choices. When you’ve had to die three times you tend to change your views…”

    “Then you may find yourself reevaluating again.” said Anakin. “Why are you hanging around other than to try to claim power and authority?”

    Drakoniss sighed “At first I wanted to repeat the cycle, but something happened. I am not even fully myself. I just want to find peace and rejoin the Force. Just now, I was aiding her. It was you who were stressing the poor girl.”

    "I am the least of her problems …" said Anakin with a slight smirk. He needed more convincing this was not an extension of Dennii. "So you direct Dennii to do, think, and believe as you wish?"

    "No, unless she wishes it, I cannot take control without her consent and she can wrestle back control and even if I wished it, I no longer desire it," said the Sith.

    "So, on your word alone, I should believe you?" said Anakin.

    "I guess I will have to prove it with my actions as no one seems to be trusting us and I don't blame them as I was the one who got us in this situation."

    Anakin was not impressed. "Let me ask you, how you accomplished this? This cohabitation?"

    "Dennii managed to tear my spirit apart so only a fraction of me remained in her, I am not sure whether she knows how she did it though. But when I think about it, she had access to Bene Gesserit teachings and they are very adept in those things, so she must have done something subconsciously..."

    "...that is ...very interesting..." asserted Anakin, noting he would need to understand the Bene Gesserit better, "But how did you enter Dennii?"

    "I apologise for what I have to say, as I know it sounds and is unpleasant. When I was alive I learned this ability to transfer my consciousness and take over a body. When Malak betrayed me, before he could betray our Master Revan, I took over the body of one of my soldiers. I have done that several times in these four millennia. The last time her Master and his previous apprentice Adrias Stark killed me again, over Dagobah where I was inhabiting some ruins strong in the Dark Side. So I lured Dennii, it sounded like a good idea, to spite her Master... and I started the ritual but she resisted me and tore me apart..."

    Anakin listened and his brow furrowed as he grew troubled. The mention of Revan, caused him to lean in. This was family, hitting too close to home and the implications were horrific, if this Drakoniss was to be believed.

    "Your have not answered my question, Sith," said Anakin, carefully.

    "I don't know what I am anymore, one thing is for sure is that Dennii made me reconsider my life's choices."

    Again, more of the same. How could Dennii/Drakoniss ...was he expecting reasonable answers? "Have...can you ... sense if there are others ... like yourself?" Anakin asked slowly.

    "Korriban is full of spirits... Dromund Kaas... Ziost...There are even Sith spirits in the Union, the dead world... what was the name... ah yes Necromunda."

    "How did you learn this ability?” demanded Anakin

    "It was an ancient holocron that I have found on Korriban… Don't remember the name of the Sith Alchemist who had recorded it. It was very arcane and obscure."

    Aside from the frustration of not being able to gain an answer, this was terrible, unsettling in the worst way. And for the moment, he had no answers as to how to move forward. For Anakin, not being able to take specific action was torture. It felt like standing at a precipice where all existence ended. “Where is that holocron now?” asked Anakin, working to remain calm. It would be absurd to imagine that the very one that Vos had brought to him and the one Revan instilled, might be the possible source of this knowledge. However, to access them was in and of itself, fraught with peril.

    "It should be there, unless someone moved it. It has been over four thousand years and there were three Sith Academies there, but I don't know what happened to it. Every Sith Empire that came and went excavated for relics and holocrons. Tombs were ransacked, ghosts disturbed, artefacts stolen or destroyed. For me it is to find peace and just rejoin the Force. This was what my... I mean Lorraine had told me, before she died in my arms..." he did not say that it was he who had struck her.

    “Is there a way to ...undo it?" asked Anakin. “I must know... what was the signature of the holocron, would you know it, if you saw it?" There wasn’t time to delve into Lorraine or Revan or much of what Drakoniss or Dennii had to say.

    Anakin’s head wanted to spin.

    There was a short pause as Drakoniss considered his answer "I think so..."

    Anakin stood and carried Dennii up from the chair with him. "Dennii...Dennii!" he said invoking her name and calling her conscious to the fore. He cupped her face.

    Dennii blinked "Y...yes?"

    "Dennii, you have come to me at a very important time and I will need your help?"

    She had regained control and felt Drakoniss' concern as something had bothered the Emperor, something he had said, but she answered, "Of course, if it is within my ability, I will assist..."

    "Dennii, I must have your trust. I must enlist your will, your commitment. It is important for all of us, he said urgently. As old as this manifestation claimed to be, he might likely not get better answers, for so aged did Drakoniss claim to be, that he was likely insane. “I will do what I can to prove your trust not be misplaced.”

    She smiled and was flattered, someone needed her help, but there was no time for lingering over the ever-longed for validation, but trusting him… "I will trust you." Had she just said she trusted Anakin? It was indeed confusing and incredible. This was not at all the meeting she had worried over.

    "Good, good," he said, his hands around her arms. Then cupping her cheeks, he apologized. "Dennii, I don’t expect you to accept what I say immediately. I have many enemies and often, I have but to stand in place long enough and the Jedi find me. I was harsh with you, but this Drakoniss is a wild card...I've no more time right now. Tomorrow, I will call upon you."

    He looked over Dennii's fair face, her lank golden hair close and hanging straight either side of her face, eyes almost violet, being blue overcast with red, her brows almost lifted in question. She was tremulous, like a lost youngling who now stood in a thin medical smock in her bare feet, with the Galaxy riding on her back. Her Master, for whatever Eddard’s reasons, had failed her miserably and left her open to so many difficulties and dangers.

    “You must control your actions, show that you can be trusted. What’s more, your child is an innocent-I am mired with such blood-I cannot... I will not knowingly endanger that child. Do you understand me?”

    Dennii nodded slowly “I understand, if you want to keep the cuffs. I guess my actions will have to speak for me.”

    “NO, no,” he interrupted, “that will not be necessary, but do not betray my trust.”

    “I will strive not to. I just need time to heal. I have had my share of distress…”

    He hushed her, putting a finger to his lips. Laying his hands on her shoulders, warmth emanating to her body, he concentrated and watched her as he worked, sending the stored energy through her, engendering and waking new cells. He would be careful with Dennii.

    Her eyes widened and an unintentional purr came out of her mouth. Then she blushed realising what she did and looked down.

    He smiled faintly and silently he bonded with her, nudging Drakoniss to the edge of their awareness and breathed slowly, her heart beating newly to the tempo he set, her pulse calming, blood streaming with oxygen and cleansing, renewing, knitting torn tendons and searching out the hidden contusions, bone on bone, flesh to flesh, and mind to mind. He closed his eyes and felt the baby’s heart sync too. It turned in its peaceful sleep and nestled to its mother. When he emerged from the healing trance, he slowly lifted his hands from her shoulders.

    Dennii’s mouth gaped and closed, then opened again like a fish. She tried to follow Va-Anakin method. As a Healer, she needed to learn at least a fraction of what he did. She felt great and even some of her dour mood lifted. It was as if the last few weeks never happened.

    “Around here, it’s Dr. Molita who has all the fun! Don’t tell him and we’ll play a little joke.”

    Dennii crinkled her nose in confusion, at first and then nodded and managed to grin at his suggestion. A bit of harmless fun wouldn't hurt.

    He turned and chimed the door open. "She is ready for you Dr. Molita."

    Dr. Molita gave his Re a stern gaze. He had heard the tone at the beginning of the “interview” and knew His Majesty had been rough with the patient and he had yet to talk about the child she was expecting. So, with a little concern, Molita leaned down and took Dennii’s vital signs and studied her for the bruising, to see if there was now more. After a moment he looked around to the Emperor and harrumphed.

    Dennii remained patiently quiet watching the doctor search in earnest for any signs of the wounds he had found previously. “Hum!” Molita said, checking Dennii’s eyes, almost disappointed that there was nothing there but clear, pristine brightness. “Looks like I can attend to my other patients now. I see His Majesty has again been practicing medicine without a license!”

    Anakin raised a brow and rocked on his heels.

    “Hum!” said Molita, again. “Do remember, Your Majesty, tomorrow, you are MY patient!”

    The Re let out an audible sigh as the doctor bowed..

    Addressing the two ladies, the Re instructed, “When Dr. Molita is done, your escort will conduct you both to your suite, Your Grace. I must excuse myself and prepare for this evening. I will see you both at the reception. I’m owed at least at least one dance between you,” he said, knowing Dennii would most likely be advised against such an activity, and bowing and turning, he made a very swift exit.

    TAG: Embassy and those about to attend the reception
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  5. Kalio_Dynkos

    Kalio_Dynkos Jedi Master star 4

    May 17, 2004
    Grand Admiral Magnus Carthaginian
    Commander of the Emperor's Onslaught subfleet and the Third Imperial Fleet
    Traffic, Federal District, Coruscant

    Mangus' cup clinked against the saucer as he put it lightly into his hand. His face was starting to bristle with the evening's scruff as he had continued to work tirelessly through the afternoon. The gray, white and blonde hairs were oddly illuminated by the image of the holoprojector before him.

    "I trust your judgment, Admiral. Should anything change, you'll let me know," he said nodding to the figure of Admiral Gered from the bridge of augmented Venator class ISD Polychrest.

    It was delivered as an order, rather than a suggestion. The Third Fleet, as well as the Emperor’s Onslaught had been refueling and refitting where necessary since returning from the Muunilist conflict. There had been losses and Magnus had left the refit schedule to the battle group commanders. Gered was aboard a subordinate vessel in his own sub group.

    With nearly 120 major craft to be accounted for - not counting shuttles, fighters and light transport ships - the Third Fleet itself would keep dockyards busy. Add to that the Onslaught subfleet, multiple Moff fleets returning from the Battle That Won The War, and Coruscant's own Sector Fleet and you had one of the largest non-conflict gatherings of Imperial ships ever. Even then, this was just a fraction of the Empire at its wartime height. Sector Fleets were over 1,000 capital ships strong, in each sector.

    High above Coruscant's twinkling skyline buzzed a sky as thick as soup. The collection of craft above the atmosphere was the who’s who of the Empire. Support ships, Venators still in service, corvettes of all sizes, troop carriers, Imperial Star Destroyers of both the Devastator and Imperial-Class, and so on. Add to that, fleet communication and business that had Lamdba and personal shuttles running in-between starships and the starfighter corps running drills or patrols.

    Magnus could just imagine the flurry of activity on every bridge with every crew. Sensors, chatter, coordinates, adjustments, moorings..bedlam. And yet, an organized chaos as the Empire was wont to do.

    Admiral Gered nodded, his olive green hat slightly askew on his massive head. Like Magnus, he would let the Imperial hierarchy continue to efficiently see to the order of the day. Men, such as him regarded their duty with honor and would be sure that the rest of the captains kept to the same. After such a successful conflict, promotions were expected and possibly handed out. Though, as a wartime ended, what each man or woman could expect would be told over time.

    Many aboard ships had not heard the Emperor's speech, or would be catching it on Holonets in their off hours. Nevertheless, they were aware of the news of the Emperor Palpatine's demise. What was next was a matter of rumor for many. With nearly 25,000 beings per Imperial Star Destroye alone, leave time and city-based business would attract scuttlebutt and rumor, but their shipmates would have little time to enjoy in the next few hours.

    For all they knew, after refitting, they'd be back at the conflict, mopping up the remaining elements of the CIS war machine.

    "My aide was supposed to contact you regarding your ships logs," Magnus continued.

    "Yes, sir. Mr. Sinjir's package was sent earlier today. Is there something in particular you require?"

    "I'll know it when I see it," Magnus paused, wondering if he should let out his inner most thoughts. "Very well, Admiral. That should be all."

    "Aye, Grand Admiral."

    The blue light flickered once and then died out, leaving Magnus in the dark of the skycar until the lights readjusted. He'd been seeing "it" all day. His meeting with Grand Moff Chadwick Thorley had been one of three such visits today. One, to his Uncle the Senator Carthaginian, and the other to the ISB office to drop his credentials for a call back this evening that would come during or after the reception.

    Sinjir would also be sending over the files he'd asked for shortly, and Magnus planned to peruse the data to see if the breadcrumbs continued to flow as he'd expected.

    In the dim light, his features were barely seen, except for the soft reflection from the lights outside.

    Mentally, he ticked off in his mind the personages he would pick out at the reception. The Emperor, Leitman, di Toli, Vectis, that blue fellow from the platform...Amedda, the Senators of Corulagg and Naboo...his mind wandered.

    Hadn't he heard something about Naboo? A communique? After action report? The details pecked at his attention, but he had knew there had been something.

    Turning his teacup on the saucer, he lifted it lightly.

    It would come to him. He was nearly home.

    The driver signaled their arrival at his family estate as the skycar exited the lane and made its descent to the city below. There was yet work to do before the reception back at the Senate.

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  6. Kalio_Dynkos

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    May 17, 2004
    ISB Officer Fouche
    Bormea Sector
    Cargo Freighter Modesta

    The ISB agent’s world started with a dull crack. Coming up from his thug-induced stupor, Fouche found himself unable to control any part of his body. The room was dark - a kind of dark that light never finds a way to penetrate. His world seemed to be jerking. Maybe a transport ship? Truck?

    There was a constant sound of a man screaming. A terrible, guttural, scream of near constant velocity. Were they sharing a cell or was the poor sod just next door? Fouche attempted again to move his limbs, but found them totally unresponsive. The screaming stopped for a second. He heard language to his right…Sullustan? And then the screaming began again.

    This time, his world shook more violently and it became readily apparent that the screams were his, and he had no control. Fouche’s entire body burned, ached and charged all at the same moment. It stopped. The world stayed dark. There was that voice again. Definitely Sullustan.

    “Molo unjani? Molo unjani?” it seemed to say. Or was it, “Ngaba ufuna ukudansa”? Or both. They seemed to repeat again, and again. Then the screams and the world shook until the darkness became sleep again.


    Fouche’s head rolled over his shoulders. He still couldn’t see anything, or move of his own accord, but the pain had disappeared. He was moving.

    “Sifanele sihambe ngokukhawuleza. Ubukhosi buza kuba kungekudala,” the Sullustan voice said.

    Fouche churned the worlds back over in his head….Ubukhosi…Empire. That was sure. Something about the Empire. Had he been captured then? Were they Loyalists or Confederates? In this state, his mind seemed to be an elusive puzzle maze. He was getting mental glimpses of his situation, and nothing was connecting.

    “Uvile oko akutshoyo,” another Sullustan voice pipped in to his right. “Ngaba ucinga ukuba uyinyaniso.”

    Said…who said? Was what true?

    Fouche attempted to will his limbs to move, his eyes to open, even his mouth to be felt but he there was nothing at all. A dull pain over his whole body, but no way to decipher what he had for limbs.

    And then, they dropped him. There is a sound when dead weight hits a durasteel floor that you can’t miss. It’s a sickly thump of flesh, bone and gravity that is too distinct.

    Was he dead?

    “Uqhagamshelwano lwethu ulinde. Khawulezisa!”

    Contact…waiting? Where?

    Then, the world shook violently anew. This was different. He wasn’t moving, but there was a terrible amount of a movement around him. Metal armor. Blaster fire. Screaming..not his this time, which was a relief. A high pitched, agony. More like dread. Chatter that was spoken so quickly that he couldn’t make any of the words except the random elpletive. Leave it to his brain to catch those words in Sullustan and not be able to do anything else.

    It all went quiet.

    Movement. Footsteps. He was moved again.

    “Colonel. He’s alive.”

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  7. Jerjerrod-Lennox

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    Mar 9, 2005
    IC: Captain Scyther Vectis
    Location: Ursean Embassy, Coruscant

    Well I have to say, that was the best few hours of sleep that I have had in a long time. Not that I can complain about my bed on Roadblock, but it sure is nice being back in a very comfortable bed. It feels like home and technically I am home, well my birth home.

    Time to get up and get ready for the Reception. I used to hear stories in the Academy, mainly from the rich kids, about how their parents were always invited to Emperor Palpatine’s lavish gala receptions. Dancing, drinking, grand feasts and anyone who’s anyone was invited to attend. I never dreamed that one day I would be attending one of these with my group, and yet here we are.

    I quickly have a wash to refresh myself, and started to get dressed in my dress uniform. It’s not often I get this uniform out, but when I do, I make sure I look picture perfect.

    Bahari must be used to these sort of occasions, being a nobleman and all. He has grown not just under my tutelage, but under the group's as well, so I hope he doesn't freeze right in the middle of the reception if he spots his old mentor and our boss, Grand Admiral Magnus Carthagnian.

    Terric meanwhile seems to have found an old comrade in arms, Jedi (or is it former Jedi) Ahsoka Tano. I can see a professional relationship between them and I can see them two chatting away well into the night about old times. Although I can either see it ending with either a slap in the face or a big hug, I am hoping the latter as Terric tends to overdo things a bit.

    Ivanov however looks like he has a professional and personal relationship of his own, namely with Miss Solinova, Lord Vader’s assistant. I guess they knew each other from their days on Ursa, and I am happy for him, it will be a welcome distraction for him after losing Obdurate at Mygeeto.

    For Madison and Arazov this will be a new experience for them, hobnobbing with the elite. I don’t know if Bahari can give anyone any tips on how to survive your first reception but they could be very useful. I hope there are some other Captain’s about for them all to chat with.

    Once the reception is done there will some problems to hopefully deal with. First of all is Commander Alpha, the commander of my troops. I do feel sorry for the man, being as he has been through hell and back again, but having the Empire’s Most Wanted man on your ship is not just a security issue for my ship and crew, but the group’s, and with what Doctor Rufus dug up on him he is a loose cannon on deck. Hopefully he is recovering somewhere with Doctor Rufus’s team on standby but I have posted several Ursean Black Guards on him just in case he tries anything.

    The other is Lawson Atreides, pilot of the 917th squadron aboard Roadblock and a Prince of the Union. After an attack on the 917th and a subsequent assassination attack, where thanks to one of Madison's Ensigns, Ensign Leovo he managed to save the Prince’s life. However His Majesty got himself a one way trip to the brig after not informing me or his squadmates of the identity of the attackers. I am considering letting him back into the squadron but under supervision, besides, after the assassination attempt, I don’t think Madison wants him aboard Empire’s Will anymore. I have also posted Ursean Black Guards on him as well, just in case he also tries something silly.

    After I had gotten dressed in my finery I admired myself in the full length mirror on the wall. I managed to make my hair look presentable as well and not looking like I had been dragged through a bush backwards.

    My datapad then pinged with a message, I crossed over to the settee where I left it and looked at the message. Looks like the Lieutenants and Commander Cutter had decided on their entertainment for the night. They had all decided to squash into Lieutenant Casrah’s room for a tournament game of sabacc, Ensign Charios had also consented to attend.

    Which was good when I thought about it. He may have protested about it in the beginning but it seemed the Kuati had come around to having some fun, as well as having a rather big protection detail around him. With his knowledge about the ship that participated in the bombing of the Surgical Centre, he was a valuable asset. Besides it would be stupid and foolhardy for any assassin to attempt to attack him with a bevy of Lieutenants and a Commander in the room. Stranger things have happened though.

    I hope to see some familiar faces in the crowd such as Lord Admiral Xavier of the Union. I hope he has decided not to return to the Union just yet, I wonder also what he would make of all the pomp of this lavish Reception. Maybe they are just as lavish in the Union, that is if they have any.

    Time to go and see if the others are ready, time to have a good time and try to avoid any fights, political intrigue or Senators and higher ups trying to chat me up.

    Party time.

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  8. Kalio_Dynkos

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    May 17, 2004
    Grand Admiral Magnus Carthaginian
    Commander of the Emperor's Onslaught subfleet and the Third Imperial Fleet
    Office, Carthaginian Center Estate, Coruscant

    In the dimly lit office in the main wing of the family estate, Magnus’ long fingers tapped out the rhythm of an aria that had recently come to mind. What had triggered the remembrance, he couldn’t target, nor did he fully try as he hummed softly the tenor’s part. The words weren’t coming to mind either, but the tune played itself out nonetheless.

    The room itself was silent, aside from Magnus’ soft tapping on the aged wooden surface of his desk and the whirring of a highly polished, metallic-blue protocol droid working near the wall across from him.

    Magnus imagined the rising of the strings and the mellowing of the horns from the orchestra as his eyes surveyed the desktop in front of him. The desk had numerous piles of datapads, flimsy, a small holodisplay and some instruments and ornaments.

    In the neat pile to his left were after-action reports of the recent battle from group and fleet commanders in both Onslaught and The Third Fleet - both of which had returned from the Mygeeto, Muunilist and Kalee systems victorious. Buried in each report were recommendations for commendation, repair, and security reports. The reports would be broken down into digestible chunks as well as the full reports. The Grand Admiral had surveyed them enough for now, and would return to the reports before finalizing his recommendations to Imperial High Command, the Admiralty, and his thoughts that would go to the Imperial Ruling Council and Joint Chiefs respectively. With the details of the battle of his fleets fresh in his mind, Magnus had moved onto the second pile.

    The second pile had grown from the first. The Galactic Stage was constantly changing, and even though the Clone War was officially ended with the destruction of the CIS super-weapon and leaders, the conflict was far from over. CIS worlds hadn’t suddenly gone belly up at the demise of their war engine. Governments across the galaxy were still opposed to the Empire, and the next few months (at least) would see the Empire welcoming them back into the fold.

    Magnus looked to the larger datapad in front of him that was linked to the protocol droid at the wall. As he had surveyed the pile’s information covering fleet movements, the systems under CIS control, neutral areas, and the Imperial Boundaries, the droid silently made the adjustments on the large display in real-time. In succession, Magnus drew from the pile analyst’s reports, admiralty reports, and covert ops in action - which Magnus added to his display via the droid. Whereas the droid was constantly making adjustments from the datapad’s own link to the Imperial Security Network, Magnus filled in the gaps that put the stage together more fully.

    The working map was a swirl of colors, aurabesh and coded words, as well as lines delineating factional regions.

    His humming stopped as he leaned back from the pile with a flimsy in hand. The droid continued to whirr as its arm and head-joint spun, keeping at its unceasing work. The flimsy detailed successful testing of a new power-supply system being by Kuat Drive Yards for Star Destroyers. Magnus moved the flimsy to the fourth pile and dove back into the second pile.

    Some preliminary reports hinted that the peace was actual in many corners of the galaxy. The Confederacy of Independent systems had started out, to many, as a call to arms against a corrupt Republican Government. But, in actuality, the CIS turned out to be a war-mongering, slave trading, genocidal organization that was bent on destruction rather than cessation from the Republic. Outside of the propaganda that COMPNOR put out, there was solid truth that Dooku and Grievous were monsters that had far outweighed even the most pessimistic being’s fears of what the Empire could become or represent. The CIS had destroyed numerous worlds beyond repair, removed priceless artifacts from and polluted Legacy worlds and they had turned whole populations into slaves to lure out Jedi and the Republic forces.

    When Dooku died and Grievous became the leader of the CIS those years ago, the war took on a beastly, almost unfathomable evil. Super-weapons were just the tip of the iceberg.

    The Empire may turn a blind eye to some practices, but none were as evil as the CIS had been in the past 10 years. So, for many, the end of the war would be welcome. Governments oppressed or conquered by the CIS would welcome the protection and reformation of the Empire. Others, would need persuading.

    As Magnus looked over the third pile, he began humming the aria again. His personal attache, Sinjir, had been sending encrypted files to the single datapad in the pile. Every few moments, it would chime with a new message as the items that the Grand Admiral had requested took their place in memory banks to be unlocked with his own genetic signature.

    For the moment, Magnus chose ignorance of the data as he moved onto the fifth pile - still holding the main datapad in his left hand. A stack of flimsies welcomed him here. Keywords jumped out to him as he speed-read the paragraphs - orphaned…catastrophic….Carrion…First Lord…Jedi…hungry…ambitious…failed…dispatched…promoted…command…Outer Rim…Emperor…

    Finishing the top page he placed it on a dark surface beside his desk, where it immediately turned to flames and disappeared into a charred whisper of itself. He placed the next pages untouched back into the pile for digestion later.

    He went back to the second pile. Whereas the Third Fleet was under Admiralty’s command and subject to the whims of Line Branch, Vader’s Onslaught sub-fleet had no oversight save from the Emperor himself. Broadening the horizon before Magnus was a snapshot of the galaxy as a whole, should Onslaught be called into action at any moment. It lacked minute detail and reasons for the changes. It lacked the politics. It had no emotion or cause. The display merely showed the effect as lines and dots moved above the screen.

    It was a bird’s eye view without any context.

    Whole regions of space had activity, while some had almost nothing going on. With thousands of ships in every sector, the array of changes was continuous and impossible to track except for breadcrumbs. But, then at this point, that was the intent of the Grand Admiral.

    The next datapad in the stack was a private communique to Admiralty from the ISB regarding a heightened alert across Imperial Space in the wake of the CIS defeat. Intelligence had shown no signs of a large scale retaliation, but reports would be incoming by the early morning Coruscant Time. Shipyards and non-military targets were quietly receiving increased security.

    He placed the pad off to the side and keyed a memo into the datapad in the fourth pile.

    [Addendum: Review shipboard security - ISD Huntress.]

    Returning to the second pile of datapads, Magnus picked up the last item - a small datapad with a port waiting for a data-cylinder. The Grand Admiral removed his from the rank insignia at his chest and placed it in the hole. With a click and two chimes, the datapad activated the encrypted message.

    [To: Grand Admiral Magnus Carthaginian, Onslaught

    Thank you for your continued support in our endevours. Arrival is confirmed for 0500. Appropriate security codes will be required upon receipt.

    For the Empire,

    Magnus acknowledged the message and put his code cylinder back into his insignia. Back to the fourth data pad he added yet another addendum.

    [Addendum - Be aware, Captain. This meeting is set for 2200. See you at the reception. - M]

    With that, the Grand Admiral sent the message from the fourth datapad and placed his thumb on the datapad from Sinjir to unlock it. The device required his code cylinder as a second method of encryption, and the screen flashed in expectation of the device.

    Ignorance amazed Magnus. In this moment, he might learn nothing. His grasping at strands might simply bring up a hand full of air, but that was the power of ignorance wasn’t it?

    It was by far the most complex of experiences in philosophy of the known beings. He’d spent hours with Jedi Masters at the temple debating it in his youth, well before their unfortunate betrayal of the people - which ironically had included Ignorance. He’d argued it with his fellow students at the academy. It had even been at the heart of the arguments in his thesis.

    Ignorance was so much more than not knowing something. That could always be forgiven. A fool was a fool, and sometimes you just didn’t know something. But, ignorance was a great power.

    Philosophers would talk about the complexity of “love” - how it could have multiple facets ranging from the familial to the romantic and even the basis for psychosis. They could talk about the complexity and paradox of hatred that could at one point lead to murder and in another lead to positive change. But, nothing could compare to the power of ignorance.

    Whole societies chased it. Some would say “Ignorance is bliss”, and this was partly true. Not knowing could lead to a sense of peace, even when it doesn’t exist. The era of the Republic was proof enough of that, as in its opulence and grandeur whole worlds turned to corruption. Yet, what you didn’t know could also kill you. Ignorance of an unseen attacker made someone no more blissful than someone that saw it coming. The end was the same. Yet, people loved Ignorance. They loved not knowing.

    In that moment of not knowing, one could choose truth. They could develop and dream it. Yet, ignorance held the real power. Was it better to know or not know?

    Others would say that “knowledge is power”. But even that wasn’t true. Knowing a thousand- pound boulder was going to crush you to death gave you no more strength than not knowing it was coming.

    No, it was that Ignorance was so moldable. People wanted to be ignorant, and people wanted to choose what they knew. Magnus knew there was things he didn’t know, and he couldn’t care less. He was wholly ignorant of true poverty, the true pang of missing days without a meal, and what it felt like to be purposeless. There were also facts throughout the galaxy that he was completely ignorant of. What exactly was the Force? Did the Whills ever truly exist? What was in Wild Space? Why did we die and what happened after? He didn’t know, and wasn’t sure he’d ever know.

    But, that’s what made Ignorance so powerful. One could choose to be ignorant of something, or could be the one wielding the power of what people knew and didn’t know. As he sat at his desk - the map changing in his peripheral vision, the promise of knowledge in his hands, and yet complete and utter ignorance of what the future held - the nobleman sat a living paradox.

    He placed his code-cylinder into the datapad, and instantly the file system lit up before him. The first word immediately caught his eye.

    • Insurgency

    TAG: Vectis
  9. Corellian_Outrider

    Corellian_Outrider Admin FF | Curator: Art&RPF | Oceania RSA | CR NSW star 5 Staff Member Administrator

    Mar 9, 2002
    ~OOC~ This has been a long time coming and am pleased to round off the year with this post. Thank you everyone for your time and patience and support. Wishing you all the very best and joy as we enter the new year. Happy New Year! See you on the other side ;)

    ~IC~ Rowan and Kaylee Halcyon
    Location: Selonia

    The bank clerk adjusted her headset and frowned. “Verrriiificaaatiooon…” she dragged the word out as she typed on the terminal as her eyes were concentrated on the display. “Okaaaay… that checks out… howevvveer… the system is not letting me proceed further.”

    “That is unusual.” I cupped my chin and breathed out slowly while doing my best to have patience. “What seems to be the issue?”

    She bit her lip and frowned again. “The account is under a lock.... All the credentials you provided checks out and should unlock it but something is blocking it. Something about being listed under special.”

    It was my turn to frown. It was one of my side accounts, the one I had used for business transactions during my freelancer days... when I went under a different alias. I arched my brow and gave a quizzical look. “Special?”

    “Uh-huhhh… These things happen.” She tried to sound reassuring though it came across as unconvincing. “It could be the system though I have contacted the head branch on Corellia to see- oh… Just a moment.” She flicked on her headset and turned away slightly. “Good afternoon, you’ve reached Ruby. Yes, Oh yes! That was fast…. Uh-huh…. I’ve tried that… and that… Oh... I suppose so. It has been authenticated….” her eyes glanced to me briefly. “Uh-huh…. Oh… oh okay… yes yes… I’ll do that and- oh? Alright. I understand…. Thank you for your help. Have a good... day.”

    She turned off the call and turned to the monitor and continued typing. After a minute of that with no explanation, I raised my brow and caught her eye.

    “Oh, sorry. Um… I haaave to do a work around and allow a credit transfer but there are restrictions.”

    I nod though do not quite follow what exactly was going on. Had someone been tampering with my accounts? Who knew about them in the first place?

    She gave an apologetic smile. “They also ask if it is possible for you to visit their head branch over at Coronet City to provide further assistance in reactivating…I mean, unlocking your account.” There was colour to her cheeks.

    “I suppose that it might be possible.” I answered vaguely. There was something entirely odd about all this. A few years ago I would have considered this to be a trap… now, I don’t know what to make of it. Maybe Feye had requested checks be placed on me, to be notified if we were safe and sound, if that was the case…

    Ruby did not notice the vague answer I had given her. She pulled out a small card then inserted into her terminal and then started typing. “I just get this set up and issued to you… set up a code and then you are free to go.”

    “Thank you.” This was highly unusual. Setting up a temp fund when there should have been complete access. Another thing to add to the list of things that does not make sense.

    She passed me a pad. “I’ll just get your print pressed here and… type a code here. Hmmm… thank you. All done!” She handed me the card. “Thank you for your patience. Have a good evening, sir.”

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *​

    I found Kaylee waiting outside for me and looking refreshed and something… different about her. I gave her quizzical look and she gave me one right back.

    “You have been in there for ages!” She proffered her arm for me to take. “Shall we be dining out tonight? Or have to make do with leftovers from home?”

    “I suppose,” I took her arm with mine, “we shall be dining out tonight.”

    “That is great news then.” She flashed a smile and started leading me to where she wanted to go.

    “There had been some complications accessing the account…” I grimaced slightly and explained what happened inside.

    “A temp fund?” She gave a perplexed look and arched her brow. “That… should not have happened. Had they shut it down?”

    I shook my head as it made no sense. “It was locked… Listed as a special case...”

    “Hmmm….” Kaylee pursed her lips as in thought. “Do you think it is something to do with your status? Since Feye and her people are aware of the family connection you share?”

    I frowned slightly. “No…hmm… possibly. However, this one went under the name I had when I was freelancing… although…” I paused and considered another angle. “Nothing really got past Captain Nouva, I would not be surprised if he kept tabs on me all this time so… It’s possible he might have had a hand in all this. We find out more when we are back on Corellia.”

    Kaylee’s eyes searched mine for a few seconds before nodding then flashed me a smile. “Well… while you were sorting that out, I spoke to Kal and gave him the heads up on our situation. I also informed him the idea of us going on without them while they stay back are until they are ready.”

    “How did he take it?” I asked. I noticed now that we had passed the markets and heading in a direction I had not been before, away from the crowds. It felt older, more of nature growing about the buildings and the paths worn. It felt... familiar.

    “He said “brilliant!” and that it would be good for us to have some “alooone time” together.” Kaylee gave a playful nudge and I smiled at the contact. “They get what they can fixed with the Icarus and will be at the ready to join us in a day or two.”

    “And you?” I asked, noticing how she smelt invigoratingly of sun and sea. The way her blond hair was braided back exposing the unique tips of her ears. It was hard not to notice that there was a white and yellow flower tucked by her left ear and that she wore a necklace of small white and pink shells. “Did you got up to much?”

    She gave a broad smile. “The beach is not far... I walked further down and found a lovely secluded cove. I went there and cleaned up.” Her head turned slightly to display the flower tucked between her ear, the stem threaded in hair.

    “That does sound appealing.” Speaking about it made me aware of how grimy I felt.

    “Come, I take you there now while we have a chance... “ She grinned and pursed her lips. “Get rid of that jungle sweat.”

    I grimaced. “Is it noticeable?”

    “Not that bad though give it more time and it will.” She shook her head and gave my cheek a quick kiss. “Come on, we get you fixed up and you be feeling brand new in no time.”

    After a few twists and turns, we had diverted onto a small path surrounded by the native flora, planks of wood had been laid to allow passage through without disturbing the flora. It was pretty the way the rays of light were broken by the foliage.

    I nodded in agreement and motioned to the shell necklace at Kaylee’s neck.

    “Oh, I was given that. On the way back to you, I asked about transportation to Corellia... and met some of the locals who are very friendly. One gave me this.” She touched the necklace. “They also offered us passage if we are willing to make a small detour.”

    “That is generous of them. Is there a catch?” Arching my brow. The last thing I wanted was delays when we are so close to home. “What is this detour?”

    “If we join them for dinner, their community is having a large party… feast… get together celebration… thing.” Kaylee gave a nod to the view of the water to our left and patted my arm. ”As anxious as we are to get home… we do need a moment to pause and recover. This will do us good.”

    As much as I wanted to protest, deep down I knew she is right. We had been on edge from the get go, ever since that attack… Besides, who knows how long the temp funds will last us if we cannot get access, this will save us some of the costs and a chance to have some downtime.

    While lost in thought, Kaylee lead me off the path and down along a sandy trail through the underbrush. It didn’t take long before we stepped out onto a small sandy stretch and the lapping water before us. I stopped in my tracks and surveyed our surroundings. A cove. Bordered by cliffs, shrouded by jungle, it felt like a private oasis. Apart from the wildlife, not a soul in sight. I closed my eyes and reached out and sensed the life around us and smiled, we were isolated from anyone else. There was only us.

    “Come on…” Kaylee’s voice snapped me back as she took off her boots and carried them in one hand as she walked to the edge of the shore and dipped a foot in to get her toes wet. She pointed to a spot on the sand. “We can put our things here.”

    I went to where she pointed and started undressing. Jerkin was removed and dropped to the ground, then the tunic… oh! The relief to feel the cool breeze on my skin.

    “You would have been sweltering hot in that.” Kaylee remarked as she watched me.

    “Yeah… well….” I groaned as sat down on the sand and took my boots off. “If it does the job then I tolerate it.” I started rolling up the legs of my trousers.

    “What are you doing?” Kaylee crinkled her nose and laughed as she placed her boots beside mine. “Don’t tell me you are doing what I think you are doing.”

    “Probably.” I chuckled and shook my head. “Just step in, step out and done. We don’t have much time.”

    “We have time. We don’t have to be at the wharf for another couple of hours so hurry up slowpoke...” Kaylee laughed and gave a nod for me to continue while she undressed. “...I am not going to let you have all the fun.”

    “Fair enough.” I smiled back and caught her wink as I did as instructed. It didn’t take long and once ready, I stood up and glanced down at our belongings. “Maybe should move them back a bit-”

    “Oh! Come on!” Kaylee’s hand grabbed mine and pulled my arm to take me along with a half skipped, half dashed to the water.

    Hot sand kicked up as we raced each other, it was scorching and then the coolness of the water. It brought relief as we reached the edge where the land meets the sea and we kept going. Kaylee let out a squeal as she leapt to clear a wave and stopped when she was knee deep then turned. She used her arm to send a splash of water my way.

    “Gah!” I gasped at the cold hitting my chest and then grinned back as I did the same in return.

    “Hey!” Kaylee jumped backwards to avoid the splash right into an incoming wave. The force of it carried her towards me.

    “Got you!” I teased as I caught her, I pressed my lips to her cheek and blew, making a raspberry sound as I carried us deeper into the water. She laughed as she threw her arms around my neck and kissed me just as another wave crashed against us and we fell into the water.

    TAG: To be continued and open for those inclined.
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    May 17, 2004
    ISB Agent Fouche
    KIT Prime Station, XQ2 Platform, Brentaal IV, Bormea Sector

    He was naked.

    There is a certain coolness that comes from being under a sheet, on a bed, with not a stitch on one’s person, and Fouche was sure this was that moment. As his consciousness became aware of his own self, the ISB agent let his eyes stay closed and willed his body not to move lest whatever brought him here should stir.

    The room was silent. A low hum coming from somewhere, but nothing innocuous about that. It was also cold, and seemed to tease at his bare shoulders.

    He peaked one eye open, which scrunched his face to one side. The room was lit, sparse and empty excepting for this bed, a few silver-colored cupboards, and an instruments tray that he couldn’t see the contents of.

    This was some sort of hospital room or med bay, or the oddest interrogation room he’d found this side of Nar Shadda. Closing his eyes, he tried to test out his limbs. Feet. Legs. Arms. Finger…hand. The remembrance of his blaster wound and dislocated shoulder shot a sharp pain up his arm and down his back. Under the sheet, he could feel that the skin was still raw, and likely blistered. Then, as if his body had suddenly remembered there should be pain, his head began throbbing from the back of his skull.

    As he tried to open his other eye to get another look around the room, his face “crinkled”. There was a bandage of some sort covering his eye and side of his face that had adhesive pressed on his skin down to his neck.

    What had happened?

    He’d last remembered being unceremoniously dropped to the bulkhead by his Sollustan captors, his whole body writhing in pain. Prior to that…some sort of blast when facing off with the Dugs outside the bridge.

    Unsure if he was with friend or foe, Fouche attempted to get up, and found himself unable to move. Paralysis? No. he could feel all his limbs. He just couldn’t move them. Toes and fingers wiggled, but nothing from the limbs themselves.

    Restraints. I’m a prisoner.

    Above him a com beeped and the speaker cracked to life.

    “If you could stop moving, the treatment is nearly finished,” and clicked as the microphone was switched back off.

    “Wh…” his voice was raspy and it his mouth was dry. Fouched attempted to produce saliva, but none came. His tongue suddenly felt very heavy and cracked.

    Not the experience he was hoping to find as he woke sans clothes.

    “Really now, or we’ll have to drug you again.”


    Fouche obeyed, but opened his other eye again. This was a room, not a bacta chamber. What sort of treatment? From what he could tell there was no one in the room with him, or anywhere that the disembodied voice could be coming from. No glass windows. No cameras on the ceilings.

    A door hissed open.

    “Mr. Ringali, be calm,” came a woman’s voice, calling him by his cover name. “You’re on board the KIT Prime Station. There’s been an accident, and you’re being cared for.”

    Fouche attempted to nod, and found it possible, though painful. His mouth was still dry, but the agent willed his want for comfort to stay and tried to find the face of the voice.

    “We’re going to induce your sleep once more while we finish the treatment. Do you consent?” she asked.

    He felt the sheet being pulled down his arm, exposing his chest and left arm to the cooler air.

    He nodded, and let loose a grunt from deep in his throat as he attempted the movement. A cool, smooth hand with at least three rounded fingers rested on his shoulders. He felt the prick of a needle in his arm and then the room went dark.

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    Jun 21, 2004

    One fish, two fish, three fish-CLONE FISH!

    IC: Anakin, Lord Vader and Re RMU, Emperor of the Galactic Free Systems, Mr. Jan di Toli, Lieutenant Mira Solinova, Maruuke, the Enfanta's governess, Sophia Enfanta and Imperial Princess, Marie Celeste, RMU and Empress

    LOCATION: Ursean Embassy, now serving as the Imperial Palace

    Returning through the central towers of the Embassy, a last bit of work required attention in the newly created Imperial Palace administrative offices, where Anakin found a smile in greeting his aid, Jan di Toli. The big man’s hand clasped his with a surety few could manage. He liked that about di Toli. Tall and broad, the slender, Lt. Solinova was hidden by di Toli’s bulk. “Lieutenant,” said the Emperor, peering round to Jan’s right. “So, at what stage of recovery are we, Mr. di Toli.”

    “Too early to tell. Much of the data storage is remote, and we’ve secured it, but there are still extreme hot spots obstructing passage to the conduits and nodes leading off campus,” he said speaking of the still smoldering People’s Palace. “We are using hydraulics to pump a dry foam to cool things down. If all goes as expected, we’ll be able to use solar suits to break through and recover archives and whatever else remains below,” said di Toli with surety.

    Mira packed a light weight storage chest on the desk next to Mr. di Toli. “We did find some odd little boxes and scrolls,” she said. “There was structural collapse where these were found, so again, we believe the engineers will be able to lift debris and frame in some support by noon tomorrow, and because of the disposition of those items, we believe there may be more.”

    Anakin nodded in silence, his shoulders lifting with a heavy sigh. He understood what it was she described, but let her continue her catalogue. Ending, Lt. Solinova proffered a basket of assorted data discs to His Majesty, and looked apologetically to him.

    “One thing more about the People’s Palace, minn Arri,” said di Toli as the Emperor looked through the basket of discs, collecting them into his pocket and gaining a glance from his Re, “the lower level fires seem to be feeding on a source of oxygen we haven’t been able locate on the map and plans, but you mentioned that you believed the late Emperor may have started work on a tunnel. Well, we found some excavation machinery…the remains of them and some materials that suggest a high speed magnetic rail system was being installed. I have a droid crew down there investigating. Your “Mr. Sparks” was able to put a special ops team on it, but I …it would be useful if they could try a search on the other end, where we believe that tunnel terminus is located…”

    “And that would be…” asked Anakin guessing as to what di Toli meant and taking the storage box after rummaging through the priceless contents and quietly closing the lid.

    “The Old Jedi Temple, Your Majesty-“

    “Nnn-“ Anakin began to say, but knew it had to be. If the fires continued unabated, they could spread in the lower levels and that would be a conflagration of epic and incontrovertible negligence. “Make sure Sparks keeps a reign on his team. There’s been too much poaching of the Temple. Tighten the security further. Every door, every drawer or cabinet remains shut and locked. No tours...make sure of it! Any items found are for my eyes alone. You will secure that too and see it is brought here and placed in the vaults.”

    “Yes, Your Majesty.” di Toli was relieved. He’d anticipated the Re would not like the idea.

    “These are fleet reports, Your Majesty,” said Lt. Solinova, realizing she was going to have to write up a report to state that the Emperor had taken receipt of the box and it's contents. “-They’re in earlier than expected, though incomplete-“

    Anakin reached to her hand and relieved the Lieutenant of reports. “I’ll take what you have and you can review with me in the morning. Bring whatever comes in overnight, though I don’t expect much more until the Moffs recover from the Senate address and the reception tonight. I give them noon, at the latest. Right, well, if you’ve no more, then I’ll see you both …OH, FORCE! WELL, MOVE IT, Lieutenant. Mr. di Toli.” The chrono on the desk’s monitor was telling 30 minutes ahead of where he heartily wished it had not. He’d catch an empty lift and start reviewing the reports on his way up to the Royal Apartments and he grabbed a data reader as he waved his saluting aides to take their leave and picking up the storage box, he left too.


    Tiny wet foot prints shown on the polished stone. Perhaps, it was best he’d been detained, for it was clear from all the signs he’d have been absorbed into the domestic drama that seemed to reign here in the residence, laughter, cries, and the sound of business reverberating in the stone corridors, though at present, no one seemed to be in view.

    Maruuke approached as he passed into the interior corridor, a small dead gold fish in her hand. She saw the Emperor, though, to her, he was the Re, and she curtsied, but continued into a utility closet where he poked his head in and looked on quizzically.

    “Death by bath, Minn Arri,” Maruuke explained as she lifted it by its ornate tail, a glistening bubble floating loose from one gil, and wrapped the flaccid but pretty little corpse in a napkin and then took a packet from a box on the shelf and opening it, slipped another golden fish into a fish bowl. Upon hitting the water, this fish began slowly to swim around. Anakin looked on intently. “It’s 'Oscar' number 3, Minn Arri. It takes them awhile before the little ones figure out how to care for them properly…” He nodded and raised his brows having to agree that what Maruuke said was true and he stepped aside for the governess to pass. He wandered down the hall further in thought, a nagging feeling at the back of his neck, as he considered the Padawan, Dennii Sunwalker.

    Squeals of laughter broke into his thoughts and grew louder as he continued down the hall. Bursting from a doorway to his left came Sophia, wrapped in a towel with suds in her wet hair. “Oh, your highness, STOP, COME BACK…” cried the nurse from somewhere beyond the doorway, just as Sophia leaped into her father’s arms. “PAPA!”

    Legs wrapped around his waist she clung, water staining his black jerkin and tunic. “WHOA!” he exclaimed, holding out from him, his hands under her arms and letting her feet dangle, water dripping to the floor. The nurse curtsied and follow after the Emperor as he carried the giggling Enfanta back into her fresher and knelt to roughly scrub her dark tresses dry. Kissing her nose, he scolded her to “square up and get yourself into the sonic dryer and dress, on the double!”

    “Your clothes are laid out. You valet is ready should you need him-“ called Celeste from another open door, her sweet voice touching something fragile and tender in his heart and he heard his voice answer, husky and almost broken, “Got it!” Hurriedly, Anakin grabbed the storage box from the floor outside Sophia's suite. He could not make it to his library fast enough, feeling his eyes swim, as he fixed his mind on the reports he’d started reviewing on his way up in the lift.

    The fleets overall had performed very well during the last battle and there were many commendations to hand down, but there had been losses, too, of resources and personnel. He closed the doors and threw the lock as he walked into the freshly dusted library, the sounds of domesticity silenced behind the discrete hiss of the retro-fitted double wooden doors. He palmed the control, they slid closed and the bolt keyed into position with a series of clicks.

    His shoulders fell and the stern mask slipped from his face as the salt stained his cheeks. It was just a moment to be reminded of the colossal weight he’d taken onto his shoulders. Brushing his hands roughly over his eyes, he swallowed and tossed the contents of a pocket onto the desk, where 10 assorted data devices clattered into a loose pile. If he hoped to complete this task before the reception, he reminded himself, he was operating under an illusion. This is the part that Sidious did not clue him into. Anakin laughed softly to himself. Of course, not.

    In Ursa, he had aides, here, they abounded, but much of the work was not for anyone’s eyes but his own. Not yet. Not even Mr. di Toli’s. Slumping into the maglev chair, the only obvious piece of modern machinery and furnishing in the reliquary that was his library, with his index finger, the Emperor tugged a data disc from the pile and popped it into the desk console. In spite of the sumptuous materials and artistry of long dead craftspeople, the room was spare, the thick and ornate carpets quieting the hum of the console as it lit up, casting it’s blue light upon Anakin’s features. Head in hands, he rested his elbows on the desk and quickly gave a cursory review to the information contained in the devices before him, returning him to the thought of the now vacant billets in his own fleet and how many others had been summing up the losses to Imperial fleets this day. He’d already had word from Grand Admiral Leitman’s office of the Ursean casualties. He could not count the number of all lost under his command over these many years of conflict. It made him feel old. He’d personally affixed his signature to too many personal notices, that the motion was rote, now and he bore the added weight of having been the gavel that meted out many a fatal blow in the recent past. Recriminations and castigation was indulgence he could not afford. There was only moving forward.

    He made a quick note to Grand Admiral Carthaginian, citing the positions now vacant through battle attrition. He made a list of candidates to take the place of those lost, highlighted, and noted years of service, records of superior leadership, courage and initiative, as well as stellar performances within command structure, all recommendations for promotion. In particular, and foremost, one of note. It was time. “…though by no means pro forma, Grand Admiral, I seek your advice and consent. If you feel review and consideration can be given without haste, I would like you to pin the insignia this evening, after I have read the names of the fallen leadership. We could arrange a private moment with key officers present. You see the other recommendations and commendations I have suggested on the list, your aid, Mr. Sinjin forwarded earlier today to my desk and which I return to you this afternoon. As always, I rely on your determinations…” And closing, Anakin affixed his simple signature and electronically stamped it with the seal of the Emperor, sending it to the Grand Admiral via Mr. Sinjin.

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    Jun 21, 2004
    Jan di Toli

    --Age: 48

    ---Gender: Male

    ----Species: human

    -----Eye Color: hazel

    ------Hair Color and Style: Graying red but receding somewhat, trim and short as per Imperial Navy regulations.

    -------Skin Complexion: Ruddy

    --------Clothing: Uniform of an officer in the Imperial Navy and bars of a fleet captain

    ---------Physique: Tall (as most Urseans are), hefty build, strong, a square jaw and a pronounced forehead. Large hands, but not such a large person that he can't easily find a way to get out of the way.

    ----------Personality: Noble and Loyal - these two things are basically the backbone of Mr. di Toli. With these two qualities he performs his duties efficiently, admirably, and promptly. He is keen, attentive, and both militarily and politically aware. A good judge of character, though sometimes shortsighted in his views. Fastidious, quiet. He's a man who weighs his words and adds a grain of salt to each scale of measurement. Enjoys staying busy and the stressful life of being the Re, now, Emperor’s personal aid. Good natured, and confident. It's not uncommon to see a sly smile cross his seasoned features.

    -----------Quirks: Sometimes sucks air through teeth

    ------------Force Sensitive: No


    -Brief History: Confirmed bachelor, he was raised one of 6 sons on Astrachan. He was a middle brother, 4th oldest. He was sent at a young age to attend the military academy on Kavala. While living in on the capital planet, he also took an interest in the affairs of state from his improved vantage point. Learning as much as he could, di Toli acquired some friends on the Royal Staff, though subversion and ambition are not in his character. These friends were those that he acquired, true and loyal.

    He did serve a period in the USF, coming in contact with the then Cadet Julien Leitman and USF Commander Ulrich.

    Shortly thereafter, he entered the service of the Royal family of Ursa and has served in the capacity of personal aid to the Re for a considerable amount of time.

    --Military History: Of note: Trade War with Trima, 1st Battle of Malove, and 2nd Battle of Malove. Jan di Toli also served a number of undercover operations for the Ursean Security Forces before his taking up the position of Aide to the Re. His operations were mainly non-lethal, but he was sufficiently skilled at infiltration and long-time undercover assignments. Sometimes these assignments even took him through into the Inner Core, even Coruscant, during earlier days. The man was among a team of five men and women that infiltrated the Black Sun crime Syndicate some ten years ago to acquire information on a possible political assassination. His efforts were awarded secretly by the newly elected Chancellor Palpatine, a man that di Toli knew from his days as Secretary of Finance and advisor to the old Re Kavala and then as Executor and patron of the Reina.

    The stress of the life robbed him of much of the joy that he wished for and the Ursean wished for home. Hence, he returned to Kavala a seasoned man with much learned, to take up work in with the Royal family and eventually became the Personal Aide of the Re Anakin Skywalker, now the new Emperor.

    ---Traumatic Experiences: He and his father no longer talk. The excuse is that they have both become too busy with life. Mr. di Toli, the elder is busy with grandfathering and retired in small cottage in the mountains. Jan di Toli, is busy with bacheloring, steadily working. It's traumatic to the effect that Jan di Toli had a very strong connection with his father growing up until being sent to the military academy. Shortly thereafter he and Mr. di Toli had a parting of ways, the reason, only the two know.
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    May 17, 2004
    NPC: Admiral Jakin Poulo and Command Brigitta Kerg
    Commander of the Imperial-Class Star Destroyer Halycon and The Forge, Onslaught subfleet, Coruscant high orbit

    Executing a bat-turn of 180-degrees, a flight of four TIE Interceptors screamed through the crowded black that was Sector Zero. Thousands of ships - Star Destroyers, support craft, shuttles, and fighters - were moving in Imperial Center space.

    But, this was the Empire at its best. This is what they trained for. Each ship, each commander, each pilot had a place in the larger microcosm. As each played their part with efficiency, serving the greater good with their skills - they made up the way of the Empire. This was why they had won the war, and would go on winning it. Not because they were the best, but because the worst still knew how to play his part, and made them stronger for doing it.

    The flight of Interceptors split into two pairs, swerving around the command platform of an Imperial Star Destroyer. Each pair circled the grey globes that acted as shield generators, came around to the front of the rectangular structure and then moved back into position in nearly the same positions that they had left only moments before. Any careful observer could see the distances between the angular wings of each of the four craft was near exact and well within regulation standards. A perfect maneuver.

    [Bravo zulu]

    The terse words were spoken over the main radio channel from the lead fighter. No distinguishable difference would show him out from the others - unlike the days of the Republic when pilots would paint and augment their ships for personality. Out here, starfighter pilots were appreciated for their effectiveness rather than their paint job, or how many bogeys they’d shot down.

    In unison, the flight adjusted course until they pulled up until directly into their view with two Imperial Star Destroyers - the Forge and the Immure.

    [Make your approach, Zeta-two-alpha]

    The gruff Core-accented voice was acknowledged by audible clicks on the comm from the other Imperial pilots who made their course changes wordlessly. As they approached the Star Destroyers the flight passed first around The Forge’s outer hull on the starboard side where just days before CIS fire had caused considerable damage. By now, repair crews had been busy at it and were making their final passes on the patchwork. The damage had not been serious enough for a space- or dry-dock, but had still led to the loss of life of the Imperial gunnery crew that were stationed there.

    The Forge had reported over 2,000 wounded, and a significant loss of shipboard power by the time it dropped out of hyperspace over Coruscant. It had required a herculean effort to keep the massive Star Destroyer from falling to the planet - something the ship’s commander, Brigitta Kerg, would have kept from happening had she had to don a spacesuit and single-handedly push it back it into space. That woman didn’t know how to fail gracefully.

    The flight moved over the dorsal portion of the Star Destroyer, carefully avoiding a repair shuttle that had attached a magnetic lock to the hull through a mechanical arm. Droids and Corps of Engineer personnel crawled the deck with mag-boots, inspecting the damage and repair process that had been coming along significantly. One news report had talked of CIS fighters taking suicide runs on the upper deck, attempting to pummel their way through the hull. Capital gunnery and starfighter support had not been enough to stop some of them from getting through, as was evidenced by the pot marks still scoring the gray deck.

    The lead TIE Interceptor pilot flipped a switch on his console, finding a channel in the crowded radio space above Coruscant.

    [Refit looks good, Commander. Report on your power station.]

    Over the helmet-comm the female Ursean Captain of The Forge came back loud and clear, her accent strong with no attempt to conceal it.

    [We’ve set the tauntauns on their treadmill a little faster just for your arrival] she quipped, breaking protocol. [Waiting for your inspection. Docking bay 121 is prepped.]

    The TIE Interceptor pilot frowned at the sarcasm, but couldn’t help feeling a measure of respect. This was the Ursean’s first command - even if it was an interim-command - and she hadn’t faltered an iota in the face of a crack inspection of Admiral Jakin Poulo, of the Halcyon.

    [Acknowledged, Commander] he said, adjusting his trajectory over the side to the open docking bay at the bottom of the Star Destroyer.

    The Admiral, a former TIE fighter pilot, had been overseeing the refit of the Onslaught Sub-Fleet since their return. With the exception of the loss of the Venator Obdurate, the fleet had suffered no other capital ship losses. Support craft, reserve ships, and TIEs had been a mathematical nightmare to figure out, but it had been done.

    Switching back to the squadron’s channel, Admiral Poulo made his final maneuvers for docking his TIE. Though, he should likely be overseeing the work from the comforts of an office or traveling by shuttle, there was nothing like getting your hands dirty.

    [Make your approach.]

    Clicks of acknowledgement sounded over his helmet as the TIEs lifted into the brightly lit maw at the belly of the Star Destroyer with their tell-tale scream, which could be heard no where but in the proud hearts of their pilots, and the terror of their enemies.


    “You’ll have to show me how you’ve managed to get Tauntauns on a treadmill, Commander,” Poulo joked as he removed his black helmet and gloves.

    His enjoyment of flying had raised his mood, and he cleared his throat to check any response from the commander. She was tall, her red hair tied up behind her head, and tucked into the olive green hat that she wore - making her seem even taller. She stood at attention at the end of the hanger bay by a lift, her hands behind her back and legs apart. In front of her, a row of Storm Troopers stood attention for honors to welcome the Admiral.

    Putting his gloves in his pant’s pocket Jakin nodded to her so that she might go "at-ease."

    “Permission to come aboard,” he asked.

    “Granted, Admiral. The Forge welcomes you,” she said, waving to the lift.

    The formalities given, the fleet would be made aware that the Admiral had moved his flag to the Imperial Star Destroyer - signaling to the rest of the fleet that, if necessary, commands would come from here rather than the Halcyon.

    They entered the lift in silence, as the Stormtroopers clanked in behind them, lining the sides of the small oval compartment. Under his feet, the Admiral could feel it begin to move. Jakin was known for being a man of few words when it came to talking to subordinates. He was a believer of “talk when you’re spoken to” and “speak when you have something to say.” Kerg seemed to understand that as the lift moved about the ship silently before slowing to a halt and the doors hissed open to the bridge.

    “My office is this way,” she said waving him to the opposite side of the bridge. “Captain Ivarr’s personal effects are still being prepared for delivery to the Ursean Embassy.”

    “Understandable,” Jakin said, following her direction. “ A good man. A good friend.”

    It was the highest compliment he could bestow to the fallen Captain.

    The ship’s bridge was a hive of activity. The left tactical bay had long black cables coming from deep in its recesses that came onto the deck and terminated into a hole in the bulkhead. The Admiral nearly asked if it was to feed the Tauntauns, but bit his tongue and bowed his head low as he walked into the small office of the Commander.

    The office was sparse. Clearly, it served the function of the moment and had been used as a conference room prior to taking on a temporary command station.

    “Your orders,” he said, putting a dark-skinned hand out to her with a small data disk tucked at his thumb and forefinger. “You’re to take formal command of The Forge, effectively immediately, with the Grand Admiral’s compliments.”

    Kerg took the orders and nodded.

    “Thank-you, sir,” she said. “For the good of the Empire.”

    “For the good the Empire,” he replied. “Continue your command as you’ve started it, and you’ll have success.”

    “Yes, sir.”

    “Very good. Now, fill me in on your ship status.”


    The klaxons finally died away as the Admiral’s TIE fighters exited the docking bay, leaving Commander Kerg alone in this corner of the massive deck. Around her, of course, she was anything but alone as droids and support personnel continued at their work. However, she now stood alone in a sense she hadn’t expected. No longer just another cog in the command structure, she was the command structure on her crew.

    Prior to the battle of Mygeeto she’d been third in line for command. Both Ivarr and the XO had been killed as enemy fire had ravaged the The Forge. Since taking command, her activity had kept the thought from entering her mind. The first order of business was to get the damaged Star Destroyer home, though it had not faired as badly as some other ships in the sub-fleet. She had set up repair crews to deal with the necessary damage, clear the dead and wounded from the decks, and keep everyone motivated to keep the power station from failing.

    That alone had been a challenge as the generators were in cascade failure. They’d limped along, and were working off batteries by the time Hyperspace was terminated over Coruscant. Then, it had taken quick thinking by her Chief Engineer to recommend routing power through the troop carriers and shuttles in the docking bay while they sucked the batteries dry.

    Wires and thick cables ran the length of the docking bay and connected to hubs, which in turn connected to couplers, which in turn connected to inverters and finally the crafts themselves. The maze had taken hours to work through the miles of ship and bulkhead. What mattered was that they were still in orbit, there was no discernible list to her station in space, and the power station repairs were successfully underway.

    Surveying the deck one last time, the Commander turned to enter the lift that would take her back to the bridge. As she entered the lift alone, and the doors closed, she was again reminded how different the next few days would be. Certainly, she'd been in command before, but she still thought of herself as third commander throughout. Now, her orders in her pocket, the commander was outside the realm of camaraderie that came from just being another officer.

    She'd heard it spoken of before, but in this moment, it was the first time she'd understood what that meant.

    The door hissed open, revealing the bridge deck...her bridge deck. Stepping out, Lt. Commander Stowkski, a diminutive balding Coruscanti, welcomed her at door and met her stride.

    "Captain," he said, offering the honorific for a Commander in command of a ship regardless of rank.

    "Report," she said, rolling the "r" and dismissing the "t".

    "The backup systems are in place. We'll be clear to return to main power within the hour."

    "My compliments to Mr. Fently."

    "Admiral has cleared our sensor grid," came a voice from the right tactical pit.

    Brigitta acknowledged the comment with silence.

    "Inform Immure that we'll be deactivating our backup system within the hour. She'll want to be clear."

    "Um...Captain," Stowkski interrupted, his hand at his chin as if he had just tried raising it and decided against it too late. "Might we want to ask their assistance? The Immure's tractor beams may stabilize our decent in the event of another power failure."

    "If there is another failure, Mr, Stowkski, you can get out and push," she said, heading into her office.

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    May 17, 2004
    Grand Admiral Magnus Carthaginian
    Commander of the Emperor's Onslaught sub-fleet and the Third Imperial Fleet
    Office, Carthaginian Center Estate, Coruscant

    […broader meaning that is sometimes alluded to by Admiralty in general dispatches. It has been noted that a criminal element, as well as guerrilla tactics may be preferred over direct engagement with Imperial forces. It should be expected that the attacks will be political as well as military, as has been the case in the past.]

    Magnus paused the reading of the secure file from his datapad. As his eyes left the display to examine his comm, noting a message from his aide that he had a message, the scrolling stopped and the message locked. A written message had been sent from the Emperor’s office.

    He called it up onto the datapad, and as his eyes made contact with the message, it began to autoscroll. The names of dozens of officers scrolled past, along with notes made by the Emperor alongside their names. At the close of the list Skywalker had penned a message.

    [“…though by no means pro forma, Grand Admiral, I seek your advice and consent. If you feel review and consideration can be given without haste, I would like you to pin the insignia this evening, after I have read the names of the fallen leadership. We could arrange a private moment with key officers present. You see the other recommendations and commendations I have suggested on the list, your aid, Mr. Sinjir forwarded earlier today to my desk and which I return to you this afternoon. As always, I rely on your determinations…” ]

    The nobleman couldn’t help but smirk at the deference being shown by the Emperor in this moment, and it warmed his heart to have a part in the conversation that decided men and women’s futures.

    The additions to the list were well thought out, and showed Skywalker’s attention to his men - something that had served him well from the early days of the Clone Wars up til now. The warrior Jedi had become respected general and leader. While there was certainly that element (and rightly so) of mystery regarding Skywalker’s wizardry and his favored place with the late Emperor Palpatine, the young leader was well regarded generally throughout the Navy. Too many had seen him action, and for some, it had meant their lives.

    The Grand Admiral penned a quick reply with the usual pleasantries and concluded…

    [Timing, in these matters is crucial, and public perception as well as political motivations are to be considered. In this case, I agree with all motivations, including merit…]

    He paused, remembering one of the first conversations he’d had with Vader. His wife, the Reina, just leaving the room, had turned on his heel and placed his gloved finger in Magnus’ direction and demanded one thing from the then-Captain.

    […and loyalty. I will look for your signal. To your list, and the list before it, we are in agreement. Your humble servant…]

    He signed the message and sent it back to the Emperor’s office.

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    May 17, 2004
    ISB Agent Fouche
    KIT Prime Station, XQ2 Platform, Brentaal IV, Bormea Sector

    His world had a rhythm, and that rhythm was all about that bass, no treble.

    Thump, thump, thump-thump..thumpthump...

    Cautiously, he opened one eye. He found himself in a well lit room, comfortable furnished but not overmuch. The curtains and blanket were a non-threatening brown, with a few pieces of furniture against the wall. This could be a recovery room, or just a small bedroom.


    "Hey, you're not dead," came a voice from off his periphery.

    It was a child's voice and they sounded disappointed.

    Fouche tried to swallow, but his throat was still painfully dry. He cleared it loudly and attempted to reply.

    "I heard the doctors. They said you were fragged," the child said stressing the curse word, and clearly relishing the use of it.

    "Whe--Cough---where am I?"

    "Hey! You can talk too! Wow...were they wrong."


    "Hey, if you die, can I watch? I promise I'll be quiet. You won't even know I'm here!"


    "Jalen! There you are," a matronly woman's voice yelled in the room.

    The jig was up. This was clearly "mom".

    "Hey, Ma! Look he's alive. I told you," said the kid.

    "Leave poor Mr. Ringali alone. You know the Colonel said he's been through a lot."

    "Where...where am i?" Fouche repeated.

    "Hey you can talk," screeched the mom.

    "Ye...yeah. Where?"

    "You're in a hospital, sweetie. There was an accident aboard your ship, and you were rescued and brought here."

    "Wha-what happened?"

    Speaking was easier, but his voice was still raspy. The fact that he couldn't see his guests was disconcerting but they were here. It was then her realized he couldn't see out of his left eye. Scrunching his face as before he waited for the crinkle of the patch. It was gone, but he couldn't see.

    "Oh, dearie. It's gone, I'm afraid. The doctors tried their best," the woman said soothingly.

    Fouche turned his whole head to the left, and now she came into view. She was a short, Sollustan woman, fairly young. Her cheek-flaps peeled back into a small smile.

    "Hey there," she said. "You'll be just fine. You'll see."


    "Jalen! Go outside and get the doctor," she ordered.

    And the thumping stopped. Suddenly.

    The chubby little Sullustan boy hopped down from the chair at the end of the bed, stopped kicking the frame and ran out with a pitter-patter of the little feet that Fouche cursed as they retreated.

    "The doctor will be with you, and the Colonel will be so happy to hear you're alright," the mother said cheerfully.

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    OOC: This is part of a 3 post series brought to you by myself and KD, an immense pleasure working with you.:)

    IC: Grand Admiral Magnus Carthaginian and Captain Scyther Vectis

    Office, Carthaginian Center Estate, Coruscant

    Standing before a swirling tactical holodisplay Grand Admiral Magnus Carthaginian and the commander of his flagship, Admiral Jakin Poulo, were completely silent. As the aged, wooden door opened, spilling light and sound into the dimly lit room, both officers did not look up from their datapads.

    Instead, by the door, Carthaginian’s aide Sinjir waved his hand into the room, signaling for Captain Scyther Vectis to enter. After she passed through, he walked up to Magnus and bowed slightly. The Grand Admiral nodded, and handed his datapad to the aide as he turned to Poulo. With a whisper, the heavy door closed itself, with a large bang that reverberated throughout the office shutting out the light from the entryway. The only remaining light came from the holodisplay where the two figures stood silently.

    Vectis stood in darkness behind them as the vacuum of the room’s silence surrounded the four of them.

    At the base of the holodisplay, a green half-circle button started to pulse slowly. As neither Admiral moved to look at it, Sinjir pressed a button to the left of it. The large holodisplay shifted to add a smaller shape that flickered into the form of a dark-haired woman in her 30s. Her lips moved, but no voice came from them.

    Sinjir, holding his hand to his ear, where he had placed a small wireless receiver, nodded as she talked.

    "I will be sure he's aware, Captain." he said finally, saying the first words the room had heard for about an hour.

    The female captain nodded silently in response, a small smirk tugging at the side of her mouth as the holo flickered and disappeared.

    The aide nodded to Magnus, who in turn nodded back. Admiral Poulo keyed in a command on the holodisplay, and the tactical map shut down, blacking-out the whole room. Only as light spilled in as the door re-opened and both Poulo and Sinjir exited, could Vectis see Magnus was no longer at the holodisplay.

    As the door hissed closed, the lights turned full on with a click, revealing the room was a large study with a desk off to one side and burning fireplace in the other. Magnus was standing in front of it with his back to her, but turned around as the lights came on.

    "Ah, Captain," he said flatly, not recognizing her dressed ornately for the reception. "I'm glad you could make it. I do apologize for calling you out so urgently before the reception. Peace is a busy business."

    He motioned that she sit at the table, and took a seat himself.

    "You've been invited to the reception, I trust," he asked, only just now noticing her appearance.

    Scyther took in the whole room, she had been impressed by the décor coming into the room and the whole building. She had to apologize to the boys before she left saying that "A meeting had come up" with the Grand Admiral and that she would meet them all later on. Bahari had said a "Good luck" to her before she had to quickly arraigned transport.

    She also hoped her dress uniform looked spotless, she hoped she would not have change again.

    “It will be good, thank you sir, no doubt it will be nice for my other Captains to let their hair down so to speak. After Mygeeto, it will be a refreshing change to come out and enjoy ourselves.”

    The Grand Admiral nodded at her comments, with a small smile. As she finished, he leaned back in his chair and steepled his fingers over his knee.

    "Your...what do you call them...'All-Stars'? You're All-Stars are likewise enjoying their time cityside I'm sure," he said with a larger smile. "In fact, perhaps they should be, as you lost a whole Star Destroyer, Captain. The Obdurate had a fine crew."

    His face turned suddenly grim, as he looked at her square in the face for the first time since they'd been in the room together.

    Scyther nearly smiled when he mentioned the group’s new nickname, she wondered what the Grand Admiral thought of it, but her face immediately fell at the mention of the loss of the Obdurate.

    “Indeed she did, Captain Ivanov was devastated to lose her, but she was a fine ship with one of the finest crews. He has at the moment lost half of his crew, with one of his senior Lieutenant at the moment listed as critical but stable. Even if Lieutenant Ellis pulls through, he will be out of action for months.” She met his gaze. “The other Captains and I have been supporting him, but he seems to be holding up well, no doubt his icy personality helps him to cope where some of us turn into blubbering wrecks”.

    "Ah," Magnus replied, saying no more than a slow nod. "Then you'll no doubt be pleased to hear that Admiralty has decided to forego Captain Ivanov's court-martial."

    He left out that the decision was a long-debated one. Losing any capital ship was grounds for a formal hearing, and any Captain's future could be in jeopardy unless it was found he acted for the best of the Empire as he lost a ship worth millions of credits. But public perception was that the war was won, and any captain disgraced after fighting in the three-stage battle would sour the mood. Ivanov's failure to keep his ship would be noted in his file, but the Grand Admiral had vouched for his abilities and his crew. It didn't hurt that an officer of Ivanov's had been on the ISD Huntress and was instrumental in seeing crucial intel regarding the Senate bombing brought to light. Vectis herself had brought the news to their attention during a joint-meeting with Vader, Magnus and the other commanders in a moment that the Grand Admiral nearly had a conniption as she asked to "go off topic" for a moment.

    "Tell me, Captain," he started, still holding her gaze. "Do you think that the 'All-Stars' are in any way to blame for the loss of the Obdurate and the thousands of Imperial lives aboard her?"

    TAG: To be continued
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    OOC: Part 2 of 3, courtesy of myself and KD, once again thanks:)

    IC: Grand Admiral Magnus Carthaginian and Captain Scyther Vectis

    Office, Carthaginian Center Estate, Coruscant

    Scyther nearly exploded with a What the hell for comment but immediately shut up. It was bad enough to tell Ivanov he was up for court martial, his anger would not be sated however to hear that it had been dismissed. He would also now have to be given a warning after losing Obdurate, and Scyther did not look forward to facing the icy Ursean's wrath.

    And then the bombshell hit, Scyther felt sick to her stomach that the Grand Admiral would ask such a question. Scyther had to think back to that battle and consider her answer carefully.

    "Defiantly not" Scyther said, folding her arms across her chest and narrowing her eyes at Magnus "We were all boxed in, Terric was helping Madison out after he got boxed in, and Bahari and myself were stuck in battles ourselves. To turn and help would have put us all in vulnerable positions and we would have lost more than the Obdurate. The reserve groups helped out when they could, but by then it was too late" Scyther was putting venom in her voice whilst trying to remain calm, she did not like Magnus questioning her group's integrity.

    The Grand Admiral held her gaze for a long, silent moment before unclasping his hands and placing one on the table in front of him and the other on his knee. Vectis' signature fire never faltered.

    Good, he thought.

    "I'm sure their families will be pleased to hear the deaths of their fathers, mothers, sons and daughters was completely unavoidable," he replied, biting out the word with feigned vehemence. "We should be so fortunate that the rest of the Empire's ships found it more avoidable in their own cases."

    He was minimizing the reality of the battle, and he knew it. The death toll was massive, and Obdurate hadn't been the only ship to burn. How could it not have been with such a massive undertaking as that battle had been?

    "Still..."he paused to tap on his datapad. "You're here. So, we have that don't we?"

    He didn't allow her respond to his rhetorical question, but instead pressed a white button on the table and continued.

    "There is a chance that I can arrange for Mr. Ivanov to receive another command. Do you think he can handle it?"

    Scyther knew he was probably trying to wind her up, no doubt he had probably lost a few ships as well. Was he testing her, or was he actually very angry at her and Ivanov for losing Obdurate? Scyther couldn't tell, but she had to make sure she was measured in her responses as well as letting the fire out.

    "I'm sure Captain Ivanov will be more than up to the task, whatever command he is given" Scyther responded, emphasizing the word "Captain" with venom and keeping her eyes narrowed at the Grand Admiral.

    "I'll take it into consideration," he said nodding, but not breaking her gaze. "Speaking of commands...what can you tell me about this situation with the Huntress and the bombing? I understand we owe you a great debt for bringing it to light, is curious that one of the 'All-Stars' officers were the ones to report it instead of someone from the Huntress don’t you think?"

    He spread his arms out and tilted his head to the ceiling, as if orchestrating for her to give a report to a classroom full of her equals, when it actuality, the only person in the room was a Grand Admiral – a man that held himself as not as a peer, but as the man who held her career and future in his hands.

    "Care to enlighten me how you yourself came by this information and provide any updates on the situation as it stands now," he asked.

    Scyther relaxed her posture, crossing one leg over the other and clasping her hands in her lap. Sparring time was over for now, but she had to think back about how Ensign Charios got the information regarding the ship that did the bombing run.

    She had already noted the details to Lord Vader along with Ivanov and Charios, but the Grand Admiral was asking how he came by the information and why Captain Illior chose not to report it.

    "Ensign Charios was assigned by Ivanov as a liaison between himself, Captain Illior of the Huntress and Doctor Ashri, the chief medical officer of Obdurate, the major injury cases were placed aboard Huntress for safety. Ensign Charios was called to the bridge where Captain Illior played a recording of the bombing, I'm sure you have the details of what happened from the various reports" Scyther let that hang in the air and then continued.

    "After the recording was played, Ensign Charios saw Captain Illior stare at the recording and look at it as if she recognized the ship, whether there was someone she knows aboard it or the ship itself I do not know. Ensign Charios thought it was strange that Captain Illior did not report it, so he reported it to Captain Ivanov, who then reported it to me. Ensign Charios I believe followed proper protocol."

    Scyther slightly shifted in her chair to remain comfortable "As for the situation at the moment with Huntress I do not know, as far as I am aware, Huntress is still in Coruscant orbit and Captain Illior is still in command."

    “I see,” Magnus replied, tapping at his datapad.

    Magnus had been there for that exchange with the commanders. Grand Admiral Osvald Teshik, of Corsucant’s Sector Zero Command, had blue milk on his face, having had no idea of the Intel before Vectis had mentioned it in the briefing. Though, Magnus had nothing against seeing “lesser men” put in their place, he would have preferred to know about it himself beforehand.

    “You continue to prove how invaluable your service is, Captain,” he intoned, pushing a datapad across the shiny table. “Your command has proven beneficial. Since our first meeting, and your coming into Onslaught, you have met the mark. Even Bahari has excelled under your tutelage.”

    And that was no small feat, given that the over-cautious nobleman had been Magnus’ pet project and general frustration for sometime. The man had even happened to survive the war...and no one was more surprised than the Grand Admiral.

    “Your orders,” he said, nodding to the datapad. “Despite your group’s loss of His Imperial Majesty’s Star Destroyer…you did well. I think it’s time we formalize that arrangement. The All-Stars are here to stay, Captain.”

    TAG: To be continued.....
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    OOC: And now the finale from KD and myself, many thanks.:)

    IC: Grand Admiral Magnus Carthaginian and Captain Scyther Vectis
    Office, Carthaginian Center Estate, Coruscant

    He could hardly swallow the sentence after he’d said the moniker of the Battle Group.

    “We’ll divide the fleet into two major battle groups – one under your command, and one under Admiral Poulo of the Halcyon.”

    He paused to let that set in, and dropped the bombshell.

    “I have conferred with the Admiral, and given your latest affinity for insight, I would…value…your input on a refit. Onslaught is overdue for an upgrade, and as the fleet regroups under peacetime this is not the time to scrape the bottom of the barrel. Come now, Captain, tell me what is the state of your battle group?”

    Scyther gave a slight smile as she picked up the datapad, it sounded like the Grand Admiral had probably been slightly impressed with her handling of Bahari, although Scyther considered it a group effort on that part. She was also glad about the group staying together, she knew the others would be devastated to split up as she had molded them into a pretty formidable fighting force.

    And then her face fell, how many more bombshells was this man going to drop? Was she about to lose her Venators in an upgrade? She knew Terric would be devastated to lose Unstoppable as she was "his girl"

    "Well Empire's Will has basically lost most of its starboard side, Roadblock, Unstoppable and Peace Keeper has holes where there shouldn't be any and of course Obdurate has gone. The only ship that looks like it came back the same state as it went to Mygeeto in is Danger Zone. To be honest it was sitting out of the way as it was assisting the medical Neublon B frigate Graceland"

    "Dubious names for a frigate and Star Destroyer, considering the circumstances," Magnus quipped. "Very well, Captain. It seems we have some work ahead of us."

    Magnus stood from his chair, and smoothed the fresh wrinkles on his pants as he talked.

    "You'll no doubt appreciate from your time with us that Onslaught has its share of adversaries, and not everyone that dislikes us is a CIS sympathizer. Some are our very own," he looked at her quickly with a grim smirk. "Now, I'm not talking treason. I'm talking good, old, original Jealousy."

    In all honesty, the fleet was disliked by Admiralty. As it the property of Vader, the sub-fleet fell under his direct command. Prior to his being appointed as Emperor, his role as Executor was even more unpopular. The fact that an entire fleet was completely out of the command structure of the Admiralty, and took the best officers and resources, wasn't winning them any popularity contests. Still, who needed to win the contest? Own it.

    "Everyone hates a good example, Captain," Magnus quoted the famed humorist. "So, I say, let's give them a reason. With Lord Vader's ascension to the Throne, Onslaught will be synonymous with the Emperor, and we wouldn't want to be a shoddy group that disgraces the position."

    And now he was coming to the point.

    "If the sub-fleet is going to be an 'Onslaught,' best we give it teeth. Best it's as imposing to our enemies as well as to our jealous colleagues," he paused. "At our disposal is the entirety of the fleet, as well as the ships from the Third Fleet if we are in need of more than Drive Yards will grant us. On that point, I can tell you, confidentially, that tomorrow at 0500 we will be welcoming a new arrival – the Ultimos. She's an Interdictor, fresh from the Kuat Drive Yards. You're no doubt familiar with their newest creation, as you've seen them on the battlefield."

    He turned toward the holoprojector and keyed up the power so that ships came into focus. It was a division of the current Onslaught compliment.

    "Venators have proven helpful to us in various theatres. Their troop and ship-carrying capabilities are invaluable, when compared to the rest of the fleet's Star Destroyers. However, the drive yards aren't putting out new ones – what with the Victory class and Imperial Class destroyers. Therefore, your damaged craft will be upgraded to a newer model."

    "The Patrician's Mount and Supultus will remain with the fleet, with their augmentations intact. The Immure, The Forge, and the Peace Keeper, have been our only Imperial-class, as you well know. In recognition of your actions, I am prepared to give you one as well. Should that suit you?"

    And there it was thought Scyther, we all get a free upgrade and I get an ISD to boot, not bad. It would be sad to leave Roadblock as it had become sort of a mobile home for her and the crew. Now she would have something bright and shiny to play with.

    "That would suit me very well" Scyther said with a smile "And I am sure the others in my group will appreciate the upgrade. It will be sad to leave the Venators as they have been true war horses in our group and the SPHA-T cannons have been an added bonus."

    "As Danger Zone has faired as well as you mentioned and has previously followed your battle group, I've decided to conscript their service to Onslaught officially. As you have a relationship, perhaps they'd fair best under your command."

    Scyther nodded, Arazov would be ecstatic at the news "Captain Arazov has integrated himself well into the group even in his short time with us. He has yet to prove himself in the theatre of battle but I am sure he is up to the challenge and I am sure he will work wonders with the group."

    Scyther then tapped her lip in thought with one of her fingers before continuing.

    "Regarding the upgrades, if we are receiving new ships, then if we can have the upgrades we had on the Venators would be great, if we can get the SPHA cannons back as well, even better. I understand with the Victories there is a lot less starfighter space, if we can have more space for those as well would be an asset".

    "As well as that perhaps a starfighter upgrade would be in order, perhaps the V-wings could be replaced by more TIE's or even USF ships. I believe with some Venators still in the group we can still have some starfighter firepower should the Rebels and CIS get any ideas."

    Magnus adjusted the display, adding and subtracting the information on their conversation.

    "Astute," he said after a moment. "The USF Birds and Stingers are impressive craft. We can certainly keep the current compliment we'd be taking from the Venators we'll be retiring or redistributing back to the Admiralty. We may also be able to ask the Reina for a larger lending of the Ursean ships. I'll also make it a point to talk with Admiral Leitman this evening at the reception."

    He put in her remarks, and let fly some preliminary numbers of starfighter compliments.

    The Imperial class could house 72 TIE fighters, though the Stingers were larger, and this number would take some of the space away. The Venators meanwhile had been known to carry 420 V-Wings back in the day. As they were, in effect, making them starship and cargo carriers, it they could work to fill her holds with as many as possible, she would be formidable. Each Venator could let loose 400 or so starfighters...not to mention the rest of the compliment of starfighters that would be found on each Imperial Class and Victory Class that would potentially enter the fray.

    "A fine start, Captain. I'll pass on our work to Ordinance and see what else there may be," Magnus said finally.

    He looked over the display at the rotating ships, and the numbers running through the system.

    "Yes, very astute," he said turning to her. "You are dismissed, Captain. I'll look forward to seeing you at the Reception this evening."

    "I will too sir, I hope you enjoy the festivities" Scyther rose gracefully from the chair, gave a crisp salute and walked out of the room, hoping to make it back in time to inform the boys of the latest developments on the group.

    TAG: No One.
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    OCC: Co-GM approved


    Name: Elias Blud

    --Age: 56

    ---Gender: Male

    ----Species: Human/Devaronian

    -----Eye Color: Grey

    ------Hair Color and Style: Hair white, but he keeps his head and face clean shaven and is always groomed impeccably

    -------Skin Complexion: Fair with a blush of pink

    --------Clothing: Coruscant fashion, but eclectic

    ---------Physique: 5’10”, fit

    ----------Personality: sure, plotting, intelligent, outwardly well mannered, polite, knowledgeable, witty, and cordial. He knows how to behave and to blend in, a narcissist who knows what empathy is but has none, he has a superb understanding of people’s desires and motivations and he uses this knowledge in predatory fashion.

    -----------Quirks: Voyeuristic and controlling, he stares intently, sucks air through his pointed teeth and tongue like a serpent, arranges items, even those not in his own home, notices when things are or are not in place, down to minute detail, is quite the gourmand who has a predilection for bone marrow.

    ------------Force Sensitive: yes, though untrained and not strongly so

    Personal Ship

    -Name: He buys and sells what and when in need.

    Of mixed species, his mother was Devaronian and his father a Corellian. They live on Coruscant where his parents discovering that Elias was Force sensitive, also found that the Jedi did not buy children sold him to a club owner in the lower levels. Elias performed little tricks and slights of hand for entertainment. The show people taught him ways to make money under the table to how to keep it for himself. He could be very charming and gained the interest of an older patron who bought him and saw to his refinement and education.

    He learned about people and their avarice and motivations, he learn social graces, and he could keep company with the best. Blud had a taste for finery. He learned to play the markets and became an influential businessman who could do favors and keep secrets for a price. Business was good and he had one of the best of locations.

    --Military History:none

    ---Traumatic Experiences: Being sold into slavery and generally growing up in a perverse and desperate setting.
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    OOC: This is a joint post between me and pashatemur! Thank you and always a pleasure!

    IC: Adrias Stark, Nyll, Thorn, and Elias Blud
    Spaceport, Coruscant

    They had just arrived on the capitol world. Elias’ connections ran deep so they did not have any problem landing and passing customs. Adrias had a sick feeling in his stomach from the conversation with that human equivalent of a Hutt. Elias was all charm and friendliness, he always made it look as if he was ready to assist you, to do you a favour. Of course the bill follows soon enough either in the form of material goods or… favours. Adrias had no problems paying him, but the only thing he dreaded was being asked to do something for him. It usually entailed assassinating someone. He had no qualms murdering gangsters or corrupt officials, but sometimes the targets were innocents or people doing good, it was then when he had to be more creative in the problems solving.

    He stepped outside of the Righteous. The old ship was a flying piece of junk which they needed to replace soon. The customs inspectors looked incredulously as they had been informed that they were respected traders and that they were to be allowed to pass through inspection without any hold ups or any other impediments. The ones that came to inspect the ship were young and it was amusing how they tried not to stare too much at Nyll, who did not make things easy for them. This made Adrias shake his head gently at her and couldn’t restrain his smile. He needed to show more warmth towards her, she did not deserve to be mistreated… but could not reciprocate her feelings for him. The love of his life has been long dead and his heart with her…

    ‘Focus, you have a job to do.’ he reminded himself. There was no time for such thoughts. Besides he needed to remain aware of his surroundings now that he was going to meet with Elias’ men, who were going to take him to his apartment. He walked briskly towards the exit of the spaceport passing by guards, officials and other travellers. Adrias was surrounded by sights, smells and a cacophony of sounds of a myriad species and people walking around and talking. He always probed the crowds for potential danger or unwanted attention, but there was none. You could truly blend in on Coruscant. Though that did not mean that there was no danger, there were people who could conceal their intention pretty well as to avoid being noticed or even sensed. Elias was one of the people who could afford such services so he kept that in mind so he relied on his other senses as well.

    A pang of guilt struck him as it was his fault that the commlink was there, he just forgot about it… assumed that the girl had taken it or something like that. ‘You are getting sloppy...’ he chastised himself. What else had he omitted? The implications were severe, he had created such a life that did not allow for any mistakes to be made and he had ignored such a thing he could easily could have missed something more important, something that could cost them their lives. ‘Maybe I really need a vacation as Nyll insisted...’ a small smile creeped on his lips but it disappeared as soon as it formed. ‘Focus on the present.’ he reminded himself again as he saw one of Elias’ thugs waiting for him.

    It was a human male standing casually. He had met him before and he remembered that the man has great reflexes. It was easy to underestimate him, but underneath that relaxed posture a wiry predator was hiding ready to strike. The man greeted him and told him to follow. There was no patting for weapons, there was no need, besides the security check will follow as they arrive. They did not want any unwanted attention by trying something like that in public. Besides Adrias would never try a stunt like that, not now. There was no point in provoking Elias, especially on his turf. He had met the two Morgukai brothers, Jedi killers, that he had employed and he did not want to fight them, nor there would be any need to do so. So Adrias simply followed the man to the speeder that was waiting for him.


    Nyll walked around her cabin trying to decide what to wear for the reception. She had never been to such an event before and she felt anxious, but the feeling was somewhat pleasant, given that one of her dreams would come true. If only Adrias could come with her, but that was impossible given that he is a Jedi and that would cause problems. But Ahsoka was a Jedi too and she was there, so things might not be that bad. Maybe Ad was being paranoid as usual.

    Speaking of Ahsoka it dawned on Nyll that it might not be possible to meet her to give the commlink back. She looked down, pursing her lips, she had not considered that angle. Given that Ahsoka looked so close to the new Emperor how can a simple girl like her be able to reach her newly found friend. Does she even remember her? Though only several days had passed since their last meeting, but still… Nyll sighed and managed to form a smile as she looked at herself in the mirror. She will remember and if she was persistent she will be able to meet her, if not, at least would be able to go to the reception and witness Ahsoka’s moment from a distance. That should be enough. After all a commlink is not that important. Things will fall into place somehow...

    She picked a dark violet dress and put it next to the white one. They were both nice ones, but she couldn’t pick which to wear. The white one seemed a bit too revealing, but she was saving the violet one for a special occasion… ‘Choices, choices...’ she thought to herself as she started humming a tune she heard on the HoloNet. At least she did not have to wear make up as her skin complexion did not allow for much so she won’t waste much time. A brief shower, some perfume, put one of the dresses, a nice pair of shoes. That should be enough… and of course a handbag with the commlink… Yes, things were falling into place.


    Desk, perfect in its asymmetry, it had no drawers to mar the sleek bevel in it’s transpasteel simplicity. The circuitry lay hidden in the feet at the bottom of it’s trunk-like pedestal, and yet it had absolute, desk-essence, whatever that meant. Mr. Blud’s designer assured him, it was “a thing extra very good!” and was partnered with a retractable palette shaped “ticker” overhead to match. Named for an ancient and rudimentary machine that used to clatter, or “tick” as the market reports were spelled out in small print upon a tape of paper-imagine that- using such a precious material, only to throw away!

    Blud regarded the reports on the ‘ticker’ overhead, the blue and red symbols “rolled” past so quickly, only his droid could read them. High, low, trough, slump, buy, sell. Currently, only 16 of the thirty prime markets remained open and Elias turned to regard the panoramic view that had been at his back. Nothing more would happen today. The Galaxy was holding its collective breath with regard to business and the markets reflected that. There was no more news on which to forecast or speculate-that was worth trading on until after the fall out from the new Emperor’s reception. Munitions and fuel related commodities were holding as the Imperial military resupplied, of course. There would be a brief lag before they began to slip precipitously, unless there was another war...

    Elias knew the markets. That’s how he’d gotten his start. When he was young and naive, he ‘gamed’ them and he was brilliant, he thought. Others did too. He made fortunes and he lost them-other people’s fortunes. Yet, he really had no love of trading. It was gambling, just like insurance, another business line in which he was invested. In fact, he had many a going concern, for ”to weather the privations of ‘outrageous fortune’ one must diversify.” That’s what his ‘friend’ the Grand Vizier liked to say and Pestage should know, he had weathered several very beastly storms of late. Elias had many ‘friends’ of Pestage’s political connectedness and weight upon the Ruling Council and when he kept a friend, he took care of that friend - a life long friend. They were very grateful too and made sure they did nothing to insult or dishonour the relationship.

    He liked to think he was an honest man. He always set clear boundaries and he’d let one know when they’d overstepped or fallen short. He felt himself fair, though, he would be the first to admit, he did have a capricious streak and it was rewarding to flex one’s muscle periodically and turn the tables on someone else’s winning streak, just to keep a hand in the game, to see his will in action. There was also this truth about the markets, buying and selling required contracts, and wealth was like a magnet. One had only to follow the currents, to find to whom and to what, the funds flowed.

    Grey eyes, a smooth and generous pate, a fine white smile of sharp teeth, two short horns and where there had once been hair, he was clean shaven. The hair only made him look unkempt, he thought, and Elias was glad it was gone. His mother had been a Devaronian and his father a Corellian, but he grew up in the centre of everything that was worthwhile-Coruscant. Neither one was very bright and they were poorer than dirt, and when they discovered he was Force sensitive, they thought they might sell him to the Temple, but that didn’t pan out. Apparently, parents were not paid for their Force sensitive children, so they eventually sold him to a club owner and Elias performed little tricks and slights of hand for entertainment. The show girls and boys loved him and they taught him all sorts of interesting avenues of income and how to make money under the table to keep for himself.

    He had a roguish charm and when an older, refined patron desired to take him under his wing, a pleasure for which he paid the club owner well, it changed Elias Blud’s miserable life forever. The patron was good to him and took him everywhere, introduced him to his friends with whom he shared the entertaining and knowledgeable boy. Soon he was sought after, well read, his talents honed and Elias could look and walk and talk with the best. This was all good for Blud, he had a taste for fine things, fine people, fine...lovely, wealthy, young, vibrant people, though he counted many older clients among his best associates and friends.

    An astute learner, no moment was ever wasted, thus, Elias learned the art of the deal and how to manipulate and persuade and being the sponge that he was, Elias noted what others valued and how they assigned value. Attuned to the Force, he played not only his hand but others, as well and speaking of hands, his were always perfectly manicured and his clothing impeccably made and of the finest quality-he knew quality. His reflection in the curved glass of his penthouse was breathtaking; his steele blue shimmer-silk robe was the finest ceremonial silk Kuat produced. The embroidery of fine traditional stitches, had taken nearly a decade to produce.and the color had just enough blue to bring out the clear grey of his eyes, which stared back at him in appreciation and he smiled, seeing himself superimposed on the view beyond.

    He lived amongst some of the wealthiest and noble families on Coruscant-the Carthaginians, Pestage, Amedas, and even the Tarkin noble family kept an estate in this tony quarter of Imperial Center. The neighbours tried to keep the residential towers out, but money spoke louder than aesthetics. His was not the only tower, but it was one of the highest. He smiled as he stroked his rare white Loth cat, amused by the idea that he could sit at afternoon tea at any number of well healed houses and never leave his living room.

    Adrias pursed his lips as he was brought to where Elias was waiting. The Morgukai patted him for weapons and performed a quick scan. He was clear, but the former Jedi could sense the hatred in the alien towards him. He was trained to hunt down and kill people like Adrias. He had no intention to try anything as he had another objective in mind. The things you do for those for whom we care..

    “Good day Mister Blud, thank you for having me.” said Adrias as he approached the man. The place was beautiful and he tried not to look around too much. There was no time for sightseeing.

    Elias smiled again, as he’d seen the “pat-down” in the transparasteel’s reflective surface. The cat purred in Mr. Blud’s arms. “Mr. Stark, it’s been awhile. To what do I owe your presence here? -Offer Mr. Stark a beverage-Where are our manners?-You’ve been a stranger around Coruscant and we’d have thought after your last visit, you would have paid us your compliments. We thought perhaps you’d found our promise somewhat less than full and you know I take my promises very seriously. I must say, if I didn’t know better,your friendship appears mostly opportunistic. I try not to take offense-I’m an understanding man,” said Elias, turning around to meet Adrias’ gaze.

    Adrias chuckled softly to hide his nervousness. The feared Bounty Hunter and a former Jedi was not easily unnerved, but Elias had that effect, even if he did not look that threatening. He had seen what the man could do, so if you can manage to survive around the Hutt Cartel and Black Sun you must be strong enough. Even the Union had some dealings with him, after all part of the spice produced on Arrakis was sold illegally. “My business had taken a lot of time and I had to stay long in the Outer Rim, I apologise for not calling earlier. Had some run ins with some very unsavoury characters and needed to do some repairs.”

    Blud clicked his tongue. “In your line of work, unsavoury characters-what a surprised! You look none the worse for wear,” he said silkily, pursing his lips and cocking his head to the side.

    He snapped his fingers and looked to the other side of the vast all white space and beckoned a human male servant in costumed livery, his chest bare and bronzed, his face young and shaven, eyes made up elaborately with thick augmented lashes applied to his large green eyes. “See to Mr. Starks’ ...needs” Blud smiled, a sanguin blush to his lips.

    Adrias concealed his distaste for how the young man looked. It was degrading how Elias forced his servants to appear.

    The young servant bore a bowl of warned floral water and a towel and though his head was lowered, the servant managed a smouldering glance to Stark from under his brows. To Blud’s guests, this was a well known ritual. If one’s shoes looked soiled, the visitor was obliged to lose them ere walking across the thickly piled white carpet. Blud was fastidious and he often hoped this cleansing ritual would lead to more enjoyable discourse. In any case, Blud relished the moment.

    Adrias took the offered beverage hoping it was not alcoholic. He avoided alcohol when possible, but given how Elias could be, there was no refusing it. He muttered a thanks to the young servant and kept his focus on the man before him. “I am sorry for being blunt and moving directly to business, but time is a bit of an issue right now...”

    Elias laughed heartily. “Oh, nonsense, but, eh, Mr. Starks, you aren’t supposed to drink that water, you are suppose to bath in it. Your beverage is here on the table before you. Joachim, Mr. Starks requires assistance. There’s always time to oblige one’s host. I insist.”

    Adrias blinked as he realised what had happened and stopped himself from blushing. He was so concentrated on his task that he did not notice what was brought to him ‘Sloppy...’ he chastised himself. “I must have spent too much time in the Outer Rim.”

    “Oh, no need to make an issue of it.” said Blud dismissing the incident as Joachim began to clean Adrias’ hands with a warm wet cloth, and then offering Adrias another sweet scented moist towel, he indicated Adrias’ face.

    “There now,” cooed, Blud. “Much more civilized.-Coruscant is the centre of everything, but the atmosphere here is filthy. We must take the bitter with the sweet-so what is it I can do for you?” The light of afternoon glinting off of Elias enormous crystal ring suddenly winked out as a whir indicated the double transparateele blinds were adjusting to diminish the glare.

    The sensation was unsettling to say the least but there was no escaping it. “It is a small thing, we recently got back to civilised space and we heard that there will be a reception and a ball in honour of our new Emperor and Nyll had always wanted to go to such an event. She had to endure the hardships of being in the Outer Rim. To cut to the chase I know you are a man of great influence and I would be grateful if you could arrange for her to go.”

    “Little Nyll, all grown up - how old is she now?-You know I don’t think I’ve seen her since she was what....four? You’ve never sent me a holo!” he said wagging a finger and inviting Adrias to comply with his request.

    Adrias almost clenched his jaw. He was not sure what he meant about knowing Nyll from when she was four. Could he? Could he be the one who sold her to slavery, he thought it was the Black Sun. No matter, what he said piqued his interest, but the investigation will have to come later. He simply nodded and slowly fished his datapad out of his pocket. Adrias could sense the guards tensing from the motion even though they knew he did not carry a weapon. In other time he would have smiled, but still. Adrias flicked through the files in the device and found a picture of her that she had sent him as a memento. She was smiling broadly at the camera posing as one of those supermodels that she liked from the glamour holozines.

    Elias reached the device and took it, a handled “quizzer” or “monocle on a stick” unfolding to one eye. Looking through the single vision enhancer, he pour over the holo pic. Elias clucked, “Quite a lovely girl, yes? Quite lovely! Do you really think traipsing across the Galaxy and hobnobbing with the refuse of society that you keep is the best for this child? With her bearing and so forth...she could have quite a good life for herself,” he advised, looking at Adrias with a fatherly scowl.

    “I have thought that myself, but she wants to stay. She likes travelling around the Galaxy.” he did not add that she was too afraid to be left alone and did not want to leave him due to that fear.

    Detecting the distinct reticence and concern for Nyll, Adrias exuded, Elias pursed his lips. “Welllll, understandable, must, however, think to the girl’s future Adrias. What if something were to go wrong...something to happen to you? She’d be lost, I dare say. Wouldn’t do, no, that would not do”. He puffed a breath and looked again at the lovely red of Nyll’s complexion. “A rare beauty...I tell you, I don’t think I’ll trust her care to just anyone...Little Nyll, all grown up and wanting to go to the ball-” he said, handing the device back to Adrias. Letting the cat down, it ran off to preen in the window. Elias came round his desk to slap Adrias on the back, “-and so she shall, dear boy! Eh?!” He chuckled and urge Stark to rise and follow him. “So-she-shall! Has she the right clothing...I wager not?!”

    Adrias felt a mixture of relief and worry. Elias never mentioned the price, so it will be one of his “favors”, hopefully this time he wouldn’t ask him to assassinate an innocent person. “Oh yes, she frequents shops and boutiques whenever we are on a more civilized world, so she has a good wardrobe.” he managed to chuckle as he rose “Besides she had been preparing for such an occasion for quite some time.”

    Elias raised a brow and palmed a door leading to a terrace. The wind rushed in, inspite of the downdraft current at the door jam to counter it. “She has...oh, she’s a dreamer....” Blud chuckled. “Well, I suppose I shall have to trust to her taste, shalln’t I?” Blud stretched his hand out and gestured with a sweeping motion. “Lovely, isn’t it? Majestic, even! You know Adrias, I feel a tide changing,” he continued, putting a finger to his nose, “There’s movement afoot, yes indeed. Did you see the young Emperor’s speech?”

    “Oh you should trust her taste, she is quite natural in that regard.” Adrias managed to smirk, for a girl who had been a slave and forced to do certain things she had quite an impeccable taste in regards to clothing. “Unfortunately I was a bit busy and was not able to hear it all.” he sighed, that was partially true given that he was more focused on Ahsoka than on the Emperor. “Anything interesting?”

    “Recycling, dear boy! Recycling!” Elias smiled. “You see, it’s the tectonics of it all. They made themselves a mountain, did Sheev Dantius Palpatine’s lot and they fancied they’d be there forever, but now it’s quite unpopular to have run so close to that old intriguer. Quite unpopular, yes....Those who aren’t stuck in the web he spun are busy ... very busy...retreading...remaking themselves. Looking-” he said, pressing Adrias’ biceps, “

    “-for new identity.”

    Adrias pondered what the other man said “I see...” he said absently “... that brings opportunities.” he said more to himself, but then realised that he had done so out loud.

    “To be sure, yes,” concurred Elias, “they are desperate and who can blame them. Vader is a force with which to recon. He has been known for both his severity and his random acts of charity. One never knows. We shall see. As to recycling, certain information shall need to be ...lost.” Elias sighed. “It’s a bounty, a true bounty. I can hear the shredders gearing up.”

    Adrias turned professional. He had been so concentrated in the mission and what his Master had told him that he did not stop to take a look around and assess the situation “Well I guess that is natural, when power is being transferred.”

    Everyone needs a little help now and then and not everyone is as fortunate as you and I. You see, we have each other’s friendship and professional expertise upon which to draw. So many out there, they’ve not the connections. They’ll need them and I’m always happy to meet a new friend. You know me, eh? However, I shall tell you, lucky for some, I have in my professional life, been able to safeguard quite a bit of that troublesome information-keep it from prying eyes.”

    Adrias nodded, he was sure that he had done more than it was being said. “Of course, I am sure that this information is in safe hands with you.” a small smile appeared on his lips.

    “Yes, I know you can appreciate my discretion,” answered Elias, pointedly. He sighed, “I’m afraid I shall have more business with which to keep up, than I am able, heh, heh!. Do stay connected. Don’t want to have to track you down, do I? I will have need of you, soon enough.” Elias clapped his hands together. “Now, as for tonight ...”

    Arrangements were made and with little other ceremony, Adrias was shown the door.

    TAG: To be continued
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    I would like to thank Corellian Outrider & Pashatemur for their encouragement and mentoring. I could NOT have done this without the both of you! Thank you, thank you.


    Doctor Giles Senob
    Gender: Male
    Age: 51
    Species : Human
    Home world: Naboo
    Affiliation: Naboo & democracy of course!

    Personality: To those who do not know him, Dr. Senob appears gruff and in a perpetual state of crabbiness. He is in fact, quite the opposite to those whom he is close to.

    Traits: 1 Carries his antique medical bag wherever he goes. (As Queen Amidala II has said “One never knows what Dr. Senob will bring forth from his bottomless med bag. I expect someday to see him take out a fully grown Shakk.”

    2 Deeply devoted to his “saintly mother”, and visits her as often as possible on Naboo.

    Likes: 1 A good, thick steak (medium).

    Dislikes: 1 Anakin Skywalker mainly due to his treatment of Padme Naberrie (Amidala

    2 Giles Senob abhors seeing any living being or creature suffering.
    That’s why he become a doctor.

    Appearance: Doctor Senob stands five foot, seven inches. Giles has a trim build. He has blue eyes. Giles’s hair is dark brown, but beginning to gray on the sides. His hair is cut short. Senob is clean shaven, but during his “dark time” he grew a beard and his hair was past his shoulders.

    While on duty, Doctor Senob wears his physician’s beige tunic and trousers.
    Off duty, Giles prefers casual, conservative attire.

    The Force:

    Sensitivity: Giles is a Force Sensitive ,although he goes to great pains to conceal his abilities to those around him. Senob has measured his midichlorian count at 9.000.

    Religion: A combination of Naboo philosophy (The Powers That Be) and belief in the Living Force.

    Biography: Giles Senob does not talk his early life. What little he recalls is not pleasant. His mother was abducted when she was in her mid teens. Much of her memory of that time has been wiped clean. She does recall being off world, but where she cannot say. She remembers giving birth to Giles, but has no memory of who the father was.

    Giles has flashes of past moments of a demanding and mentally abusive father. His father in his childhood memory seemed to live and move only in shadows. His sanctuary was his mother. She comforted her son by rocking Giles in her arms and singing Naboo nursery
    songs and describing the natural beauty of their home planet.

    When he was 6 or 7, Giles and his mother were returned to Naboo. They both recall falling asleep and when they woke were home.

    The only physical object from that time away from Naboo was a sealed wooden box. Giles’s mother threw the box away, but secretly the boy retrieved the box and buried it.

    Why….Giles did not know.

    Giles loved the countryside and would wander about the woods and fields around his home. Whenever he found an animal in distress he would carry the creature home and insist on nursing the creature back to health. His mother remarked on Giles talent for healing.
    Giles knew from childhood the path he would take - he would become a healer, a physician.

    He graduated from medical school with top honors. His first position was in a healing place in the mountains of Naboo. There, Giles met his life partner to be - Allannia.

    Within two years of their vows, Allannia and Giles were the parents of a baby girl, Therphillia.

    Tragedy struck when Therphillia was 10 - she drowned in a boating accident.
    Allannia blamed herself for her Therphillia’s death. No matter how Giles tried to convince Allannia it was not her fault, Senob watched his beloved wife shrivel and mourn to such a degree within a month she too died had died from grief.

    Giles’s world collapsed beneath him. Not even his mother could comfort him.
    He began to consume greater and greater quantities of alcohol. In a drunken haze, Senob recalled the box. He retrieved it and sitting on his kitchen floor, surrounded by empty bottles he examined the box. Somehow, his fingers moved to the proper positions and the box opened.

    Secrets were within - dark secrets. Knowledge not known to any healers.
    It would take Senob two years to read and absorb the mysteries contained.

    Giles kept the box for many years. Finally, Senob, feared due to the circumstances he found himself in (marooned for a time on that dry rock of a planet Tatooine) the box would be discovered, so he hurled it into the mouth of the Sarlacc.

    Giles’s mother was finally able to reclaim him and his soul. He cleaned himself up, and opened a small practice in the capital city of Naboo. His reputation as a healer soared and Senob became known as “The Miracle Worker.”
    He was approached by the Naboo Council to become the official court physician.

    It was in that capacity he met Queen Amidala I. Senob was one of the few who accompanied Chancellor-Elect Amidala and her children when she was forced to flee to protect her life and those of her children.

    Depressed and dejected with the death of Padme ( whom he loved like a daughter),Giles returned to Naboo and took up his position once more as court physician.

    Senob knew Sabe Delba when she was Padme’s chief handmaiden. He marveled how the young woman resembled the queen and in times of danger would assume the guise of the queen.

    When Senob returned, he inquired about Delba who had risen to the rank of captain in the security services. He was told she had gone ‘rogue’ - missing- when it was announced by the newly formed Empire that Amidala was dead.

    Then as suddenly as she had disappeared, Sabe Delba reappeared.

    The time had come to elect a new leader as was customary, but this time the leader had to be from a list approved by the Empire. Sabe Delba was not on the list.
    Her name was circulated, and a movement began among the people. They defied the Empire and elected Sabe as their leader. She took the name of Amidala II.

    So once more, Doctor Senob found himself physician to a Queen Amidala.
    Once more it appeared history was repeating itself, for this Queen Amidala had fallen in love with Anakin Skywalker….or had she?

    Giles Senob and Sabe Delba are close. They are comfortable with each other. At first both had in common their devotion to Padme Amidala, second their love for their planet.

    Now, their mutual respect and faith in one another sustains them both.

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    Again, I would like to thank Pashatemur and Corellian Outrider for their patience and guidance in helping an oldie who feels like a newbie with their incredible knowledge of the Star Wars universe. May the Force Be with You!

    Name: Sabe Delba (Queen Amidala II)
    Age: Mid thirties
    Human born on Naboo
    Democracy! The restoration of the Republic

    Personality: .
    Delba is fun loving and has a wicked sense of humor. As of late, however she has not laughed much, due to the circumstances she finds herself in.
    Because of the tragic loss of her sister and the missing twins, Sabe has had bouts of depression, and has had to fight against the angst and sorrow. To cope, Delba mentally “locks” her sorrows and secrets into a "box" where they lay deeply concealed.

    Traits: Sabe is a keen judge of character. As a handmaiden, her job was to remain in the background, and to attend and protect the queen. Ever alert, she listened and observed those around her.
    Due to her uncanny resemblance to Padme Naberrie, Sabe was chosen to be Queen Amidala’s stand in during times of danger. A quick learner, Sabe studied Padme’s mannerisms, and voice . As a test, both Padme and Sabe were attired in royal gowns, with the traditional makeup. The Naboo Council nor both mothers of the young women could tell who was handmaiden and who was the newly elected queen.
    Delba has shown uncommon bravery many times. One of the best known examples was deceiving Viceroy Gunray, leading him to believe she was the true queen. Ordering his droids to follow Sabe, gave Amidala the time to retrieve a hidden blaster and capture the Trade Federation leader.

    Likes : Sabe enjoys alcoholic beverages - perhaps a little too much at times.
    Visiting clubs featuring bands who play Jatz music. Enjoys dancing.
    Whenever possible, Sabe attends the yearly Naboo Festival of Plays, which debuts plays, both tragedy and comedy.
    Delba enjoys sitting at a sidewalk cafe, people watching.
    Sabe is in “7th heaven” when she is sipping drinking choco. She enjoys the rich, velvet taste, relishing the taste.

    Dislikes: Injustice, cruelty, prejudice. Palpatine , Palpatine, Palpatine and the Empire.

    Habits: When sitting at her desk, reading documents, Sabe drums her fingers.
    Upon entering a room, or new environment, Sabe quickly scans the area, noting exits, and those present, who may be hostile.
    This goes back to her training as a handmaiden.
    Sabe when her schedule allows, continues her fitness and readiness training a minimum of two hours daily.

    Appearance Sabe is 5’ 7’’ inches and naturally slim. She had a late growth spurt and could not substitute for Padme in the last few months of Amidala’s reign. Thus, the reason she could not take her place convincingly when Naberrie was elected to the Senate.

    Eye Color: Brown

    Clothing: As Queen of the Naboo, Sabe must wear the ceremonial attire and makeup as historically portrayed. However, off planet, she has upon occasion forgo the makeup(which she abhors) and has worn haute couture created by Naboo fashion designers. In her private quarters, Delba prefers casual clothing.

    Other Attributes:
    Weapons: Sabe is a marksman with a blaster, throwing knives and the primitive bow and arrow. She is capable of killing a being with her bare hands .

    Starship: Naboo Royal Cruiser

    The Force
    ---Sensitivity: Sabe’s original midichlorian count was 4,000.When she miscarried Anakin Skywalker’s child, the midichlorians transferred to her. Giles Senob secretly performed the blood test and Sabe's midichlorian count is now 10,500.

    ---Religion: Sabe professes in the belief held by the majority of the Naboo; The Powers That Be.

    ---Force Abilities: At the time of this writing, Sabe is unaware of any Force assisted abilities, as she detests and rejects the midichlorians living within her.


    ---Personal History: Sabe was an only child. ( She would discover later in life she had a half-sister, Padme Naberrie; hence the striking resemblance.) Her parents owned a popular restaurant a block away from the Naboo Palace and government offices. The little family lived above the restaurant. Sabe waited on tables , and it was there Captain Quarsh Panaka discovered Delba and so began her career as a handmaiden and decoy for Queen Amidala.

    When Amidala began her career as a Senator, Sabe took a leave of absence to care for her parents. They passed within six months of each other. Sabe sold her parent’s restaurant and purchased a small java plantation and processing plant in the mountains of Serenno. (She saw the sale advertisement in the interplanetary entrepreneurship opportunities on the Holonet).

    The harvest being a success, Sabe opened a small java shoppe , dispensing her java and various desserts from around the galaxy. She was pleasantly surprised when the shoppe was a success. Slowly, Sabe began to open one shop and then another across the Republic. She named her stores “Java Galaxy”.

    However, Delba stayed in the background. She hired a native of Serenno and the java district to portray the owner of “Java Galaxy”, paying the woman generously. Even during the Clone Wars “Java Galaxy” shoppes continued to open….there are two thousand on Coruscant and one located in the outer hall of the Senate.

    On each planet Java Galaxy is located, 10% of the revenue is contributed to the various charities of that particular planet. All taxes, both planetary and Republic are faithfully paid.

    The Holonet to divert the citizens of the galaxy from the horrors of the wars produced a series of documentaries on the wealthiest citizens of the Republic (Legitimate that is ).
    After the weapon dealers, Sabe was amused to see the owner of Java Galaxy interviewed….the fake owner… in her huge, luxurious cliff side home.
    Needless to say, Sabe Delba is VERY wealthy.
    What does she do with the credits?......saving them for a rainy day.

    Delba divided her time between Serenno and Naboo. Padme and Sabe stayed in contact with each other. It was Padme who asked Sabe to find a discreet holy man to perform the secret marriage between Anakin and herself.

    Amidala confided to Sabe when she discovered she was expecting. Padme wished her children to be born on Naboo - but then it seemed the entire galaxy turned upside down.

    The Republic fell and Amidala fled with her children from Coruscant. Within months it was announced that Padme was dead. The fate of her secret children unknown to Delba. Sabe blamed herself. IF…..IF...IF she had been there...she could have….died for her...saved her. Saved her children.

    Sabe slid into a deep depression. She seldom slept for when she did nightmares invaded her rest. She dreamed of Padme crying out for her, screaming in pain, begging for Sabe to keep her children safe. Sabe would wake screaming herself, sobbing uncontrollably. Sabe came close to ending her own life.

    As the Republic faded, and the Empire grew, Sabe realized one day what she wanted. Revenge. Revenge for Padme, revenge for those who
    had died for the Republic. She declared her own war on the Empire.

    She would wage war from two levels - against individuals who committed evil in the name of the Empire and Palpatine ( how she HATED that man!) and on a larger, wider scale on the Empire itself.

    Thus the “Lady in Red” came to be. Sabe choose her victims with care. She researched their lives, learned every strength, every weakness, their likes and dislikes, every evil they had committed. She would transform herself into a woman whom her intended would find desirable.
    Each death appeared an accident, a tragic misfortune, a sudden , fatal illness.

    Her last Imperial victim was allergic to a certain bee .She had arranged a tryst with him at a romantic inn located deep in the countryside. Sabe insisted upon giving him a massage...she whispered into his ear as she rubbed the fragrant ointment on his skin. He fell asleep. Sabe quickly changed, her last act was to open wide the windows allowing the refreshing night breeze to drift into the room.

    The staff found the Imperial officer the next noon - dead. He was barely recognizable.
    It appeared bees had entered the open windows and stung the man hundreds of times. The flesh was red and swollen.

    Three days before Sabe had carefully concealed hives . The ointment had contained pheromones attractive to the bees.

    Sabe returned to Naboo. She would wait a few months before choosing her next Imperial target. It was then the Naboo Council made contact with her and informed her they wished her to become the next queen. The Naboo would rally around a familiar figure, one who reminded them of Amidala I. Their choosing a queen not on the approved list would be the defiant act of a free people.

    Reluctantly, Sabe agreed, secretly believing she would never be elected. To her surprise , she was elected. Afterwards, the Council informed Sabe of her mission - to nullify Palpatine and Darth Vader. (They did not know of the Lady in Red.)

    Sabe laughed in their faces. “Is that all?” she said sarcastically.

    To make a very long story short, the new Amidala found herself on Ursa as a “guest” of the Rey aka Anakin Skywalker. Rumors abound as to the exact relationship between the Naboo queen and the one time Jedi.

    As for the larger scale battle against the Empire, Delba has founded a resistance movement against the Empire. It’s purpose is to gather and assimilate information useful in confounding the Empire. It is a small group. The members are scattered far and wide throughout the Empire.
    Sabe’s group is not strong enough to take on the Empire in combat.

    So for now, Sabe serves in the capacity her people, the Naboo have elected her - as their queen. She finds it confining, however, and looks forward to when her term will conclude.

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    OOC: I like to dedicate this post to Corellian Outrider & Pashatemur. Thank you.

    Queen Amidala II (Sabe Delba) & Dr. Giles Senob
    The Naboo Embassy, Coruscant
    Late afternoon of the evening of the ball at the Ursean Embassy

    Sabe emerged from the refresher, tying the sash of the scarlet dressing gown tightly around her waist. The silken robe covered her slender arms and flowed to her knees. She walked barefooted from her bed chamber to the main living area.

    Sabe padded to the great window that took up an entire wall of the main chamber from floor to ceiling. It was “rush hour” on Coruscant - but when Sabe mused was it not rush hour on the capitol planet? She could see out, but no one could see within, thanks to the safety glass and the “Security Net” which encompassed the Naboo embassy.

    The entry bell chimed and a familiar voice asked for entry. Glancing at the cam screen, Sabe gave permission.

    Doctor Giles Senob, his ever present antique doctor’s bag borne in his left hand called out a cheery afternoon . Sabe was about to reply when she turned quickly away from her friend, her hand instinctively going to the source of pain above her left eye, a vain effort to subdue the discomfort.

    Senob’s smile turned downward as he saw Sabe react to the familiar pain she had been living with these past months. She did her best to conceal the pain, but it came abruptly, without warning, taking her by surprise.

    Sabe reached for a crystal decanter, “I’m having a glass of blossom wine, Giles - care to join me?”

    “You know I don’t drink alcohol, Sabe.” Senob walked towards the queen.His heart hurt for Sabe, but he knew the last thing she desired from anyone was pity or sympathy. She was a proud woman.

    The Naboo queen turned towards him . “Of course, forgive me.” She replaced the decanter on the table after pouring herself a generous amount. Sabe lifted the crystal to her lips.

    “Drinking won’t take the pain away, Sabe.”

    “It helps.” She motioned for Senob to have a seat upon the couch. Sabe laughed. “Giles, do you really take your med bag with you everywhere? I’ve never seen you without it. Does it have a place on the pillow next to you?”

    “No. But, on the table next to my bed.”

    She chuckled once more , turning towards the window watching the traffic go by. “I’ve always wondered - where are they all going? What are their joys and their sorrows? Who is good and who is not.” Sabe grimaced once more and quickly took another sip.

    “It’s no good, Sabe. I know you are in pain. “

    “It will pass as quickly as it announced itself,” she stated simply.

    “And what have you eaten today?”

    “ I will have a little broth before we leave for the ball. A piece of fruit.” She paused and admitted the truth. “It’s all I can handle without becoming sick.”

    “You are losing weight.”

    “Yes, HE has noticed. See, I refrain from saying HIS name since you loathe him so.”

    Senob ignored the queen’s effort to change the subject.
    ‘Sabe, you cannot afford to ignore the truth...what has happened.”

    “Yes….I….can…” She emptied the glass and walked towards the table for another pour.

    Senob placed his hand over the decanter of wine. “Enough is enough.”

    “I can handle my liquor, doctor, I’ve drank many a being under the table.”

    “A temporary escape, unworthy of you,” Senob stated calmly. “Sabe, Padme’s midichlorian count was 4,500. Yours before you miscarried was 4,000.
    The midichlorians transferred to you - 6,500. Within you are 10,500 midichlorians..."

    Sabe ‘s eyes narrowed , her face darkened. “And if I could I would CUT each one out if I could, Doctor Senob!” Her breathing quickened, “...surely there must be a way! You are the Miracle something!” she demanded.

    “I am. I’m telling you the truth ,” he stated calmly. “ The Jedi would take on apprentices with a minimum of 10,000…”

    The queen interrupted Senob. “Oh thank you, for informing me of that! Put me in the same group as those who have been hunted across the galaxy and murdered for having these same cursed ,vile ...demons. I reject them!”

    “You cannot. They are now a part of you. You have inherited the midichlorians of Anakin Skywalker’s child - and powerful they are. You have to accept this.”

    “No.” Sabe stated firmly. Damn the man, she thought!

    “You are a stubborn woman - has anyone ever told you that?”

    The Naboo smirked. “Many times, its why I‘m still around.”

    Giles decided to try a different approach. He lifted a hand and beckoned her. “Sabe, please sit.”

    “I am not a child to be chided.”

    “You’re acting like one, your Grace.”

    Realizing she was, Sabe snickered, and stuck her tongue out at him. She complied to Giles’s request turning slightly facing him, her hands folded upon her lap.
    “Is this better?”

    “Do you believe in the Powers?”

    “Yes, you know I do.”

    “Do you have an affinity with certain ones?”

    “Yes, Truth, Justice, Equality, Wisdom. You see representations of them throughout the Embassy."

    “True enough.” Senob reached out and lowered his hand upon Sabe’s. “What of Destiny?”

    “I believe each individual has a purpose in life - some are prevented from fulfilling theirs, like Padme. Where are you going with this, Giles?"

    He nodded and both were silent for a moment. It was the first time in many months Padme’s name was mentioned between the two of them.

    Giles spoke softly. “What if...hear me was the Powers that decided, that guided, the midichlorians. That the midichlorians are the links between the Powers and us...and life and all that bond the galaxy together. “

    Sabe mulled over Giles’s statement. She felt the warmth of his hand over hers - here was comfort . Calmer, she replied. “I doubt if the Jedi would agree with you about the Powers.”

    “Across the galaxy there are thousands of religious beliefs. Who is to say theirs is the only correct faith, and others wrong? I fancy there are truths in all beliefs. “ He smiled , “ I believe in a combination.” He shrugged his shoulders.

    “You could start your own religion, - the faith of Giles- the Gilerian.”


    Sabe looked down at his hand still resting upon hers. The hand of a man in the middle of his life, no longer smooth or clear of blemish. There was no indication of rough or demanding work which would leave an imprint . A softness about the hand, a hand used in the healing of others.
    The warmth she felt, the comfort had begun with the touch of his hand on hers and now seemed to flow throughout her. She had not felt this peaceful in months. It was if the midi’s ( her nickname for the midichlorians) recognized a kindred….

    Raising her head, Sabe looked deep into the doctor’s eyes .

    “The Force is within you - what is your midi count, Giles Senob?” Sabe stated matter-of-factly.

    “Less than yours….now.” He smiled, withdrawing his hand.

    Laughing softly, Sabe relaxed,sitting back upon the couch.

    “It’s so obvious now.”
    All the wonders he had performed through the years . Now she understood his nickname and glanced at his med bag upon the floor. “What would I see within?”

    “Medical equipment, pills, ointments and such.”

    “And such….You’ve concealed well.”

    “I don’t think of it as concealment. My talent, what I have always been interested in since a child and had a knack for was healing. I decided to use my “gift” in that manner.
    Perhaps the midichlorians will enhance your abilities and talents - if you allow them. In using them the discomfort should be but a memory.”

    “That’s your theory?” she queried.

    “That’s my belief, based on past evidence…” he paused. “...and faith.”

    Sabe’s gaze turned towards the window and she was silent, pondering what Giles had said.

    She inhaled deeply and slowly exhaled. “I thank you for confiding your “talent” to me, Giles, I know you are a private person. I will reflect upon what you have said….I’ve not had time of late to practice my religious beliefs, giving only lip service…” the queen confessed. “Or perhaps I’ve chosen not to. I would not consider myself deeply religious . I have angrily lashed out at the Powers, demanding...why do they allow such cruelty and evil to exist?. If they are so omnipotent or even exist….why...why? They have yet to reply to my query.” Sabe turned her face towards him and smiled.
    “I don’t expect an answer from you Giles, I have to find the answers for myself.”

    Sabe’s eyes turned to the wall on their right, where an antique timekeeper was situated. She smiled mischievously, “ On a lighter note, I must also thank you for escorting me to the ball tonight - I know such events are not to your liking."

    “Walking into a den of , it’s not.”

    “Ah yes, the moochers, the wanna be’s , the power brokers, the parasites, the opportunists, the masters of destruction, the war criminals , just your average hive of scum and villainy.”

    “So, why are we going?” Senob crossed his arms.

    “Oh, Giles - it will be ever so fun! It’s a golden opportunity to obtain information!”

    Sabe stood and twirled. “Why, its the social event of the year! Look what there is to celebrate - the end of the war, the death of Palpatine, ( may his soul burn forever in the 7th hell ) the ascension of the much younger and handsomer Emperor and his equally handsome family!
    How the Holonet will fall over itself , describing the scene! All the flotsam oozing , flowing to the surface - why the very bowels of Coruscant would be a pale comparison!”

    “I don’t think the commentators will describe it quite in that manner.”

    The queen’s mood had changed from depression and anger to a lighthearted buoyancy.
    He would like to think it was due to his little talk - but he’ll take this mood compared to the vexation.

    “Oh no - not at all- the citizens of the Empire will receive an extra dose of alternative news this evening. Some will take in the swill and swallow it joyously, thinking how lucky they are to have survived the war, how the Empire has protected them from their enemies, especially the traitorous Jedi.
    Sabe raised her hands in fake adulation, her eyes looking heavenward.

    “ Now, there is a brighter , glorious future with the Empire! What is the sacrifice of a few liberties compared to security the Empire offers!....’Bah!”
    Lowering her hands to her side Sabe stated “We must be sure to record the Holonet news tonight, so a record exists of all those who enter for future reference.”

    The queen smiled brilliantly, “Giles I would not miss this reception for all the treasures in the universe!”

    The entry bell chimed “Madame…”

    “Ahh, Giles, I must bid you farewell for now…” the door slid open and four of the queen’s handmaidens entered , all dressed in identical blue gowns. “My ladies have come to make me beautiful for tonight.” Sabe extended her hand to Senob.

    The doctor stood and taking the queen’s hand raised it to his lips.

    “ Your Grace, that is impossible for you are already breathtaking.”

    Sabe threw back her head and guffawed. “Senob! Practicing your pickup lines for tonight?”
    The queen tapped his shoulder affectionately. “I look forward to seeing you in action.”

    “Until tonight, Madam.”

    Giles bent to retrieve his med bag and walked to the door as the handmaidens nodded to him and glided towards Amidala.
    Senob paused at the opened door and turned towards Sabe who was in quiet conversation with her ladies.

    \\...and I look forward to seeing you in action as well, my queen.//

    Amidala’s head jerked away and looked to Senob, an astonished look upon her features.

    Giles gave a small salute in return and smiled. She had passed his little test. Sabe had picked up his projected thought to her.

    Tag: No one. Queen Amidala is going through the usual ritual of becoming beautiful.

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    OOC: GM approved, many thanks to CO who asked if I could kindly take on this

    CS Long Form
    Name: Gilad Pellaeon
    Gender: Male
    Age: 40
    Species: Human
    Home world: Corellia
    Affiliation: Galactic Empire
    --Traits: Very meticulous, efficient, expects the best out of his subordinates
    ---Likes: Devising tactics, stability, appreciating beautiful landscapes and the company of women
    ---Dislikes: Instability, disrespect from opponents
    ---Skin Color: Fair
    ---Hair Color: Blonde
    ---Eye Color: Brown
    ---Clothing: Standard olive green uniform, black boots and gloves, olive green cap
    ---Other Attributes:
    Weapons: Blaster pistol
    ---Name: Chimaera
    ---Class: Imperial-class Star Destroyer Mark II
    ---Hyper drive Class: 2.0
    ---Weapon(s): 50 heavy turbolaser batteries, 50 turbolaser batteries, 20 heavy ion cannons
    ---Shields: KDY ISD-72x deflector shields
    ---Sublight Speed: 60 MGLT
    ---Crew: 36, 255, 330 gunners
    ---Passenger(s): 9, 700 troops
    ---Max Cargo (kg): 36,000 metric tons
    ---Personal History: Born on Corellia, Gilad Pellaeon stayed long enough to develop memories of his homeworld, but spent his formative years on Coruscant. Pellaeon was eager to become an officer of the Republic and managed to convince a slicer to alter his records because he was too young to join. After graduating, he joined the Judicial Forces as an Ensign.

    He continued to ascend through the ranks, mostly because of his quick thinking. He was also known for having an eye for women and pursued several relationships, which his superiors disapproved of and hindered his promotion into the Admiralty. When the Clone Wars began, the Judicial Forces were folded into the Republic Navy, and with the rank of Captain, Pelleaon commanded the Acclamator Leveler, and during the war fought in many important battles.

    As the Republic transformed into the Galactic Empire, Pellaeon continued to serve in the Imperial Navy and was assigned to the Chimaera as soon as it was built. He is presently aboard Chimaera above Naboo and is serving under the mysterious Chiss warrior, Grand Admiral Thrawn.

    ---Military History: Trained at the Raithal Academy, graduated with honours and entered the Judicial Forces as an Ensign before the Judicial Forces reformed with the Republic Navy. During the early stages of the Clone War, as Captain, commandeered the Leveler, an Acclamator-class ship. Fought at several fronts including Saleucami.

    Pellaeon was assigned to the Chimaera as soon as the ship had left the shipyard and awarded the rank of Captain. Soon after, Thrawn was assigned to the ship and it became the flagship of Thrawn’s armada.

    Currently Assigned to Naboo

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    OOC: Once again many thanks to CO who contributed to this joint post, many thanks once again.:) Omega 13 is a reference to the film Galaxy Quest

    IC Captain Gilad Pellaeon
    Location: ISD Chimaera, above Naboo

    The Imperial Star Destroyer, Chimaera, was in geosynchronous orbit above the blue-green world of Naboo. It was positioned in high atmosphere over the capital city of Theed. In the crew pit, one of the Comms Officers furrowed their brow as a several transmissions arrived however they were marked important and heavily encrypted. They left the terminal and approached the Captain.

    “Excuse me, sir.” The officer saluted smartly and awaited for the Captain to acknowledge and address them.

    Captain Gilad Pellaeon, second in command of the Chimaera looked up from the reports he was looking at and focused his brown eyed gaze on the comm officers “What is it?” he asked.

    “We just received several transmissions, sources are unknown…” The Comms officer explained. “They are encrypted and require a higher level clearance that is above my paygrade. It could be for you or the Admiral?”

    This sounded important mused Pellaeon, he rose from his chair and gestured to the comm officers “Please, show me”.

    The officer nodded and went to the terminal and brought up the logs on the display for the Captain to see. “These entries came in several minutes apart… unable to open them or find out the source...” then pointed to the line marking restricted and selected it and got a command asking for a verification code.

    Pellaeon frowned, what in the worlds was this all about. He typed in his personal code and waited for the messages to pop up. Once he scanned the messages his eyes widened. “Comm the Grand Admiral immediately, I’ll apologise for disturbing him but it is of the utmost importance he reads these” Pellaeon knew the Grand Admiral liked to meditate and calm his mind but this was too important to wait.

    The Comms Officer did not hesitate and double checked the Grand Admiral’s location before placing through the call to the his suite on the planet’s surface. It did not take long before the call was answered.

    “This is Captain Pellaeon, my apologies for disturbing you sir but some messages have come through that require your immediate attention.”

    Glowing red eyes of the Grand Admiral were the first thing to come into focus on the monitor as a video feed connected along with the audio. Along with his blue skin and blue-black hair, they were the distinct alien features that set him apart from appearing human.

    “Not at all, Captain.” Thrawn answered gently, there was a slight inflection to his voice as to indicate curiosity about the disturbance. His focus shifted a fraction to something just out of view and then back. “Transmission secured, you may forward them at your convenience.”

    “Yes sir” Pellaeon nodded to the comm officer to send the transmissions down. He wondered what the Grand Admiral was going to make of this.

    The red eyes focus shifted again to read the messages. After a moment, the muscles around them tightened a fraction before the eyes narrowed. “I see… ” he continued reading further before his gaze redirected to Pellaeon. “ would mean that we are required to follow up on our executive orders and initiate the Omega Thirteen Protocol.”

    “You don’t mean to say….” said Pellaeon sounding surprised.

    “I do indeed, Captain.” Thrawn answered mildly. “We shall only focus on the first phase until further notice.”

    “Yes sir” replied Pellaeon thinking quickly “We already have Adamant and Cerberus, I can recall Relentless and one other”

    “Very good.” Thrawn nodded. “I believe we can redirect Captain Verus’ flotilla from the Karlinus System. They should reach us before the Relentless arrives.”

    “Excellent sir, that should give us enough for the protocol to take effect. Should I contact the Minister for Naboo as a courtesy?’

    Thrawn’s eyes narrowed a fraction and a subtle shake of his head. “No, that would not be required.” There was a slight inflection to his tone. “All it will achieve are delays and raise unnecessary questions for an operation that is covert and time critical.”

    Pellaeon nodded in understanding “Of course sir. With your permission I will send the messages, I will order Captain’s Navarro and Silvestri to remain as they are, I will order Captain Verus to make his way here immediately with his flotilla. Since Captain Dorja is already en route, I will update him when he arrives. Is there anything else you feel I have missed?”

    “Very good.” Thrawn’s gaze shifted a fraction as though scanning through something off screen. “No, I believe it is time for me to return to the Chimaera.” The gaze returned to Pellaeon. “Have my chamber prepared, I shall be on board within the hour.”

    “Yes sir, everything should be prepared for you when you arrive. Hopefully those on Naboo will be none the wiser as to what is happening.”

    “Thank you, I trust you to oversee the preparations. I shall alert the shuttle of my intended departure.” Thrawn gave a slight nod. “Until then Captain.”

    Pellaeon nodded and cut the transmission, he immediately turned to the comm officer.

    “You have your orders, initiate Omega 13. Transmit the orders to Captains Navarro and Silvestri. Also send a message to Captain Venus to have himself and his flotilla make their way to Naboo immediately.”

    As the comm officer got to work Pellaeon mused It must be deadly serious for the Grand Admiral to initiate Omega 13 And even then it would have to come from quite high up….

    Who knew such things, the Grand Admiral knew what he was doing, sometimes Pellaeon was amazed at what the Chiss Grand Admiral could come up with. But this was a step into the unknown. Hopefully the galaxy would not notice anything and carry on with their daily lives.

    Time for Pellaeon to get to work and await the Grand Admiral….

    TAG: Grand Admiral Thrawn