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    ~OOC~ Another joint post between @pashatemur and myself, many thanks for lending Master Vos :)

    ~IC~ Ahsoka Tano, Quinlan Vos
    Location: Coruscant, Ursean Embassy

    She returned to the bed and slipped into the gown. The diaphanous material felt smooth and cool to her skin as she adjusted the strap around her neck and smoothed out the tiny crimped pleats of the skirts. Open at her sides and longer in back, the weight of the multiple layers kept the diaphanous cerulean blue layers from floating too freely about her legs as she moved, and with so much of her legs showing, the cool weight of the layers was, thankfully, reassuring.

    Wishing Mira- Lt. Solinova was here to help, for she made the lacing up seem so easy, Ahsoka had stood for some time holding the split sides of the halter bodice against her chest with her chin while turning round and round trying to reach the thin straps of the back through the tabs at the sides. She watched her image in a mirror and laughed at her gown. This dress was more about what wasn’t there than what was and for something that was more “wasn’t there”, it was confounding to put on! Backless, save for the thin but strong lacing that held the pleated two sides of the front bodice in place, she had wondered how the plunging neckline would stay put with movement and giggled at the suction of the lining’s “cups,” exclaiming, “Oh, that’s strange!” However, she had to admit, it was also ingenious. She pulled the two sides of blue chiffon over her sternum, but they simply resumed their pleated state to lie neatly back in place leaving her chest from collarbone to diaphragm exposed, the little white japor snippet a small dot of warmth just to remind her of how revealing this top was and yet familiar and comforting too.

    Finally tied off, the bodice lay in place and she could now give her attention to cinching her waist with the broad gilded synth leather sash to properly gerd her middle and keep the hilt of the saber on her safe and concealed, but she was having some difficulty getting it to lay just right. Her lekku continually wound up tangled in the procedure or the angle was all wrong. Still, she could see that the finished effect was beautiful and inspired, she gave herself a few twirls to admire the swirling of the skirts about her legs and then resumed addressing the sash in earnest. This was the third time she had taken it off and tried again, this time with her lekku pulled back over her shoulders trailing down her back. The sash was important. She needed it to conceal the lightsaber.

    There was a sharp knock at the door.

    “Again?” Ahsoka breathed. Tilting her head, "Who is it?" She called out.

    "It’s myself, ‘Vos’, I've come to collect you. The circus is ready to lift off."

    "Ah-Thank you!" She called out. "Umm… Come in."

    The doors made a faint hiss as they parted and then closed again with a wooden creak, so strange to hear in the unsleeping megalopolis, and then there was a moment of silence which Ahsoka figured would probably be hesitation on Master Vos' part.

    "I'm having some difficulty with this, would you be able to hold these while I attempt to get this right?" She turned her back to the Kiffu as he stepped into the room.

    "What are you attempting?" He arched his brow as she gathered her lekku together towards the base and lifted for him to hold for her. It was certainly a gesture signaling her willingness to trust the erstwhile Jedi Master. She felt he did not mistake or miss it as the warmth of his large hands gently and tentatively encircled her lekku. But then, he would have done so for Aayla, wouldn’t he have, for Aayla was his Padawan! Ahsoka smiled wistfully, remembering her.

    "A wild card," she said as she noticed him noting Anakin’s saber against the fine fabric that adorned her. She shivered slightly. It felt bizarre for someone to handle her lekku, but it was necessary. "Just on the off chance there is ...a confrontation to be faced down, I have something on standby."

    She placed the sash across her stomach and wrapped the sides around.

    "Your technique is unpracticed," he asserted, the comment so out of the blue that she stopped and gazed back at Vos in the mirror. He sighed and closed his eyes and indicated with his hand what he spoke. "Pass it to me, turn around."

    She looked at their reflection and watched in an oddly stilled moment, watching him and smiling a little at his knowing movements and contrasting awkwardness in his expression as he wrapped the sash deftly around her and the saber.

    The things he seemed to know!

    "Thank you." She whispered as he was in the last stage of expertly tying off her sash. "Also, I want to say sorry if I gave you a hard time earlier.”

    "You give as good as you take, " Vos dismissed it and decided not to continue with a comment concerning the value of retraining some technique.

    "I guess fair is fair." Ahsoka shrugged slowly, looking after Vos, thoughtfully. She arranged her side lekku and let them to drape at her sides and nestled in the crook of her shoulder. Her image surprised her and she smiled uninhibited at first at the pleasing picture she made, but then moved a few steps back. "Now be honest, how do I look?"

    “Brilliant - and NO it does not make you look fat! Now, let’s go.” said the Ledaren without hesitation.

    “Really?” Ahsoka’s expression brightened briefly and then a frown set in. “Then it won’t do, it is too much and I have to find something else. I don’t want to be a focal point at an event meant for someone else.”

    The Kiffu crossed his arms and chuckled warmly. “Spoken like a fine abbess,” he said in a way that made the word “abbess” sound like a epithet. Ahsoka was about to comment when in frustration Vos said, “That’s it, you’re ready, Viktigt ung tjej.”

    She glared at him for a second, wondering at the meaning of the Ursean he spoke and then her expression soften. “I was trying to be humble.”

    “You can play Jedi later, Mizz Tano. The chariot awaits us all.”

    Ahsoka crinkled her nose and was about to respond to his remark about ‘play Jedi’ but held back and looked away. “Okay… okay.” She slipped her feet into the leather sandals and moistened her lips as she looked back to him. “After you, V...Viktigt ung tjej,” she said stumbling slightly over the sounds.

    Vos smirked and corrected her with a slight bow, “Viktigt herre...”

    He stepped out as she quickly knelt down and buckled up her sandals of rich gold that complimented her diaphanous gown. “There!” She commented to herself as she left to join Master Vos out in the hallway. They walked in sync and in silence, until they reached the turbolift where they stood waiting for a moment as it was called.

    His voice broke the silence. “Still upset about being called a Jedi?”

    “Upset? As in what I said to you before we left to collect Cadet Solo?” Ahsoka arched her brow. “Anakin needs me to be and I will do so to the best of my abilities.”

    “Hmmm…” He wasn’t satisfied with the answer. “Yet, you don’t want to be one?”

    “No…” Ahsoka gently shook her head. “That’s not it…” The doors opened and they stepped into the turbolift. “Just that feeling of being an outcast sometimes comes to me… I take it you were not told the full details about why I left the Temple before the fall, but it wasn’t a light decision. The council had expelled me for a crime I did not commit and used me as a sacrificial offer to appease the Chancellor, the Senate and Admiral Tarkin. Not a very family thing to do to their own, right?” She shook her head, her lekku swayed and the bands which adorn them dazzled in the light. The pearls and crystals glinting and swayed with her every movement. “Anakin never gave up on me, got down to the bottom of the matter and cleared me, but the damage was done. The council… while I knew Masters Yoda, Koon and Kenobi were genuine, I also knew that the others gave me half-hearted excuses and apologies and one…” Her voice strained, “...whom I shall not name, thought that I could be brought back so easily by awarding me a promotion to Knight and making it out that it was their intention all along for it to be my trials.” Ahsoka squeezed her eyes shut and shook her head. She let out a sigh and lifted her head as the lift chimed to announce the doors were set to open.

    “What’s past is past. Cannot change that,” She composed her expression and glanced to Master Vos, flashing him a brave smile, “but we can shape the future…. just one step at a time.” Ahsoka stood taller. “Besides, this evening should be splendid.”

    Vos stood, chin in hand as he listened thoughtfully. He had more than a comment to make, but the doors opened onto the populated hall and many eyes turned to the two as the doors of the lift parted and Vos and Ahsoka were obliged to step into the bustle.

    Unused to meeting the etiquette of society with more than his usual caustic wit and cavalier regard, the Ledaren pulled himself up too and nodded stiffly to several high ranking officers in the group who stood close by their Re. It was hard to miss Anakin,. He was usually the one in the middle of a mess!

    The big Kiffu smiled to himself.

    “Understood, Commissar Tano. Perhaps a word later on what you have just spoken...” Vos gestured to Ahsoka that they should advance and place themselves at the center of the hubbub.

    TAG: Anakin, Celeste and company.
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    IC: Investigator Cyrus Teg, Agent Genevieve Lehnsherr, Helga Atreides
    Various locations in Kala City, Castle Kaladan, Kaladan
    First evening of the Imperial Blockade of the Union

    The speeder raced through the streets of Kala City with little hindrance as the Investigator had put the blue jar on its top. Even the soldiers setting up checkpoints did not stop them, but that would change soon. The old man had kicked the proverbial bucket or at least someone had done that for him. The chief of police and Cyrus had their differences, the main one was being married to his daughter, but he did not hate him. He was infuriatingly stubborn and inflexible but was a decent man, look at how much good it had done him. There must be some connection between the case he was given and the assassination, but that was just his paranoia speaking. Not everything was a conspiracy, not even in the Union.

    His profession required him to keep his mind open for any potential explanation until he could gather enough evidence to prove any or form a different one. But for this one he had a gut feeling that both cases were related somehow. And that unsettled him. Was that a warning? Will he need to protect his family? Of course he will have to, though Cyrus was not sure whether he could do it given that the opponent was almost mythological. If the conspiracy nutjobs were to be believed it was a cabal of the most influential people of the Union. So at least the duchess was not involved, or was she? If that was the case his mission was doomed from the onset…

    First things first, he needed to see the crime scene. Most likely he won’t be given the case due to the relation to the victim, but still will be able to see what had happened. ‘Stang!’ he remembered that he had to call his wife. Cyrus was sure that she had already been contacted but still. He fished his commlink from his pocket.

    “Kor, honey, it’s me Cyrus.” he started as sobs could be heard from the other side. “I am sorry about your dad.”

    “No… you… are not.” came his wife’s weak voice interrupted by her sobbing.

    Cyrus closed his eyes for a moment, she was making things hard and he did not want to argue right now. Not the best moment. “Where are the kids? Where are you?”

    The last question was probably redundant given the current situation of the Union. She must have been mobilised, to be ready to receive wounded if the outsiders decide to attack.

    “They are at home, my friend… Nelly is looking after them.” she managed to say with a more composed voice.

    That was good, at least a familiar face was with them. “If you want I can talk with your superiors to let you come home, after all that’s happened...”

    “No, thank you, I already did… I just need to finish something first… then will come...” her voice was cracking again, but there was a hint of gratitude.


    Genevieve was sitting silently in the speeder. They had entered Kala City which felt eerily empty due to the martial law and probably the flurries. She shuddered slightly as she hated the cold, but couldn’t ask the Director to send her during the summer. You go where you are being sent, no unnecessary questions asked. The almost empty streets were an eerie sight at dusk. The wind carried some of the snow over the pavement, probably in a few hours everything will be covered by a layer.

    She drunk from the plastic cup that she had taken from a small tapcaf. The warm coffee revitalised her a bit. Careful not to spill it she took another sip. It was growing darker with every passing moment. Hopefully they will reach the apartment that she was assigned to and she could stretch her legs. They passed another checkpoint at which again they were not stopped. At least being in the CSS had its own privileges. More and more patrols could be seen on the streets walking up and down. The poor boys and girls being forced outside while they were supposed to be in their barracks where it was warm or hopefully some of them to be allowed home for the vacation. All of it because of the Outsider Blockade. Fear and … anticipation could be felt in the air.

    Genevieve closed her eyes for a second. There was too much going on right now - the mission, the blockade all of this happening at the same time. Talk about timing.

    “It seems the Chief of Police was murdered today.” her driver broke the silence.

    Genevieve frowned slightly “Really?”

    “Yes, happened an hour ago. Right in front of his house.” he said matter-of-factly.

    She looked out to cover her embarrassment, she had missed the news focusing on what was going on outside. Another reason she was not fit to be a field agent… though Genevieve is only human so there will be plenty of opportunity to learn and improve. Hopefully she will be able to carry out the mission ‘Calm down Genevieve, you are a CSS agent, that counts for something. The Director believes in your skills, so everything will be fine.’

    What to do now? She remembered that this Investigator Cyrus Teg was somehow related to the Chief of Police, through his wife, yes, that was it, so he must be at the crime scene. She had to meet with him as her mission involved working with that man. On the other hand it might not be the best time to introduce herself at such a time… The report that she had received told her that a field agent made contact with him and he is aware of the mission, but this was family matter that he was facing now.

    Something in this murder told her that it might be connected to what they were tasked to do. She needed more data, maybe should get to the crime scene, after all the CSS badge opened a lot of doors.


    Helga looked around still not believing she was back at Castle Kaladan. It had been so long since she was exiled. The place had not changed that much, change was a slow process in the Union and most people were averse to it. Another thing that had stayed the same was the animosity with which her older son, Paulus, greeted her. It seems time did not heal certain wounds, though she was not sure why he had issues with her since it was the wife of his brother who got killed because of her and not his. She had betrayed the family to pursue her own agenda, so the hostility was warranted. But Jori seems to be able to overcome those feelings. Oh she hated her, but she was smart enough to use her abilities and knowledge. It was a nice change of pace from teaching and writing memoirs, a chance to be back in the game in some capacity and also a chance to see her family again.

    She did not bring the so called “memoires” that Jori had sent her, in fact she destroyed them as soon as she read them. After all it must not fall in unwanted hands. Of course Jori made it in such a way that she had deniability, but was enough to cause doubt and open investigation. Helga was sure that the CSS was aware of the contents and probably had proof that could destroy Jori. But that was the inescapable reality of the Union, the true power lied with the State Security and not with its ruler. Her granddaughter was smart enough to align herself with them against those shortsighted fanatics the so called “Enlightened”. The name they have chosen was ironic as they seemed anything but enlightened. It was more of a vanity club of people who needed to feel more important than they were. It was surprising to learn that the Mother Superior and the Grand Inquisitor were members of that society. Maybe that was the threat that Jori was seeing.

    Helga sighed as a servant brought her dinner. She was starving as it had been a very long day and given what was going on with the Union there was hardly any time.

    “The lord Baron wanted me to inform you that he will be joining you.”

    She did not let her emotions show so she just simply nodded. She needed something for the headache that was growing stronger so hopefully her son won’t be that confrontational. Ever since her exile she became the pariah of the family. Helga didn’t blame them, she made a mistake and paid the price. At least Leto, her younger son, was kind enough to spare her life and allow her to retire with some modicum of dignity.

    The door opened and there he was, Paulus Atreides, her oldest son. He was a bear of a man, large and strong. With his bushy beard covering his still handsome face. Even though he was older than Leto, he did not inherit the position, nor did he aspire to it. Something she respected if not understood.

    “Good evening mother.” he started even though they saw each other a couple of hours earlier.

    “Good evening son.” she replied in the same formal manner.

    He walked towards the table and pulled a chair and sat. Paulus puffed silently as he tried to sit comfortably. He was a large man and could barely fit.

    “I hope your accommodations are adequate, mother?” he inquired noncommittally.

    “Yes they are, thank you.” they were not the duchal suite, but that was taken by her granddaughter but were better than the ones she was used to.

    Helga sipped from the water that had been served to her before. Her son ordered some wine for him.

    “Do you think they will attack?” it was her turn to ask a question.

    “Who? The Outsiders?” he looked quizzically “No, I don’t think so, besides Jori and her sister are on Coruscant. This will be over soon.”

    “Sister?” she raised an eyebrow.

    “Yes, Dennii Sunwalker, her best friend since childhood, Leto adopted her sometime after her last visit but was never able to make it official. Jori decided to do it en-route.”

    That made sense, she had never met the girl, but from what she understood Dennii was a Jedi and they were being hunted. Jori must have wanted to protect her by making her a part of House Atreides. Helga did not think it was wise to associate themselves with that Order but it was too late.

    “I see, I hope I will get to meet her. She is after all my new granddaughter.” she smiled thinly.

    Paulus pursed his lips but before he could say anything the server entered with their salads. It was a mix of winter vegetables and a bit of apple.

    “Yes, well, you will soon enough...” he smiled bitterly.

    “Paulus...” she started as she tried to reach his hand over the table, but he moved it away.

    “Mother, I can’t do that...”

    She frowned “Do what?”

    “Pretend that everything is okay, that you can just come here after so much time and pretend that nothing happened.”

    Helga forked a bit of salad but did not eat, she lost her appetite.

    “I was hoping that this will come up later, but I guess this is as good time as any. No, I did not expect things to be roses and sunshine. The truth is Jori asked me to come, I never had the intention to do it...”

    Paulus blinked.

    “Jori? I know that she knows what you did so why did she?”

    “Oh she knows, she made it abundantly clear, but she said she needed my assistance with something.”

    “I am not surprised, you two are very alike...”

    Helga frowned slightly.

    “How so?”

    “For starters I believe she tried to kill Lawson.”

    It was her turn to blink. It made some sense given what happened to the Moritani. It was Jori who gained the most from this situation ousting the archduke and taking part of his riches. Though she doubted that her granddaughter was involved as the gains were smaller than the risk involved as there were Outsiders killed. “And you surmised that how?”

    “I have seen documents...”

    Helga felt nice that Paulus actually trusted her with this. He was not good at intrigues, nor was Leto, but at least he could navigate them better. That was why she had chosen him over his older brother. “You have to be more worried that someone might be leading you to make that conclusion. You are smart enough not to fall into their trap. You may not believe it, but Jori is looking after this family’s interests.”

    He nodded and concentrated on the food. The rest of the dinner went uneventfully as they both barely spoke to each other. Both engrossed in deep thought.

    TAG: To be continued
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    Thank you, yet again, CO. This was started so long ago and yet, in game, it is only hours! Cheers!

    IC: Emperor Anakin Skywalker, Lord Darth Vader, Re Mavrat of Ursa, Reina Mavras of Ursa, Empress Marie Celeste Isabeau, Imperial Princess, Enfanta Sophia Anastasia, of Ursa, Quinlan Vos-Ledaren of the Kavalad, Ahsoka Tano, newly named Commissar, Imperial Academy Cadet, Han Solo, Commander in Chief of the Ursean Security Forces, Grand Admiral Julian Leitman, Admiral Coltan, General Lekauf, Lt. Solinova, Captain Jan di Toli

    Location: Coruscant, Ursean Embassy

    Chatter echoed under a thousand and one beveled stars of one of the embassy chandeliers, their crystal facets, twinkling bright against the painted heaven of vaulted ceiling. There, the sound of excited, but restrained conversation was amplified and reflected back down upon the balustraded 5 levels below. Staff, officers of the Imperial navy and army, dignitaries, and various politicos abiding at the Ursean Embassy, stood at the balconies and greeted one another, imbibing and toasting, exchanging remarks and pleasantries, happy to be celebrating after the end of a decade of conflict.

    Sensing the arrival of the dred-headed Ledaren with his yellow facial tatts and the tall Togruta Commissar, the young Emperor looked over his shoulder and his face lighting up suddenly, as he turned to greet Vos and Ahsoka. “My Lady,” he said bowing deeply in courtly fashion as the Kiffu and Commissar approached.

    Vos again chuckled and nudged Ahsoka, “I’m pretty sure he means you!”

    “Let us hope so.” Ahsoka’s smile was beaming as she did a small curtsey before Anakin.

    Anakin’s lips parted to speak as he rose, but the Reina spoke his words for him, as she glided forward, the crowd parting at her advance. “Commissa...Lady Tano, you are a vision in blue!” she said, without affectation, genuinely taken with how very stunning and beautiful her husband’s former Padawan looked.

    “Yes...a vision,” added Anakin taking Celeste’s hand and then slapping Vos on the shoulder. From behind the Reina, the Enfanta’s voice could be heard. “There she is, Han! Hello, Miss Tano....”

    Ahsoka felt her cheeks warm and knew they would have changed a shade or two, but didn’t care. She was in the company with which she felt at home, and here in the hall of vaulted ceilings, and warm light, tonight, amongst this sea of colours. Waving slightly to the little Enfanta and to Cadet Solo, Ahsoka recognized in her periphery, the Grand Admiral Leitman, who acknowledged her with a slow and generous smile and crisp, small bow, General Lekauf, who nodded back to her with a lady who must be his wife, Admiral Coltan, Dr. Molita and quite a few others, some of whom acknowledged her with nods, salutes or bows. There was Captain Di Toli and Lt. Mira Solinova as well. Noticeably missing were higher ranking Imperial Officers of the Admiralty. She was already at work, taking in her surroundings. Anakin seemed to note her distraction and caught her attention momentarily with a direct gaze.

    Ahsoka thought of their talk earlier and how Celeste had made her feel at ease when she’d covered her against the cold wind with her skirts. Ahsoka found herself smiling broadly. “Thank you, Your Majesty.” she returned to the Empress, “You are a stunning sight, yourself.” Ahsoka’s eyes took in the shimmering bluish-silver of the Ursean gown the young Empress was wearing. It was simple and adorned only on the stiff elongated triangle of the front bodice, embroidered with a compelling pair of figures standing against a field of constellations, or so it seemed. “Very beautiful.” She smiled genuinely to her.

    Although, Ahsoka did wonder at how Celeste could bare the restrictions of the court dress so seeming effortlessly. The Reina’s bodice was so close, her form looked so narrow as it rose from the center of the stiff puff of skirting that stood out about her and hid her feet from view. Still, even so, it was all in all an elegant look.

    Sophia, wearing a smaller version of her mother’s gown, pulled Han along with her as she approached Ahsoka and exclaimed, “Miss’re so beautiful!”

    ”Mam...” said Han, looking as if he was a chameleon amidst a sea of brightly colored flowers, unsure as to which color to take on and standing out like a sore thumb in the process.

    Vos laughed aloud, a warm and robust laugh that nearly silenced all in the immediate company, so unexpected was the sound from the usually silent Ledaren.

    “She cleans up well,” said Vos, shrugging.

    Ahsoka’s mouth was half open as she looked to Han and the Enfanta and then double-take look back to Han. “I…” She smiled and returned her focus back to Sophia. “Thank you.”

    “You remember how Han looked, Miss Tano? He’s better now...almost,” said Sophia, encouraging Han to step forward.

    “I do…” Ahsoka straightened and proffered her hand to him. “I am glad that you are feeling much better than when I last saw you. Are you almost your old self again?”

    Han caught himself staring and nervously brushed a bit of hair from his eyes. “Yes...Your Lady-ship...Mam...nearly all right.” Han could have kicked himself. That female had the darndest biggest bluest eyes, he’d ever seen and something in ‘em made him feel like she could see right through him. He just knew Vos was laughing up a storm inside. Fortunately, Sophia gave his hand a squeeze and distracted him back to the here and now.

    “I mean,...ahem...Thank you for ... doing what you did back there...ah...Miss Tano... I’m ... in your debt...” Han hated saying that, not that it wasn’t true or that he wasn’t grateful. All his life, he’d been scrambling, making sure he didn’t lose his alertness and never never obligated himself to anyone. He glanced around quickly. He wasn’t adhering too well to the one rule on the last of his list of tenets.

    “You are welcome.” Ahsoka smiled and chuckled lightly, she felt his awkwardness and it was unwarranted. Though they both had attended the Senate address, earlier, there was little interaction between them and Han had been silent and withdrawn. He wasn’t at all comfortable in these crowds. “Please, call me Ahsoka.” said Ahsoka. She looked to Sophia and gave her a wink, “That goes for you too, young lady.”

    “Oh! That’s right! I ...beg your pardon.” said Sophia, poised and demonstrating her etiquette, remembering how Miss Tano...Ahsoka had instructed her before.

    “Time to get under way,” said Anakin, not really wanting to hurry on towards the evening’s festivities. While he’d been the one delivering the address to the Senate, earlier, outlining and delineating his plans for renewal and reconstruction of the Empire, somehow the dark and the distance from the crowd was theatre. This was going to be different. He was going to in the midst of many who were most assuredly going to test and challenge him. It was going to be the most purposefully public and, yet social event on Coruscant, he’d ever willingly attended and at the same time, and probably much the more offending matter, he and Celeste were going to be the focal point of the evening. After all, it was, on the surface, a reception in celebration of the arrival of the Empress. As Palpatine’s ward, his having served as executor to the Ursean throne until Celeste had reached the age of ascendance, she was as close to being his only known relative and therefore, the reception, only fitting in the face of his demise. As it was, Palpatine’s remains, lay in state in the forehall of the Senate Rotunda. How Sidious’ plans had seemed to collapse! He’d intended Anakin to take the Ursean throne. He hadn’t counted on a “good many things.”

    Anakin looked to Celeste. Sidious had believed, the fire of Anakin’s trials had burned away the memory of DNA, had gutted the cells of their purpose, that the something inherent and indivisible from life was purely vestigial. It was not a clear understanding, but something in his knowing that lay deep, as in a pool, or lake. He could not make out it’s form or details, yet he could see that a thing was there and felt its importance.

    Anakin was changing, even as he stood amidst this crowd. He looked about him and up the various levels. It felt foreign. “I’m a warrior, an engineer, not a politician, not a master of intrigue and manipulation! Why am I here?” The answer came immediately with chilling speed, the last few weeks memory threatening to spill out of his eyes, nose, mouth, and ears. He pretended to scratch his forehead and bent to his hand. The Force was definitely working, knocking at the proverbial door, but right now? Here? Now? Breathing in, he relaxed and let all the mental pieces fall back into the place. Unlike Anakin's coronation, this event was not steeped in ceremony which could excerpt him from being fully present, both receptive and ready to navigate the winding way of political exchanges. Thinking back on it, his state of mind had been altered during the coronation. Palpatine had been looking on and not lying in state in the Rotunda, a meer corpse. Back then, a haze of bravado and anger had enveloped him and the very memory of that haze seemed to gather a slight darkness in the brightly lit stone hall. It startled him and Vos, who must have felt it, turned about to regard his “brother” with concern. Anakin felt the warmth of Celeste’s hand catch his up and Ahsoka, cocking her head to one side-as she was want to do, knitting her brows as she looked suddenly to him, the movement catching his attention. He smiled at her, thankful for her comforting idiosyncrasies. No, it was a memory, only a memory.

    The Emperor looked about and clearing his throat, held up his hand and addressed the crowd. The lively conversation slowly quieted and people began to turn about and focus on the young leader as he spoke.

    “I’ve been told, I could benefit from practice at delivering speeches-yes, I can feel, if not hear your dismay, so I will be brief - Keep them wanting they say. In my case it would definitely be “less is more.” There were unsure titters and chuckles from around those assembled in the copious stone corridor. “And as you know, there’s more to come this evening, so I’ll simply wet your appetites - but in all gravity, we are still gathering our thoughts, turning to civil matters while still being on alert. Tonight in particular, there will be those testing our mettle. We must not be provoked, but we cannot sacrifice our position. What we say and do is going to be combed, vetted, twisted, and exploited. I tell myself, it’s to be expected. I will try to be slow to take offense-some of you know how long a fuse I do not have!” Again there was laughter, but more as the large group grew comfortable with the Emperor’s humor. Stay sharp, note what you see and hear, but enjoy the evening and I know we shall all return home tonight as relaxed and feted as I feel in this...starched collar,” he said tugging at his high cravated-collar. “Well...onward!” he said slapping his thigh, having addressed the officers, dignitaries and their significant others, as if they were his troops.

    Vos approximated the barest smile and Celeste sent silently to each. Anakin sighed, lifted his chin and smiling reassuringly, pushed back at the both of them,//”It’s getting a little crowded in here!”// -a gentle shove out of his mind.

    They were all game. This had to be done. He pulled on his collar again and gestured all should move on towards the landing pad down the large and imposing columned hall. He bowed to the Empress and took her hand again as they made their progress.

    The Enfanta nudged Han and Vos looked to Ahsoka and then bowed in more formal and sincere a way. “Don’t make much of it, I was trained in courtly etiquette, I just don’t like to “put it on” that often.”

    Ahsoka gave Master Vos her hand. “That is because we don’t get to use it often, but it’ll do us one event at a time.” She smiled and then added in a whisper. “Shame we can’t do much about the spotlights.”

    Vos harrumphed and moved along in silence once again. He watched the boy, though, and thought about what he’d like to ask him once Han felt better. Not tonight though. He suspected Han was handling as much as he could of high society. Vos also watched one other, Sister Alia, who hung behind and kept her bright blue eyes cast down. The Bene Gesserit had all the charm of a bitter herb, with not as much tact. She must have skipped training the days they taught allure.


    TAG: Vos, Ahsoka, and anyone attending the reception or watching from home or from the “road.”
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    Mar 9, 2005
    GM Approved


    Name: Pascale Rouser
    Gender: Male
    Age: 42
    Species: Human
    Home world: Commenor
    Affiliation: Freelance/Mercenary
    ---Traits: Manipulative, has good knowledge on finding the best products to get, speaks several languages, appreciates a good rivalry
    ---Likes: Capturing treasures and artefacts, romancing beautiful and intelligent women, making a profit for himself
    ---Dislikes: Anything or anybody that gets in they way of his goals
    ---Habits: Can like a good drink now and then, especially in good company
    ---Skin Color: White
    ---Hair Color: Black
    ---Eye Color: Blue
    ---Clothing: Usually dresses in smart suits, shirts and shoes, wears a white Panama style hat
    Weapons: Small hold out blaster
    ---Name: Fortuna
    ---Class: Baudo class star yacht
    ---Hyper drive Class: 2, backup class 7
    ---Weapon(s): 1 laser cannon turret
    ---Crew: 1
    ---Passenger(s): 8
    ---Max Cargo (kg): 35 tonnes
    ---Interior Description: Mostly basic, Pascale’s quarters have slightly more modern decor displaying some of his treasures he has collected
    ---Other Details: Shield equipped, ship is grey with white in places
    The Force
    ---Sensitivity: None
    ---Personal History: Born to a wealthy brandy making family in Chasin City, the largest city of Commenor, Pascale grew up admiring the galaxy’s most famous archaeologists and aspired to be one of the greatest in the galaxy himself and so he enrolled in the University of Commenor where he began his studies.

    During a work experience archeological dig, Pascale discovered he had a taste for capturing artefacts but also decided he wanted to make some money for himself. So he decided to sell these priceless artifacts off, damaging the reputation of one of the archaeologists on the dig. Thus began his descent into the underworld of smuggling as he made some contacts with black market dealers. Returning to the University, he plagiarized an essay from one of his fellow students, but unable to prove he did steal it, he was awarded the Archeological Prize.

    His family name and wealth got him a job at a prestigious museum where he became assistant curator. However his job didn't last long as he became suspect in the funding of a grave robbing expedition which caused the deaths of several of his fellow employees and a Coruscanti archaeologist. With his dreams in tatters and fired, Pascale decided to become a mercenary and smuggler for hire for whomever could afford him.

    His skills in acquiring artefacts and treasures for several criminal gangs and underlords made him a household name in smuggling and mercenary work and made him several enemies and rivalries which he relished with a passion.

    He has now parked his ship on Coruscant after his latest delivery to see what his next job will be and where it will take him.
  5. TheAdmiral

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    Mar 28, 2004
    IC: Adrias Stark, Nyll, Thorn
    Spaceport, Coruscant

    Nyll was at verge of panicking, neither dress was good enough for the reception. She almost sat on the edge of the bed and cried. ‘Blast it Nyll… decisions… decisions...’ She was getting jittery. She was about to do what Adrias usually did when he got angry she was going to throw something, break something.

    “Aaaargh!” Nyll exclaimed in frustration as she jumped in bed throwing away a cushion and burrowing her face in the mattress.

    Why was it so hard to decide what to wear? She never had anticipated going to such an event, even less it to be held by the Emperor himself. Not that she would meet him or any of the Imperial family, but there will be important and powerful people and she couldn’t go dressed like that! It was kind of ironic given her previous occupation, clothing was least of her concerns, but this was different.

    “Is there something wrong?” came the soft and raspy voice of Thorn who was standing at the door.

    Nyll turned her head to look at him. “No, no… just can’t decide what to wear… That’s all...”

    The large Togorian observed her for a moment then stepped in. “Probably I can help?”

    She almost laughed at that, given Thorn’s fashion sense… or lack thereof. He looked through her things. He opened some of the drawers, then the dresser. Thorn stopped for a moment and pulled a glimmering one. Nyll frowned slightly and sat on the bed. He might be onto something.

    The Togorian turned towards her holding the hanger. It was a short party dress covered in gilded scales. That could work, it was fancy enough, a bit provocative, but not that much. Besides she was going with Elias, or at least that was the plan from what Adrias could tell her on the commlink.

    “Thorn you magnificent kitty-cat!” she exclaimed and jumped on her feet.

    If anyone else said that to him he would surely tear their throat with his claws, but he had a soft spot for Nyll. He was her self-appointed protector. Aside of Adrias, though his role was more vaguely defined.

    “Isn’t it a bit revealing?” came another voice. It was Stark, leaning on the side of the door. “A bit crowded here.”

    “Ad! Where did you come from!?”
    she turned to him staring wide-eyed.

    He nodded to Thorn, who returned the gesture.

    “You happy now?” Adrias asked her.

    “Yeah… I am! Thank you, oh thank you!” she was almost jumping in one place. Nyll could barely contain her excitement.

    Adrias did not say anything. He did not want to ruin her mood by talking about what this stunt was going to cost him. Of course Elias did not say his price, he never did, until it was too late. The thought of handing Nyll over to him, even if it was for just the reception, made his skin crawl. She was a rare commodity - a red skinned Twi’Lek, a beautiful one will fetch a hefty price. Unless he decided to keep her for himself.

    He caught the glimpse that Thorn gave him. The Togorian too did not like the idea. They were in agreement that they simply should destroy the blasted commlink and get away from the system. But how could he refuse Nyll? He had done that numerous times… why couldn’t he do that again? Maybe it was the Force? A divine intervention. Maybe it was her destiny… Something will happen that will set them on a new course?

    Hopefully something good would come out of all this.

    “Now boys, shoo! I need to change.”
    Nyll shooed them away.

    When finally alone she stepped out of her current dress and tiptoed towards her own refresher unit to take a brief shower. Thorn and Adrias had modified her room to have her own bathroom as she was the only girl on board and needed her privacy.

    The cool water trickled down her body as she applied a sweet smelling shower gel, washing away the stench of the freighter. It did not take her long as she was tightly pressed for time so could not indulge, besides there was no hot water so either way could not do that. As she stepped out of the small cubicle she took a towel to dry herself.

    She then proceeded to put on some underwear as this was a special occasion after all. Then put she proceeded to put on the dress. It did not take her long to do that. Once finished she turned around her mirror trying to see how she looked. It was decent enough, a bit too much skin showing, maybe will turn some heads around. She slipped in her high-heeled shoes, trying to fix the strap of her right one and she almost tripped.

    Meanwhile Adrias and Thorn were waiting in the common area.

    “You sure this is a good idea?” the Togorian asked.

    “No, but we have to do it. We are being lead to something.”

    “Hmph, what do you mean?”

    “I can’t explain it, but there is more to this than simply handing over a lost commlink. I think the Force may be involved.”

    Thorn turned his head to him “The Force?”

    Adrias nodded slowly. “Yes, I believe so. Either way will have to ensure her safety. Rent a speeder using one of our fake IDs, will need to find a good vantage point where we can be in position to swoop in and take her.”

    “That would be difficult, if not impossible. After that terror attack, the security will be very tight.”

    Adrias sighed “Yes, well, we will think of something. Even the best security can be breached.”

    Thorn snorted but said nothing. His ears pricked and moved then turned his head. Adrias followed his look and saw Nyll standing there in all her glory. She looked beautiful, a bit provocative, but nonetheless beautiful. Adrias had never seen her like that and felt a bit guilty for not noticing. Maybe should compliment her more.

    “Sooo… How do I look?” she swirled around so that they could see her from all sides.

    “Beautiful as ever my dear.” Thorn said in a soft manner.

    Adrias nodded “What he said...” he mumbled.

    Nyll beamed and flashed them a wide smile “Excellent, so… shall we?”

    Adrias rose followed by the Togorian. Her escort should have arrived. He moved forward and walked down the ramp. There was a big gorilla of a man standing there with a visor and smartly dressed. He could see the expression of contempt on his face. He had seen the ship and probably expected some poorly dressed girl. The man could not hide his surprise when he saw Nyll in all her splendor.

    Adrias hid his satisfaction “You are early.”

    “Mister Blud wanted to see the miss before they head towards the reception.”

    The former Jedi kept his face passive, but his mind was racing. What was Blud doing? Too late for backing out. Hopefully Nyll will be able to handle it.

    “Very well then, lead the way.”

    “I was instructed to get only the girl...”

    “I will see her off, so don’t waste any more of Mister Blud’s time.”

    There was a brief standoff between the two men but then the guard simply smirked thinking that there was nothing to fear from the one-eyed man. Adrias of course could take him out easily, him and his buddies, but that would be too risky as they were in a public area. Too many witnesses.

    They were surrounded by a group of bodyguards as they walked through the crowded area. The brutes were clearing a way for them to pass. Adrias stretched out with the Force and sensed another presence… Could it be? Then suddenly retreated as it could easily be an Imperial Inquisitor, better not to reveal his presence too soon. Will have investigate after Nyll gets on the speeder.

    Thorn was going to monitor her and follow from a distance as he had slipped in a tracking device in her purse.

    “Be safe, be smart.” Adrias said to her as they reached the long speeder.

    She turned to him and nodded “I will, don’t worry.”

    TAG: Emi-To, Elias Blud, Anyone else
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    Mar 9, 2005
    IC: Pascale Rouser
    Location: Fortuna, Coruscant Spaceport

    Life was good.

    Business had been going steady and with another successful delivery completed, Pascale was relaxing with a glass of brandy (his family label) in the common area of his space yacht Fortuna.

    He had managed to make it on to Coruscant just in time before the whole planet went into lockdown after the whole bombing thing. He was worried as to whether the deal would actually take place because of the tight security and thousands of credits hinged on it, particularly as he was carrying a rather expensive vase.

    However the deal was done, his underworld contact departed, vase in tow in a container and Rouser was thousands of credits richer. Although Pascale never had to worry about money due to his wealth, but there were always more credits to be made and there were always advantages of having the Rouser name, even though it had been tarnished by his underworld reputation.

    The extra bonus was that he managed to get this vase from under the nose of some rivals, who were no match for his skills at detecting and finding treasures.

    They were just too slow he mused, rolling the brandy glass between his fingers All respect to their tenacity, but I was just too quick for them.

    With his ship now being refueled, he only had a few days before his departure time, he had to use his time wisely. Try to find another contact to do business with, or maybe just to enjoy himself, see the sights of Coruscant, and maybe bump into a fellow smuggler or mercenary to hire as a partner in his next venture, someone to do his dirty work for him.

    Maybe he would bump into a rival as well, Pascal always had a respect for his rivals, and he did like to have a “friendly” chat every now and then, just to show them that he was still around and wasn't going away anytime soon.

    There’s got to be another artifact somewhere, something that could bring me untold riches he mused, finishing up his brandy. Being a former student of archaeology, it was his passion to discover new art, treasures and artifacts he could sell to the highest bidder, although he did tend to keep some for himself, especially if it was pretty to look at or had significance to a particular culture.

    Knowing that he didn't have a lot of time to waste sitting around, Pascale took the glass back to the galley, gave it a quick wash off then headed back into the common area. He then pulled on his white jacket, placed his hat upon his head, checked the charge on his small blaster and headed down the ramp.

    He raised his head to the sky with a smile on his face, breathing in the air.

    Ah Coruscant he thought the jewel in the galaxies crown. He didn't hold it in as high regard as some planets, but there was no doubt it was still a dazzling sight to behold, and for him, full of opportunities.

    He straightened his jacket and began walk away from his ship, making sure everything looked in shape. The Fortuna cost a packet to get, and Pasacle was not going to lose her, not to some ship thief nor to any of his rivals. He made sure that the security personnel and inspectors that greeted him on board knew that he would not tolerate his ship being pinched, sabotaged or damaged.

    Thank the lucky stars I have enough credits to pay these people….

    Pascale made his way out of his landing bay into the crowds milling around, they were probably hoping to catch a glimpse of a celebrity or politician which were always heading in and out. He even gave a glance to some of the ladies, his taste was for the beautiful and intelligent types, women whom he could regale with tales of his exploits and enjoy their company over a glass of brandy.

    He continued to make his way past other bays, heading nowhere in particular, hopefully there would be a good bar or cantina somewhere where he could grab some hired help or a new employer.

    TAG: Anyone
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    Jun 21, 2004
    OCC: This was a joint post with The Admiral. Thank you, TA, for your patience and time! Nyll goes to the ball!

    IC: Elias Blud, Nyll, Adrias Stark
    LOCATION: Coruscant, hangar of a Spaceport

    Elias watched discreetly behind the tinted window, his white cat, it’s green eyes hooded and blinking lazily, nestled contentedly in the crook of Mr. Blud’s elbow. Elias smirked to himself, the scene was all too arch! Well aware that hisposh predatory perch, the rough and dingy port hangar, and the lovely young red Twilek in her tastefully provocative little gown, made for hollow film replete with stretch speeder and thugs in black suits.

    “Well, well, we have indeed become a delicious, lovely thing!” he said under his breath, watching Nyll approach in the company of Adrias, Blud’s men flanking the two. Poor Stark! His bravado was a gesture only, but one to be expected. Elias smiled anticipating the rogue-Jedi’s conversation. Arriving alongside the speeder, Elias let the door open, only slightly distracted by the coming and going of beings to and from the hangar. With his interests so disparately spread, a man of Elias financial range and interests had to be careful.

    The door opened quietly to the dark and plush interior. The tufted seats were deeply pile velvet of shimmersilk, the lighting, soft and warm.

    “Welcome, welcome. Adrias, good to see you again and Little Nyll, at last. You are perfection, my dear. Adrias said you had refined taste and you look a goddess, my dear. Come,” he said, softly, “Come sit, here, next to me,” he continued, patting the seat to his right. “Don’t be shy. We should set the mood for the evening right away. Care for some ‘bubbly,’ dear? Just a little, now, you are still too young, but no harm in a little. How about you, Adrias. Bubbly?” asked Elias gesturing to the low table before him set with chilled spirit and crystalline glasses, bits of choice bites, one of which he fed to his cat.

    Nyll watched him for a moment then obeyed. She had played that game numerous times and it brought back memories… unpleasant memories. She looked at Adrias who was standing there passive. She knew that demeanour, he was all about business.

    “I don’t want to take up too much of your time.” he said.

    Nyll took the offered glass and took a sip. It tasted good, expensive though she was not a connoisseur so could not fully appreciate it. She shifted her focus on the cat, she wanted to play with it.

    “May I pet it?” she asked indicating the critter.

    “Oh, yes, yesssss! Though, do be careful how you approach him, Nyll. Nimbus can be moody. If he wants your attention or not, he will let you know and you don’t want a nasty scratch,” said Elias, letting the fluffy white creature onto the seat between himself and Nyll.

    “There!” said Elias, eyes gleeful as Nimbus climbed into Nyll’s lap. “He has taken an immediate liking to you, child. Oh he’s very picky, very!”

    Turning to Adrias, Elias smiled. “You see. It will be a wonderful evening-I’m sorry you won’t be attending, my boy. Yes, indeed. But, little Nyll will be in the best of company. I should be angry that you worry, but I’m not. What do you think might happen to her? I promise, though I’m tempted, I won’t eat her!”

    Nyll smiled at the cat finding his way on her lap. She tentatively petted it.

    Nimbus stretched and rubbed his cheek against her lek and then walked in a circle to sit and begin to purr.

    Ah!” said Elias returning his attention to Nyll. “He’s marked you as his own. Quite remarkable. He never takes to anyone so quickly!”

    Nyll smiled again, proud of herself. But before she could say anything Adrias interjected.

    “Yes, well, as I said before this is her first time at such an event so we all are a bit worried how it will go. But I believe she is in capable hands and nothing untowards will happen to her.”

    “,” said Elias, a little distractedly, though he studied the once-Jedi intently. "I’m more concerned about you, Adrias. You’d better beware whither that woman leads you...” Elias nodded in the direction the woman in the long rough weave cloak had gone. "This is a time for finesse, for patience..." he added, blinking and holding up his index finger, then placing it pensively to his lips, as gazed to where the woman of which he spoke had disappeared out of the hangar entrance. Suddenly, cocking his head, his eyes widened slightly, a small smile spreading on his face, as he caught a figure passing in the remaining light. Speaking under his breath, he said, "Why, Pascale is back in town. Curious! We shall have to see. A little visit is in order, hey? -You were saying, Adrias?"

    Adrias frowned “I don’t know what you are talking about.”

    Meanwhile, Nyll ran her fingers through the soft fur of the cat’s back. Then scratched under his chin as Nimbus lifted his head in satisfaction, purring contently.

    Blud waved one of his "suits" to the window and communicated silently with a comlink in his palm and the "suit," checking his own device, acknowledged the message nodded and departed to follow after the hatted Rouser.

    Returning his attention to Adrias, Elias clucked and said, “That’s too bad, then. Well, we shall take our leave,” he said, offering a smile to Nyll. "Our young lady wishes to go to a ball, and we shaln’t short-change her. Caution...patience, Adrias! Farewell...farewell,-driver-the Senate Atrium!" Elias waved , as the windows slowly closed, the speeder rose into the darkening sky, the lights of the government center, like fine fresh glitter dressing up the silhouetted towers and making all seem special and exciting.

    Elias picked up the conversation and admonished Nyll in an avuncular tone, “Now, Nyll, you shall call me Elias. No, “Mr. Blud” or Sir. Did you know, I knew you when you were a tiny thing?...”

    TAG: Nyll, Adrias, Thorn, Emi-to, Dash and Co., Pascale Rouser
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    Aug 21, 2004

    OCC: Since it has been a few years this character has appeared I've decided to repost his character sheet with a few minor updates.



    Name: Hsur Hgubmil : The Voice of the Galaxy, The 2nd Most Recognized Face In the Empire,

    Winner of Best Holocaster of the Year Award 12 consecutive years.

    Age: 56
    Gender: Male
    Species: Human
    Eye Color : Brown
    Hair Color & Style: Thin and graying hair, swept back
    Skin Complexion : Pale

    Clothing: Conservative, wearing mostly browns, blues and blacks

    Physique: Slightly overweight

    Personality: Arrogant, overconfident
    Quirks: Enjoys the good life. Fine wine, food, best of clothing and speeders. He enjoys all the
    perks his position has gained him.

    Force Sensitive: No

    Biography: Hsur Hgubmil began his career over 35 years ago as a copy boy and worked his
    way up, first as an editor and voice overs for various infomercials.

    It is rumored Hsur Hgubmil recently renegotiated his contract for another 7 years at HNN for an incredible $ 7 million credits per year!

    Hgubmil having the disposition and desire, rose steadily in the very competitive world of holonews, becoming a no nonsense hard hitter of people in power.

    It did not matter what world or philosophy an official adhered to, if in Hgubmil’s opinion you were not doing your job, or he disagreed with that particular politico - you were targeted.

    He criticized then Senator Amidala for her opposition in creating a Grand Army of the Republic to defend the galaxy from the threat of the CIS. He became an early supporter of Senator and later Chancellor Palpatine, backing the Chancellor in his bid for emergency powers.

    "The Life and Death of Emperor Palpatine" a documentary just released by Hgubmil in addition his interview ( the ONLY interview ever given by Palpatine) have been playing since the untimely , heroic death of the emperor.

    Hgubmil never missed an opportunity to criticize all of the CIS leaders, especially General Grievous and Count Dooku.

    Hsur Hgubmil has billions of listeners across the galaxy, and therefore much influence.

    Senators, Representatives, Judges and such immediately respond to an inquiry of Hgubmil’s for he has been known to make or break a political career.

    Hgubmil is looking forward to interviewing the new emperor in the near future.

    Hgubmil enjoys using his power he has accumulated through the years.

    Beings are not neutral of their opinion of Hsur Hgubmil - they either love him or despise him.....or FEAR him.

    Quote: "The beings of this galaxy have the right to know everything about the politicos governing them. The freedom of the press is the first defense of the people against tyrants". Hsur Hgubmil

    OCC: Thank you, KD!

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    Mar 28, 2004
    IC: Dennii/Drakoniss Sunwalker, duchess Jori Atreides
    Ursean Embassy, Coruscant

    Jori walked out of the shower, drying herself as she walked around. Her red gown was lying on the bed. The reception was approaching fast and she needed to get ready soon. She wrapped herself with a bathrobe and sat in front of the vanity and took the blow dryer and proceeded with drying her hair. She did that slowly and meticulously. After that came the turn for the brush.

    Before she could start a hologram appeared from the holoprojector. She had given the frequency to her people to contact her when needed. Only two people could appear unannounced - Amberley, her aide, and the Director of the Committee for State Security Aurelius. In this case it was the latter.

    “Am I interrupting something. I can call you later if you want?” he started.

    Jori shook her head “No, no, I am getting ready for the reception. There is time to speak.” She half turned fixing her robe as not to reveal anything.

    “As you wish.” the Director started “Investigation has been launched into what happened with the Princess. Leads are being pursued and the first batch of suspects will be detained for interrogation.”

    Jori nodded, of course it had been several hours since the incident so not much has been done. But still it was something. The Enlightened have dealt them a strong card and she intended to play it properly.

    “Excellent, proceed until the culprits are found and arrested.” It was a bit theatrical as she was not sure whether her calls were being monitored so not to reveal too much.

    It was the Director’s turn to nod “Very well then, I will keep you informed of any development.”

    Jori remained passive, but wondered why he called. Maybe to mark that he had done something, but she did not need any proof of that as she was sure that things are being handled. Probably he wanted to play it by the book so she will respond that way.

    “If there is nothing else to report I should get back to preparing.” she said in a bit of a cold voice as she hated being interrupted.

    “We received reports that the Visani boy and the Gustav girl were informed about their respective heritages and are now discussing the potential union.”

    That was good news. Karl Visani was the secret heir of House Ordonnen and Eleonor Gustav of House Moritani. Every House had so called secret heir in case there is a break in the family line. The children are not informed of their true parentage and are being raised by smaller Houses. So most of them lived in ignorance as to their true heritage. It was an insurance policy for the continuation of the bloodlines. Only the Bene Gesserit knew the true identities and it had been extremely difficult to find those two in particular. They were invited in Castle Kaladan to get their education as future rulers of their minor Houses and most importantly for them to learn to love House Atreides and become its allies. Now all those years of planning will come to fruition and she will have more obedient rulers of Houses Ordonnen and Moritani.

    “Excellent, keep me informed of what comes out of it.” she replied.

    “Of course, Your… Highness...” he avoided using Ultimacy as he knew she disliked that title.

    “Anything else?” Jori was getting impatient.

    “No, that is all for now. I will keep you informed if anything else comes up.” and with that the hologram disappeared.

    Jori resumed the brushing of her silky hair. The brush moved up and down, straightening the hairs. Then came the makeup’s turn. Slowly and meticulously she applied it on her face, not that she needed a lot, but still. Some eyeliner, some shades under her eyes, lipstick and so on. All to look even more beautiful than she was.

    She was about to turn on the HoloNet to see the latest news were but was interrupted by another holocall. This time it was Amberley, her aide, calling. She could see the surprise on her face when she saw the duchess in such state of undress wearing only a bathrobe.

    “Forgive me Your Ultimacy, I will call later...” the bluish image around her cheeks darkened slightly. Her embarrassment was that strong that even the holocam captured it.

    “Amberley, you can talk, we have discussed this before.” Jori smiled warmly.

    “Yes… Well, I wanted to report that your… grandmother had arrived and had been assigned a room in the residential area of the Castle.”

    More good news. It seems she had accepted Jori’s plea for help and decided to come. It had been risky sending her all those “memoires” but she gambled that her grandmother wouldn’t do anything to hurt House Atreides. Jori did not like the idea, but it was necessary. She needed to balance the Director Aurelius’ advice.

    “Good, take care of all her needs.” she was going to talk with her soon, just a brief conversation given that they could not be entirely open via the HoloNet.

    “Of course, Your Ultimacy...”

    “Anything else?” Jori raised an eyebrow as she was starting to get annoyed given that she was preparing herself for the reception.

    “Sister Adalia arrived as well, her needs are being looked after. She is mostly with Sister Irene.”

    The duchess nodded, she had expected the replacement Bene Gesserit. She will have to meet her when she got back. The young witch would have to wait a bit.

    “Very well, keep me informed if anything new happens.” and before her aide could say anything Jori turned off the holoprojector. She needed to focus on getting ready and did not need any more distractions.


    Dennii sat in the bed. She was getting restless. Relaxing did not work for her. She felt too distracted to watch the holofilm that Jori had suggested and was too wired to rest. Why was she dragged into all of this? She needed to be left alone… To be somewhere safe, somewhere away from all of this, somewhere she could raise her child in peace.

    And just like that an idea came to mind. She did not want to stay in her room during the opening of the event.

    ‘You do realise that only a few moments ago you were thinking that you wanted to be left alone?’ came Drakoniss’ voice in her mind.

    ‘Yes, I know, but you know what I meant and it is not safe to be left alone here while everyone is at the reception.’ she retorted

    ‘You are being paranoid...’
    he replied.

    “Shut up Drak...” she realised that she said that out loud so she shut her mouth. It took a second before she bursted out laughing ‘Started talking to myself… again.’

    Drakoniss decided to remain silent as he was glad to see her merry. Laughter and even a genuine smile was something rare coming from her nowadays.

    The laughter ended abruptly and Dennii looked down. A heavy sigh came out of her mouth. She could not afford to be happy, not right now. The happiness that Alpha and Jori brought her blinded her to the danger so she must be on high alert. You never know where the danger might spring and this time she will be ready and not caught off-guard.

    She stepped on the thick carpet. Her feet were bare so she could feel the softness of it with her toes. Dennii curled them a bit and then relaxed and headed towards the door. She needed to speak with Jori about her decision.

    Dennii stepped out of her room and knocked on her sister’s door. “Come in...” came the muffled response, so she did. Jori was almost finished dressing up. Her red dress accentuated her beautiful figure. She looked like a goddess from ancient age. Her fiery blond hair curled and cascaded down her back. An Aquila pendant adorned her slender neck. Aside of that she hardly wore any more jewellery as Dennii remembered that Jori did not like it. She was putting her gloves on her bare hands and the duchal ring was lying in an open small box.

    “Wow...” Dennii stopped as she forgot the reason why she was there.

    “Oh, it is you. Dennii, you should be in bed.” Jori frowned slightly but then smiled.

    “Yes… weeelll… That was why I wanted to talk with you, I want to come with you at the opening. I will be ready in no time.” Dennii smiled and blushed.

    “But the doctor said...”

    “I am a healer and I know what I am doing. I… just… don’t want to be alone.” she looked down.

    “It will be just for a couple of hours...” Jori stepped forward.

    “No… I mean… I understand, but I prefer to come.” Dennii smiled.

    “Very well then, I will tell our escort that we will be late so that you can prepare, also will inform the Lord Admiral about it too.”

    Uncle James was here? That made Dennii smiled, at least another friendly face to keep her safe.

    “I will be very quick...”

    TAG: Anyone
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    Mar 9, 2002
    ~IC~ Phomas Caine (NPC), Rystáll Sant (NPC)
    Location: Coruscant - Senate Plaza

    <<>>-------[Holo broadcast]-------<<>>

    "Good evening! I'm Phomas Caine, broadcasting live tonight from outside the Senate Building…. It has been a day since the end of the Clone War and the declaration of peace has been made. Continuing the period of celebration, the stars are out tonight as well known figures and celebrities from across this vast Empire are arriving on Coruscant to pay their dues to the newly anointed Imperial Royal Family.

    With us now, we have the lovely and talented Ms Rystáll Sant as a special guest co host this evening. She is situation at the carpet. What can you tell us about tonight?"

    An aerial shot of the venue showed the grand stature of the Senate Rotunda against the dusking sky. A thin slither of the sun’s light still radiated but fading fast. Booming spotlights at the base illuminated the sides of the building, bathing the surfaces in colour as though it was an interactive art installation. A series of security crafts could been seen buzzing about, patrolling the vicinity, keeping it clear of non approved crafts.

    The lens tilted down over the crowds that filled the Senate plaza, amongst the pillars that held the towering humanoid statues that stood as silent sentinels and the red carpet that cut through it to the Rotunda’s Great Doors. The framing followed along the red carpet to the edge of the plaza to where a cleared zone had been made. The staging area showed the first of the transports were arriving and guests stepping out. A small gathering was starting to form at the start of the red carpet. The view then changed.

    “Thank you, Mister Caine.” The half human, half Theelin female responded. Her pale white skin with pink markings and flaring red hair contrasted with her a shimmering gown as she struck a pose before resuming her presenting role. “What a privilege to be here, centre stage at the midway point of the red carpet… it has been a large turnout tonight! Gosh! Electricity is in the air with the anticipation and excitement that is generating.” She turned to the crowd. “Everyone say ‘hello!” She waved. “The Galaxy is watching!”

    They cheered at her, someone yelled “We love you!”

    “I love you too!” She giggled with pleasure at the response and looked back to the cam. “As we were, we got word that the guests are starting to make their way towards the entrance and we’ll get to see them soon.”

    She paused for a moment as someone caught her attention off screen. She smiled and focused back on the camera. “We’ve got word the transport has left the Ursean Embassy and en route. The Royal Family is expecting to arrive within the next half hour. Exciting! Isn’t it? Over to you, Mister Caine!”

    “Thank you, Ms Sant. Always a pleasure in your company. Speaking of company, the safety of the guests and the public is an absolute paramount. As we can see, security is top notch and tight along the carpet and the venue itself, they are not taking any chances of another incident on the senate building. They’ve spared no expense. Stay tuned for more as it develops. Now a word from our sponsors...”

    TAG: Open to all attending.
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    OOC: Another joint post with C_O! Congratulations to you and to the RPF! I know you are busy, and that makes me all the more grateful. Thank you and looking forward to more!

    IC: Bail Organa, Leia Organa, Riyo Chuchi and Mas Amedda

    Location: Coruscant - Senate Plaza - Red Carpet

    They’d arrived somewhat latter than Bail had hoped, but he figured they had just enough time to avoid having to greet the new Imperial family. He motioned for all to step lively and not linger greeting friends and acquaintances, but rather save their salutations until the reception was in progress. The tri-wing that set down just a moment after their transport, bore the imperial emblem which Organa regarded under dark brows. He noted how visceral was his response to it and chastened himself. He’d been out of sorts all day and looking at Leia and Riyo, realized he needed to conjure a smile and check his dark thoughts. Besides, his emotions would certainly cloud his judgement and his senses. If Mon Mothma had actually made it to Imperial Center, she would definitely be present and he needed to keep an eye out for her.

    Making a quick survey of the crowds, the guards, and patrols overhead, Bail commented to Riyo as they walked and waved to the spectators, "I'm supposed to feel secure with all the guards and this security net, but it makes me uneasy."

    "Relax, Bail... the focus is not on us at all." Riyo hoped that she sounded convincing. Her heart was racing and his words were not helping.

    Bail nodded in the direction of the rows of guards either side of them. "Oh come on Riyo! You know what I'm talking about.”

    Turning her head to see his eyes, she braved a smile. "We just… one step at a time… I got you." She said, almost to herself.

    Bail nodded and smiled and waved, as he heard some women in the crowd call his name. Early in his political career, he had been the "darling of the Senate"-a real heart-throb. Apparently, he still had a few fans out there! He looked to Chuchi to see her reaction and leaned back, noting Riyo's appearance for the first time this evening. With all the lights turned on them, the searchlights over head, the flash of the numerous holo globes and the festive lighting of the red -carpeted way, he couldn't help but exclaim, "You look ...dazzlingly beautiful, tonight, Riyo!"

    Her lavender skin seemed particularly luminous, and her hair framed her delicate face ...just so! He'd always thought of her as a colleague and regarded her with respect, seeking her council and input. He smiled, more at himself. "Sometimes I can gussy up the charm," he said sarcastically and laughed as he regarded his friend appreciatively.

    "Why thank you!" That brought out a warm smile. "Only fitting I am made up as the goddess Inana to compliment the Prince of Alderaan on this grand occasion."

    "Awwww! Psh!" he said and waved away her words. "I know when I'm lucky to be in the company of a better being!"

    While her father and Riyo Chuchi spoke, Leia skipped a little hop at Bail’s side and laughed, for she'd never seen anything like this. It was hard for her to process. To see how people reacted to her father, she grew suddenly very proud and squeezed his hand as she walk at his left, with the lovely Pantoran Senator on his right and her three aunts behind them.

    "I suppose I am feeling rather special,..." he began to say, but just then, the noise from the crowd swelled to a deafening volume as the celebrities treading the carpet behind them approached He had continued, but Riyo put a hand to her ear, indicating that she could not hear him. "I said," Bail said, raising his voice, "I suppose that I should be glad for all this security tonight," and he nodded toward Leia.

    The Alderanian Princess waved, as if she had been born to this moment. Her long honey-brown hair was worn down and her bangs held away from her rosy face by two braids joined into one at the back of her head. Her diaphanous purple, brown, and gold speckled gown, tied under her tiny chest with velvet ribbon, looked like the wings of a rare speckled hummingbird.

    Wide-eyed and full of verve, she took in the crowds, the sounds, guards, primping personages, noted the dynamics, though she did not yet have the vocabulary to describe it all. She smiled back to her aunts and noted the searchlights crisscrossing in the dusky orange night sky. That’s when she spied the blue-eyed girl with dark hair and recognize a fellow traveler and kindred spirit in this sea of unruly adult beings. Leia smiled to herself, and not having any idea of just how grand this event was, made up her mind that she was going to find that other girl once they arrived at where they were supposed to be.

    As for her father, Bail Organa was busy bracing for the unpleasant necessity of greeting Speaker Amedda, who stood like a stone stump in the middle of the right of way so that he was unavoidable. The Chagrian smiled and greeted Senator Chuchi first.

    “Senator Chuchi, we seldom see you around the senate these days. It’s good you were able to come. You look,” he said stumbling over his words, as if he’d searched and having met with frustration, settled on an inferior one.

    “Why thank you, Speaker Amedda. So nice of you to say so.” She flashed the Chagrian a smile. “Yes, you know what they say about being ’always on demand’ so we’ll see how we go in the coming days.” She left it at that regarding her absence. She didn’t have to explain herself to him and he probably did not expect it of her.

    “Oh, I agree, Mr. Speaker. The Senator is definitely fetching,” said Bail slyly, and giving Riyo a wink. “You and I,” said Bail, attempting to ameliorate the awkward moment the dower Chagrian seemed never to be able to navigate. Bail decided to build a bridge and nodded to Amedda. The Chagrian had once been an able representative, principled, and, at least, conscientious before he’d compromised all to hold on to his life and position. He too had been caught off guard and in too deep before he realized what had happened, when Palpatine had begun pulling in the reigns of the Republic. “...we dust off our fine suits once every so many years, but we’ve no real talent for fashion! Eh?” He reached Amedda’s ample shoulder and gave the Speaker a pat.

    Amedda seemed to be considering whether this was a gesture of camaraderie or just another set up at the end of which he would be made the fool, so he stood slimming his eyes and was about to smile when the small trio was set upon by hollow globes and found themselves the focus of the crowd. Not a one was happy to find themselves swarmed. It was thanks to the Senator from Alderaan, they escaped. For he pointed back down the red carpet and exclaimed, “Look who’s coming!.” To which the crowd leaned their attention in and cheered as one with deafening fervor.

    “Now’s our moment!” said Bail, and contented to have escaped, Mas Amedda turned as one with the two Senators, the Princess and her three Aunts and hurried along the final length of the dreaded red carpet to the Rotunda's Atrium entrance and momentary respite from the “eye” of COMPNOR-the holonet!

    TAG: Those in attendance.
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    Oh, What a night!

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Hsur Hgubmil Ms Shilling

    Stock photo: Exterior of the Senate, Grand Avenue of the Core Founders, Senate entrance.

    Stock photo: Grand Assembly Hall : Looking at Senate Entry door. HNN platform located opposite end of chamber.

    IC:Hsur Hgubmil: “The voice of the galaxy,” Ms. Shilling, Hgubmil’s highly qualified assistant, NRC: Onut Tribble and a cast of thousands inside and outside the Senate.

    “Boss, I hear you nashing your teeth through my plugs.” Ms Shilling, Hsur Hgubmil’s thoroughly capable assistant was conducting last minute testing of the six cam drones HNN was allowed in the Senate Assembly Hall. The drones would travel high above the gathering in a continuous circular orbit, taking still and moving pics of those gathered. With a command from Hgubmil or Shilling the cams could zero in on a personage immediately identifying the being. The quality of the images were so sharp the number of hairs on a head could be counted or the minute signs of “enhancement” or “age reduction” could be ascertained.

    Not only was there a huge screen on the inside of the Hall, but HNN had placed two five story screens outside the Senate where the crowd could watch the proceedings going on within. HNN did not stop there,but positioned giant view screens for 10 blocks beyond for those who did not arrive early enough to maneuver themselves close enough to view the famous personages for themselves.

    “You can put up with Ms “Fluffy” for one night...just use the ole Hsur charm.” Shilling chuckled to herself - Hgubmil could not tolerate anyone who in his own words, “ ….used their head only as an accessory attachment…” and Ms Onut Tribble certainly met that criteria.

    “Grrrr…” was the response Shilling received.

    Shilling gave the thumbs up signal to the techs that all was well. The second most famous face in the galaxy was purposely staring at his pad, ignoring his “co anchor” for the evening...Onut Tribble.

    Onut Tribble was the “sister” of the owner of HNN. He promised to help launch Onut’s career in casting and what better way than have her sitting next to Hsur Hgubmil on this memorable evening.

    “Oohhh Hsur, isn’t this the most thrilling event you have ever attended?”

    Hgubmil reluctantly raised his eyes from the pad and regarded his partner for the evening.
    When he had first beheld Onut earlier , the gown she bedecked herself in for this occasion reminded him of a youngling’s sugarly multi colored fluffy candy on a stick. Hgubmil quickly arrived to the conclusion Tribble’s brain was similar.

    “I don’t doubt this evening will be interesting on many different levels of enlightenment.”

    Onut nodded, “Perhaps I can interview Her Majesty….you know, this gown is one of a kind…” Tribble’s hand caressed her shoulder. “I sketched it after studying the Ursean court gowns…”

    “Really? Uhhh, I believe Ursean court dress is a little more subdued and refined…”

    Onut Tribble

    Tribble scowled “ Oh Hsur, what do you know of fashion?” Onut adjusted her multilayered golden hair, it had slightly tilted to the right.

    “Obviously, not as much as you, my dear.” Hgubmil wore a three piece two tone gray formal suit, the velvesheen jacket as custom ended at the knees.

    “You really need to update your wardrobe, I would be happy to advise you.”

    “I’ll take it under consideration.” Hgubmil reached for a glass of water, instead of Tribble’s throat.

    “Bravo, boss….by the way there is a protest group the government has corralled ten blocks away.”

    Hsur tapped the comlink within his ear. “I hear you loud and clear, Shilling. What are they demonstrating over?”

    Shilling had sent a drone over minutes before recording the protestors. “There’s about 200 of them….let’s see…. Restore our Civil Rights….Close the detention camps….free the Wookies...the usual..should I send a reporter?”

    “Wait until after Lord...Emperor Vader arrives.”

    It was still early.The Assembly Hall, the largest such chamber in the galaxy was hardly full. A few early arrivals here and there were chatting, walking about or quenching their thirst at the bars set up on the second floor.

    “ Affirmitive…..tell Ms Fluffy to activate her pad, we have to run a final test.”

    Hsur did so and Ms Fl...Tribble had difficulty finding the activate button. The commentator did it for her.

    Ms Shilling emerging from the control area behind the raised platform halting in front of the elevated platform gazing upwards at the two in the newsbox. They certainly were a contrast in many ways to put it mildly.

    “Oh look, there’s Shilling!” Onut waved towards Hgubmil’s assistant, who returned the wave.
    “Ms Shilling could use my help as well...dressed in a black tunic and trousers.” Tribble tisked, shaking her head in dismay.

    “Ms Shilling operates behind the scenes, it is not necessary for her to draw attention to herself.”

    Shilling activated the large screen behind the platform. HNN with Hsur Hgubmil blazed upon the screen. Several onlookers clapped and Hgubmil acknowledged their applause.

    Onut turned her head towards the screen, “Where’s my name?” she questioned.

    “I’ll be introducing you Ms Tribble.”

    Onut frowned. Why wasn’t her name up on the screen with Hgubmil’s? It will someday!

    “Now, now, Ms Tribble, put on your happy face. We will be live in just a few minutes and you don’t want the galaxy to see you upset.”

    “The entire galaxy….millions.” Onut smiled, radiating happiness and joy.

    “Billions,” Hsur corrected.

    “Billions” she whispered. “I’ll be a household name, women will want to be me, copy my fashions, men will fall at my feet, parents will name their daughters after me.” Visions of fawning admirers appeared before Onut.

    “I doubt it not.”

    Shilling chuckled, raising a hand to her mouth. Recovering she spoke to Hgubmil “Let’s check the connection of your pads with the drones….scanning…” Shilling operated drone #1 seeking, searching, probing the crowd for a test subject.“Ah, there’s someone seated….”

    The eye in the cam closed in on the test subject.

    Dame Syer Snodd’s name appeared on the pad a second before her face did.

    The veteran holocaster and the newbie both gasped seeing the image before them on the pad.

    “Tooooo close…..toooo close.” Hgubmil directed.

    Dame Syer Snodd

    To be continued...

    OCC: My apologies, Ms Shilling's name should be under her picture.

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    ~IC~ Dash Rendar, LE-BO2D9, Jenifer and Flossy the anooba.
    Coruscant, spaceport

    "Don't say it…" Dash warned as he heard the clank of metallic footsteps approach him. It was Leebo. "Just… don't."

    "Master?" Leebo answered as the photoreceptors took in their surroundings. The patrol had left, as had Mistress Shuri. However, the anooba was there and Jen was was playing with the animal as Dash paced about. "I have no concept of what you are talking about…” The droid said. “...only curious as to where Mistress Shuri had gone."

    'Okay, that was fair question.' Dash nodded. "I… she just left…"

    “She said that she needed to be on her way and wanted a means to contact us during the duration of our stay here.” Jen said, without looking up as she used a rag to play hide and seek with the anooba. “So Dash gave her one of the comms that has a direct line to him.”

    “I see, thank you.” Leebo said to Jen and then turned its head to look at Dash. “And why are you wearing down the decking? Are you worried?"

    Dash stopped and frowned. ’No, yes… maybe… What exactly is going on?’ He sighed and looked to Jen and the anooba playing and then back to Leebo. "Something's wrong, something's happened… it just doesn’t add up. We're in the dark and to wait on call for who knows what to expect… Why and what are we on standby for? What if we aren’t on time or underestimate the situation?"

    "Valid questions, sir." Leebo stated. "Might I suggest finding out?"

    "She just-" He stopped and did a double take, then looked down. He drew his blaster out of the holster and checked the charge and slide it back in. "Yes, why not? I'm going out there."

    "Good, I’ll maintain the ship. Now if I may ask…” Leebo looked back over to the energetic animal as it made a noise. “...why have we picked up a pet?"

    "I told you not to ask." Dash answered as he headed to the boarding ramp.

    Jen looked over where Dash had gone and then to Leebo. "Should I be going with him?"

    "If you feel you can contribute, welcome to do so." Leebo answered. “Just have to find a place for this creature.”

    “Her name is Flossy…” Jen scratched its neck and made its tail wag. “...and she is a good girl.”

    When Dash stepped out of the Outrider, he caught a glimpse of a movement at the far side of the hangar, heading out of the bay. He frowned to himself… as he dashed over to the nearest crate. If it was Master Shuri, then something must have made her linger longer… if it wasn’t, then they did not need the extra company. He left the cover of the crate and ran over to the exit as silently as possible. He peered around into the access way and saw no one. That was strange. He stepped into the passage and followed along until it lead him out onto street level.

    He surveyed from the dimly lit accessway and leaned back quickly as two patrolmen went past. He wasn’t sure if they were the same ones from before but he didn’t want to take his chances. He counted a few seconds and then peered out again. He almost missed seeing, but at the opposite side of the street, was something for which he was looking for. He took a deep breath and stepped out casually and joined the crowd.

    TAG: Emi-to Shuri, Pascale , Adrias
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    Character Sheet: approved by CO
    Name: Quindor Owney Senator of Naboo
    Gender: Male
    Age: 45
    Race: Human

    Quindor Owney’s family has long served in government. His father was a member of the Naboo legislative as well as his grandfather before him. Quindor began his career as an aide to Burl Eicester and later served as Lt. Governor under Eicester. Owney was elected to the position of Senator of the Naboo system two years ago.

    Quindor has degrees in “ Renewal of Urban Landscapes” as well as a degree in Political Science. Owney also serves as secretary of the “Rhetoric Society” and secretary of a rather infamous fellowship known as the “Hell Fire Club”. The club’s notoriety deriving from the raucous parties they hold in secret locations where copious amounts of alcohol are consumed .

    Owney is a trim man with an athletic build - which he owes to working out . He is of medium height, brown eyes and a trimmed beard. He enjoys the company of beautiful women and is pictured many times escorting a lady to one of his favorite restaurants or to the opera.

    Some may wonder why Quindo was elected Senator. Owney has always enjoyed a challenge, and in becoming a senator he wants to discover if there are remaining in the Senate any honest beings.

    Quindo is dedicated to Naboo and its inhabitants, Gungan and Naboo alike. Owney plays hard but also works hard in the service of his monarch and his system.

    Ship: A Naboo cruiser is available to the Senator.

    Senator Quindor Owney
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    IC: Grand Admiral Magnus Carthaginian, Admiral Jakin Poulo
    Priority Lane, Traffic, Federal District, Coruscant

    The blue shimmer of the holo-reflector cast a soft blue glow in the interior of the Grand Admiral’s personal skycar. Tilting his head back and away from the mirror, Magnus examined his visage. The past two days had been eventful and he was keen to see that the wear had not worn into his face. He was only just nearing his fortieth birthday two years removed, but years of command and this now officially ended Clone War had taken a toll on his stately features. The holoimage highlighted the graying streaks that played at his temples with a pale white hue that stood in stark contrast to the bright white uniform he wore.

    Though not a man given to vanity, Magnus had long appreciated that self-pride was no weakness if kept in check. Coming from an ancient family with roots to the early days of Coruscant, the Carthaginians had appreciated a place of stature for thousands of generations. Himself born the principle heir to the name and birthright, he’d been schooled on Coruscant and throughout the Core Worlds where he had known that his name meant something.

    En route to the reception of the newly enthroned Emperor, Magnus had two chief concerns when it came to his looks. First, that he should not disgrace himself. Second, that he should not draw attention from the event. He had no need to be a social climber. As one of only a handful of Grand Admirals in the Empire, as well as the commander of Emperor Skywalker’s personal fleet Onslaught and the Third Imperial Fleet Magnus could revel in his namesake. However, these were perilous times and a misstep on this sort of stage would do no one any good. He'd noted earlier this week, as well, that while his rank gave him significant military power, he had little in the way of political sway throughout the Empire as a whole.

    Closing down the holoreflector, he peered out into the traffic as the skycar exited the priority lane, and made its slow descent to the Senate Plaza. From here, he could see the pitching lights and the red carpet.

    How he hated a red carpet.

    As Carthaginians had had a storied existence in the Core, they were often seen at Galas and receptions of the highest regard. However, the procession on the outside brought admirers, social parasites, and a general necessity to be affable that the Grand Admiral found distasteful. For the actors, the celebrities, and the political figures that traded their looks and careers for fame it was all well and good. He could applaud (and often did) someone who used every means necessary to show their worth. There was nothing wrong with self-promotion. Nothing wrong with meeting the people and getting out there. It wasn’t that.

    What Magnus disliked was at the core of his being. He knew, deep down, that he was nothing like them. Unlike his wayward cousin (the proverbial black gundark of the family), he’d never been a playboy. Rather than let his name open doors on the party scene, Magnus had sought to establish himself as worthy of his birth-right as a Carthaginian.

    Looking at his polished medals gleaming on his chest — the same medals he’d called “trinkets” just hours before — he felt sufficiently adorned. No sweeping shimmersilk gown at his elbow, no escort of any kind except his second in command Admiral Poulo who was following in the car behind in an official capacity should there be a need and a few plain-clothes operatives on loan from the ISB serving as his personal security detail.

    Magnus was aware of his position in the Universe. It was not as a celebrity. It was not a cash-poor, house-rich land baron of the Coruscanti elite. It was not the face of the evil Empire -- for despite the propaganda a vast majority of what the Empire was blamed for had never really happened. There was not mass slavery. There was not stealing of Legacy worlds. The long, drawn out Clone War had seen the CIS instead take on that evil face.

    Considering this, Magnus was not concerned with being part of those fawned over by the masses. He was, however, concerned with being dismissed. As his skycar came to a halt behind the procession now only places from the red carpet, Magnus knew his medals and even his white uniform - crisp and taut - would not draw the attention of the cooing masses. Nor would the cameras care.

    Nor did he, he comforted himself. He was here to congratulate his commander on his ascension, honor those that sacrificed their lives to make it possible, and (if all went well) flesh out the vipers that waited in the grass. For more than anything, that was the purpose of the evening. While the cameras clicked and poofed outside, and the applause died down, a battle of wits was waiting at every handshake and he was certain to find those unarmed — a thought that tickled the corner of his mouth.

    The Grand Moffs. The Grand Visiers. The closet insurgents. Those eager psycopants that would hope to leach on to the newly minted Emperor as well as those would that take any moment to lay a trap to cripple to newly peaceful Empire.

    The skycar took its place at the end of the Red Carpet, and Magnus smoothed his pants with open palms before pressing the release doors. As it smoothly glided up, the Grand Admiral stepped onto the pathway to a blur of cameras and a clamour of applause.

    If nothing else, there would be those here that knew of him, and his legacy. Additionally, with the war just ended, nationalism was at an all time high. Wearing his highly recognizable Grand Admiral’s uniform — even to those that didn’t know of his place the Empire and the recent decisive final battle of the Clone War - he was a visual representation of the military that had won this war. He was a stark, white, gleaming war hero and with that chit in the game Magnus threw his arm into the air. No wave, just a straight arm to the sky to acknowledge the crowd. A slight roar could be heard in response, to which Magnus nodded to each side of the carpet with a gracious look and placed his sights on the end of the carpet.

    Flashes of the camera droid’s lights dulled his vision, but his directive was clear — avoid stragglers on the carpet and get to the door.

    The roar from behind him died down as another skycar left the pathway.

    “Quite the turnout,” came the deep baritone of Admiral Poulo at his right.

    Magnus stopped, turned to his colleague and put out his hand to the Admiral. As they shook hands, a few cameras flashed anew. Nodding to the retreating forms of Mas Amedda and a small party that he could not make out from here, he noted their exit and, in fact, entrance.

    “I expect you’re right, Admiral,” Magnus replied knowingly and waved his colleague to the end of the carpet ahead of him.

    As he preceded him, the Grand Admiral gave one last glance to the crowd behind them as more guests arrived. A wayward camera droid hovered by the door, to which he gave as generous a face as he could manage under the circumstances, and as the doored closed was relieved at the vacuum of sound that was the Senate Rotunda in contrast to the red carpet.

    From one battlefield to the next.

    Unto the fray, full speed ahead, he thought scanning those gathered here.

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    Mar 9, 2005
    IC: Pascale Rouser
    Location: Coruscant Spaceport

    Pascale ambled along past the hangar bays, making sure he was aware of his surroundings. After all, even in a public place, you could still get jumped on if you were not careful.

    Speaking of which, there was a rather nice looking limousine parked outside one of the hangers, even though the hangar itself looked in need of a good paint job. Probably someone who wants to be discreet he thought what better way than to arrive in a hangar that looks like it needs a scrubbing and then park your limousine right outside, genius.

    As if on cue, a Twi’lek in a rather fetching dress in Pascale's opinion approached the limo with an older man wearing an eye patch in tow flanked by rather burly looking brutes in suits. Not as nice as mine though….

    He also spotted a woman trying hard to be inconspicuous in a rough weave cloak popping out of another hangar and disappearing into the crowds.Interesting he thought looks like I have come at an interesting time.

    He decided to move on and quickened his pace slightly his blue eyes continuing to scan the crowds as well as looking for his desired cantina or bar. His blaster pistol remained snug in it’s holster in his jacket, although he made sure that it was never visible or made a bulge in his jacket, it was never wise to broadcast that you had a weapon. He also made sure it was also easily accessible if he ever needed to use it.

    As he passed the limousine, not even glancing at it, he noticed that one of the brutes in a suit had peeled off and was following him, probably on instruction from his master or mistress. Pascale kept calmly walking along, not showing any indication that he knew he was being followed, as a mercenary, you had to stay on the ball as it were, any indication you knew you had a tail meant you either being set upon, or dead.

    After a few minutes of being followed, and catching a glimpse of the limo lifting off with it’s passengers, Pascale had finally had enough and decided to step out of the crowd and face the shadow. He waited until the man caught up to him, he definitely stuck out like a sore thumb if he was trying to be discreet.

    “If you are thinking about killing me, this is not a very private place for a murder” he said and then looked the man up and down “Also, you rather stand out in the crowd if you are trying to behave like an assassin”

    He waved his hand as if to dismiss his last statement “The fact that you have not shot me in cold blood suggests that your master or mistress has sent you for a quick chat. If your boss wishes to have a meeting with me, I am happy to do so but only if he wants me to do something for him or her, I don’t do clandestine meetings”

    The only meetings he was interested in were the ones where he would be given a task to find something, preferably something valuable and the amount of credits it would give him to further his fortune. But even less valuable trinkets would enable him to keep his wallet going. It would even keep Fortuna running for quite a few years to come.

    It was then that he caught somebody else popping out of the same hangar that the woman in the cloak had come from, he turned slightly and got a surprise.

    Rendar...he thought So the young man has popped in for a visit as well. And is that woman travelling with him as well? Interesting indeed. He could not help a sly smile appearing on his face. Now this looked like a fun game to play.

    He turned back to the brute in a suit “Tell your boss if they wish a meeting with me, they can comm me personally whenever they wish” he gave the suit his comm number hopefully he had a big enough brain to remember it and didn't just use his fists “I only have a few days before I have to depart Coruscant, so they had better be quick”

    He nodded to where Rendar was in the crowds “Now if you excuse me, i’ve got other things to attend to for now”

    He tipped his hat politely to the stranger, then began to follow Rendar.

    Let the games begin….

    TAG: Elias, Adrias, Dash, Emi
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    Jun 21, 2004
    IC: Cadet Han Solo, Enfanta Sophia Ana-stasia Isabeau-Skywalker; Emperor and Re Mavrat of Ursa (RMU), Anakin Skywalker, Lord Vader; Empress and Reina Mavras of Ursa (RMU), Marie Celeste Eugenie Isabeau-Skywalker; Ursean Security Forces (USF), Grand Admiral Julian Leitman; Grand Moff Wilhuf Tarkin, Lady Thalassa Moti Tarkin, Ursean Security Forces (USF), Lieutenant and aid to the Emperor, Mira Solinova; Imperial Executive Assistant to the Executor, Ms. Soubie; others in the retinue include, Admiral Harkan Colton of the USF, Dr. Molita, Ursean physician to the Royal Family; and the Enfanta's Governess, Maruuke Gartner, Commissar and former Jedi, Ahsoka Tano, and Ledaren of the Ursean Kavalad, Sheftain of Kiffar, and Jedi Master, Quinlan Vos, Imperial General Lekhauf (Mr. Sparks) of the Black Guard, among others.

    Nose to the view port, Sophia sat, feet tucked back of her and hitched at the edge of the deeply upholstered seating of the tri-wing that carried the entourage that had collected at the Embassy before leaving. Han sat next to her, dressed in the crisply pressed uniform of a cadet. It had already been a long day - it seemed it had lasted a decade to her- and she was already tired.

    In the time it took to think that thought, the Embassy lay far behind them glowing golden in the twilight and with it’s weathered stone filigree arches and turreted and crenellated parapets looking like an enchanted castle in contrast to the sleek towers of the surrounding district of Imperial Center.

    “Hey!” said Han, having caught the governess’ disapproving glance at Sophia’s crumpled silvery blue satin skirts. “Look what I brought.”

    Sophia turned to look down at Han’s open hand and she smiled at seeing a small toy flying craft.

    “Put it in your pocket for later.” he cautioned glancing up casually. “Here, take this too,” he said depositing the toy and a comlink into her slender hands. “Put it away,” he whispered. “If we get separated, you can always use that to get me. You need me, you call! I set up the code, see? You just push the first button on the side. Put it away, though.” Sophia recognized, by his tone, it was their secret and she squirreled the items into a deep pocket in the folds of her gathered long skirts.

    “You be careful, Sophia. Don’t forget that com and leave it out, or go showing it off or anything. That’s just between us?” Then suddenly aware he’d gotten all used to the Enfanta and fond, he tucked his head and nodded to her, whispering out of the side of his mouth, “So see you mind my words!”

    “Pinkie swear!” said Sophia holding up her little finger.

    “Uh...sure, kid!” he said, with a slight awkward chuckle and curling his little finger around hers, he flashed her a slow crooked smile. She was much younger, very much more innocent, and sometimes annoying, but she was growing on him. He’d always wondered what having a sibling would be like, and he imagined it would be something like this. They’d known one another for a few short years and they’d had plenty of adventures together. At first, when Vos brought him to Kavala, Han had resented it, felt uncomfortable in the large palace and in the society of the Ursean court, but Sophia was always right up front with him. Though, she could be a rascal, he had to admit that too. Both of them looked up at the announcement that the transport would be landing momentarily and indeed, the large cabin was suddenly lit with strobing light.

    As the cabin became active, members of the company standing and peering out of the viewports and pointing, Han caught a glance from the Re-well, now, he was the Emperor, and it suddenly occurred to Han, he still didn’t quite know how to address him. He wasn’t sure, but it looked as though Sophia’s fa...Anakin, nodded approvingly before turning away to offer a hand to the Empress.

    Having landed not on the tarmac, but in the plaza before the great dome of the Senate, debris cleared from the previous day’s attack, it was all lights and movement as the crowds roared and pressed at the barriers and the guards standing sentinel to either side and all along a carpeted route to the Senate entrance. As the ramp lowered, the roar of the crowd flooded the main cabin. The Imperial entourage braced and followed the young Emperor out to cries for the “Guardian of the Empire.”

    The Emperor and Empress, stood for a moment, the children in front, and waved. Han, stood numb for a moment before lifting a hand and waved as the adults were doing, though he felt kind of silly doing so and he could swear he heard singing from the crowd?!

    “Gone the screaming balls of fire...

    darting missiles ‘mongst tower and spire..

    .We’ll hold true.

    We’ll hold fast

    ‘til peace and harmony are returned at last...

    to the Republic we hold so dear...

    by the hero with no fear!...”

    Many in the retinue blinked at the blinding lights, spots being directed on the entourage as it crossed the plaza, heading towards the formal entrance to the Senate complex and on toward the glittering transparasteel structure of the many terraced atrium Again, as more light turned on the Royal retinue, the crowd surged against the barriers and the combined and various forces between Imperial and Ursean who stoically held the line against the crush, as they had been doing for the past hour before the guests started to arrive. Here and there the shiny white clas stormtroopers were prevailed upon to “lift” the security net and allow some VIP or other to interact with someone in the crowd. The noise was mind-numbing, the press of the crowds, unrelenting, and above all, that oppressive Imperial fanfare, somehow, at once stirring and yet, seeming stale and stodgy. Earlier, the crowds were regaled with more uplifting musical offerings.

    Amongst the crowds, plain close operatives roamed and scanned the crowds, who themselves were obliged to pass through checkpoints before accessing the plaza. Seen communicated with one another through their helmets’ communication gear, stormtroopers roved in twos and stood with the press and media personalities and their technical assistants. And it was so around Coruscant and many other locals around the Empire were in plazas and parks, official celebrations and gatherings were held to celebrate the end of the war even as Imperial alert systems maintained high threat levels. Thus not everyone could join in the festivities and some there were who watched not as the large public holo stations, which projected the Coruscant event, but gathered around small projectors in taverns and shops and looked on with misgiving.


    From the vantage of the Tri-wing’s ramp, it seemed to Han, a contained mayhem and the sum of noise, lights, music, and pressing crowds made Han want to both run and laugh giddily and he found himself rooted to where he stood until Grand Admiral Leitman patted the cadet on his shoulder.

    “‘Xcuse me, Grand Admiral, Sir.” said Han, saluting, and coming back to the moment, eager to demonstrate that he was not the child, Leitman might have thought him. It was only a few hours ago. The leader of the USF seemed to have dried out, his uniform showing no sign of having been doused The Admiral seemed to understand and thankfully made little of it, so Han moved on, following the family. He looked ahead to Sophia as she glanced back at him. Her expression had changed from one of glee to a stoic little smile and Celeste obligingly let her return to take Han’s hand, for this was by far the largest gathering of being she’d ever seen and they seemed, behind their jubilance...she didn’t know what to call it - hungry? Without thinking, the young cadet put an arm around the Enfanta’s shoulder, instinctively pulling her closer to his side. The Empress looked to her husband and with her eyes directed his attention to note Sophia’s protector and doing so, he nodded appreciatively and smiled, as he took Celeste’s now empty hand.

    Pointing her chin starward, Sophia looked up to see swarms of holo-globes lacing above the security net, mostly unobtrusive until a globe darted too close and a blue spear of light energy would arc up to crackle at its surface and then fade away quickly. Luminous shafts of light turned the sky caught in their beams nearly opaque as the dust and moths there, flickered and floated. Surveillance crafts of various types and authorities hung above, vigilante.

    The Commissar all in blue and the Ledaren, in a new set of black vestments and armor strode alongside the Imperial family. However, the smiles and waving could not bely the press of the vast crowd, or the intensity with which the guards scanned that welling sea and now the two, regal montral-ed Togruta and Yellow-tatted Kiffar moved ahead and General Lehkauf handing his wife into the company of another member of the entourage, to fall back of the group. The Princess did not miss the meaning of this choreography and scanning the crowd, she remembered to smile and nod, waving to this one and that. Only a day had passed since the Enfanta had arrived with her mother, the Reina of Ursa, now Empress of the Galactic Empire of Free Systems. Swallowing, she was suddenly made aware of her position in a greater, more complex sphere and she blinked at the brilliant light that glared around her. Lowering her gaze, she was surprised to see, at a little distance along the red-carpeted channel ahead, a beautiful girl, with honey-brown hair, and large doe-eyes peering back at her through the guards and guests between them. The Enfanta could be seen to stretch up and crane to keep the purple and gold clad girl in her sight. There was a thrill of recognition and leaning forward, as if to catch up to the girl ahead of her, the Princess nearly tripped on the hem of her brilliant silvery silk satin skirts.

    Before she could fall forward, she was lifted to find herself in her father’s arm. At this vantage, the lights were even more glaring and trying to resist blinking, she tucked her head to the shade of her father’s cheek, comforted by his whispered words and quick smile. Nodding to his attention, she waved again to the crowd and found herself leaning in against his chest as the wave of sound rose and whelmed at them like a wall.

    There was that song again! Slowly the it grew out of the chaos to coalesce into a coherent lyric line, and Sophia’s father looked around the crowd with intensity. He seemed to recognise it, his brow furrowing uneasily and looking to the Empress in some slight confusion, but with her, nodded to the crowd with a vague smile as the song ended to the sound of cheers and clapping. Glancing back over her shoulder, the Princess saw that Grand Admiral Leitman also seemed a little unsettled by the song, though, catching the Enfanta’s quizzical gaze, slowly smiled reassuringly back at her before returning an acknowledging gaze to the crowd to either side and then being distracted by a younger officer coming up from behind, speaking to him and handing him a data pad.

    Turning to look behind him to see what had now caught Sophia’s eye, Han craned to look to the various guests arriving and following the retinue. Clearly someone met with her recognition and he looked from left to right and shrugged to himself before finally spying the one that seemed to have caught the Enfanta’s attention. Walking with a very severe looking lady on his arm, it was the officer from the Senate corridor. Neither one smiled. The lady might once have been beautiful, but her posture made her unapproachable. Severe and gaunt, the officer seemed to have trained his gaze on Sophia or perhaps it was the Re. Han didn’t know, but he decided he didn’t want that man to see him staring and he turned about in time to avoid walking into a Storm trooper standing duty along the edge of the carpeted channel. Narrowly avoiding the armored guard, he saw with relief that they were nearly to the entrance.


    Lt. Mira Solinova walking beside her Imperial counterpart, Ms. Soubie, both noting that the evening’s guests in their colourful attire and glittering adornments were now arriving at once. They stood out from the crowds as they spilled from their transports and milled about the staging area swapping small talk with one another, reigniting old acquaintances, or making new ones. Soubie spoke to the fact that there was an order to the seeming tumult and the organisers had made sure to coordinate arrivals avoiding “unfortunate” or “potentially discordant” meetings in order to minimize the opportunity for conflict during this arrival process. Pointing out various celebrities to one another the two women watched as one or the other halt to be interview or to model their gowns, for the holo journalists were arranged along the red carpet to either intice the guests along the path or discourage them from lingering. In addition to all the noise, flags and banners waved and confetti glittered in the lights. Mira kept one thought to herself, and that was that if there were any who objected to the celebration as the deceased Emperor Palpatine’s body lay in state a short distance away at the formal entrance to the rotunda and several stories overhead, their displeasure was nowhere apparent.

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    Jun 21, 2004
    IC: A “Black Suit” with visor.
    LOCATION: Coruscant, hangar of a Spaceport

    He let the little guy have his say. Arrogant little dandy! He seemed to have a lot to say about nothing. The “Suit” chewed on a piece of smack with amiable patience-for a “Suit” and when the man called Pascale Rouser was done and excused him, the Suit shoved a folded note into the dandy’s chest pocket, right next to his dapper lil’ pocket square and replied, “Yeah, I’ll do that!”

    Dashed off quickly before departing, left to the thug to deliver, but in sinuously beautiful script, the note was in Mr. Blud’s stylish and old fashioned basic:

    Dear Mr. Rouser,

    One gentleman to another, I dare say, you don’t remember me, but I remember you and have kept up with your career. It is my understanding that you are good at “finding” things of value-a knack-one would say. How fortuitous it is that I am often in the market for things of value. I believe we might take advantage of the current climate and strike a business relationship mutually beneficial to one another....

    The note went on to say where and when Pascale might have dinner with Mr. Elias Blud:

    Please, deign to be my guest in my home. I am a bit of a foodie, so do send word ahead so I may accommodate you. It would be my pleasure!

    Elias Blud

    The thug watched as the trim and fastidiously dressed man turned about and headed off with determined steps. He harrumphed to himself and then followed casually to amuse his curiosity.

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    Mar 9, 2005
    GM Approved

    Name: Feye Solkrest
    -Age: 44
    --Gender: Female
    ----Race: High Corellian
    -----Eye Colour: Hazel
    ------Hair Colour and Style: Blonde
    -------Skin Complexion: Fair skin
    --------Physique: Slim build
    ----------Personality: Serious but can be humorous at times
    ----------Quirks: Is adept with any kind of weaponry thanks to her training, very protective of her family, takes her job as Queen very seriously
    --Force Sensitivity: Yes , does not carry a lightsaber
    Ship: Panther’s Roar
    Class: Jaggalor Class Frigate
    Hyperdrive Class: 2
    Weapon(s): 4 dual light turbolaser cannons, 2 medium turbolaser cannons, 2 quad laser cannons, can carry concussion missiles, has capacity to carry starfighters, shuttles and bombers
    Shields: Equipped
    Crew: 300
    Passenger(s): 200
    Max Cargo : 4.000 tons

    Interior Description: Mostly basic, although Feye’s chambers are decorated in blue and opulent. The ship carries a throne chamber where Feye can hold conferences with her advisors and visitors.

    Biography: Born into the Corellian Royal family, Feye was introduced into a life of wealth and privilege and groomed to become the next heir of Corellia, she was raised with several siblings.

    Without warning, the Sith Empire took over the Corellian system, and forced the royal family to become subservient to them. During that period, she witnessed the decline of the Corellian Kingdom as the Sith Empire subverted their key organisations in their industry, defences and security. The Corellian Jedi Order were hunted relentlessly.

    A decade later, during a special Gala event hosted at the Palace, she met an ‘archeologist’. After a dance, she gives him a tour of the palace and to learn more about its history and its secrets.

    The same man returned a few days later in the garb of a Corellian Jedi, introducing himself as Rowan Halcyon and stating that he had he means to drive the Sith out of the Corellian system. However, Feye’s grandmother is revealed to be a traitor, allowing the Sith to take over the system in the first place. When no-one believes Rowan about an imminent danger, Feye is whisked away against her will, but just in time as the royal palace is destroyed. The fighting begins.

    Feye devastated at her family’s loss understood that she must become the leader Corellia needs in a time of war. Taken to a safe house by Rowan, the two begin to gather allies to push back against the Sith and Feye, herself, leads the war room. Rowan, though deep in battle on Corellia, manages to rally and lead , Republic and Union forces, and enlist the help of his friend Kal and his mercenary fleet, who arrive to attack the Sith fleet whilst teams secure all the keys to Centrepoint Station with Rowan holding the Corellian key.

    The war coming to a close, Feye steps up to order a truce between the Sith, Republic, and Union forces after Rowan uses the threat of Centrepoint Station to route the fleets out of the system. Now, with the conflict ended, Feye is finally coronated as Queen, but is sad to learn afterwards that Rowan has disappeared.

    Feye saw to the clean up and restoration process of the Corellian kingdom. Se'Iva acted as a consultant and advised in the rebuilding and fortification of Corellia against the Cha’ala threat. Months later, Feye, having learned of Rowan's whereabouts, heads to the homeworld of Rowan's father where the Corellian Jedi had gone to try to resolve the civil war there. She came with a bombshell, Rowan and she were cousins. With Kaylee’s help, Feye manages to convince Rowan to come back to serve as Prince of Corellia, the next heir to the throne, while she rules as Queen.

    As Feye and Rowan return home, they are ambushed by an unknown hostile force. Her ship escaped and made it to the rendezvous point, however there was no sign of Rowan afterwards. With Rowan missing, Feye’s main mission is to try to find him and bring him home.

    IC: Feye Solkrest. Queen of Corellia
    Location: En route to Corellia, a long time ago...

    Where was he?

    It had been several hours now since the battle, my ship, Panthers Roar had sustained damage, but had come through. However, it was brave but reckless for Rowan and Kaylee to use their ships as shields to help save me and countless others.

    I was going to have some very un royal like words to say to him when he arrived.

    To be honest they could have either jumped somewhere or were possibly still sitting there, waiting to be collected. I had ordered some ships to return back to where the battle took place to see if there were any survivors left. Even if they did jump to hyperspace they could be over the other side of the galaxy, or even burned to a crisp by a sun. It was especially dangerous doing a blind jump with no set coordinates.

    All I had to do was bring him back to Corellia, simple, you might think. But we were attacked by a group of ships. Eventually the battle took its toll, but my ships managed to escape thanks to the actions of both my foolhardy cousin and Kaylee.

    I was getting worried now. I had sent some ships back to see if there were any survivors who had managed to either evacuate or eject from their ships. Still no sign of Rowan….

    A set of footfalls could be heard before the distinct sound of someone standing to attention.

    “Your Highness, a word if I may?” Came the voice of Director Nouva of Corellia Security, known as CorSec. “We received a message that the unknown force has moved on from the site and our ships are now scouring the battlefield for any survivors.”

    I nodded “Excellent, any idea so far what attacked us?”

    Nouva shook his head. “With what footage and data we’ve captured of the skirmish, we are unable to verify the ownership and origins of the vessels that attacked us.” He pulled out a small portable holographic projector and held it on the palm of his hand as it activated. It showed a mockup of the battlefield, Rowan’s ships had created a corridor in which their own could pass through and the enemy that surrounded them. “Rowan’s forces had shielded us from the brunt of the attack, from what we could tell… there are a couple of large destroyer class vessels and several smaller corvette class escorts. Their fighters shown swarm characteristics.” Nouva let out a weary sigh. “Analysis so far shows the hull composition is not made from any material we know. The speculation amongst the team is that it could be organic... but we cannot be certain until we hear back from our teams inspecting the battlefield. We have also reached out to our closest allies but there has been no word just yet.”

    I shook my head, great another mystery to solve “Any news on Rowan?”

    Nouva hesitated for a second then his eyes lowered as he shook his head.“No word on their whereabouts as of yet.” His looked back up. “If there are any, we are hoping that they might be able to give us some clue as to what happened after we left.”

    “Let me know if they pick up any survivors, I would like to know where Rowan has disappeared off to. Sweep the area inch by inch, there must be traces of his ship somewhere”

    “You will be the first to know.” Nouva gave an encouraging smile. “In all the years I’ve known him, he is a survivor. I am sure he will be alright, probably awaiting us to pick him up.”

    I smiled also “You have a point there. He’d better turn up soonish though, I’ve got some stern words for him, make no mistake”

    “I’ve a couple of choice words lined up, myself, your Highness.” He gave a friendly chuckle and a small wink. “I’ll let you go first though, it will have more resonance coming from you.”

    I chuckled “One of the advantages of being a member of the Royal family” my smile faded “continue your sweeps, let me know if anything comes up, no matter how unusual.”

    “Of course, Your Majesty. You shall be informed at once.” Nouva bowed his head respectfully and left.

    I turned and looked out of the nearby viewport. Rowan was still alive, I could feel it. The trouble was he could be in the Unknown Regions for all I know.

    If you can hear me Rowan, I hope you get back safely…..

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    May 17, 2004


    CS Short Form
    Name: Admiral Jakin Poulo

    Gender: Male


    Race: Human

    Personality: Gruff, militaristic. Rigid in his loyalty and standards.

    Weapons:Standard issue

    Ship: Admiral of the HIM Imperial-Class Star Destroyer Halcyon

    Bio: Jakin was from Corulag, a city-planet nearby Coruscant. He’d been raised by a militaristic father - though his father never made it into any formal form of the military. Jakin would despise him for never actually making it, but thankful to him for instilling the values that made him part of the military.

    Jakin attended a military college on Corulag, with the intention of serving as a starfighter pilot. He joined the planetary guard and was part of a growing number of success pilots. The Republic Navy, though not a large force pre-Clone Wars, was an opportunity to work on those skills. Jakin signed up. He rose in the ranks before a failed escort mission wiped out his fighter squadron versus some highly skilled pirates.

    Jakin came to realize that the failing wasn’t with his fighter squadron, but with the intel and leadership that sent him there. So, he pursued the command track instead - learning what he could so that he wouldn’t put other pilots in the same position.

    Understanding that death was sometimes ordered, Jakin believes in telling his people the truth. Jakin has developed an almost too-frank frankness when it comes to talking with those under his command.

    He has fought in the Clone Wars under the Republic Navy, was promoted to Captain as the Empire was established. Awarded numerous medals of valor and courage. Those under his command are known for hitting their mark and working to standards. His frankness garners him much respect from his crews. Though, he is also harsh when they are out of line.

    Was moved to Vader’s Onslaught fleet near the close of the Clone War under Grand Admiral Magnus Carthaginian on the flagship.

    CS Long Form

    Name: Jakin Poulo

    Gender: Male

    Age: 42

    Species: Human

    Home world: Corulag

    Affiliation: Empire


    —Traits: Military. Frank. No sugar coating. Respects life, discipline, order.

    —Likes: Success. Defeating others. Being respected. Order

    —Dislikes: Failure. Weakness. Open Deception

    —Habits: Rubs his bald head when thinking. Tends to be extremely silent, and efficient with his words


    ---Skin Color: Dark

    ---Hair Color: Black, cut short. Balding

    ---Eye Color:Brown

    —Clothing: Imperial Navy Uniform

    ---Other Attributes: Highly decorated, but does not wear the medals. Jakin prefers to let achievement be its own reward.

    ---Other Details: Still gets his hand dirty when it comes to Starfighter Corps, and his ships pilots are a crack team.
  21. pashatemur

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    Jun 21, 2004

    OOC: This is a joint post with TheAdmiral whom I think most sincerely.

    IC: Emi-to Shuri, Jedi Grand Master; Adrias Stark, former Jedi and now, smuggler/assassin; "Toothy"; Inquisitor

    Out into the remaining light, the hood of her saffron robe drawn over her head, the Grand Master moved deftly through the end of day crowds, many of whom were hurrying home to either catch the evening's festivities on holo or heading to the Senate to celebrate in the plaza. Those who felt defiant, either in a show of solidarity or to catch a glimpse of the celebrities in attendance were happy for the distraction of the festivities-a chance to thumb a nose at the terrorists that had attacked the symbol of both Old Republic authority and imperial, alike.

    Emi listened as she passed, piecing together the collective "feeling" of the crowds towards the apparent death of Palpatine, though, Master Shuri, was of necessity, distracted by the force adept that trailed her. Large holo screens projected the clips of the bombing taken by accidental spectators and interspersed it with clips of the new Emperor Vader’s speech. It was the once-Jedi General’s face that so struck her, that at one moment, she stood looking up, listening, distinguishing THAT voice from the noise of business and transport. There was no time to linger, to listen to what he was saying...she nearly reeled at the flood of questions and memory that streamed through her mind. A picture of the notoriously successful and apparently charismatic Baron Fel filled the massive outdoor holo projection space for a moment with an enlistment advert for the Academy at Carida. Emi drew in a measured breath and buffeted by the rush of the crowd, she hurried on, determined to try to find a moment to review the information available through the holos, despite censoring by the Ministry of Propaganda... Now, a heavy handed mind intrusion made her aware of having drawn attention, she wove in and out of the madding crowd feeling the trailing pursuit. //Interesting combination!// she noted, silently and drawing the strap of the satchel back up her shoulder with her thumb, she nodded to a fellow traveler and walked in that sort of purposeful but blousy way that so characterized the office works hurrying toward their evening’s destinations.

    Adrias blended with the crowd though he was sure his quarry sensed him. The meeting with Elias left a bitter taste in his mouth, but now had a different target. If the woman was an Inquisitor she did not show it. He needed to catch up with her before she could report them. Palpatine was dead but the traitor was in charge now so nothing much had changed.

    Eventually, the Jedi found a magline terminal and hopped aboard a crowded shuttle car just before the doors closed. Shouldering into the interior, she found a Besalisk behind whom she might search out, the force adept of her pursuer.

    She caught a quick glimpse earlier, but now, in her mind’s eye, an impression coalesced: his long robe open at the front and belted at his waist, was pale in color...cream? Practised stealth, predator-like, coiled...anger, urgency, unreserved intrusiveness... There!....the doors were closing when she’d looked round the edge of her robe, but she saw under a hood, he seemed clean shaven...but maybe stubble or a very short beard? Unbalanced of gait, or sight? Used to violence! A darkness, too! However, he tucked back to a car behind hers and must have slipped on there, for he was still near as the magine sped on its way, the nearby buildings and bright lights, a whir beyond the windows, the night sky descending with purpling shadows.

    Adrias managed to hop in the adjoining car just before the doors closed. He could sense the woman's presence on-board somewhere in the forward section. Something was off, she looked more like a Jedi than an Inquisitor. Maybe undercover? He decided to risk and slowly made his way through the crowd getting closer.

    Rolling up her cloak, Emi stuffed it into the frozen satchel she retrieved from the underside of Captain Rendar's ship before departing and tied her hair up in a turban using her old sash, she held on to an overhead strap and swayed in rhythm with the other standing occupants, waiting for the next stop. She felt a pair of eyes on her and quickly glanced down at a little twilek boy who watched her curiously from his father’s lap, their relationship evident in their body language.

    Being a trained bounty hunter and a former Jedi he could single out his target from within a crowd. The fact that she was a Force user made it easier.

    Looking about, she noted several other beings stared, particularly, at her cold satchel that dripped condensation as it defrosted in the ambient temperature, which was rather warm, as many beings were crammed into the magline car. She'd spent what she had on hand to "rescue" Fluffy. She was going to have to make something of the spice tranche in the satchel. She sighed and braced to be disgorged with the crowd as they magline car lurched and stopped, spilling its occupants out onto the platform. Finding herself just outside of the sliding doors, the Jedi quickly leaped, catlike over the top of the shiny silver car and landed in the crowd now entering from the other side and moved down a few cars keeping track of her follower... Hah!

    Adrias sensed the movement and managed to get back inside just before the doors closed. She was good. Definitely not an Inquisitor, so hopefully, a fellow Jedi.

    Emi had survived in the lower levels of Coruscant, learning to hide herself. Living with the vagabond King Eddie and his people, she'd rescued the Alliance pilot Torian Darkeyes and helped liberate him. She had survived despite the inquisitors’ many searches below the bustling and sparkling towers of the galactic capital. The air was growing colder under cloak of night and the hairs raised on the back of her neck as a breeze rushed ahead of the closing doors.

    The holonet played on panels every so many seats along the upper bulkheads so the riders could watch and be distracted and manipulated with subtle propaganda and marketing. Buy this, because you aren't happy, buy that because you aren't beautiful..., be patriotic, keep your sensors alert and report anything amiss....!

    The frozen satchel at her side was hardly thawed yet it stung her hand and side where she held it.

    Ah, so he was approaching back through the cars, though there seemed to be another force signal approaching from forward of the car. Emi looked about and began to travel to the back exit and into the next car.

    Adrias needed to catch up with her before she could leave. He slowly made his way through the crowd trying not to attract too much attention. Meeting with an obstruction, a smirking rider, who grasped the mercenary was following the pretty human with the turquoise eyes, Adrias was obliged to stop. Taller and heftier than the assassin, for he was a Besalisk, the obstruction made himself larger by putting himself in the merc’s path and tried staring him down, hands on hips and made a toothy smile in his pudding face while chewing on a bit of food debris he’d recently sucked free from his molars.

    There was movement from the fore and a change in the happy chatter that had previously dominated the car. Meanwhile the holos of the festive senate plaza played overhead.

    "She went that way...." said the little boy pointing back towards Adrias’ back. "She has eyes like water" he said.

    The man in black who seemed to glide or rather waft through the car, stopped, nodded at the blue boy, and turned to a stormtrooper behind him, "This child is a force sensitive. Take him back to the Inquisitorius with you. I will handle the othe...others."

    The trooper acknowledge and wrestled the boy from his father's grasp. There were silent stares from those around as the boy complained, but was dragged forward and then to the exit.

    Adrias stopped in his tracks, ready to have “distracted the lout blocking his way. He was close enough to grasp what was happening behind. There was trouble and that trouble was heading his way. It was not for his own sake he stopped, but for the boy that was taken away! He withdrew from the Force momentarily, as not to be easily detected. He needed to help the kid, the Jedi, if she was one, would have to wait.


    Tilting his white helmet to direct his black-eyed gaze down at the boy, his voice coming through his vocoder, deep and grainy, "Why didn't you say so?" and quickly relayed the information to his superior as the boy said, "I don't want to go to the Inquizzisorus!"

    "Can you give us a description?" the trooper was tasked with asking the boy.

    The boy stared up blankly, "Scripshum?"

    "Yes, what did the other look like, what were they wearing, human, not, how tall ...?"

    “Please...he’s just a boy!” the father begged.


    Adrias observed the exchange, he was sure that he was not noticed, but what about the woman?

    One stop away, the magline came to a screeching halt, an announcement coming over the public address system. "This line has been stopped for inspection, please have your identification ready and remain where you are. Stormtroopers began to populate the platform clearing surprised commuters away."

    The announcement crackled loudly over the tram’s' interlink system and the passengers began to fidget and speak in low tones in worry. Meanwhile, the holonet projected the merrymaking at the Senate as posh speeders and celebrities arrived at the Plaza.

    Adrias’ muscles tensed a bit, but he decided not to take action. His expression was showing a mild annoyance and just enough worry as to not look too suspicious. He looked carefully to see if the woman was there but could not see her. He dared not use the Force just in case there was an Imperial user. Besides she would have done the same so there was no point in trying.

    Meanwhile, in the car behind, Emi-to Shuri slipped through the tightly packed aisle away from the door and toward the emergency exit, forward, not by choice, but to seek a few moment’s avoidance of the side doors , She could see into the next car, and directly at Adrias.She dropped below the view port and felt for the tumblers inside the locking mechanism, for outside, troopers were arriving on the platform and heading for the magline doors, obviously preparing to enter.

    It was at this moment that Toothy lurched forward, seeing the Inquisitor draw closer. “Sorry, mate, I’m feel'n ....unwell." His eyes bugged out as he felt the point of cold metal press at his gut.

    Adrias did not have time to react when the Besalisk struck him. “Be careful next time,” he hissed.

    “Alright, Mate, alright,” said Toothy and a little groggily. He shift from one large leg to the other carefully and lurched again to sneeze.

    The troopers were lining up and preparing to enter the cars. Thus far unsuccessful in unlocking the emergency door, yet, Shuri continued cooly, She did not need to look over her shoulder to know the troopers to either side of the entrances had unshouldered their weapons and were prepared to enter now.

    Leaning her forehead to the door, the Jedi concentrated all the more, and listened. /No...not that, one last tumbler.../

    / Turning round, but not yet catching...not...yet...catching.../

    Outside, an order was given and the scrap and click of multiple doors unlocking sounded all along the magline-

    /Turning, turning..../




    The corner of the brown satchel tugged from the closing emergency door just as the troopers stepped aboard,Emi had slipped out and down between the cars, dropping below the platform level to cling to the underside of the lubricant stained magline.


    Throughout the tram,the same words were uttered as the storm troopers clattered aboard each car.

    Able to watch as the emergency door in the car behind slide open and shut, Adrias was obliged to hold up the Besalisk as he draped over the assassin and behind, the Inquisitor approached.

    “Stand up,” he demanded of the Besalisk and “Stand aside!” HIs tone telegraphed his impatience.

    Toothy moaned and pushed himself away from Adrias slowly, taking his time, and meeting the assassin's eye with his own.

    Adrias frowned slightly. It seems that the Besalisk was not as inebriated as he pretended to be. He was stalling for time.

    “I said stand aside!” growled the Inquisitor, his hand over the hilt of his weapon. “You are impeding an officer of the Empire, you “truncheon!” Do as I say, the both of you, or you will be taken in for questioning.”

    “Wha...ah....URRRRRRP,” burped the Baselisk, playing “the boards” like a true thespian, his breath “perfuming” the air and passengers nearby leaning away from the impending danger but more from the stench.

    Adrias could easily take care of the young upstart but his escape route was blocked and he did not want to make a scene. The Besalisk was not helping either attracting too much attention. He was not used to being under the spotlight as he usually operated in the shadows.

    “Whoa...whoa...whoa...!” whaled the Besalisk, “ mate...” He pulled himself up to his full height, now nearly pressing the ceiling of the car with the top of his head. “M movin’...jes’ secon’, jes’ secon.” and he swayed in the direction of the Inquisitor, who was compelled to look up into the Besalisk’s face, the rest of Toothy’s body seeming to grow, in concert with his height, to fill the way and blocking the view port of the emergency door and any passage to where Master Shuri had descended between the cars. There were audible gasps as the passengers next to the three, the Besalisk, the Inquisitor, and the hooded assassin anticipated a melee.

    “Yer gonna help m’ out, buddy?” the Besalisk drawled, directing his question to Adrias.

    The Inquisitor turned his head slightly, “digging in” for a confrontation.

    There was something off… It was no coincidence that this guy “helped" him. Was he working with the woman he had followed? “No need to heat up. Here’s my Ident...” he fished the chip from his pocket. He had paid an ludicrous amount to have it made but it was good since the chip got him on Coruscant.

    The Inquisitor smirked and snarled at Adrias, “I don’t need to see your identity chip...” He called back over his shoulder, “TROOPER!”

    To be continued....

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    IC: Senator Quindor Owney of Naboo, Her Grace, Queen Amidala II, Doctor Giles Senob, the queen’s handmaidens, Bianca & Aja.
    Location: The Naboo Embassy, Coruscant

    “Not too bad -” Senator Owney said aloud admiring his image in the mirror for a final inspection. “Even if I say so myself.” The black brocade jacket trimmed with silver piping and buttons with matching black trousers looked indeed very well on him. “A little retro...but I am a trendsetter.” Quindor turned away from his reflection. “I don’t want to keep Her Grace waiting.”

    As Owney walked the short distance between his suite and the queen’s chambers, the senator recalled all those years ago when he first noticed Sabe Delba. She had been personally recruited by Captain Quarsh Panaka who was in charge of the monarch’s security.

    Quindor was a page for his father . Running errands kept him busy and out of trouble- most of the time. It was summer, just weeks before the Trade Federation invasion, and Quindor was wandering about the palace gardens in an effort to avoid any assignments from his father. His father would NEVER think to look for Quindor in the park. (Quindor on purpose left his com in his father’s office.)

    He had to admit the gardens were pleasing to the eye, and the various fragrances a bouquet of aromas.
    The perfect place to woo …

    Looking down the gravel path, Quindor beheld a vision. It was Queen Amidala! The queen was seated upon the marbled bench , head bent, reading. She wore a simple white gown, no ornamentation decorated the dress. Nor was she wearing the traditional cosmetics. Never being so close to his monarch, Quindor marveled upon her beauty. He stood there for a few seconds, just gazing. He would pay his respects to their newly installed queen. Ownley approached within a couple of feet and bowed “My queen.”

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Naboo Palace gardens - where Sabe & Quindor first met

    Raising her eyes from the book, the young woman smiled at the lad. She had seen him before, running errands.
    The vision closed the book and chuckled, ”No, I’m not Amidala. I’m one of the queen’s handmaidens. I’m Sabe….Sabe Delba.”

    “ I am Quindor Owney. Your resemblance to the queen is remarkable.”

    “ So I’ve been told,” she acknowledged. “ You are the son of Representative Owney?” The handmaiden tilted her head slightly and gave Quindor an encouraging smile.

    “Yes, I’m suppose to follow in my father’s footsteps,” he replied sarcastically.

    “You don’t want to serve Naboo?” Sabe asked. She thought the young man would have wanted to follow family tradition - the Owney family had a long history of serving their people faithfully.

    “I’d rather follow my own path,” the young man declared. He had informed his parents of his intention and his father did not take it well.

    “And where do you want your path to take you?”

    “Fame and fortune,” the boy declared. “ I want to be a bounty hunter.”

    She giggled,“ A bounty hunter! You sound like a friend of mine, Hannes Vanepp. He wants to be an actor, known throughout the galaxy. What is it about boys your age?”

    “Boys my age?” Quindor grew indignant “I have you know I’ll soon be 15 - how old are you?”

    “ A gentleman never asks a lady their’s bad form.” The queen’s bodyguard reminded him.

    “Just because you are a handmaiden and look just like our queen, doesn’t give you the right to lecture me….and...and…” he was trying to think of an insult to hurl at her…”and you are no lady!”

    To Quindor’s chagrin , Sabe laughed aloud, “Oh, does it show?” She parried his insult with ease. “I will have to practice further. Thank you for your appraisal.” Sabe stood and looked towards the direction of the palace, “I must go now. I am on duty shortly. It’s been good meeting you Quindor.”

    Quindor thought he couldn’t pass up the opportunity of kissing such a beautiful girl - and she probably thought the same about him. “I’m wondering why you are in such a remote area of the garden…”

    “For privacy,” she stated flatly. The handmaiden did not care for his insinuation.

    The youth stepped in front of Sabe, intruding upon her personal space. They were about the same height, and Quindor gave her (what he considered) a mannish grin - he had practiced several poses and facial expressions in front of a mirror. “Ahhh, yes...privacy,” Ownley grinned. “I bet those lovely lips have never been kissed before.”

    In reaction to Owney’s breach of etiquette, Sabe crossed her hands, clutching the book against herself as if a shield to ward herself from his rude advances. Her eyes bored into his. “I think it best you move aside, Quindor Owney.” she whispered. “There is a reason why my resemblance to Queen Amidala is so remarkable.” The vision lifted her chin and somehow was able to look down upon him.

    Her voice had changed….it sounded just like... like the queen’s in her first address to the Naboo legislative! Quindor stepped back several paces, his face turning as white as the gown the queen was wearing. His father would disown him !

    “My queen!” He knelt on one knee before her. “Please forgive me….I..I..was overwhelmed by your beauty….oooh...ahhhh I thought you were just a servant”, Quindor stumbled over his words, searching for the right phrase and only made the scene more awkward and embarrassing for himself.

    The queen admonished him. “No matter who you believe me to be, whether queen or maid or any female for that matter, you should treat all with respect, young Quindor.”

    “Yes, Your Grace….” the youth mumbled, staring at the gravel walk.

    “Good day to you.” Stepping around him, slipping the book into a concealed pocket ,Sabe made her way down the path towards the palace.

    Quindor was still kneeling. / What if she tells my father...he’ll ship me out to boarding school, he’ll withhold my allowance….I’ll have to listen to him everyday for the rest of my life on how I disgraced the family.../

    Owney looked around and saw the retreating figure. He stood, brushing off his pants where the gravel had adhere to his pants / What if it was Sabe...and not the queen../

    Sabe knew Quindor was now following her from a safe distance. Further up the path was Eirtae, another handmaiden. Sabe made as if to adjust a lock of hair and whispered into the concealed com at her wrist.

    “Eirtae, do me a favor. Come towards me and nod your head as if I were the queen.”

    Quindor peered from behind a flowering shrub. Another handmaiden was approaching Sabe and she nodded towards her….she really was Queen Amidala! The boy swallowed hard.

    Sabe winked at Eirtae as her fellow handmaiden continued the charade and respectfully followed Sabe.

    Safely inside, Sabe confided to Eirtae what had passed between Quindor and herself. The queen’s handmaidens laughed as they linked arms and proceeded to the queen’s chambers.


    “For Power’s sake, doctor, I can’t put it down my back!”

    “I will not put a weapon of destruction in my medical bag.”

    Amidala scowled as she held the lightsaber towards Giles Senob. “It will be but briefly, doctor. It must be returned as we depart tomorrow.”

    Senob crossed his arms. “It can be destroyed.”

    Hovering in the background, Bianca & Aja exchanged glances. Both doctor and queen were quite resolved in this issue. They stood in the middle of the queen’s parlor and had been exchanging words for the past few minutes.

    The door of the sitting room slid open and Senator Owney appeared “Good evening your Gr….” he pointed “ That’s a lightsaber.”

    Sabe turned towards Ownley replacing her scowl with a congenial smile. “So it is Senator Ownley, it is in fact Anakin Skywalker’s lightsaber. I wish to return it to him this evening since as you know I will be departing tomorrow for home.”

    Intrigued the senator inquired, “ and how did you come about possessing the new emperor’s lightsaber?”

    “It’s a very long, complicated story, senator. Unfortunately, I cannot divulge the tale at this time.”

    Quindor grinned, “I’m sure indeed it will be an interesting telling since it involves you - Your Grace.” Ownley bowed ,but his eyes looked into Sabe’s. The queen of Naboo returned Ownley’s mischievous smirk.

    Aja and the senior handmaiden Bianca remained silent in the background, their curiosity piqued by this exchange between the queen and senator.

    To be continued...

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    OCC: Thank you, C_O, for this joint post.

    ~IC~ Acting CO: Ariek, Dr Meril Blanik
    Location: Icarus - Selonia

    Ariek paced about the bridge of the Icarus. She had done all she could do to assist with getting the ship back up to speed and at a point where she had to step back to allow the ‘experts’ hand it… that or they were just being polite and didn’t want her help. All she could do now is wait... and it was driving her almost stir crazy waiting to hear for updates for...well… everything. Kaylee and Rowan, Kal’s expedition, Repairs and patchwork ship, infirmary status about Se. The list grew on.

    A small chiming sound from the comm and she was lighting fast in answering it. Finally, something! She smirked as she heard Kaylee’s voice, who is always gentle and reassuring.

    “Hello Darling, give me something new.” Ariek said to her and listened intently as Kaylee relayed more about the village, the beach and resources there. “That sounds marvellous.” Ariek said, she could read hints of what was left unsaid though she resisted the temptation to tease and derail the course of the discussion, “What is the lay of the land? What can we expect?”

    There was a brief hesitation and Ariek smirked as she heard the Corellian Jedi ‘Prince’ answer the question instead. Rowan gave a detailed description of the terrain and the village. As he described the layout, something in there pricked up her ears. “What type of troopers are we talking about?”

    Both Kaylee and Rowan chimed in on that. With Ariek’s former occupation was based in the underworld, the description did not match any known groups or organisations she had encountered before. Probably an overpriced security detail trying to make themselves intimidating. She filed that bit of info away for later.

    “You two do what you need to do.” Ariek told them. “I might do a recon and take a small team with me before we get too comfortable. Keep in touch.”

    They both promised and signed off. Though, Ariek would not be surprised if the ‘lovebirds’ get caught up in the moment and forget to check in.

    She looked over and one of the crew members looking questionly at her. She sighed. “What is it Marks?”

    He hesitated and then spoke. “If we are in the Corellian System... Shouldn’t we go straight there and have access to proper facilities for repairs?”

    “Technically, I suppose.” Ariek crinkled her nose. “However, something has Outrider on edge and spooked… that makes me uneasy. That’s why we are playing it slow and safe and why I rather we get ourselves sorted rather than end up in dire straits or worse... our ship falls apart on us.”

    He nodded in understanding.

    “Just need to work out what we need and put together a team and get out of here…” Ariek said to herself as pushed past him to leave the bridge. “...before I go bonkers.”

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

    Meril, sat bolt upright at her desk, switched off her monitor and dragged her hands over her slack face, rubbing vigorously to wake herself. She’d fallen asleep sitting up and every pore in her face tingled and sweated oil. “ long h...B0b? B0b, how long have I been sitting here? Blessed Kingfisher! How long?” she called, irritated, her speech devolving into a yawn. Stretching up, she could hear her back unkink with a couple of choice dull snaps. “That’s...better!”

    Realizing B0b did not answer, the doctor rose and stepped out of her cozy cabin to search for the Biotech Opera B 0.3 medical droid, she affectionately called B0b. Padding through the infirmary, she looked in on several of her patients-almost all recovering nicely from injuries incurred during their catastrophic encounter with the Cha’ala, though a few tossed in their sleep. Moving from one patient to the next, the doctor thought back over the battle. They lost a ship, a magnificent ship of highly advanced technology. The Cha’ala decanted at their waypoint with dreadful power, their unusual ships moving in astoundingly articulated grace and precision. They were lucky to have outmaneuvered them, not once, but twice. It was due to the skill of Rowan and Kaylee's crews that they were able to escape with a jump, but even then... Maybe the Cha'ala were studying... She’d been in many battles, but she was truly frightened by the Cha.

    Meril straightened a pillow and the sheets for one patient in particular, brushed the young man’s brow, and checked his progress. He was barely a man. Most of those they were fortunate to recover, had been jettisoned into space as their ship literally dissolved. It had to have been a harrowing experience to be scoured by the ice cold needles of space, lungs stinging for oxygen, and the hard press of that darkness crushing, crushing. Across from the boy, one woman, however, had suffered injury before she’d been turned into space junk. She was missing flesh and limbs, as if she’d been dipped in acid and the case perplexed and saddened the doctor. Seeing to what small comforts she could give, Meril moved on to find B0b or "Bob."

    Head poking into each dorm, as she passed down the interior hallway of the onboard medical facility, till all that was left was Se’s room, Meril stopped and sighed. They’d given a surgery over to the sleeping Cha’ala who floated comatose in a special harness to protect her wings, which had remained curled tightly at the seeming serene creature’s slender back. The cage used to suspend her long form was elaborate and took up most of the room. Glancing to the floor beneath Se’Iva, Meril grimaced. A fine pearly blue and iridescent film shimmered there, dried scales from the Cha’s wings indicated some entropy. It would have been good, had they been able to use bacta, but it was in short supply and they had too many patients to spare the amount they’d need to “float” Se, let alone anyone. The doctor sighed.

    As Meril stepped quietly over the threshold, Bob whirred his bucket of a head around to “face” Meril,‘though the droid could see her from any angle as he had multiple photo receptors. He held up a mechanical digit, one of three, to approximate placing a finger to lips though he did not have to tell Meril to be quiet. Then he pointed to the suspended alabaster form of Se, her fine smooth skin reflecting the low light in a halo, but one noticeably dimmed in the past few days.

    Speaking in low tones, Bob said, “The patient has demonstrated small localized movement over the past 8 hours. Brain activity has been significantly elevated, but her vitals have weakened by 9.7333 % in the last hour. I believe the patient is in decli....”

    “Shhhh...” she cautioned the medical unit and waved him to the exit. Rubbing her forehead, the doctor requested a line to Ariek on the bridge. Bob approximated a slight nod and answered,“Yes, one moment, doctor.” Accessing his internal comlink, the droid hailed the bridge and stating, “Dr. Blanik for Ariek.”

    The bridge informed that Ariek had just left and rerouted the call to her personal comlink. It was not long before there was an answer.
    “Ariek speaking, please be some good news…”

    “Hello, eh, Dr. Blanik, sir.” said Meril, laughing out of the side of her mouth. “I’m just going to rattle this all off: We need bacta- badly-as in yesterday. I’ve got over 30 patients down here in medical. Next, Se...I mean, the Cha’ala is dying. I can tell you why, now that I think I know. Do you want that information, Sir? Or shall I just tell you what I need?”

    “What…?!?” Ariek exclaimed with horror and dread, then a few seconds of silence. “Shhhhmmmm… sorry. What do we need?” Her voice became more calmer. “We best get that going then an explanation why. I mean, we are organising an expedition for supplies.”

    Meril sighed. ”K...I need to get her to sunlight, Sir. I need live plant extracts and probably rain or humidity. I can approximate sunlight, but there is something else to it, so I need to get her out of that surgery and into sunlight. That’s it! And if it’s not here, then it better be somewhere in the next ... 13 hours...make that 7 hours. -Yep, already tried it.” She said anticipating possible “helpful” suggestions from Ariek or indeed, anyone. “So, let’s just say, I either take her outside now, or Rowan an’ Kaylee are recalled shipside immediately. Have I made it sufficiently clear?” Blanik was not being sarcastic, she was, in fact, exhausted and sad. Hours sitting at Se’s side, searching for answers had lead her down so many dead ends, this one, of course, the deadest, she thought wryly. She did not like having to guess at a solution with such dire consequences. Without Se, who could provide them the information and aid should they encounter the Cha’ala again? Yet, it wasn’t simply Se’Iva’s usefulness in this regard, it was that for all her care, they might lose Se’Iva anyway.

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    IC: Bene Gesserit, Sister Adalia Adana

    LOCATION: Castle Kaladan, Kala City, Planet Kaladan of the Union of the Great Houses

    It was yet another chilling morning where the very cold seemed to seep in through the Castle’s deep stone “feet,” through the meters thick same obdurate cladding, and even through the best glazed transparasteel outer windows.

    Sliding from the high canopied bed to the plush and rare carpet, Adalia stood for a moment enjoying the crush of the soft silken fibers under foot. Such luxuries were dangerous, she reminded herself and she straightened and stretched, ready for her morning meditation of both mental and physical training. The Bene Gesserit was calm, liquid of movement, and focused and, had anyone been watching, her contorted stretches would have defied belief. Yet, though she executed her regimen well, it was routine and many Bene Gesserit were quite capable of such stretches. Trained as consummate warriors, the Gesserit had been formed many centuries in a long ago past by Mother Loraine, and she, a sister of uncommon strength and wisdom had trained and established the order, as nearly constituted as it is presently, with the same purpose-to oversee the Union, to guide, and protect, as Adalia understood it, for the Greater Good.

    The Royal physic had insisted she remain a bed, but the Sister could not indulge another day. Trained, fed, bathed, Adalia attached a new bacta patch to the deep puncture wound the crystal splinter had made in her neck and resituated her habit and veils before venturing out into the hall. Staff salutes both distant and small, if at all, seemed to be a clear indication that word had gotten about of her previous days’ exploits. Young and full of good intentions, Castel Kaladan had already proved a challenge to her ideals and the Sister, as if that were not enough, had clearly made an enemy of the Castle spirits! Upon her travels to Kaladan, Adalia expected to sense negativity, but spirits were altogether beyond her expectations. Where had they come from, how and why could they be there? What were they...actually?

    And where was the Reverend Sister Irene? This was the second day in a row, the attentive elder sister had not come to pay a visit, teaching gently and advising wisely. Adalia rather missed her and she sighed. A cleric passed and as he did so, he scowled, at her brief smile. Raising her eyebrows, Adalia decided he must have a sour disposition. She stopped to confirm her directions, but the several people of whom she’d inquired did not seem to have the time or inclination to speak and simply pointed in the direction or shook their heads and moved on without comment.

    From the few inquiries she made, the blank stares and tight lips had closed any chink in the wall of popular lore, thus, this is how she discovered that further research must needs be of her own making. So off she tread with deliberate step to find the library. She’d seen enough tourist pictures of the famed Castle Kaladan Library to know where about it lay and she traveled the darkly paneled corridors and broad stone halls, noting how seemingly careful, quiet, and preoccupied were the butlers, clerical workers, wait and cleaning staff. In the short while she’d been in residence, most of it spent in bed recovering, she did remember hearing that the great Dame Helga Atreides, paternal grandmother of the young Duchess Jori Atreides, had also arrived and with her, her retinue and many personal staff. Additionally, in the absence of Her Grace, the Duchess, her Uncle, brother to her father and Dame Atreides’ son, Paulus Atreides was temporarily installed as sole ruler. Augmenting the staff further was an increased guardian presence which did nothing to lighten and uplift. The so-called “Death Guards” were clothed and masked head to toe, their protective gear more about concealing them and thereby creating a menacing and intimidating aspect, than anything.

    Passing along an exterior hall, Adalia could see, through a long row of deep windows, a corvette of fighters streaming across the snowy, leaden sky. She was aware of being watched and looking up to catch the shadow end of a servant tucking into a doorway. The Bene Gesserit tucked her hands inside her sleeves, her long transparent black veil fluttering as she moved quickly along, and she remained alert to the periphery as she continued. The intense surveillance and militarization was oppressive.

    People spoke in hushed whispers on the transports from Wallach cross the system to Kaladan. Their furtive glances, downturned expressions-a general retraction of the self, all indicative of a growing collective sense that something precipitous and perhaps destructive was about to happen, as if everyone suspected major tectonic shifts, the ground heaving, or perhaps a planet in one of the Union’s five star systems might suffer a degraded orbit. It was said that the new Emperor of the Galactic Empire had such an issue in his home system of Ursa.

    The general sense of foreboding was not only due to the Empire’s sudden blockade of the Union systems, but there had been an incident just before the Duchess’ departure for Naboo, before the heretical Empire had forced the Duchess to divert to Coruscant involving a minister. No one was certain of what had happened, but clearly it had nothing to do with the Union’s interests! Yet, the most mysterious event was something that had happened at the Atreides Island retreat. Most of what was rumored involved an unknown set of ships. Before arriving at Kaladan, Adalia had heard that a water-going vessel had been decimated, a number of air defense fighters were missing, and dead fish had washed up on nearby shores. The most hyperbolic, reported hearing that the sea boiled. There had been a terrible and sudden storm and surely the “boiling” was descriptive of the level of “chop,” (at least, she believed that was the term for the degree of wave action in large bodies of water, for being from the dessert planet of Arrakis, Adalia did not claim to know the correct terminology.) The incursion and destruction was attributed to the Empire. These were dangerous times! /Attack from within and without!/ she thought, as she spied the library doors ahead.


    Even the librarian wanted little to do with the Bene Gesserit such that the good Sister was required to find her sources on her own. After an hour of seeking, she had pulled together several major works: one on the architecture of Castle Kaladan and available on her desk monitor and another on Ancient Lore of The Union Systems available in the stacks as an actual book with paper pages and unfortunately with missing pages.

    “May I access this book from my room, Librarian?” she asked with deference for the elder man on duty as that hour’s librarian. The answer was a curt nod in the affirmative. However, allowing the book of lore to leave the library required a security clearance not available to “some arbitrary Bene Gesserit,” said the librarian cooly.

    “I see. Thank you so much for your assistance.” said Adalia, returning quietly to her desk, her back to the rude man. He seemed to share the distrust of the Bene Gesserit that so pervaded society in the past decade. It was growing and it seemed to be a cultivated sentiment. Sitting at a far flung corner of the large library with its 5 floors under vaulted ceilings, Sister Adalia resolved, she must just borrow the tome. It was covered with dust, the pages brittle with age and sticking here and there. Smooth but for the place where it’s archival chip had been inserted, the cover was tooled leather and it had at one time sat exposed to sunlight. The Bene Gesserit had excellent archives and Adalia determined she would contact Wallach for similar texts. Archival chip returned to the stacks on the shelf and quarter of the library, the Sister folded her sleeves and returned to her desk to study and read till what light there was in the sky, had waned to a very dark dusk.

    TAG: Helga or Paulus Atreides, Miss Veil, and or Sister Irene
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    Mar 28, 2004
    OOC: This is a joint post between me and Pashatemur! It was a pleasure!

    IC: Elias Blud and Nyll
    LOCATION: Coruscant, Imperial Senate Plaza

    Elias handed “Little Nyll” out of his stretch space car and lifted his head as he heard someone nearby call his name and turning his head, he smiled and gave a wave with his free hand. Nimbus wanted to follow but Elias tucked him back into the upholstered back seat, to the dismay of the driver.

    “Here we are at last, my dear. It’s all very grand, very splashy. Come and I’ll introduce you around. Ah look, Grand Vizier Pestage-smile Nyll. Very influential fellow. We’ll meet him later. Yes....well, shall we?” said Elias offering his arm to Nyll as they stepped into the plush carpeted way with other guests, he watched Nyll curiously to see how she would handle all the attention, the lights, and the crowds.

    “What do you think, Nyll, eh?” asked Elias, deliciously enjoying the event through Nyll.

    Nyll had been nervous during the whole journey towards the reception. Elias unnerved her as she had seen men like him in her past life. She repressed those memories. As they approached the Senate building she saw the crowds and relaxed a bit as she remembered where they were going.

    The speeder stopped in place and Elias who exited first helped her out of it. At least he was a gentleman, albeit a creepy one. "Grand", that was a difficult word for her and an unfamiliar one at that. But she will have to deal with that later. Nyll did not have problems with attention so she gave a gracious smile and waved at people as if she had done that all her life.

    Tossing his chin slightly, Elias gave a slight chuckle and observed the young Twylek for a brief moment before commenting.

    “Yes, that’s right Vizzeer,” he said over pronouncing for Nyll’s benefit. (Soon he wouldn’t be able to be heard above the mounting sound of the crowd and the music.) He raised his voice a bit and continued, “Yes, Grand Vizier Pestage is a very highly place deputy in the Imperial Government, he’s what you would term an “advisor,” due to his expertise and knowledge. Very important you, eh?!”

    “So many hungry beings!” said Elias, “...They have taken to you. You intrigue and entice them, Nyll. The applause, the smiles. They want to know who you are...certainly, not me. I’m an old, eccentric, self-important human with far too much in credits and luxury, but not you, my dear. Something special about you,” he said, matter of factly and tapping her hand draped over his dark silk maroon-clad arm and giving her a grandfatherly wink. “Look and see for yourself.”

    Indeed, the crowd applauded and some actually called to Nyll. Mr. Blud was not wrong-he seldom was! Glitter-confetti fell about them like snow on the Helera Weg mountain top, across the Embassy district to the south. Elias waved at the adulating crowds and to this and that VIP along the red carpet, noting the Tarkins and the Mottis, the Pantoran Business Conglomerates, a delegation from Kuat-mostly highly-placed administrators and some of their premier engineers, and a holo personage or two. During none of the introductions had they time to actually exchange more than a brief introduction and a courtesy. In truth, it was too difficult to hear, much less, remember the names.

    Through a veil of flashing lights, more introductions and bombast, they meandered amongst well known celebrities dripping with jewels and opulent finery. Wherever and to whomever Elias introduced her, Nyll was, at least on the surface, received warmly and asked to dine at their table or to save a dance for someone or another.

    “I should think you’d like a little refreshment after that ordeal,” said Elias, leading her to a table situated amongst a number of other but somehow, the best placed. It was large enough and tucked in amongst greenery with a deep curving banquet, plushly upholster. The table could easily seat 20 or more person of humanoid build. It was lavishly set and strewn with exotic flowers and fruits. Even, Nyll’s place had her name on a place card gilded in latinum as a momento.

    Nyll’s head was spinning. Already, there had been far too much excitement for one evening, and the reception had hardly started.

    Elias gazed at Nyll, a serious expression overtaking his warm smile. “Dear child, you should sit and be quiet. Here, I’ll order you a cool drink to revive. We can’t lose you before you’ve even had your dance at the ball,” he soothed, patting her hand. “You do look pale,” and he called to a serving droid and ordered her a restorative.

    The orchestra began to play as more guests spilled into the vast atrium and already dancers paired off and advanced on the floor.

    Nyll could not see Ahsoka, she never realised that there would be so many people attending. How was she supposed to find her newly found friend in this? She needed to stay positive. Maybe she had to look for the most beautiful Togruta? She may have posed as a mechanic but Ahsoka was a rare beauty. Nyll looked at Elias. He would be a problem, she might not be as smart as Adrias, but even she realized that he must not see the exchange of the commlink that she carried in her purse… if there was one of course. She had to keep her eyes open and hopefully an opportunity will present itself… she was sure of that.

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